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By [kiradraco] and [The Vampire Armand]

How fascinating it was to be at yet another 'party' hosted by his father's lord. He wondered when he was younger what all of the fuss was about, and honestly he still wondered, but the wondering was much sated. He'd been allowed to drink, to socialize and to become known to the outside world rather than be stuck in his manor house. He was more than content at his father's side, enjoying the feeling of being among the bustling crowd in their lord's mansion. "Father, may I go and mingle?" Rostielle asked, his eyes questioning. When his father nodded he bounded off to a group of people, speaking idly of boring things while he adjusted his stiff collar. While he loved these gatherings, he was not overly fond of the up-tight clothing that had to be worn when present at said meetings. He sought to have fun this night, but quickly found himself becomming bored as he sipped his glass of wine, idly looking around for something more interesting to come across his way.

Finishing the business that had bought him to the Mannor, Lucien sighed as he looked about the place. Such events were dull and not at all to his liking, lacking he blood and frenzy of the battlefield. Deciding it was time for a little snack he headed off towards the stables to nab some poor unsuspecting servant and drain him dry. As he made his way across the room however he caught an intreguing scent and turned to find its source. A very beautiful youth with golden hair and an expression of boredom stood by one of the long tables filled with exotic foods. He also spotted an older man in the background and judging by the bone sturcture they were father and son. The father was a rather wealthy man and someone he had been advised to introduce himself too. An alliance between them would be metually benificial business wise.

Rostielle skimmed his eyes through the crowd, ignoring an approaching figure that seemed to speak to him in all ways. If he approached the other he wold have to have a business deal or some rather interesting topic of conversation that involved the other, but he knew him not and had nothing to offer. He was stuck trying to not look at the tall figure who was mind-melting to say the least with his short white-blonde hair and dark blue eyes and strong build. He thought the other looked stern but absolutely sensual. Perhaps he'd gotten a better look than he'd thought. He held in a blush, a trick his father had taught him how to do, it seemed it was a family curse to be attracted to members of the same gender, for his father had suffered the same thing when he was a teen, and stated that Rostiele would grow out of it by his fifteenth birthday, but here it was his nineteenth and he was still very much taken by men, especially distinguished and powerful men like the approaching man before him. He daintily picked up a little strip of cheese and nibbled on it, hoping the other was meaning to tak to his father and not himself and yet hoping he wanted to speak only to him.

Alas Miroledi watched his son's cheeks darken as the visitor approached them and had to hide a smile at the sight. He had been looking for someone to look after his only child and so far none of the candidates seemed perfect enough. But the way this one was strutting and eyeing his son, he was sure he might just have received his wish this night. "You sir, I don't believe I have met you, I am Alas Miroledi, and this is my son, Rostielle." He said, placing a hand on his son's shoulder, holding him in place so he didn't run out of the conversation like a scared little school girl. He was glad that war would never touch his son, but himself was another story, which was why he was looking for a business partner and protector of Rostiele. He knew before anyone that he wouldn't make it out of the battle alive, and he left in three days and that is why it was imperative to find his son a companion.

With a slight incline of his head, Lucien acknoledged the man speaking to him, though it was the son who had sparked his interest.
"Alas Miroledi." He said in greeting, his velvety voice wrapping round each silible like a caress. "I am Lucien La Corix. Our gracious hoast has mentioned your name in relation to business matters. I am pleased we have had this oppertunity to meet." Studying Alas, La Croix decided the man was very handsome, a fact he did not fail to see as an advantage for the boy.

"Very pleased to meet you as well Lucien, if I may call you by your name. Are you a business man?" Alas asked, studying the other, noting the further darkening on his son's cheeks as the stranger spoke. "I have a business proposition you see and I haven't been able to find a suitable candidate as of yet. However, you seem to be possible for the job."

Rostielle wondered what it was that his father even spoke of for he spoke of it as though it was secrecy. "Should I leave the two of you to talk, father?" He asked, desperate to get away from the handsome man. When his father nodded he nodded politely to lucien. "Forgive me, mister LaCroix, I wish for refreshment." He then left them, moving to the wine table to drink more.

Watching the younger man leave Lucien thought for a moment then returned his attention to the father.
"Yes, you may indeed use my name, also I would be more than happy to hear this proposal of yours. I am new to the area and was consolting with the Lord regarding a sound business to invest in." That was ture enough but now that he had seen the boy, Lucien would take any oppertunity to be around him. Although he did not understand exactly what it was about Rostielle that had him so spelbound.

Alas nodded. "Good, good, you're willing. Well. I am obviously renown for my investments and such and to be honest I've been itching to fight in the war. A personal bit of damage was done by the enemy against my family and I wish to seek vengeance on them by killing as many as I can in that bloody battlefield. However, I know that by doing this I will die. I can't let Rostielle run the business on his own, he's far too young and his head is too far in the clouds to settle and work on business like things. I want him to have the little bit of childhood he has left you see. I need someone to help him learn the ropes of bussiness as well as protect him and make sure he never needs or wants for anything. Of course I wouldn't be offended if sometime down the road the interests became romantic. I'd be dead to care anyways, do you get where I am going with this?"

From the corner Rostielle surveyed them curiously, wondering why his father's expression looked so pained and hopefull. He also wondered if the cup of wine he'd just finished was his sixth or seventh and realized he was getting a bit tipsy.

As he listened to Alas, Lucien found a smile crept across his lips. This was a lot to take in and it seemed that Alas was rather despirate in his need. The man clearly loved his son and had resigned himself to the fact he would not returnd for the war. In fact La Croix found the situation rather amusing which was not the propper responce to such things so he kept his mirth to himself.
"Yes I belive I so." He answered and looked over at the boy once more. He was definatly attracted to the blonde. "Please do not take this as a rejection of your request but... what does you son think of all this?" Lucien doubted the boy knew of his father's plans.

"He's in agreeance with me. He does not wish to run the business at all. He feels it's a waste of time. He somtimes forgets that we would not be allowed to live so luxuriously without the business. Of course, he's a boy only and these things are realized with time, it certainly took me long enough to notice it myself. On the possible attraction issue, I bid you to wait him unless he comes to you." Alas sighed. "I would like an answer by tomorrow evening if you will or the night after, otherwise he'll have to do this on his own."

Rostielle yawned and felt flushed in the face from his alcohol. He made his way back to his father and the most intriguing man. "Father, I grow extremely tired, I believe the wine has gotten to me, may I retire for the evening?"

A plan began to form in the immortal's ruthless mind and he smiled at the boy.
"If I may be so bold Alas, I would like the oppertunity to spend some time with your son before I give you you answer?" He really wanted to know more about the beautiful youth and to see if the boy could hold his interest. "Perhaps we could go for a walk around the grounds?" He suggested hoping the boy did not insist on leaving right away.

"I see no reason why not, it is best to know one's hopefully future business partner. Do have him back within an hour." Alas said, ushering his son off towards Lucien, not worried about the possibility of Rostielle being harmed due to status. Should anyone harm his son, they'd be dead.

Rostielle looked reproachfully at his father, wondering what it would be like spending time with the other. "Alright, alright, let's go for a walk then, but I am not sure how much more walking I can do this night, I've had around seven cups of wine." He said, smiling a little and holding his arm out for the other.

Such honesty from the boy amused La Croix and he laughed as he took the offered arm.
"You may use me to steady yourself if need be." He purred as he looked at the boy's flushed cheeks, hoping that drink was not the only cause or his blush. Giving Alas a polite nod and assurences that he would have Rienne returned to him within the hour they left. Leading the younth towards the back doors he decided to open the conversation with a complement. "You are looking very handsome this evening Rostielle." He was not even sure what to say to the boy but was enjoying his closness greatly.

"Well thank you, you're quite delightful to look upon also." Rostielle said with a yawn, leaning against the other. "Tell me, why did you wish me all the way out here? I am so dreadfully tired, I wish to retire for the evening. I wouldn't mind seeing you again of course if you merely wish for conversation. Everything's so very confusing to me, sir." He said, tripping a little in his step, finding his legs felt very heavy to carry. "My gods! I can hardly walk! Please, let me sleep." He practically begged of the other, his white golden slight curls bouncing at his elbows. "I really wish to sleep. You're a big strong man, perhaps you should carry me, it would be nice to be carried by one so handsome. And no, I am normally not this outspoken, the wine's holding me a bit."

Rumbling laughter began deep down inside Lucien and made its out. He found the drunken ramblings of the beautiful youth very amusing and delighted in Rostielle's request to be carried.
"Well when you put it like that, young Rostielle, how could I refuse? I will return you to your father at once." Scooping the boy up into his arms with ease, Lucien walked back towards the house but did not fully enter. He stood in the doorway hoping to gain Alas' attention, intending to carry the boy to his carriage or room if arangments had been made for them to stay the night. Having the heavenly beauty snuggled against his chest pleased him and bought up thought and feelings long dead and buried.

Alas caught sight of Lucien peeking in the doorway and walked out only to chuckle at the sight that he saw. "Well well. Seems that the wine finally claimed him. Why don't we take him to the carriage and then back to my home. Would you mind accompanying me? I'd like to furhter discuss the busienss deal." he said, laughing at how his son was practically dead to the world.

That was exactly what La Croix was hoping to hear. He effetlessly carried Rostielle towards the front of the Mannor where the carrages were, enjoying the warmth and scent of the mortal in his arms.
"It must be very hard for you... having to leave your only child?" Lucien asked. He felt he and Alas might understand each other very well as he concidered his relationship with Nicolas and how it hurt to lose him. "I was a father once myself." He added. This confession surprised the immortal a little, it was not like him to discuss personal matters, least of all with mortals. The more he concidered Alas' proposal the more determined he was to agree to it. Already he felt compelled to see the beautiful young man safely to his bed, the protective side of him comming through.

"Yes, it is hard, but for my own piece of mind and so he does not have to live with an obsessed father, it's better this way. I am glad someone knows what it feels like. I wont get to see him grow and have children or at least find a partner. I wont ever see him in that happiness." Alas said with a sigh.

In case he was tempted to impart more of his personal problems to Alas, Lucien opted to remain silent. Just thinking of Nicolas hurt him.
"Which carrage is yours?" La Croix asked after looking down at Rostielle
once more.

"This one." Alas said while opening the door to one. "Just set him on the seat if ou do not wish to hold him. Ever since he's figured out he is allowed to drink he's gotten this drunk at every party we've gone to. It's unbecomming but at least he's having fun."

Smiling at the boy's father, Lucien carried Rostielle into the carrage and settled down on the seat still holding the sleeping beauty.
"I think perhaps I could keep holding him? I would hate for your son to roll of the seat and hurt himself." It was strange how possessive he had become of Rostielle, especially given the fact he had not even had a proper conversation with the boy. La Croix studied Alas closely, trying to figure out why this man would leave such a delightful son especially if he was convinced he would not return.

"Yes you may." Alas shook his head with an amused smile. "I suspect your intentions aren't simply to keep him from rolling onto the floor though. Let him come to you, that's all I ask. Now! Do you think yet you'll be willing to take over and keep watch over him?" Alas was desperate to hear the answer and didn't mean to be a pest, but if he could get the other to say yes before the three days he left he'd leave earlier than what he was planning.

Letting out a long sigh, Lucien decided to put Alas out of his misery.
"I fear I no longer have a choice in the matter. I can hardly abandon him and it is clear you are eager to see him cared for. Yes Alas Miroledi, I will act as guardian to your son and ensure your business continues to provide for him." As far as the romantic side went, La Croix was still confused and unsure.

"Thank you, Lucien. I appreciate this more than you know. I will leave tonight then. As soon as we arrive I will gather my battle attire and leave. You will saldy have to explain it to him, but he'll understand. He's always understood. Beleive me, the company will greatly reward you for this, as will Rostielle. Now! Since this has been settled I will also need you to sign papers when we return to my manor for transfer purposes."

Lucien nodded but wondered what he had got himself into. Looking down at the boy clutched in his arms, he wondered if Alas was right and if Rostielle really would understand. La Croix spent the rest of the carrage ride in silence and when they arrived at the Miroledi house he climbed out of the carrage and looked upon his new home. He had already bought a rather modest estate and had intended to live there but that could easily be sold, besides this was much nicer and Lucien was sure the company would be infinatly better.

Alas lead the way into his home and lead Lucien to Rostielle's room. "Well, this is his room and you may take mine. It's large and comfortable." He said, showing the conjoining door that lead to his room. "When he was younger he was always ill and I had to keep an eye on him at all costs. I never trusted our servants or would have had them take care of him. I'm honeslty not so trusting of a person, though it might not seem that way." He sighed wearily and retrieved his battle uniform. "Well, I am going to change and then get going. Sign these." He grabbed a folder and handed it to the other to sign.

After placing Rostielle gently on his bed, Lucien sat down in the large comfortable chair in the boy's room and began to read the documents from the folder. There were a lot of them, all carefully drawn up covering all the legalities of transfering property and business. Finding a quill and ink on the near by table, the former General signed the papers and blew on the ink to dry it. Already having amassed an impressive fortune for himself, he was impressed at Alas' business skills. The mortal had done very well for himself and once more he wondered why such a man was willing to die in battle. Although the other had mentioned a slight against his family, it seemed odd that he would give everything away so freely. Turning back to the sleeping youth, Lucien smiled.
"Do not worry little one, I will see you cared for and kept safe." He wispered.

Alas returned moments later dressed for battle. "I don't expect you to understand my need to go. My brothers and sisters and later my wife were raped and murdered by the enemy in a raid. I will nver quell the anger in me unless I kill them right back. I must do this. If not the possibility of it happening to Rostielle is high and I can not bare that. Surely you would understand this? Please take care of him." He whispered, leaning down to press a kiss to Rostielle's forehead.

In his time, Lucien had raped and murdered may and not a single one of them had instilled any sense of regret in him but the mere thought of such a thing happening to the beautiful boy laying in front of him angered him.
"I understand." He stated coldly as he watched father bidding son good bye. He felt a twinge of sadness when he realized Rostielle was not even aware his father was leaving never to return. Another thing that shocked him. Almost angry with himself for such feelings, Lucien ran his fingers thought his short white/blonde hair. "I swear to you anyone who touches him in such a way will pay with their lives." The cold blooded, violent General in him surfaced for a moment before he could push that part of himself back down.

"Which is why you're perfect for the job." Alas said, giving the other a wink before simply turning and leaving the house, never to step foot on the grounds while he was alive. He was off to seek vengeance and die while doing so. He knew his little son would understand, and knew he ould trust Lucien, and that was all he needed to set that half of his soul to peace.

Rostielle had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but he knew things were different even in his slumber.

Lucien had followed Alas downstairs and watched the man as he walked out the front door. Lost in thought for a moment, the immortal sighed then turned his attention to more pressing issues. He gathered what servants he could and explained the situation.
"You will obey Rostielle as you always have but there is one change I must enforce. I am highly allergic to sunlight. Because of this fact the curtins and doors of the upper floor must stay closed during the day and I am not to be disturbed until after nightfall." The tone of his voice made it clear that he would not accept excuses for disobedience and he grew restless as he waited for their reply, eager to return to Rostielle.

The servants nodded dutifully and went upstaires to set the curtains before they went back to their previous chores to finish their evening duties.

Rostielle was awake after he heard their rustling about. "Father?" He called out, wondering if the other man was about, openign the door to his room to not see him there but noticing the closet was open. He went to it and when he discovered his father's battle garments were gone he sighed. "Ah, so he has left afterall. Well, fight valiantly, father." He said before making his way downstairs where he saw Lucien. "Oh, hello. I take it you're taking over the business then?"

Feeling very sorry for the boy, Lucien nodded.
"Yes." Not sure how to comfort Rostielle he asked if the boy was hungry. "Or would you prefer another drink?" Being comforting and understanding were skills that had gone unused for far too long. "I am having the servents keep the curtins drawn on the second floor during the day." He continued feeling the need to explain himself. "Due to an illness the sunlight burns my skin..." Feeling very uncomfortable he ran his fingers through his short hair.

Rostielle nodded his understanding. "Certainly." He whispered, sighing. "Well, no, another drink would not be good for me tonight. Goodnight mister Lucien. I am going to bed for the night. I don't know what in the world I woke for anyhow." He yawned and began to walk back up the stairs, wondering what his days would be like now that his father was gone. He knew he wouldn't go to many parties, he knew he would more or less be bored. But perhaps Lucien would be able to alleviate his boredom, he hoped so. He truly did.

So many mixed feelings whirled around inside him. Lucien wondered once again what he had let himself in for. The business side was simple enough, he had been looking for such a thing anyway but caring for the boy was a different matter. La Croix was both attracted to the boy and afraid of him. Too many old wounds that had cut too deep involved pretty creatures like Rostielle. His promise to Alas had been genuin and he would not abandon the youngster but Lucien feared he would turn bitter towards him or worse still, fall in love. The latter had ever gone smoothly for him and it was the one thing that filled him with fear and regret.
"Goodnight Rostielle." He called after the boy. Lucien decided to give it a few moments before he retired to the main bedroom for the evening, not wanting to appear as if he were stalking the young man.

Rostielle slept through most of the noon day and when he awoke it was to run a few errands he'd forgotten the day before and by the time he returned night was settling on the house. He sat to a small meal prepard for him for supper and then waited for Lucien to waken for the evening, wondering what the other man would discuss with him or have him do for the business. He didn't want anything with the business and hoped he could somehow persuade him to not force him into taking into it.

Staring at his reflection in the glass, Lucien frowned and adjusted his collar. He would write out a list of things that needed to be done and bought for the business and have most of the papers delivered to him each evening. There seemed to be at least one good manager he could trust to keep things in order, which he greatly appreciated. Nodding at the straight collar he headed off down stairs to check on his ward. Lucien found the boy and smiled brightly.
"Did you have a pleasant day? I hope you were not too much under the weather this morning?" He inquired.

"If you mean to ask if I had a hangover this morning, no." Rostielle smiled at the concern." Mister Lucien, might I ask to not have any dealings with my father's business? I don't care for such things." He said, straight to the point which seemed to be a family trait as his father was the same way. "It's my father's legacy, not my own. You're there to take care of it, so I see not why I should have any part of it. I want to have fun with my life and actually get out and explore the city, do you know this yearning?"

Unable to hold back, Lucien laughed at the boy.
"Most people have to work for a living." He stated but smiled sweetly. "I guess it is lucky you do not need to do so, concidering as you have no taste for such things." Shaking his head in amusment, La Croix suddenly got a good idea.
"I will make a deal with you Roetielle. After I have finished with my business for the evening, I will accompany you into the city and we can explore it together." Hoping the boy liked that idea, Lucien waited for his reply. This way he could see the sights and keep an eye on the little one.

Rostielle's eyes visibly brightened at the idea and he nodded. "That sounds well enough. Just come find me when you're ready, I'll be in my room probably reading or something of the sort and getting ready." He said, rising from the table as the servants cleared away his food. He was actually very excited to spend the evening with Lucien. He liked the older man and he was glad he had someone even though his father was gone.

The other's joy was contagious and Lucien could not help but smile.
"I will work as quickly as I can." He promised, marveling at how beautiful the young mortal really was. Seeing him so happy was something La Croix intended to do more often. Rostielle was perfectly angelic, that was the only way to describe him. Walking over to give the boy a kiss on the cheek, Lucien suddenly realized he did not even know his way around the house yet. Slightly embarrassed he was forced to ask where Alas' study was.
"Would you mind showing me to your father's study first little one? I an not yet familure with the house and grounds."

Rienne rose, first smiling at hte other as he did so"Yes, it's connected to his room actually." He led him back upstaires where they had been earlier and then opened a secret sort of door. "This is hidden for purpose that the servans never find him out when he's working. There's a couple he doesn't trust and he'd rather be safe than sorry, so to speak." He said gently, You jst push on it. I'm almost not strong enough to do it."

Finding the secret study amusing Lucien watched as the boy showed him how to open the hidden door. It seemed Alas had not been exegerating when he said he had trust issues. What really interested the immortal was the fact he had Rostielle in the bedroom that was now his. There was something so exciting about that and yet, La Croix had no intention of making a move on the beautiful mortal.
"Thank you Roestielle." He purred. It was almost as if the boy were too pure to be touched by the likes of him. Cold blooded killers had no business anywhere near his little angle, himself included. Unless of course that is what Rostielle wanted, Lucien doubted he could deny the boy anything.

Rostielle nodded and went through the drawers in a huge desk. "You'll find all of the papers you'll need right in this desk. This side here is where you'll find them most important as they're locked in a fireproof box with a secret combination that I am sure most will not open. I will write it down for you once after you memorize it you are to burn it." He yawned after telling him all of this. "Well, I will let you get to it, I am going to take a nap until you're finished and that way we can go and I will be alert." He felt there was something extra he should have done. Kissed the other's cheek or embraced him or something but he stopped himself from doing so, thinking it would have more than likely be seen as innappropriate. He smiled uneasily and left the room, going to his own after shutting the heavy door to rest on his nap, but he found that sleeping would be difficult, his mind was filled with thoughts of this new man.

It took Lucien a few moments to return to reality after the boy left. Finding Rostielle's absence left a bitter taste in his mouth the immortal set about his business. The entire time however he was distracted wondering about his little one. It must have pained Alas no end to leave Rostielle, he knew it would definatly pain him even though he had only known the boy one night. La Croix had a very storng urge to go and sit by the boy's bed simply so he could be near him and watch him as he selpt but thought better of it. Forcing himself to focus, Lucien opened the fireproof box and then burnt the scrap of paper Rostielle had writen the combination on. He looked over all the papers and dealt with the most urgent business which thanks to his immortal gifts was much faster than any mortal could have managed. After locking everything back up and leaving the secret study, La Croix quietly opened the door that joined the master bedroom with that Rostielle occupied.

The opening door is what woke Rostielle easily. He saw Lucien and grinned as he tried to straighten his sleep mussed hair. "Ready to go then?" He asked, checking the small pocket watch he carried. "I wasn't sleeping so long, you're finished already?" He asked, brushing out his hair as his fingers didn't work so well. He was surprised that the other would be done so soon.

Smiling at the boy and mesmerized by his gracful movements, La Croix took a moment to answer.
"I am just so excited about seeing the city, I could not put our trip off any longer." Lucien said letting his velvety voice roll around each word. Curiously the immortal remained upon the threshold to Rostielle's room, not entering because he had not been invited in. Alas' words about letting the boy come to him rang in his ears and he sighed at how uncertin he felt.

Rienne frowned at the other merely just standing in his doorway. "Why don't you come in? You don't have to stand here. As long as I am not indisposed you're more than welcome in my room." He said, winking at the other as he rose, dressing himself in more appropriate attired for their night out. "Well, this should be fun. Don't you think?" He asked, holding his arm out for the other to take.

Even the simple act of stepping across the threshold into Rostielle's room caused great inner conflict within the immortal. He felt out of practice at being the caring guardian and his rather erotic desires confused and excited him. One thing was for sure, he loved the idea of seeing the beauriful mortal every evening. He watched the boy dress then took the offered arm with a broad smile.
"Oh yes, lots of fun I hope little one." He purred.

"Good, and maybe you can dance with me." Rostielle replied, shrugging. "I haven't had many dance partners I actually get along with or are even in synch with. The last I danced with was a man who stumbled just about everywhere. It was obnoxious. But you're graceful and I think we could have some fun." He lead him out to a carriage that had already been prepared for him just in case he'd decided to go out and he was thankful for his servants' awareness of his activities.

Delighted with the idea of dancing, Lucien smiled brightly as he was led to the carriage.
"Dancing it is then. I must confess I am a rather good dancer partner, at least that is what I have been told." The very thought of gazing into Rostielle's eyes as they circled each other and holding him close sent shivers of pleasure down the immortal's spine. "Where shall we go little one?" He asked and began to hum a lively tune as he settled himself on the seat beside the young man.

Rostielle nodded and told their driver where to go, the place he chose was a place that was out in the wilderness. It was a place where many came to dance around a huge fire and some couples would sneak off to make out hidden behind trees. He felt it was appropriate for his fantasy if not the situation and therefore decided to go there. He sat aside the other, noticing he sat closer than he should have but he cared not as his arm rested comfortably against the others. If he wished to kiss the other all he'd have to do it lean up, and that exicted him. "You'll enjoy the place I am taking us to."

The boy smelt wonderful and as he smiled, Lucien felt himself lean a little closer.
"I am sure I will. I find that I enjoy your company greatly Rostielle." He had to stop himself form bowing down and kissing the boy. The other's warmth and smell were almost too much for Lucien but once again he remembered Alas' request that he let Roestielle come to him. Giving a small nod and smile, the former General found he had to look away else he break his promise to the boy's father.

The ride to their marvelous little place seemed to take forever, but Rostielle was far from dissapointed as they arrived. There were so many people, so many beautiful, dancing people and he itched to join them. "Come Lucien, this will be fun." He said, tugging the other out of the carriage and immediately dragging him away into the firelight, grinning. "So, I am guessing you're the leader, lead away." He could no longer speak as his sentence died. The light played in Lucien's eyes in such a way that made them glow and he blushed at the sight, his hands resting on his chest with their own mind, they were to dance anyhow, the action shouldn't have seemed so strangely perverse, but it did.

As they neared the bonfire, the way the flames flickered and danced behind Rostielle made him look even more angelic and Luien felt the boy's beauty as if it were a knife to his heart. This delicate little mortal had turned his world upside down in a single glance, and now he had to suffer the torture of being close to him without having him. As Rostielle placed his hands upon Lucien's chest the immortal felt the heat of desire surge through him. Only his stoic and military background allowed him to smile down at the boy without taking him in his arms and kissing him with such passion it would no doubt drown them both. Shivering slightly with the effort, Lucien put his arms around his little one and began to dance. He was familure with the steps and concentrated on them with all his might. If he allowed his focus to wander even for a second he was sure he would violate the beautiful boy in his arms.
"You dance well little one." He whispered and forced a polite smile.

"So do you, I am more than glad to not be trampled on for once." Rostielle replied softly, noticing he'd gradually stepped closer and closer to the other, and yet they somehowhad remained graceful and elegant to one another. He was basically pressed against the other's chest by now, and he craved him. He couldn't stare away from his eyes, couldn't stop looking at those firmly kissable lips. He was aroused by the other, everything about him turned him on more than anything or anyone Rostielle had ever come across and it was starting to be a very interesting problem. He was hoping that all of the clothing they had to wear to please the fashion of time would hide his attraction to the other, that he wouldn't accidentally press too close and alert the other to his passionate state of being. He kept getting closer and closer though almost to the point where he was no longer dancing, but clutching the other tight to him,holding back a moan that slipped out as a sort of soft whimper which in turn made him blush in horror at his actions, staring directly into the other's eyes, drowning in his gaze."I....."

As they danced, Lucien was unsure if it was him or Rostielle that inched closer but now they clung to each other the way lovers do. No matter how hard he tried he could not tare his gaze away from the other and if he had needed to breathe he would not have been able to do so properly. The boy pressed close against his chest litterally took his breath away. Suddenly becoming aware of the growing bulge in his pants, Lucien wondered how he could place a little distance between himself and Rostielle. The very last thing the immortal wanted was for the boy to realize his effect upon him. Afraid that the boy might turn form him or an uncomfortableness settle over the two of them. He was so wrapped up in his own feelings and worries that he completely missed the blush upon the other's cheeks but did hear the soft whisper. Snapping back to reality from daydreams of ravaging Rostielle, the former General blinked a few time.
"Yes little one?" He asked his own voice a little breathless. "Should I get you a drink or something?" He asked edging away a little as he tried to hide his erection.

"No, I just wanted to make sure we werent too close.. I don't want to offend you, it's just that.. we're so close and I didn't want to make you uncomfortable that way. I don't normally get so.. pressed.." he said softly, frowning a little as the other edged a little away. There spell still wasn't broken, so many things could happen and he wanted them all at once but still didn't know what to do to make them occur. Even as the other had pressed away he edged back closer again, feeling cold where the other left him and he wanted that warmth back.

As if they were drawn together by an invisable thread Lucien found himself once again pressed against Rostielle. Rather than move away again he just continued dancing, secreatly happy that the boy was wrapped in his arms again. Hoping he hid his joy at that fact, La Croix swallowed and decided he needed a little distraction.
"So you come here often?" He asked in the most steady and normal voice he could muster. Lucien's heart felt tron, he wanted to kiss Rostielle so badly, to press his engorged length into the boy's stomach or hip and let him know that he wanted him. Still that was not possible, he was unsure how the other felt about him, having too much trouble dealing with his own emotions to listen to Rostielle's thoughts. As he asked his question, the immortal gazed upon that impossibly beautify face that made his kneese weak.

Rostielle shook his head, smiling just a little as he was pressed fully against the other, not bothering to move anymore, actually feeling a tree pressed against his back, one that he himself had subconsciously led them to. "No, actually, I've only heard rumors and visited once or twice." He said, closing his eyes briefly to enjoy the feeling of the stronger man pressed against him."Do you dance so well so often?" He asked as he opened his eyes again, his hands sliding from the other's chest to around his waist, pulling him even closer.

Smiling and not caring that he now had the mortal pinned between himself and a tree Lucien shook his head.
"I fear I do not get the oppertunity to dance very often." As Rostielle moved his hands to his hips Lucien reached out and gently brushed a stand of blond hair from the boy's face, tucking it behind his ear. As he did so, La Croix accidently brushed the outside shell of the mortal's ear with his finger. That slight touch sent a shock down his spine and it took great effort to steady his shaking hand. Oh how he wanted to confess his desires, he he wanted to catch those soft, warm lips in a kiss. As he had not fed that evening the beating of the boy's heart seemd to throb through him, enticing him closer. Knowing that if he did lean a little closer he would molest Rostielle, Lucien sighed softly. To cover up his true intentions the immortal tilted his head to the side. "I hope that is something we can remedy? I do enjoy dancing greatly." He purred.

"Oh yes. I am enjoying you, Lucien." Rostielle said his voice thicker with lust than it should have been as he tried to hide the emotion from seeping through to his words. He subconsciously pulled the other's hips tight against his and wished so badly to let them kiss. He felt the angle in which Lucien had his head tilted was even more suited for them to possibly kiss and he was so consumed by the now building electrically hot breaths that he breathed while his hips very slightly shifted on their own. He grasped at the other and his breath intaked sharply as he realized the other was just as hard as he was. This knowing caused him to blush and caused him to stare the other down with knowing, lust, want, everything that consumed a man when aroused.

For a moment Lucien thought it was wishful thinking but then he realized it was not him that moved his hips allowing their erections to press together and grind slightly. Rostielle was also hard and he found himself lowering his head to kiss the boy. This was it, La Corix was going to smother the beautiful mortal in kisses and take him in every way possible.
"Rostielle...." He purred, his voice heavy and full of need. Lucien even allowed himself to caress the boy's cheek and trace the soft curves of Rostielle's lips with his thumb. Just as he closed his eyes and their lips hovered so close to eace other he could feel the warmth of them, a couple of merry makers passed by, laughing noisily and bumping into Lucien by accident. His eyes opened again and that moment was lossed as he growled in annoyance. The bump had caused him to lurch forward pushing Rostielle's head into the tree behind. "Are you alright?" Lucien asked as he glared after the couple.

Rostielle felt a little dizzy, it had felt so good to give in for that second and he knew their spell was a little if not completely broken. He pouted slightly as he looked up at the other. "Yes, I am all right.I really wish people would mind their own and be more aware of those around them, but other than that I am fine." He was irritated now that their moment had been lost , now he just wanted to go home with Lucien and maybe find a way to get back their electrical current. He felt his head for a lump and upon realising there was to be a small one he complained more. "Now I have a small bump on my head.. how fantastic. Let us return home, Lucien? I wish to not be run over by more drunken silly people." He kissed the other on the cheek and led the way to the carriage, obviously leaving no room to say no.

The boy was not the only one to dispare at the loss of their moment together. Lucien was angry, not only at the man who bumped him but at himself for being so very forward with Rostielle. He had given his word he would protect the mortal, promised he would keep the other away from cruelty and violence. The issue La Croix had trouble with was his self image. He was the very essence of violence and cruelty and feared he would somehow taint the innocense he so adored. Confused and a little bitter he returned to the carriage with Rostielle wondering if he should try and regain the closness of before or if it would be wiser to let it go. With a sigh Lucien also wondered how he could tend to the lump on the back of the boy's head without looking like a pervert. Once they were settled he cleared his throat.
"May I feel your head to make sure it is nothing serious?" He asked, deciding he would bite his finger and gently rub his healing blood upong the lump. It also gave him an excuse to get close to the other again.

"Yes, if you would?" Rostielle responded in question, sitting aside the other as close as he could. He frowned at the thought of going home suddenly. "It may sound strange, but how about we go to a place where there is no other people? And jst sit together and get to know one another?" He asked, turning his back to the other to let him get to the back of his head for examination. "Thank you for taking a look at that, it's probably got tree bark wedged in it."

Delighted his little one allowed him to inspect the wound, Lucien parted Rostielle's blonde hair so he could see his scalp. There was a small amount of blood there a slither or two of rough bark which made the immortal frown as anger welled up inside him. How dare anyone harm his mortal?
"You are correct about the bark." He hissed then promptly calmed himself so as not to frighten Rostielle. "This may hurt a little as I clean it up." He whispered softly, allowing his deep voice to caress the boy and hopefully ease any discomfort or pain. Pricking his finger with one of his fangs, Lucien ever so gently picked the bark out of the wound and rubbed his blood into it.

Rostielle had been teasnig about the tree bark but now that he learned it to be true he couldn't help but laugh a little. "Wow, I didn't really expect there to be any bark.." He winced a little as the bark was worked out of his head, a feeling he found to be strange in its self. He then felt a warm and tingling sensation as all pain seemed to cease from that area."Whatever you did has made my head feel wonderful again." He said, leaning back against the other.

It was probably a good thing that Rostielle could not see his face as he leaned back against Lucien. The immortal could not help smirking to himself at how intimate the situation felt, this almost made up for their interrupted moment before, almost.
"Going somewhere quiet sounds like a wonderful idea little one. It is best too if I can watch you closely in case you fell ill later. Head wounds can be very unpredictable and their effects can be delayed by several hours. I hope you don't mind me watching over you in such a way Rostielle?" Lucien had made his words as smooth and comforting as possible and even put his arms around the boy in a protective manner, enjoying the sensation greatly.

"Not at all, if anything, that makes me feel very safe." Rostielle replied, nesting into the other's side as they rode on. This was yet another long-ish ride to their quieter parts of the town."I don't know how long we can stay there, with your allergy to the sun and all. It'll take about four hours to get back home, maybe you'd like to only stay for an hour or so?" Rostielle asked, worried for the other's safety.

Such concern from the boy hit Lucien like a punch. Suddenly he hugged Rostielle closer and kissed the boy's hair before he regained his senses. That simple display of kindness had almost undone his self control, sending his head spinning in a thousand dizzy daydreams of delight.
"Thank you my little one." La Croix whispered heatedly before he reighned in his emotions and sighed softly. "We will stay for an hour and I will cherish every moment of it." He felt the need to say something like Alas would be proud but was not sure if bringing up the boy's father would spoil the closeness he felt. Rostielle cared for him, even if it was not as a lover yet, it was there and could be built upon if Lucien did not ruin things as he often did.

Rostielle smiled as he was kissed on the head. He felt the other's lips against his hair and wanted more of such small sweet intimacies. He switched his position so he could lay his head on the othe'rs chest. "I will cherish it as well." He said quietly, sighing as the carriage finally pulled to a stop. "Shall we stay in here or sit outside amongst the trees?" Rostielle asked, tilting his head up to look the other in the eyes., once again mezmerised as this time it was not firelight, but moonlight that made them glow prettily.

Once again the delishious scent of the mortal's drying blood reached Lucien's nostrils. He had tired to ignore it earlier when he tended to the wound but his hunger was mounting and fear suddenly surged through him at the thought he might harm his little angel. Deciding that the cool air and scents of the outside air would better disguise the rich aroma of mortal blood, he smiled down at Rostielle.
"Let us sit among the trees and enjoy the moonlight." He purred. There was also the fact he thought his little one would look even more beautiful in the pale, silvery light of the moon. Opening the carriage door he stepped out and offered Rostielle his hand. If he had not been so enthraled with the boy he would have opted to stay at the bonfire or in town somewhere with lots of people so he could feed. It seemed that his little one was more aluring than the need for blood, another sign Rostielle was indeed special.

Rostielle nodded and crawled over the other and hopped out of the carriage, offering his arm to him as he stood, surveying the trees around them."How about over there?" He pointed to a tree that looked like it would provide a cozy little sitting place and seemed to be in the open but also secluded, it seemed just right and seemed to beckon them to it. "It looks peaceful enough." He said, tugging the other in that particular direction. "So, tell me about you, Lucien."

"Me?" The immortal asked. He should have known such questions would eventually come up but it was still a little bit of a shock. "Well there is not that much to tell." He lied. "Once a long time ago in my youth I was a soldier. I rose though the ranks quickly and by the time I left the army I was a General." A little voice in the back of his mind added. 'And I loved the blood shed and violence, I lived for it. My heart was as thirsty for blood as my sword was.' Of course he would never say these things out loud, not to his beloved angel. There mere thought of Rostielle anywhere near a battlefield angered him greatly. "I have no family." He lied again, the bitter taste of losing his beloved Roman Prince and his only immortal child rejecting him making his frown. "These days I keep to myself and aside form my business endevers and you I have little to occupy my time." Smiling brightly he reached out and tucked a strand of blond hair behind the boy's ear. "So, after I have finished with business for the evenings I am all yours Rostielle." Somehow he had managed to make that sound as suggestive as his thoughts and before he knew what he was doing the immortal leaned in closer to Rostielle. "That is if you want me little one....?" He purred, leaning closer still. Lucien could hear the boy's heart beating, feel it's fluttering beat and his head swam with desire that he was not sure he could control.

Rostielle blushed, absolutely certain he understood exactly what the other meant, he understood exactly why the other was leaning closer to him and he let him lean closer, and in fact leaned in a little himself. He was entranced by this dominant, sensual man afore him. "I haven't denied you yet, have I?" Rostielle asked in response, his eyes sliding shut as his hand rested on the other's chest and so very soft he pressed his lips to Lucien's, shaky and electrical as they had been earlier.He loved it. Lucien's lips were cool against his own, they were firm still and he loved the way they felt.

"No." La Croix purred as he too closed his eyes. "You have not." As Rostielle kissed him Lucien moaned softly. He had to stop himself form ravaging the boy but he did allow a second kiss where he ever so gently suckled at the other's bottom lip. His hands slid round to rub the boy's back and pull him a little closer. Such intimacy was delightful torture and he felt himself harden instantly. Just as he was about to deepen their kiss more, he heard another carriage rolling along the wooded track. One of the horses snorted loudly and Lucien drew back, turning to see who interrupted them.

Rostielle gasped as he glanced at the sounds, when noticing the particular white carriage for who's it was he felt his eyes widen. "Oh no, Lucien, come, I know them, they wont ever leave me alone with their teasing should we be caught. Come, let's go home." He said, tugging the immortal to his feet quickly and racing to their own carriage , peeping out of the window to see if they'd been caught. Upon noticing they had not he sighed in relief up until he heard a couple of giggles and a voice call out to him.

"Rostielle was that you?" The voice didn't have time to finish its sentence he slapped the roof to let the driver know to return home, blushing darkly and shy of Lucien. "Well, that was.. interruptive.." He said softly, sighing and laying his head in the other's lap as he closed his eyes. "I'm so tired now though.. I can't wait to be curled up in my bed and asleep." He would have told the other how much he enjoyed their kiss but he didn't know honestly if the other kissed him because he wanted to or because of some other strange reason.

The anger he felt at once again being interrupted faded as Lucien looked down at the boy resting in his lap. Stroking the boy's hair in a comforting manner he smiled.
"It was time we headed home anyway." Lucien said trying to recapture some of their earlier closeness. "Why don't you sleep little one? We have a long journy home and I will see you safely to your bed." Remembering how wonderful it felt to have Rostielle in his arms the evening before, Lucien continued to stroke the boy's beautiful long blonde hair. He could not help feeling that he held the most valuable treasure in all the world and sighed again as he shifted, thankful the abrupt interruption had quelled his arousal. There was however the matter of feeding. He would have asked the driver to stop for a while, some where along the way if he were capable of breaking physical contact with the boy. Lucien liked having the young mortal in his lap far too much.

"Thank you, Lucien." Rostielle said as his eyes slid shut and he inhaled the delightful scent of the other. He sighed happily, lulled into sleeping by the other's thin but strong fingers that slid through his hair.He loved the way they felt. Loved how they were so gentle and caring on him. He could tell the other was not used to giving such intimacies and Rostielle felt that he'd soon show the other that there was nothing wrong with intimacy in the slightest. He nuzzled the other's lap before allowing himself to drift to sleep.

Four hours was a very long time and Lucien's hunger threatened to overwhelm him. As the dawned neared he realized they would not have time for him to stop and feed along the way even if he could bare to disturb the sleeping boy in his lap. Forcing himself to hold back he swallowed but could not rid his mind of bloody thoughts. In his despiration the immortal bowed down and telling himself it was a necessity and he would only drink enough to take the edge off his hunger, he bared his fangs. Rostielle smelt so wonderful, his warmth and the steady beating of his heart made La Croix dizzy as he brushed strands of blond hair aside to expose the boy's neck. Breathing in deeply, he leaned closer and began to pepper Rostielle's bare neck with kisses before he suckled at him a little.
"Sleep little one..." He purred willing the mortal to remain asleep and not waken. "Sleep my love..." Ever so gently he used his sharp fangs to tare Rostielle's skin enough to draw blood. Slowly, savouring every second and life giving drop of blood he drank. Pulling back was the hardest thing Lucien had ever done. It was not just his hunger for blood that peaked but his hunger for the boy himself. It was pure torture not being able to kiss the boy, to whisper sweet nothings and stroke his length as he captured the other's mouth in a deep kiss. Closing his eyes tight he bit his tongue and licked the slight wound, healing it then pulled away, leaning back against the wall of the carriage. "Forgive me little one..." He muttered. "One day I will show you how pleasureable such a thing can be for you, but not now. Not until you give yourself to me completely." Feeling like a monster, La Croix refused to look down at Rostielle for the rest of the trip but continued to stroke his hair, praying he would not remember Lucien's lips on his neck.

Rostielle's mind was filled with a most seductive dream. He dreamt that Lucien had taken him in his sleep, had made love to him, seduced him, and he knew somehow in his subconscious that some act of intimacy was transpiring between them. He didn't know what it was, all he knew is he felt the other kiss his neck, felt a bite of sorts that made his back arch in his heated dream, made him moan gently, made him clutch to the other, and aroused him like nothing he'd ever known. He didn't realize he was dreaming until the other pulled away and after a ingling on his neck he woke with a start, bolting upright and blushing darkly as he felt his skin for any marks but found none. "Lucien.. I just had the strangest dream.." He blushed darker and couldn't meet the other in the eyes and that's when he realized that they were finally home again. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he noticed Lucien's normaly very pale skin seemed a little more pink than normal and he began to wonder if maybe they did do something. He knew that couldn't be though and used his fingers to lift the other's upper lip and upon not seeing frighteningly sharp canines he shrugged. "I apologize, as I said, very strange dream." He kissed the other on the cheek and hopped out of the carriage, his heart fast in its beats for no seeming reason at all.

Lucien felt a sharp pain in his chest, worried he had damaged their relationship with his foolish behaviour. He watched silently as the boy woke and spoke of his strange dream. Remaining calm was not easy and he knew his cheeks would look flushed to the boy. He had not been able to feed the night before either and had no doubt been very pale but he hoped he could pass that off as the moonlight. As Rostielle lifted his upper lip he frowned slightly. The boy knew more than he should, he had been careless and clumsy in his attempt at mind control, too distracted by his feeling for the young mortal. Quickly following after the boy, Lucien exited the carriage and caught up with his little one.
"There is no need to apologize for a dream Rostielle." He said gently, resisting the urge to reach out and take the other's hand. Slightly paniced at the thought he might have created an unease between them, La Croix raised his voice a little. "Please, tell me what is wrong?" He begged. Realizing he was actually begging he cleared his voice and stood up a little straighter. "Were my actions tonight unwanted?" The grey twilight before dawn warned him he needed to be inside. "The sun is rising, I must go indoors..." Not sure what else he could do, Lucien sighed. "I am sorry Rostielle, it has been quite some time since I lived with another and I fear my manners are not what they should be. If there is ever anything I do that makes you feel uncomfortable please just tell me." As he spoke he began to move towards the house, seeking protection from the advancing sunrise.

Rostielle was more than confused at the other's question. He blinked several times before following him into the house. "What makes you think they were unwanted?" He asked, following him further upstaires. "I beleieve I returned them as much as you gave them." He said, tilting his head as he grabbed the other's hand. "I am not ashamed of what we've done. Nothing is the matter with me. If you'd had the same dream I had you'd be looking at me a little strange too. It was an erotic, sexual dream about you. You had.. elongated canines and were biting me and we were.. making love is all. I know you and I have kissed, but we've not become a couple, and we've gone no farther than to be interrupted at any time it would be possible to form such a bond. That dream felt a little more than real, that's why I seem a little off. I like you Lucien, a lot. I want us to eventually be something. You worry far too much." And with another kiss to Lucien's cheek and once chaste on his lips and then followed by a lingering small kiss he smiled a little. "I'm going to bed, you're more than welcome to sleep beside me." And after saying this he kissed the other once more before leaving for his room, stretching as he walked, yawning and wishing to have his brush to brush his hair and he couldn't wait to get out of all of his clothing.

The dream had been his fault not Rostielle's and after a moment or two of stunned silence at the kisses bestowed upon him, Lucien smiled. There was no way he would give up the chance to snuggle in beside his little one for the day. Following after the boy he went to his own room then opened the adjoining door. Smiling he took hold of Rostielle's hand.
"Here, let me brush your hair for you?" He asked, letting his words curl around and caress the other. His blue eyes danced in the candlelight and Lucien found himself drinking in the sight of the beauty before him.

Lucien's voice washed over Rostielle in such a way that made him close his eyes to savour it. He nodded and stepped out of everything he wore outside of his undergarments and handed the other a brush. "If you would, I would like that." He said softly, setting on the edge of his bed and patting it for the other to join him. He couldn't wait to feel the brush and the other's fingers sliding through his hair again. He smiled at how handsome the other was, how strong he was. Everything about Lucien was utterly beautiful to Rostielle in all ways.

Although the other still aroused him there was something so calming and wonderful about the simple act of brushing Rostielle's long blonde hair. Lucien felt as if they were connecting on a deeper level than just guardian and ward and it did not bother him in the slightest that they were not being sexual. With slow even strokes, the former General brushed out the tangles and let the brush massage his little one's scalp. He knew that the scrape from earlier was fully healed and would not hurt, he also used his long fingers to gather the wayward strands at Rostielle's temples. Lucien sat there for the longest time, delighting in that simple act and the feeling closeness it bought. Finally when La Croix himself was sleepy and the mortal's blonde hair shone, he put the brush down and stripped off to his underclothes. Climbing under the blankets he motioned for Rostielle to snuggle in against him.
"I promise you little one, I will protect you and never let you come to any harm. You are the single most important thing in my life now." Gently kissing the silky blonde hair and then the mortal's forehead, Lucien let out a content sigh.

"Thank you Lucien." Rosttielle said while leaning into the other's touch, his eyes closed as he fell back against the other's chest. "It means everything to me." He yawned and kissed the other's cheek and lips efore he pulled the blankets back on his bed. "Why don't we sleep now? It's been a long night and I am rather sleepy." He yawned again and snuggled under the blankets, hoping the other would opt to sleep aside him.

Watching Rostielle for a while, Lucien smiled. He loved the warmth of the other against his chest and as the sun rose and sleep claimed him, La Croix went over their evening again in him mind. In a way it was good that they had been interrupted, it stopped them from rushing in to something that might not last. He would watch over the mortal for the rest of his life, that much was certen but he doubted the boy's feelings for him would last. After all, his fromer loves had all left him. Granted Rienne, died and did not actually leve but the result was the same. Trying to protect himself form more heart ache, the former General promised he would only engage in a relationship if he was absolutly sure that is what the boy wanted. Kissing Rostielle's silky hair once more he drifted into a deep slumber, his arms wrapped around the precious mortal.

When Rostielle woke it was to the feeling of the protecting arms of Lucien wrapped about him and it made him smile bright. He turned to kiss the other on the head and then went to the restroom to take care of his duties and then returned ot the other, stroking his cheek. "Lucien. It's time to get up.. unless you're wanting to sleep more.." He whispered. He studied the handsome features of the man before him, lost in them as his mind went off for a moment to daydream. "Luuciiennn.. come on, get up and let's go play.."

Opwning first one eye then the other, it took a moment for La Croix to figure out where he was. His lips urled up in a smile before he had a chance to properly gain control of his feature but he could not help being happy at the sight that greeted him.
"Good evening little one." He purred and rolled over so he could better see the beautiful boy. "And what games do you have planned for this night?" He inquired happily. The urge to gather Rostielle in his arms was strong but somehow the immortal managed to resist. He sat up and yawned, stretching and looking around the room for a moment. "What time is it?"

"I have no idea what time it is, I've only just awoke. Perhaps we could go to the museum tonight, or perhaps we could eat at a restaurant." Rostielle replied, letting his fingers massage Lucien's shoulders as he moved to sit behind theo ther. "Oh, you're a very comfortable sleeping partner by the way."

Nodding at the suggestions, Lucien could not help smiling as the boy rubbed his shoulders.
"Mmmm Thank you." He muttered and closed his eyes enjoying Rostielle's touch. "And you have very skilled hands." His rich voice rolled around the room and he rocked slightly as the boy massaged him. "I am glad you slept well Little One, I certinly did." Lucein had a sudden urge to trun and grab Rostielle, then gently throw him down ont he bed and kiss him passionatly but instead he let out a long soft moan. It was getting harder and harder to behave himself. The more he got to know the young mortal, the more he wanted him but his promise to Alas and the one he made to himself gave him strength. "Wich do you wish to do first little one?" He asked trying to think of a way to not eat if they went to a restaurant.

"Let's go to the museum first, and then we'll go have a nice dinner somewhere. What do you eat Lucien? I don't believe I have ever seen you eat.." Rostielle replied, letting his hands wander along the other's strong arms. "My gods you must have been an awesome soldier, you're very strong of build.." Rostielle said envious.

Amused by that remark, Lucien laughed.
"I was rather good." For a moment he let memories of bloody battlefields dance across his mind's eye. "As for what I eat? Well I am afraid I have a rather delicate pallete and adhere to a very strict diet. It has to do with my allergy to sunlight." Sighing turned round and took both the boy's hands in his. "So the Museum it is then." He said smiling brightly and once again resisting the urge to passionatly kiss the boy in front of him. Rostielle managed to arouse him with nothing more than an innocent touch or a glance.

"Well, what if I wanted to make a romantic dinner for two one strange night down our past? I would need to know what you eat." Rostielle noticed a subtle tug in the back of his mind and he abruptly remembered last night's dream and he tilted his head at Lucien. "And we should maybe run by the library." He added, wanting to do some research on just what Lucien's allergy to the sunlight was caused by. "Lucien... what will you eat at the resturaunt?"

It was bound to happen sooner or later but Lucien had hoped the subject of his dietry needs would come up much later in their relationship. Afraid the boy would think him a monster, the former General sighed and decided to avoid the truth a little longer.
"Well I doubt they will have what I need on their menu so I will most likely eat once we return home." Hoping that would sate his little one for a while he turned his attention towards other matters. "What do you need to do a the library Rostielle?" He asked curiously. "I have read many books and I might be able to help you or at least give you the names of some books that might be useful."

"I was just wanting to do some research.." Rostielle said, pouting at the other, not wanting to confess to him why. He did however pull out a rosary and attach it to the other's forehead. "Nope, you don't burn..." He also grabbed holy water he had sitting in his desk for ceremonial purposes and put some on his cheek. "Nope...I wonder if garlic will affect you stay still." He ran down stairs and returned with a little bit and after not seeing a reaction of burning or fear from the other he blinked. "Well I think that theory might be shot down..." He grinned innocently and checked the other's canines as he had the night before."They don't seem to be long and pointy...nevermind we don't have to go to the library, you're probably just anemic and albino.." Rostielle kissed the other on the lips and waited for his reaction.

Had anyone else treated him in such a way, Lucien would have been furious but Rostielle looked so adorable as he inspected his teeth and sprinkled him with holy water. Greatly amused, La Croix burst out laughing.
"Does all this have to do with your dream last night?" He asked but was secretly proud of the boy for figering out what he was and being so open and bold about it. Lucien was atually tempted to tell Rostielle the truth.

"Oh yes, lots to do with my dream, and honestly, you do fit the description of late of a .. vampire or whatever they're called. You can't be in the sunlight, you don't eat food as far as I have seen, your skin is cold and you're abnormally pale and I just so happened to have a very arousingly sexual dream about you having fangs and having your way with me, obviously something is going on here! But! You're not allergic to garlic and or crosses and holy water so therefore you must not be one. Either way I still think you're very handsome and a damn good bed-mate to cuddle with. Now, shall we go to the museum?" Rostielle said as he rose out of bed and began to strip and then dress again in an outfit toned in brown.

Enjoying the view as Rostielle stripped off, Lucien lauhged again.
"Are you telling me little one, that you would be fine with me being a... what did you call it? Ah yes, Vampire?" Dancing around the truth like this was too much fun, Lucien was having trouble keeping a straight face and if the answer was yes he might just tell the boy anyway.

"Well, it's obviously not corrupting your charm, so yes, I would be fine with it I suppose. Besides if we did anything like what happened... " Rsotielle turned bright red and didn't finish the rest of the statement outloud but in his mind he thought Then you can be a vampire all you want, that was a very good dream...I wouldn't mind at all. "The point is that no matter what you are, you're still you. And I like you. Now come on, let's get you dressed and then you should accompany me to these places of our future going." He kissed him once on the cheek and then went to raid the other's closet to find something he thought the other would look gorgeous in.

Smiling Lucien nodded in agreement.
"Yes I guess I would still be me...." He was itching to reveal the truth but something stopped him. "I am pleased you like me Rostielle, I like you very much too." He purred as suggestivly as he could, seeing the boy undressing earlier had peaked his interest. Looking over the offered clothing, La Croix smiled. "You have very good taste little one." Now that it was his turn to strip down, he did it slowly. Taking his time Lucien made sure his toned stomach and chest was visable to Rostielle and that those muscles flexed as he pulled on his clothes.

Rostielle's eyes widened slightly as he watched the other, unable to take his eyes off of the sight. He flushed red and went to think of an excuse to leave the room, but found nothing came to mind. "Thank you.." Was all he could say at the other's complimenting of his good taste. His eyes practically raped the other's form, taking in every defined detail. He adjusted his collar and swallowed uncomfortably. "I um.. am going to get the carriage ready." He whispered, biting his lower lip to keep from groaning delightedly at the sight of the other as he left the room, a little squeal of delight leaving him as soon as he felt he was out of range. "If he keeps this up we'll never leave the house." He said aloud to himself before giving orders for their carriage to be readied.

Of course Lucien heard the squeal of delight and the muttered phrase and could not help smirking. Feeling a little more comfortable with the boy now and confident Rostielle's show of affection was not just his imagination Lucien ran a brush over his short white/blonde hair and decended the stairs.
Business matters could be dealt with later and he would have to feed tonight no matter what happened so he was determined to spend some quality time with his little one before Rostielle got too tired.
"Are we ready to go?" He asked smiling brightly.

"Yes." Rostielle said while leading the other out, leaving orders to the maids and servants to go about their usual chores and to leave the house unlocked in case he and Lucien came back much later. He hopped into the carriage and immediately patted the seat aside him for the other to seat. "So, off to the museum we go." He said, checking his pocket watch for the time. "It's only just become night so we have a long time with one another. Unless you wish to return early for business purposes and such?"

Taking a seat beside Rostielle, the immortal got as close to the boy as he could without actually putting his arm around him.
"I will need about an hour or so before dawn so I can sign papers and what not and at some point I have to pick something up at the market." He chose to with hold the fact that he was picking up a meal in the crowded market and would do it out of sight of his little one. The little blood he had taken from Rostielle the night before was not nearly enough to sustain him. "Other than that I am yours for the rest of the evening." He finished, looking deep into the other's eyes as he spoke.

"The market's on the way to the museum if you'd like to stop there first." Rostielle informed the other, kissing him on the cheek. "And if you keep staring into my eyes I can't help but to kiss you, so be a good boy and mind them, would you?" He blushed a little and continued what he now counted as a staring contest.

The only movement Lucien made was to raise an eyebrow then smile. If staring into Rostielle's eyes landed him a kiss then he would stare into them for eternity.
"On the way to the Museum it is then." He purred in his velvety voice and leaned a little closer, taunting the other, attempting to make the young mortal lean in as well. The intensity of his gaze increased and Lucien allowed is lips to part ever so slightly, allowing his breat to escape. When Rostielle felt that breath on his own soft, full lips, La Croix hoped he could coax a soft moan from the boy. This staring contest was emencly fun and the immortal was determined to win, even if it meant looking away first or closing his eyes. In his mind the prize was the kiss his little one had mentioned.

Rostielle blushed even more as he realized the other challanged him. He shrugged and kissed him gently, lingering their kiss, feeling they'd already kissed a few times, there shouldn't be anything wrong now. He pressed his kiss more firm insistent in wanting to continue and deepen it.

Lucien granted his wish, kissing him back, softly at first. Savouring the tast of his little one, La Croix smiled then kissed him more forecfully, suckling at his bottom lips and pressing his tongue against Rostielle's teeth. He even went to bring his hand up and tangle it in the boy's hair when the carige wheel hit a bump and sent them both bouncing a little off the seat. Their heads collided as they came back down on the cousions. Pulling back and steading Rostielle with firm hands placed on the boy's shoulders, Lucien frowned slightly.
"Are you alright little one? I did not hurt you when we bumped heads did I?" He asked worried and annoyed that once again they had been interupted in their intimacy.

When they'd bumped heads Rostielle accidentally bit his tounge and was currently bleeding a bit. "Ow.." He pouted at the blood and gave the same look to Lucien. "Look at this! I completely bit my tounge!" He didn't like that metallic taste in his mouth and wish he had some way to disperese it.

That was far too much for Lucien and whithout even thinking he bowed down.
"Here let me kiss it better for you..." He purred seductivly and caught the boy's mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. The taste of Rostielle's blood made him moan loudly and he slucked on the damp muscle, letting that metalic taste caress his tongue and throat. It was the wrong thing to do, most mortals do not do such things but between his arousal, his hunger for blood and him feelings for the boy, Lucien was helpless. He swallowed deeply, his arms wrapping around the mortal in a vice like grip. Suddenly Lucien realized exactly what he was doing and snapping back to reality he hurridly bit his own tontue and licked Rostielle's wound then pulled back. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done, pulling away form the mortal and it was not just because of his hunger, he wanted to kiss the boy again, to claim him.
"Sorry little one.... I..." Offering the other a small smile he sat back agaisnt the wall of the cariage. "Lost myself for a moment there... Can you forgive me Rostielle?" He asked despirate to know he had not ruined everything bewteen them.

Rostielle blushed, his cheeks stained pink never to be normal colored again if Lucien kept making him do things he normally wouldn't do. He shivered and lay his head on the toehr's chest. "My tounge, it feels good again, what did you do?" He asked, eyeing the other suspiciously. "You did something when you rubbed the bump on my head as well..."He smiled a little. "You sure you're not a vampire?"

Still unable to admit the truth, La Croix smiled and wrapped a comforting arm around the boy.
"I promise you Rostielle, I will ever harm you. You do not have to fear vampires or monseters or anything else. I will keep you safe little one..." Sighing, Lucien tried to explain why the boy's wounds felt better after he had looked at them. "There was a little bark in the bump on your head, all I did was remove it and aside fromt he small scratch it left behind the would was not really that bad. As for your tongue..." He shrugged slightly. "It was only the slightes cut from your teeth and aside form that first drop of blood it was not really deep enough to cause problems. I guess when I kissed you it might have made your mouth feel numb." Absent mindedly tracing his own lips with his free hand the immortal smiled. "My lips are still tingling now and I can taste you one them." Although he had not really ment to divolge that much infromation, Lucien smiled brightly as he ever so gently licked his lips again, savouring the remnents of blood that lingered there.

"Oh, that makes sense!" Rostielle said, hugging the other tight. "I trust you Lucien. Did you want to stop by the market? I don't remember your answer." He said, kissing the other's cheek. "I wouldn't mind picking some things up too if you have errands to run." Rostielle replied, checking his change purse to be sure he had enough money for the linens he wanted.

Nodding Lucien smiled, relieved Rostielle accepted his explinations.
"Yes I do need to stop at the market. I will try to deal with my business swiftly so I can return to him." He cooed kissing the boy's silky blonde hair. "It is good you have things to attend to that way you will not be board. We should organize to meet back at the carriage at a certin time." La Croix held Rostielle close to him, loving how warm the mortal felt against his skin. He was starved and would no doubt need several mortals to quench his thrist and that took time. Time he did not want to spend away for his beloved little one but such things could not be helped. "You can show me all the beautiful things you have bought on the ride to the museum." Lucien whispered and kissed the other's forehead.

"Sounds good to me." Rostielle said, kissing the other on the lips again. "You know.. we kiss often and haven't named one another a couple.. is that bad? I wouldn't mind being bonded with youthat way." Rostielle said, looking up at him shyly. "If it's allright with you that is."

It took a moment for Rostielle's words to sink in but when he finally got over the shock of it, Lucien nodded.
"It seems I am already bonded to you as it is little one. I can not keep my eyes off you and the simple act of being near you brings me such joy." He tucked a loose strand of blond hair behind the boy's ear and kissed him fully on the lips. Rostielle did not have to worry about him straying or leaving, Lucien could not abandon the boy if he wanted too, not even if his life depended on it." He continued to kiss the boy, letting his tongue brush along the others and moaned softly. When he finally drew back La Croix smiled. "If you wish to name us a couple Rostielle my angel, then a couple we are." He purred, gently caressing the mortal's slightly swolen lips. "You are so very beautiful...." Lost in the other and the overwhelming satisfaction he felt as hey discussed being a couple, Lucien leaned to kiss Rostielle again.

"Then let us be just that." Rostielle said, givng into the other's kiss, moaning softly as he met the other head on with it, letting passion slip into it from his side as wll, wrapping his arms about the other's neck. "I'm falling for you Lucien." He said in between kisses, his fingers grasped int he other's short hair.

Pulling the boy a little closer, Lucien tangled one hand in Rostielle's long blond hair, his left hand slid down to the small of the others back and gently pressed him closer.
'Oh Rostielle...." Lucien muttered, now totally lost in his kisses and caresses. "I fell for you the moment I saw you..... my angle.... my little one..." His kisses were beginning to get hot and heavy and La Croix found himself moving forward, laying Rostielle down on the seat of the cariage and climbing on top of him. Just as the immortal was about to move his hand to the boy's length, which he hoped was growing hard like his own, the carriage stopped. They had arrived at the market.

"Lucien!" Rostielle had spoken hotly, his body melded with the other's as the older man moved atop of him and pressed him into the carriage seat. He kissed him again as the carriage stopped, giving a sigh. "We always get interrupted...nd things were getting hot too.." He frowned and gave the other one last kiss before hopping out. "Well, I'll meer you back here within an hour?"

With a nod Lucien leaned back on the seat and rand his hands through his short white/blonde hair. Growling in frustration, the immortal gathered himself before he left the cariage. He had almost taken the boy, something that was very foolish in his current state. The hunger for blood burning within him could be hard to control at times and he would not have Rostielle meet the same end as his beloved Rienne. If he had bitten his little one.... if he had begun to drink and could not stop....? Angry at his stupidity, Lucien headed through the crowded market to the dark ally ways along its sides. It did not take him long to find his first victem, he snatched the man as he walked by and silencing him with a hand across the mouth, the former General drained him of every last drop. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, La Croix then tossed the lifeless body across the street where it came to rest among piles or garbage. Wiping his mouth on his sleeve, Lucien headed off down another dark walkway to feed again.

The treasures Rostielle found on his trip into the busy paths of the market were tons of linens. All nicely silk and velvet for his bed and he felt very much that Lucien would like them. Speaking of said main it didn't take Rsotielle long to find him and in a very strange position as well. He peered around the corner, at first enraged by the sight of Lucien holding another man in his arms. He narrowed his eyes and stomped out to confront him only to see the man originally held being dropped to the ground and to see Lucien wipe his mouth on his sleeve. He didn't know what to say, he merely stood and watched the other out of blatant curiosity.

All La Croix could think of was Rostielle. His taste, his smell, the touch of his skin and his need to return to him. The immortal wanted to continue where they had left off, he wanted to know once and for all if the boy truely wanted him. Hurridly finding another to feed on, Lucien made short work of a plump drunk, dragging him to his feet so he could drink him dry then letting him fall again. Still his hunger was not sated. Lucien feed form five others before he returned to the cariage, he was full to the point of discomfort but La Croix wanted to be sure he would not accidently kill his little angel. Glancing at his reflection in the cariage window he wiped a smudge of blood form his lips with his thumb, sure he was respectable now he turned and searched the crowd for Rostielle. He had been so distracted while he was feeding he had lost track of the boy.

Rostielle found his way back to the carriage and smiled at the other a little. "Lucien, is there something you want to tell me? And be honest? I saw you with a man in the alleyway.. as far as I saw, he didn't survive your hold..." He said, staring the other down. "Mind telling me why that is?" He knew the answer, he thought he did at least. He had to know, the answer was so very simple. And he never had gotten a straight answer from the other, had he?

Glancing around to see if anyone was listening or watching Lucien frowned. The driver at least heard them and that fact alone angered him greatly. Sure no one would see he grabbed Rostielle and bundled him into the carriage as quickly as he could but was careful not to hurt him. Once inisde he shut the door and whispered in an urgent tone.
"You were not supposed to see that...." Suddenly realizing he might be frightening the boy, he sighed. "Please Rostielle you must understand you are in no danger, I would never harm you." Lucien said almost begging. "You were correct in your assumptions little one, I am what you would call a vampire." Although he would have liked to have said more, the immortal stopped and watched the boy closely for his reaction. The very last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt Rostielle or scare him. There was also the matter of how much he wanted to share with the mortal, as little as possible would be prefered.

Rostielle huffed and shook his head at the other. "Lucien.. I told you, I don't mind that you are this thing, but this is a big thing to try and hide. Why didn't you just tell me when I asked hte first time around? I told you it wouldn't make me think any different of you." Rostelle was teribly confused at the antics of the other. "Did you think I would love you any less if I knew this?" He blushed a little as he slipped in the word 'love' in his question, staring the other down expectantly for the answer. "I don't mind. As long as you're not just toying with me because you expect to make a meal of me I do not care of it. And I know you well enough to know if I was to be a meal you'd of already consumed me. I accept this as you."

"Do you, really?" Lucien asked. "Do you understand everything that I am?" It was silly but he hated the thought his little one knew how heartless and blood thirsty he could be. Rostielle was too beautiful and sweet to be tainted with one such as him. This thought sickened Lucien and he decided to push the boy away if he could. "I am a killer, a cold blooded killer." He announced and paused for a moment letting his words sink in. "I savour each kill, I am thrilled by the hunt. I was this way before I was bought across into the darkness. Aside form that it is dangerous for me to get too close to mortals. There are those that would seek to destroy me or at the very least run me out of town. My own safetly depends on secrecy...." The thought of having to leave Rostielle suddenly made his stomach clench and knott. "If you wish me to go I will but if I stay you are forbidden for telling others about me. I am sure the carriage driver heard you before and usually I would do away with him...." Shaking his head, La Croix tried to calm himself down, his emotions were all over the place.

Rostielle smiled a little. "I know what you're doing Lucien , and it's not going to work. Besides, my carriage driver could care less. Father said he'd met one of your kind before. I understand the dangers, Lucien. I know exactly what could happen and might happen, but so long as you keep on feeding and so long as we always have a way out in case you get attacked, then there's nothing wrong with you being around me. Besides, if you're such a cold blooded killer, you're a lazy one for I am still very much alive and well." Rostielle replied while he studied the other. He walked over and wrapped his arms around Lucien's neck, standing on tiptoe to kiss him once while he looked up athim. "I don't care what you are, Lucien. You may be this creature, but you still have a conscience, you're still gentle with me." He began to kiss the other's neck, backing him into a dark alley while nipping and biting. "Besides, if I bite hard enough I can pierce your skin, if I suck your blood I could drink it too, the only difference between you and I is that you're much stronger, and live for eternity." He bit the other's neck hard, to prove his point, but not hard enough to actually draw blood. Just enough to prove his point. The aroused him so much as well, he pressed against him. "Oh Lucien, do not fret longer, just let us kiss." He whispered, looking up at him expectantly, his body screaming to be taken by the other.

Never had he met a mortal like Rostielle. The boy was not scared of him in the slightest and it seemed Alas might have known exactly what he was when he left the little one in his care. There was no way he could explain how dirty he felt compared to Rostielle and just then the only thing he could think of was ravaging the boy.
"You like playing with danger?" He teased as he pulled Rostielle closer and and caught his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. The problem was, now he was this close it was extreamly difficult to hold back his true feelings. "Rostielle...?" He moaned wantingly. "Little one... have you been with another before?" Lucien asked thinking that it might make him feel less tainted if the other had experience in love making.

"Yes, a few tmies when I was slightly younger." He said, pressed against him, holding his hips tightly. He moaned a little. "Is that what you plan for me, oh evil one? To spoil my innocense with your dark ways? Spoil me all you want." He whispered, kissing the other's lips again. He shivered at the feeling, at how bold the both of them were now that their relationship was being taken to this more intimate and heart pounding level.

There was no denying it, Lucien wanted the boy more than he had ever wanted anything in his painfully long existacne.
"Oh yes little one, I want to spoil every inch of you..." He breathes hotly before he wrapped his arms around Rostielle and kissed him so deeply he felt as if they were melting into one another. Lucien quickly became lost in that kiss, the warmth and feel of his moist tongue probing and rubbing against his own. He had become so distracted by it he almost forgot the poor mortal needed to breathe. "Rostielle.... my angel..." Letting his words caress the other, La Croix growned his erection againt the boy's crotch. Rostielle smelt so very good, it made his head spin.

"Oh, why don't we return home? I want to see you there, I want to.. take things a little furhter." He whispered, connecting witht he other in another kiss as their hips met. "I want you so badly." Rostielle said in a small whisper, hoping the two of them could mollest one another in the carriage before actually reaching home, that way they'd have at least a small bit of privacy.

Nodding Lucien picked the boy up off the ground and without even stopping their kiss he walked over to the carriage and used his elbow to work the latch on the door. There was no way the immortal was stopping the delightful molestation takeing place, he was too far gone lust wise. Getting up the stairs and into the carriage porved to be a little difficult but La Croix managed to manover Rostielle and himself inside. Laying the boy down on the seat, Lucien pulled the door shut and climbed on top of the other. Kissing Rostielle again, the immortal braced himself with one hand against the wall of the carriage and his left foot on the floor.
"Mmmmm you taste so good little one." He purred turning his head slightly so his breath tickled the fine hairs on the other's ear. Having the boy under him in such a way caused his heart to pound and he nuzzled in against Rostielle's neck, nipping gently and kissing him.

Lucien being atop of him was fire for Rostielle. He racted to it hotly, arching agains the other's body. "Lucien. I need you." He panted, kissing him hard, his hands tugging on the other's clothing, urgency seeping through his very moans and impatient pulls as he at least got hte first few buttons on the other's shirt undone. He saw just enough to be a reminder of just what lie beneath all of that clothing. A strong, well built man that was as hot for him as he was for the other. He panted, whimpering as the other kissed and nipped at his neck, wanting him completely as the carriage began to pul onward.

With an evil smrik and a lick of his lips Lucien pulled back a fraction just to torment his lover.
"My, my little one, you are lust itself." He purred seductivly and rid himself of his coat. La Croix was so hard now it was painful and the way Rostielle wrythed beneath him and tugged at him was pure torture. The time it took to pull his shirt off was far too long in the immortal's mind so he bowed down again to kiss the boy's already swolen lips. "By the Gods you are beautiful Rostielle..." He muttered im between kisses so he little one could breathe. His skilled hands set to work underssing the other, the outside of his fingers burshing against hot flesh as they moved, coaxing a wanton moan from the immortal.

Rostielle clung desperately to the other, trying to get out of his own clothing, not caring that they were in the carriage, at least they had a few hours before daylihgt, that would give them enough time to have one another before heading back to their home. "Oh Lucien, you're so handsome." He said in reply to the other's comment about his beauty. "I want you so badly right now." He shifted so his legs wrapped about the other's waist as he finally somehow shimmied out of his pants.

Stumbling slightly the usually sure footed General tugged his own pants down and kicked them across the carriage. Making love in a moving carriage is not the easiest thing, especially when you simply refuse to let go of your lover for any reason. Shifting a little and bracing himself once more, Lucien licked his fingers until they were slick and then placed them at the boy's enterence. As passionate and needy as he was, the immortal was determined not to hurt his little one. Gently he began to curcle the puckered enterence and place a little pressure on it as he continued to kiss and nibble at every part of the boy's face, neck and sholders. Smiling as the muscles tightened and loosened ever so slightly, La Croix decided to suckle at Rostielle's delicate nipples as he slowly and gently pushed in one long, slender didget.
"Mmmmm my beautiful angel...." He purred again and cringed slightly as he felt himself begin to leak. Holding back was cruelty beyond words but Lucien would make their first time perfect and pleasureable for his little one.

Rostielle stroked his lover to be as he was pressed on with the other's fingers, he wanted him badly, wanted to feel him inside. "Lucien, gods it feels so good and we've not even joined yet." He whispered, enjoying the feeling of his lover's length in his hand. It was hard, slick and velvety and he couldn't wait to feel it inside him. He normally would have complained about where they were, that it wasn't romantic enough, but Lucien made him feel that anywhere was as romantic as a love poem, that if he wanted something to be romantic, it was and he had no problem giving into the other. He huffed and looked desperately at Lucien, pressing closer to his fingers, wanting more and more of him.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Lucien tried to think of something less pleasnt. The simple act of the boy stroking him was all most too much for the immortal. Shivering at the feeling and Rostielle's moans he gently pushed in a second finger. As the mortal's passage swallowed his fingers, Lucien moaned loudly. Muscles tightened around him and Lucein found himself focusing on the clip clop of the horses hooves and the scent of moist earth in an attempt to keep control of his desire.
"Rostielle my love...." He muttered and began to move his fingers inside the boy. "I want to be in you... I want to make you mine... to claim you...." La Croix went back to kissing his lover's lips but he lowered himself slightly so his erect nipples gently graized the boy's chest. It was an odd position, with his ass in the air, giving Rostielle enough room to keep stroking him.

"Then why do you torment us both? Make me yours Lucien, take me, make love to me." Rostielle whispered hotly as his hand left the other's length to pull his hips back down to press together their hips, to urge the other inside him. "Please, Lucien! Please please please, inside me, I need you." He begged the other, shivered and writhed for him, he needed the other inside him lest he go insane.

"I do not mean to boast little one but I am rather large...." The immortal hummed as he pressed a third finger inside his lover. Lucien had learnt the need for preperation of mortals a long time ago, especially those as slight and delicate as Rostielle. Luckily he had also become quite skilled at quickly stretching his lovers. "Just a little longer and I will give you all that I have...." Rocking slightly, La Croix let the friction between their hips and crotches delight them both as he began to spread his fingers out a little, opening the boy. "Rostielle... my little angel..." He purred again forgetting about the sway of the carriage and the faint scents of the outside world. Satisfied that the boy was streached enough he postioned his length and pressed the tip of his cock inside the other, waiting for him to adjust.

Rostielle groaned while he felt the tip press into him, already feeling so very stretched and the other wasn't even partly in. He'd had lovers before, none of them were this endowed, none of them were so gentle. He was lost in this haze of a wold he'd recently immersed himself in. He shuddered and met the other's push in with the push of his own to help ease him, relaxing a little to smoothen the entry."Oh Lucien.." He whispered, his cheeks flushed hotly while he clung to him.

His name seemed to rattle around the carriage and vibrate through him. Lucien shuddered at how tight and warm the boy was and the heat in Rostielle's voice tipped him over the edge. As the other pushed back against him Lucien began to move, slowly at first but building in speed and depth. His mortal was so very beautiful with flushed cheeks and swolen lips that parted to release moans of pleasure. Gripping Rostielle's hips, La Croix began to thrust with more force, lost in the rapture of tight muscles gripping him.

Rostielle couldn't believe that they were actually making love. He couldn't believe that the man atop of him now was so handsome and so all consuming. The man inside him was someone he had fallen for hard and fast. He shifted to better acquire his lover, his legs resting higher arond the other. He groaned and began to moan softly as the other stretched him and filled him, as he pulled out and pushed back in. He'd never felt so full, so wanted, so loved in his life. His others had been quick fumblings lost on quickness and uncaring. This however, this was something that truly sparked his blood to the point where it burned constantly. He held tighter tothe other, meeting his thrusts as well as he could.

Time and time again Lucien plunged into his young lover. Rostielle's warmth seemd to fill him, spreading through his body like wildfire in the woods. Even though La Croix thrust deep and hard there was a gentleness to his movements, a caring passion as he hit that spot deep within that made his little one cry out a little louder. He had been this way with another young mortal years before and for the brifest of moments his hart was gripped with pain and regruet but Rostielle moaning his name bought him back to reality. The carriage bounced and rocked but Lucien used that to his adavantage. A light layer of sewat now covered the boy beneath him and the scent of it added to his crazed state as wave after wave of pleasure assulted him.
"Rostielle...." He moaned, lost to the outside world. "My Angel...." The boy was and angel in Lucien's mind for he had taked the immortal to heaven. Shivering as he thrust, La Croix changed position enabeling him to plunge deeper into his little one and put more pressure on that special spot.

Rostielle felt tears in his eyes at the pleasure he felt from the other. It was as though he belonged completely and wholely to him, as though the other was infusing him with everything that he was. "Lucien..." He bared himself completely to the other, bearing out his neck for him if he wished to bite, finding he actually craved it. He wanted Lucien to bite him, wanted him to drink from him to complete their coupling in that way as he was so very close to the edge before he came. Only a few minutes more and he would probably be screaming the other's name with drastic intensity.

The immortal had been holding back a little, trying to resist the urge to drink from his lover but when Rostielle offered his neck in such a way he could hold back not longer. Pulling the boy a little closer Lucien kissed his neck before he nipped at it a few times, his fangs grazing the skin a little. Rostielle's reaction quelled any doubts La Croix had and he bit inot the boy's neck and he thrust into him, pounding the other's prostate. Lucien moaned in bliss as he took that first hungry swallow, his body seeming to shiver as the blood filled him. So very closer to his own end the immortal took another deep swallow, his eyes closing, the scent of his little one adding to the feeling that they were melting together. Rostielle was his and he belonged to the mortal utterly and entierly.

Rostielle whimpered with pleasure as he finally ended his tormentative state and came, his seed shooting onto his chest as he arched and tightened around the othe'rs length. It was the bite that finished him off coupled with the persistent massage of his prostate. He groaned and writhed under the other as he felt the waves of pleasure slowly subside within him while kissing wherever he could reach wondering if the other would be able to reach his end.

Lucien was only a moment behind his lover, the final tightening spasams too much for him. He filled Rostielle with his seed as he cried out loudly, not caring that his voice would carry outside the cariage. Blinded by the bliss for a moment, the immortal slowly came back down of his blissful high. The image before him made Lucien smile happily as he drank in the flushed and sated boy beneath him.
"My little one.... My love..." He pured as he gently withdrew. Ignoring his disguarded clothing, La Croix gathered Rostielle in his arms, pulling the mortal onto his lap. Holding the other tight, Lucien peppered kisses all over the boy's hair and face then licked at the wound on the boy's neck making sure to heal it.

"My Lucien." Rostielle said with a yawn, contently snuggled against the other's chest. "I love you so much, Lucien." He whispered, kissing him and holding him close. "So very very much." He sighed and let his fingers play around the other's chest, entranced by everything that had just happened between them. "I am so glad this happened."

"So am I..." To say La Croix was happy was an understatment, he felt alive again, truely alive for the first time in decades. His beloved mortal in his arms Lucien chuckled softly as he servayed the carriage the the layers of clothing strewn about it. 
"I gess we will have to dress again at some point?" He whispered. "I wonder what your driver thought about all the noise?" The fact they were overheard sort of turned Lucien on a little. He half hoped the driver would gosip to the other servants so that everyone knew Rostielle was his.

"Yes, clothing is necessary when being in a home." Rostielle said in agreeance. "I am sure he thought we were being creative. He obviously knew it was consensual as he didn't pull over and attack you." He informed the other, smiling. "And what should we do when we return home?" He asked, merely wanting to rest with the other in the same bed.

Laughing at the thought of being attacked by the driver, Lucien nussled his lover.
"Well once we are decient and can leave the carriage I had intended to do more of this." He purred reffering to the cuddling and affection he was lavishing upon Rostielle. For all his cold blooded violence and blood lust, Lucien could be very sweet and romantic when dealing with one he loved. "I just want to hold you in my arms for a while longer little one." The fact he felt a pin prick of fear had a lot to do with his clingy behavior. After accidently bringing about Rienne's end, and his child's rejection, the immortal was more than a little over protective of the boy in his arms.

Rostielle snuggled against the other. "Yes, I much like this being held by you." He said, kissing him on the chest. We've become this strange thing, you and I.You're this dangerous seeming immortal and I am this light and happy mortal and yet we're pretty much perfect together. By the way, you and I have to share the same room from now on, just to let you know." He whispered, kissing the other on the lips.

Smiling, Lucien kissed his little one back, softly at first then deeply and passionatly. He loved the way his mortle demanded they share the one bed, he loved how the boy excepted him for what he was.
"How could I ever deny you anthing, my love?" He muttered in between kisses.

"It's impossible. And I so know that I have that power over you." Rostielle replied as he gave the other every one of his kisses back with added kisses of his own. The driver cleared his throat loud enough to be heard and informed them of their pending arrival to give them time to be dressed. Rostielle grinned and grabbed his clothing. "I told you he knew." He whispered, giggling while he dressed.

As he also dressed, La Croix grinned like an idiot. He found the situation highly amusing and it did his soul good to be in love again.
"That man is worth his weight in gold." Lucien chuckled refering to the driver. With a bright smile, the immortal inspected his beloved and straightened the boy's clothing then tidied his hair by smoothing it with his fingers. "There little one, you almost look as if you had not been thourogly molested on the way home." Lucien could not remember the last time he had been this happy. When the carriage stopped he stepped out first then offered his lover an hand and helped him down. "Well my angel, home sweet home." The immortal purred but frowned at the lightening sky. He needed to be inside.

Rostielle bid goodnight to their driver and whispered a few words of thanks and after a stern look of warning to be more discreet next time he giggled and joined his lover. "Yes, I do look proper now, it's as though nothing had ever happend between us. Well.. appearance wise. Although, your normally paper white color does have a bit of red in those cheeks. Yes, home sweet home, let us go to our chambers."

That sounded so wonderful, our chambers.
"Yes lets..." The immortal replied and headed inside and up stairs where all the curtins were closed ready for the harsh sunlight of day. Stopping in the upstairs sitting room, Lucien took the boy in his arms and kissed him with such passion, La Croix almost swooned. "I love you Rostielle..." He purred once he recovered enough to speak. Scooping the mortal up into his arms and carried him into the main bedroom. "So, will you want to move your things in here or are they fine in your old room?"

"Well, seeing as how you're not entirely even settled into this house, perhaps you could move yours into mine. I'd feel strange if we ever made love in my fathers bed." Rostielle replied after kissing the other with equal passion. "I love you too, Lucien, very much. Oh! I forgot, a business partner of my father's will be in tomorrow evening. I believe he's like you." He said, referring to immortality. "I've never actually met him, but father should have it written on his desk calander, I might have the day wrong also."

Lucien frowned, he remembered the entry in the diary and had been curious about the man named. With all the excitment and Rostielle's beauty driving him to distraction he had completely forgotten about it. Realizing he was actually jealous at the thought of another immortal being near the boy, La Croix forced a smile.
"Well I guess we will soon find out if this gentleman is indeed one of my kind?" Lucien worried that if Rostielle could love him, dark side and all then the boy might also be attracted to another vampire. If this business partner was an immortal, he could be older and stronger then the former General and steal his little one away from him. Although he tried not to show it, La Croix's mood had suddenly turned sour.

Rostielle smiled up at Lucien but frowned slightly as he noticed the other man seemed a little off. "ucien, are you allright?" He asked, slipping his fingers around the other's hand. "I mean, you seemed fine a second ago, but it's as if a dark cloud ascended over your head." He smiled then as he thought of how to cheer the other up, kissing him firmly over and over, trying to arouse him, getting passionate and needy when a very loud summons came from downstairs.

"Master Rostielle, Mister Siruvet is here and requests your attentions."

Rostielle sighed. "It seems the man my father spoke of has arrived.. early." Rostielle grumbled, sighing irritably as he began to walk downstairs, hoping Lucien would follow him.

It was just on dawn which menat the other man would have to stay for the day, something that only fouled Lucien's mood more. Following his little angel downstairs, the immortal tried to keep his calm as he stayed close to Rostiell, politely nodded his greeting and eyeing off Mister Siruvet. There was no mistaking the fact that the other was a vampire and Lucien's eyes narrowed at the other. He hovered around Rostielle in a portective, slightly defencive manner.
"Good morning Mister Siruvet." Lucien greeted the other almost growling. "I am Lucien La Croix. I have taken over for Alas in business matters and I am Rostielle's... guardian." He was about to say lover but decided that was pushing things a little too far. He was already much ruder then he needed to be.

Rostielle pouted at Lucien, slightly angry the other hadn't lain claim to him. "Isolin, it's good to have you back, why don't you come in, the guest room is being prepared for you now."

Isolin nodded in greeting, “Why, thank you, Rostielle. And I am glad Alas found someone to take the company while he is away.” He said, running a hand through short midnight black hair, his dark eyes surveying over Lucien with a challenge. “You’ve grown, Rostielle. You’re such a beautiful young man.” He kissed the back of Rostielle’s hand. “Perhaps I might have dinner with you tomorrow eve?”

“Actually, and don’t take this wrongly, Isolin, whether I have dinner with you is up to Lucien. He is my lover after all. I thank you for your flattery, but I am very much taken and wish for not a second lover.”

“Um, little one, not to offend, but I did not speak romantically, I am not without tactic. If I wanted to court you I would go about it a completely different way. Especially with this strong immortal who’s supposedly lain with you. He doesn’t seem to care much though. He introduced himself as your.. guardian.”

Almost hissing with anger Lucien wrapped an arm around his lover's waist.
"Alas left not only his business in my hands but the well being and happiness of young Master Rostielle here. I am more then just his lover, I am his protector and family." The former General sized up his enemy and while he was not entierly sure he could take the other in a fight he definatly wanted to make his claim upon his little one very clear. "So you see, even if you did decide to court Rostielle it is me you would have to seek permission form." Feeling a familure heat rush through him, La Croix smiled slightly. It had been quite some time since he had been presented with a challange or such magnatude and the warrior in his longed for it.

Rostielle felt a number of things. Protected. Loved. Cared for. And.. owned. He felt like property almost. He didn't mind the feeling, but he felt slightly suffocated. He was glad Lucien finally calimed at him, but he wasn't glad that the other seemed to be begging Isolin to try and court him. "I think it is up to me who courts me." He spat, obviously growing irritated with them both. "I do not take more than one lover. Lucien, I will let you know only once that you are not my pimp, and I will not see another just because you have given them permission to do so. In fact, I find it highly disrespectful you would even suggest that this person could be granted permission when you yourself only moments ago spoke of such passionate love with me. I am not to be shared, not to be loaned and not to be used and taken lightly. I will be in my rooms when you've come to your senses."

Isolin watched the boy storm up the stairs and all he said to Lucien before retiring to his room was "Well, that was eventful. My courting of him might not be too difficult afterall if you can't mind your manners. Goodnight." He whispered as he walked away.

"So you are going to try and steal him away then?" Lucien called after the retreating visitor. Growling slightly he went up stairs and told himself to be gentle with Rostielle. Things could far to easily turn into him taking what he wanted regardless of the mortal's feelings and that was something he never wanted to do. Letting out a long breath to calm himself, La Croix knocked on the door to Rostielle's room.
"My Love?" He called through the door and frowned at how scared he was. Had he hurt his little one? Had his confrontational nature damaged the love they shared? " May I come in?" He felt the need to explain himself.

"I don't know, are you going to treat me as your lover or are you going to treat me like your property?" Rostielle asked while opening the door to peer sternly at his lover. "I didn't appreciate the way you both pretended as if I weren't there. I understand, you're different from I am in the respect that you are immortal, but don't you eve treat me in such a rude way again."

"I am sorry Rostielle." Lucien meant what he said, he was sorry, from the very bottom of his heart. "I did not mean it like that. Is is not usual for mortals to ask the father's permission when asking for antoher's hand? I know I am not your father but in his absence I will protect you as he would." Sighing he ran his hand through his short white/blond hair. "May I come in and sit down?" Lucien tried to think of a way he could make his lover understand he was jealous and foolish like a young man of no sense would be.

"Lucien, it's not that. I know that. I know you're my guardian, ut you made it out as if that is all I am, and nothing more! Nothing more when we have not only an hour ago made sweet love to one another passionately in the back of my carriage, and here this man, who comes onto me strongly with attempt at seduction arrives and you only call me your ward basically. I thought I was much more than that to you, and do correct me if I am wrong." Rostielle said in scolding, eyeing the other with a small sigh and pout as he sat next to him.

"Nothing more?" La Croix repeated a little shocked. "I am your lover... at least I thought I was? Your lover, the one who will protect you always and your family. Is that not enough?" Lucien shook his head again. "I love you little one but you bring out such strong emotions in me. I am a warrior, I spent my mortal life fighting and this man... this other immortal. He has challanged me..." Fearing he was only making things worse he decided to shut up. "I was never very good at expressing myself...." He muttered and reached out to hold Rostielle's hand if the boy let him.

"You say this to me, but to him you told only that you were my guardian and openly challenged him to have me. You did not lay ownership on me at all in a sweet sense, but played my heart as though I was only property to you is what I meant. I know you're a warrior, Lucien, you've told me this much, but that doesn't need interfere with our life together."

Silence was defiantly the best option here. La Croix only seemed to make things worse when he opened his mouth before he had a chance to think things through. Concidering all his feelings and the fact he was sure Isolin would take him up on his challange, Lucien looked deep into his young lover's eyes.
"Should and go and tell him in no uncertin circumstances that you and I belong to each other and any effort on his behalf to change that would be most unwelcome?" If a decloration of ownership was what his beloved wanted then that was what the immortal would do.

"Yes, but not tonight, Lucien. Let's sleep and put this behind us." Rostielle said, yawning loudly."I just want to lay aside you and forget this little argument every happened. This is the happiest night I have ever lived so far, let's not ruin it." He whispered, kissing the other on the lips as he pulled him to bed after stripping naked.

If he had not enjoyed the kiss and the delicious sight of Rostielle stripping, Lucien would have been annoyed at just how easily the boy stayed his temper. To say the mortal belonged to him was wrong, it was he whom belonged to Rostielle. Hurridly removing his own clothing, Lucien kissed his little one softly on the lips, then wrapped himself around the bloy.
"I am pleased this night has been a joyous one for you my angel, for I will remember it fondly for all of eternity." He whispered remembering how good it felt to be inside the other, to taste his lips and hear Rostielle cry out in name with heated breath. "I love you little one... with all that I am..." Closing his eyes, Lucien suddenly felt all the tension and stress of the evening catch up with him and he began to doze off.

"I love you with everything too, Lucien." Rostielle whispered as he snuggled up to him. He thought about the other's words of 'for eternity' and he knew he would never know what that was like and meant. What was 'for eternity' like? He's grow old and die one day while Lucien went on to love another. He felt very sour just then thinking the thoughts he thought. "I need to quit this negativity and enjoy it while I can." He sighed and let himself drift off as well.

Lucien's sleep was troubled. All these feelings he had for Rostielle bought back memories of another mortal who had stolen his heart. The Roman Prince Rienne was very like his little one now and images of Rostielle laying lifeless caused him to wake suddenly. Sitting up, La Croix held up a shaking hand and frowned. That would never happen to his little one, his angel. He told himself trying to calm down. Between his nightmare and the thought of Isolin trying to steal Rostielle away, the immortal was in a very bad mood, and despiratly needed to gather the boy in his arms and smother him in kisses. Lucien needed to remind himself that Rostielle was still alive and at his side, for now at least.

Rostielle woke as his lover jolted up in bed. "Lucien, are you okay?" He asked, looking at the immortal's shaking hands, becomming more and more concerned by the mnute. "Love, what's wrong? You're shaking." He grabbed his hands and kissed them, looking up concernedly at his lover. He wished he also had the ability to read his thoughts at that moment, for he didn't know anything of what the other was feeling.

Smiling at his lover and leaning forward to kiss him, La Croix whispered.
"Just a nightmare little one." He peppered Rostielle with kisses, pulling him closer and enjoying the fact he could hold his lover in such a way. "Bad memories and a nightmare but everything is all right now my love." A mortal's life was so very short and Lucien did not want to waste a second of Rostielle's time with horrid thoughts.

"You promise it's allright?" Rostielle asked, not sure if he believed Lucien. "You can talk about anything in the world with me." He said, snuggling against the other, frowning as he didn't hear a heartbeat."If you want to that is." He added with a small smile.

"As long as I have you Rostiell everything will be all right, I promise." Seeing the boy frown Lucien tilted his head to the side. "And you can talk to me about anything too little one. Is there any questions you wish to ask about me or my kind?" Lucien realized he must be quite strange to his lover, being undead and all.

"Not really. None that I can think of anyways." Rostielle said, yawning. "Lucien, let's go back to sleep love. I am too tired to think right now." He said, holding tight to his lover. " I love you, I hope you don't have another nightmare love." He kissed his lips and snuggled deeper into his side, closing his eyes.

Comforted by Rostielle's warmth and steady heartbeat, La Croix kissed the boy's hair and closed his own eyes, drifting off to sleep again. This time he slept soundly safe in the knoledge his little one loved him still, and he did not wake until after dark that evening.

Rostielle woke surprisingly early and decided to spend his day outside before he accompanied his lover for the evening. He spent the day walking through woods and sitting down by a river where he watched the sun refelct off of the water. It wasn't until he returned home that he got a good sight of hos badly sunburnt he was and he frowned at the fact and frowned even more when by the time he went up to get a bath that most of it had faded into a light blush across his skin. He was absolutely puzzled by the fact but ended up shrugging and then went to Lucien's bedside, sitting aside the immortal, pressing kisses to his lips and cheeks, trailing them to his neck. "Luuuciiiennn I know it's a little early but you so need to waken."

Stirring, La Croix smiled and opened his eyes to see Rostielle leaning over him.
"Mmm my little angle, what is it?" It was early but Lucien did not mind being woken in such a way. Pulling the boy down onto him he kissed Rostielle passionatly then rolled so the boy was under him. Smothering his lover in light kisses the immortal purred.
"Good evening little one."

Rostielle blushed properly as he should have under the other. "Well, good evening to you too." He grinned and kissed the other back. "I just wanted to tell you that you should wake up even though it's a tad bit early. Ive already been out a while this morning and got a bit sunkissed, luckily most of it went away, I seem to be very good at not getting sunburnt.. hell I thought I was going to be rather crispy but my skin seems to like it's pale nature" He smiled and kissed him again. "Now that you're up, what do you wish to do for the evening?"

A very seductive grin curled Lucien's lips as he contemplated what he wished to do. Of course several rather passionate things came to mind but then he remembered they had a gest.
"Is ravashing you an excptable answer or does wanting to do that make me a scoundrel?" Chuckling softly La Croix kissed his little angel and nuzzled him. The boy's skin held a little heat form the sunburn but it seemed to be fading even as the immortal molested him.

"Mnn if you're a scoundrel, you're my scoundrel." Rostielle replied softly, rapt with desire for the other. He kissed him back, wrapping his legs about the other's waist. "In fact, you are more than welcome to molest me right at this moment." He said with passion evident in his words as he pressed closer to the other in want for more contact between them.

Breathing in Rostielle's scent, Lucien continued to kiss him as he shifted, positioning himself over the boy. All he could think of was being inside his beloved, of tasteing him and melting into his little one so they became a single being. Caressing Rostielle all over the immortal gently pushed a finger between the other's lips.
"Suck on it..." La Croix whispered intending to use the boy's own saliva as a lubricant. A soft purring moan escaped as Lucien closed his eyes and imagined his finger was his length that now stood fully engorged.

Rostielle sucked on Lucien's finger almost greedily, letting his tongue swirl around it as he did so moaning softly as he knew exactly why he was being told to do such a thing. He couldn't wait to feel his lover stretch him and then enter him. He continued to press their lengths together, glad to have slept naked next to his lover that night. He was so ready for him, so wanton and so wanting he clung to him desperately.

Enjoying the friction of them rubbing together far too much, Lucien sighed as he removed his finger and reached down to cricle Rostielle's enterence.
"My beautiful angel..." He purred ashe gently pressed inside his lover. A shiver ran down La Croix's back as the boy's muscles greeted him by clenching around his finger then relaxed again. Far too excited to hold back much longer, Lucien set about preparing his lover. "Rostielle..." He moaned and began to kiss and nip at the boy's neck as he continued to grind his erection into his lover's groin. That smell that always drove him wild filled his nostrils, making the immortal's head spin. "Mmmm My little one..." He whispered soflty in his rich velvety voice.

"My Lucien!" Rostielle whimpered as he adjusted to the other's fingers. "Please Lucien, don't worry about preparing me, I need you, now." He whispered hotly, arched to the other sexually as he begged for him to be inside him. He groaned and kissed him hard, having pulled him down and closer to him.

The other's need of him drove Lucien insane and he moved as quickly as he could to stretch his little one enough to enter him. Passion was taking over and he licked and kissed Rostielle's neck before he bit into him at the same time he positioned himself at the mortal's enterance and pushed the tip of his length inside. It was such a delightful feeling to be inside his little one and have the boy's life force filling him. This cycle of give and take sent shivers down La Croix's spine and he began to move inside his lover.
"My Angel..." He moaned round mouthfuls of warm, sweet blood.

Rostielle growled in delight at the dual feeling of being bitten and entered at the same time. He found himself lost in his own bit of a haze, kissing Lucien's neck as his own was sipped from. And a peculiar need arose in him. He was so .. thirsty, hungry almost and he bit the other, shocked as he realized he was easily drawing blood from him as well, but he liked it. Loved the way it felt, loved the way Lucien tasted. How had he been able to do that with normal mortal teeth? He hadn't bitten him very hard.. but here he was drinking of him, and his pleasure had increasd severely.

Blue eyes going wide, Lucien realized that his little one was feeding from him. His head spun, shivers of delight and pleasure ran through his entire body and La Croix felt closer to the boy then ever before but he was definatly being feed from.
"Rostielle..." he muttered around another mouthful of his lover's blood. The immortal was so very aroused and he began to thrust deeper and harder, claiming every inch of his little one. Lucien should have been shocked, he should have stopped and found out exactly what was happening to his beloved angel but lust's grip on his was far too tight. "My Rostielle..."

Rostielle whimpered, begging to drink more and more, lost in a spiral of lust as he very nearly came right on the spot. As Lucien thrust harder inside him, and faster, he began to moan louder, pulling away from Lucien's neck to kiss his lips hard, accidentally cutting them slightly in the process, causing him to apologetically lick the other's lips which set him to fire more and he felt he was safer drinking from the other, which he returned to just as he was climaxing, whining loudly against the other's neck as he finished, his nails scratching at Lucien's back as he held tight to him.

It was all too much for Lucien, the immortal was caught up in the clenching of his lover around his cock. Thoughts of surprise at the love bites Rostielle gave him were drown out by the pleasure of climax as something deep inside him snapped releasing his mind and his essence at once. It took a while before sight returned to his wide blue eyes and even longer for his mind to grasp the meaning of the boy feeding from him. Still shivering, La Croix gently pulled out of Rostielle and hugged the boy tight, kissing him all over.
"You have been keeping things from me little one..." Lucien purred and nuzzled the boy's neck. "There is more to you than your beauty and youth."

Rostielle frowned, not sure how to explain this new thing to his lover. "I didn't know I was keeping things.." He whispered, flicking his tounge over his own elongated teeth in panic. They luckily started to shrink back to their normal size but it made him pout. "Lucien, I honestly didn't know I was able to do that. I don't know how I would have such ability." He finished, kissing the other on the lips. "But you do taste good.."He searched his mind desperately, trying to find exactly where and when in time he might have acquired such things.

Smiling at the boy and kissing him back Lucien chuckled softly.
"It seems I am not your first vampire. I am not talking about sexually love." He added gently pressing his index finger to the boy's nose. "I am a little embarrassed I did not notice it earlier but then when it comes to you my little angel I am rather blinded by love." All Lucien could think of was what other side effects the immortal blood might cause in his lover. If his little one lived longer or was more resistant to illness, La Croix would thank whom ever it was to grant Rostielle such a gift.

"But I odn't remember such a thing, Lucien." Rsotielle said sfotly, glad the other was happy with the way he was. "I mean, I don't get it, not once in the forms of my other lovers did anything of this sort happen. I've never felt what I just felt. But then.. they were mortal. I don't know, I honestly do not remember anything that could possibly have happened to give me these.. traits."

Smiling the immortal was was just so happy to be able to share a deeper level of intimacy with his Rostielle. The love making had bought his entire world undone and Lucien was still buzzing from the extreem pleasure of it.
"Well that gives us something to look into little one. Fear not I am sure what ever the reason for your gifts it was a good one." Lucien was enjoying their closeness far too much and he began to kiss his lover all over again.

Rostielle grinned as his lover kissed him so many times and he returned as many of the kisses as he could. "Well, it certainly helps. Though, now I know why I didn't burn earlier.. well burned horribly but then healed right away..." He said, proud of making such a connection. "And it explains why I look a little younger than I am." He shrugged. "I still wish I knew. Ah well. What do you want to do today, Lucien my love?"

"Hmmm...?" The immortal was very busy kissing and caressing every inch of Rostielle and he gave the boy a fake pout. "Is molesting you all evening not an option?" He asked then laughed, his rich tones rumbling around the room. "Seriously Rostielle I have a little business to attend too and I need to have a meeting with our... guest but other then that I am all yours this evening." La Croix found himself becoming more and more interested in how his lover had come to possess vampire blood and who's blood it was.

Rostielle pouted a little. "Awe, it's not fair to tease, but suuure. You go do that and I will.. well.. I have no idea what I will do. I think I will go into father's library and read into some of his old journals he stashed away. Those are always fun to read." He kissed the other and wiggled out from beneath him and yawned "After I get a bath of course."

Watching his lover leave, Lucien sighed. He missed the boy already but he had duties to attend too and another immortal to deal with. Standing up he rubbed his hands through his short white/blonde and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His body was still that of a soldier and his pale skin and white hair made his blue eyes stand out and sparkle but he still felt threatened by Isolin. Sighing, La Croix went into the other room and began to dress for the evening. The sooner he began to work the sooner he could have Rostielle in his arms again. Straightening his coat, the immortal went down stairs to look for Isolin.

Isolin could be found sitting calmly on the reclinging couch in Rostielle's living room, reading over his notes which he had taken for the business. He had overheard much of what had happened upstaires and smirke at the occurence. For it was he who had given Rostielle the taste of immortality that he had. It was he who tainted the little one, and poor Lucien would have to deal with that notion that Rostielle would always be connected to him in some way. "Well, good morning, mister La Croix."

"Good morning." Lucien replied. He was in a much better mood then the evening before and he even managed a slight smile for the other immortal. "If you have no objections I would like to get down to business right away?" Opening the folder that had all the forms and information he needed, La Croix sat down beside Isolin. It would have been polite to ask how the other slept or engage in some other small talk seeing as their kind did not need refreshments but Lucien was in a bit of a rush.

Isolin smirked at Lucien, flipping a page casually in his notes. “Which part of business? Your lover already having some…. Common characteristics of our own kind? Or of his father’s business? I am assuming both. Let me save you the trouble of looking. I am the reason he’s as he is. Doesn’t that just bite?” The pun was a bad one, but it got his point across, staring Lucien down. “He was very sick you see. Very very deathly ill. If I had not stepped in for that month he wouldn’t be here now. You should worship me.”

To say Lucien was shocked and furious was an understatment. Remembering that Isolin was a guest and a business partner he growled but resisted the urge to lash out.
"I see..." Keeping his tone even was much harder then he thought it would be.
"Well I guess I do own you some gratitude for saving him but Rostielle is mine now. Yours is not the only blood he has tasted." La Croix practically spat the last part and he realized his hands were tight fists on his lap.

“No, it’s obviously not, but you are not going to truly deny my part of enjoyment in the other should I wish for it, I hope. I haven’t told him of these things. His fever wiped away his memory. Of course, he is yours, but not if I turn him before you do, and you seem to have enough morals to keep from that. Oh my, you are in a tight spot aren’t you? Think about it. Either curse the boy yourself or let me do it. Of course, what if I don’t mean to do it at all and you curse him anyways… he might grow to hate you forever and ultimately lean to me. Or perhaps I am not your enemy at all…maybe I want to aid you in being with him?” Isolin said these things with a small smile, meeting Lucien's gaze evenly.

Lucien actually hissed like some kind of wild cat. The comments about Rostielle hating him were too close to home for the immortal. Nicolas was a very, very sore point for La Croix and it was a wonder he managed to keep form physically attacking Isolin.
"He is mine as I am his!" Lucien's teeth began to lengthen and his eyes narrowed as he longed for a blade or other weapon. Though such things were of little use against his kind there was a certen comfort in holding the familure blades or spears. "I have no intention of robbing him of his mortal life and if you attempt too I will end you!" Standing up, La Croix snarled.
"You had better make your intentions, what ever they may be, clear Isolin! Are you my enemy or my friend?!" Lucien demanded, glaring down at the others and trying with all his might to control his temper.

Hearing the shouting down below Rostielle panicked, grabbing a towel that he wrapped around his waist and practically jumped the flight of stairs to stop whatever sense of doom was going to happen. "What the hell is going on?" He asked dripping wet and barely able to hold onto his towel."I can't even bathe in peace. If you two can't get along I am going to have to separate you!"

Isolin smirked up at Rostielle as the boy stood in such a manner. "Well, little one, I was just saying, you're partly mine. You have had my blood before you've ever touched Lucien or heard of him. It would be my right to turn you. And don't think you'll stay mortal forever, I know myself and I know from ... past individuals that Lucian wont be able to hold his hand from corrupting you either."

Rostielle frowned. "Isolin, I hardly know you. What are you talking about?"

"You were very ill back a couple of years ago. Extremely. In fact had I not intervened you would have died." Isolin said, irritated with repeating it. He stood and carressed Rostielle's cheek."The fever wiped it away. That's why you remember nothing. However, believe me when I say you belong to me quite the lot." He kissed the other's forehead and let his eyes dart to Lucien."Just watch yourself, Rostielle. It's unclear who to trust."

Rostielle slapped Isolin away, feeling very vulnerable. "Just because you've had my blood and I yours does not mean that you own me." He said angrily. "If anyone I belong to Lucian. Besides for owning me so much you certainly haven't been here. I don't want to hear it. Not to mention who says I odn't want to one day live forever with Lucian? I'm in love with him, and have not much of a life. I am a free soul who can do what he pleases. If you can not behave, Isolin, I will have Lucian take father's business elsewhere."

Isolin smiled a little. "You're just like your father. Strong willed and beautiful. When he betrays you, little one, don't say I didn't warn you." With that Isolin took his seat again and eyed Lucien with a somber look. Could the other immortal not see he was simply immensely protective over the little one?

Not used to haveing others fight his battles for him, Lucien's ego was bruised slightly by the fact Rostielle stood up to Isolin. It was also a little arousing to see such strenght in his angle witch of course confused him even more. The rules of his kind were very different to those of mortals especially when it came to ownership of turned of mortals. If the matter of Rostielle was bought before the governing body or immortals it was more likely his rival would win, a fact that enraged La Croix. Calming himself and schooling his features so he was no longer looked like a wild animal cornered, Lucien sat back down as well but reached out his hand so he could hold the boy and and pull his little one a little closer.
"I am insulted that you belive I will betray young Rostielle." He answered trying but failing to keep the challanging tone out of his velvety voice.

"I do not know truly if you will or not, Lucien." Isolin started, eyeing the two. "But I do know that Rostielle's rather bewitched by you. Keep him safe, love him, and don't let him stray, that's all I am asking. You weren't around when he was ill and dying. You weren't there to see that angelic little thing almost fall into darkness."

Rostielle sighed. "Could you two please just stop already!" He shouted, stiff as Lucien held him. "I am sick of all of this bantering, there is no reaosn the two of you can not just simply get along!"

Squeezing Rostielle a little tighter, La Croix snarled. He wanted to be the better man and be civil but as always his temper got the better of him. He did manage to restrain himself from doing anything other then that shamful growl though. Sighing Lucien decided to make peace with Isolin.
"Truce?" He asked offering the other immortal his hand. Usually La Croix would never have done such a the but the way he saw it, his little one was worth it. "I assure you I have every intention of loving him and keeping him safe."

Isolin took the other's hand but tighter than he should have. "Truce. Until something bad happens." He whispered, looking at Rostielle. "You're such a beautiful young man. Lucien, you're rather lucky to have him." He sighed and made a turn. "Now, could we talk about the business?"

Rostielle huffed. "I wont flutter away, you're squeezing me to death." He said with a pout, kissing his lover on the lips. "Calm love" He whispered against the kiss, stroking his beloved's hair until Isolin came over to make the truce with him. He wondered if it would last longly.

Once again Lucien had to swallow his rage and bite his tongue else he make matters worse. He still did not trust Isolin and the fact he was now forced to be civil and deal with the immortal in his business life and private life left a bitter taste in his throat.
"I am trying..." He whispered to Rostielle. Letting out a long breath in an attempt to calm himself, Lucien found the papers Alas had written up outlining the exchange of goods between Isolin and the company.
"I assume the terms are still the same?" He said handing the papers over.

"Yes, they're the same." Isolin replied, shrugging and takin a seat across from Lucien. "If there are any changes you would like to make I would like to review them first."

Rostielle was bored to death by business talk and he sat there, looking at both boredly, playing with a strand of his own hair.

"Love..." Lucien said smiling at Rostielle. "Why don't you go and dress? I do not want you falling ill because you are sitting around in nothing but a towel." Although it seemed unlikely that the boy would become that ill with his and Isolin's blood in him, La Croix was still worried. "I promise I will play nice." He added, kissing his little one rather passionatly.

Rostielle blushed, completely having forgotten that he wasn't dressed properly. "Ohhh yes, I forgot I was practically naked." He rose and kissed his lover back with even more force than was given and made his way upstairs, accidentally letting the towel slip from his fingers a bit, causing his behind to become exposed.

Isolin couldn't stop himself from staring at the young boy's naked behind as he moved to go upstairs, even tilted his head and narrowed his eyes at how nicely shaped it was. "Well.. as we were saying..." He let his voice trail off as the little one left their room.

If he had not just promised he would behave, La Croix would have slapped the other immortal for looking at what he concidered his.
"I have looked over everything and Alas knew his business well." Eyes narrowing Lucien clenched his fists. "All you have to do is check everything is in order and sign." The urge to strike Isolan growing by the second.

Isoln looked at Lucien's tense form and rolled his eyes. "Would you stop!? So what if I admire your little beauty. You need to calm down." He checked the paper off and signed his name at the bottom of it. "My gods, how could you not look? He's got a cute little behind and a beautiful face to go with it."

For a moment Lucien growled then suddenly he burst out laughing. It was a rather drastic mood swing, bought on by the realization that Isolin was indeed correct.
"True...." He muttered. "I would not be able to keep my eyes off him either, were I in your position." Remembering the first time he had met Rostielle, Lucien smiled. There had been a soft scent on the breeze and a sense of something familure and aluring which he now beleived was immortal blood in the boy. He had fallen in love before he first layed eyes on his little one but that beautiful face sealed the deal where La Croix's heart was concerned.

"Yes, I wish I had one like him. Someone so beautiful. Those kinds of mortals are not easy to find, especialy not one that's slightly enhanced as your little love is.I wish that I could find someone like that. Small, innocent, cute, beautiful, adoringly perfectr personality.. all of those things that your little one has." He said, sighing a little lost about it. "You have a rare gift and if you allow me I will help you protect it. I wont touch. The temptation to do so will be great, but I will refrain. I just want him happy. I want him safe. I know you can't keep an eye on him twenty four seven. But I can help with that."

Hearing the longing in the other's voice was hard for Lucien, he had never been one to share, not even to the smallest extent. There was truth in Isolin's words though, he could not be there to protect his little one every hour of every day.
"If you promise to keep your hands off." Swallowing as much of the contempt and miss trust as he could La Croix forced a smile. "I will attempt to control my temper." Admiting he had a temper at all was a big step for Lucien. There was nothing he would not do to for his beloved, Rostielle meant everything to him. Setteling into the chair and getting comfortable. Lucien straightened his clothes using the time to calm himself. "How do you suggest we protect Rostielle during the day light hours? Neither of us can be there then."

"Honestly he seems to not need protection during those hours. He sleeps as we do, does he not? We need to find a mortal that we trust dearly however and send them with him for protection whenever he does go out during the day in those rare moments." Isolin shrugged. "I know of no such mortal. If we could forbid the little one from leaving the house during daylight then there is no reason we would need worry. He sleeps in your bed and such as it is. You'd be able to protect him then."

Even though it made perfect sense the idea of forbiding Rostielle to do anything left a sour taste on his tongue.
"He does not strike me as one who would like being told he could not do something..." Lucien was talking to himselfself more than Isolin and memories of forbidding Nicolas to do many things caused him to frown. "Do you know of any others in the area? Of our kind I mean?" The former Roman General had come across several others in his time and most meetings did not go well. That was mostly his fault being the angry, gealous, blood thirsty tyrant he was. Only one other vampire had been able to tame him, so to speak. Smiling at the thought of his old lover, Lucien returned his attention to Isolin.

Isolin nodded. "There are several in this area actually. One I am surprised you've yet to run into as he is your creation. The others keep to themselves and are peaceful, they would not harm your little one. Not so far as I know. Even more they would respect the boy because they'd be able to sense the both of us in his blood. I do know several mortals that could protect him... but I think the best would be the immortal you know. He's been building up his stamina to the sunlight. Apparently he's been trying for a while now to turn himself mortal. He will never succeed in that by the way, but he's able to be out in the light for a good while, albeit he's rather sleepy. I also know that subject is a very touchy one for you. I've met the young man, he's quite charming. Nicholas would be willing to protect your lover." He finally said the name and wondered if Lucien would be angry or alright with the idea.

It was only seconds into this conversation that Rostielle came down, dressed and yawning. "Ugh! I can not seem to waken!" He said mroe to himself. He listened in to their talking and tilted his head in wonder. "What in the hell are you two talking about? Who's Nicolas? I need protection? From what?" He frowned a little and made to seat himself in Lucien's lap.

Mentioning Nicolas did indeed upset La Croix and his eyes narrowed as he looked at the other immortal. It was only the presence of his beloved Rostielle that stayed his anger and when the boy climbed onto his lap, Lucien wrapped his arms around him protectivly.
"Well little one..." La Croix began reminding himself that Rostielle did not deserve the sharp tone in his voice. "Among our kind there are often those who wish to harm each other and the mortals close to us. I was asking
Isolin here who esle was in the area and he mentioned one of my own turned. Oh there is no need to fear him. You would like Nicolas and I am sure he would love you but..." Thinking how best to phrase his relationship with his son, Lucien sighed. "Let us just say that he and I are not really on speaking terms at the moment." Under his breath the immortal added. 'Or yelling terms either, not after last time.' It hurt Lucien that he had been estranged from his child and the fact he was beginning to understand that it was mostly his fault did not help at all.

"Oh." Rostielle said, kissing his lover on the lips. "That's not good. Are you sure you really want me to be around someone who's argumentative with you at best?" He asked, kissing him a little more firmly. "Mnn we could always talk about this later of course. Lucien.. I haven't have you all day." He whispered, biting his lover's lower lip, not caring about Isolin watching them.

"Perhaps I should leave you two be." Isolin said with a frown. "I will go find Nicolas and request he watch Rostielle during the day. Have fun."

It amused Lucien just how quickly his little one could arouse him. Even in his mortal youth he had not been so quick to rise to the occasion.
"How am I ever to get any work done with you about my darling angel?" There was a slight chuckle in his velvety voice and he pulled Rostielle closer for a very passionate kiss. Isolin was forgotten as was Nicolas and all that had passed between them. Lucien's world at that moment was tiny, consisting only of him and he beloved mortal. As he kissed the boy, La Croix's hands caressed Rostielle's back, sliding up into his hair then down towards the other's rear. Licking and nipping at his little one's neck, Lucien whispered sweet nothings as he began to remove their clothing, not caring if he ruined them.

Rienne giggled as his love began to tear into his clothing while kissing and carressing him. He groaned and seated himself better on his love's lap, giving him a bite to his neck. "Oh Lucien, it's tormenting to be so lusted and love-filled for one." He said quietly, lightly grinding his hips against the other's while his hands slipped around his neck and tugged on his lover's short hair.

Isolin watched them a brief moment befoe he left them to mollest one another. He really wanted a young boy like Rostielle. Someone beautiful and willing, passionate and exceedingly obedient. He needed that. But that was something not around. He shrugged it off as he always did and made his way outside to find Nicolas which wasn't so hard to do. He only had to look in the most humble house that was still tidy and still considered proper for living by anyone's standards whether first class or pauper. He knocked impatiently on the door and waited the other to answer.

"Yes?" Was the simple one word question that Nicolas asked. It was the only thing he could think of when he opened the door and saw Isolin standing there. He'd met him a few times but they'd never really conversed, making him wonder what the elder could possibly want.

"You've been getting better at being out during the day, Nicolas. Here, let me cut right to the point. Rostielle, my dead business partner's son, remember that I told you of him?"

"Oh... yes I do, did somethng happen?"

"No... but Lucien and I can not keep an aeye on him during the day.We were wondering if you perhaps could."

Nicolas narrowed his eyes and stood perfectly still at the mention of that name. "Lucien. As in Lucien LaCroix? As in the man I can not stand for how much he hurt me time and time again?"

"Now hear me out, Nicolas. You wont even have to come into contact with him. It's just the little one who is with him. They're lovers, you see. And Rstielle is still mortal. All I ask is that you spend time with Rostielle, not Lucien. Just collect the boy in the mornings if he wishes to go and have him back by dark. You've got the strength of our kind and the ability to walkin the light. You're perfect for the case. Or should I let the little one be cursed to darkness before he's even turned?"

Nicolas sighed in a defeated way. "I.. don't know. How can I be sure I will not come into contact with Lucien? " He asked, staring curiously at the other.

"I will make sure that if any meeting betwen you should happen it would be accidental." Isolin said, sighing. "I will deliver the boy to you just before daybreak if you would like."

"I don't know, Isolin. I have nothing else to do. I may as well. You just promise me I never have to see Lucien's face and it's a done deal."

As soon as he had disrobed Rostielle, Lucien stood up and walked to the wall so he could press the boy up against it. He loved the way his little one clung to him and kissed Rostielle with lustful need.
"My angel..." Lucien muttered in between kisses and bowed down to lick and stuckle at the boy's plump, pink nipples before returning to his neck and drinking deeply. With one arm holding his young lover up, La Croix used his free hand to clugh both their cocks and slowly pump it up and down. Already leaking and so hard it was painful the immortal pulled back a little. "I want you Rostielle... No, I need you..." He purred in his deep velvet voice. Removing his hand from their lengths, Lucien spat in it then reached down to lubricate his lover. "Please forgive my haste little one but I can not hold back any longer."

Rostielle moaned and kissed his lover hotly as he ground against him, "I need you too my Lucien. Please my love! Inside me." He moved against the other's hand, wanting to feel any part of his lover inside him. "Please, Lucien." He begged more and more, whimpering and grinding against the other.

AS quickly as he could, Lucien stretched his beloved and then as was his habit it bit into Rostielle's neck again as he plunged deep inside him. It was such a wonderful sensation to be inside hid little one and have Rostielle's blood inside him. They were connected on a level no mortal could ever hope to achieve and Lucien moaned loudly as he allowed himself to become lost in the boy. Over and over La Croix thrust into his angel, deeper and harder, shivering and shaking as blinding white bliss gripped him. If he had not been holding on to Rostielle so tightly he would have ended right there and then. Only the sharp bite of his lover's nails digging into his skin allowed him to last longer.

Rostielle called out loudly as he was pushed into, gasping harshly at the feeling of pain that almost too slowly turned into pleasure. But the more his lover thrust, the more involved he became in it. The more he became lost in his lover's touches and thrusts the more he felt that hnger fill him again and in only minutes into their coupling he bit the other's neck hard, moaning elatedly at the blood that surged into his mouth.

Lucien thrust harder, fearing he might crush his lover with the firosity of it. Everything was beginning to unwravel, his little one, his Rostielle tasted so sweet. The bloy clung to him, squeezing him tight both inside and out, sending the immortal into another round of extecy.
"Rostielle....! My angel..." Feeling like a mad man, La Croix closed his eyes for a moment and was thankful he did not need to breath because he was far to lost to do so at that moment. Lucien was nearing his end at break neck speed, clutching and thrusting, crying out and moaning. "Rostielle...."

"Lucien!" Rostielle needed only a few more thrusts before he was finishing hard all ovr his lover's chest, licking and sucking on the wound he'd created on the other. "Lucien! Oh, sweet Lucien!" He tightened and clenched his lover as he finished furhter, riding out the extra little shocks of pleasure that found their way into him."Mn Lucien I love you." He said while kissing him.

That clenching was the end of Lucien. He filled the boy with his seed as everything turned white hot. In that single moment the pleasure was too intense, even for him and he swooned slightly.
"How you have defeated me and bent me to your will little one." He whispered leaning close and breathing heavily. It took a long time for him to calm down, for the little clenches of his lover to cease sending jolts through his entire being.
"I love you Rostielle..." Lucien whispered softly and began to nibble on the boy's ear and neck, enjoying their closness and post cuital bliss.

"As though you've not conquered me?" Rostielle asked with a small sigh of contentment, amazed at how powerful their lovemaking tended to be. He kissed him and gave his own little loving nips and kisses. "I love you, Lucien. We should bathe together. I am quite sure my bath from earlir is a ruin now." He said, not minding in the least bit if they bathed again.

Laughing and brushing a strand of fair hair out of Rostielle's face Lucien nodded.
"Yes I think a bath is in order, we both seemed to have worked up quite a sweat and I am rather sitcky." With a playful glint in his blue eyes the former General scouped up a little of his lover's seed to prove his point and screwed his nose up at it. "Come little one, I can scrub your back for you and wash your hair." Lucien enjoyed any excuse to get his hands all over the boy.

Rostielle blushed as the other toyed with his spilt seed a moment and nodded. "Yes, I can't wait to see you with water dripping off of your skin by the way" He whispered, knowing he sounded very provocative and didn't care in the least. He could feel this way about his lover and love every second of it.

Raising an eyebrow and smirking, Lucien gently pulled out of his lover and held the boy, bridal style as he headed for the bathroom. La Croix could not help kissing Rostielle and nuzling him as he held him close.
"Mmm you smell good even when you are all sewaty and dirty my angle." He purred, not caring if the servants saw them walking around the house naked.

"Ew, you mean I just smell like you." Rostielle said with a small grin, not particularly liking to smell like sweat and dirt. And his lover smelled far better than both of those things. "At least like you when we make love." He grinned and held tight to him, just waiting the warm water he was going to share with his beloved.

"Well to me you smell wonderful." Lucien said grinning. Being a former Roman General he was used to the smell of dirt and sweat, it actually reminded him of the battle field and bought back good memories. Granted those memories were bloody and violent but still for the immortal they were good ones. "Of course you still smell like perfume and soap underneath it all." La Croix added and nuzzled his lover's neck again.

"That's good, because perfume and soap are quite lovely." Rostielle said as he hopped out of his lover's grasp when they finally reached the bathroom. He ran the water closer to hot rather than warm, glad they were already naked.

Watching his little one run him a bath, Lucien could not help smiling. Rostielle was so very graceful, even when doing everyday chores. It was the little things like that which Lucien loved the most and missed the most when he was in between lovers.
"You are very beautiful little one." He whispered smiling.

"And you, my handsome Roman, are quite sexy yourself." Rostielle let his mind think on that title of sorts 'Roman'. "You know, Lucien... I wouldn't mind a bit of .. role-play with you." He said, growing a little flushed just thinking of it. "You know, say you were dressed as your former self.. a general in the Roman army.. and say I was some helpless young thing at yur mercy and you just overtook my city.. I wouldn't be adverse to being conquered by you." He said, looking up lustedly at the other. "In fact, I think I might just beg you for such a thing."

Lucien burst out laughing. The very thought of playing such a scene aroused him.
"My, My Rostielle, what a willing little lover you are." The smile upon the immortal's lips could not have been wider, he suddenly moved behind the boy and gathered his wrist behind his back. Holding them in place with one large, strong hand, Lucien began to nuzzle and kiss his little one. "Mmm such delightful spoils of war..." He purred and reached around to gently pinch Rostielle's nipple.

"Yes, and all for you." Rostielle whispered, enjoying much the feeling of being held captive by his love. "But love, where in the world are we going to find the appropriate wardrobe for our act with one another?" Rostielle asked out of curiosity.

"Hmmmm." Lucien thought for a moment. "Perhaps there is someone at the market place who sells that sought of thing or at least a tailor we can have make them for us. Should we try and find them tonight or leave it for tomorrow eve?" La Croix was getting hungry and needed a snack but he was torn between feeding and staying with his beloved Rostielle.

"Well, it's not so close to morning at all yet. We've hardly been awake, so after our bath we should go into town." Rostielle replied with his own form of logic. He feltit would be just fine to go and see what was open, there should be several market vendors open even at the late-ish hour that they lived in, he smiled at the thought of how they would look searching for such things together. "And if it gets awkward we could simply tell them we're putting on a play."

That made La Corix laugh.
"They do not need to know that our play has no audience. A play it is." Winking at Rostielle the immortal took a cloth rubbed it with a scented soap and began to wash the boy's back. It was hard to control himself and not molest his young lover. Rostielle looked so very inviting and the urge to feed from him was growing. "While we are out little one, I will need to feed." He added. "That is not something I want to expose you to just yet my love... I will have to leave you somewhere safe while I do..." Now Lucien was thinking of a safe place for his beloved mortal while he went about his bloody business. To say the former General was overprotective of Rostielle was an gross understatment.

"I've already seen you feed rather visciously, remember? I don't mind, it's almost neat to watch." Rostielle said, shrugging. "But yes, the safest place I know would be probably at the courthouse. It's right there near the market so I wouldn't be too far, and what bad thief or criminal would come up to someone there of all places? Or the police station, I have no problem waiting at either." He relaxed under his lover's touch, also soaping his hands to clean the other at the same time.

Smiling and realizing he was being a little over dramatic, Lucine continued to was his lover.
"All right, as long as you promise to stay safe while I find some poor excuse for a man to feed on." Leaning forward, he began to kiss and and nibble on Rostielle's neck.

Rostielle shivered as the cold air around them hit his skin and yet his lover's lips attacked his neck with nibbling. "Love, you're turning me lusted again, behave or else we will never get out of this tub." He insisted, kissing the other on the lips after moaning quietly.

Drinking in that moan as if it were a heady wine, Lucius smiled.
"Would that be such a bad thing little one?" He purred but stopped kissing Rostielle and started to rince the boy's hair. He needed to feed else he attack his young lover and La Croix was never going to repeat the mistake he made with Rienne.

"I don't know that it would be a bad thing at all, but if you seek to stop being hungry at all this evening it is best that we go ahead and get out there so you can feed, you can always take a bit from me of course if you wish it to hold you over."

"You truely are very sweet." Lucien whispered in the boy's ear and lingered long enough to nibble on Rostielle's lobe a moment. "If we hurry I guess we will have time to molest each other once we return home." He purred delighting in the thought. Once he had finished tending to his lover, the immortal washed his short, white, blonde hair and climbed out of the bath. After wrapping his towel around his waist he held Rostielle's towel out for him so he could wrap the boy in the soft fabric.

Rostielle snuggled down into his towel, enjoying the feeling of the fabric as it encase him. "I love these towels, they're always so soft." He whispered nonsensically. And then he leant up to kiss his lover before he lead the way out of the bathroom in which to dress for their outing. "How about yellow?"

Lucien could not help smiling brightly.
"Yellow would be splinded little one, you will look like dazling gold in yellow..." It was very difficult not to molest his young lover but La Croix managed to restrict himself to a simple kiss before he began to sort out his own clothing. "Rostielle, my little golden angel." He purred meaning every word.

Rostielle blushed and hid a giggle at the way the other talked so sweetly about him. He hugged him from bhind and kissed his back."Well, at least my skin is not golden, if that were to be, you'd be blinded, now wouln't you?" He grinned and kisse his lover again before he dressed in the lovely yellow attire and then sat on the bed to wait his lover.

As soon as he was dressed, Lucien smiled at his little one and offered Rostielle his arm.
"Shall we?" He asked in his smooth velvety voice, smiling in a slightly preditorery way. "You are like a golden ray of sunshine in the darkness..." La Croix added and stole another kiss. It was impossible to leave the boy alone, he simply had to say sweet things and plant kisses upon Rostielle's cheeks.

The predatory smile Rostielle recieved from his lover made him shiver all over. He kissed the other back an wrapped his arms about his neck, which pulled him flush up against the other. "Mn, we better go, I wont leave if we don't. And I am sur I could persuade you to stay."

"If you remain that close to me my love you will have to persuade me to leave." Lucien laughed but deep down inside he was beginning to loose his battle with his lust and passion. "Come Rostielle." Taking the boy by the hand he dragged his young lover along behind him, doing his best to get out of the house before he could change his mind and ravage his little one.

Rostielle pouted cutely and tugged the other back teasingly, presing against him just before they reached the carriage. He kisse him hard, moaning wantonly into their kiss and then pulled away abruptly, winking at him to tease him a little and then hopped into the carriage as though he had not just tormented the one he loved so dearly.

Letting out a long breath, Lucien tried to calm himself and hide his growing manhood.
"You are the devil himself little one." The former General called aver Rostielle then climbed into the carriage. Instead of sitting beside the boy, he climbed onto him and gently pushed Rostielle backward until he was laying on the seat and Lucien was poised above him. "Did you really think you could create a fire and not get burned?" The smile upon La Corix's lips was pure evil as he began to kiss his beloved and let one hand slide up the boy's thighs.

"Yes, I did actually." Rostielle whispered lustily as the other slid a hand along his thigh. He pulle his lover down for a kiss. "First I am an angel, and now the devel." He grinned at that. "It didn't take long for me to fall from grace, did it?" He kissed the other again, harer, with more lust involved in it. "Lucien, you make me want you always."

As his passion deepened, La Croix felt his fangs beging to lengethen. Hunger was growing and not just his hunger for his young lover's flesh. Sighing he forced himself away form Rostielle and sat up on the seat, running his hand trough his short white/blonde hair.
"I need to feed my love..." He whispered, ashamed that he could not control his urges better. "We can finish this little conversation after the hunt." It was so hard to restrain himself but the image of a lifeless Rienne was all he needed to snap out of his hunger induced fever.

Rostielle pouted but unerstood his lover's wish to not harm him. He leant up and kissed him gently. "I understand, but I don't min realy. If you think you can only take a sip." He smiled and lay his head in his lover's lap, wondering what it was like to be tormented all of the time by hunger you couldn't always control, to be tormented always by the possibility that you might harm those you love the most.

Caressing his young lover and enjoying the closness, Lucien sighed.
"That is the problem my little one, I do not trust myself when the hunger is this strong. Please do not be upset with my need to hold back just now." The immortal stroked Rostielle's golden hair. "You are the most precious thing in my life my darling angel." He purred.

"I am not upset at you at all for it. I just wish I understood much better." Rostielle stated, kissing his lover chastely on the lips. "I worry about you, you know? It must be horrible to be this thing that you are and not be able to do anything about it but suffer when you are to suffer."

His lover's words reminded him of the things Nicolas had said to him after he had bought him across into the darkness. His beloved child had cursed him for condemning him to such a life and now Rostielle spoke of his suffering because of what he was. In a very un Lucien moment, La Croix sighed.
"Could we please change the subject little one?" He was angry at himself but when he looked at Rostielle he just could not bring himself to take that anger and fury out on the boy like he always did with Nicolas. Realizing the many mistakes he had made in his past was a bitter pill to swallow.

Rostielle frowned a bit as he felt scolded an nodde quietly. "I'm sorry." He said softly.He offered the other a small smile and winked at him as though to signal that he was all right but in reality he didn't know why the subject angere his lover so much. "Coul we talk about it at a later time? I want to know why it bohters you."

Not far from Nicolas' neat, tidy house a pretty young mortal boy was pleading with several men who had cornered him.
"Please stop. Let me on my way..." The largest of the men laughed and pushed his prey so the boy backed into the wall. "Please I need to go home now, I am expected." Growling at the boy the men stepped closer to him.
"Did no one ever tell you it was dangerous to walk around the back alleys by your self?" Fear widened the boy's eyes.
"Please let me pass." He insisted in a quivering voice.
"Such a pretty little thing like you.... why bad men could do bad things to once such as you." That remark made the young man flaten himself against the wall so he was as far from his tormentors as possible.
"I was out with my cousin... My parents died of fever and I am new here..." Despirately the boy's eyes darted around looking for an escape.
"So where is your cousin now?" A second man asked leaning closer so the boy could smell his putrid breath.
"He... he is back at the tavern... My aunt and uncle will be worried and I was trying to get home as quickly as I could...." Realising his story and pleading were not working in his favour the boy swallowed hard. His hand searched the rough, cold stones of the wall as he began to inch his was to the left. "Please I really must be going now..." Laughter filled the alleyway as the men stepped closer again. The large man caressed the terrorfied boy's check and fingered a stand of reddish brown hair.
"Such a pretty little thing, and look how you try to run away? Just like a little mouse... yes that name suits you, my little mouse." Shaking uncontrolably the boy tried to straighten and make himself a little taller but it did not work.
"I am not your mouse. My name is Gregory." That little act of defiance was all Greg could manage and in his mind he silently screamed out for someone to save him.

Isolin was walking the long way back to Lucien's, hoping to find a bit of a meal on his way back as he was in great need of a snack. He frowned as he heard signs of a confrontation and peered around the corner. "Oh... a meal and.. a pretty little thing.." He calmly walked up behind the offending man that was threatening the younger and grabbed him by the neck. "I believe the boy said to leave him alone, and that he had somewhere to be." He whispered lowly, high off of the fear the other emitted. "In other words, you're going to come with me a moment." He didn't want the little one to see his viscious feeding habits sohe took the man in the dark and killed him with a snap of the neck after he sipped of his blood, just enough to take off the edge of his hunger.

The other attackers had feld when Isolan grabed their leader, leaving Gregory standing there up against the wall in shock. The boy was not exactly sure what had happened, his heart still pounding wildly in his chest. Had the oddly pale stranger not come to his rescue, he was sure things would have gotten much worse.
"Err... Sir?" He called out in a still shaken voice. "Sir I think I owe you ad debt of gratitude... are you still there Sir?" Regaining a little of his confidence Greg took one step away from the wall. "Thank you..." He called out stretching his neck in an attempt to see around the corner without having to move closer to it.

Isolin thought it was cute the way the young mortal peered about for him. He saw him peek around the corner and couldn't help but chuckle. He quickly dropped the dead body of the boy's attacker and made his way back to him after he made sure to cover his tracks. "You're welcome. You owe me no debt." He said softly, leaning against the wall. "But allow me to walk you home. You don't want to be prey for another bought of evil men do you?"

Smiling up at Isolan, Gregory studied the man as best he could without being rude and outright staring at him. The pale skin and the sparkle in his rescuer's eyes fasinated him.
"Thank you, I would love for you to walk me home." Being set upon again was the last thing the boy wanted. "You must let me repay you for your kindness Sir... oh how rude of me, I have not even introduced myself. I am Gregory Parolli." The boy offered his hand to the immortal, blushing slightly. "I am new to this area and not yet familure with its..." Greg tried to think of hte right word. "Locals yet." He finished.

"I see," Isolin took the other's hand in his and pressed a chaste kiss to the back of it, normally an action headed for women, but he found this beauty deserved such affection from him. "I am Isolin Siruvet. Our locals.. at least in the alleys, are not worth knowing. You should keep to the main roads at night, mister Parolli." He said softly, hooking arms with him. "Now, lead me in the proper direction and I will be sure you're safe at home."

The kiss on the hand and kind words made Gregory blush deeper and he found himself wondering what it feel like if those lips were pressed against his own. Shaking his head and trying to rid himsef of embarassing thoughts, the boy decided conversation would help settel him.
"I will keep that in mind in future Sir Siruvet." Giggling slightly at the similar sound in the other's name Greg looked away. He could not believe he had done something so foolish. There he was thinking all sorts of inappropreate thought and now he was making fun of his saviour's name. "Please forgive me, Sir Isolin... may I call you Sir Isolin?" He asked fearing that saying Sir Siruvet again would make him laugh.

Isolin found it absolutely endearing the way the other giggled about his name. "You may call me whatyou wish to call me." He whispered, letting the other lead him. He wanted to get into his thoughts so very badly, but he decided it wouldn't be nice to do so. But he did stay as close as humanly possible to the other and still be able to walk.

Suddenly the boy sighed.
"It has been so long since I laughed..." He looked up at Isolin and decided the older man was safe to talk to about things that mattered. Although he could not explain why, Gregory felt very comfortable around his saviour.
"My parent's died of faver a month ago. We are very well off but as I am not yet of age to take over my father's business, that duty has fallen to my uncle. He is my mother's brother. I am now living with my Uncle and Aunt here. They are very kind and have been wonderful but I miss my parents terrorably. My cousin, Christopher is a few years older than me and decided what I needed to cheer me up was a few drinks." Frowing at the memory of where that got thought got him, Greg pouted slightly. "As it turns out he drinks way too much and when I wanted to return home he was more interested in the barmaids cleavage and ale." The pout deepened for a moment before the bloy smiled again, his blue eyes sparkling. "In all fairness I have to say my cousin's plan worked. Had he not bought me out drinking and decided to stay I would not have met you. I am most certinly more cheerful now." After looking up at the immortal the boy clung tightly to Isolin's arm and rested his head against the other, sighting happily.

Isolin was in heaven with this young thing clutching to his arm and spilling his desires and woes to him. "Ah! Well then. I am glad to have cheered you up, certainly I am." He smiled a little. "I have a young friend by the name of Rostielle who's in a similar situation. His father went off to war never to return and left him the business, but his lover Lucien runs it for him. He's no interest for business. You and he would get along well." He said while he held the other close as they walked. He found their position natural, but he did wish he could take the little one home with him for th evening. "You'll have to let me call on you some night little one."

Smiling brightly, Gregory stopped and looked up at Isolin.
"You could call on me tomorrow night... that is if you want too?" The boy did not want to scare his new friend off. This was the first time since his parents died that he felt safe and protected in that unconditional love way. There was something so trustworthy about Isolin and Greg felt his his cheeks burn with another blush. His saviour was very handsome and he suddenly realized that he concidered Isolin his, even if it was only as his saviour.

Isolin watched the other in amazement. That blush was no accident. The boy wanted him, he was sure of it and he felt his ego rise significantly at the thought. "I will then." He stood there as the young one stood, not wanting to move until he did. He didn't want their night to be over so soon as it was. "Are you needed home right this moment?" He asked before a pause and ading "We could go to a tavern or somewhere else to just talk if you'd like."

Again Gregory felt his cheeks burn.
"Well actually now that you mention it... I am not really expected now. I think my Uncle and Aunt were visiting friends this evening. I only told those men I was expected hoping they would let me go." Suddenly the boy felt very silly, and it kind of bothered him that Isolin had caught him out in his little lie. Usually Greg was an honest person, it was something he prided himself on.

"Well, in that case, what would you like to do?" Isolin asked, looking into the other's soft eyes as he examined the pretty little face even furhter. He found himself thinking and plotting. He was going to make this young man fall for him hard, ad he was going to become his lover and he was going to bring him with him everywhere.

As he considered that question, Gregory tilted his head to the side.
"To be honest I am not really in the mood for a noisy tavern... Is there somewhere quiet that we can go?" Because he trusted Isolin, the boy delighted in the idea of talking with him. He wanted to know more about his saviour and try and work out these feelings the man created in him.

"Certainly. How abou I take you back to my momentary residence for the evening where I am making my business plans. There you and I will have all f the quiet we desire. It's not so far, about forty minutes of walking, but of course if I hail a carriage and we travel at a moderate speed we should arrive in no time. What do you say?" Isolin asked his little mortal, his hands having a mind of their own as they held the boy at the waist while they stood in the street. It was most definitely not a pose one held with someone they just met, but he found it was lovely to grasp such slender hips. Hips that he knew were aching to be with his. This was his little one.

Blushing deeply at the way the other held him, Gregory nodded but did not try to move away. He was enjoying Isolin's closeness far too much.
"All right then... a carriage ride sound nice, that way we can talk in private before we reach your residence..." The things that Greg wanted to do in the carriage were far from decent and he blushed even redder as he wondered what had gotten in to him. Gregory was never like this, never so forward or willing to place himself in an improper situation. Heart pounding wildly, the boy swallowed and closed his eyes as he took a few breaths to calm himself.

"I much agree." Isolin whispered before he waited a moment and finally spotted a carriage in which to snag. He gave the driver direction and then opened the door for his younger companion, helping him into the carriage and taking that opportunity to grope his behind in a way that would come off as strictly helpful, but he almost couldn't stop the moan of delight in the firmness he felt from the other's buttocks.

The boy was a little shocked to feel a hand on his backside but had to admit he enjoyed it. Now Greg was bright red, he could not stop thinking about his strange, handsome now friend. There were a thousand questions he wanted to ask Isolin but he was far too shy. One such question was about the pale colour of his skin and why the older man felt cold to the touch. Feeling the need to say something Gregory looked up at the other.
"Are you sure the people you are staying with will not mind you bringing me home?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"They will be more than fine with you being there. They will probably more than likely either be making love to one another or out for the night somewhere anyhow, you have nothing to fear, and both are immensely polite." Isolin replied in a matter of a fact tone, he wasn't about to let the other get out of going with him to said house where he knew he could be alon with his lovely little find. He sat close to the other and tapped the hood of the carriage to signal the driver to take leave and turned to him. "So, my young Gregory, Tell me about yourself, what are your likes and dislikes?"

Blushing deeply at the mention of the others in the household making love, Greg looked away for a moment. The thoughts in his head were becoming increasingly inapproperate and much more vivid. He had seen his parents servants coupling once. One was a strong young man and the other their failthful man servant. The older man was more like a grandfather to him but once he saw him and the other together he could not look at him without remembering the soft moans coming form his lover. As the others had not noticed his enterence, Gregory pulled the door closed again except for a slight crack which he peered through and watched them. The experience had left him hard and very, very confused.
"These others... are they...? Are they the Lord and Lady of the house?" Too shy to ask if tey were both men or not, Gregory blushed and was suddenly very aware of how close Isolin was to him.

At Gregory's question, Isolin let out a loud laugh. "No dear, Lord and lord of the house is more correct. Rostielle looks like a girl, but he is the lord of the house, and he's much your age, maybe even a couple of years older than you and his lover,Lucien is a full grown man, also lord of the house as he is his lover."

"Oh.." A small smile crept onto Gregory's lips at the mention of the other couple being two males and having a large age difference as well. It kind of made him feel that his dark desires were not so very perverted. "Well then I doubt they will mind at all." Now Greg's heart was pounding like a war drum and his cheeks were bruning yet again. He felt like all he had done since the moment he met Isolin was blush. The tall, pale man had this kind of power over him, a seductive power but Gregory did not mind at all.

Isolin smiled in the shaddow he sat in, watching the little one blush, even in the dark, was something he could get sued to seeing much more often."What time do I need to have you home by?" He questioned, sort of wishing he could keep the boy overnight and then through the next day at least. That way they could get to know eachother rather well.

Thinking for a moment the boy frowned. He really should return home by dawn but if he was being honest with himself that was too soon.
"Well Sir Isolin..." Greg said in a formal voice. "If there is a servant or someone that can inform my Aunt and Uncle that I am at your friend's house then I suppose I can stay all night... that is if you want my company for that long?" Again he blushed and could not help smiling at that fact.

"Yes, I could have one of the servants deliver such a paper. I have no way of doing it myself, I have a seevere allergy to the sun."Isolin informed the other, hoping his excuse was pliable. "Infact, I have a severe alergy to daylight in general."

Tilting his head to the side Greg smiled.
"That would explain why you are so pale, I was a little worried your health was bad." Of course the boy would have loved to ask details but he really enjoyed the other man's company and did not want to frighten Isolin off. The urge to reach out and touch the other's hand was too strong and blushing deeper than ever he ever so softly placed his hand on Isolin's hand.

Isolin was rather astounded at how the little one next to him was so readily affectionate. The hand resting on his was a sure indication the other was definitely interested and all Isolin could do was secretly grin that he'd just one a rather tasty treat. He curled his fingers in between the other's an risked a glance at him, his grin subconsciously softening to a small smile so that the other didn't see the predatorily sexual glaze his eyes must have beheld ever since he'd seen the boy in question. "Yes, it doesn't do well for my skin-color. But I would rather be white as snow than suffer unimaginable burns an possibly eath. Another thing, you'll find odd if you're around me enough, is that I don't eat. Not the same things you do and if we are ever to dine together, do not be offended if I do not, I have very strict dietary needs that I have to make myself."

This shocked the boy a little and before he had time to think, Greg realized he had leaned closer to Isolin.
"The sunlight burns you?" He asked very worried. "This... condition... it is not fatal is it? I mean you are not going to die on me or anythings are you?" As the words left his mouth Gregory blushed even deeper. It made no sense to him at all why he would be so concerned for the health and well being of a man he had just met. Perhaps it had something to do with losing his parents and despiratly needing to feel loved and protected? What ever the reason, Greg felt like a fool for behaving in such a manner. It was then that he also noticed his grip on Isolin's hand had tightened as well. Something inside him was worried that his tall, handsome stranger who saved him would dissappear from his life just as quickly as he had appeared.
"Sorry, forgive me for asking such things... I did not mean to pry or be rude." The fact his voice was slightly out of breath caused him to blush redder then he had ever been in his entire life and now he heart was pounding as if it would leap right out of his chest. The realization he did not want to be seperated from this pale man was quite a shock.

Isolin laughed a little at the desperate tone of the other and his smaller companion's obvious worry for him. "No, if anything it's going to make me live much longer than I should." He bent an kisse the other on the cheek. "You're very sweet for worrying about me though. I've never had someone worry about me like you have in the past five minutes." He gripped the boy's hand tighter and pulled him into a hug where he rubbed his back to sooth him.

Being so close to Isolin made the boy stiffen at first, worried he was going too far. After a moment or two though, Gregory relaxed into that loving embrace and even moaned softly as he closed his eyes and clung to the older man.
"You are so cold..." He muttered in a slight daze. "But it still feels nice to be in your arms." Unwanted teas threatened to spill down Greg's cheeks as memories of happier times with his parents surfaced. They were gone and although his Aunt and Uncle were very kind and his cousin had been good company he still missed the feeling of being part of something loving.

"And it feels nice to hold you." Isolin admitted, glad that the other one hadn't caught onto exactly what his condition that was so crippling was. "You're such a sweet and caring thing, it's a wonder you're not taken." He said softly, stroking the other's hair as he said this.

That made the boy look up, a great sadness in his eyes.
"Well there was this girl... but she never really liked the idea of being engaged and when my parents died she managed to convince her father to break off the engagment..." Greg added. "Who would want me anyway?" He had whispered it so quietly that the only reason his companion could hear it was his super human hearing. Being, small for his age and rather fragile looking instead of strong and muscled like most of the women he had met wanted, Gregory had a little self confidence issue.

"There are many who would want you. Obviously the man in the alley did. I wouldn't mind you at all. You're a hansome young thing, beautiful, it takes the right kind of person to appreciate your beauty." Isolin whispered, continuing to stroke the younger's hair. "I do not tell you that just to flatter you. I mean it." He added, pulling the other closer to him so that he held him directly in his lap, holding him close.

Shocked that Isolin had heard him and even more shocked that his pale saviour had said such wonderful things about him, Gregory felt his cheeks burn as he clung to the other. In that moment it did not matter that the position he was in was highly embarrassing seeing as he had only just met Isolin. He was usually so proper and would never sit on another's lap especially a strange man's lap.
"What is it about you that attracts me so...?" The boy whispered quietly, snuggling in a little closer if that was possible.

"Probably the same thing that attracts me to you." Isolin whispered back, pressing a chaste kiss to the other's forehead. He stroked his cheek and his hair and held him as close. "I think, if we are feeling what I think we are, that we are going to one day make a great couple."

At the mention of them being a couple, Gregory should have been disgusted or horrorfied but instead he felt a warmth spread through him as his heart raced. It seemed such a natural thing to be intimate with Isolin, though he had not known any men where were intimate with each other. At least not publicly anyway. He wanted to say that he was indeed feeling the same things as his pale saviour but was too shy and breathless. All he could manage was a soft moan at the thought.

Isolin chuckled and tried his best to not feel turned on at the other's moan. "You like the idea then?" He asked, enjoying the warm skin in the places he could feel it, the warm forehead against his lips, the warm hand in his own, the warm neck that if he tilted his head enough he could reach it with cold kisses and make the other shiver. This one was his, and he enjoyed how they seemed to be made for eachother. He kissed his neck as he longed to do,lightly letting his tounge caress the other's skin as he could practically taste what he would taste like.And he liked it. He liked it too much and felt this little one was going to be a drug to him.

Each kiss sent shivers through Greg's body but they were nice shivers that coaxed more quiet moans from his soft lips. Clinging to his saviour, which is what he woud forever see Isolin as, everything felt so right and safe.
"I am so glad you found me in that alley..." Again the boy's heart pounded and he could hear his own blood rushing through his vains, quickened by the presence of the other.

"I am gla that I found you as well." Isolin said while he continued his small kisses and caresses against the other. "I feel very blessed to have gotten you." He kissed him on the forehead, wondering why his words were what they were. He had not been given permission to go ahead and take the boy, but he had just stated outright that he basically owned him.

Such words should have worried Gregory, they denoted ownership of him by the other but instead, the boy closed his eyes and shighed contently. He belonged to someone, that very thought made his heart flutter. After losing everything, his parents, the house he grew up in and all his frinds because he had to move so far, Greg finally felt at home. Deep down inside a small voice cried out, it begged Isolin not to leave him as everyone else he loved had. Far to shy to say it outloud the boy just clung to his pale saviour, enjoying how safe and loved he felt.

Isolin smiled softly as the other didn't cast him away from his ownership. He felt the carriage come to a stop and was a little surprise at how much time had passed in which they'd been gone. He was glad to be back and seeing as how the other carriage was gone, Lucien and Rostiele were out as well which meant he ha more time alone with his little romance he'd found.

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2010-04-30 [The Vampire Armand]: I think perhaps another immortal falling for him sounds all right. But I do not want Lucien falling in love for this new character.

2010-04-30 [kiradraco]: So what kind of immortal should he be? Cruel, kind? And who will write him?

2010-04-30 [The Vampire Armand]: I will write him. He will be absolutely charming, but perhaps a bit bossy or something of that nature.

2010-04-30 [kiradraco]: OK :)

2010-04-30 [The Vampire Armand]: I have to think of a name and description though...

2010-05-06 [The Vampire Armand]: I was toying with the idea of Rostielle having a few immortalized traits himself, what do you think to that?

2010-05-07 [kiradraco]: LOL I can imagine that the attention of two handsome immortals might go to once's head. Who knows he might get hot and bothered whent hey fight over his so he might set one against the other ot have them both? What that the kind of thing you had in mind or was there something else?

2010-05-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -blinks- I was thinking something completely different. I only want him to have eyes for Lucien. No, I was thinking that perhaps he simply doesn't age or at times has oddly elongated canines or something of that nature.

2010-05-10 [kiradraco]: LOL
I miss reas that, I thought it >.<

2010-05-10 [The Vampire Armand]: -smiles- Well, what was your thought on it anyhow?

2010-05-10 [kiradraco]: ??? For some reason half my comment did not come up. I thought it said immoralized not imortalized.
As for you idea that is a good one. Perhaps he was ill a few years ago and his father enlisted the help of Isolin to cure him. Or another imortal. If Rostielle was ill enough he would not remember drinking the blood of a vampire. Is that the thought of thing you were thinking of?

2010-05-10 [The Vampire Armand]: Yes, and that would give him some minor features here and there, perhaps he would have a case similar to Amori's but more severe that he simply doesn't age and can still eat mortal foods and such.

2010-05-10 [kiradraco]: -nods- Sounds good to me. :)

2010-05-25 [The Vampire Armand]: By the way, you get to come up with a beautiful little thing for Isolin. Nicolas I just threw in to take care of their watching Rostielle during the day issue. -smiles- And to add some drama. If you want any changes and such do message me so we can fix it.

2010-05-26 [kiradraco]: No that is fine :)
I thought perhaps while he is visiting Nicolas Isolan could come to the rescue of a sweet innocent little boy of his very own. LOL

2010-05-26 [The Vampire Armand]: -nods- I put Rostielle's reply right beneath where you put Lucien's.

2010-05-26 [kiradraco]: I did the same thing you did with the two replies. :)

2010-05-27 [The Vampire Armand]: I will reply to this next evening. I am too tired to think right, but I promise to give you a good post tomorrow

2010-05-27 [kiradraco]: No worries Armand -hugs you-
Sweet dreams and as always be safe.

2010-06-12 [The Vampire Armand]: We're going to need to make a second page, this one's lagging when I type.

2010-06-14 [kiradraco]: All right Armand :)
I'll make a second page for us.
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