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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-25
Written: (2488 days ago)

Feeling the need to write things down is odd.
Its a feeling i rarely ever got in the past 2 years
yet again
here i am today doing that very thing.

I feel the emptiness consuming me day by day.
I seek a meaning but i cannot find it, instead i just sit and watch time pass by like i m having the time of my life.
I m not having a wonderful time to be honest, but i m not having the worst time possible either.
I feel like i m missing out on too much
I feel the need to do and feel complete but instead i m stuck in the very opposite situation

So what do you do
what do you when things turn out like this for you
when you have that one year plan you know you are supposed to do
and hope for whatever the futures brings to you
but you feel so empty while that year is passing that you are afraid that this might overtake you ?

you seek an answer for all these
but you find none.
you seek to find
a way to breathe
a way to walk into new things
but light never really shines

you seek it, but don't see to find it
and the walls keep closing in

but there will be a tomorrow
and you have to manage
because there is nothing else you can do but manage
and carry on with the effort
because you yourself have already made that mistake
it lasted long enough so having to take back for the lost time is hard

when this year is over
you ll walk away from most of these
and start anew

hope never dies
so let us hope
for that future we are not getting to see just yet
let's hope that it will come and be complete for us
because we really need it at the time being.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-03-31
Written: (3061 days ago)

There are times when thinking isn't good enough
because what you have and what you might lose is too damn important
those times
you just tend to wander what it is you should do.
Its like
you have someone
that means the world to you
that makes you feel amazing
that makes you have everything you ever wished for
and yet you hurt them
not just once
and you dont even show the courage to tell them
you are too damn afraid
afraid of not being good enough
afraid of losing them
afraid that it all might end someday
and you are unable to handle it
unable to think
unable to function
unable to speak ,to listen , to breathe, to exist at that very moment.
and now you don't know what to do
you stay silent
you cry
you turn off your phone
you go offline
yet you feel like what you are leaving behind , even if you were requested to , is your very own life
you feel your hurt being torn
torn apart
to very little pieces
you open your mouth to scream
because you are in pain
and yet nothing comes out
you carry on
you , the only thing about you apart from the fact that you are still moving is those tears that won't stop coming out from your eyes
and all you wanna do is take back what you have already done
because its not good at all
you know it isn't
but you can't take it back
so you just sit there
and do

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Written about Saturday 2007-06-23
Written: (4074 days ago)

I think i am starting to understand what i m afraid of.
Oh wells
i never realy have experienced something like it before
and now i come to think of it i would actually take it ehm different than i thought
[thoughts that needed to be typed]

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Written about Thursday 2007-06-14
Written: (4082 days ago)

i think i d rather be left alone today
i dunno
it was feeling way tooooooooooooooooooo lonely
head still hurts
i dont think i might sleep
though i think i m gonna go walking
i know its like 1:16
but i dont think there is something else i could possibly do
see you around tomorrow hopefully

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-26
Written: (4131 days ago)

should just say stuff
but i dont really feel like it atm
and i dont have time for it anyway
i will just go away... for now

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-12
Written: (4145 days ago)
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today i thought i d just get my hair cut so....
i felt like doing it
i thought i d take a pic before i d do and here it is...
and well all of you should know how i look like now.... there you go ...

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Written about Friday 2007-03-16
Written: (4173 days ago)

i just noticed
i m pretty different
but still
i m just hopeful
this has so been a bad week
and i still aint done with it yet... well all i can do is just hope that the end will be pretty much alright
i ve noticed things happening around
but oh wells i dunno
today i so didnt feel like being me
and i dont think that doing anything will help right now
so i m gonna do what "sounds" best
its like 6:14
sun is almost starting to shine
arggh another day
and then
need myself back
more than ever

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Written about Friday 2007-02-09
Written: (4207 days ago)
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hmmmm that was me
last night ...
carnival =)
hope you people like it xD just the days thoughts gathered lol

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Written about Friday 2006-12-22
Written: (4256 days ago)
Next in thread: 890152, 907292

just another random pic of these socks ?xD loving em ^^

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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-19
Written: (4259 days ago)

well people
i actually wore a tie today...
i forgot my digital camera at achilles' place though and there were no pictures may be if i convince people to use their mobile phones xD
you ll see lol
cya all around


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Written about Saturday 2006-11-25
Written: (4284 days ago)
Next in thread: 879051

lsat night was brilliant
till the moment we had to go home xD
we had 3 bottles of ursus in one hour
it was ehm funny xD
the glasses were emptying all in once...
but then
someone had to throw up and went to the balcony
luckily noone was passing the street xD
the other one that wanted to throw up went in the bathroom
apparently i got them both at their homes xD
i didnt know where they were but oh well xD drunk people have the 7th sense xD

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Written about Friday 2006-10-13
Written: (4326 days ago)
Next in thread: 863778, 864975

the past days why do i just feel like breaking in pieces ?
is it just so right not to be complete ?
perhaps i wont feel complete anymore i dont know
and perhaps this break thing will help me
well i just know that things wont be the same anymore...

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-11
Written: (4328 days ago)

perhaps this is just another habbit ?
but ehm
i m not in a good mood today
like i havent been for days
its not like i can help it anymore
i did my best the other days and things quite changed but ehm now ?
i just cant 
so i think i wont be around  till i feel better i mean its not like there is much sense right ? ehm anyway thought you should know... i m just tired of these days *sigh*
things will so be alright NOT

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Written about Monday 2006-10-09
Written: (4331 days ago)
Next in thread: 1024644

its been like one week since things have changed
and yet all i can do is think bout her
ehm feels just quite weird every single day
and there are always the same thoughts on my mind
and always thinking what if?
but then i just understand that all i can actually do is ehm ?
think of her
and yet i dont know if i can actually tell her ><
mad at myself perhaps
i really wanted to say these....
other than that ehm i m going to leave for thesaloniki next monday so.... ehm enjoy :)

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Written about Sunday 2006-09-24
Written: (4345 days ago)

just read the mood ><

Dont expect replys.....

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Written about Friday 2006-09-15
Written: (4354 days ago)

i was quite happy
then i got annoyed
then i got angry
then i dont know
i guess

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