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taketh away

another fuckin' rp by [kay-chan]

Looking around the city, it’s hard to imagine a time before technology—when only magical creatures and talking trees were common along roads, not banks or schools or parking garages. But technology, when introduced, has a habit of taking hold. There are still magical creatures, but they live in the forests; talking trees you can find in a few parks, but don’t expect them to be terribly polite. It is a world of magic yet, but there is a heavier reliance on science.

Not that the people are much affected. Just like thousands of years ago, each person is born with a magical gift. Just one, but since it was free and tradition, people only rarely complained. It was usually a small gift—the ability to bend light around corners, or being able to grow their ears. The bigger gifts usually led to bigger lives… the mayor himself has the gift to control time, a useful trait in defending the city.

There is crime, but magic is a tool. It is not good, or evil. People are. Which is why it's good each person only has one trait.

But what if the magic started disappearing...?

I'm thinking steampunk dark cheerful fantasy whatever. Modern, slightly future, magic races and shit. Niches everywhere for all characters, or at least I hope so. Open invitation, but if I don't like your characters I'm telling you why (more rules on character page). Yes, make as many as you'd like. No powerplaying, unless you're me. No being an ass. Don't get too attached to anybody.

taketh away bitches

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2012-04-06 [NOOOPE]: Kay, why you gone so long?

2012-07-20 [NOOOPE]: Who else is watching this page, and do any of you know what happened to kay?

2012-09-01 [Dezmond]: Shoot her an email? You think something shitty happened?

2012-09-01 [NOOOPE]: Talked to her. S'all good.

2012-12-03 [kay-chan]: Love you all! The rp just died before it got off the ground. :/

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