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Written about Wednesday 2007-01-24
Written: (4192 days ago)

Heaven and Hell
Every time I gaze into you chocolate brown eyes
It’s like my heart has been attached to a flying kite
My heart soars high above on the wind of pure happiness
The wind leads us to a field of beautiful, colorful flowers
Among the vibrant flora is a set of stairs that rise up to heaven
The would otherwise be a hell without your eyes and touch
Without the feeling of your arms around me as we sit quietly alone
Not a whisper of the breath that escapes your lips as you speak softly to me
Nor the vibrations of your melodic voice as you soothe me with calming words
My house is no longer a home, for you have shown me what love is
I have now tasted the sweet feeling of having someone truly care for me
Hell will only evade when you are not near, or if we were to be no more
One shall come soon no matter how hard I try, but we shall forever remain close
All because our love grows stronger with each passing day we spend together
And will only grow stronger as the future before us becomes the present
And as we continue to be as true to one another as we are now.

A Silent Predicament
These feelings for you grow stronger with time
Yet I wonder if you feel the same about me.
I yearn for the feeling of your touch
But it unfortunately eludes me yet again
We haven’t been the best of friends
Until a recent trip to a distant island
And now you are my one true friend
But my feelings have grown stronger
Over the span of the three years
And yet you show no sign of feeling the same
Am I alone in thinking we might be together?
Yet underneath this heartbreaking emotion
Lies an inextinguishable fear for our friendship
I quake at the idea, that if something were to happen
We may lose what little relationship we already have
And that would be far worse than living alone, untouched
I would much rather love without return,
Then have a friendship die in a sudden burst of fire
But what am I to do, while my heart waits anxiously?
Some say to hurry it up, and get us together already.
Others say to wait for you to make the time right.
I am unsure of either path, and am stuck at this fork in the road
The map in my hands has been brutally torn
So I cannot look to see what lies ahead on either path
And therefore I must sit and wait for some sign to appear
Then let it lead me to the happiness I yearn for in my near future.

Longer Than Diamonds
The Yin and the Yang
Of eternal happiness
One is masculine
The other feminine
Two fates intertwined
That together create
One immortal being:
He holds the power
Of a mighty dragon
While she is the grace
Of a beautiful tiger
The two unrivaled lovers
Make this the purest of substances
That has ever been known to them
And the rest of the mortal world
But few cann possess this rare creation
For they are inable to journey
Down the path of great resistance
Yet time and time again
The tiger and the dragon cross paths
And their minds, bodies, and souls
Fuse to ignite a magical spark
that will never burn out
Beyond the sands of time

This Is Me...
You hear the words
But do not listen
You taste it
But do not savor
You say things
But do not speak volumes
You are human
But not a person

Do You?
Do you ever dream
Of what life might be
If clouds were cream
And people liked me?

Do you ever wonder
What life might be like
Living in a building of great height
Or standing behind the mic?

Do you ever wish
For a life like no other's?
Not a life being studied in a petree dish
But a life with happy fathers and mothers?

Do you ever pray
That life might take a different stride
Living far away
No longer having to hide?

I dream, wonder, wish, and pray
I hope, believe, long and yearn.
I feel it everyday
And I hope someday to learn...

Love is like a midnight blue mountain range
They rise and fall without end
Both beautiful and deadly
You love someone,
They love someone else
You fall from the mount into the fire of despair
It eats at you like a ravenous wolf
You wish to be back on the rocky journey
You wish to be with the one you love,
But you know it can never be
Soon you find someone
And they join you on your path
For the mountains wait for you,
And you wait for them

Faceless Love
His Heart,
Filled with sorrow
Never existed
His Mind,
Filled with imagination
Was never so
His soul,
One with mine,
Will never be
The man I knew,
The man I gave my heart to,
Never had a face
And now he is gone...

The Being Within Me
A knife pierces deep within my black heart
A knife placed there by my own hand
The tainted blood comes forth like a demon
Stealing away with the little happiness I had possessed
This emotional pain courses through my being
Yet through this self inflicted pain
There lingers a joy that is not my own
A joy I have created for two undiscovered lovers
This joy has formed a dagger of sadness and bitter regret
feelings that must be locked inside eternal darkness
Emotions that must never be revealed
For fear of the outer tranquility slowly losing grip
I must keep this blade lodged in my heart and soul
I must endure the agonizing pain within me
So as to keep those I love more than life itself
In a life that maintains their happiness

Amethyst bird of despair
It always flies alone
No one knows its kind sweet side
They only see its cold dark plumage
The sadness shows in its chocolate eyes
Once you meet it,
You can feel it's distraught
So the bird flies alone
Sings alone
And will probably die alone
Will live alone in the emptiness of death
Alone and depressed
Forever to be the lonely unloved bird
That she has always been
And always will be

The Lone Voice
She walks into a room
Full of ebony darkness
Not a sound is heard
But for a qioet rustle
Now and again before her
There is not enough light
For the strangers to see her
A sudden shock of light
Makes her presence known
She quakes under her blue dress
Her dark eyes dart around
But they see not a soul
She steadies her rapid heart
And slowly opens her mouth
Then what comes forth from it
Is the most angelic voice
That few chance to hear

The Cruel World
There once was a girl in a world unknown.
She was alone in this unseen strange place.
At least once a day, a tear would fall down,
That pale porcelain face that few chance see.
Those cerulean eyes drowning in sorrow,
The gaze upon blind eyes that surround her.
She's alone in the crowd, screaming loud,
So possibly then someone will hear her,
Maybe somehow, someone will care for her.
But once again, no one listens to her.
So she is forced to walk alone once more,
Through the cruel, cold, desolate world of hate,
Where she is continuously haunted.

Your heart becomes an ebony stone.
Crystal tears fall secretly in the darkness.
The knife of sadness stuck in the rocks of your heart.
Inside the pain tears deeper.
You strive to keep it concealed from the world,
But the agony is too immense,
And can be seen through your eyes,
Like cerulean doors left open on a frigid winter’s night.
His face is unmistakable in your mind.
His laugh and voice is still heard in your ear.
Your heart longs to be near him,
But the feeling will never be shared...
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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-10
Written: (4298 days ago)
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