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√Ąttestupan Thursday 2009-07-16.
Nisse saying hello to the Slibo!
Stefan can't drink beer anymore after a week in Czechoslovakia.
Anna, Andreas, Riikka.
Just to show the non-beer of Stefan.
Jens mit beer und Slibo!
Riikka's new tattoo!
Guess what: Poker!
Andreas and Ulrike
Marcus' helmet is getting "ollad"!

Then I went to bed, but I woke up and read this shit! WTF! I pay to get these comics, and I don't want Don't copy CD! propaganda forced up my ass!. Now I can't sleep. Someone have to pay for this!

The "story" is, first page:
Dewey, Huey, and Louie want money to buy a CD. But then Donald hear them play the CD even though they can't afford is and they explained that they had downloaded the music and put on a writable CD that they can listen to until they can afford the original. Donald tells them to be satisfied with the copy, but they say that it would be dishonest and wrong to the owners of copyright.

Second page:
Donald figure out that an empty CD costs almost nothing, so he buys an original and starts to make pirate copies. Then Scrooge McDuck jumps in and threatens to fine him for piracy. Dewey, Huey, and Louie get happy because they got the original that is so much better and they destroy the copied CD.

Why this is awful
Dewey, Huey, and Louie would never be that passionate about owning an original CD, and they would definitely not create waste by for no good reason destroy a CD.

Donald isn't always honest, but engaging in industrial illegal activity is not him.

Scrooge makes money by making stuff better and cheaper than other, not by hiring lawyers.

The comic is really not funny in any way.

Conclusion: It's only made to market how wonderful it is to buy original CDs, that music has to be bought and that copying can get you into serious problems (despite the fact that record companies are really nice guys).


If you know Swedish, this is a corrected version:

/ [Hedda]

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