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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-16
Written: (5367 days ago)

Titol~ Ranting and Powermetal.

So how ya doing?
Im prity damn good so i hope ya go eat a lemon and Die.......na just kidin im just siten heer bord out O me skull ranting to a monater who dusnt realy giv a shit abut what i got to say. FUCK i just presd T twice one after anuther SHIT THER I GO AGEN! FUCK YOU MR T I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR UP TO AND I WONT REPRODUCE YOU THRUE MY WRIGHTING YOU PERVERT! FOR NOW IM A WRIT WITH OUT YOU T!

so his monaer is a priy cool guy he dusn care wha i wri. wha abue you hmmmm do you giv a shi ! I didn hink so moher fucker!
So wha do you hink abu ha powermeal priy bichen musik eh? well Heer are som bands of ha genra i wood sajes oher han all of hem.
( and this exsuses the T rule becas T has got to get laid som time's)

1 HAMMERFALLl~ Ther a prity awsom powermetal band with a tuch of epick that will bring ya back to the day when you and your budys spent all day lockd up in the "Dungeon" Playing D&D and if you dont know what D&D is get the hell of my page noy befor my Orc Hord Kills you! Ther spechaly trande to smell your typ( sppeks with distast apon his voice.) Of corse i strayd frome the music. If your downloding for a teast driv of the Badass bands music I wood sajest The end of the rainbow or The Crimson Thunder.

2 MANOWAR~ This band is a bit mor Hardcore than Hammerfall making them all that mor Badass. Onec agen its Epick shit but mor like Old Nors mytholgy so if your like me and achwely do worship the old gods you will love this shit. They do alot of Balads teling storys and shit witchs is brity damn Bitchen. For sampols I wood sajest The dawn of battal or Battal hym. Ya ther that bad ass like Vikeings ON WEED! ( if you dont get this movie refrens obveusly i need to do a movie rant to)

3 FUCK I RAN OUT OF BEER!  not thats not a band just bad news 0_o.

3/.5 DRAGONFORCE~ Ok so ther pritymuch the pop of Powermetal but they still Kick som ass with rapid Instramental that is second to no outher! once agen lyricol epic but FUCK thats just how i like it. A sajestion for sampoling Is Furey of the storn and Starfire.

4 EDGUY~ I will level with you i havnt herd much of ther stuf but what i hav herd fucking Metals! (two thums up) not so epic but awsom nonthe less. daMN I CANT EVIN REMBER A SONG OF THERS BUT I REMBER THE LYRICKS........KINDA. Just look them up they deserv your atenshen mor than your goldfish. Honestly who the fuck cares abut the fish? not the fish it dont evin care its swiming in it own shit! do do dod od du im just swiming her pontlesly exsisting.

5 HELLOWEEN~ One of the ferst Powermetal bands out ther Helloween is prity awson shit not so epic but awsom lyrics and instramentol to make up for it. For them i sujest If i code fly brity awsom track.

6 VINTERSORG~ Honestly i hav never herd a mor awsom voice than this guy im envers so fucking enveus im Yellow!
I dont hav a fucking clue what ther saying do to i dont speek Daneish but if this is what The Danes sud like im Fucking scard of them allredy no woder they wer the fucking scerg of the romens lol. I hav only been abol to find one song by them on Limewrir its cald Norland look it up you wont regret it.

Well This is Thorvald just anuther ranting B.A.M.F. hope you enjoyd it and you get hookd on powermetal becas Canada need mor Powermetal bands thers only two comon my felow Cuntrymen hope to it! I wood but all my musicol talent is in my lil finger and i cant yuse it for nuthing!  Well till next time Im off to get som Beer. The King of Beers of corse!

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-18
Written: (5545 days ago)

This song is for those of you who feel a profund discontent in the world Plees enjoy it and yes i did wright it.

     This World Discontent

Alone thoe your always ther
And agene the greatest accomplishments’ and joys
Will never seem to be enough
Living in this world Discontent

More is never enough
Destiny calls to every one of us
Thoe we know not how to answer

                            So we go on Looking
And whateing
Don’t you find it hard to go on?
When the next step is still a step to short

So much more is never enough
Enough will never be enough.
Is this rely living in this world Discontent

Allwes Something bigger and brighter lies over the horizon
To bad we burn out far too soon.

We will never have enough and enough will never be enough
Damnd is this world Discontent!

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Written about Thursday 2006-10-12
Written: (5583 days ago)

For those who keep asking wht typ of sword i hav in my pic its a Dotanuki
Ther is a wondefol link below to a wikkipidea page
allso you might want to reed arond well ther Wikkipidea has lots of grate info on japanes history and swords ^_^


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Written about Sunday 2006-10-01
Written: (5594 days ago)

this is a song i like when im feeling down hope you enjoy it to

Plea frome a cat Named Virtute
by The Weakerthans

Why don’t you ever want to play?
I’m tired of this piece of string
You sleep as much as I do now and you
Don’t eat much of anything
I don’t know who you’re talking to
I’ve made a search through every room
But all I found was dust that moved
And shadows of the afternoon

And listen
About those bitter songs you sing
They aren’t helping anything
They won’t make you strong

So we should open up the house
Invite the tabby two doors down
You can ask your sister if
She doesn’t bring her basset hound
And as for things you shouldn’t miss
Tape hiss and the modern man
Cold war and card catalogues
To come and join us if they can

For girly drinks and parlour games (?)
We’ll pass around the easy lie
Of absolutely no regrets
Then later maybe you could try
To let your losses dangle off
The sharp edge of the century
We’ll talk about the weather or
How the weather used to be

And I’ll cater
With all the birds that I can kill
Let their tiny feathers fill
Lie down
Lick the sorrow from your skin
Scratch the terror and begin
To believe you’re strong

All you ever want to do is drink and watch TV
Frankly that thing doesn’t really interest me
I swear I’m going to bite you hard
And taste your tinny blood
If you don’t stop the self-defeating lies you’ve been repeating
Since the day you brought me home
I know you’re strong

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Written about Saturday 2005-11-12
Written: (5917 days ago)
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Lose yourself in the crowd.

Let go of your moralty.

reles your anger.

Thats why we are heer.

To feel.

To hate.

to love.

to dance.

Punch kick elbow elbow stomp!

Its a sens of famly.

Help echuther

Ther is trust and compashen.

So dance fight fuck!

Live let liv.

Life hapens let it go.

Relax sway to the beet of the band.

Weer heer to hav a good time.

Adrenalin mad swinging of frendly fist's.

Weer all frends heer so lets beat echuther.

The music is lud. The ppl are rudy.

The stroblight's Are flashing

A moshpit is just a Disfuntanal famly!

And I feel truly loved and understood.

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-03
Written: (6049 days ago)
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Maby i shold post somthing

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Written about Friday 2005-05-27
Written: (6036 days ago)

WTF IM Awake at ungodly huers becas im paranoyd! Ther wer 2 guy's parkd out side of my huse and they left then reternd then left agen and im paranoyd that thay will brake into my home at this her and i get no sleep -_- i need help 

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Written about Thursday 2005-04-14
Written: (6129 days ago)
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What The FUck

I cant seem to sleep tonight no mater what i do i alredy did 320 crunches sat on the can for an huer and a half and now im fucking ranting online abut it and im still not tierd FUCK!!! isall i hav to say abut that well than and bitch on this jernol. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ok that is enuf of that im gona go roll in my bed till sun up if i dont sleep well i dono i gess il be rely tierd T_T

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-17
Written: (6185 days ago)

This is poem i did abut my life thus far and it hasnt al been shit but this is abut the darker times wich i hope are mostly behinde me Its cald Pain Manafested

As i childe i wept.
as a yung man i did forget.
now looking back i rufusd 2 forget.
Livieing life so full fo regret.
Now etching the memory's on my skin.
doing what most consider a sin.
The blood freeing frome within.
relesing the pain frome deep within.
Scare's are memory's Manafested.
Things we wish didnt hapen.
A leson etchd in the skin is not forgoten.

END (i am in no way suicidol no worys i did cutmyself when i was yunger as mor a reles then trying to die)

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Written about Wednesday 2005-02-02
Written: (6200 days ago)
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Elftown Username: shade the elf frome valanare

Appearance and Personality:
Character name (first and last): Alexzander MCcallum
Character Race: Human
Character Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Hometown: glasgow
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Bald
Skin color: whight
Age: 20
Class: Fighter
Alignment: cn

AC: dex3\scale4\sheld2+10=19
Damage Reduction:
Base Attack Bonus:+1
Spell resistance:

Constitution: 15\+2
Intelligence: 12\+1
Wisdom: 14|+2

Will: +2
Grapple: +4

exzodic wepen pro:Bastard sword
wep focses:Bastard sword


Attack:Zweihander(bastard sword)
Attack bonus: wf1\str3\bab1=+5
Damage: 1D10
Type: slashing

Attack: Javelin
Attack bonus: bab1\dex1=+2
Damage: 1D6
Range: 30ft
Type: percing

Attack bonus:

Attack bonus:
(Only use as many as Nessecary)

Sheild: h.Steel
AC bonus: +2
Max Dex:
Armor: scail
AC bonus: +4
Max Dex:  +4
Other possessions: b>pack B.roll 4 days rashens

Family honors:
Gold:5 gp
Steppler pony=

Experience points:

Special Abilities:

Character Bio = ALexzander left home at a yung age 2 escape his crule father he fleed 2 germany wher he was taken in by a lokol lord who toght him 2 fight with the Zweihander a germin bastard sword. When Alexzander became a man He reternd home and Kild his father. He has been working as a mercanary ever sins.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-01-12
Written: (6221 days ago)

Wash away all the lines on your face that show how you've aged it's a long way down
your back's been broken you can't make the rounds the tables are turned as the litany goes...
you're a rotten old man who'll be covered in dirt on your knees
and pray to the maker that caused you to bleed

Turn back the hand on the clock
you're a bitter old man who's done nothing
but work your hands to the bone on the assembly lines
you've grown cold to the touch of the ones that you love
ignorance is something you can't over come but you've passed it on down
and that's something much worse for a bitter young man...
is now taking the torch

Silent scorn - you've taken it out on the ones you adore Inside rage
they've left you before but they'll come back again
they'll pray for you with all their love
but this time your indifference just can't be excused Forced amends
well it's something you'll die with but it goes on for them...
for a bitter young man...has now taken the torch...

If ther is a leson for my fother 2 lern that is it.


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Written about Monday 2004-12-27
Written: (6236 days ago)
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Hmmmm Me hav coffee agen ^_^. Ill Tell you a story. Belev me its true a tale u had best hope never hapens 2 you. Old Spicy McHaggis. How he Met his fate.you i can save but for him its 2 late.

Spicy was Big Burly and Strong. His Pipes gigantic and so was his SCHLONG!! Frome city to city runing arond Looking for chick's orver FOUR HUNDRED POUDS!!.

One Night at The Pub a Girl coght his eye as big as a house Just the right size! the Brod was Enomes Stackd 2 the hilt! Spicy soon notecd the BULG in his Kilt! The Piper deleverd his best pic up line. Thoght to himself THIS BEAST ALL MYN! The poltry yung lady cold handol no mor. She grabd his COJONE's and went for the door!

They got 2 her huse and dimd all the light's SPICY WAS IN FOR ONE HELL OF A NIGHT!! He seed that he lovde her and he wold alwes B TRUE.  BUT MISTER MCHAGGES I ONLY JUST MEGHT YOU!

By now He saw Double Thrue his Drunken EYE's Nether had the Looks or the apropreat Size.He came 2 his sensays Thoght 2 himself. At this time of night I wont find nuthing els. He took off his skirt. She lifted Hers They puld out his Unit and started 2 play. She askd for a gluve he gave her a shuv. Had baby mchagis 9-months-2 -the day.  

Three Packs a day he will smoke TIL HE DIES SPICY MCHAGGES ONE HELL OF A GUY!!!!!!

-spicy Mchagges jig  Drop KIck Murphys.

One of my favs ^_^

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Written about Friday 2004-12-17
Written: (6247 days ago)
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...............goood morning...........need,,COFFEE!!!!   


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Written about Sunday 2004-11-14
Written: (6279 days ago)
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Owwwww a Diary!!!!!! What the hell am i gono yus this for. Today i wook up and did nuthing what a ay im exzaoted noooo but hey i dont fell like wrighting my day lol.

 The logged in version 

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