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How do I advertise my wiki
How do I block members
How do I get more text colours
How do I Join a Wiki
How do I make a forum
How do I make a relation
How do I make a wiki page
How do I make a poll
How do I talk on ET
How do I upload Art
How do I upload moods


How do I use html here?
See Pseudo HTML

Ok, I have looked at How do I upload Art, but How do I put an image in my description? Look at img


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2011-02-21 [Thunder Cid]: You cannot delete your account.

2011-02-22 [Dragon Wolf]: Well if you really want to try, I can tell you how, but The result will be the same.

This should help this question from being a redundant one here....

2011-08-23 [Snowbunnie93]: So what happens when you had an old Elftown account and cant access it because elftown refuses to send the password to the old email?

2011-08-23 [SilverFire]: If you can remember the username, make a report on that house, and/or contact Hedda. :)

2011-08-24 [Snowbunnie93]: thank you thats what i did :)

2011-09-29 [Twiztid Juggalette]: HOW DO I DELETE MY ACCOUNT??

2011-09-29 [hanhepi]: You really can't. The reasoning behind not being able to delete the account is we hope that one day you'll decide you really want to be here after all.

2011-12-15 [sickelfmaster]: this is unconstitutional! let me delete my acount

2011-12-15 [sickelfmaster]: i joined this website as a joke and its awful so kick me

2011-12-15 [sickelfmaster]: let me outtttttt

2011-12-15 [Teufelsweib]: you can't, you can delete your description, name and everything and never log in again, but you can't delete your account.

2012-03-03 [hjkhjk]: when the developer created this site I think they forgot to run through the CRUD design... right now it is CRU no DELETE ><

2012-05-10 [~yup thats me~]: How do I delete my profile?

2012-05-10 [Yuriona]: Read up two comments.

2013-05-02 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Can someone tell me how to upload a photo from a iPhone please cause I have a photo I want to use as my profile pic but I can't upload it

2013-05-02 [SilverFire]: Elftown's not really phone-friendly and I don't think you can upload a photo from your iPhone directly, sorry. :(

2013-05-08 [thorfinn]: how do i submit a story and become and an elfwood writer?

2013-05-08 [SilverFire]: Elfwood and Elftown are two separate things. :) If you want to become an Elfwood writer, you need to join that site (

If you want to submit a story here, on Elftown, you should checked out the Featured Story.

2013-08-22 [Pichu Yang]: Poor website, can't get deleted my account.
It is a big joke when I heard you can't remove the memory although you don't want it anymore.
And this website is very clutter, unfriendly GUI.

2014-01-04 [Lady_Tigreshee]: Wow, I joined in 2005 and I've not been here since. Please delete my account. Honestly, having my account chew up needed server space is a waste. You could upload someone's artwork for this space. Please delete my account. Thank you.

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