[Rest in Peace *Boy*]'s diary

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-09
Written: (6037 days ago)

A boy, age 15 died last night, cause... suicide. No one knows why, I guess he wanted to go to a better place... life is tough sometimes. He was hurting but no longer... people on earth are hurt by it now. His younger brothers, Derek and Trevor, must be horrified. Be strong boys, he needed to do what he did. Dean, Patti, also be strong, it was cole's problem... this was his way of dealing with it. God, watch over his family, let them have the strength to carry on... be with Cole in heaven, make him feel at home and make his problems go away in heaven. Help his friends be strong, because from my expierence its hard to comprehend and deal with. Rest in Peace Cole, you will be missed greatly by all your friends and family! (Even though I slammed your locker shut everyday and stuff, you still were a very good friend to me, hope you feel better now that your gone to heaven)


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Written about Tuesday 2005-03-29
Written: (6261 days ago)

ahhh! i got my grades today! b's and c's! yahhoo! im excited! anyways FLORIDA in 8days!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh! wow yeah anyways this has been the craziest journal entrie ever!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-22
Written: (6359 days ago)


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Written about Thursday 2004-09-23
Written: (6448 days ago)
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yeah so my friends today told something they werent supposed to to the fucking consler! now shes on my ass thinking that my case is worse than it is! argh! im pissed! yes i have problems but they're totally making them look bigger than they are! i hate it! i have to tell my mom that i was a cutter and i dunno its gay... theres things about me that i want only me to no about and that privacy has been totally screwed over! yeah so much for telling my two best friends something i thought they wouldnt tell ever! thank you guys so much! NOT your making my life a living hell and i hope you guys feel like you did something right here because you didnt. like im ever telling you anything about me again! i thought we had a trust but guess not! yeah anyways thanks a bunch for screwing me over and lieing that you wouldnt say n e thing to her! thanks a bunch! love you guys too.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-09-14
Written: (6457 days ago)

i hate people thinking you have to be a stereotype teenager! argh just because im not skinny and i dont wanna wear the gay ambercrombie and fitch, american eagle, and holister clothes doesnt change me for being me! wow people are goat fuckers when it comes to thinking that they're cooler than someone!!! (cough kacie, jenna, amber, sammie!! dont treat me different from last year it pisses the hell outta me and you make yourselves look like ass peels!!!!! fuck you if you hate me!!!)

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Written about Friday 2004-09-03
Written: (6468 days ago)

haha i decided to make a diary haha! but any ways! today was gay cuz i got yelled at by me mom like a hundred times!! haha wuts new?!

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-24
Written: (6600 days ago)

Yeah! Today is been such a fun day! lol! I don't even no why! I've been like cleaning! wow! sounds like fun! jk! but yeah its crazy! probably cuz mtv is playin some good good music! hehe! see ya later!

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-24
Written: (6601 days ago)

This is my first time on elftown and its pretty cool! lol! yeah there was this really hot guys so that always makes things good! hehe! but yeah!

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