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Wyverns are similar to dragons, although they do not have six limbs as dragons; they only have two legs and two wings. They have scaly skin like that of dragons. Wyverns have venomous tails with which they can poison their prey with. Wyverns are quick monsters, using their long neck to quickly attack their prey, like a snake would. They are rarely seen to breath a flame, though some texts do include it.


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2004-09-12 [Dasner]: I'm a wyvern. Wow even though I haven't been on here before that almost defines me to a T. But I have feathers with hard scales underneath. Check out my house. ^_^

2008-04-01 [Artsieladie]: Just added the link, Dragon, to link back. :)

2008-04-21 [Dasner]: K, thanks. ^_^

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