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2014-08-21 [sc1972]: i hope the upload image here thing works, newbs hey , well if u can see it , this is a rough draft, playing with your various poses, the wings look horrible, i need to get some metallic pens to get a good shimmer in the wings. i was wondering if u would do a request of a pic for me. if u can see the draft, (if not let me know,pls) i would like to use a pic of somewhat the same pose. however , if i may, have u in a kneeling position with your hands behind the head and sitting tall , with your magnificent womanly chest , pushed out more, as this would be an ideal position that i would love to draw u in.
also if u could tell me some of your favourite colors , i might be able to incorporate them in the finished drawing. thanks . pls reply soon , hope your day is an awesome one. 

2014-08-21 [sc1972]: ps, since im a tard , and dont know half the stuff here , and u dont get the pic, pls instruct me as to how to send it to u , thanks

2014-08-21 [Linderel]: Replied to your message. As for the pose, I'll keep it in mind!
I'm partial to earthy colours, such as dark reds, but my absolute favourite colour is sky blue. :) You know the perfect blue on a sunny autumn day when there are barely any clouds in sight and the leaves are blazing reds and oranges against the sky? That shade.

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