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Written about Monday 2009-02-02
Written: (4639 days ago)

Wow, it's been forever since I've been on here. Guess I should put in a couple of updates. Well to start things off, I now have a career that will make many people distrust and almost automatically hate me. No, it's not working for the IRS. I'm in the military now, doing stuff for the Air Force. Whoo-hoo! So, yesterday I arrived at my very first duty station, the very snowy Fairchild in Washington (the state, not the city). The plane ride here sucked massively. I got really motion sick, which has never happened before, and at one point got so dizzy I almost passed out. But no worries, I'm fine now, just still queasy from time to time. Anywhoo, I start work tomorrow on a job I still don't know how to describe. Yea Me!!!

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Written about Monday 2007-07-30
Written: (5191 days ago)
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I've just been SIMPSONIZED!!!!!!!!

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Written about Thursday 2007-07-26
Written: (5195 days ago)

Okay, I got the last HP book last night, and I've just finished it. Now I feel so empty inside. IT's OVER!!!!! WHY?!?!?! What shall I look forward to now?

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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-25
Written: (5196 days ago)

Okay as an outlet for my frustration, I've created a wiki for the worlds second most awesome band, Bowling for Soup, But it's still under construction.
Bowling for Soup Fan Base

And, because I was also bored, I went and joined the BFS team at FanCorps.com, so if you guys start getting random Bowling For Soup things, don't worry, it's from me.

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Written about Monday 2007-07-23
Written: (5198 days ago)
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I'm mildly depressed right now. I feel as though there's a huge weight on my sholders and I must do something drastic to get rid of it. I don't know what to do, emotions like this one are totally foriegn to me. Maybe I should move out of my parents house, but if I did, then where would I go? Right now I'm jobless, and I need to replace my state ID, which is needed to cash a check. No one wants a broke-ass roomie. This massively sucks. You know what else sucks, I actually think I might like someone (as in like). That emotion is really really making me uncomfortable. <img:http://www.boredomforums.com/images/smiles/rant2.gif> On the plus side, this hot girl that I went to high school with wants me to be her Psycology tutor. *SIGH* Laters...

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Written about Tuesday 2007-06-12
Written: (5239 days ago)

Wow, over a month since I've last written in my diary an I'm still listening to Hump de Bump... Okay, now the song has changed to Can't Stop... Does it mean that I'm a lame-o loser if I'm stuck on one band for the past six months? I mean, it's not like it's the only band I listen to. I still love Bowling for soup and Def Leppard, and Queen still rules, but it's like RHCP have suddenly possesed me. I don't want to be one of those people who go twenty kinds of loco when someone mentions that one band and yet I am, slowly but surely. When their songs come on I drop everything just to listen to them. What is it about them that gets to me? Is it their ruggish good looks, the muscles, Johns curly hair, the deep lyrics, the sheer awesomeness of the music? Or is it a bit of everything? Maybe my problem's not that bad. I mean it's not like I'm so obssesed with them that they're all I ever think about. I dunno. I'm just venting it all out. I still think I need help though. Maybe I'll just wean myself off of them. If I can survive it. Oh well, TOOTLES!!!

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-19
Written: (5293 days ago)
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Well, next week is dead week and then its FINALS I don't now if I'm excited, or scared. I know I'm gonna fail Sociology, and probably Chemistry too. However, I'm totally gonna pass College Algebra!!! <img:http://www.boredomforums.com/images/smiles/highfive.gif> Any-hoo, I'm starting to get over the hair-less John thing, and I'm working on getting Hump de Bump out of my head..... it probably doesn't help that I'm listening to it right now......
40 detectives this week
40 detectives strong
Takin' a stroll down Love Street
Strollin' is that so wrong
Can I get my co-defendant

Hump de bump doop bodu
Bump de hump doop bop
Hump de bump doop bodu

Bump de hump doop bodu
Hump de bump doop bop
Bump de hump doop bodu

Bump bump

Listen to me what I said
Try to get it through your head
A little bit of circumstance
A chance to make out

Livin' in a citadel
It's hard enough to be yourself
Waiting for the bell to toll
And I am wide awake now

Workin' the beat as we speak
Working the belle du monde
Believe in the havoc we wreak
Believin', is that so wrong
Can I get my co-dependent

Must have been a hundred miles
Any of a hundred styles
It's not about the smile you wear
But the way we make out

When I was an all aloner
Nothin' but a two-beach comber
Anybody seen the sky?
I'm wide awake now

Not that I'm addicted to RHCP or anything........
So, I guess that's all for now. Oh and one last thing, if you want an easy win at frisbee golf, then you should totally play against me, because I SUCK!! Tootles!

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Written about Monday 2007-03-26
Written: (5317 days ago)
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Okay, I feel better now (I know it's only been about 5 min. since the last entre, but shut-up!) I just took the test on www.deathclock.com and my personal day of death is......

December 8, 2086

HA! Eat that MATT! I will live to be in my 80's!!!! Wait a second.... EWWW! WRINKLES!!!!! *falls back into almost-depression*
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Written about Monday 2007-03-26
Written: (5317 days ago)
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This is not a good month for the bands I heart. I swear they are trying to make me hate them. First it's the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and now ZZ Top. What's the freaking deal!!!!! Okay, let me back up and explain. Saturday I went to the ZZ Top consert, and let me tell you, I was PUMPED!!! The entire drive to Belton was spent listening to my Get Phsyed playlist. And so, I get to the Covention Center, get into my seat (5th row dead center), and waited for the musical bliss that was ZZ Top to start. And what, to my horror, do I find? The music wasn't live!! It was totally canned!!! They were lipsynching, guitarsynching, and every other synching I could think of!!! Also, the drummer now longer had the trademark bluegrass-beard (I might be late on this one, it is possible that it has been shaved off for a long time). I am as close to depression as I have ever been in my life. What's next? Will Bowling for Soup break-up? Will Velvet Revolver disown Slash? Will Tim McGraw, dare I say, rap? How much worse can things get?!?!?

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Written about Friday 2007-03-23
Written: (5320 days ago)

Oh my freaking GAH!!!!! I just watched the new RHCP music video for Hump de Bump and I'm uber-unhappy. It's not that its a bad music video, it's just that John did the unimaginable... He CUT his gorgeous long curly locks of hair off. WHY? *falls onto knees and curses the forces that compelled him to do such thing*

I posted more pictures of him with long hair because 1) I like the long hair, and 2) I could only find one picture of him with the short hair from this year.





See, his uber-smexiness that his hair gives him is sooo obvious.



He looks like an older Justin Timberlake!!! Dude this is totally gonna kill my curly hair fetish!!

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Written about Monday 2007-03-19
Written: (5324 days ago)

Howdy everyone! Yeah, just got done with my spring-break thinggy, and now I'm baaaack!! *cue creepy music* So, I was really, really bored *as usual* and decided to go forth into the cold cruel world of cyber-space. But, then I thought better of it and decided to stay here for a while. Any-hoo to the whatever, I was reading Evo's diary and I noticed this link that'll give you your own battle cry. So here's mine *BTW, end creepy music. Cue superhero theme*:

Skulking across the mini-mall parking lot, attacking with a mighty sword, cometh ~username~! And she gives a vengeful bellow:

"I'm going to smack you until your mortal mind doth snap, and grin like a fucking maniac!!"

I got it from: http://chaz.bdmonkeys.net/battle.php?usrname=%7Eusername%7E&sex=f
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Written about Thursday 2007-02-15
Written: (5356 days ago)

Okay, I finally caved and got a myspace. However, I don' have very many friends there. Give me some names please!!!
Here's mine: http://www.myspace.com/smellycat_phreek

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Written about Monday 2006-10-23
Written: (5471 days ago)
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Ummm.... I don't really do this whole diary thinggy really well, hell, look at the last time I made an entry. That was more than a year ago. But I've decided to try it out and maybe.....maybe take it seriously. Hmmm... where do I begin. Oh! Saturday I parked cars again. I know it sounds sucky, and it is, but I get into the games for free, so it's all good! But I realized that there are alot of ignorent people out there who just don't pay attention. I almost got ran over twice!!!!!! How can you not see the girl wearing a neon orange vest?!? But when I wasn't run from the murdering idiots behind the wheel, I was busy trying to get peoples attention to tell them that you can't park there or you need to be closer to the other car. Most people claimed they couldn't see me. Again, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THE GIRL IN THE ORANGE VEST?!?!? And for all of my troubles what do I get? A crappy hot dog and a bad sun burn. But Baylor did win, suprizingly.

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Written about Thursday 2005-05-12
Written: (6000 days ago)

Decided to be ghetto for today.
hope nun o mah home dawgs relizes that I'm white.
Peace out homies

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Written about Friday 2005-05-06
Written: (6006 days ago)

I ate biskits and sausage for breakfast.

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