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This is what happens


This is what happens

There’s a boy who lives on a spiral staircase
  On the very last step above all the rest
   After recess we like to go watch him
     He plays with sharp objects
      Like broken glass and butcher knives

He makes paper dolls and fuzzy piñatas
  Tricking little kids into thinking they can re-grow an arm
   With that glass bottle always half empty
     And a spiral staircase never stops spinning
       Never stops spinning…

I heard once his name was Manfred
  But I’m sure he’s even forgotten that by now
   Accompanied by his glowing magenta steps
     Leading nowhere but down

He wears a burlap suit to bed
  Infested with toe eating butterflies
   He wears a green sock on his head
     So he doesn't hear the drunken children's cry

The handrail will give you 10-inch splinters
  Signs warning to watch out for ice
   There’s a door at the very top
     But it never seems to budge

I heard once his name was Manfred
  But I’m not sure if he even remembers that by now
   Accompanied by his 10 inch splinters
     And a spiral staircase leading nowhere but down...
/ [Teh_Wit]

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