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Written about Sunday 2010-10-31
Written: (2129 days ago)

October 30, 2010

There is a haunted house in Salem this weekend.
It will be at the school for the Deaf.

Supposed to be amazing,
The entire building was done 1 month ago on
"Extreme Make-over Home Edition"
The episode will be airing tomorrow.
If anyone was interested in seeing it.

Created with the help of ROB ZOMBIE!!!

Who wants to come and check it all out!!!

I will be there!!!

999 Locust St NE
Salem, OR 97301-0999

Click Address for Directions!


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Written about Wednesday 2007-10-17
Written: (3239 days ago)

"Can it be love?" [Part I]

Gabe has been talking to a girl named Alaina for a while now. They have been friends but never really had that real connection yet. But somethings can deffinately change. He begins thinking, maybe he does like her. But isn't quite sure.

Alaina, a classy young college girl. She has liked Gabe for sometime now. But doesn't know if he knows. But also begins thinking maybe he does know, but doesn't care. She takes her chances anyways and decides to let whatever happen, happen.

Gabe runs into her in downtown while he was returning a shirt he had baught earlier in the week.

"Oh, hey Alaina." He said.

"Hey Gabe! How are you?"

"I... I'm good. Thanks. How about yourself?"

"I'm pretty good. I just got my car fixed. It's been acting up on me, and well, i finally decided to take it in." She says.

"Oh yeah that's awesome. Im glad you got it taken care of."

"Yeah. So. Where you headed?"

"I'm going to return this shirt. I baught it last week and, well, it doesnt really fit." He laughs slightly.

"Oh." She says smiling as though she wasn't really paying attention to him speaking, but in a daze.

He looks at her slightly with confusion and embarrassment. "Are you ok?"

She finally turns away and giggles. "Oh! i'm sorry what were you saying. I.. I lost my train of thought."

He shakes his head. "it's nothing."

Slightly nodding in embarrassment she smiles. "Oh. Ok. Um. Maybe i'll se you around then?"

He nods. "Yeah. See you around."

They part and he turns to look at her one last time and he says to hisself. "Yeah. Later. Like when?" He shakes his head and walks off.

Alaina turns and stops thinkin about askin him out one of these nights but doesn't know how to say it. She starts walking back up the sidewalk to chase him down, but stops again and says, "I can't do it." and turns going back where she was headed in the first place.

Gabe gets home, sets his keys on the table and walks into the kitchen and checks for messeges. The first one being his mom.

"Hi hunny." She says on the machine.

"Hi mom." He says quietly to himself nodding.

"I was just wanting to check in with you and see how you're doing. I guess you're not home and i'll give you a call later ok hun? ok. Goodnight i love you." She says hanging up.

The next messege came on.

"Hey Gabe it's me. Alaina."

He stops and stares at the machine in shock that she called him.

"I'm really glad i got to see you today." She says nervously.

"Ok. The whole reason i called was to see if... You wanted to go out sometime. I mean if your busy i understand. But you can call me back and maybe... we can plan something?... ok well i hope to hear from you soon. Bye." She hangs up.

He stands in disbelief and is arguing with hisself as to whether he should call her back or not.

"Ok. So. What to say." As he grabs the phone and sits on his sofa. Tapping the phone nervously he turns it on and sits there still contemplating it.

Finally, he nervously dials her number and his heart is racing while he hears it ring. Palms getting sweaty and decides he wants to hang up but can't because it's already ringing and she'll know he called. So he waits, and on the 3rd ring she answers.

"Hello Gabe!" She says.

There's a long pause.

"Hello??" She says again.

He finally answers. "Oh yeah hi. Sorry."

She laughs. "It's ok. Hey im so glad you called."

"Yeah?" He says shakingly.

She smiles though he can't see it. He can hear it in her voice and he laughs a little.

"So um. You want to go out to dinner?" He asks in a quiet shy voice.

"Yeah Gabe. I would like that a lot." She giggles slightly.

"Ok. How about... Tomorrow night? 8?"

"Yeah tomorrow!" She says happily.

"Ok. i'll be there to pick you up at 8." He laughs nervously.

"Ok! 8 it is. I won't be late!" She says playfully.

"Ok! Goodnight Alaina." He says.

"Goodnight Gabe."

They hang up.

Gabe jumps on the couch and smiles flailing his arms in the air and dances around the room singing to himself,"Im going on a date. Im going on a date. With ALAINA!"

Hanging up the phone Alaina smiles and fiddles with the phone buttons feeling nothing but butterflies and wants to scream. She turns to her pillow and lighlty giggles and screams into it. She doesn't know why but she has always liked him but didn't expect him to finally ask her out. They had been friends for years now and all of the sudden they're going on a Friday night dinner date.

The next morning Gabe gets up bright and early still nerv wracked about the whole thing. He's already in the shower by 9am and choosing his outfit for tonight.

He pulls out his tux.

"Noooo too dressy." He says to himself laying it on the bed.

He stops and thinks. He knows he's forgetting something and realizes he has to make a reservation at a restaurant.

He begins to panic and looks through the phonebook for suggestions.

Some of the labels read, "Anthony's Pier, The Hollows, and Moonlight bay."

He randomly chooses and decides to go with Anthony's. He calls the number and makes the reservation for 8:15pm.

He then goes back to his closet shuffling through his clothes looking for a casual outfit.

Meanwhile, Alaina is getting up out of bed and walks to the bathroom. She looks up and looks at herself in the mirror rubbing her eyes and stretching. She stops and thinks, "I swear i had something to do today."

She gasps and remembers she has a date with Gabe at 8. She looks at the clock and its nearly 10:30am.

She begins rushing around and getting ready. Looking through her closet as well, for a dress that would be perfect for tonight.

She grabs her phone and calls Gabe.

He is pulling out a pair of slaks out of the closet when the phone rings. He races to it and sees that it's her. Quickly he picks it up.

"Hey!" he says.

"Hi Gabe. I was calling to find out where we're going so i could decide what im wearing."

He smirks a little. "Well it's a suprise. You should where whatever you like. You'd look beautiful in anything." He blushses.

She giggles and blushes softly saying, "Oh ok. Um. Well. I'll just see you tonight then ok."

He nods and smiles. "Yeah tonight. See ya."

"See ya." She says.

They hang up again. Gabe smiles and looks at himself in the mirror and says to himself. "Oh yeah, you rule."

At Alaina's she's laying down on her bed tapping her phone on her lip nervously thinking about tonight. She stands up and looks at a black dress and lays it out.

It's around 6:30pm now. Gabe is getting out of his second shower. He walks into his room and looks at the time. He sits and looks at his slaks, shirt, and nicely polished shoes and thinks to himself. "Holy shit. I forgot to get her something!"

He throws on a shirt and a pair of jeans right out of the dirty clothes hamper. He sniffed them making sure they were ok to wear out. He really didn't care because it wasn't going to be for long and he's not going to see anybody.

He rushes to the store and begins to pannic. "Ok. What would she like? A box of chocolates? No.. too typical. A corsage? No. Too prom." He finds a boquet of roses and stares at them for a minute and thinks. He begins to think about a previous conversation that him and Alaina had a while back. She had told him everything about what she loved when it came to romance. He was kicking himself for not remembering what flower she liked. He then stops and remembers. A grin comes upon his face and he grabs what he needs and pays for it and then leaves. Getting back to the house. He arrives and it is nearly 7:30. He is rushing around the house looking for cologne, a brush, socks, and gel. Before he grabs the gel he stops and decides not to wear it. And the cologne, he only puts on a little. Almost ready to go he calls Alaina making sure she's almost ready.

Alaina is more than ready. She has her hair done, dress on, Perfume, Make-up, and her heels. She's leaning over the sink and is putting on another layer of lip-goss. The phone begins ringing and she runs towards the room and nearly trips on the carpet entering the doorway. She stood up straight and slowly but anxiously grabbed the phone.

"Hey!" she said. "I was just thinking about you."

He smiles. "Yeah me too. Hey i was calling to let you know im on my way to come and get you."

She giggles slightly. "Ok. I'll see you soon then."

"Yeah soon. Later." He says nervously.

"Bye." She said.

Ten minutes pass and its 8 o'clock right on the dot and she hears him outside. She rushes around and quickly goes down the stairs but tries not to trip again.

As soon as she gets to the bottom of the stairs he rings the doorbell.

She slowly and casually walks up to the door and reaches the knob and turns it, pulling the door open.

Gabe stands there not expecting to see her there that quick. When he looks at her he opens his eyes and looks at her in awe.

She stands there smiling bigger than ever and looks at him.

"You like it?" She says shyly.

He says in a quiet dazed voice. "Yeah. yeah. I... I... love it!"

She blushes and stares back at him.

"You look amazing Alaina." He says finally catching his breath.

She blushed more. "Thank you Gabe. So do you!"

He shakes his head and wakes hisself up. "Oh shall we get going?"

She nods as he holds out his hand.

She takes it and closes the door behind her.

He stops and stands in front of her. "Oh! here i almost forgot."

She looks at him and smiles as he holds out a single white rose and a small locket necklace that he had thought about getting her for her birthday but couldn't wait.

She is completely suprised and jumps up to hug him. He laughs a bit and hugs her tightly. They slowly pull away and look at eachother face to face.

Alaina looks down and Gabe coughs a bit. "Yeah so um. Lets get going shall we?" he says.

She smiles and nods as he walks her to the car and opens the door for her.

She slides in and lifts the rose to her nose and smells the sweet scent. He gets in and looks at her again. "Well," He says. "Lets go." He starts the car and drives off.
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Written about Saturday 2005-02-12
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theres a guy another 1 yess lol not kool i know but yea i like him but not enough and i dont know what to say to him im srry is all i have now ne suggestions plzz tell me?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-12
Written: (4216 days ago)

theres a guy another 1 yess lol not kool i know but yea i like him but not enough and i dont know what to say to him im srry is all i have now ne suggestions plzz tell me?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-02-01
Written: (4227 days ago)


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Written about Saturday 2005-01-01
Written: (4258 days ago)

omg i am flying like a bird now!!! [hardyboy152000] is the sweetest guy ever and i luv him a lot.... i will always be there for him and i hope he is there for me!!! i wish everything in the world for him... but yea that whats new.... LOVE

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