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Written about Wednesday 2006-06-14
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Bikers' speed guessed at 100+
The Wichita Eagle
Guest book: Michael Perry
Guest book: Danielle Bridges
He didn't have a license.

He didn't have a helmet.

He didn't have a moment of experience on the Suzuki sport bike that a fellow musician had brought to the Eagles Lodge at 31st and Broadway late Thursday night.

But Michael Perry didn't lack confidence, either, so he jumped at the chance to take the sleek cycle for a drive. Danielle Bridges, 21, impulsively climbed onto the motorcycle behind him, and they raced north on Broadway into the summer night.

Less than a minute later, he was dead -- and she was dying.

Perry, 23, was killed instantly when the motorcycle crashed into a grain truck at the intersection of 33rd Street North and Broadway at about 10:30 p.m. Bridges died early Friday morning.

"I don't even know what to think," said Bryson Vornaus, who said he worked with both Perry and Bridges at InfoNxx and went to middle school in Norwich with Bridges. "In my head I'm dreaming, and I'm going to wake up tomorrow and see both of them."

Capt. Joe Dessenberger said the driver of the semi had just emptied a load of grain and was turning north onto Broadway from 33rd Street North when he spotted the motorcycle in the distance. The speed limit on that stretch of Broadway is 40 mph, Dessenberger said, and the truck driver believed he had plenty of time to complete his turn.

But witnesses estimated the motorcycle's speed at between 100 and 130 mph moments before the crash. The driver tried to avoid the motorcycle, Dessenberger said, but the cycle slammed into the cab's rear tire.

Police are investigating what role alcohol may have played in the accident.

R.I.P. Danielle

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Written about Wednesday 2006-05-17
Written: (5134 days ago)
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4 High School friends meet at their High School Reuion. The fourth
highschool dude goes to bathroom and the others start to talk about

Highschool Dude 1: You know my son? I'm so proud of him 'cause he was
successful. He became so rich that he gave one of his best friends a
2-million dollar Mansion for free!

Highschool Dude 2: Really? My son's made me proud to. He's became so
from acting and gave his closest friend 2 free Hummer H2's.

Highschool Dude 3: Even my son got rich to. He won the 8 million-dollar
Lotto and he bought his friend a private yatch and plane.

The fourth Highschool Dude comes back from the bathroom and overhears
talking about their sons. So he began to tell them about his son.

Highschool Dude 4: Yeah, well, my son hasn't been as successful like
sons have.
He's gay and works at a gay stripping joint for a living.

Highschool Dude 1: What a shame.

Highschool Dude 4: No, not really. He lives in a 2-million dollar
owns his own jet and yatch, and owns 2 Hummer H2's which were all given
him by 3 of his Ex-boyfriends

If u understood this repost

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Written about Tuesday 2006-03-21
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A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage.

The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholisim is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, "I'm gay." The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said fuck or worshipped Satan.

A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too.

* If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn't matter if you're straight, bi, or gay. It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness. *
[Everyone Deserves HAPPINESS!]

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Written about Wednesday 2006-03-15
Written: (5197 days ago)

92% percent of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. Repost this if you are one of the 8% who would be laughing your ass off.

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