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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: The Random Life Story

Name: Zack

Gender, Age, Race: Male, 23, human/bird/dragon (very weird mix I know)

Clothes: holey jeans and t-shirts, jean jacket and leather jacket

Appearance: very cute, blue feathery wings that look like dragon wings, pointed teeth, bright blue eyes, black hair with blue highlights


History: His mother was part blue dragon and was kidnapped into giving birth to a genetically enhanced bird-dragon. After giving birth, Zack was sent to a school for "mutants" without families, and his mother was held there to "give" her body to make more genetically enhanced children. Through pain and torture, Zack's mother has been able to send help signals to her sons and daughters. Zack is the oldest and is hoping to soon find his mother. (Her other children are still at the school) In his search, he was lead here and had a feeling that he needed to get close to Miya

Current occupation: Helper at the Tomahawk Tavern

Physical Skills: 3x's stronger than a full grown average male adult

Magical Skills: none what-so-ever

Strengths: he has increased vision thanks to his bird genes and his bones are lightweight so he can fly faster

Faults and Weaknesses: he is very light so he has a tendency to get "tossed around" (literally) a lot.

Connections/Family: mother--through connections that were woven between their brains when the scientist enhanced Zack, tons of brothers and sister he does not know of

Companions: Sasha, Alex and a blue jay that has been following him around everywhere, scwaking in his ear

Current Weapons: brut force



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