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2010-04-02 23:52:39
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Love. part 1 of my Virtue Project. Words of Art

I'm going back on my original 'Kingdom Hearts' style font that I started in 9th grade when I first began caligraphy. I don't think you'll be seeing much more work with actual caligraphy strokes any more.
/ [another brick in the wall]

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2010-07-16 [musicknight]: Wow, I really like this. Fonts arn't really my thing, but I've gotta say this is cool. I can see why you call it your 'Kingdom Hearts' font. The O kind of looks like a heart to me.

2010-07-16 [another brick in the wall]: why thank you. :D

2010-09-25 [Flawless Imperfection]: thats beautiful...

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