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Written about Friday 2016-09-23
Written: (692 days ago)
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What I am about to say may hurt feels, if so please see my field -waves to a dead patch of dusty hard packed dirt- it's where my fucks are grown.

I joined the army in 2011, and was just in time for the war to really start spinning down. I did deploy, and I did my duty while I was there. I am now home, and I live in California. I remember my home town of Bakersfield being a bit more supportive of military members when I left, but that has changed. I am now realizing that people see soldiers in this town and in this order things come to mind. "No one wants to be around you. Your a sexiest, your a murderer, your a baby killer and rapist." then the sadly not as common. "Thanks man, do you." and finally the nearly unseen "Thank you for your service! No I really mean it!", no the last two are not the exact way they come out but there damn close. More often than not I get treated like dirt in my classes, and my teachers do not help that stigma that follows me for what ever reason(well one is for far left he is almost back right!). I now know the reality is a frustrating one for me.

I am hated by liberal students because I am a vet. I was told by one of the female students who is left and dose not mind my company as I walked her to her car after my night class(I walk two female students to there cars because a rapist is literally stalking women a BC)- she explained a bit better. "They all look at you and see a violent killer masquerading as a hero. They do not want to support troops as they have been told by a few extremely anti-war columnists that supporting troops is supporting the war, and supporting the war is wrong." I was shocked. this did not explain why they would go out of there way to poke at me thought. so I asked why a few of the students went looking to poke at me. she explained again. "It's because you take pride in your service, and performing your duty. They think your service is murder of civilians, and your duty is to commit war crimes." I am not going to lie. that thought is enraging. she explained how she knew it was not true, and was even hurt by it herself. this girl is a refugee from the middle east. she escaped Iraq after the invasion when the terror attacks started getting worse, and saw what the US did for the people of Iraq- tried to do anyway. "so a few soldiers raped a women. that is wrong but that dose not make all soldiers rapists. There were days I only got to eat because soldiers gave us food. I watched soldiers put them selves in between civilians and bullets, bombs, and rockets. I have seen them give medical help to anyone who needed it. regardless of there race or creed... The children your dealing with just don't know the truth, and they never want to hear it, and most vets and members of the military are considered red."(no this is not verbatim. This conversation happened Tuesday.) IT sent me on a quest thought. the need to know why I was a enemy of my own people or if this was even true.

I will disclaimer this now I am going to hit a hot topic... that is all...

So ever hear about the time a black lives matter member and a third wave feminist tried to tell a logic loving soldier he is a monster who is the shame of his nation? no? well here we go then.

no shit the next day after talking to my fellow student about liberals generally hating military members it was on. how in a Spanish one class we went from cultural norms of Latino nations "So where dose feminism stand south of the border?" no I am not kidding... I also have that hole thing where I go off when I get frustrated... well it happened. anyway long story way short!

I used a logical argument to explain the definition of a 'Trigger', why most Latin nations are not so much sexist as much as there traditional to a fault, and how the Mexican cartel is not better for the people of Mexico than it's "Sexist" government. that being said. After this twenty plus minuet waist of time the black lives matter guy says "Stop acting like you know anything, you have lived in white privilege for so long you don't know the truth about anything." Now for those of you who do not know I generally agree with the fact that many police officers use profiling to do there job, and that some of them-SOME!- take it to far. However crime, and ethnic majority committing crime, is related to its area (IE: a Hispanic neighborhood deals with mostly Hispanic criminals). I also do not believe in white privilege for two reasons. one! I grew up poor! two- being white has fucked me out of three law enforcement positions, and two state jobs because affirmative action required they bring on more blacks, and Hispanics not necessarily the most qualified for the job. no to mention that I was denied a book allowance this semester of college because even thought I am unemployed and my wife is to we are 'not the right kinda of low income.' anyway! I lost my shit and told him to grow up. The only divide in america that is honestly a problem that should be fixed is the dived between the rich and the poor. Rich privilege not white male! that caused a bit off a piss of mach of witch I can honestly say I didn't yell once in and I only used facts and logic. He meanwhile told me I was a fucking murderer so my opinion should not matter, and people like me are what is wrong with America. I am supper glossing over this right now BTW.

So am I? anyone who is america and is leaning blue, do you hate me for being a vet because I am the war? I kinda would like to know some other peoples thoughts on this.



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Written about Wednesday 2014-09-17
Written: (1429 days ago)
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Great news. I have a new friend, she come over to us on guard. Her name is foxy, and she takes food from our hands and lets us pet her. She's a pretty fox. Then I have a new blood hated foe. Fred the pit viper that lives under our guard shack. He's an ass hole. An the Lt won't let me shoot him... >.<, it's frustrating. He slithers right at us pretending we rant there unless you step in his way then he hisses and starts to coil. He doesn't even eat the mice in the compound so he has no use pissing me off ever night...

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Written about Monday 2014-03-03
Written: (1626 days ago)
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I am no .No longer to post sarcastic, hurtful, or negative things on any social media sites about my chain of command. I am also not to say anything about the president, or any congressmen. I can be held accountable for anything post as if I told it to there face, and by proxies tried in a court marshal. So no more fun journals about my "AMASING" chain or command, or how much I "LOVE" my unit. :P sorry if you enjoyed them.

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Written about Saturday 2014-02-08
Written: (1650 days ago)
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this field problem and lousing shit is getting out of hand! my Lt lost a humvee for 6 hours today!

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Written about Tuesday 2014-02-04
Written: (1653 days ago)

A day in 4th cavalry 4th Squander head quarters

28 FEB 2014
CSM(Command sergeant major)Frankenburg: Burst into the Squadron commanders office. "Sir I think we should stay out through out the blizzard. It will be good for the scouts!"

Lt Col(Lieutenant Colonel) Woodword: Still sipping his coffee at the early hour. "Yeah I have to- WAIT you mean us to?"

CSM Frankenburg: "No sir just anyone who's rank is lower than Captain or First Sergeant. Calm down."

Lt Col Woodward: "Frankenburg... You almost gave me a hart attack... It is going to be below zero every day for three days... However I agree. It will be good for the scout with nothing but humvees to live off of to be out in the weather for the next week." then taking a sip of his coffee.

Brigade Col(Colonel) : Enters LT Col Wood words office. "Post is going to be closed starting tomorrow. Pull your boys out of field! Your the only one who hasn't yet."

Lt Col Woodward: "Well sir we were just going to stay out over the rest off the week."

Col :"Oh... So you have warm structures for them to live in? I was not aware range 18 had rebuilt the barriks."

Lt Col Woodward: "well... no sir they are just living off the trucks."

Col : Stares at Lt. Col. Woodward as if he was an absolute ass hole. "Have them off of the range by zero dark thirty, or I will resign your commotion for you."

Lt Col Woodward: "Yes sir."

I like to think in my mind this happened but the reality is far less pleasing to me... He really finally just turned on the weather channel after talking to the Staff duty NCO who asked if the post being closed for a day was a good reason for us to leave the range... >.< Yes this is the man that leads my Balaton sized element.

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Written about Monday 2014-02-03
Written: (1655 days ago)

So as if me leaving to field was not bad enough. Some NCO in my troop lost tract of a $3,753.31 GPS so we were placed on lock down through our SP time. Now I am leaving tomorrow morning balls early after a late release from being on lock down while we tried to find it(to no luck). On the upside it did not screw up to time line for the big overall Squadron so we do not have to stay longer in field. I may be back Tuesday, but who knows(The Troop Commander). So wish me luck as I want my crew to take top gun!

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Written about Sunday 2014-01-26
Written: (1663 days ago)

On 30 JAN 2014 US,CST I will be out in field for seven day six nights. I should be back to posting on 5 FEB 2014 US,CST. I will not have access to any electronics, I will also send messages to all mods following this entry. Thanks for the patents.

PFC Bethell Jeremy R.
1st Infantry Division 1st BCT
4th squadron 4th Cavalry regiment

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-21
Written: (1667 days ago)

I want to kill one of my NCO's...

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-21
Written: (1668 days ago)

-sigh- oh Heat. How much I love you!

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Written about Friday 2014-01-17
Written: (1672 days ago)

well I got SSg C-chuck back! He is my TC, and he is going to help me get back to running 13-14 min two miles! I love this guy! Best scout to ever live!

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-14
Written: (1675 days ago)

Our Chaplin (supposedly) killed himself early Saturday morning... I really liked Paladin Rimy :( He was a truly great guy to be around. The sad truth is I am more concerned for his wife than him...

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Written about Saturday 2014-01-11
Written: (1678 days ago)

this is the kinda stuff I did in high school... NOT THE BAD STUFF. The term a teacher used on me was "you a daemon with a soft heart."


The only difference was that I meet bullies and beat them scared.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-07
Written: (1681 days ago)

This is my unit in RC south Charkusa province Zaire district Afghanistan Home of the Taliban out of 365 days deployed there were only three days the unit did not engage in drawn out fire fights.



Yeah Scouts do more then call for fire and look through a green box.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-07
Written: (1681 days ago)


I am the guy in the black.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-01-07
Written: (1681 days ago)

I am insensitive, I have a tendency
To pay more attention to the things that I need.
Sometimes I drink too much, sometimes I test your trust,
Sometimes I don't know why you stay with me.

I'm hard to love, hard to love,
No, I don't make it easy,
I couldn't do it if I stood where you stood.
I'm hard to love, hard to love,
You say that you need me,
I don't deserve it but I love that you love me, good.

I am a short fuse, I am a wrecking ball
Crashing into your heart like I do
You're like a Sunday morning, full of grace and full of Jesus
I wish that I could be more like you.

I'm hard to love, hard to love,
No, I don't make it easy,
I couldn't do it if I stood where you stood,
I'm hard to love, hard to love,
You say that you need me,
I don't deserve it but I love that you love me, good.
Love me, good.

Girl, you've given me a million second chances
And I don't ever wanna take you for granted,
I'm just a man, I'm just a man

Hard to love, hard to love,
Oh, I don't make it easy
And I couldn't do it if I stood where you stood.
I'm hard to love, hard to love
And you say that you need me,
I don't deserve it but I love that you love me, good,
You love me, good.

You love me, good.
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Written about Tuesday 2013-12-31
Written: (1689 days ago)

I do not use this thing to often. After all the last post before this one was over a year old. I am getting unflagged next week thank god, and I guess they want to pin me with corporal stripes. All the responsibility of a sergeant with non of the pay advantage... I want it thought. A few months after they my NCO's want to give me board support. So I may get my Sergeant before we deploy. I am just pissed that after all my NCO's put me through they decided to kick me in the ass and tell me I should have been a Sergeant at my two year mark, and I was the only guy in the troop responsible enough to make all the NCO's in the building think so... I hate the mind games they play... At least I get promoted soon! And I will get to go to DRM(designated rifle marksmen), It's a demi-sniper. I want to be a sniper. Good step in the right direction.

If I go I am going to get an action cam, and post a few video's. could be fun.

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Written about Saturday 2010-07-24
Written: (2945 days ago)
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