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Jack was startled from his deep sleep when he heard an extremely loud crashing noise outside of his bedroom window. Jack rubbed his eyes with his fists and then peered outside of his window, and sure enough there was a semi now parked in his neighbor's home. "Jesus tapdancing Christ!" exclaimed Jack. He was only in short shorts at the time, but as quick as he could threw a white t-shirt over his torso and slipped on his favorite blue sandles. "Gotta see if they're alright...." Jack whispered to himself. "No Gilmour, you stay there!" Jack's dog had gotten up from her slumber as well, and seemed to acknowledge Jack's worrying and wanted to follow Jack. "I'll be right back, promise my girl."

After giving Gilmour a pet and a treat, Jack headed on over to his next door neighbor's house. Jack had just moved into his house two months ago, now being done with college and starting a life of his own. He has only saw his neighbor once before, and not even the full view. The day that Jack and his friends that were helping him move in were loading in the boxes of Jack's stuff into his new home, Jack took a quick glance at his neighbor's window, and noticed a shadow had been watching, and then quickly moved to the side when looked at. Anyhow, Jack jogged over to his unknown neighbor's home to see if there was anyone to help at all. Through the smoke from the fire that had started, Jack yelled with one hand shading his eyes and the other on the side of his mouth to try and make his voice be more heard, "Hello! Is there absolutely anyone that can hear me?!?!"

 <HELLO!> a firm voice shouted back over the sound of the crackiling flames, from the oposite side of the fire. <Are you alright?> Drez shouted again asuming the voice he heard was that of the driver, possibly traped inside the burning truck. He tryed to move in closer, but the wind shifted some heavy smoke tward him, temoprarly blinding his eyes. He coverd his face with one hand and immidiatly backed off. Worryed there was nothing he could do, he simply stood there almost in shock as to how something like this could have happend.  

Jack heard the response, "Hello?! Who's there??"

  <Are you ok?> Drez shouted wondering with whom he spoke. <I live just a few houses down and heard the commotion> he added. Ducking down he tryed to examin under the truck, but the flames where entirely to high and coverd his view. He made his way around to the other side keeping at a distance, hopeing he would find out more. He did not know the owners of the crashed home, even tho he lived here for several years. His work kept him far to busy to make any friends.

Jack heard this and walked around to the other side to meet his new acquaintance. At about half way, a great thud was heard as the door to the crashed semi collapsed to the ground, burning away, and two bodies ran from the front seats. "Holy fuck! Holy Fuck!" yelled the startled Jack. He went to help the victims demolish the fire, however the 'victims' looked towards him and they did not seem the slightest worried about the fire. Their faces were pale and slightly disoriented. They staggered their way slowly towards Jack.

A character dressed in an odd white outfit came leaping through the air and swung a large metal pole with a square object at the other end than the one he was holding and slashed it towards the two 'victims', aiming for their heads. He shrugged after getting up from the force that spun him around from swinging the pole like that considering the weight and size of it, once standing normally it could be seen it was a signpole that had been sawed off but used to say 'dead end' except now the blood from the two 'victims' had somewhat covered the end so it said only dead and showed the sign for it. "Dude, never good idea to go towards people like that... Haven't you ever seen movies? They started the fire anyhow, well sort off... When the one bit the other's arm then they knocked down some candles and suddenly when getting up again didn't care about the flames that had started.... So yeah... Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out." He shrugged again and turned to look to the so called victims to make sure they stayed

Drez fell back in shock of the swingging acrobatics of the new guy. He crawled backwards and shook his head in disbeleave. < killed those people> He stood up with wide eyes still backing up against the hood of a near by car. He pulled his long hair back, leand over and releast his supper all over the ground around his bare feet.

The guy shrugged. "Like I just asked... Haven't you ever seen movies? Those two just lit up a pretty hazardous fire but were not really in a rush to get to safety, plus the one bit the other just before the other one started acting the same... Try and put two and two together... It doesn't take a master degree to figure out what was with those two."

A teenage girl was walking down the street outside and noticed the Semi in someone's house,"Is anyone in there," she yelled from the sidewalk afraid that someone may be hurt inside. She has noticed some wierd things that have been happening lately.

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