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Written about Wednesday 2008-06-04
Written: (5098 days ago)
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whoop whoop
I gots the second year plaque
the MVP
the offensive player of the year
second team all city
and a chance to play in the all star game on monday

I am so happy\
but I am going to miss the seniors(elle, lolo, and jess) next year

I am so happy and sleepy right now

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Written about Sunday 2008-03-23
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Happy easter everyone, I hope it was better then mine,

My uncle went to the hospitol last night, and had a rough night, so my aunt and him were there during 'dinner'. I am worried about them both, and wish he could have been here. Dinner was sad and gloomy with the cancer hanging around.

well more later, working on stupid college algebra homework.
Kieta I gots two more manga this weekend, and the 'Easter Bunny' left me a twenty dollar gift card to borders. I loves my 'Easter Bunnies'

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Written about Saturday 2008-03-22
Written: (5172 days ago)
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I quit this week.
I really do, for it has been really bad.
On Tuesday my Uncle was told he has six months to a year to live for the second time in his life
-On Wedsnesday we found out that not only his brain tumor had metasticized in his liver, but he also had Pancreatic cancer metasticizing there.
-So basically there is no hope, for not even another round of chemo can take care of it
-And I dont think he can go through chemo again.
-Then I find out that our first baseman might be quitting, leaving me stressed about softball. And no-one but means seems to like our assistant coach, so they all want to quit but most want to letter more.
-Then we find out that no-one has done their layout in yearbook so Mary and I had to do five layouts this week, along sith senior pictures having issues, and I have to have those three other layouts done by monday. Not happening
-our computer for yearbook is shot
-Lastly I have to go to traffic court on the eighth, during springbreak, at 6 o'clock. PM thank god

-wait I did fill out my sheet for student council president, and figured out my schedule for next year.
-besides that nothing good has happened

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Written about Tuesday 2008-03-18
Written: (5176 days ago)
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I got thirteen of Black Cat today, I am happy, and sleepy. It rules, and kieta/sammy can get it later if sammy ever come down.

Besides that nothing much is stressing me out, besides a few family issues

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Written about Tuesday 2008-03-11
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Great, just great. You know how I said they totalled my car?? Well it gets worse, there is about 8,000 worth of damage to my car, and so I have to go say goodbye to my baby. Instead, I now get dads crappy, old, beat up Honda(Not really old, but his job requires him to do a lot of driving to michigan, virginia, forida, and every other frigging state) while he gets a brand spanking new car for work. Grrr.....

And on top of that I have to play husband friday.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-03-11
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Okay, the first time I have ever done one of these, here are some basic wrants
*Baseball players, keep your damn balls on the balcony. We softball players do not want to get hit while playing catch
*Softball fundraiser is a donut sale
*I began a new fanfiction, still no title, will work on Violent passions later tonight
*So sleepy
*I miss my car, which was totalled
*I cant wait fro the softball season to start

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