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i wilted at your touch. whatever you had wished, i would have submitted readily. yet you only stood there, absorbing my spirit in it's home. you asked me to stand in the middle of the room, and you lowered and spread yourself onto the carpet in insolent admiration. my breathing was uneven, my hair messy in a bun, and my skin tallow without a touch of makeup; my clothes were disheveled--when he wasn't home i didn't bother changing into day clothes unless i had an appointment. i was alive. this was the result of writing for 48 hours without rest. cups of coffee were scattered on the sill, and every surface was stained with rings of deep brown. scraps of paper littered the ground with random words.

"i'll memorize every line of this room. this is more significant to me than any church. your body is my prayers reaching god."
/ [Artemis Rising]

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2010-06-09 [organicparadox]: i loved this. i wish i knew how to express my thoughts as eloquently as this to move others.

2010-06-10 [Artemis Rising]: you are so lovely with your compliments... really if i could translate lines into form as you do, i would be quite content :)

2010-06-14 [organicparadox]: we are only a couple millennium away from being able to neurally trade talents. have faith! i say we make a trade then;)

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