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Written about Tuesday 2009-05-19
Written: (3933 days ago)

Done revision... taking a break... and i'm boooored *yawn*

summer soon though! =D yay!

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Written about Friday 2009-05-01
Written: (3951 days ago)

This is the most stupid thing ever.
I saw Holly today on the way to school and i knew something was up but i was expecting boy troubles or something like that not what she told me. I feel really bad coz i just didn't know what to do. I hate it sometimes, i seem to have this charmed life, no one close to me has ever died and yet my friends have to go through all this shit and i can't help them. I just wish i knew what to do, how to comfort them, but i'm crap at it =/
Ahh it's rediculous, i'm crying my eyes out over Holly and Beki's diary entries and it's not as if i can even relate. I just wish i could solve all their problems. I don't mean to sound selfish and i know that maybe this does... i just want them to know how much i care for them and how much i love them.
I'm here for you guys, i know i can be a crap friend at times but i can listen and give hugs and i care for you both, more than anything.

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Written about Thursday 2009-04-30
Written: (3952 days ago)

Okay i know swine flu is faily bad and proberly not a subject to make light of BUT we have just had a really funny convo about it full of bad jokes.
Me: I got my first swine flu joke yesterday
mum: what was it?
Me: I thought i had swine flu so i called the NHS hotline and all i got was crackling
dad: they should have given you some oinkment
all: *laugh*
dad: you just have to make sure you don't hog all the medicine!
Ahh dear it was so bad it was hilarious! 

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Written about Sunday 2009-04-26
Written: (3956 days ago)

I've had a good weekend! Revision's been a bit bleh =____= but anyways some awesome quotes from the weekend:

In Work:
Man: Are there any seats outside?
Me: (hearing there any seasides nearby?) *looks confused and waves hand in a direction* There's some in that direction
Man: It's okay it's just coz i want to smoke
Me: *cottons on* oh seats.. yeah i'll just put some out for you

Man: I'm just going to the toilet, i'll just be a second
Me(talking to the cleaner): Do you just want to get the key?
Man: Oh it's one of those type of toilets is it?
Me: *looks confused* ...I was talking to the cleaner...

It was one of those sort of days... and i kept throwing food on the floor >.<
I watched Britain's got talent when i got home, BEST EPISODE EVER so funny! "I'll get you a salad... and a nice piece of chicken" XD Me and my dad were in stitches! And the trolley pusher "I'll push your trolleys.." XD oh dear and the drag artist who used to be a fork lift truck driver!
Then the MOST AMAZING street dance group i've ever seen and afterwards me and my brothers were going "wow" "that's amazing" and my dad went: "Sideshow bob!" so we all looked at him... apparently he'd be wondering who the little kid reminded him of!
The best rant ever followed that:
mum: where do these street dancers practice i've never seen any
me: mum we live in mold... mooooold... there's more than four of them they'd get arrested before they got a chance to practice (seriously... that's what our policemen do... break up groups of friends out shopping =___=)
mum: oh yeah...
mark: they'd get five minutes in and then get arrested
me: *laughing* can you imagine how long their criminal records would be? XD

then tonight another epic moment from my brothers:
Mark: You're a fish! Fish belong in the sea! Go to the sea (he was pulling lewis's mouth really wide so he looked like a fish)
Lewis: *pulls mark's face" YOU'RE a fish YOU go back to the ocean.
Mark: fish belong in the toilet... i'm taking you to the toilet
Me: o_o
Lewis: no! you're a fish you even have gills
Mark: You're a diglet, half a sausage with mud around it... no you're a mole.. dig dig dig dig
Lewis: You're Mr Tumnus... DIMPLES DIMPLES DIMPLES
Mark: Who's Mr Tumnus?
Lewis: From Narnia DIMPLES! You have goats legs... has anyone seen my other dimple? (they were still pulling each others faces)
Mark: Oh... look Alex he's an old man
Me: *looks and laughs*
Lewis: *in hysterics* You're a flappy paddle car! (we watch too much top gear)
Mark: What?
Lewis: A flappy paddle car
Mark: *looks at me*
Me: He said you're a flappy paddle car, you know the ones where you change gears on the steering wheel, he's made two flaps on the side of your face.

XD XD I love my brothers! XD

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Written about Thursday 2009-04-16
Written: (3966 days ago)

I've had a pretty good week so far! =D Epic commenting on facebook:
ahh boredom... i'm bored =__= and hungry... =(
ahh your penis. Now it makes sense! ;P

Haha, penis always makes sense :P
And if your hungry... you know what makes sense!!! :P

oh dear!

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Written about Tuesday 2009-04-14
Written: (3968 days ago)

I am shattered.
6am start today! :o but omg it was worth it! Skiing... i LOVE IT! seriously.. can't wait till i go to Austria next Feb <3 and Switzerland... it's going to be awesome... i'm saving for my own ski's, boots, poles, ski jacket and salopettes. Going to cost me about a grand! But it will be worth it! Coz i could go skiing almost every day over the winter! Awesomeness! <3 <3
Yeah went to the snow dome for my friend Cerian's birthday (it's her i'm going skiing with in Feb and i think her parents wanted to check out i really could ski. Which i can! =P) I did some jumps today too which was awesome but i wish the slope had been a bit steeper so i could get some speed up!
After that i've speant the afternoon doing revision type stuff, my chemistry folder needed sorting and now i've been doing revision topic tables. *sigh* i gotta do a revision plan tonight as well and i'm thinking i might do some past papers, just over a month till my first exam, but the fact that after June 23rd i'll NEVER have to go back is what's getting me through, that and my Oxford dreams. I want it sooooo much... I want that life... anyway i'm not going to think about that too much, focus is on learning the stuff and getting the grades.
I'm on here atm becuase i'm waiting for the new windows live to download... it closed down word... which is a pain coz that was what i was using >.<

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Written about Monday 2009-04-13
Written: (3969 days ago)

AHHHHH! lol pub last night... so much fun... but man i had a hangover this morning.. getting up at 5am is a bitch! Work was busy! Still i got my maths and history basically done tonight! The last week has been HECTIC! So much revision! I'm going to work my ass of though, coz you know what, i want to get bloody good grades and then enjoy my gap year! I have plans... it's going to be awesome! I'm so excited!! *runs in circles* yeah <_<
Skiing tomorrow too! in the manchester snow dome! *mega excited* gotta be ready for 7am though >.< still fun stuff, it's in prep for the skiing holiday i'm going on next year! 4th time going skiing and i lOVE it.. i'm an extreme sports kinda girl!! OMG i think i might have to get myself an F1 ticket... i am obsessed i LOVE the F1.. i'm such a geek about it.. me and mark are hilarious in the common room getting over excited about the latest race! Go Button! <3 and Brawn GP, they are my team! Coz they are the F1 pheonixs this year! And omg AMAZING car and two amazing drivers that haven't had enough chances to prove themselves. And Piquet.. he's hot... XD Enough said really! Anywho i think i may head off to bed.. early start.. and i still have to find my ski gear! Plus i want to read my F1 mag! <3 OBSESSED!!

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Written about Tuesday 2009-03-31
Written: (3982 days ago)

it's 1am... i did that thing that i used to do all the time... which is procrastinate an essay.. stay up late to finish it and get distracted by the internet <__< lol on the plus side i have my prom dress and i just bought a gorgeous mask for it!! I'm soooo excited... i can't wait to try them on together!!! <3 <3 <3

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Written about Tuesday 2009-03-31
Written: (3982 days ago)

Oh gosh.... do you know what time i actually got to sleep? 3/4am... and i had to get up at 6am... that was a fun 11 hour shift! *sarcasm* at least Dani was there and Amz was working... going to Pentre this thursday for the first time in like a year! o_O going to drag Ruth with me coz i can't stay at hers this weekend due to utter busyness and my mum wanting to go to oxford early so she can look at some house... it's what my parents do... i think i've probably seen more castles than most kings!! Anywho dinner... i'll rant later!

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Written about Sunday 2009-03-29
Written: (3985 days ago)

OMG... can't sleep... i have work tomorrow, opening at 8 and I CAN'T SLEEP! I know i need sleep.. i have so much work and revision to do.. it's crazy though half of me is worrying and the other half is saying FUCK IT ALL! I haven't really seen my friends in weeks, haven't been out since half term.. spending most of easter at an intensive revision course.. and my Jan results were so bad i actually cried...
And ontop of that i'm starting to hate being single and the way i look and how bloody shy i am. Yeah fun times... anyway i have the Hoosiers and manga. I wish i could go back to year 11, best year of my life. Infact lower school were the best years of my life then i joined 6th form and things seem to have fallen appart completely. I don't know who i am anymore.. i feel like i have no confidence, like i'm just waiting for everyone to desert me, i seem to expect everyone to hate me.. I'm surprised when people are nice to me, i kinda feel un-human.. if that makes sense.. like i'm not really here..

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Written about Saturday 2009-03-28
Written: (3985 days ago)

what is it with people waking me up on a saturday morning?? don't they understand the idea of a LIE IN????
*rolls eyes* went to bed late last night becuase i was really untired o_o and was woken up at half eight this morning by my mother... who had had to sign for my prom dress which arrived this morning and was so excited she had to run upstairs and throw it and another parcel (A gothic literature companion for english) at me. So i was woken up by being hit by a large book... great =___= lol my family are mad sometimes.. and i had to get up too becuase she wanted to see me try the dress on (which is awesome btw i LOVE it! Can't wait until prom.. which is about 3 months away <_<). Anywho i've had a boring day typing up history notes and doing homework... and now i'm hungry! TOAST! and tea... i'm obsessed with toast and tea at the moment.. straaange..

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Written about Sunday 2009-03-22
Written: (3991 days ago)

Okay i have to write this here because it's so hilarious and a great insight into my family!
Me and my brothers, mark and lewis are sat on the sofa waiting for mum to get off the phone so we can watch some tv.
Lewis: I'm a werewolf
Me: I'm a vampire
Mark: I'M A TREE!
me: a werewolf, a vampire and a tree? our parents must have been strange *pause* a wooden vampire and a wooden werewolf!
Mark: That basket was once my friend! *attacks lewis*
Lewis: Mark stop it! You're not treebeard!
Mark: *silence*... I'm not treebeard... I'm TREEHEAD!

oh dear that made me laugh so much... i love my brothers.. XD

Now he's reciting Eddie Izzard, ahh dear!

Oh yeah mark is 16.. yet he put the car seat back flat on the way to kickboxing and made rocket sounds all the way there... i wonder about him!

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Written about Thursday 2009-03-12
Written: (4001 days ago)

*sigh* sometimes i think the only thing keeping me going is my stubborness... I keep trying and trying.... and i just end up failing and failing over and over.. it's like living in a nightmare, building my hopes up only to repeatedly have them destroyed. Yet still i keep going, i think i'm getting resigned to it now, i'm never going to achieve what i want but i'm always going to try... hows that for a depressing prospect. I wish i'd talk to someone there's so much i could say, probably need to say, but i don't know the right person... hopeless romantic.. >.<

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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-09
Written: (4094 days ago)


just felt the need to share.
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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-02
Written: (4101 days ago)

okaay i'm online for once in a millenium... anywho i just wanted to ask your opinions becuase i went home sick today (THAT time of the month) but the thing is i've been feeling constantly tired at the moment and i have had a bit of a cold and i am AMAZINGLY busy but seriously i was knackered today and i had 7 hours sleep... then there's these pain attacks i keep having, like stabbing in my side, it happened today and i felt like being sick and crying it was so bad... but i don't want to over react and i'm not keen on doctors.. should i ignore it and put it down to being over tired or make an appointment to see my doctor? (i'd really rather not... i haven't seen a doctor since i was 12... 5 years ago..)

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Written about Saturday 2008-10-04
Written: (4160 days ago)


okay update:
The random things section shall be update whenever i feel the need.
The monthly books and films section shall be updated soon... as soon as i can read the other of the two books that may be my book of the month (my brother has it) and when i get a chance to see a few new films.
There may be some new stuff on my page... as soon as i think of anything worth putting there and as soon as i have the time!

OMG! I'm knackered, 10 hour shift at work and then i had to come home and do the washing up =___= and my mum says i do nothing and am self centred =___= Anywho today was a fairly good day, a guy came in and asked for a "mango and passionfruit squishy" i struggled not to laugh in his face! work was workish.. i got a frog! XD and i saved a frog. Yes I GET TO LIE IN TOMORROW for the first time in a month! And i was going to say more but i really need to loo... XD so.. i'm off for now! I'll answer my messages too!
Hope you're all well!

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Written about Friday 2008-08-22
Written: (4203 days ago)

I don't use my diary anymore :o lol oh well...

round up:
I'm in switzerland atm leaving for Italy tomorrow (randomness)
My AS's were a bit of a fail but meh i'm not that bothered! Worst come to worst i'll manage somehow!
Uhh yeah that's it really... moving over here soon and tbh i'm really really excited now, it's an awesome place! Just had a brilliant thunderstorm, forked lighting and everything! I was sitting out on the balcony watching it! There was one the other night too... we were eating dinner and there was a flash (lighting hit the crane infront of our flat!) and there was a massive bang that frightened me half to death and caused me to yell "BLOODY HELL!" at my mother! XD XD
We got a wii too which is AWEZOME! all of my family have been playing on it obsessively... we got wii sports and wii play which are both really good games and causes everyone to laugh at my completely hopeless golf! Then we got mario carts which is really good! ^_^ I luffs it.. but it's gotta stay in switzerland =( OH and the outdoor swimming pool turns into an ice rink in winter *dances* we're coming back for christmas and i can't wait to visit the christmas market. Talking of markets me and my mum were in Zurich today doing a bit of window shopping coz we got bored of packing (which i still haven't finished <_<) anyways there was a medieval market on and it was awesome! There was a really forge set up in this square and sword makers and everything. All chatting away in german... it was so surreal! Next year i'm going to go and get myself a medieval gown! <3 *nods* On another side note i've been impressed with my german and how much i know! It's going to be great when i'm fluent!
So yeah that's about everything i think... i gotz money though! Holiday pay from work <3 <3
So yeah going back to school should be fun! And having a winter shopping trip! I'm going for the layered, jumper and jeans look this year! (inspired by my new Espirit jumper my mum got me today!)

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Written about Sunday 2008-07-20
Written: (4236 days ago)

omg my diary is failing at the moment but my entries from the past few months are really amusing me! XD XD so yeah!

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Written about Sunday 2008-07-13
Written: (4243 days ago)

Ah diary... i just feel like a random ramble... so here goes! ^_^

well what's going on in my life?
*I've got a job and i'm really enjoying it, the pay is good and i'm saving some cash!
*I'm going to switzerland for a couple of weeks at the end of august which should be cool! And i'll be moving out there in the next year (just not sure when atm!) which i'm also really excited about! Tbh i think i've grown up a bit too quick and i need a change, some more independance and a bit of excitement. So yay to having to learn German and meet new people! =D
*I'm playing alot of video games which is really messing up my eye sight... >.<
*I'm really happy generally with myself, my friends and what's going on in my life! So yay!
*I've got a gym membership and am making sure to go 2 - 3 times a week and i think i'm going to try and get some swimming in too! =D (toning up my body before i don my bikini in switzerland)
*I'm going to get my hair COMPLETELY restyled and coloured on friday! ^_^

That's about it really! Life id goooood! =D The only bad thing is the amount of messages in my inbox! XD

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Written about Tuesday 2008-07-08
Written: (4248 days ago)

I just remembered a conversation from the other night that made me laugh:
me: why is a fridge called a fridge?
dad: it's a refrigerator
me: what is?
dad: fridge that's what it's short for
me: oh
lewis: does that mean that it was fridged?
me: *laughs my head off over the word fridged*
dad: *seriosuly* i guess so...

i just found it hilarious... but you probably had to be there.. it was just how suddenly he said it.. and the word fridged.. but yes i still want to know why a fridge or refrigerator is called a fridge!

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Written about Sunday 2008-07-06
Written: (4250 days ago)

Ruth says:
Oh man Alex im trapped in the kitchen cos theres a HUGE moth in the livingroom
Ruth says:
and dad is talking to it and has called it Orwell *dies*

lol i just had a laughing fit over that... poor ruth! XD SOD'S LAW! XD

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