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Section: Daily Poem Bosses


If you have any other questions about the Daily Poem Bosses just add a comment and we'll answer it.


Q: Who are those Daily Poem Bosses?
A: The Daily Poem Bosses are those in charge of keeping the Daily Poem and its related wikis clean; they make sure that no copyright theft takes place and choose and post the poems that get to Main Steet.

Q: How are the Daily Poem Bosses picked?
A: They aren't picked. They're Elftown Council members that volunteered to keep the daily poem feature working properly.

Q: I want names! Who are those Daily Poem Bosses?!
A: At the moment there are two of us: [Linderel] and [Flisky].
You can read more information on the Daily Poem Bosses wiki-page.

Q: Help! My poems have been stolen by another Elftowner, who do I have to contact? Guards or Daily Poem Bosses?
A: You can just contact one of the Daily Poem Bosses. They will look into it and, if necessary, bring in one of the Guards. You may also contact one of the Guards directly - just make sure you pick an active one.
You can also leave a report on the member's house.

Q: Can I help the Daily Poem Bosses?
A: We've had this comment several times in the comment box... Yes, actually, you can help us. If you post your poems, you can be sure to follow the rules.
You're also free to correct formatting mistakes and spelling and/or grammatical errors. Please leave a note in the comment box, like we do.
Under no circumstance can you remove poems though. You can point the member at the error that will get it removed, but we need to do this ourselves, so we can keep track of these occurrences.


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