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When I was in High School, there was a website for teens that gave away things like posters, jewelery, makeup, water bottles, and more, that I visited almost daily. Now well into adulthood, I decided to try to find a more useful "freebie" site for myself. was one of the first sites that I stumbled across when I began my search, and I've stuck with it all these years since. is a website that offers lots of freebies, such as samples of products coupons for free products, or even coupons in general. I check into this site bi-weekly to see what new deals they have, and I've gotten some awesome samples from the site including free coffee, free Iams dog and cat food, coupons for free meals out at different restaurants, and more. This site is really great for people who want to try new things without having to purchase them, people who want to enjoy a night out but can't afford it on their own, and people who just like getting cool new stuff in the mail.

Shipping on most of the products that are on arrive between 4-8 weeks, so once you start ordering your samples and freebies, there's a bit of a wait until things actually start showing up, but if you order things a few times a week, packages should be arriving for you a few times a week after the first few things start showing up.

I really love this site, and I've been able to try a lot of really neat new products for absolutely free because of it. I definitely recommend it!

/ [Nioniel]

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