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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee

Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming Committee Sign-up!

Welcome to the sign-up wiki-page for Elftown members whom would like to become actively involved with
the Elftown_Welcoming-Committee. Simply post your Elftown username, along with the aspect(s) you are
particularly interested in being an active part of, either as one of the Welcoming_Members ("Welcomer")
or of the Welcoming_Wiki-Wizardry ("Wi-ki-zard") or both ("Both"), in the "sign-up list" area below, just
above the comment section at the bottom of this wiki-page. Note: If you are interested in becoming one of
the contributing Welcoming_Artists, please refer to the wiki-page, Welcoming_GBM-Image-Submissions.

When you have been added as a Welcoming Committee Member, your name shall then be added to the
Welcoming-Committee_Personnel page, under the classification(s) you applied for.

NOTE: Badges for the various roles involved shall be available soon.


                  Affiliated Elftown_Welcoming-Committee Links:                  

  <img:> ~ Welcomed_Members
  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Chat-Wiki
  <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Discussion
    <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Personnel
<img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up*
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages

* = This page.

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The Sign-up List:

Ex. #1) - (username): Welcomer
(new line space here)
Ex. #2) - (username): Wi-ki-zard
(new line space here)
Ex. #3) - (username): Both
(new line space here)

Begin sign-up here:
1) -

2) -

3) -

4) -

5) -

Username (or number or email):


Your name: Write FJ here:

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