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2011-04-06 19:28:32
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Preparing for an anniversary party. :3
Spotty mirror is spotty.
/ [Linderel]

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2011-04-08 [Nioniel]: Very pretty! I especially like the nail polish. :)

2011-04-08 [Linderel]: 'Tis a nice polish. :3 It also amuses me greatly in that *groooooan* kind of way, for its name is "Blue My Mind" xD

2011-04-08 [Nioniel]: gaaah. :p

2011-04-08 [Linderel]: I know. :P

2011-04-08 [Nioniel]: It also amuses me a bit that your actual hand is a bit blurry, but the reflection in the mirror isn't. O.O

2011-04-08 [Linderel]: I noticed that too. It's an interesting effect. :o

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