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the xsnet

Social Network of Artists united within the xidoraven studios

Krewe of Comus (AC) - Mystics of Krewe Comus
Krewe of Morpheus (FC) - Morpheati
Krewe of Rex (AV) - Rex
Krewe of Proteus (FV) - Proteids
Krewe of Bacchus (AP) - Bacchae
Krewe of Orpheus (FP) - Orpheusians
Krewe of Harpocrates (AL) - Hara
Krewe of Thoth (FL) - Hermetics

  - Krewe of Chronos (Cal/Event/Sched) - Chronites
  - Krewe of Shangri-La (xsnet Mods) - Dharma
  - Krewe of Sparta ( - Spartans
  - Krewe of Xidogasus ( - Xidogasi
  - Krewe of Pegasus (SoMG) - Pegasi



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2008-02-10 [xido]:
AV - Applied Visual Arts
FV - Fine Visual Arts
AL - Applied Literary Arts
FL - Fine Literary Arts
AP - Applied Performing Arts
FP - Fine Performing Arts
AC - Applied Conceptual Arts
FC - Fine Conceptual Arts

I hereby preside as lead Chairperson of Krewes Comus, Orpheus, Thoth, Chronos, Sparta, and Xidogasus until further notice. Those opposed shall be challenged to a duel of wits and willpower.  2008-2-10

2008-03-11 [xido]:
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