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2006-01-25 19:28:53
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This wiki is for Therianthropes. No RPGer's please.
If you do not know what a Therianthrope is please visit these sites to learn more.

If you would like to join please contact the owner. Thanks


[Wolf Spirit] second in command for this page! 

1.[Kit Azhure]
2. [nokaredes]
3. [Lycaon pictus]
4.[Summoner Wolf]
5.[~Intoxicating~] ~Alis Volat Propris~ (Latin for: "She Flies With Her Own Wings")

Username (or number or email):


[Kit Azhure]: may i join?

[Summoner Wolf]: May I join?

[WolfBrethren]: sure

[Summoner Wolf]: I'm usually in RPGs, so I'm less than sure what to do here?

[WolfBrethren]: well this is not an RPG. read the links above and if you feel you belong, then please stay

[Summoner Wolf]: Your'e not serious!! Do you really mean that I've found a group of people that are... like me, so to speak? Wow.

[WolfBrethren]: yea i geuss. you can speak aloud of this topic in here you know

[Wolf Spirit]: Hey everyone. Second in command here :)

[Kit Azhure]: *waves* hi!

[WolfBrethren]: hi ppl

[Kit Azhure]: lalala!

[GriffinDWolf]: hey just to let you know i added your wiki to my list of wiki's on the Moon's Pack

[~Intoxicating~]: May I add myself to the members list? I Am a Were (partlilly by insident),Therianthrope, and drinker(of sorts)...

[WolfBrethren]: um.... sure

[~Intoxicating~]: ok so whats the "Um"? about? (just curious)

[Kit Azhure]: what do you mean partially by insident?

[~Intoxicating~]: um well.. i was um... accidentaly given my shifter abilities, and my drinker(s)..

[Summoner Wolf]: This seems slightly.... Off....

[Kit Azhure]: glad someone else thinks so, wolfbrethren says hi all!

[Summoner Wolf]: lol, it's just that, that's... er... Uncommon? How, may I ask, did this unusual occurance come about?

[WolfBrethren]: I have no internet at the momment so i only get to stop by every once and a while. sooo..... ah...yea weird.

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