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Written about Thursday 2006-08-24
Written: (4412 days ago)

ha ha ha ha ha ha....*weee!!!* *dances* la la la la la...I just found somethin REALLY rather humourus...ha....*rofl* I found out las night and imn still laughing... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....*wee* I cant tell you people though!!! HA! *runs away laughing*

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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-15
Written: (4421 days ago)

Ok...I didnt die...ya theres ur update...those of you who I havent talkied to in a while for UNKNOWN reasons...sux for you cuz I would have told you...*coughs* ya.

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Written about Saturday 2006-08-12
Written: (4424 days ago)

Ya...ha ha Kasi im not gonna tell you....you willl find out ne ways. good things are still happening....I wish i could find...er....the guy I got fired so I could talk to him but...ya. I will be talking to his friend on monday sooo....ya.

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Written about Friday 2006-08-11
Written: (4425 days ago)

~er~I dunno...something kinda good happened today...I got the guy fired for it but...ya. it was his fault anyway...and mine...*coughs* anyways...I am hoping good things keep happening cuz that means that I may not...ya.*sigh* ya...later

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Written about Thursday 2006-08-10
Written: (4427 days ago)

Preminitions suck...anyway....I had one...of my demise. it was a good vison because I got to see who I was marrying...serious. But Anyway...I am hoping I can speak with my...erm...person and see if he can change his mind...Ya...if you are wondering I get visons of my future (wierd I know, you dont have to believe me but it is true.) and If someone with a gift like mine gets a vison of their own death they get 7 days to change it. SOME people with the gift I should say, not all. MY seven days are in chinese though, which is where yi came from, that is 1. ok well I will update this throughout my 7 days so...ya. luv you all. well...most of you all. :)

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