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White Desert~

Caecilius woke early every morning, though it was impossible to tell how early or late it was based on the lunar sky. The artificial atmosphere was always the same bland color, and the cityscape was always alive with the glow of neon tube lighting. Still, he woke every morning, shrugged blearily into his goggles and his grease-stained jumpsuit, and slung his bag of tools over his shoulder. He rode a bus to the nearest subway platform, and took the same train to the central building from which he was employed. Then he was always sent on some ungodly mission to the other side of the city, in order to correct some absurd problem with a rail car that should have been replaced a few centuries previously.

This morning was no different than any other morning. He was, of course, sent away to a far corner of the city, but this was to work on one of the newer rail cars. It was a very urgent call, which meant there must have been someone worth transporting on that train. Immediately, he set to work on it, slipping a few essential tools into his belt and making sure his goggles were secured. He climbed a steel ladder to the top of the car and unscrewed a hinged panel. This rail car was controlled mostly by wires and circuits, but that meant it was actually far easier to fix. In almost no time, he had managed to correct the problem, and the rail car was already beginning to move again. Caecilius was still on top, and he scrambled for the nearest hatch in the top of the car. He dropped through it, and landed loudly in the cabin below. "Oh, excuse me, gentlemen. I didn't mean to intrude," he pardoned himself with a small smile. He had ended up in the exact cabin of the important passengers. Everyone around him was very serious looking, dressed in crisp business suits.

"There's no need to apologize, you were only doing your job." The leader in this cart spoke with a little bit of surprise to his surrounding men. "I thank you for your hard work." His lips were thin but they curled into a smile as though it was strange for him to create such an emotion and his lavender eyes mixed with silver fixed easily on the goggles the boy wore as though he wanted to take those off of him. He adjusted himself and pushed back long strands of silver hair streaked with many shades of blue and pulled it into a loose tie. "For your troubles." He handed the other a few bits of currency and wondered what else to do with the slight creature. "I will reward you better later if you would join me in a few hours at Moonlight." He didn't plan to spend too much time around the younger male, but he found he needed to give this one presents which amused himself.

Caecilius regarded the man oddly for a few moments, his eyes narrowed. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly with the wrench he clutched in his fist. He accepted the currency after a moment of hesitation, and looked the handsome man up and down. "Yeah, okay, thanks. I accept. I'll meet you at Moonlight. Though, I'm stuck on this train till it stops at its next destination, so maybe I could just wander around the train until then?" He smiled crookedly, his plump lips parting in this unintentionally cute expression. "Mine name is Caecilius, Cae for short, if you'd like. What about you, sir? May I know your name before our meeting later?" He wondered if the suggestions he thought he detected in the man's tone of voice were only in his head, or if he really meant to reward him with more than just currency. He nonchalantly tucked the pink streak in his bright blue hair behind one of his ears. 

"You'll learn my name later if you actually show up." The silver haired man smiled and gestured to the seat beside him. "Well if you have to wait until the car stops, why don't you seat beside me and we'll chat a little. What do you do here for the trains hmnn?" He asked, curious as to how his little companion fixed the car so easily. "I have always been curious in the work that I, myself, don't have to complete." He didn't mean it to sound as pompous as it probably did, but he wondered no less.

Cae patted the walkie-talkie device at his hip, on the same utility belt that could hold a few of his tools at the same time. "I'm a mechanic, I go where they call me. I was interested in trains when I was little, and my dad supported my interests, so he put together all kinds of resources for me. It turned out to be a decent job, too. I don't make very much, but it's enough to live off of." He smiled and adjusted his goggles so they sat on his nose differently. Sometimes they dug in rather painfully. "Incidentally, I don't have anywhere to go until they call me, so maybe I'll just stay here until you leave? And in that case, can I know your name now?"

"My name is Corvin." He purposely left off his last name, if the boy didn't recognize him by his first it would be interesting indeed. He smiled a little. He inspected the other's hair while he sat beside him. "Such an interesting color your hair is. I much like it." He said gently, amused by the strange looks his fellow compartment holders were giving him by his many compliments to the boy.

"Corvin," Cae repeated and tilted his head to the side animatedly. "It's a nice name." He truly didn't recognize the man by his first name, but his features seemed absurdly familiar. He was sure he had seen Corvin somewhere before. Those beautiful, piercing eyes, and his long, gorgeous hair... He gasped. "I've seen you on television before!" It had finally hit him, where he had seen Corvin before. Then he blushed a bit as he realized he had been complimented. "You really like my hair...? I get it from my mom, her hair is just a bit lighter than this..." Absently, he wondered even more what someone important like Corvin could want with someone so insignificant.

"Yes I've had many interesting tv showings." He smiled. "Yes I do really like it." He reached out to take his goggles off but hesitated, knowing it might frighten the younger male. "Might I have a look? I think your eyes are probably quite pretty but I'm not entirely sure. Don't worry you wont hurt me with them. I'm excused from that weak trait." Corvin said softly, his hands resting in his lap while he waited for the answer.

Caecilius was hesitant to answer. There were many official-looking people in this car, and though he knew Corvin had some authority over them, it was against the law for him to take off his goggles intentionally. "I...are you sure that's okay, Corvin? I mean, it's illegal for me to take them off..." He paused for a moment and glanced around the room. "If you're really immune to it, I'll let you see, but you have to send all of them out of the car first. If any of them saw my eyes, I could get into trouble." Truthfully, he was very excited that someone wanted to see his eyes, and might actually be able to handle it.

Corvin looked up to all of his compartment occupants with a smile. "They know better than to go against me. They do value their lives after all." He placed his hands on the edges of Cae's goggles and tugged them gently, waiting for any sign the other decided not to let him do it in the end. He wouldn't force him into such a thing, but he was desperate to get a full image of that pretty face.

Cae didn't resist, but he put his hands in his lap and screwed his eyes shut for a moment. Sometimes the transition that taking off the goggles caused gave him a momentary headache. Not only did the goggles cause those looking at him to see his eyes as merely the color of the lenses, the lenses so altered his vision to be like that of everyone else. The shock was lessened to his eyes if he shut them first. As he felt the goggles slide off his face, he slowly opened his large, round eyes, and blinked, not daring to turn his head in any direction that didn't face Corvin. "You weren't lying, you really are it your eyes that give you that ability?"

"I'm not sure." Corvin said with a smile, enjoying the interesting mix of pink, green and gold."They're pretty." Corvin said, referring to his eyes this time, smiling. "It's a shame those like you can not take their goggles off." He shrugged. "Ah well, at least I know what you look like." He made sure to carress the cheek of the other before he handed him his goggles back, enjoying the silky feeling of his skin and permanently mapping the feel of it and the color o his eyes in his mind. "Lovely. Now, I fear we'll be departing soon, but you promised to see me tonight at the club, please keep that promise."

Caecilius looked at his lap for a moment, holding onto the goggles tightly, a slight flush tinting his cheeks. After a second, he hastily pulled his goggles back into place and turned to look up at Corvin again. "Of course! I'll see you there in a few hours! It was nice meeting you, Corvin." He smiled and stood from the bench seat of the train, making a small respectful bow toward the handsome man. Indeed, the monstrous train was beginning to slow down in order to stop, he could feel it shuddering beneath his feet. "Well, until then, goodbye." He waved and disappeared through the end door of the compartment.

Corvin smiled at the hasty retreat made by the younger male. He hoped he hadn't scared him off. He went about his normal bit of business, bored with the day as it was the usual afternoon. Only today he did have another hopeless tv appearance while he proposed a plan for continuing solar uses of energy. He then was irritated with his day and stopped off for lunch and after that he went off to get ready for the club, he'd unwind there and who knows, he'd probably find himself that cute little thing to love on again. He had no doubt the boy would show up and he couldn't wait until he did.

Unfortunately for Caecilius, he had a rather uneventful day. Soon after he had exited that train, he had been radioed to go home early. The trains must have been running especially well. So he had much time to himself, pacing around his small apartment and throwing every bit of clothing he owned all over the place. He couldn't believe how worked up he was getting about this. Was he really that lonely? "Geez, get ahold of yourself, Cae..." he told himself, sitting down on the edge of his bed. He managed to relax for a while, then just an hour before their meeting, he found his outfit - tight white jeans, a black cropped tank top, and a pair of chunky black boots that laced to the knee. It was girlish, but he didn't care. Most of his wardrobe was, except for work. He topped it off with his goggles, and dashed away to the train station.

Corvin was already at the club, waiting for the young thing he'd seen earlier in the day. He listened to the music while he relaxed in a booth. He was sure to get one that wasn't too secluded and told the guards at the club what to look for in regards to his young date. For that's what he was, right? His date? He grinned and sipped lightly on a glass of blackberry juice, waiting and waiting and waiting.

With surprising luck, Cae made it to Moonlight without incident. The train he had taken didn't break down, probably for once in the hundred years that it had been running. He flashed an i.d. at one of the guards at the door to indicate that he was old enough to enter, and slipped through the front door into the pounding din. His eyes adjusted well, though he wished he didn't have the inconvenience of the purple tinted lenses. He scanned the club and found a familiar head of pale hair in a not-so-hidden booth. He moved directly toward it and slid in opposite the man. "Hi, I'm sorry I'm late." He smiled.

"You're not late, you're on time. Would you like a drink or two first or would you like to dance with me?" Corvin suggested, not at all hiding what his intentions for the night were. He wanted to court the boy and he'd let him know in due time. "Or are those suggestions too forward?" He asked, wishing to take those goggles right off of him again.

The boy tilted his head to the side, his white teeth still showing in a wide grin. "No, I don't think's not bothering me, at any rate. I'm not old enough to drink, so why don't we start with dancing?" He didn't mind cutting to the chase. In fact, he was quite happy that this important man was comfortable enough for this. The man's gorgeous eyes were almost luminescent in the darkness of this corner of the club, and Cae wished for a moment that he could take off his goggles as well. "I think it would only be too forward of you to suggest we skip the dancing."

Corvin was a little surprised by the other's cheekiness. "Yes, it may be." He wondered if the other would allow him to do that. To skip the pleasantries and take him in one of the guest rooms in the club. The thought stirred a sense of longing in Corvin. "Mn, well, come along." He grabbed the boy's hand gently and lead him to the dance floor and pulled him close, the music was of course the general club music, pounding bass and swooning melodies. He really wanted those goggles off of the boy.

Caecilius found himself blushing as he was pulled close, attracted to the smell of Corvin's hair and clothes, and the strong chest beneath his shirt. It was indeed very tempting to skip the dancing all together, but they had only just met on a train by chance. "Corvin, can I ask you something?" He didn't interrupt their dancing with his speaking, just spoke louder so he could hear him over the music. "Why are you interested in me? Is it because of my eyes, or just chance?"

"I could ask you the same question. Why indeed. I find you pretty, I find you interesting and I find you to be shy and different from all of those around us. Now, I return your question, Cae, why are you interested in me? For I have no doubt that you are. Is it my eyes? Hmn? Just chance?" Corvin was smiling gently as he spoke, he was curious to the boy's responses to his own words.

For a moment, Cae thought, then smiled and responded, "I don't really know, I suppose. Maybe it is your eyes, since you can look at mine and nothing happens to you, or maybe this is just a whole bunch of curiosity? In any case, I'm not trying to sleep with someone famous for the sake of it." He had thought the man was handsome and interesting before he had even figured out who he was. "You're also incredibly attractive, and it's really hard to yell over this music. Maybe we should just skip the dancing?" He didn't mean straight to sex, just a quieter room would have been nice.

"Sure, if that's what you want." Corvin said, leading him to a guest room in one of the hallways off of the dancefloor. He picked one that looked calm enough, light blues and lavenders decorating the room. "So, what would you have me know about you, Cae?" He asked, sitting cross legged on a chair in the corner of the room. He also made sure to lock the door so they wouldn't be disturbed, even if they were just having conversation.

A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as Cae watched Corvin lock the door behind them. He knew there was no reason to be suspicious, and he knew what was probably going to happen a little later anyway, but he thought it was amusing nonetheless. "Well...I'm half Japanese, my full name is Caecilius Hikaru Takahashi, my eye color is the dreaded fourth primary - insert scary sound effect here - and I work on rail cars for a living. There isn't much to know about me." He giggled. "What about you, Corvin? What can I know about you?"

At being reminded of the boy's eyes, Corvin stepped forth and removed those dreaded goggles. "You know all there is to know. I'm a leading head of politics and I have many followers. Some who worship me and some who simply see me as a person, which I'm glad you're one of the latter." He smiled and looked into Cae's eyes. "Much better."

Cae blinked away that momentary headache again, but sighed and smiled. "It's kind of nice to be able to see the way I'm supposed to, instead of through those damned goggles." He didn't add that he was elated to be able to be around a person without them on. Every other time in his life that he had removed them, he had been alone. They even put the goggles on babies, so he'd been wearing them for as long as he could remember. He chuckled. "We're out of pleasantries and introductions, so now what? Wanna kiss me?" He was only joking a little, part of him really wanted that to happen.

"I do, actually, thank you for the permission." Corvin said before he cupped the other's face in his left hand and kissed him, using his free hand to grasp the boy's waist and pull him flush against his body, giving all of his skill in his kiss, hoping the other was serious about wanting to kiss him. How very interesting his day had become.

As he was pulled against Corvin, Cae gasped into the kiss. It was wonderful, he thought he was going to melt. A vivid blush spread across his cheeks, and he tried to kiss the taller man back. He never could have guessed that his life as a rail car mechanic would lead him to engaging in scandalous activity with a lunar politician. He looped his arms over Corvin's shoulders, attempting to find more leverage for their kiss.

"Lovely creature." Corvin stated, pulling away from their kiss in order to sit more comfortably and with the other at his side. "I think I want to court you, Cae, if that's all right?" He asked, deciding he was going to lay claim to Cae and no one else was going to have the boy. "You've enchanted me, you see..."

"Okay, I'll allow it. Will you be taking me as your bride at some point?" He was trying to be funny, but it was again something that he wouldn't have minded too much. Corvin was a gentleman, and he was beautiful, and he could look at him without his goggles was fascinating. "Also, will we be saving sex till after marriage? I don't know how traditional you might be, but I really don't care." He grinned.

"Yes." Corvin said with a grin, "Provided you and I are as matchable as we seem. And ah no if you want sex I wont refuse you that." He said, very pleased with himself for finding a lover that was eager as he was for such things. Formal ceremonies always took far longer than they needed to in his eyes.

Cae grinned. "Well, you know, we should probably at least have some more kissing, maybe even foreplay, before skipping straight to sex. You said you wanted to court me. But...if you want to make me yours, I don't care how soon you do it." He allowed a surprisingly soft and feminine hand to ghost over Corvin's thigh for a moment, then dropped it back into his own lap. He hoped he wasn't being too forward.

"You are quite a delight, aren't you?" Corvin asked, taking the hand that had stroked over his thigh and he sucked on the fingers there. He enjoyed how small they were and how thin. He smiled. "Perhaps we should do just that, kiss and have a little foreplay..." He said, kissing him and pulling him onto his lap.

As Corvin sucked on his fingers, Caecilius shivered and made a small, breathless noise. The sensation had traveled straight to his core, and heat flared in his abdomen. He returned the kisses eagerly, situating himself comfortably on the taller man's lap. He hoped he wouldn't yet notice the growing hardness in his tight jeans, but it would soon become obvious. He placed both hands against Corvin's chest as they kissed.

Corvin kissed him harder and placed his hands on Cae's hips. "Sweet boy.." He whispered against his lips. "So very sweet." He felt his fingers itching to reach under the hem of Cae's shirt, they begged to touch his smooth skin. He was undone. He let the tips of his fingers graze his flesh and he smiled. "Your skin feels very very nice."

Cae couldn't help but let an appreciative smile spread across his lips, against Corvin's. The gentleman beneath him gave him so many wonderful compliments, and he did feel almost like his blushing bride on their wedding night. What an embarrassing feeling, and in his nineteenth year! He was nearly a man. But he believed he may have fallen for Corvin somehow. Why else would he be giving himself away so willingly? He had never behaved this way before. "Mmmnnn...Corvin, you should touch some more of it..." He giggled.

"I should, shouldn't I?" Corvin reached up under Cae's shirt, letting his hands grab at his back in a gentle manner, and slide around the front of him to press his thumbs lightly at his nipples which he found to be quite delectable. "How much of you may i touch?" He asked, finding the little bit of skin he could feel wasn't good enough, he wanted more.

As Corvin's thumbs rubbed at his nipples, Cae gasped and his back arched a little. He had no idea that they were so sensitive, and it made him blush. "You...may touch however much you wish..." The tightness of his pants was becoming most uncomfortable, and he shifted on Corvin's lap. "Can I...can I take things off...?" He didn't care if it rushed things a bit to strip, it was rubbing so uncomfortably on his jeans.

"Please do, and be sure to take them off slowly." Corvin said, wanting to watch the younger male strip so badly. He loved how much of a treat he was getting, how lovely the boy looked in clothing was only going to be amplified without and that he knew just by touching his pristine form. "Such a beautiful boy."

Cae started with his boots, painstakingly unlacing them before he could kick them off. He didn't think the shoes were as important as the rest of his clothes, but he slowly slipped his tank top over his head and tossed it to the floor. He gasped as he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, finally freeing his growing erection to the open air. He glanced down at it, bit his lower lip, and looked back up at Corvin.

"You want me to play with that?" Corvin asked, glancing down pointedly into Cae's lap. "I mean..... it's.. out in the open, hard and ready and I think it's just for me." He said, grinning. He slowly reached out to lightly graze his fingers to touch the other.

" I can touch whatever you want..." He let his own hands slide down his sides and over his hips, and he moved closer so that Corvin had more access to him. He couldn't remember a time he had ever been so eager for someone, as he was now for this man. "I'm yours with whatever you wish..." A very open invitation, he realized, but it was truly how he felt at that moment.

"I thank you." Corvin said, stroking slowly over the boy's length then. He'd been allowed permission to touch him and decided he would, slowly he carressed his length and let his other hand play along the inside of his thighs. "Such soft skin." He mumbled, looking into his eyes, hoping to see fire in them.

Cae's eyes shone brilliantly, and he moaned and shifted to allow Corvin to touch even more. He couldn't resist, he was being handled so well. The tall man was a gentleman and a master, and he was turning to pliable goo before him. "I're planning to take me...and not just tease me..." he replied breathlessly, shifting against the fabric of Corvin's pants once more.

"Oh I don't know, I kind of like to tease you, Cae, you're pretty when you're being teased." He said in reference to the boy's current state of undone. He motioned he stood up so he could slide those pants off of those slim hips. "You're more than welcome to tease me right back of course. I want you begging me when you're ready."

The boy bit his lower lip again. He had sort of been hoping that stripping would be enough to constitute begging, and he wasn't much good at teasing, but he would try. He pressed his lithe body flush against Corvin's, and let his fingertips graze the taller man's hardened length, then he abruptly moved away with a small smile. "What sort of teasing do you mean, hm?"

"Just the sort that makes you beg." Corvin replied, smirking as he began to kiss his neck. Feeling the other's hands on him as well was more than a turn on for him and he shivered a little. "Mnnnn." He mumbled against the sweet skin under his tongue.

Cae let out a breathless moan as the kissing against his neck made him shiver. No, he really didn't think it would take much for Corvin to get him to beg. He insistently pressed their hips together, which made him groan a little. "Corvin..." he whimpered, "I may have to start begging soon..."

"Sooner's better than later." Corvin said with a hot whisper against his ear. "Don't you agree?" He asked further, pulling Cae's behind flush against the tip of his swollen arousal, being sure to press at it but never pushed in.

"I...d-definitely agree..." Cae nudged back against Corvin, urging him to do what he was, at the moment, only threatening to do. "Hnn, please, Corvin...your teasing is too much, please...just put it in..." He nudged back harder this time, for emphasis, wondering just how much more he was going to have to beg. He only wanted to be with the older man, and could wait no longer.

Corvin decided he couldn't take the other's begging and gave into his demands which was surely a weak sign for him in their future relations together, the boy would end up being spoiled beyond all reason, but seeing those pink eyes in such turmoil with want for him he decided it was much worth it, even more so when he pushed in him as begged and felt those lovely, hot walls all around his length.

Cae closed his eyes, his brow furrowed slightly, as a low moan escaped his lips. It was painful, which was clear in his expression, but it was not that he didn't enjoy it. He opened his eyes and looked at Corvin, forcing himself to relax, allowing him to enter more easily. His hard length - which felt positively massive from this perspective - brushed against something inside him, and he shivered and groaned.

Corvin was at a loss. Who knew he would randomly find a young, pretty thing and then have them on their first night together. He planned to keep this one, planned to make him his completely. He held Cae close when he was finally inside of him and waited, pressing kisses to his neck and to his ear while moaning just a little. He wanted to move and finally when the grip seemed the tightest it let up just a little to show him mercy and let him inside and from there he began a slow, but deep pace.

Each time Corvin thrust in, he rubbed against that spot, and Cae moaned almost loudly. He struggled to keep himself relaxed, when every muscle in his body wanted to tense and spasm in his pleasure. He fisted the sheets and wrapped his legs around Corvin's waist, taking him in as deeply as he could. He couldn't believe he had been so willing and easy for someone he hardly knew, but he didn't care, and he planned to spend enough time with this man to get to know him.

Corvin decided he had enough of being slow inside of the intoxicating boy. He picked up his thrusts by a lot, pulling those delicate hips tight against his own, thrusting hard as he met his own tugs backward. "Beautiful creature." He muttered through a harsh breath, leaning to kiss his neck and his lips.

It hurt more when he went this quickly, but with the heat and the friction, and that spot he kept rubbing, Cae wasn't going to last too long. He cried out with nearly every thrust, completely at Corvin's mercy, and he was more than happy with that. He accepted the kisses gratefully, a reprieve from their rough lovemaking. He was growing ever closer, though, twitching and squeezing around Corvin.

Corvin continued his thrusts in the same manner, enjoying how the boy's insides seemed to draw him further and further in. He groaned and wrapped his arms about the boy, giving way to violent-like, deep thrusts, being sure he made the younger know exactly who he was to him and that he wasn't going to get away any time soon. He kissed him hard while he held him flush and groaned more as his end was imminent. "Cae.." He muttered when pulled away for breath only to resume the kiss again.

His thrusts penetrated so deeply that Cae could feel him pressing against his insides, a curious feeling, but not entirely unpleasant. He was glad that Corvin was holding him, because he didn't think he could have supported himself against the man's stronger hips. He moaned loudly and breathlessly, just on the verge of his climax.

Corvin was normally a hard one to make finish, but he managed at the last second, spilling with a loud moan inside of his lover, hoping the boy wasn't too far behind, of course if he wasn't he would get him there, but he desperately wanted to simply be in the aftermath with him.

Caecilius gasped as he felt Corvin's release, and the feeling caused him to reach his end as well, and he spilled onto the bed. His arms collapsed underneath him, and he fell forward with a small moan against the bed. "Ah...C-Corvin...." He felt amazing, and spent, and he was happy.

Corvin smiled as he managed to make the other finish with him. He helf the smaller body close to his and rest his head on Cae's shoulder. "I'm going to take you home with me I think." He said, sighing before laying back against the wall.

Cae snuggled close to him and laid his head against his chest. "Good, I'm glad. I'm your bride you know, I'm yours." He laid his palm against his chest as well, and splayed his fingers apart, feeling Corvin's skin. "I think that I might...well, love you..." He blushed and glanced at Corvin's face.

Corvin's eyebrows felt like they were about to dissapear into his hair line. "You do?" He very much liked that the boy felt so apt to be in love with him, but was the boy really feeling this or did Cae only feel a sense of attachment?

"I do, truly. You are one of the few people that doesn't hate me for what I am, and those goggles, and I can't hurt you." He laid his head against Corvin's chest again and smiled. "I don't think I could be without you now, knowing that you exist." He kissed his lips softly and closed his eyes.

"Good." Corvin said, smiling at being kissed before he kissed him back. "How about I make you work as my assistant as well? That way you can have your goggles off all the time and I can see those lovely eyes whenever I want?"

Cae's eyes opened wide and he smiled. "I would like that very much, I think. But what about working around other people? If I follow you around, won't I have to wear my goggles for the sake of the people?" His smile relaxed a little as he thought. "Unless I'm simply going to be your personal assistant..?"

"I'm actually going to assign you contacts to wear that we're testing and they seem to be working." Corvin said with a smile. "The people have no say in what I do, I'm the best thing they've ever had." He smiled more and kissed him. "Unless you'd rather wear your goggles?"

Cae shook his head. "No, I hate wearing those goggles! I'd be more than happy to wear contacts instead." He smiled and laughed, more than grateful that his lover had the power and position that he did. That was more than likely why he didn't mind taking a young and insignificant boy as his lover, as well.

Corvin caressed Cae's cheek and kissed his lips. "Sweet boy. Well, how about I take you to my place for the night?" He asked, ready to go home and relax with a nice cooked dinner at his table with the younger male. "I could make us something to eat and we could have a dinner date."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm glad you can cook, because I really can't, haha." Cae laughed and ruffled through his hair with his fingers. He lived alone, and dined mostly on pre-packaged food, but he had the feeling that was about to end.

"I'll be glad to teach you." Corvin said as he yawned slightly. "Come on you, why don't you get up and we'll get going. I tire of this place and want to stay somewhere with you where loud music and impulse doesn't play a role in our conversation." He kissed the boy in a lingering manner, very much in love with and taken by him.

Cae blushed at the kiss, and touched his fingers to his lips. He dressed quickly and prepared for them to leave, excited to see what kind of place Corvin lived in. Whatever it was, he was sure it was much larger and nicer than his own little apartment. "Let's go, then. I can't wait for our dinner date."

After his clothing was straight, Corvin took the boy by the hand and lead him out of the club, happy to escape the annoying pulse of music. "Did you drive here?" He asked, searching his coat for his keys. When he found them he pressed a button to locate his car and lead him to it.

"Oh, I don't have a car. I took the train here." Cae followed happily after Corvin. Not many people owned cars on the moon. They were especially expensive because they had to be mostly harmless to the synthetic atmosphere. Only people with Corvin's status - or higher - would have had the money to buy one.

"Mnnnn, why don't you come alone with me then." He gestured to the passenger side and sat behind the wheel of his car, unlocking the passenger door as well. "Come along love, let me take you home with me." He smiled brightly, happy he was finally with someone. Someone who loved him and he could tell. As soon as he laid eyed on the other, he simply knew.

Cae climbed in and shut the door behind him, looking around the cab of the car, almost in awe. "Wow, cars really are nice. This is the first time I've ever been in one." He ran his fingers over the dashboard and the door panels. It was And clean. The train was never clean. It was actually pretty gross. He would take this any day. "Am I staying with you, Corvin? Like, more than just tonight?"

"Do you want to stay with me more than just tonight?" He asked, serious in his question as he began to drive away. He placed his hand comfortably on Cae's thigh and wondered if he shouldn't teach the boy to drive, hell when they were married the little one would need a car of his own anyhow.

Cae glanced down at the hand on his thigh and smiled. "Of course I want to stay with you. What about my job, though? Should I keep going, or do you want me to quit and stay with you all the time?" He looked out the window at the lunar landscape rushing by, then looked at Corvin.

Corvin smiled and lightly squeezed the other's thigh. "I would rather have you all of the time dear. I want to give you the world.... well all that I can give you." He said quietly. "If that is all right with you of course." He said, smiling at the other as they came to the equivalent of a stop light.

"Well, I'm forbidden from leaving the moon because of these cursed things," Cae pointed to his eyes. "But I would like that very much." He placed his own hand on top of Corvin's and squeezed it, and quickly leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek. He wasn't wearing a seat belt - he wasn't aware that he should be wearing it. He settled back into his seat. He wouldn't have to do his dirty rail car job anymore, it was a godsend. He couldn't believe he was so lucky to have Corvin.

The seatbelt hadn't even been a thought to Corvn but he glanced down at the last moment. "Mnnn next time we get in here, let me remind you to fasten your belt. If anything happened and we got into an accident you'd fly right through that windshield." He kissed the boy when they entere the gate to his home and exited the car. "Come along my love! Let me begin supper."

Cae looked up over his shoulder at the seat belt, and his face colored a little. He felt like he should have known that, but he guessed there was really no way he could have known. Hardly anyone had cars. It wasn't like it had been a few thousand years ago on Earth, especially since everyone had long since learned what machines like that did to the atmosphere. They couldn't risk it with this synthetic one. He followed Corvin happily up to the house, and was immediately distracted by his surroundings. It was such a wonderful house.

Corvin lead Cae into the sitting room to a plush light cream couch. "Make yourself comfortable my dear, I'll be back." He went to take his coat and Cae's to the coat room and grabbed a bottle of wine, and two glasses. "So, I'm going to make dinner. Would you like to watch television out here or come to the kitchen and watch me cook?" He asked, filling the glasses and setting them on the table in front of the couch. He loved the sight of someone besides him in his large house.

Cae sat down heavily in the squishy cushions of the couch, and looked around the room while Corvin talked. It was decorated beautifully. Cae had never been in a more exquisite home. He picked up one of the wine glasses between two of his fingers and brought it to his lips. " about I watch you cook? I get enough television, and it could be a learning experience for me." He smiled and sipped the wine, then set it back down on the table in front of the couch. "Does anyone else live here with you? Will I have to have my goggles on at any point?"

"Very well." Corvin gestured towards the kitchen, enjoying the way his shoes scuffed a little on the brick beneath his feet when they entered. He loved hearing the sound of another in the room with him. He didn't keep servants. His home was kept clean and tidy all by him. He grabbed from the pantry some pasta noodles and sauce and some vegetables to put in the sauce and smiled. "How about you sit at the table and I'll get started?" He walked to the stove that was only a few feet from the table and began to boil water for the noodles.

Cae looked on with much interest, excited about the meal to come. It looked delicious, not at all like the horrible boxed and pre-packaged meals he ate alone. He rested his head in his hands, his elbows on the table top, watching Corvin cook patiently. "Do you always cook for yourself then? I would think it would be lonely living here in this house all by yourself..."

"It does get a little lonely and yes I do cook all by myself." Corvin replied with an air of sadness about him. "Well, that's all changing now of course. I have you and that's all I need to brighten this place up and to brighten myself up as well." He said, smiling a little while he stirred the now cooking sauce in another pan.

Frowning at the sad tone of Corvin's voice, Cae got up from the table and approached him, carefully wrapping his arms around his waist so as not to touch anything on the stone. "I'm glad it's changing this way, I couldn't wish for anything more than to be with you, Corvin." He rested his cheek between his lover's shoulder blades.

The gesture of the other resting his head on Corvin's shoulder was more than sweet and he smiled a little, placing one of his hands on the boy's. "You don't realize how happy that makes me to hear you say that." He said quietly before returning to his cooking,content with the boy behind him in such a way.

He nuzzled his cheek against him affectionately, and removed his arms from around Corvin's waist. "I'll let you cook, I don't want to get in your way. I just don't want you to feel lonely. I'll stay here forever, if you'll have me." He returned to his seat at the table, resting his head in his hands once more, a contented expression on his face.

"Forever is the plan my dear." Corvin said with a smile, glad his water finally began to boil. He placed his noodles in and let them simmer, hoping it wouldn't take too long to heat them and cook them, and after that he placed some bread on the counter, sliced it and put a butter/garlic spread all along the inside and placed it in the oven.

As soon as the bread began to heat in the oven, it let off the most wonderful smell. "That smells amazing, Corvin..." Cae commented. It wasn't completely unfamiliar, but garlic bread was something he saw little of. Most cheap pre-packaged food was blah, and didn't taste anything like the package promised. "Maybe someday I can cook like this for you."

Corvin brightened visibly at that thought. No one had cooked for him in a long, long time. "I'd like that." He sat at the table a moment while everything was cooking or simmering and smiled at the other. "You're such a rare little treasure, Cae.'"

Cae smiled wide at Corvin and laughed a little. "That makes me sounds so special. I'm just a rail car mechanic," he responded coyly. "I'm so glad you think so, though." He slid his hand across the table and twined his fingers with Corvin's. It only felt natural to do so.

"Yes, but you're my mechanic, and not to mention, I'm rather attached to you, besides you'll be my secretary here before too long." Corvin replied, giving the other a little kiss to the fingers at their intertwined hands. "So to me, you're very much a treasure." He smiled and looked to the stove "Be right back." He drained his noodles and mixed them into the pot of sauce and checked on the bread. "Just waiting on the bread now."

"Oh, good." Caecilius smiled and clapped his hands together. "I'm starving. Well, you know, not literally, it all just smells really good, and it's making me so hungry." He didn't want Corvin to think he was ridiculously poor or anything like that. "How much longer before the bread's done?" He asked. His stomach was making him impatient.

"Well about ten more minutes dear." Corvin said with a smile. "I'm glad you're hungry for what I've cooked." He understood what the boy meant and wasn't at all thinking he literally was starving. He smiled and gathered some plates and served a hearty size of food on each before grabbing forks. "I'm rather starving myself!" He said, the smell of the food getting to him.

Cae accepted his plate with thanks and a small smile, and grabbed his fork eagerly. He gathered an amount of pasta on his fork and devoured it. "Mmmm...oh, Corvin, it's delicious. You're a pretty great cook." He ate some more and set down his fork to take a pause. "I think I could get used to this, but I'd still like to cook for you sometime."

"I know you would Caeilius, dear." Corvin said this while grabbing the bread from the oven. "And one day you will. How about I get you a cook book?" He asked, sure he actually had one around the house somewhere that Cae could experiment with. "And you can try to cook something out of it. Follow the instructions is all you'd have to do. I'd supervise of course.'"

Cae made a face like he was really considering the offer, and then smiled brightly and said, "Sure, that sounds like a great idea. I think the first thing I want to make it something sweet, like a cake or something. Do you think that would be too difficult? I've never made one before."

"Cakes are actually one of the easiest things to make. You mix a few things and throw it in the oven. I think that would be a great thing to start off with and of course if you'd need help I'd probably right there watching that cute little behind of yours while you bend over to read on the countertop..." He smiled a little then. "Not that I would be that much of a pervert."

Cae blushed a little and looked up at the ceiling as he answered. "Well...I suppose I wouldn't mind that all too much..." He shifted his gaze back down to Corvin as he added, "And that really wouldn't make you much of a pervert, I don't think. I mean, a real pervert would do a lot more than just look." He let his expression remain serious for a second, then let a slow grin spread across his face.

"It sounds as though you want me to be a pervert." Corvin said with a small laugh, enjoying their talk and the food he'd made. "Of course you'll probably get every little thing you want, so.. be aware if you want it.. that's what you'll get." He winked at the other as he said this.

Cae laughed aloud. "I think all of this makes me the real pervert, don't you?" He took a thoughtful bite of food before continuing. "You know, though, I've got to say that I sort of always want it when I look at you. I can't deny that I am truly that attracted to you." He took another thoughtful bite of pasta and smiled at Corvin after he finished chewing his food. "I just wanted to be honest, even if I sounded a bit serious."

Corvin's ego was stroked significan'tly at Cae's little confession. "The feeling is more than mutual, love." He said, smirking at the very same thought that had crossed his mind upon first meeting the young man. It was nice, to be wanted so much by one you'd just met and even nicer that this one was willing to be with him for quite a long time.

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