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Written about Saturday 2016-05-28
Written: (88 days ago)

Sorry guys/gals I was out for a while! I just needed to re-set my head, and the things got fast pased at work. I'm back now, and looking forward to posting!

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Written about Wednesday 2016-01-27
Written: (209 days ago)

So. I find myself in a odd way. I want to go back into the army, but I only want to go in if I can be a medic, a scout, a Machanic, or aviation machanich. I also have interest in the navy. Being I would like to try to go into the navy and become VBSS(visit , bored, search, seasire) aka pirat, but I have to have another job first... Kinda intrested in doing it. Maybe is I can be SWCC(the guys that boat round navy seals) then I would all about it too! If I go into the millitary again my dad will disown me though(or I may give him a heart attack not in the joking way). If I don't I just feel like I will be waiting my dreams away. I don't want that to happen... Anyone have thights on this?

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Written about Thursday 2015-11-12
Written: (286 days ago)

Fall out 4 is a game I have been waiting for, and for a long time. A fallout game that in the end is everything I have wanted to see in a fallout game. The most advanced crafting system of any video game. A weapons customasation option that allows for over a thousand versions of the same weapon. The ability to found a settlement and build up the defense of the settlement, and by proxey restore order to the waist land(or rule them with an iron fiat). In all the time I have owned my computer I have never failed to run a game. I have never failed to run it on max settings, but now... For the first time ever my computer at two years of age has meet its match. I have all the minima requirements of the game except one... I only have 6GB RAM... The game demands 8GB RAM... The official site says the game can runwith as little as 3GB RAM. I double that... How on earth even after updating my video card drivers dose this game crash as it loads? I can't even get the game to boot... I have known I needed a new computer, bad I have for a year. I knew when I saw the requirements of he game in 2014 I would... I was a bit thick headed thinking "no... Old faithful has done her job without fail every time. She eats the adverts odds alive after all." But now with a truly open world and no level cap... She takes a shit on me... No work around this time. Just the hard and depressing reality that I have failed to upgrade when the time was right... Maybe my co workers friend who builds commuters can help. I am going to have to get rid of the best laptop o have ever had in exchange for a desk top with more power and more ability. I think that's what upsets me most... Not that I don't want a better computer, but that I have to trade up on a computer I have never quit on and runs every other game I play with no lag or flaw. I run Eve Online on max setting, and I run Skyrim on Max settings... But I can't even boot fallout 4 on my PC... Not even with all the back ground white noise of the back stage programes off. When sitting before attempt to boot my computer is at 9% CPU usage and then i click the fallout 4 icon and crash in less than two seconds. I am even know trying to think of a work around in my mind as I lay in bed trying to sleep... I'm such a damn gamer I can't sleep because the holy grale sits in front of me and I can nearly tast the sweet nectar of God, but I can't touch the fucking chales! I can't even raise my arm to grab the cup for gods sake!

I just have to admit defeat, and buy a desk top again...

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Written about Tuesday 2015-07-28
Written: (393 days ago)

Prince-Makin get in here!
Makin-Yes prince Jorg?
Sally the whore-He's a prince? There never a prince...
Making with a smile to Sally-Congradulations... You've been royaly fucked.

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Written about Wednesday 2015-07-01
Written: (420 days ago)
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I need help... I feel like I am drifting farther and farther away from my family. I feel like I'm lousing my sanity. I can't go out in crowds, I can't keep my cool around tradition Muslims, and I have a short temper. I have nightmares most nights... I wake up panicked looking for my weapon. Oh but what am I saying? Nothing happened over there! The documents I signed say so... So nothing happened. I lived on the Boeder with one nation in rebellion, and nothing happened... So bed it is. To fight off night mares, fears, and dread... Some days I wish I was dead. The rear and few days that are worse than the rest. I feel like i have wronged my wife. I feel like the man she married died, and I'm what's left of his ripped up mind... I need help... I need someone who can relate to me... I just need someone I can talk to about it all...

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Written about Sunday 2014-11-23
Written: (640 days ago)
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So I am going to do a few short stories on here, and this is going to be kinda odd really. If I put it up on ET would anyone mind reading them over for me and telling me what they think?

Yes I am aware I am dyslexic, and I am not the best with grammar. Val will be allpying edits and helping me with that. I was just hopping to get some feed back and see what people have to say over it. The stories are night and day from one and other so please keep that in mind if you want to follow them. If you do, just shoot me a PM, and I will send you a link... well when they are done.

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Written about Friday 2014-11-21
Written: (642 days ago)


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Written about Friday 2014-11-21
Written: (642 days ago)
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sooooo... I got my first out processing physical to start getting out of the army... This is where we start to see if i can get meds and stuff from the VA, and how much damage the army has done to me... for the first tiem in my army career my blood pressure was on point as fuck! i was 132 over like 66... it usaly sits at 180-190 over like 75-81... no shit! then my hearing test made me almost fall out of my chair! perfect hearing?! I have had worse and worse hearing the hole time i have been in and have a constant ringing in my ears. but not the other day OH NO! I have near perfect hearing?! So my real question is if lying to try to up my medical benefits form the VA is punishable with up to five years in prison(and a dishonorable discharge), then what punishment dose the army get from trying to lie to lower them?!

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Written about Sunday 2014-10-19
Written: (674 days ago)



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Written about Saturday 2014-10-18
Written: (676 days ago)

So when a dude walks into your comic seen and says. "How me...? I'm... The unknown soldier." Do not respond with "bullshit. Unknown soldier is a ghost!" You will be killed.

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Written about Friday 2014-10-17
Written: (677 days ago)

I may have to hurt a privet who dose not understand how to respect his superiors...

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Written about Sunday 2014-10-12
Written: (681 days ago)
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Work is kickin up. Goin to get speratic.

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Written about Thursday 2014-10-09
Written: (685 days ago)

Out sick.., won't be posting for a day or two. Sorry guys. :(

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Written about Monday 2014-09-29
Written: (694 days ago)
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I'm just so happy! -tears of joy- they final got my brand of smokes in the PX here. The world is a better place now!

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Written about Wednesday 2014-09-17
Written: (707 days ago)
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Great news. I have a new friend, she come over to us on guard. Her name is foxy, and she takes food from our hands and lets us pet her. She's a pretty fox. Then I have a new blood hated foe. Fred the pit viper that lives under our guard shack. He's an ass hole. An the Lt won't let me shoot him... >.<, it's frustrating. He slithers right at us pretending we rant there unless you step in his way then he hisses and starts to coil. He doesn't even eat the mice in the compound so he has no use pissing me off ever night...

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Written about Wednesday 2014-07-23
Written: (762 days ago)

Test booster is so hard now days. I remember roids, and this shit comes close! Just not as angry.

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Written about Wednesday 2014-07-16
Written: (770 days ago)
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So it's considered an assault on Islamic cloture if I don't learn there language now, but what about my cloture? My being raised a Jew for eight years? My gods anger with me for caving to learning the language of another religion because it hurts there feelings that I don't know it!? Fuck them it was not my choice to come to this fucked up part of the world. Now I have to do this shit before tommrow or get in huge trouble! Fuck the co, and his OER bullet hunting ass. He wants to show off oh look what I did for my soldiers? When all he is doing is forcing me to have to violate my cloture. Fuck him, fuck him in his hoj loving ass.

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Written about Wednesday 2014-06-25
Written: (790 days ago)

Been in country for less than two days. Cracked my tablet screen, and pumped by the locals to give up opsec

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-10
Written: (837 days ago)

WHAT IN THE MONKEY FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE AT NTC!!! I never want to go back to that shitty post!

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Written about Thursday 2014-04-03
Written: (873 days ago)
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OKAY! so I am thinking about running a few games on here. I never done it before, and I love the idea of being able to. I just wanted to know who would be interested?
-Fallout, Brotherhood Accentuation
-Starwars(Old Republic), The group would be mercenary's during the war. Remembering that Gray Jedi are a thing.
-Deadlands, weird west. The wild west with a freaky magic twist, undead, and crazy science.

So if you are interested let me know.

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Written about Thursday 2014-04-03
Written: (874 days ago)

sorry to everyone I am gaming with on here, but I am dead. I had to haul a bunch of equipment eight miles on foot at a thirteen minuet mile passe. I am off to bed.

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