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Written about Saturday 2012-06-30
Written: (843 days ago)

Z Day

Come and be prepared!!

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Written about Monday 2012-05-28
Written: (877 days ago)

Zombie Survival List (Re-edited)
(friends im coming to save)

1. Neher (Security Force) +2
2. De (Assistant) +1
3. Snowolf (Electronics Tech) +1
4. Dixon (Security Force) +1
5. Maury (Security Force) +1
6. Clemons (Medic) +1
7. Diiwica (Security Force) +1

(I still need someone who is experienced at welding, a good mechanic, and a pilot.)

If your not on the list and want to be let me know and i'll take it into consideration.

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Written about Thursday 2012-05-24
Written: (880 days ago)

I still hear my heart scream for her. Everyone said it would heal with time but time has passed 2 years and it still hurts. I threw myself as far away from her as I could, I leaped into a different life, now I got a wife everyone would kill for, and a baby girl who makes my heart melt, but I still think of her... Is it greed that I cant shake or something else? I know she was no good for me but she was my addiction. everyone say's im successful now, that I will stay afloat now, but I feel like my best times was when I was crashing down burning. Half of me doesn't want to come back from this deployment breathing. This place it's a curse...it's a trap..it gives you too much time to think...

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