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Written about Wednesday 2005-08-24
Written: (5944 days ago)
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Sadly my friends... I am leaving again, first off, I have to run a restraunt for my parents, that takes up quite a bit of my time right there, second, I have to do a lot of studying, I have to get through a few math books, then I have to read a few dozen or more novels and stories, and so on, so I am going to be absent, I will come by once and a while to check up on things, but for the most part I will be gone. I am sorry, hope to talk to you guys soo though.


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Written about Thursday 2005-08-18
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Sorry guys... I am leaving again.. I was hurt bad.. and i hurt my friend... One of the greatest friend I Have... So now I am going to retire for a bit.. sorry....


ps. Much love Stephen...

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Written about Friday 2005-08-05
Written: (5963 days ago)

Im bringing Alexandriaz back!! lol, sorry for leaving you guys, im back though

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Written about Thursday 2004-11-04
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People that can be so close to you can be gone in the next minute, a man i cared bout so much, one day hes telling me how much he cares bout me, and telling me that he is going to call me tomorrow at 3, instead, i get a call from a friend of his, a call i wasnt expecting to get, and the words that came from his mouth made me break down, the words "alex, its about mike" "will he be ok?" "hes not coming back" those words are enough to kill you inside, they hit me hard and knocked me out, i still cant believe it, hes gone, no more michael, hes just gone, i denied it and denied it, and thought it wasnt true, it was just a big joke, just something to get a rise out of me, but no, it was as real as you can get. a man i care bout, is gone, and god rest his sole, i will forever remember him, and so will his family and other friends, i just want to tell all who are thinking of comiting suicide, dont. you do hurt others, im hurting really bad, but mike didnt die from suicide but by a dumb ass driver. so please, cherish life, its a great gift, dont get rid of it, cause unlike other things, you dont get a second chance.

Michael Jacobs was killed on November 4, 2004 around 2:00 p.m i will miss him so much and the scar will never go away

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