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Written about Wednesday 2006-08-16
Written: (4748 days ago)

I walk through this valley of shadows,
Wishing you were by my side,
Knowing you will never be there again,
I lost you not to life or to another,
I lost you to death,
A soldier's death,
You were taken from me in the midst of life,
Leaving me alone by myself,
I don't even have anything of you to hold on to,
Your parents hated me,
They did not think I was right for you,
They tried to keep us apart in life,
They succeed not,
They would not let me attend your funeral,
I did not even know where you were buried till today,
I promised you nothing would keep us apart,
I was with you in life,
Going from post to post,
I will follow you in death,
I will follow you to the afterlife,
We will never be alone.

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-06
Written: (5124 days ago)

Someone is watching,
Someone is waiting,
I wish he was not there.

He is out there,
I am here,
How does He know who i am?

I can not sleep,
I cannot be outside in the dark,
I will walk in the light.

I can not go outside alone,
Not anywhere,
Who knows where He is.

I do not know if anything will come out of this,
I hope something good does,
So I will not be scared anymore.

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-06
Written: (5124 days ago)

In a time of war they are praised.
In a time of peace they are forgotten.
In this country there is no middle ground.
They are cursed.
They are needed.
But they are not wanted.
Not till someone tries to get at us.
Should they help us?
Should they protect?
No matter how they are treated.
They make a choice.
Everytime they put their uniform on.
They choose to serve.
They choose to protect.
No matter what people say or do to them.
They will always fight for us.
Even if it means death.
They are our military.
And they live to serve and protect.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-09-29
Written: (5435 days ago)


I sit here and think
of what you said.
You said you saw
a beautiful woman
when you looked at me.
That I am smart and
cool, fun to be with
A friend no matter what.
I don’t see that when
I look at me.
I look into the mirror
Into my eyes and I
see a child, not a woman
in hiding.
I see fear I don’t
see how I’m beautiful
to you. All I see
is ugly. The ugliness
of my life. The hell
I endure. The things
you can’t see. I am
empty though I laugh
I’m unhappy though
I smile and greet
the day. I wish
I could be content with
my lot in life But I’m
not. I hate Pink. I
hate doing good always.
Way say “Have a nice day”
when it sucks?
Why be you? Why
not be me. I like
black. I like heavy
metal. I believe in
Wicca. I don’t like
going to church and
pretending to be normal.
Why be normal like you,
when I am not? 

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Written about Wednesday 2004-09-29
Written: (5435 days ago)


lost and alone,
not going forward or back,
living for now,
I don’t know who I
really am.
Wishing I knew
what to do about
this, I pretend
Pretend to care
Pretend to be what you
Pretend to be happy
But I am not. I am
afraid I will never be.
afraid I always pretend to be
what I am not.


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Written about Sunday 2004-09-26
Written: (5438 days ago)


Small and cute,
you may be,
But your bark is as big as your bite.

Black and white,
with a little tail.
Spot on on your neck,
as cute as can be.

I may be able to write poems,
but this one does suck,
though it is about my little pup.

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Written about Thursday 2004-08-26
Written: (5469 days ago)

A Boy and A Girl

Can you see them,
They are walking over there,
They are happy now.

They loved each other,
They wanted to stay together,
So they found a way.

Their parents tried,
Tried to keep them apart,
Every way they could.

They were grounded,
She was sent away,
But he had to stay.

She cried,
He yelled,
They were alone.

She had a friend,
He had a friend,
The friend know them both.

Help us they asked,
I should not their friend said,
But I will.

Visiting him the friend made a plan,
They switch clothes and lives for a while,
And he was on his way to her.

She went to the park,
Where they were to meet,
He was there and she was happy.

Don't worry I'll be here,
Click went the trigger,
Click it went twice.

On the merry-go-round,
They were found,
In each others arms.

Now they walk,
Hand in hand,
Everywhere they go.

Their love was in life,
Their love lead them appart,
Their love survived death.

They never left each other,
Together as they had planned,
No one could seperate them now.

They loved.

also this one is given to [cute_angel]

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Written about Wednesday 2004-08-25
Written: (5469 days ago)

The Snow

I stare at the snow,
The white blanket of peace,
Draped over your grave.

Hard to believe,
What we were planning on doing,
The other day,
Would change our lives forever.

Though you do not know,
I was coming that day,
We were going to run,
Away together.

They found your note,
And they knew what they had to do,
To keep us appart from each other.

The stopped me,
Knowing what you would think,
That i abandoned you,
That I never cared.

They killed you that day,
As if they had pulled the trigger,
Keeping us appart in life is a crime,
They will have to pay for.

They thought to keep me from you,
Keep me for thenselves,
They only think of themselves.

Stay they said,
But I left,
I came here to tell you,
I love you in life and death.

I say this and join you,
By embrassing death,
Blood flows from me,
As i say good bye to this world,
As i go to the next with you.

Now they stare at the snow,
Blood red with my love for you.

dedicated to [cute_angel]

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Written about Friday 2004-07-23
Written: (5503 days ago)
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Grow Up
this goes out to my sister who inspired this one.

You don't like them,
Grow up.
Give them a chance,
Get to know them.

Just because they don't look like you,
Doesn't mean they are different,
They are strange,
Grow up.

She smokes and he drinks,
I think they do drugs,
Is all you say about them,
Grow up.

So she is a goth,
So he is a skater,
So you think they are losers,
Grow up.

They are my friends,
And they are better than that.

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Written about Friday 2004-07-23
Written: (5503 days ago)


I walk down this alley,
Night after night,
Not knowing why.

Looking for someone,
who I can't find,
Where is he tonight.

If I knew him,
I could love him,
God, let me see him.

He lives in the shadows,
Following her,
As she looks for him.

He has watched her,
For so long,
Tonight he says is the night.

The night he will show himself,
The night she will find him,
No more hiding.

I look up and he's there,
In the shadows hiding,
My heart leaps for joy cuz I found him.

He comes to me,
Without words,
We tell each other what we feel.

He is my lifemate,
Though different we are,
We have always searched for each other.

He leans toward me,
I melt into him,
As he bits me.

Tis night we join,
As one we will live,
Me and him.

Life on Blood,
Life on Death,
Life on each other.

As I love him,
He loves me,
We are one.

I am his,
He is mine,
We are one.

Thats our story,
Our story of love,
Me and my vampire.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-07-21
Written: (5505 days ago)
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Our Blood

Lying next to him,
In a pool of Blood.
Not my own lifeblood,
But His.

How did this happen,
Why am I still here?
We were to go together,
We were each others forever.

My parents question me,
They ask 'Why'.
All I can say is what he said,
He said 'Why not'.

'Why Not' hurt us,
Took you from me.
'Why Not' left me here,
Without you.

Two months,
Thats all it took them.
To claim,
They cured me.

Cured me,
Of what I would of asked.
If you were here,
With me.

Back at school,
People talking about us.
Srew them you would say,
So what.

So what is not an answer,
they will always question.
The love we had,
The love of the cheerleader and the school loser.

I stand here,
In the room we were.
To be together,
Together forever.

The Blood is still there,
The stain that wont come out.
I remember the promise,
That we had made.

To be together forever,
If not in life than in death.
I see you there,
Waiting there for me.

I put the blade,
To my wrists.
I cut and as I watch the blood flow from me,
He beckons to me.

As the last drop,
Leaves my body.
I thought about what they had siad,
About our blood.

I tell them,
The Blood you said.
Would keep us apart,
Has now united me.

With my loser,
My love,
My soulmate.

I go with him,
I will never look back.
I said to them as I went with,
My lover,
My life,

My death.

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Written about Monday 2004-07-19
Written: (5507 days ago)

Eyes half slit

Blood pouring from my veins,
Distracting me,
So red and sticky.
There is so much of it,
In a pool at my feet.

Why are you doing this to me?
You were my friend,
My only friend in this place.

Another cut,
More blood leaves me.
What did you say?
I asked for it.
How did I?

More blood coming from,
This last cut you gave me.
He was not yours,
You know that as well as I.

You slice my skin,
And more of that,
Beautiful blood appears.
He had chosen me,
And not you,
What did you say?

Losing it all,
All of the sweet blood.
No promises had been made,
None to you or him,
No I wished to see what would happen.

More blood,
Another cut deeper this time.
The life is draining away.
Why are you punishing me?
Is it because I thought,
He and I could have been somthing,
Something better than we were?

Another cut to my body,
And this one will kill.
My blood is no longer my own,
It is now yours.
You were my friend,
And he was not yours.

(if you have a name for my poen please send it to me.)

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