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Crawling across the battle field Lucien hissed, re attaching his arm had taken the last of his strength and he needed fresh blood. It would be dawn in a little more than an hour so he was desperate to find shelter form the sun's burning rays. A man just out of reach moaned in pain, which was good news for him. Former Roman General Lucien La Croix dragged himself over lifeless bodies and tareing the souldier's helmet off with his good arm he turned the man's head and bit into his neck. Draining his meal dry Lucien cried out when he realized he was still not strong enough to walk. Hungry and exhausted he half crawled, half stumbled towards the hills where he knew a cave would shelter him for the day. Loosing his footing the General fell again but this time could not rise no matter how much he wanted.

A passerbye trying with everything in his hear to avoid the war looked at the stumbling form off in the distance. His heart told him "no" but logic ensured him that the soldier was probably weak and in need of medical attention and that was all he needed to bound forward to the fallen person. His horse was even weary of the wounded as he hopped off and begged it to stay. He ran immediately to the fallen and cupped his cheek."Sir, are you able to understand me?" He asked, staring down onto the handsome features, hoping his horse would not run off without him. "If you can I must urge you, we need to go." He began to pull the other up, trying with all of his might to lift the other as well as he could, whistling for his horse.

Nicolas eyed the scene before him with interest. "Jeanette... Lacroix's being kidnapped." He said, grabbingher sleeve.

They had come to the battlefield to feed easily and instead their master had ended up wounded and they were left helplessly to watch him being taken away because a mortal got there first.

"Shush, Nicola, the boy could be of help. Let us see if Lacroix drinks on him or not. If not we'll just follow. As long as he's safe we'll be fine. We need to get out of here, there's more soldiers on the way to make off with the rest of the bodies life." The brunette said, leading the way through shaddows to keep an eye on their master in the hold of the mortal.

'Food' Lucien thought but was too weak to wrestle the boy to the ground. Wondering how his saviour did not fall under his weight, he managed a small smile.
"Thank you, I am lucky you happened along." Although it was not yet dawn, Lucien could see perfectly well in the grey light and the rich colour of the boy's hair intrigued him. The pounding of the other's heart was thumping in his ears and licking his lips the immortal smiled for real as he sensed his children following. "There is a cave up there in those hills I can shelter in, I am exhausted and need to rest as soon as possible." His frustration at being taken by surprise while feeding and having his arm cleaved from his body was fadeing. "Forgive me young man I have not asked your name. How rude of me. I am Lucien La Croix, humbely in your debt." Turning on the charm the immortal did not know if he wanted to taste the boy or enjoy the slender but obviously strong body that was pressed up against him.

"I am Rienne Miroledi." Rienne frowned as he helped the other onto the horse. "The cave is seven miles from here. Myhouse is only two, I wouldl rather have you there, it is quicker and there I can give you food and a bath." Rienne replied to the other's suggestion, trying to ignore the way the silkened voice of the other made him blush and go weak at the knees. He jerked the reigns on the horse, holding one of the other's arms around his waist, not really giving the other an opportunity to say no to him.

Nicolas growled. "Jeanette, they're getting away!"

"Nicola! Have you forgotten what we are? Let's follow them. Through the air if we have to, come on!" And Jeanette lead the way after the two, knowing Nicolas was following behind them, she just hoped the mortal that so freely helped their maker was not trying to kill him, she'd kill the brat first.

Nicolas was torn. He wanted to let his Master sit there, but on the other hand he was glad he was being looked after, even if it by a mortal. If his master killed the boy he'd never forgive him. He could tell the boy's intentions were only helpful and that he meant no harm at all. His master was known for killing those that helped them, those that crossed their paths at all, if they were mortal they were in danger, so Nicolas also rushed after not only to be near his master but to be sure no harm came to the mortal, not that he could really change LaCroix's mind if the older man did decide the boy's fate as death, but he could at least try.

Laughing softly Lucien answered the boy.
"Pleased to meet you Rienne Miroledi." He let his tongue caress the words as he siad them, the base of his voice rumbling slightly. In his ears Rienne's heart danced and over the stench of death and horse he could smell wild flowers. "A bath would be greatly appreciated." Even if he did end up feeding on his mortal saviour, there was no need to let Mr Miroledi's hospitality go to waste. "Do you have a family Rienne? I do not wish to impose..." If the boy had a family then he would feast upon them, him and his children whom he knew followed. Every now and then he liked to remind his beloved Nicolas what they were. His child was far too soft.

"No. No one that's around. I am a man you know, I may be young but I am owning of my own estate and property." Rienne felt something off of the other and was a bit afraid. He didn't know what it was, couldn't quite put his finger on it, but the other asking of that was a little too far from ordinary. He frowned and willed the horse on faster, pleased as it wasn't much longer that they reached his home. The horse was a blessing. "I will lead you to the washroom and begin your bath, in fact one should be ready, mine for returning home should be up. You may use it, the water shold be nice and hot still. I will grab you towels." He said, helping the other off of the horse and leading him inside, dismissing his servant as they had rushed to help him."No, thank you, I have all I need." He said, leading the older to the top of the stairs which definitely took a lot of work. He sat him on the edge of the tub. "Do you need help removing clothing?" He asked, grabbing towels.

Nicolas and Jeanette waited outside of the house. Nicolas was angry at their master's questioning that was heard. He knew exactly why he would ask sch a question. "Why does he have to try and kill anything and everything?" He asked angrily.

"Don't question him. I should question you why you don't. You always forget just what you are Nicola, now get used to it. Come, we have to get in that house." With that the strong willed woman snuck onto the side of the house, peering in through the bathroom window, trying to be sure nothing bad was going to happen to Lacroix. "The boy's just offering him a bath.."

The immortal had not expected to be offered the boy's own bath, not doubt Rienne was tired and now he was covered in drying blood as well. There was something about his saviour that tugged at his long buried humanity. Flexing his healing arm and finding its use not fully returned he sighed.
"Yes thank you Rienne, I will indeed need help with my clothing." Turning his head ever so slightly so he could see Jeanette, Lucien gave his daughter a wink then returned his attention to the boy. "How is it that you are Lord of this Mannor at such a young age?" Realizing the answer might be a source of sorrw and pain for his host, Lucien appologized. "I am sorry I did not mean to pry.... it is just... you seem such a good person, I find it strange you do not at least have a lover." There he was thinking of Rienne sexually again and wondered what he looked like naked. To the General the boy looked as if he would be most pleasing to the eye.

Rienne blushed darkly as the mentioning of a lover was given to him as he had the other's shirt off. He refused to look the other in the eyes as hecontinued removing the clothing. "I.... my father was killed in battle, mother died while giving birth to me. I don't have a lover because I do not need a lover. I can take care of myself." He said, blushing more as he untied the other's pants and tugged them down, causing his long black-cherry hair to slide along the other's thighs as he leaned over to remove his boots. He tried to not 'look' with all of his will. It was harder to do than he had hoped but he managed and grabbed the bundle that was the other's clothing. "If you need anything, be sure to let me know, I am going to make the bed here." He said, leaving quickly so he no longer had to look at the other, sighing with a hand over his heart as he left the room. Nothing had ever stirred him so! He set about making the bed, fluffing the pillows and making sure the sheets were crisped which they were.

Jeanette slowly entered the house and peered at the boy through a cracked door. She waited for the perfect time to attack him.
Nicolas wondered vaguely why they had entered the house without knocking, but decided that there was a method into their madness.

Sliding into the warm water Lucien laughed softly, his velvety voice rolling around the room. He knew what his children were up to and he knew the effect he had on the young man who had just left. It was then that he decided he could feast on another or one of the servants perhaps.
"Rienne!" He called out casually. The immortal had decided that he would show this lovely creature that a lover was indeed needed. "I am afraid my arm is injured and I can not wash the filth of the battle field form my back. Would you be able to help me?" The familure scent of wild flowers filled his nostrils as he soaped his chest, the gentle sloshing of the water lulling him into rest and relaxation.

Rienne blushed as he had feared this was going to happen. He tracked back into the room. "I will help you, yes, I hadn't thought about that." He said, blushing as the other's body was quite noticeable through the water. He grabbed the bar of soap and shyly appraoched the other. "W-where should I start first? Perhaps your shoulders?" Rienne asked, not wanting to necessarily be in front of the other, the urge to sit upon his lap would have gotten a bit too strong and who knows what he would have done. Who was Rienne kidding? No one certainly, he was much to shy for his own good. He smiled a little as though to encourage himself.

Nicolas blinked and pulled Jeanette aside, "Jeanette, I think they need to be alone."

"Oh, Nicola, you're not worried about the boy being food?" She asked, her voice sarcastic and clipped. "He obviously means no harm, I think we need to stay in that closet there and make sure nothing bad happens." She pulled her 'brother' into the closet and listened through the wall at the interraction between the two.

As he felt the other's hands on his, Lucien let out a soft sigh. He deliveratly made it sound a little too much like a moan of pleasure as he leaned into Rienne's touch. He could hear the boy's heart quicken and he ran his hand through his short white hair. "This arm is alright but the other is a little stiff." He said in a deep voice emphasizing the word Stiff. As much as he needed blood he was still healing, all be it slowly and seducing the boy would be much for fun. At this point he was not sure if he would feed on Rienne as the boy climaxed or not. His savour was growing on him. "My lower back and my left side are too hard to reach... I am sorry for the inconvenience." As he spoke the immortal turned his head to look back up at Rienne with the most seductive smile he could muster, which was very seductive to say the least.

"Not at all." Rienne said, his voice holding a slight waver to it as he washed as directed along the other. He also tried to massage the other's arm in attempt to make him feel better with the stiffness The emphasis on the word 'stiff' wasn't necessarily lost on him, but he felt his own torturous fevered mind was playing tricks on him. He was partly hard now as it was just from the other's voice alone and he did well to hide it as his arousal grew. He bit his lower lip and smiled back down at the other, letting his fingers roam furtherdownward as he was requested on the other's lower back and left side. He certainly hoped the other would be able to wash there on his own.

"Whyare we eaves dropping on this again?" Nicolas asked, recognizing the seductive undertones of his maker's voice.

"Because, Nicola, he is our master and should this little boy harm him we need to be ready to defend him."

More soft moans fell from Lucien's partly opened lips and as the boy reached down further, the immortal suddenly gripped his wrist and looked up into his wide eyes.
"Rienne...." It was the purr of a mightly lion, Lucien could make his words caress his lover's as well as any hand. "Rienne..." He repeated, loving the way his saviour's name sounded upon his tongue. Slowly he let go of the boy's and and gently slid his good hand up Rienne's arm and neck until he could caress the other's cheek. "Thank you for saveing me...." Again he let his deep voice roll like gentle waves upon the sand. "How can I repay your kindness?" At this point his words were not improtant, what was improtant was the way he touched Rienne and the longing look in his eyes. Sure his victim was caught in his trap Lucien gently pulled the boy towards him so he could kiss him passionatly.

Rienne was not only traped he was lost. So lost he didn't notice that he leaned in to kiss the other back, he wasn't aware of anything except that he was terribly hard and that the other was one very skilled kisser. He blamed the other's voice for the longest time before blaming himself for being weak and then the other again for being so handsome. Rienne's eyes closed and he let out a small whimper of his own, the only sign that his mind had ceased to function and had even thought about trying to regain some coherent thought. Rienne even went so far as to kiss the other, having not been touched in so long, not been kissed in so long. He was greedy for more of what the other gave him.

Nicolas frowned. "I am done eavesdropping..." He said, shaking his head at his sister only to be grabbed.

"Shh! If you leave this room now, you'll be discoveed, cover your ears if you must, prude, but be on the listen. It could still be a trap." Jeanette said agrily, listening closer to the sounds comming from the room. So far she'd heard her master practically purr the boy's name and both of them had made some rather questionable noises and if she wasn't mistaken she could hear the sounds of lips on lips.

Stopping to allow the mortal to catch his breath, Lucien almost laughed in delight. Rienne tasted as sweet as he looked and was now putty in his hands to mold as he pleased. Kissing him again, the immortal pulled the boy into the warm water, holding him close and sitting him on his lap. Using his good hand Lucien La Croix tugged Rienne's shirt open and off as he shifted and pressed the boy between himself the edge of the tub.
"Mmmmm Rienne..." He purred again and licked up the side of the other's neck to nibble on his earlobe. "What were you saying about not needing a lover?" Gently pushing the boy's legs apart he ground his crotch into Rienne's own hardening length.

"M-aybe a lover wouldn't be so bad." Rienne said, his eyes hazy with unstopped lust, doing his best to wiggle out of the remainder of his clothing as the other paid attention to his neck and then ground their hips together. "Uhn.. Lucien.." He whispered, his voice as he called out the other's name was of a higher end plea, wanting the other to have him, not cring as he was lost in the kiss and the pleasure of this soldier he'd saved. "Please.." He whispered.

What Lucien had not expected was his own reaction to hear his name on the other's lips and that plea. Making short work of the boy's pants, he bowed down to nip and suckle at Rienne's firm, pink nipples as he pressed first one then two fingers into his lover. Moving his attention back up to that lovely long neck Lucien found himself mezmerized by the thorbbing vains there and his lust and hunger grew substantually.
"This will only hurt for a moment..." He purred again and withdrew his fingers. Unable to hold off any longer he positioned himself and gave in to both his desires. As he pushed into Rienne he also bit into his neck, breaking the surface only enough to bring a small amount of blood. As he plunged into his delicious mortal he suckled gently, just enought to bring that dizzying pleasure to his victim but no serious damage. As he waited for the other to adjust he made up his mind, Rienne would be his, forever but not just yet.

Rienne gave a surprised gasp at the feeling of the other's teeth breaking his skin and the pushing inside him at the same time. To him the world was dizzy before him, he moaned loudly, calling out in surprise, his hands immediately clutching to the other's back, clawing his skin gently in pleasure as he was finally able to feel him better. "Please.." He whispered aain, his voice tiny in it's heightened state of pleasure, his hips moving of their own accord a bit while he let the other drink more of him. He wanted to feel him move. Wanted those painful teeth to bite him yet again, it was intoxicating. He was more than surrendered to him. "Lucian.. please..have me.. posesses me." He couldn't believe the words that slipped out of his mouth as he fully submitted to the other.

A soft rumble of a laugh welled up inside the immortal as he began to move inside his lover. The boy was so warm and tight he could scarcely believe it and the taste of his blood.... only one other had aroused such feelings in him and that was his beloved Nicolas. At first he moved slowly but very quickly he found he wanted to thrust harder and deeper. The sweet metalic tang of blood in his troat and the spicy scent of wild flowers and soaps dazed and thrilled his secesors. Gripping the slight frame of Rienne as tight as he could without crushing him, the immortal allowed himself to become lost in his lust and pleasure.
"You are mine....." He whispered before he bit into the boy again. "You will always be mine...." Licking a smudge of blood from Rienne's neck he continued to thrust and suckle, rising up onto his knees. The water in the tub sloched over the sides as with each thrust Lucien rose up only to sink back onto his haunches over and over. "My Rienne!" He growled with confidence and authority.

At being bitten again Rienne gave a high pitched whimper as he seemed to do so often this night under the other's control. It felt more than good to him, more than intoxicating. He had no way to describe the pleasure he felt as his moans rised in volume and his whimpering increased as he held tighter to the other. He couldn't begin to describe just how he felt. Just how far into unreality he was being led. "Lucien!" He called out the othe'rs name over and over, not understanding that the other seriously meant forever when he said it, but it still sounded beautiful to him.

Nicolas blushed at the sounds. "You don't think he's seriously going to try and bring the boy across.."

"I wouldn't put it past him, but right now I think he's taking advantage of hospitality." Jeanette said, covering her brother's mouth so he would not speak no more.

With the boy's blood rushing through him, the immortal regained the use of his left arm and he reached inbetween them to grip his lover's length. He began to caress him in time with the thrusts, which became more irregular and faster. Feeling himself begining to unravel, Lucien decided it was time to bring his lover to his completion.
"Rienne... finish for me..." His words wrapped around the boy and caressed him just as his hand did upon his manhood. Each of his thrusts now were more powerful and deeper than the last, yet he held back so as not to break his lover. That was the trouble with mortals they were such fragile things, especially in his grip. "Finish Rienne..." He ordered again needing that final clenching to tip him over the edge so he spilled his own seed.

Rienne couldn't help but listen to the other. He clenched tight around him and his seed shot out onto his own chest, his vice piqued in pleasure as he held tight to and called out to the other. "Lucien!" He said one last time as his whimpering began to die down and his breathin was returning to normal. He let the other keep thrusting, the feeling was still so nice to him. "Uhn. Lucien.. Lucien.." He said the other's name over and over, tired and his eyes were closed at the feelings he still recieved, exhausted from pleasure as his grip on the other very slowly began to loosen.

Finally spilling his own seed inside his young lover Lucien let out a mighty cry of pleasure that shook the very foundations of the house. He had arched his back and thrown his head back as he finished, his eyes sightless as they looked heavenward. As his suroundings slowly intruded on his bliss the immortal noticed his lover hanging limp in his arms, exhausted my his pleasre. With a wicked smile he bit his tongue and licked Rienne's neck to close his bite marks. The boy was still breathing, his heart still beat strong and fast indicating he was in no danger a slipping away from Lucien.
"Ah my sweet Rienne... " He whispered softly as he gently removed himself form the boy and stood up.
"Jenette.... Nicolas..." He said knowing his children would hear him but the servants would not. He would get them to help him dry his lover then the windows in the bedroom would need tending too as the sun had just begun to rise. "All three of us will bunk down in the main bedroom for the day. Janette see to the windows and Nicolas holde him so I can dry myself and our new family member. A beautiful little brother for you both." His tone was filled with joy but also warned that his words were not to be questioned or dissobeyed.

Jeanette was glad at her master's wickedness, she'd wanted another family member as it was. She went to the windows as instructed, careful to avoid the rays of sun. Sheclosed them tight and secure and then helped Nicolas and Lucien with holding the boy.

Nicolas was angry. He didn't speak his emotion, but he was furious. "You..are going to turn him why?" He asked, looking down at the lovely black cherry hair of the boy and his slight frame. "What did he do to you? Did it ever occur to you that just maybe he likes being mortal? It's not like you even care for him!"

Rienne very slightly came to at Nicolas' raised voice and covered his ears with a pained expression on his features. "Lucien.. why is there shouting?" He asked in such a tiny voice, his eyes still shut indicating sleep, but some awareness.

Jeanette glared at Nicolas. "Nicola, be quiet, you're being too loud, you'll waken him. Do not question LaCroix, are you not happy to have another?"

"The boy's innocent! What he can't be no more than.. sixteen? Seventeen at best!?"

Oh how Lucien loved to see his child possessed of such rage and fury. He enjoyed emotionally torturing his beloved son and his sense of morality.
"So he is innocent and young, what care I about such things? I want his Nicolas and I will have him. That is all there is to it." In truth the ancient immortal had not yet decided if he would turn the boy immediatly or let him age a little. Though it was most likely that innocence and vunerability that attracted him most, aside form the exceptional beauty that is. Although his words where hushed, so he did not wake his young lover, Lucien managed to infuse such strenght in them. In the end he always got what he wanted.
"You will love him Jenette, as both sister and mother?" La Croix knew she would but he wanted to show his rebelious Nicolas how obediant his first child was.

Jeanette smiled at her master "Of course, I wouldn't dare otherwise." She said, taking the boy from Nicolas' arms and cradling him. "He's very beautiful, Master." She said, setting the boy on the bed. "Young, but beautiful I am sure you'll keep him that way." She stroked the boy's hair, looking pointedly at Nicolas, 'Just think, Nicola, he wont be killed or starve or ever have to worry. He'll have us, if anything, LaCroix's doing hima favour and us a favour."

Nicolas glared the two down. "I accept it but it doesn't mean I have to like it. You'll learn when the boy becomes wondering on why he can't age or get sick. You better at least explain it to him, and don't make him the killer you two are." He said, taking a seat on a corner of the bed.

Rienne curled up into a ball, feelng a little cold. He wished Lucien was beside him, and he could tel he was not. His eyes opened just a little. "Where's Lucien? " He asked the woman that stroked his hair. "I miss him."

"He's right here darling, he'll be along in a moment, don't you worry." She whispered as the boy looked up at her through half open eyes.

Locking the bedroom door behind him, Lucien setpped close to Nicolas and whispered in his ear.
"See how he asks for me already? He will not be parted from me and why should I inflict such a cruelty upon him?" Again his rich deep voice was like a caress, with a smile the immortal kissed his rebellious son's forehead. The smile upon his lips was cold and mocking, Lucien knew this innocent young thing would be easy to control and so did Nicolas. Climbing into the bed he wrapped himself around Rienne and motioned for his children to join him on the bed.
"Sweet Rienne my love.... I will always be here with you..." He purred as he put his arm around the boy in an inescapeable embrace.

Rienne snuggled against LaCroix able to go back to sleep when the other enclosed around his form. "Night Lucien." He whispered, his hands grasped on the other's chest.

Nicolas sighed aggravatedly and removed his shirt and outer vest to be more comfortable. He wouldn't dare get as naked as LaCroix was, but he didn't see necessity for all of the clothing, he was glad the bed was large enough that he could hide from his maker's touch should it be given to him.

Jeanette laughed softly at their master's antic and stayed dressed as it would be entirely inapporpriate to have her breasts bared perhaps when teh young one awoke., She climbed into the bed and curled up next to Nicolas, knowing he needed the comfort from her. Eeven though she was as cruel to him as LaCroix, Nicolas bonded to her better.

"Good night my beautiful Rienne." The immortal whispered and kissed the dark cherry coloured hair of his young lover.
Tired and still a little hungry Lucien wondered how he was going to have his fill without scareing his young lover off. He was enjoying this way too much. Thinking that he could sneek off for an hour or so once the sun set again, the immortal could not decide if he should feast on soldier or raid the near by village. He might even be able to get Jenette to bring him a snack, she was such a good daughter and just as ruthless as him.
"Sleep well Nicolas." He purred, letting his tongue caress his child's name, knowing that would further annoy him.

Jeanette got in a last chuckle at her master's words and shook her head, stroking Nicolas' hair as the other tensed and was about to say something probably nasty to their master. "Sleep well, Nicola." She whispered.

Nicolas sighed, calming under the touches of his siter. He was furious with his master. But somehow he knew he'd just have to deal with it. He most definitely didn't think the other loved that poor little boy entrapped in his embrace. His master wasn't capable of the emotion as far as he knew. He rolled his eyes and decided it wasn't time to intervene just yet. Rienne was alive still, not turned and safe. For now at least. And with that tiny bit of comfort and hearing his sister's heart slow to the rythm of sleep he too followed her to slumber just as Rienne before her had done.

Hunger woke Lucien and the slow steady beating of Rienne's heart tempted him greatly. 'Just a little bit.' He told himself as he kissed the boy's neck but something stopped him short of plunging his teeth into the smooth, warm skin. Did he actually have feelings for this slight being, so full of life yet so eaisly broken.
"Nicolas...." He said softly knowing his child would hear him. "I hunger Nicolas." Every moment that passed made it harder and harder to keep from draining Rienne dry.

Rienne reacted with a small smile at the kiss to his neck. He mumbled something in coherent and snuggled up closer to LaCroix.

Nicolas' eyes flew open and he immediately checked on the boy, surprised to find his master had not drained him dry. "All right. I'll go get someone, don't touch him." He said, rolling his eyes, shaking his sister who was apparently allready awake.

"Yes yes, Nicola, I will make sure he doesn't harm the boy, hurry back." She said, ushering the other out of the room after he'd dressed again. After he was gone she smiled at LaCroix. "I'm surprised at you master." She said in obvious reference to Rienne.

Not liking his rather confusing actions pointed out to him, the immortal scowled at her.
"I said he was to be part of our family did I not?" His anger was not really directed at her but at himself for not being able to feed off the boy and cast him aside as he did to so many other mortals. Sighing he reached out to cup her face in his hand. "I will have to introduce you to him when he wakes." The anger was gone from his voice and it held it's usual sensual quality again.

Rienne woke , stretching as he did so. He looked arond and tilted his head as he saw Lucien and the girl. He vaguely remembered some sort of meeting, he wondered where the other man was, for there was another at one point. He also remembered that what he saw here was not the intimacy of lovers and therefore did not become angry. "Lucien.. who are your friends?" He asked, referring to the two.

Jeanette wondered whether or not to introduce herself and decided she would. "I'm your sister, Rienne. My name is Jeanette. Your brother, Nicolas will be back in a moment." She said, her voice sweet as she leaned close to press a kiss to Rienne's forehead.

Nicolas was back after only a few moments, he'd gathered three people, all wounded and about to die as it was. He didn't dare bring them up to the room and frighten the boy so instead he bound up. "Master, your food is ready." He said, eyeing the scene before him with interest.

"Ah, at last. I am famished." Gathering the boy in his arms and kissing him rather demandingly, Lucien allowed a satisfied moan to excape him. Letting go of his new lover he smiled sweetly.
"I will return in a few moments my love. Please remain here with Janette and Nicolas." As he said the other man's name he gave him a cold glare. "We have much to discuss little one but you will be safe here with them." Caressing Rienne's cheek and lifting his chin a little so he could look deep into the boy's eyes, Lucien nodded. "I am sure we will all be a happy family." Though his rich voice was gentle it was clear he expected his orders to be obeyed. With that he headed for the door and the scent of blood to feast.

Rienne blushed at being kissed so passionately in front of the ther two. When his lover left he felt saddened a little and eyed them. "So, hello." He said to Nicolas, very confused. "He says you're my siblings but I have never known to have such family."

Jeanette smiled. "You'll understand what he means soon dearest. I promise." She said, patting the bed for Nicolas to sit beside them.

Nicolas took the offered seat. "Well. I wish I cold describe it to you." He said, shrugging. "As she said you'll have to wait until LaCroix comes back." Nicolas said the name with distaste that was not lost on his sister but thankfully slid away frm Rienne's notice or there would have been even more questions to answer.

Draining the last of the three men, Lucien tossed the body away with the others. Feeling much better and thankful that he did not have to face that lovely mortal again with hunger tempting him, he wiped a small smudge of blood form the corner of his mouth. He was still stark naked but that did not worry him, he was fit dispite his maturity when he was turned and rather well endowed. Heading back to the room he smiled as he entered, taking the neat pile of his freshly cleaned clothes in with him.
"It seems your servants have laundered my things." He stated, deciding not to dress. His hunger for blood might have been forfilled but the sight of the slight boy heatede his loins. Coming to sit on the bed beside the mortal he smiled his most seductive smile and once more caressed Rienne's cheek. "I guess you are wondering about my children and why they are to be your family?" He asked. Making sure his tone was soothing and seductive and his touch, nothing but affection, the immortal hoped his lover wound not be to frightened by what he was going to tell him.

"Well yes, that was something that crossed my mind." Rienne said, smiling at the other. He really wanted to kiss him and decided he would be bold for a small moment in his life and that's what he did, leant forward and gave the other a small kiss on the lips. "We've created something, you and I. A sort of passion that would rival anything Aphrodite's ever yet created." He whispered, blushing. "You're different, I can't put my finger on it. All three of you are different, and you're even more different than they are. But yes, do explain to me this family thing because so much has happened so fast I hardly know what to do with myself."

Nicolas couldn't believe the words coming from the boy's mouth. Did the little one even truly know what he said? Did he truly know what kind of person LaCroix actually was? The boy was insane to think his master could actually be any kind of lovable at all!

Jeanette on the other hand from Nicolas was smiling at the two. They really did make a cute couple together and she felt her master deserved such a devoted lover as this one was quickly promising to be. They'd been brought together and she saw no reason to part them.

Rienne's words delighted the immortal and he smiled as he returned the boy's kiss. As he did so Lucien allowed his eyes to meet those of his son's. There was an evil sparkle in them, bought on by the look of anger and confusion he found in Nicolas' eyes.
"The Gods sent you to me little one, just when I needed you most." Again he let his voice caress his new lover, let the richness of its timber, rumble around him. "We will be lovers you and I and when the time is right I will bring you across." Although he knew Rienne had no idea what he was talking about he smiled and stroked the boy's dark, cherry hair. "I am a creature of darkness Rienne, we all are as you will be too. We can never again walk in the light, only the darkness. Only it can satisfy our dark desires and bring us to life." At this point he pulled Rienne close again and kissed him hard, his firm hands sliding up the inside of the boy's thigh.

Rienne moaned into the kiss, the other's words washing over him in a haz of confusion. "But... what do you mean?" He asked between kisses, subconsciously moving closer to him to feel his touch."I don't get it at all." He smiled and kissed him again and again. "It sounds lovely whaever it is."

Nicolas shook his head. "I'm going for a walk." He muttered, angry with his master, he knew his maker would make their lives sound wonderful. He'd leave out the hate that it caused, the damnation, the feeding of mortals, the kil. He'd let the boy deal with those on his own innocense like he'd done with him.

Jeanette rolled her eyes at Nicolas and went to cofort him, "Nicola, you're being too cognitive. You need to realize that obviously LaCroix has a reason for making the boy like us. He loves him Nicolas, love is a powerful thing."

A smirk curled the corners of Lucien's lips as he watched the boy move closer to him.
"When you join us you will never be able to see the sun again little one. We are alive during the night, wearing the darkness as a cloak. Endless nights to embrace you, endless nights to love you and take you to the hights of passion. Sickness will not touch you, nor death. Rienne, you will forever be my darling gift from the Gods." Letting his hand slide higher the immortal caressed the boy's neck and shoulders with his fingers and places soft kisses upon his lips and jaw line as he spoke. "Mine, each night for eternity." Slowly he pressed forward until Rienne's head fell back onto the pillows and he knelt above him.

Rienne fisted Lucien's short hair. "And what is the catch to all of this beauty?" He asked, his eyes arely even half open in their lust as he looked up at the other. "I don't see how such a thing could be so horrible.." He referred to how Nicolas had acted.

Nicolas sighed. "He's tricking the boy, Jeanette! Sugar coating everything like he did with me! He's going to secure the boy and when the little one realizes he has to kill to even think about staying alive he's going ot hate him for it."

"Are you perhaps jealous, Nicola?" Jeanette asked with the raise of an eyebrow."It seems to me you're moe worried about LaCroix.."

"Cleaver boy..." Lucien purred as he slid his knee between his lover's legs. "Looks and intelegance." Instead of answering, the immortal kissed Rienne, forcefully and passionately. He was hard again and wanted the boy right there and then. Although Rienne interested him, La Croix did not really care what the boy wanted. As far as the immortal was concerned, Rienne was his to do with as he pleased. Bowing his head, Lucien kissed his way down to his lover's groin where he licked and bit the boy, breaking the skin ever so slightly so he could suckle on his blood. Using saliva and blood to slick his fingers, the immortal pressed them inside the other, preparing him for what was to come.

Rienne called out loudly, amazed by the pleasure presented to him, the pleasure overwhelming his fragile senses. "Oh!" He called out, whimpering in delight. "Lucien! I need you!" He writhed beneath the other, whimpering and wishing the other was inside him, wishign to feel that bite on him again. And that was strange was't it? That bite. He was certain it had drawn blood but how sweet it had felt!

Nicolas heard Rienne's cries and ran upstairs, throwing the door open. What he thought he was going to see and what he saw were two different things. He thought he was going to see his master turning the boy instead he turned dark red as he saw his maker instead pleasureing the boy. He hastily turned around, the door shutting behind him.

Jeanette laughed as Nicolas made his way back down staires. "Worried, Nicola? What did you see hmn?"

Lucien's fangs brushed against the boy's thigh as he smiled then gave a little chuckle at his beloved son's shocked look. His little game with Rienne was working very well and he had to admit he enjoyed being with the boy more than he thought possible. Deciding to give his little one what he wanted, the immortal licked at the wound before he positioned himself at the other's enterence. It was delightful the way Rienne moaned each time Lucien tasted him and unable to help himself Lucien bit into the mortal neck again as he pushed into him. The immortal wanted to recreate their first coupling, so he suckled gently as he waited for the boy to adjust to him.

Rienne gasped as that familiar penetrating feeling slipped through his neck. He groaned, his voice high and wanting as the other possessed him in such a manner. "Lucien.." the now familiar name slipped form his lips and Rienne was gone from reality, his ips raising to trey and get the other to move inside him, practicaly begging him to. "Please Lucien.."

Nicolas sighed. "You know damn well what I saw, Jeanette!" He stated, angry at the other for even asking. "They're .. having one another."

"You really don't want to say they're making love do you? To say so would be to prove you wrong, it would prove Lucien does love the boy, why s this hard for you to grasp!?" Jeanette countered at him.

Such wonderful feelings and colours Lucien saw when he closed his eyes. He was getting used to hearing his name spoken so heatedly on Rienne's lips, perhaps a little too used to it. The immortal began to move, slowly at first, teasing the other and brushing against that secret spot that sent shivers down the boy's spine.
"Rienne...." He whispered in a rich, velvety voice before he moved up the boy's neck a little to bite him once again.

"Ahn! Lucien... what are you?" He asked heatedly, having suffered the after effects of pleasure from the other's teeth in his neck. "Not that I mind these bites.. but.. ohhhhh... tell me my thoughts love! I am not allowed thinking..." Rienne was so lost by the other he was incoherent yet again at the hands of the others, h was addicted.

"No! What the hell gives you such an idea jeanette? I detest Lucien and his plotting!" Nicolas said irritably. "So what, he wants some willing mortal boy, what the hell do I care?"

"It's not Lucien you're jealous about. You want that boy , don't you Nicola?" Jeanette asked, seeing a strange look in his eyes. "You should challenge LaCroix for him..."

Thrusting harder and faster Lucien answered the boy.
"I am your lover.... your Master.... your death... and your maker." He used his seductive voice to its full extent, letting the sound of it wash over Rienne and surround him like an embrace. "I am all you are ever going to need..." Taking his lover's length in his hand and holding him close, La Croix suckled and thrust with growing need. He wanted to make this slight mortal shiver with extersey, to hear his name on the boy's lips. Rienne was like a drug to him, one he refused to exist without. Once more Lucien bit into his lover's neck, the sweet metalic taste making his sensors swoon as it slid down his throat and became a part of him. "My Rienne...." He growled in an almost animalistic way.

Rienne clenched around the other, feeling he was terribly close to his finishing cry of ecstasy. "Lucien! MyLucien.." He whispered breathlessly, feeling slightly faint from all that the other had taken. He couldn't voice this as he did manage to finish, his hips arched and his eyes shut tight and then relaxed as he began to slip away yet again amidst their lovemaking, his breathing sated.

Nicolas glared at Jeanette "It is neither of those things! I worry simply because I know exactly what it's like to not want to kill the innocents,I KNOW what that little one will go through Jeanette!"

"How do you know Nicola? The boy reacts more passionately to LaCoix than you ever did. I think that is obvious enough he'll be resolutley perfect.."

His lover's clenching bought him undone as well and Lucien shuddered. A low growl of pleasure emenated from him and it was then the immortal realized he had been a little too enthusiastic in his tasting of the other. Rienne looked pale despite the flushed cheeks but as the boy was in no danger of dying, Lucien licked at the wounds and gently withdrew from his sleeping beauty. He would have to be careful not to drink too much or crush his little mortal. For now at least he wanted him alive. Tenderly stroking the boy's dark cherry hair he smiled down at him.
"Oh yes my love.... I will be all you ever need..."

Rienne smiled as he heard the other's words, as the pull on his blood was stopped he woke just a little and at the sight of Nicolas he smiled a little encouragingly.

Nicolas glared even more at his sister if it was possible and walked up staires as he heard the boy's heart shudder and sleep though it was steady in small beats. "LaCroix, may I have a word?"

Jeanette rolled her eyes and let the other go, sitting herself down on the couch out of boredome. She was mroe than bored. She was tired and cranky now that her loving brother had been so disagreeable.

Raising an eyebrow and kissing his little pet on the forehead, Lucien stood up.
"I shall not be long my beloved." Caressing Rienne's cheek he strode over to the doorway with confidence and authority despite his nakedness. Gently shutting the door behind him so that his son's word did not disterb his lover's rest.
"You wish to give me another lecture Nicolas? To rant and rave about innocence and my currupting influence?" His tone was mocking, as if here were merely indulging his child by allowing him to speak.

Rienne felt a fight starting and sighed sadly. He was happy to have a family of sorts now but damned if he would wish htey weren't so tumultous. And his lover wasn't near his side! How sad!

Nicolas sighed angriy. "Master! For gods sake, the boy is but sixteen! Seventeen at best! You plan to turn him! You've made him yur personal toy! Have you no morals?"

Jeanette knew Nicolas was far overstepping his bounds and wondered when to intervene, their Lucien could be violent if needed.

"Morals? Do not speak to me of morals Nicolas." There was a warning in his voice, a clear signal that he would not stand for one of his child's tantrums. "Does it bother you so to seem me happy? Are you so selfish that you would take from me my lover?" Lucien accused, wishing he was wrapped around his little mortal. Danger and violence flashed in his blue eyes as he glared at his son. There were times when the immortal wished his beloved son was more like his sister. Jenette was always a good and dutiful daughter. As much as he loved to torment Nicolas he was finding himself more and more protective and wanting of Rienne.

Rienne grew slightly angry at what he heard taking place and stepped out the door, placing a hand on Lucien's shoulder, trying to comfort him. "Mister Nicolas, I know you hardly at all. I don't know any of you hardly at all, but I am under no spell. My choices are my own. I may be young, but I am an adult, and I deserve this chance to grow and be with love. Perhaps you should find one to do the same with?"

Nicolas was surprised to have the boy speak out to him and he sighed sadly. "You don't even know what we mean do you?" He asked, sadly. "You don't know what it's like to suffer, Rienne. To feed off of mortals, to kill them. Innocent or not, they're fair game. As long as it feeds you, and then what will you do, Rienne? Can you handle it?"

Rienne shrugged. "If I can not I am sure I will find other ways to cope." He said, finally the meaning of them starting to take rather interesting substance in his imagery.

Jeanette climbed the stairs and grabbed Nicolas' hand. "Nicola, come with me, you've heard the boy is of his own, let them be."

Tilting his head and looking down at his little mortal Lucien was more than shocked. He had not expected Rienne, who was so very pliable in his hands to be so strong willed.
"You are just full of surprises..." He stated and wrapped his arms around the boy. "Were you not frightened by Nicolas' words of killing and feeding on mortals?" Curious to see what his lover's reaction would be, La Croix placed a finger under the Rienne's chin and tilted his face up. Studying the boy's eyes he smiled slightly, showing just the barest hint of his fangs.

Rienne's reaction was for his eyes to narrow slightly. He reached up and touched the tip of the sharp teeth and they widened just a little. "So that's how you drew my blood. No, I suppose it wont be too horrible. We eat to live as you do. Should I be as you are I would be only able to eat the same. We'd be a different thing altogether and it bothers me not." He smiled a little at the other. "Although.. I may wish to visiting in the light a while longer. He's right, I am young. I don't know what problems that could pose for me in the future if you do truly mean to make me as you are. Even if you killed me in such a manner, as long as it was passionate and filled with love, I would care not."

Nicolas knew his hope was lost for saving the child. "He's going to turn him one day, Jeanette. I hope the boy truly does know what he speaks. He'll be ruined if not."

Jeanette sroked the other's hair. "You need to have more faith in LaCroix."

There was something so very attractive about the way his little mortal excpeted him for what he was. There was no fear in those beautiful eyes and the statement that he cared not if he was fed upon....
"You mean your words my love." Regaining his usual commanding composure Lucien scooped the boy up into his arms and carried him back into the room. Placing him gently on the bed, the immortal decided it was time to explain everything. "Do you pledge yourself to me? Everything that you are? I need to know that you will be an obedient and loyal lover." If his mortal wanted to stay a while longer in the light then he would do his best to allow it.

Rienne nodded. "I do, I will love only you, Lucien. I am yours to bid and bend to your every whim and will. I will not stray as long as you also can show me the same love and devotion. Have I not allready shown you obedience and loyalty?" He leant up and kissed his lover on the lips. "I have fallen in love, you own my soul as a result. When you are ready for me to say my goodbyes to the light even I will do so because if you will it I will be ready."

Nicolas sighed and nodded. "I guess." t didn't matter necessarily that his sister was right but that now he understood he owed his maker an apology and seeing the smug look in his mind's eye that he knew would be present was not amusing to him.

Jeanette smiled. "Come back inside now, and when Lucien's done mollesting the young thing you may say your apologies."

He had indeed proved his love and loyalty to Lucien and the immortal could not get enough of him. Caught between wanting to bring the boy across right there and then and letting his live a little longer, La Croix closed his eyes for a moment. kindness and consideration for another was not something he was used to.
"My children need to feed Rienne and we will need a secure place to remain during the day light hours. Rest a little while, I will return with haste." He kissed the boy's forehead, afraid he would lose himself in pleasure if he kissed his lips and stood up. "Think on when you wish to say good bye to the light for all eturnity." With that he headed for the door. There were some things he wanted to ask of his beloved Jenette and Nicolas before he made his decision regarding the mortal.

"Of course love. Please be careful. I don't feel like dragging you through another bloody battlefield. You three are more than welcome to rest here of course. I will be careful in keeping curtains drawn." He said, smiling and laying back. He closed his eyes as the other left, preparing himself for sleep and eventually was embraced by said action.

Nicolas sighed as they re-entered the house. "Lucien.. I apologize." He said as the elder came down the stairs.

Jeanette smiled, ready for the 'father son' moment to come so she could say 'awee'.

Feeling a little cruel due to his confusion about his feelings towards Rienne, Lucien raised an eyebrow.
"What is this? My beloved Nicolas apologizing to me? Has the world turned upon it's end?" The coldness in his voice startled even him as he fastened the last button on his shirt. "You both need to feed, we will return before first light." The urge to embrace his son agravated the immortal even more, he felt he was becoming soft all of a sudden.

"I realized I was wrong is all." Nicolas said, looking down at his master's cold tone. "The boy should make his own decisions and you know hat's best." Nicolas said, taing obvious effort to say what he said.

Jeanette smiled. "Aweee.." She couldn't keep in the word any longer, it forced it's way out.

Realizing that his was a major moment in his relationship with Nicolas, Lucien sighed and cupped his son's face in his hands so he could place a kiss on the other's forehead.
"You must be starved, let us hunt." Just the thought of the kill excited the immortal and his lips curled in a wicked smile. "Come my children of darkness, satisfy your hunger." Needing to take his anger and confusion out of someone he headed out the front door and off in the direction of the battlefield. After all they may as well make use of the blood spilled there.

Nicolas was glad to have gotten that much ofa touch from his master. He wasn't so upset any more, the situation was afterall, out of his hands. He followed after the other, picking through the fallen bodies until he found one that wasn't dead. He drank greedily on few like this before he was finished.

Jeanette was not far behind him with her own feeding and soon joined her brother at his side. "It's good that you apologized to him. He means well."

Returning to the others La Croix cleared his throat.
"Jeanette, I would like you to watch over my Rienne, I am curious to know what you make of him." He really wanted his children's opinion so he could better judge the situation. Lucien feared the little mortal was his weakness. "Nicolas, if he has any questions, you are to answer them." That said and eager to return to his delightful love, the immortal rose into the air in order to travel faster.

Jeanette smiled. "I would love to." She said, dragging Nicolas off with her to the house as their master went on his way for feeding. She entered the room and smiled at the sleeping boy. She sat beside the slumbering form on the bed, stroking his hair. "Rienne little one, are you wanting to waken?"

Rienne opened his eyes lazily and smiled a little. "Hi." He said, frowning "Is Lucien all right?"

Nicolas nodded. "He's fine, he's just feeding a little while more. He asked us to keep you company."

Done with his feeding Lucien looked up at the moon. He breathed in the scent of blood and death that surrounded him and tried to find that place deep within where he could see answeres. His little mortel was the cause of his confusion, what was it about the boy that had stayed his murderous intent? Even now he wished for Rienne's warmth beside him. There was also the matter of his lover not caring if he were killed during one of their love making sessions. That had both thrilled him and worried him, the usually cruel and calous immortal was not sure he would be alright with his little one meeting such an end. Unable to find the clarity he was seeking, Lucien growled in frustration and headed back towards the mannor. Walking inside without so much as an ounce of hestiation he went upstairs and into Rienne's room. Seeing his lover and children getting along he smiled.

Rienne smiled as Lucien entered the room and immediately rose to kiss him. "Are you full love?" He asked, smiling. "My brother and sister are very polite, I enjoyed their company." He said, giving him another kiss.

Jeanette smiled at the display. "I think his actions give youmy answer, yes he's ready." She whispered into Lucien's ear. "He'd make the perfect edition."

Nicolas nodded his agreement. "I agree. He's sweet."

Taking the mortal by the hands, Lucien sat down on the bed and looked deep into his eyes.
"Was there anything you wished to do in the light before you walk forever in the darkness." The gentle tone to his voice was genuin, it was not a show to entrap the mortal or annoy Nicolas. He loved the boy just as he was and his desire to bring him across into the shadow was strong but he would give Rienne time if he had to. "Are there things in life you wish to do before you join us?" The immortal wondered if the boy knew all that he was giving up. It was not just the light but things such as siering children or becoming a man in body as well as mind. It was then Lucien realized that he did actually care what this young beauty wanted. It was the first time he had ever concidered another's desires important.

Rienne smiled up at his lover. "I think I have done all I need to do. However, can you deal with me being a young man for all eternity?" Rienne asked, tilting his head to the side as he looked at the other. "What if one day you tire of me because I will be always so young?"

Laughter rumbled around the room as the immortal shook his head.
"Many a man and woman would give anything to retain such youth and beauty for all eternity. The number that have asked for such a thing, beyond count, and here you are concerned only for the duration of my affection." Rienne continued to surprise him, the boy was selfless. "If I am ever to tire of you it will not be because of your youthful appearance little one." Feelings, strange and powerful rose in Lucien as he looked at his lover. He wanted the boy, more than he had ever wanted anything. "Shall I bring you across to the eternal darkness this very night?" The immortal needed to be sure his mortal was willing, he did not want Rienne to resent him the way his beloved Nicolas did.

"Yes, please." Rienne said, smiling. "I want to be with you always." He added, kissing the other on the lips. "If it means to be by your side, no matter what the thing is I would do it." He kissed the other again, wrapping his arms about his neck. "It would mean a family again even though tumultous at best, but a family. It would mean happiness." He smiled softly as he pressed another kiss to his lips, resting them there.

"In order to be reborn into darkness Rienne, you must first die and refuse the light." Lucien whispered in his lover's ear, using all his sensual charms. He began to lay the boy down as he kissed his neck and stroked the dark cherry coloured hair. "My beautiful love...." The immortal purred, depening his kisses and letting his fangs dance lightly across the other's skin. "You must come back to me, Rienne. When all is thought lost, you need to follow my voice and return to me." With that La Croix bit into the mortal and began to drink from him. Making it as sensual as he could and continuing to stroke the boy's hair, Lucien drank and caressed his lover. As he neared the final stage when Rienne's heart fell into that terrorble rhythm he felt himself tense. This was the point of no return and a moment of panic overcame him. If this boy did not make it, if his lover did not come back to him he would be greatly pained.

Rienne was slipping further and further away into death as the other drank from him. It was a comfrting but scary thing. He felt his heart slow as he slipped into unconsciousness. He groaned, afraid momentarily as he slipped into what had to be death. The other said he'd bring him across.. he hoped it was true, but even if he did die he wouldn't mind because he'd be fine with the other.

Pulling back Lucien traced Rienne's pale lips with his thumb.
"I have drained you of all but your life little one. Turn you back on the light and return to me. Join me in eternal darkness. Let my voice bring you across from light to shadow..." Hoping his lover could hear him and that the boy would not go into the light as most did when death claimed them, Lucien bit into his own wrist and gently opened the other's mouth. Letting his own precious blood drip into Rienne's mouth he continued to encourage him. "Return to me my love.... come to the darkness Rienne... cross over to me and eternal shadow." All La Croix could do now was prey his lover was strong enough.

Rienne couldn't hear anything at first. All he heard was a whisper of a voice. He frowned and flet darkness encase him and then he heard the voice become louder. Why had he been asleep again? He wasn't sure, but all he knew was that he was hungry and that he wanted to wake up and get food. And see his Lucien.. and then at that thought he recognized the voice.

Worried that his beloved was not going to pull through Lucien contined to let his blood fill the boy's mouth.
"Rienne.... come back to me my love..... Rienne...." He stroked his lover's hair and looked up at Nicolas and Jeanette, his eyes full of worry. "He will make it, Rienne is strong. He will come back to us." It was not often the immortal showed his true feelings and never before had he been so concerned about another. "Rienne.... my little one... come back to me..."

Rienne felt his eyes flutter open and he held tight to the other. He was glad to no longer be surrounded in darkness of the world he suspected as being dead. "I .. you taste good." Was his words upon awakening, a small smile on his lips as he licked the other's wrist. "I love you" He said while continuing to lick.

Such a feeling of relief washed over Lucien and he bowed down to kiss his lover.
"I love you too Rienne." He smiled as the boy licked every last drop of his blood from his now healed wrist. "You will need more blood little one. From this night on you will walk in darkness and drink the blood of mortals for eternity." Now that the boy was safe, La Croix returned to his usual confident, seductive self. "Come my children, embrace your new brother."

Jeanette smiled and held the boy tight to her bosom, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "So sweet! Little Rienne!" She loved that she had the little one now. She could play with his hair, styling it, dress him up and care for him in a way that sated her motherly tendancies.

Nicolas embraced the boy but he still had an air od sadness about him as he did. "I will do my best to protect you." He said, patting the other no the head.

Rienne smiled hapily as he was embraced and kissed, accepting the attention with a bright smile. "Now.. I am kind of hungry..." He said, frowning. "Like super hungry.."

La Croix nodded.
"Yes darling one, you need more blood, mortal blood." Standing up he offered Rienne his hand. "Come Rienne, you must learn how to hunt." Winking at Nicolas as he mentioned hunting Lucien smiled, he had what he wanted. He had his young lover and another way to torment his eternal son. Leading Rienne out of the room and down stiars the immortal announced his intentions. "We will head to the village, our little one needs a healthy meal not one on the verge of death."

Nicolas glared at his master. "Lucien! Shouldn't he learn easily first instead of just throwing him into it?" He asked, not liking the idea of how the boy might precieve just taking a random mortal and drinking from them. "At least he will learn a reason for killing them when they're wounded! It would be more... humane to take him to the battlefield."

"Also more dangerous, Nicola," Jeanette piped in, smirking at him. "I mean if you think about it there would be more soldiers comming and he's newly turned, he's not grown so very much in strength quite yet."

Rienne hugged Nicolas. "Don't worry big brother, I will be fine. Besides I'm hungry." He said, shrugging. "It's for food. It's not like I will get weird pleasure out of killing them."

Chuckling like low thunder rolling around mountains Lucien caressed his lover's cheek.
"Oh little one, how much you have to learn. There is great pleasure in killing if you wish to find it." Knowing his words would further upset his beloved Nicolas the immortal kissed Rienne passionatly on the lips. "For now at least I will be at your side when you feed to make sure no harm comes to you. If your sensabilities are as delicate as your big brother's we can find you a wicked mortal, one the world would be better off without." For reasons that escape Lucien he actually took Nicolas' words to mind. He did not wish to upset his lover, and if Rienne needed a way to rationalize killing then he would give him one.

Rienne smiled. "But from what father told me when he'd come home from war was that killing was just way too messy." He said, shrugging. He thanked the other for the chance to kill off bad people. Rienne knew he'd have an issue with killing off families and sch. "Well.. I can see now that I am going to throw a fit if i have to kill a mother or a baby or something, so maybe the bad guys would be best." He said, pouting.

Nicolas smiled at this turn of fate it seemed. He might just be able to give the newly turned little one some morals afterall."Your conscience will feel better." He ensured the other.

Jeanette frowned. "But if you need to survive and there is no evil ones around, little one, you'll have to feed off what is there."

Rienne nodded. "I know, I am just saying, for now I will find bad people."

Although part of him was glad he had given his lover a choice, Lucien was also annoyed. It seemed his original thoughts and reasons for bringing the boy across were fast becoming redundant. He had wanted to use Rienne to torment Nicolas but with each passing moment he found he could not do such a thing. The boy had gotten under his skin and the feelings of love and protection he was experiencing agravated him. Love and caring were weaknesses, or so he had always thought and with little more than a blush his beloved Rienne could cool Lucien's murderous intents.
"Fine we will find you an evildoer but we must hurry little one, there is only a few hours before sun rise and by then we will all need to be safely looked away in the darkness." Glaring at Nicolas as if his new found weakness was his son's fault the immortal dragged Rienne outside.

Rienne pouted up at his lover, clasping his hand. "Love, what's wrong?" He asked, sensing his lover's mood had turned foul. "One second you're excited and upity and the next you're all grumpy." He was terribly concerned about his love.

Nicolas understood why he'd been glared at and returned his master's glare with even more hostility if possible. "We should meet back in the town square." He said simply, going off on his own as he was angry.

Jeanette sighed and decided to try and alleviate her angry immortal father. "Rienne... perhaps before you think you'd have a problem with it, try killing an innocent first, only because there are more of them. If you don't get a bit of both you might not openly learn the difference. For different people there are different morals. You may like the innocent taste better than those who have done wrong."

Rienne smiled at his sister. "Okay. I will try it, but if I don't like it then ima stick to the bad ones."

Hearing that did improve Lucien's mood a little so he decided to find the most innocent mortal he could to feed his lover. Heading for an orphenage he concieled Rienne and himself in the shadows near the back door and used his perswasive abilities to summon a child of about eleven outside. A moment later a young boy appeared on the stoop, rubbing his eyes and still half asleep.
"He my love...." He purred in his seductive, deep voice. "Beckon him towards you with your mind." An evil thrill slithered up Lucien's spine and he smiled over at Jeanette, eyes sparkling with excitment. The immortal was eager to see his new lover at work.

Rienne focused and made a horrible first attempt, all he got was the boy to look at him. He actually giggled at the horrible try and then made a second attempt, this time getting the boy to begin walking over to him. "Now what?" He felt his hunger getting stronger and stronger, he whimpered with need for the little boy. "Soo hungry.." He mumbled, the scent of his blood was sweet. He actaully felt awkwardly aroused by it. He made sure they were completely away from the eyes of other mortals before he grabbed the boy to him and let his teeth lead him to sustenance. He drank slowly, figuring out that if he drank too fast then it didn't fill him as well. He loved it. The taste was completely delicious, the boy was warm and pliant against him and he felt nothing but a natural high at tasting him and hearing his heartbeat slip away. He even moaned a little in his drinking. He did manage to stop himself before he killed him. "I don't feel like trying to find a place to bury the boody Lucien..." He said as his reasoning, he didn't feel like having to lug around heavy bodies, and this would be the perfect way to drink from innocents without contaminating his conscience.

Jeanette raised an eyebrow. "He. learns quickly."

With a proud smile Lucien smiled at his daughter.
"Yes he does, does he not?" Taking the mortal form his lover's arms He kissed Rienne passionatly, loving the taste of the innocent's blood upon them.
"That is alright little one, I will finish him off and bury him...." The instant he spoke La Croix realized that perhaps his lover did not want the boy dead and that he might not want to disappoint him. Watching the boy for any sign of his true feelings Lucien waited, he was beginning to think he could not kill the child either if Rienne did not wish it. That realization annoyed him greatly.

"Rienne tilted his head. "but.. why kill him when you don't have to?" He asked, confused. He was not syaing the other shouldn't, he didn't understand the logic. "He's pretty much like gone..." Rienne was so terribly confused and he really wished someone would explain it to him.

Jeanette frowned "There's a different feeling when you actually kill, dearest.."

Completely at a loss for what to do Lucien waited a moment. He wondered if Nicolas was right about his lover's conscience and decided he did not want to take the risk. If there was even the slightest chance that Rienne could end up resenting him then La Croix did not want to kill the mortal.
"I guess there is no need to rush my darlings. It does not matter if Rienne does not kill right away." Laying the boy down Lucien gently placed his hands on Jeanette and his lover's backs and ushered them away form the orphenage. "Let us find an evildoer so Rienne can compare the taste." The immortal even went as far as coaxing one of the women who ran the place outside so the child would be found and not die where they had left him.

Rienne frowned at not having a good explanation of why to kill the other but shrugged it off. "Welll I think I could eat a whole horse with how hungry I am." He said, patting his belly and groaning. "Well.. I don't know how much blod horses have in them. Can you drink from animals?"

Jeanete laughed openly. "Yes, but they're not very.. nutritious."

As his lover and daughter spoke, Lucien was struggling with his own feelings.  Before meeting his darling Rienne he would have finnished off the child without a second thought or made his lover kill him. For years he had been taunting his son about such things and despite Nicolas' best efforts he had remained the sadistic, heartless creature he was. Now a blush from Rienne and he got all soft and accomadating instead of forcing his lover to do as he was bid.
"No lover of mine will ever feed on animals while there is a mortal with in a thousand miles." Lucien's voice boomed like thunder, his annoyance at himself fueling it.

Rienne giggled at his lover's words. "Awe, Lucien, I wont feed from animals, don't worry." He kissed his lips. "I may be a bit soft, but I don't think animals would even taste good." He said, grinning.

Jeanette seemed the be the only one who recognized the seriousness of Lucien's tone and she pursed her lips, thinking her maker was acting a little odd.

Acting a little odd was an understatment. Lucien had never felt so out of control in his existance. He had been a General in life, used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question. He had sent tens of thousands to their deaths without a second thought or twinge of conscience and now he was going against everything he had ever believed in just so he could please a pretty boy.

Rienne smiled. "Lucien, how do you tell them apart? The evil ones and the good ones?" He asked, kissing the other on the cheek, having to stand on tip-toe to do so.

Jeanette smiled. "You'll see little one, read their emotions and thoughts."

The kiss form his lover instantly made Lucien fell better and he found himself smiling and wrapping his arm around the boy. All that inner turmoil and rage and it dissapated in a split second. It was going to take a while for him to get used to this love that had him vexed. Sighing he bowed down and kissed Rienne's forehead.
"Here, we can see the square from here and are still in shadow. You can practice reading their thoughts and feast upon as many as you like." Lucien's voice was back to his rich velvety tenor and he gently tucked a strand of dark cherry hair behind Rienne's delicate ear. "But we can not dally too long, the light is our enemy little one."

Rienne smiled and tried to set to work. He succeeded once on an evil doer and instantly made a disgusted face. "Ew." He said simply, pushing it away. "It's not for me. It makes me feel gross." He said, explaining as he quickly dank from four innocent mortals until he was full. "There, all better."

As it was getting very late, or early as mortals would say, Lucien held Rienne tight.
"Where is Nicolas? He said we were to meet here but I can not see or sense him. It is almost sunrise and I will not risk Rienne." He said, growling slightly in annoyance. La Croix looked at his daughter as if she had the answers. He concidered asking her to stay and wait for Nicolas but found he did not want her caught out in the sunlight either. "I will give him five more minuets and then we are leaving, with or without him." Larus was standing behind his lover, his arms wrapped around him tight as if to sheild Rienne. His body language betrayed how much he really cared.

Nicolas showed up as if on cue. "I'm here, I'm here. We never had a time limit." He said, shooting his master an evil glare. "How did he do?" He asked, trying to mask his anger.

Jeanetee smiled. "He did more than well."

Rienne beamed with pride and held Lucien's hand as they made their way home. "Nick.. innocents taste better.."

Excitment shot through Lucien as his lover spoke and he studied his son to see what his reaction would be. Such news would surely provoke some kind of responce form Nicolas.
"You should have seen him my son. Rienne is a natural hunter, he learns very quickly." His rich velvety voice held great amusment as he spoke, never taking his eyes off his child.

Nicolas frowned. "You killed innocents?"

"No, just took enough from them to be not hungry. The evil people tasted disgusting." Rienne said in clarification.

The color came back to Nick's face."Ah, handy trick." He said, feeling pride for the boy.

Jeanette shook her head, wishing her maker and her brother could get along.

The exchange did not go as well as Lucien would have liked and he went back to frowning. If only his lover had not mentioned the fact he let the innocents live and more to the point, why didn't he stop the boy from saying it? Once they were inside Rienne's house the immortal smirked.
"So my love, where can Nicolas and Jeanette spend the daylight hours?" Perhaps pushing his son aside like this would produce a better reaction in the other?

Rienne smiled. "We all fit on the same bed last night, or there are other rooms they could sleep in." Rienne said, shrugging. "It'sup to you guys." He said, kissing his lover on the cheek.

Nicolas frowned, but did not feel so bad considering his sister was also exculded from sleeping aside their maker.

Jeanette rolled her eyes. "Would you two PLEASE get along!?"

Seething Lucien glared at her.
"I am not the one being so dissagreeable." He said coldly but directed his frustration at Nicolas. Lucien just did not understand why his son had to fight him on everything. Could the other not see he was right? La Croix believed whole heartedly, that Nicolas was the one in the wrong. His son should embrace the darkness within him and even if that line of thinking was hypiacritical in the light of his indungences with Rienne, Lucien did not care.

Nicolas sighed. "It's not my fault you do your damndest to try and make me out to be weak.You never really instructed me! You're the one who turned me, Lucien! You KNEW I have always had issues being what we are!"

Jeanette sighed. "Come on, little one, let's get you to bed, let them fight this out."

Rienne pouted and went upstaires with Jeanette, allowing her to tuck him in bed. "Why are they so mean to eachother?"

"Long story dearest." She replied, sighing.

Exasperated, La Croix growled.
"You are weak Nicolas, compared to what you should be. You are death and darkness and yet you pine for your mortal morals. You resent me for giving you this gift. You should be on your knees thanking me! I have made you perfect. I love you and keep you safe but you still reject me!" As he yelled at his son, Lucien could not help thinking of his Rienne. Did he think his lover weak as well? Why, in his mind was it different for the boy to dislike killing?

Nicolas felt crushed by his maker's words. "I should be thanking you? LaCroix, there is no need to actually kill! You were mortal once too! Why do you get so hateful of me just becase I would not kill a few mortals!?" Nicolas asked, his voice rising.

Being faced with the truth, Lucien snarled. He had taken so much of his anger out on his beloved Nicolas over the years. Perhaps it was because his son was every thing he wished he was. Even as a mortal he was cold and uncareing to his fellow men. Was it Nicolas' generous heart that had first attracted him to his son?
"Because you are a constant reminder of what I am not!" He exclaimed not sure how to mend what he had done and not wanting to even admit he was in the wrong.

"Only because you will not allow yourself to be!!"Nicolas shouted back, furious with the other. "You may go about how you are, but there's no reason to openly hate me because I am not your little drone!" Nicolas waited to see what thee other would say to him in response to this.

Rushing forward, Lucien pushed his son up against the wall. He was furious but more at himself than the other. Growling and baring his teeth like a wild dog, La Croix glared at Nicolas for a while before he simpley let his son go and walked off upstairs. He needed to be with Rienne, needed the boy wrapped in his arms so that everything made sense again.

Nicolas sighed, angered to tears as his master released him. He went to a seperate room from everyone, samming the door as though it would help release his anger. He cried hard as he curled on the bed. Not because he was a childish form of a man, but because everything he tried to be just wasn't good enough for his maker.

Rienne looked up as his lover entered the room. "Is everyhting all right?"

"No!" Lucien growled much more harshly then he had intended. He felt bad and he was not used to feeling bad because he might have hurt another. Cubbing Rienne's face with one hand he sighed and let the smiple fact he was touching his lover calm him.
"I think you should go to Nicolas, Jeanette.... but do not let him know I have sent you!" Frustration grew within him again as he realized he was worried about his beloved son. He pulled his lover into a tight embrace and kissed the boy's hair.

Jeanette nodded and rose without word, casting her maker a sad look as she wnt to her brother. She embraced him. "Nicola.. he's a cruel man, but he means well." She insisted, stroking his hair.

Nicolas huffed sadly and hugged her. "He's... why does he have to be that way, Jeanette? What have we done to deserve such things from him? Just because I am not a blood thirsty heartless killer doesn't mean he has to hate me."

Rienne cuddled his lover, hoping he knew how to calm him. "Awe, are you okay?" He aske, worried about his beloved's mental state.

Too hurt and confused to answer Lucien just held his lover for a ver long time before he finally sighed. Gently pushing Rienne back to arms length so he could look down into his eyes the immortal forced a smile.
"I fell a little better now." There was so much uncertinty in his deep voice. Years of being a monster towards Nicolas were catching up with him and he did not like it at all.

Rienne kissed his lover fully on the lips. "I am glad love." He said, wondering why the other was so down. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked in question, hopin the other certainly did.

"He's not heartless, Nicola. He loves you, he's just not sure how to show it." Jeanette reminded the other, hoping that her words would calm him. "He thinks that you are .. disrespecting him in a sort for disobeying him. He thinks you do it out of spite when it's just the way you are.. that's what I gather at least."

Nicolas sighed. "But still, he treats me so coldly on the best of days.I would only have him accept me and have his warmth."

Talking about his feeling was something Lucien never did. He failed to see the point of talking when he himself could not figure out what it was he actually felt. However he was finding it very hard to deny his lover anything so gritting his teeth the immortal gave it a try.
"Nicolas hates me..." He just blurted out, surprised by his word. Already La Croix coudl see this would not be easy.

"I don't think he hates you, love." Rienne replied to his lover. "I think maybe he's just confused. Maybe you need to cuddle him more or something to let him know you care." He offered, kissing him on the lips.

Jeanette sighed. "You both treat eachother like shit." She said abruptly. "So, in light of that I want you two to spend the whole night tomorrow together while I take Rienne out and play dress up with him." She said, grinning devilishly.

Nick felt like he was going to die. "Are you serious?"

If it had not been his lover that suggested it, if the words had not been followed by a kiss, the immortal would have flown into a rage. There mere thought of hugging Nicolas seemed offensive to him though Lucien knew not whay.
"I am not an affectionate man." He stated coldly once his lips were free. This only made the difference in the way he treated Rienne and Nicolas clearer and once again bought feelings of guilt. "I do not hug Jeanette." He added to prove his son was the one being difficult but not only was Lucien unable to convince himself he was sure his lover did not think Nicolas was fully to blame either.

"Yes you are." Rienne said, smiling. "You're affectionate with me. You can't share some?" He asked, kissing him again.

Jeanette nodded. "Absolutely. Now, tomorrow you two will spend all evening together. Understood?"

Nick sighed, seeing his sister was determined. "Fine." He said, sighing and turning to her. "But only for one night."

Too stuborn and grumpy to see reason the immortal shook his head.
"It is not the same thing Rienne.... Nicolas and I are.... see he is.... it is just different." There really was no good reason why he could not be more affectionate with his son so Lucien changed the subject.
"It has been a rather eventful evening.... I am tired." Starting to strip off Lucien focused on the fact his beloved Rienne was now as he was, a child or darkness and would be with him for all eternity. Lust rising, La Croix climbed onto the bed and kissed his little one passionatly.
"Now I will teach you how intense pleasure really can be Rienne darling." He purred, his rich voice once more like a caress and his hands roaming the boy's toned and now immortal body.

Rienne blushed at his lover's words and was instantly lost in them. The other certainly owned him in all ways. "Oh.. do show me, Lucien, teach me all you can." He groaned and kissed the other back, his hands fisting in his lover's short hair.

Jeanette grinned at her victory. "Good! Now sleep!" She ordered, pulling Nick close to her and yawning as he cuddled against her and followed him to sleep.

Wasting no time La Croix kissed his lover deeply as he pulled the boy's clothes form him. Patience not being one of his virtues Lucien moistened his fingers and prepared Rienne as quickly as he could before he began to push in. It was a wonderful thing not having to worry about breaking his lover, although that other was not yet strong in his immortality at least Lucien did not have to worry about him dying. He kissed Rienne, much longer and deeper then ever before, not having to allow for mortal breath as he once had. Finally he bit into his beloved and drank from him before he pulled back a moment.
"Now my love... taste me..." Bareing his neck La Croix moaned softly.

Rienne blushed and leant forward, biting the other hard in his lust, the powerful blood of the other was intoxicating and he moaned, his lust and pleasure surging greatly. Just feeding earlier had turned him on, and now this.. was beyond lust. He practically clawed at his lover to get closer, to feel him, taste him more and more, unable to stop and get enough.

Lucine thrust wildly, pounding into his lover, his flesh and blood filling Rienne to over flowing. Then he pushed the boy back down onto the bed. It was not an easy thing, Rienne craved him desperatly but he bit into the others neck again drinking from him once more so that their blood mingled. It flowed through both of them making their coupling even more pleasurable. That scent of wild flowers was still there under all that blood and arousal and the taste of Rienne's blood sent shivers through his, each one bringing him closer to bliss.
"Ah... yes, little one...." He purred in a deep rumble. "Spill your seed my Rienne..." He encouraged so close to his own completion.

Rienne was completely at lost at how he could finish so quickly but he did, when his lover's words coaxed him he granted him with every bit of his seed he had, fixated on kissing and licking his neck. Addicted to the other's taste and kiss while being taken."Lucien..." He hissed out through a whimper while he clenched tight around him and held tight.

A moment later the immortal finished as well, his seed being planted deep within his lover. Taking a moment to smile at Rienne and kiss him, Lucien waited until he became hard again then resumed his thrusting into the other.
"This time we will couple for longer little one." He said caressing the other with his words and hands. "Drink form me again my love." La Croix intended to spend hours entwined with the other, to feed and be fed upon over and over while the sun shone bright in the sky.

the fact Rienne could become aroused again surprised him more than actually finishing so quickly. He was hot and ready for the other quicker than the time before if that was even possible and was ready to be taken yet again, the thrust of his lover was entrancement and drink from him again he did, hoping this time he would somehow last longer.

Making love as if it were a dance, Lucien kissed, caressed, thrust into and drank from his little one. The give and take of blood between them had him lost in bliss and Rienne himself. Never had he tasted anything so sweet and several times when he was on the verge of finishing he would stop and wait for the moment to pass. Not wanting their closness and intimacy to end the immortal whispered worlds of love and passion in his lover's ear. Sweat covered his pale skin in a slightly pink tinge.
"Oh Rienne..." He whispered thankful he had such stamina so he could make this moment last. "My Rienne..."

Rienne was in heaven but hel at the same moment. He wanted badly to finish, he could fel eventually he would not be able to stop himself and then afterwards he felt he wouldn't be able to go around, he could tel he was so close to being spent. "Lucien.. I can't hold.. much more.." He whispered desperate to recieve apporval to finish with the other. "Oh lucien.. please.."

"Then finnish for me little one..." La Croix purred before biting into his lover again to push him over the edge of extasy. It would also be Lucien's end, the clenching of the other would bring him undone but that was alright. He wanted to share this moment with his lover and sink down onto the bed beside Rienne, exhausted and happy. Never had he been so full of desire for another. As he suckled and experienced his own release Lucien shivered in delight and let out a low groan of pleasure. "Rienne.......!"

Rienne felt the other's seed inside him and that was his undoing."Lucien!" He called as he finished as hard as he had the first time if not more into the blissful feeling. If he were mortal still he'd surely have died. He lay limp on the bedsheets, his breathing heightened , very slowly starting to calm down. Even though breahting was not necessary it seemed he was still out of breath.

After getnly pulling out, Lucien lay down beside his lover and wrapped the boy in his arms. He had never been happier, never experinced such bliss and the thought that he could hold Rienne in his arms for all eternity only elated him.
"Now you are truely mine..." He whispered, also out of breath. Expelling such energy had left him tired and even as he peppered kisses upon Rienne's cheek he drifted into sleep. "I love you..." Was the las think La Croix muttered.

Rienne snuggled up against the other. "And you are mine." He whispered, returning the other's kisses. "I love you too." Rienne giggled just softly as he realized the other had fallen asleep and decided he too would let sleep overtake him. "Night.." He whispered, yawning and pulled into sleep.

As twilight came to the outside world Lucien woke. He smiled at the boy snuggled in his arms and found hismelf kissing that dark cherry coloured hair and whispering words of love and honey. Rienne had turned his entire world upside down and bought out feelings in him he never new existed. What bothered him about this was the realization he had been a cold, harsh Master to his Nicolas. Sighing at the thought of his son, he nuzzled his lover and let his mind go blank as he enjoyed having the other there with him.

Rienne woke a little andquickly fell back into sleep. He wasn't ready to get up just yet, he wanted to lay there with the other, submerged in peaceful happiness with him.

Jeanette decided to let her brother sleep a little longer but as she sensed her maker awakening she went up to the room, letting herself in quietly so she did not wake his lover who'd just fallen back. "Well, I have decided that I am going to take Rienne into town and you and Nicola are going to spend the day togther."

At first Lucien just smiled at his daughter then when he realized what she had said he frowned. It was not that he bothered her bossing him around in such a manner, Jeanette often did such things. In La Croix's opinion it was a trait all women possessed and try as he might he could not seem to vanquish it from his child. The thought of having his lover absent form his arms did not delight him in the slightest. Lucien had never been so needy before.
"Is there anyway I can change your mind?" He grumbled softly, not wanting to wake his little Rienne.

"No. You and Nicholas will do this." She said, narrowing her eyes at him. "So help me, Lucien, if you do not there will be consequences. Besides, I want to play with the little one. So, that means you and Nicola need to leave." She frowned at him, wondering if he would argue with her still.

"Bloody women..." The immortal muttered under his breath. As there was no point in arguing he just glared at his daughter. Lucien should have realized Jeanette would want to fawn all over his lover and he could not really blame her, Rienne was jus so very cute. "What am I supposed to do all evening with Nicolas?" He grumbled as he kissed the boy snuggled in his arms and began to unwrap himself. The way La Croix saw it the quicker he got this evening started the quicker it would be over.

"I don't know, you two can think of something, now hurry up and shoo, I want to play with the young one." Jeanette replied, sitting on the other side of the bed where Rienne was. She stroked the boy's hair, coaxing him awake. "Come now little one, why don't you waken now."

"Nooo five more minutes." Rienne replied, pouting at the other and trying to snuddle closer to the fading warmth of where his lover was.

Sighing Lucien began to dress after he kissed his lover gently on the lips.
There were so many things he would love to do with Rienne, or even hunting with Jeanette but what he was going to do with Nicolas was still a mystery. His son did not like hunting the innocent as his sister did and spending half the night kissing and caressing Nicolas was not an option either. Running a comb thought his bristely white hair, Lucien frowned at his reflection then kissed Jeanette on the cheek before he ran his fingers through his lover's dark red hair.
"Enjoy your evening my little one. I look forward to returning to your sweet smile and loving arms." Giving Rienne a slightly passionate kiss he stratightined up and went to the room Nicolas was sleeping in.

Rienne pouted at the leaving of the other one. "Awe.." He huffed sadly but sat up and smiled at Jeanette. "Well, what are we to do today?"

"Well I am going to take you to a few stores, I want to dress you up in something nice. I know Lucien's going to be very grumpy probably when he and Nicola return home. I think h'ed appreciate seeing you in something.. enticing." She grinned and picked out an modest outfit for Rienne to wear for their night out.

Not bothering to knock, La Croix opened the door to Nicolas' room and stood at the end of the bed glaring at his son.
"It seems we are to spend the evening togther Nicolas." Remembering that the point of this night was for him and his son to bond, or at least that is no doubt what Jeanette had in mind, Lucien calmed himslef. He just could not think of anything they could do that did not offend his son somehow the immortal decided he would allow the other to choose. "What did you intend of doing?" It was not exactly a polite way of asking but Lucien was still giving his son an oppertunity to take the lead.

"You tel me, it wasn't my idea of spending a night together." Nicolas said, twitching. "I suppose we could.. hell if I know.What do you even like to do?"

The immortal had pleanty of things he liked to do but every single one of them would not be well recieved by his son.
"Nothing you would enjoy..." Lucien grumbled desperatly trying to find some common ground with Nicolas. "In all the years we have been a family I do not think that you and I have ever done anything together other than fight." Imagining what his daughter would say if he did not at least attpempt to be civil Lucien sighed. "Should we buy gifts for Jeanette and Rienne?" He said finally, hoping Nicolas would agree.

"Sure why not." Nicolas said, getting up. He dressed in a boring fashion and looked to the other. "What do you think your little one would even like?" He asked, fixing his buttons he'd seemed to have done up wrong.

Jeanette ushered Rienne out the door after the boy had been dressed and hopped oto a horse with the boy in front. "Well I suppose your'e short enough I'll just pretend you're my son if anyone asks."

Rienne laughed happily and held tight to the horse as they made their way to the main part of ton. He wondered if they would run into Nick and Lucien later by accident. If so he would kiss his lover before returning to his activitis.

Realizing he did not have a clue what his beloved would like, La Croix frowned.
"I... I am really not sure." This further proved that Lucien was a selfish and cruel man, he had not even bother to find out if his lover was interested in anythign in particular. Buying gifts for women was easy, he just found a jeweler and bought what ever was most expensive but what kinds of things did Rienne like? Still stuck on jewelery and not very imaginative he watched Nicolas closely to see his reaction. "Do you think he would like a signet ring?" It was then Lucien realized he had no idea what size the boy's finger was. The entire ordeal was quickly trying the immortal's patience.

"He might." Nicolas informed him. "Why don't you get him something sweeter? You'r eobsessed with jewlery. Some flowers and something he can be reminded of you of. A locket hell I don't know Lucien I am not good at this either."

Rienne was happy as he was lead through many shops. Jeanette finally settled on one, dressing him in somthing sheer that did little to hide the imagination. "Jeanette, is this hardly appropriate to wear in public?"

"Yes, it's styled to be proper, but the sheerness of it is a second note. Don't worry about it, Lucien will love you in it." The outfit was of the time period and involved a usual sheer poets shirt that exposed part of Rienne's chest. His vest only accented the feature and his stomach was only half way covered also. The leggings he wore were rather tight and were lacedalong the sides, that part showing skin as it went up.

Flowers would have been the very last thing Lucien thought of but strangly enough he could see his little one smiling if he recieved a bunch of them. It also seemed to sooth him that Nicolas was also at a loss for a good gift.
"Well it seems we have something in common besides Jeanette." La Croix stated with a slight smile. "Neither of us is good at buying gifts. But I do like the idea of flowers.... should we get them first?" Deciding this evening might be bareable after all Lucien offered his son his arm.

"If we get them first, they might die." Nicolas informed the other.
"Why don't we look for somthing he can do when he's bored. Maybe some good books. A jounral. Maybe a sketching pad?"

Jeanette smiled at Rienne as the boy also grabbed ornaments to place in his hair. "Is this good?" He asked, looking up for her opinion. She nodded to him and after buying them placed them to see how they loked, and decided they would be quite lovely. "All right litlte one, let's get home so I can dressyou up for our master."

Rienne beamed happily at hearing this. He was more than ready to go home by now. "Yay!"

To his great surprise and relief, Lucien found his son was invaluable when it came to thinking of others and what they might enjoy. He bought everything Nicolas suggested, enjoying himself emencly. He bought a beautiful leather bound journal that had curly vines carved around the cover and a sketch pad with several different types of drawing tools. There were soft pastles and water colours and charchole. La Corix even bought matching lockets for him and Rienne then found a jeweled combe with rubies and decided he was going to brush his lover's hair out with it every chance he got. By the time he got the flowers, Lucien was excited and eager to return home so he could lavish his little Riennen with all his gifts. There were also several pieces of jewelery he purchased for Jeanette and a ring he bought for Nicolas. As they arrived at the house, Lucien kissed his son on the forehead.
"Thank you Nicolas for all your help." Although the kiss was a little cold and his voice a little strained, La Croix meant his kind words.

Nicolas returned his master's kiss to the forehead and gave in to embracing him. "You're welcome master." He held on for a moment, sad that they had such an fightful relationship. "I'm sorry for being so... disagreeable lately."

When they arrived home Rienne was dressed back in the outfit he was bought by Jeanette and then she had fun putting his hair up in an elaborate bun of sorts and decorating it with small ornaments and such things.

When Rienne looked at himself in the mirror he blushed. "Are you sure Lucien will like this?"

The embrace mad him feel a little uncomfortable but seeing as he really trying to mend things with Nicolas, Lucien gave his son an awkward pat on the back. With a small smile, the immortal headed up to his lover's bedroom.
"Rienne, are you home?" He called out as he got to the top of the stairs then entered the bedroom without knocking. Seeing his little one all dressed up, Lucien forgot about his presents and licked his lips. "You are a vision my love." He purred, his sensual voice heavy with lust.

Rienne blushed just a little."You like it then?It was Jeanette's idea." He insisted, biting his lower lip nervously. "I like how she did my hair." He walked to his lover and kissed him sweetly as though he were a good housewife greeting her husband. "And did you and Nicolas have fun?"

Nicolas smiled. "Yes, Rienne, we had a great time." He insisted, smiling a little at Jeanette in thanks. He felt he and Lucien had actually bonded.

"Oh great was it? I am so glad to hear that from you two." Jeanette said, grinning at them.

Caught between wanting to molest his beautiful lover and wanting to give the boy the gifts Nicolas had helped him pick out, Lucien closed his eyes and moaned softly as he kissed Rienne back.
"We did have a good time, your brother helped me pick out some lovely gifts. Though none of them compare to the gift of looking upon your beauty." Realizing he was being very sweet, the immortal cleared his throat. "Do you want to see what we bought?" He asked.

Rienne blushed as he was kissed in such a manner. He held tight to the other, smiling. "Awe, of course!!" He said, feeling lavished with affectoin.

Jeanette tugged Nicolas aside from the room to let the two have their peace. "We should just leave them alone for now.Let's go have a seat."

Nicolas nodded in agreement, stiffling a yawn as he went with her.

Sitting his lover on the bed, La Croix put the parcles down beside Rienne.
"You look so beautiful." Lucien got distracted by the boy's sensual appearence again and once more gathered him in his arms and kissed him demandingly. It took all his strength to pull away from the boy. "I am not sure I can wait until after you open you gifts before I ravage you." He purred in Rienne's ear, his rich voice caressing the other as he gently dragged his fangs over the other's neck.

"Then I should open them quickly." Rienne replied, returning his lover's kiss. He was empassioned by it, drunk off of it. He groaned and pushed closer to the other, craving to feel him, but unable to open the presents also because his mind as well was lost.

Now all thought of the gifts was gone form Lucien's mind as he kissed and caressed his beloved.
"My little Rienne..." It was such a shame the clothes were so beautiful because La Croix wanted to rip them right off his lover, instead he was forced to carefully undo them. The pants showing flesh all the way up the sides of the boy's legs were very arousing. "You do wear these so very well little one." He purred as he unlaced them enough to tug them down off Rienne's hips. Lust almost unbearable, Lucien slicked his fingers so he could prepare his lover. "I need you...." La Croix pushed the sheer material up so he could lick and suckle the firm nipples that reminded him of delicate strawberries.

"Then you shall have me." Rienne was not used to such grand attention placed on him. He blushed. "Oh, Lucien you stir me well." He muttered, groaning and arching to the other as his nipples were licked. He was rather in a hurry to couple with the other as well, deciding that it would be a lovely feeling. He'd missed his lover all day and the thought of being with him again that way was overwhelmingly arousing. "I need you too." He whispered, beginning to disrobe the other.

Unable to get enough of his lover the immortal prepared Rienne as quickly as he could then as he pushed into the boy he bit into his neck. There was something about Rienne's taste on his lips that went beyond arousing. Using one hand to stroke the other's length and tangling his left hand in the boy's dark cherry coloured hair, Lucien moaned loudly. To touch, smell and taste his lover like this was the best feeling he could ever imagine.
"Oh Rienne.... my little one..." He thrust deep into his lover now that the boy had adjusted to him, lost in his desires and bliss.

Rienne took their positions with eachother as an advantage and bit and drank from his lover in turn. "Mnnnn." His lover tasted like fire to him. A delicious passionate one, and his blood was terribly fuelish. He arched as he was taken, sure to try and meet those thrusts he was given in any way possible, wanting to feel his lover as deep inside of him as he could have him.

When he was not drinking form Rienne, Lucien was kissing and licking him. No matter what he did, La Croix just did not feel close enough. It it were possible he would have liked to melt into his lover, becoming one with him for all eternity.
"Rienne..." He whispered is a lustful voice and he once again bared his neck so the boy could drink from him. Lucien had no idea how long it had been since they began coupling, all he knew was the sweet tightness of Rienne and the gently burning of the boy's blood in him. Thrusting wildly and as deeply as he could the immortal moaned loudly. He was lost in a sea of sensation and pleasure. "My little Rienne..." The rising heat within him told Lucien he was close to completion but he refused to let himself go until his lover also finished. Red tinged sweat covered his body and La Croix remembered thinking it was a shame Rienne's beautiful bejeweled hair was messed up but that thought was fleeting like all his others. At that very moment there was only the two of them. Him and his little one, the rest of the world faded away. "Rienne...." He whispered again clutching his lover tight.

Rienne was whimpering against the other's neck. He was loud in his whimpers, they truly echoed his desires and needs. "Lucien!" He caled out in almost an shout as he pulled himself away from his lover's neck. He tightened around him as he came and his moans filled the room and surely the enitre mansion as he came, his nails scratching along his lover's back in an effort to hold onto him and reality.

It could have been the way Rienne called his name or his lover's clenching that sent Lucien over the edge or both. He threw his head back now his neck was free and with a loud groan he spilled his seed deep within Rienne. His eyes were sightless as they looked towards the heavens, his pleasure too much for his mind to cope with. Shivering in bliss La Corix let his feelings wash over him like giant waves crashing on rocks. This coupling was even more mind blowing than their last and the immortal wondered if he could survive their next coupling. Rienne was like a drug, one he carved more and more and now that his sight had returned to him, Lucien lay down beside his lover and rapped Rienne in his arms. Not wanting their closeness to end he whispered sweet words in the boy's ear and licked a smudge of blood from his neck.
"How have I existed without you all this time little one? Only now do I feel complete." Lucien said gently stroking Rienne's cheek.

"I wonder the same about myself.I can not imagine before you." He said, moaning but in contentment while laying aside the other. "I love you Lucien, so much. I can't wait to spend all of my moments with you." He nuzzled the other, completely snuggled against him. "You're so sweet."

Rumbling laughter filled the room as La Croix kissed his lover's cheek.
"There are many who would disagree with you my little Rienne." Of all the things Lucien had been accused of being, sweet was not one of them. "It seems you bring out the sweetness in me my darling." Content to just lay there with the boy in his arms for a little while longer he stroked Rienne's dark cherry coloured hair. "You did look very beautiful all dressed up little one. I will have to let Jeanette fuss over you more often." Again laughter rumbled from the immortal. "I hope you like the gifts I got you just as much." After being so eager to see the look on his lover's face when he saw the gifts, Lucien did not care if Rienne saw them that night or the next. He was far too happy just as he was.

"She was very fun to be on an outin with." Rienne replied to the other, grinning. He kissed the other. "I am sure I will, shall I open them now?" He asked, licking theo ther's cheek. "I am more then eager to see what you've got for me."

Closing his eyes and drinking in the closness of the other as he was licked, Lucien nodded.
"Yes my little one, I am curious to see the look on your face. You are just so beautiful when you smile and are happy." It was a little strange that Rienne's happiness could make his heart flutter but La Croix loved his little one. Love, something he had ever really felt before and something he was fast becoming addicted too. Kissing the boy's lips ever so softly he sat up and looked around to find most of the gifts on the floor. They had been pushed from the bed, forgotten in their passion.

Rienne smield brightly and kissed him. "I can't wait to see" He leant forward to help the other pick them up, not caring if he was to see so early or not. His eyes lit up as he peered at the packaging. "What are they?"

Picking up the flowers La Corix frowned.
"Perhaps I should have put these in water before I took you." The flowers looked a little droopy but the immortal hoped they would purk up a little. "These are for you." He said rather matter of factly, still not overly comfortable with giving such gifts. "There is also these." Lucien handed Rienne the leather bound journal wrapped in brown paper and string and the sketch pad and paints were also individually wrapped. The lockets were in a small box as was the comb decorated with rubies. He just handed everthing to his lover piling them up and most likely overwhelming the boy.

"I've never been given so many things love.. thank you." He said, grinning over the things he was given. He set to work with the comb immeidatly, fixing his tangled hair that was at the cause of his lover. And then he looked at the sketch pad. "Perhaps I should draw us together, no?" He asked, smiling slightly with a blush. "Thank you so much.. and those flowers are lovely." He put them immediately n a water filled vase and set them on the desk across from the bed. He would have put it closer to the bed, but he didn't want it to be smashed while he and his lover made love. He held tight to the other then. "Thank you my darlng, I can't wait to record my thoughts in this jounral. All of these are so lvely."

Very impressed with the boy's reaction and more than happy with the parise and affection he recieved, Lucien smiled.
"You should also thank Nicolas for helping me." He said in a rather stiff voice. Giving complements and praise to his son was still a little strange and uncomfortable for the immortal but he was trying and he hoped both Nicolas and Rienne appreciated his efforts.

"I will darling. Did you and he actually have a good time?" Rienne asked his lover while he watched him. "I mean, if I think about it, you two don't get along and yet you turned him. I don't know why there's this stigma between the two of you."

Frowning La Croix thought for a moment. He was not really sure himself why he brought Nicolas across, Jeanette had a lot to do with it. He had wanted his daughter to have a sibling but why he chose Nicolas.... well answering that was not so easy.
"Nicolas was special. There is something about him...." Becoming rather annoyed at himself for not having an answer Lucien decided to change the subject. "You are so very beautiful my little Rienne." He purred in his deep sensual voice and kissed the boy breathing in the wild flower scent his lover always smelled of.

"Thank you my love. Let us sleep? I am so very tired now, it's been azn eventful night." Rienne asked with a soft plea to his voice. "Please, darling?" He asked, kissing his lips.

Smiling because he could not deny his lover anything, Lucien nodded then lay down and wrapped Rienne in his arms.
"Sleep well little one." He whispered then kissed his lover's forhead. "My love." The immortal said possessivly, meaning he loved Rienne. Closing his eyes he allowed sleep to wash over him as fond thoughts of the evening seeded his dreams.

Nicolas woke before the others the next night, happy to have done so. He decided to leave a little note and then be on his way, wanting to spend some time alone in peace. He thought about perhaps getting his maker a present, figuring he could use something war-like he made his way to the nearest word maker, blacksmith or whatever they were called now, as the terms kept changing on him and decided to look at what they had.

Jeanette decided it was a night to sleep in and did so, yawning readily as she drifted back to sleep after glancing of Nicolas' note.

Rienne woke and pounced on his lover, tickling his sides to waken him. "Luuuuucciiiennnn wake uuuup!"

Eyes opening wide the immortal glared at the person who had woken him in such an abrupt manner. Seeing that it was Rienne, Lucien's glare softened and he ended up smiling as he took the boy's chin in his hand and kissed him.
"Good evening little one." He purred, reminding himself the boy meant not harm and unable to stay angry with Rienne anyway.

The sound of metal falling to the ground echoed through out the blacksmith's shed.
"You useless good for nothing runt!" A deep voice boomed followed by a timid voice that was almost child like.
"I am sorry Master.... I did not mean to drop them... they are so heavy Master..." The blacksmith glared down at his slave boy and gave him a swift kick to the ribs before he walked to the wall to fetch his bull whip.
"Weak pathetic waste of coin!" The large man yelled as the boy scrambled to gather the fallen swords. The whip cracked across the slave's back causing the boy to cry out and drop one of the blades form the bundle in his arms.
"Sorry Master...." Sobbing the boy picked up the fallen sword and dragged himself to his feet as the blacksmith administered two more lashes. Shaking with pain and the effort of carrying several heavy blades the slave boy went to the table at the front of the shed and layed out the swords. Seeing a custermer he looked up at the pale man with big brown eyes and bowed low.
"Was there something I can help you with sir?" He asked, eyes still down cast.
"Do we have a custmer?" The blacksmith bellowed from beside the forge and came storming out to the table desplaying his wares. Pushing his slave boy back inside the shed he smiled.
"What can I do you for good Sir?" He asked.

Nicolas was heartwrenched at the sight of the boy being beaten and cast about. He narrowed his eyes at the shop owner before steeling himself. "Well, I came in for a sword." He paused at his words to look at the little one and from those poitiful brown eyes and that pretty shoulder length hair.. he couldn't just leave him there. "And perhaps I coul buy your slave from you." He said, looking back to the shopkeeper. "How much?"

Rienne grinned and kissed his lover back. "I'm hungry..." He said, nuzzling him and giving his neck a sharp little lick. "Can we go feed?" He asked, pouting and whining and nuzzling the other as though he was a hungry cat.

Laughter errupted form La Croix as he wrapped Rienne in his arms and kissed him.
"Yes little one, we can go feed." He found it amusing how his lover behaved and also adorable. Gently touching his right index finger to the boy's nose Lucien laughed again. "You are too cute for words Rienne." Getting up he went to the wash stand and splashed water on his face. "I can't have you going hungry now can I?" The immortal muttered as he dried his face and reached for his cothing.

The blacksmith glared at his slave which sent the boy scurrying off to tend to his chores.
"Well the sword I can help you with but my slave is not for sale. Not that you would want him anyway he is nothing but trouble and week as a little girl." Eyeing Nicolas the blacksmith wondered if he could coax enough coin from him to by tow good slaves. If his custermer was willing to part with enough coin he would happily sell the boy, he was growing tired of him anyway. "These here are fine swords but if you are looking for something special, I keep them inside." He motioned fore Nicolas to enter the shed if he was interested in the finest of his trade. The smith keep his jeweled and shaprest blades inside where they could not be stolen.

Nicolas glared at the man before regaining himself. "I can get you whatever amount of money you need. I need the boy. He'd be the perfect servant for what I intend him for. I have a seven year old little girl that needs tending to with chores and high status arrangements. I will buy also your most expensive weapon." Nicolas was wondering what sot of price this would all come up to, and he just hoped he truly did have enoug, he didn't want to come running to his maker with this on his hands.

Rienne smiled and dressed in a moderate set of clothing. "Wellno, then I would whine and pout about it all the time and that would just be irritating." He said, hugging his lover from behind while putting on a coat.

Finding he quite enjoyed being hugged by Rienne the immortal turned round and scooped Rienne up into his arms so he could hug him and kiss him passionatly.
"My darling littl one, let us get you some nourishment." Lucien said gently setting his lover back on his feet. He really wanted to molest Rienne again but the boy needed to feed and there was pleanty of time to have his little one to himself later. Taking the boy's hand La Corix lead him out of the room and down the stairs.

Greed sparkled in the blacksmith's eyes, he was sure he had a fool on the line. If this man was willing to by his most expensive weapon then he could get enough for three slaves out of him.
"Anya! Bring the blade wrapped up under the bench!" He bellowed as he smiled at Nicolas.
"My best blade is worth three hundred gold coins but if you really want the boy I guess I could let him go for... two hundred and fifty gold coins." five hundred gold was far more than the sword and a slave were worth but the blacksmith was sure the other would pay it.

Nicolas frowned. "Let me return in just a moment. I only have three hundred gold with me, I will be back with the other two hundred and another one hundred for your wait." He replied, looking at the poor little boy. The sword he viewed wrapped would be perfect for his master. "Let me buy the sword first." He felt it would butter up his lovely maker and he took it after dropping the bag of coins on the table and then ran to Lucien, looking aroun , pleased to find he hadn't left the house yet. "Lucien! I have something for you but I also need another three hundred coins.. there's something I want dearly." Nicolas said, desperation in his eyes as he held out the sword to his maker. He never did get a good glance at the weapon and he hoped it was to his maker's pleasing.

Rienne giggled at his lover's son. "Awe, He got you a present!" He was super hungry and didn't want to wait anymore to feed and pouted at that but wondered why Nicolas still needed three hundred coins. "That's a lot of money.. what are you buying?"

Taking the offered gift Lucien unwrapped the sword and raised an eyebrow. The sword was splendid and when he took it in his hand and swung it around he nodded, impressed with the weight and balance.
"This is a fine sword Nicolas but I agree with my little Rienne. What could you possibly want so badly you ask for three hundred gold?" La Croix smirked as he eyes his son, what ever it was Nicolas wanted he seemed to have his heart set on it.

Counting out his three hundred gold pieces the blacksmith laughed.
"Even if he does not came back for you, this has been a very profitable day." Anya looked at his Master and was not sure he wanted to be sold. He did not like the blacksmith but at least the man fed him and gave him a warm bed to sleep in. Even if that bed was his Master's bed and was payed for with his flesh. The man who bought the sword seemed nice but Anya had been fooled by appearences before. Looking down at the ground the boy hoped his new Master was as nice as he seemed.

Nicolas knew he could only tell the other if he wanted the boy. "Don't jest at me for this, Lucien. I went to the blacksmith to get that sword. I wanted to buy you a gift you see, I just... felt sentimental after last night and.. wel there's this slave there. He's abused in many ways I.... I want him." He replied, looking away from the other. "I .. he's so young looking, Lucien. That's not a life for him."

Rienne blinked. "Nicky found someone to have a crush on?"

Lucien burst out laughing, he could not help himself.
"You want to buy a slave? Oh Nicolas, I can scarcely believe my ears." As much as La Croix tried to be kind to his son this was just too wonderful an oppertunity. "Well I guess we could use a slave to clean and tend to odd jobs. Here take what you need." The immortal threw his purse to his son, still chuckling and shaking his head. He was curious to see this boy that had caught Nicolas' eye.

Nicolas frowned at his maker's laughing of him. "I promise I will pay you back." He said, retreating immediately to the shop where he'd seen the boy. "I've returned." He said, holding out the other purse. "Three hundred." He took the coins and counted them out in their denominations. "It's all here." He frowned at them, hoping the shopkeeper would keep up his end of the bargain still, gad his aster's purse still had coins in it. "What's his name?"

Rienne smiled a little. "Awe love, be nice, you're going to hurt Nicky's feelings." He said, kissing his love on the lips. "Cme on, let's go see what he's doing." He was still hngry but was overly curious as to what Nicolas was seeing in a slave.

Frowning Lucien tried to wipe the smile form his lips. It was rather cruel of him to tease his son and it was for Rienne's sake he even tried to be mercyful.
"Come little one, we will follow him and see this slave Nicolas wants to waste good coin on." Being nice was such an effort for La Croix.

Licking his lips at the piles of gold coin the blacksmith quickly wiped the coin into his own purse.
"Hugh? His name? Anya but you can call him anything you like." Grabbing hold of his slave and pushing him towards Nicolas the blacksmith chuckled. "I will even give you that rag he wares, no extra charge."

Looking down at the ground Anya bowed low to his new owner. He had no personal items, everything he used had belonged to the blacksmith.
"Master..." He said in a quiet voice hoping this pale, but beautiful man was not so cruel.

Nicolas frowned and tilted the boy's face up to his to look in his eyes. He smiled a little. "Come, let's get you to your new home." He said, stroking his hair. "We'll get you a bath and new clothing. We do have to stop by the bank first. They should be able to access certain accounts." He sighed at the boy's condition, feeling sad to see him so tormented.He lead him out of the shop after thanking the shop owner and saw his maker with Rienne. "That is my own, Lucien and his lover, Rienne." He explained, "Treat them with respect. " Nicolas said softly, taking the other's hand in his own.

Rienne giggled as he saw them. "Awe, he's cute, Nicky." He said, looking the other over. "Kinda messy though."

Lucien was not sure what to think of the boy Nicolas had bought. He was cute as Rienne had stated but his eyes seemed haunted like those of many slaves he had seen. The clothing the young slave wore, if you could call it clotheing was tattered, dirty with soot and dried blood. The scent of fresh blood on Anya's back stirred the immortal's own hunger and he decided it was best to keep his distance until he had fed.

Giving Lucien and Rienne a bow each in greeting Anya remained silent. He noted that the one calle Lucien was even more pale than his new Master and the fact he had such a young lover told him his new owner would want his flesh as well. Not that this bothered Anya, he was far to used to a life of servitude. Allowing Nicolas to lead him the boy tried not to let his fears get the better of him. "My new Master seems nice." He told himself again and hoped with all his heart that was true.

Nicolas smiled a little. "If you don't mind, Lucien, I am going to get him new clothing. I will replace your money in your pouch as well and return it to you after we return." He said, tugging the boy with him. "I'm going to get him new clothing and give him a bath." He sighed and smiled at Lucien and Rienne, glad to not be taunted by his maker.

"Nicolas, perhaps you can fit him into my things? I mean for now at least? That way we can get him some rest. The poor thing looks tired. "Rienne stated. "We'll go to the bank for you." Rienne added, feeling bad for the little one.

Nicolas decided that would work just as well. "Sure, be sure to take three hundred from my vault, that's how much I gave the shop keeper." He handed the key to Rienne, knowing that neither would steal from him and sighed. "Thank you." He said, eyeing Lucien more than Rienne because his maker had not laughed at him. And wth that he lead the little Anya back to their new home, sighing. "You wont have chores and such to do unless you want to do them." He said, feeling there was mroe than enough slaves for that. He ordered one to fill the bath with warm water for Anya while he set about making the bed.

Jeanette woke as she saw them and blinked several times. "Nicola, who is this?"

Having remained silent the entire time Nicolas and his new slave where with them Lucien finally spoke.
"You seem to like the boy little one." He said rather flatly as he tried to be a little more understanding of his son. "Just like Nicolas to take in a stray." He muttered unable to hold back that one rather cruel remark. "A rather expensive stray." The immortal added then clicked his tongue because he had voice opinions he should not have. "I am hungry Rienne, let us feed before we go to the bank." After all his efforts to be tolerant Lucien was annoyed with himself.

Anya just stood there silently, he dared to glance at the woman who spoke and quickly looked away. She was pale like his new owner and the one called Lucien and beautiful like all the others. He wondered if this was Nicolas' wife but was far too submissive to voice his thoughts.

Rienne nodded and kissed his lover. "Your'e stressed aagin. After we feed.. let's relieve that of you." He winked seductively and picked some random person no really caring about moralistic qualities as he began to feed fom one and then another and another until he was too full to handle anymore.

Nicolas smiled. "Yes, sister dear, this is Anya. He's.... sort of an addition to the family if you must. I don't plant to make him, I plan to keep him and help him grow." Nicolas said, nodding as a servant told him the bath was ready. "I'll explain more as he bathes." He lead the little one to the bath. "When you're done let me know and I will hav some clothing set aside for you, okay?" He stroked the boy's cheek, offering a small smile as he ushered him into the bathroom.

Jeanette raise an eyebrow. "This.. is highly odd for you." She said, grinning abot the fact.

Once again Lucien found himself unable to kill as he fed. His lover had the strangest effect on him and could not help wondering why. When he to had drunk his fill the immortal pulled Rienne close to him in the darkest shadows of an ally way and kissed him hard.
"Rienne..." He purred as he licked and nibbled on his lover's neck. "What is it you were saying about relieving my stress?" His words were dripping with honey and he already had his hand down Rienne's pants.

Anya had found it odd that the woman was his new owner's sister, they seemed much closer some how. He also did not understand all that talk about making him either. There was something about Nicolas and the others that seemed a little off. He could not explain it and even though his new Master had been very kind he was still a little scared.
"Thank you Master..." He muttered then stipped off his dirty, shapless short robe cringing as the dried blood pulled at the fresh wounds form the bull whip.

"That I would help you with it." Rienne stated, a small moan escaping him as the other slipped his hand in his pants. "Oh love, you drive me insane." He whispered, kissing him back even harder if possible,and when the other kissed and nibbled his neck he arched to him and pulled him close.

"I will tend those wounds in a moment." He whispered. "And don't cal me your master, that's not what I am. Call me by my name. Call me Nicolas." Nicolas replied to the boy, feeling strange and moved.

Even Jeanette saw the marks on him and she understood. "I see. Your compassion is great Nicola. Just try to not get attached. If you truly don't plan on turning him and he dies, it will be hell for you."

Sinking his teeth into Rienne's neck with a loud moan Lucien began to stroke his lover. He could never get enough of his lover, never get close enough. As the sweet metalic taste of blood spread down his troat the immortal pictured them the evening before. He remembered every single detail of their love making and after a while he stopped suckling and bared his own neck. La Croix continued to stroke the boy, reveling in the soft whimperes he coaxed from Rienne.

Nodding Anya answered his new owner.
"Yes Mas..." The slave frowned as he tried to comply with Nicolas' wishes. It was not an easy thing to break a life time of habit. "Yes... Nicolas" This entire situation was confusing for him, he could not understand why his owner had payed so much for him but did not wish to be called Master. There was also no sign of the daughter Nicolas had spoken off to the Blacksmith. Sinking down into the warm water Anya let out a moan of pleasure then a slight hiss of pain. The stinging in his back eased and Anya smiled as he began to scrub hiself. He had not been in such a big bath before and most of his bathing involved a bucket of water and a cloth.

Rienne bit the other's neck as he was bitten and found himself reaching into the other's pants as well. Take me, Lucien, I need to feel you." He practically begged before biting the other anew. He was on fire for his lover, lost in wanting of him. He craved him, wanted to relieve him.

Nicolas sighed. "I am not so sure I can stick to that." He said. "I might end up turning him, and then I shall never hear the end of Lucien's taunting. But I can't help it, Jeanette. The boy needs me and I can be there for him." He said, sighing. "Let me do this."

"I am not saying to not do it, Nicolas, but you are fragile, forgive me for saying so. I just want you to be careful." Jeanette replied, smiling. "Here, I am going to go to sleep. There's a room right next to mine, you'll want to share it with him. I am sure our host will not mind at all."

Nicolas nodded "I know, I chose it allready for him. Rienne told me to use his clothing for now. That boy is too sweet really. But I will be careful. I know that Anya will not harm or betray me." He sighed. "I will go check on him, make sure the servants have medicine for his back. He's rather beat up but I don't think ther'es cause for worry yet, the wounds are not infected." And with that Nicolas began his trek back to the bath.

It only took La Croix a moment to pull Rienne's pants off and he used his own blood form his neck to slick his fingers. Knowing his lover could handle it, he withdrew his fingers after a moment and pushed inside the boy as he once more bit into his neck. Lucien was like a wild animal in his need, the wait for Rienne to adjust to him was pure torture. As he began to thrust he drank deeply and moaned, lost in everything that was Rienne.

When his new owner entered Anya turned, slightly startled and dropped the soap. As he scrambled to pick it up he sliped and fell with a splash, his head disappearing under the water. Coughing and spluttering the slave surfaced again and imediatly launched into apologies between coughs.
"Sorry.... Master... so sorry for..... the mess...." He had forgotten to call his new owner Nicolas and there was true fear in his big brown eyes as he expected to be punished for some water and a bar of soap on the floor.

Nicolas was surprised and yet not surprised at the boy's fear. He smiled a little. "I didn't mean to startle you." Hesaid, mopping up the mess with towels. "I just wanted to check on you and help you with your back." He added, not able to resist leaning forward and presenting a kiss to the boy's forehead. "And don't call me master, I am Nicolas." He smiled kindly and eased the boy back down, standing behind him. he bit into his own hands not seen to the other and began to massage the other's back with his blood, knowing it would heal him.

Rienne found it so terribly erotic that they were doing these things in what was technically public. He was excited by this and felt they should do it much more often. He groaned and met the other's thrusts, completely not caring if he became loud, besides such things could be heard in other parts of the city as it was.

Blushing deep red Anya bit his botton lip to stop himself form moaning. He had never been touched in such a gentle loving way before and was enjoying it emencly. Once he had enough control to speak again the slave whispered softly.
"Thank you Ma... Nicolas." Saying his new owner's name felt almost as good as the back rub. The stinging of his wounds died away but Anya put it down to how good he was feeling. Being touched in such a way and the kiss on the forehead along with Nicolas telling him he was not to be a household slave led Anya to believe his duties were in the bedroom. Closing his eyes the young man focused on the slight tingling in his back and his new owners gentle hands.

Feeding off his lover's excitment as well as his own Lucien thrust deeper biting and licking Rienne when the boy was not doing the same to him. A couple walked by the allyway and chuckled as they heard the sounds of La Croix and Rienne's passion. This encouraged the immortal to become louder and more intence in his lovemaking.
"Oh Rienne... my little one..." He purred, wanting to possess the other completly.

"You're welcome, Anya. I am going to go downstairs. Clothing has been placed for you on the bed and when you're done go ahead and dress. I will return in a while afterwards, if you wish to come down with me, then you may." Nicolas said, tracing the other's cheek after smiling at him. He left the other in privacy then and decided to wait for his master to return, if the man took too long he'd simply go up and to sleep.

Rienne blushed in a shy-ish manner as the other thrust into him and they heard the sounds of the other couple laughing. As if they'd never wanted one anotehr so much to not care where they were. He groaned and met the other's thrusts harder as well as he could from their awkward position, tightening about him. "Lucien.. so close.."

"Let us finish together then.." Lucien's deep voice rumbled then he bit into Rienne once more hoping that would push his lover over the edge. Being so close himself, La Croix shivered as he drank and waited for the tell tale tighting of his lover as he finished.
"" He mumbled around a mout full of Rienne's blood.

It had been a very long day for Anya and he was more than a little confused by his new owner's kindness. After getting out of the bath and drying himself, he let one of the other household slaves lead him to the room where his clothes were. Seeing the larg soft bed the young man smiled and could not resist laying on it. At first he spread out like a star, hardly able to beleive that he could do such a thing and none of his was hanging over the matress. After a while he curled up in a ball, still naked and enjoying the feel of the bedding against his skin.
"So soft..." He muttered quietly before he grew bold enough to take one of the pillows and rest his head on it. This was much better than an old blanket over a pile of straw in the corner and although it was not his intent Anya fell asleep.

Nicolas waited and waited for is master and decided the other was takin much too long for him. He sighed and went up staires, thinking he would talk to him either later that evening or the night after, he needed to caution his new little one about the sunlight issue as it was. He ascended the staires and blushed a little as he caught sight of the little one ying naked on the bed "Oh no.." He gently stroked the boy's hair."Hey... I need to talk to you drling. You're going to catch a cold if you don't dress and I need to tell you not to open windows and things during the day."

Rienne came with his lover, tight about him as he did, his voice loud as it could be as he kissd his lover hard, tasting his own blood on his lover's tounge and lips. "So good.. Lucien.. I love you too.."

Waking with a start Anya was not sure where he was for a moment and he did not really hear what his Master was saying. Out of habit the young man muttered appologies then getting up on his hands and knees he offered his rear to Nicolas. Anya braced himself for the usual pain of being entered without much or any preperations. That was after all what he thought he had been purchased for and when Nicolas' hands did not grip his hips and there was no searing pain of penetration, the slave turned to look at his new owner.
"Am I not to your liking M... Nicolas?" Worried he would be sold off or punished, Anya swallowed hard and fought the tears that began to well in his big brown eyes.

It took Lucien a while to come down from that blissful high of release. He stood there holding Rienne to him for what seemed like an eternity then with a small sigh, he pulled out.
"There are no words to explain how much I love you little one." He purred in his rich velvety voice in between kisses. "We should get you dressed complete our errands and get you home my love." Bending down to retrieve Rienne's pants La Croix smiled.

Nicolas was stunned and blushed darkly at the display before him. Never had anyone ever offered themselves in such a manner to him and seeing the little one on the verge of tears completely confused Nicolas. "W-what? I wasn't trying to take you, little one. I just... wanted to tell you that you mustn't open windows during the day, my family and I are allergic to sunlight. I also was not wanting you to be sick, you're naked as the day you were born." He said, trying to fight the urge to be partly arouseed by the display all the same. "I will not force you into that, you erase any notion you have of me ever possibly being like your former master. I am not your master, I am your friend, your companion." He said, gently cupping the ther's face. "Believe me, you're very beautiful, but I will not take that unless you give it to me because you want me to have it and want me to pleasure you. Until then, this beautiful body of yours is yours and no one will touch you unless you ask them."

Rienne smiled and kissed him. "Wow. I never thought I would make love in an alleyway." He giggled and let the other dress him while leaning on his chest. "I love you so much my handsome Lucien."

Blinking at Nicolas, Anya tried to make sense of the situation. If he had not been bought to do household chores and his new owner did not want him for sex, then what was he there for?
"I... I do not understand..." The young man searched Nicolas' eyes for an answer. "Why did you buy me from the blacksmith? If it was not to work or give you pleasure... why am I here Nicolas?" Saying his new owner's name again made Anya blush slightly.

When he had finished lacing his lover's pants and fixed the boy's dark cherry coloured hair as best he could, Lucen wrapped his arm around Rienne's waist.
"And I love you little one. More than I ever thought possible."

Nicolas sighed. "I wanted to give you a chance. Wouldn't you like to grow up and own property and those sorts of things? Don't you want a family to call your own now and to be able to live? What that man was doing to you was wrong and I wanted to make it different for you. I want to give yo usomething ot believe in and love."

"Lucien, let's go home and see what Jeanette and Nicolas are up to. I want to see what Nico;as has done with the little one. Oh! We still have to stop by the bank though."Rienne said to his lover, kissing him affectionately.

No one had ever taken pitty on Anya before or cared what he might want and it was a little overwhelming.
"You bought me to free me?" The young man asked blushing deeply. Anya had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, he had never dared dream of such a thing. "Thank you Nicolas." In a moment of sheer joy the slave boy threw his arms around Nicolas and hugged him tight before he regained his composure and pulled away. "Sorry..." He whispered blushing deeply.

"Then let us hurry, I am also eager to see what Nicolas is doing with his new pet." Lucien was amused as he thought of how much he could tease his son. Having a personal slave went against everything Nicolas was always spouting to him. They headed for the bank where La Corix took the three hundred gold coins form his son's account then went home.
"Oh Nicolas! We are home!" He yelled as he and Rienne entered the house.

Nicolas smiled and hugged the boy in turn. "Don't worry about it little one, you may hug me as often as you would like." Nicolas thought it was nice to be held by the younger, he enjoyed their moment and knew instantly he was attachd to the young mortal. As he heard his maker return he blushed. "Let us get you dressed before Lucien thinks I have defiled you." He said, dressing the other quickly, knowing he would never not be teased by his immortal father. "We're up here, Lucien." He called out from the door, not feeling like atually going downstairs,

Rienne raced upstairs, giggling merrily as he did so. He opened the door and grinned. "Hello!" He said, waving. "How are you two?" He was very eager to see them and he noticed the mortal'shair was wet and that Nicolas must have been rushing around. He said nothing about the slight dishelving of appearance though.

"Hello... Rienne was it?" Anya said bowing slightly and blushing. He could not help smiling at the other young man but when Lucien appeared behind Rienne he quickly looked at the floor and bowed low.
"Sir Lucien." He managed in a small timid voice. There was something about the older man that scared him. His slave instincts told him that angering Lucien was a very bad idea even if he did seem gentle towards Rienne. The allowances granted to the other young man by the older one did not extend to others.

Following his lover up the stairs Lucien entered the guest room which was obviously going to be shared by Nicolas and his slave boy. When Anya bowed to him Lucien snorted, amused by the fact the boy seemed scared of him. Walking right up to the slave boy he lifted Anya's face with a finger under his chin and looked down into his big brown eyes with a cold stare. After he had made Anya tremble slightly he stepped back and looked him up and down.
"Well you scrub up quite nicely." He stated flatly enjoying his rather frightening effect on the other. "How old are you?" Lucien asked.
"Ninteen Sir..." The boy replied looking down at the floor again. That shocked La Croix a little.
"You do not look ninteen."
"I... I am small for my age Sir." There was great shame in his voice as Anya answered and he was now visably shaking. The immortal had been having so much fun scaring his son's new toy he had completely forgotten there were others in the room, including his lover.

Rienne smiled kindly at the boy and wondered why his lover was being mean. "Lucien, be nice!" He said, laughing a little at how he was. He knew his lover was strong and grumpy, but he didn't want the little one to shake any longer. "Wow, you're actually older than me." Rienne replied, thinking amused thouhts of his own.

Nicolas frowned. "LaCroix, you're scaring him!" He said, pulling Anya to his chest in a protective manner. "Don't be afraid of him, that's jst Lucien, the old man of us." He said in defense.

Laughing Lucien stepped forward to ruffled his son's hair.
"Playing the brave protector Nicolas? And for such a sweet damsel in distress." Before he stepped back the immortal took a strand of Anya's hair and let it slip through his pale fingers.
"Come on my love, let us leave Nicolas and his new slave to what ever it was we interupted." As he spoke La Croix looked at how dishelved they both looked.

Blushing even more and clinging to his new owner's chest Anya tried to calm himself. Even with Nicolas protecting him, Lucien still scared him. He took La Croix's words to heart, they seemed to echo his own feelings of inadiquisy and when the immortal left the room he looked up at Nic.
"Is he always so mean?" The young man asked in a quiet voice, his big brown eyes making him look even more vunerable.

Rienne giggled and left with his lover. "Mn, poor Nicky and the little one, you worried the little one and embarrassed Nick, you're so cruel, but I like it." He said, kissing his lover.

"Oh yes. It's something you'll get used to eventually." Nicolas replied, kissing his cheek. "Ignore himwhen he does get like that. It's an often occurence."

"I thought I was rather well behaved considering the situation." La Croix said slightly hurt by the accusation. He had held back quite a bit, he could haver really terrorfied the young mortal, it would have been so easy but for Nicolas' sake he had resisted. In the past he might have to so far as to feed on Anya just because he knew it would upset his son greatly.

Finding he enjoyed being wrapped in his new owner's arms very much the young man blushed. Anya could not stop thinking of the fairy tales where the strong , brave knight rode in and rescued the princess. Even though playing the role of princess was not very manly and only went to prove Lucien's taunting as true, he did see Nicolas as the valiant knight.
"Thank you again Nicolas... for everything. I promise you will not regret buying me." For the first time his big brown eyes sparkled as a soft smile curled the corners of his lips.

Rienne knew he'd upset his lover and frowned. "I didn't mean anything bad by it love." He whispered, stoping their walk to their room by tugging his lover's hand. "You did very well, exceedinly well. I am proud of you and I am sure Nicolas is happy too."

"You're welcome." Nicolas said softly, afraid at first to look the other in the eyes but when he did he found himself practicaly softened by the beautiful brown eyes of the other. He enjoyed the way they seemed to pull him in. He wanted this little one then he realized not only to save him but to fall in love with him.

Realizing he was being foolish Lucien sighed and bent down to kiss his lover. Cupping Rienne's face in his hands the immortal smiled.
"You always know the words to sooth me little one. It seems I can not be angry with you near by." Ever so gently Lucien caressed the boy's face and allowed himself to become lost in Rienne's eyes. "You are the music that calms the wild beast my love." Once his beloved daughter had described him as a beast and La Croix found it amusing to think of his lover as a delicate melody. Wrapping Rienne in his arms he started to walk towards their room again.

Feeling his skin burn slightly and his heart race Anya reached up to ever so gently run his fingers along Nicolas' lips. He liked the way his new owner touched him and for the very first time in his life he actually wanted to be taken by another.
"You said you would not touch me unless I wanted you too." He could scarcely believe what he was saying. "Well Ma... Nicolas." Anya smiled as he said the other's name thinking it was such a beautiful name for a beautiful man. "I want you to have me." The young man finished blushing deeply and a little too ashamed of his boldness to look the other in the eye.

Rienne smiled and walked with him. "I love you, Lucien." He said, sighing content as they walked back hand in hand. And upon arriving he stripped to ready himself fo bed. "Oh I am so tired." He said with a sigh. "It's strange, one second I am normal me and the next I have been swept off my feet. I much like this."

The smaller fingers against Nicolas' lips made him blush."You are certain?" Though he was more than happy to have the little one want him in such a maner he didnt want him to ever stray from him. "Let me confess to you that I don't ever want you to have eyes for another. If I take you then you belong to me as my love."

Chuckling at his lover and smiling as he enjoyed the sight of Rienne naked Lucien nodded.
"I am glad you like it little one but you are not the only one to be swept off his feet. You have managed to turn my world on its end and completely change my existance. Eternity seems much more delightful now I have you to share it with."

Nicolas' words truly shocked Anya. Not even for a minuet had he concidered the fact his new owner might want him as a lover, let alone an exclusive one. For the young slave his body had been the property of whom ever owned him, to be used as his Master saw fit. To be considered Nicolas' love was very overwhelming and more than a little scary.
"I do belong to you Nicolas. I am bought and paid for with your coin..." The young man spoke more for himself than Nicolas as he tried to rationalize what his new owner was saying.

"Even so, I do not own you." Nicolas said, carressing hte other's cheek. "I am not to take you, you are free little one. Shold you chose to leave me you are welcome to. I wanted you out of that situation. You're too beautiful, too young. Too loving."

"Awe love, that's super sweet." Rienne said, kissing his lover on the mouth as he climbed in bed next to him.

The other's words bought tears to Anya's eyes, they were so sweet and loving. Smiling and blinking away the tears the young man looked up at Nicolas.
"Is it all right if I stay here with you Nicolas? I have no idea where to go or what to do... and... I like you." He blushed again.
Snuggling into Rienne under the blankets, Lucien kissed him back.
"If you keep kissing me like that I will have to take you again." He purred and gently nibbled on the boy's earlobe.

"Yes it's more than all right, it is what I hoped for."Nicolas said, smiling and stroking the other's cheek. "Surely you will nto stray from me one day.." He kissed the other's forehead while holding him close.

Rienne grnned at the other. "Mayyybe you should." He said, poking his side playfully.

So many things swirled around in Anya's mind. He was not sure he understood what was happening to him but he did know that he liked his new Master very much. Being held by Nicolas made him feel all warm and tingly as if every inch of him danced with delight. Never having felt such things before or been teated so kindly actually scared him a little. Anya did not know how to act or what to do so he just stood there pressed against Nicolas' chest.
"I am yours Nicolas. As long as you need me I will be here for you." He finally whispered as he nuzzled the other.

Raising an eyebrow at his lover, Lucien sutdied him before he burst out laughing. He rolled onto his beloved and began to kiss him with great passion.
"You have quite the appetite little one." He growled playfully as he moved under the blankets. If his lover wanted more of him then he would have it.

"Good." Nicolas said while letting his fingers lazily run through the other's hair. He loved it. The sensation was sweet to him. The feeling of those soft and so silky strands on his fingertips. "Your hair is so soft." He whispered, closing his eyes as he inhaled the other's scent.

Rienne grinned as his lover moved "Are you hiding? Am i too much for you?" He laughed softly and peeked under the blankets.

"Is it?" Anya reached up to feel his clean hair and was surprised to find it was indeed soft. It had been such a long time since he was truly clean and he had forgotten what it was like. Chuckling slightly the young slave smiled up at Nicolas. "So it is." He could not help feeling as if he were in a dream and fear surged through him as he concidered the possibility of waking to find himself huddled in the corner of the blacksmith's shed on his pile of old straw. Clutching tight to Nicolas, Anya took in a few deep breaths and told himself if it was just a dream it felt very, very real.

Laughing his velvety laugh that rumbled around the room Lucien shook his head.
"Oh no little one, I am not hiding." Fully aroused he pressed his groin to Rienne to prove his poing. "You arouse me with little more than a smile my love." He purred moving his hips a little so that their lengths rubbed against each other.

"Are you okay, Anya?" Nicolas asked, wondering if the young boy was worried for he was definitely clinging to him. He hoped he wasn't upset or anything by something he did or was doing.

Rienne felt very special as the other said this and blushed darkly. "And all I have to hear is your voice or even look at you and I become your slave." He pulled the other down for a hard and intoxicating kiss.

Nodding Anya pulled himself together.
"I am alright Nicolas..." Deciding lying to the other was not the best thing to do he sighed and answered again. "I worry that this is all a pleasant dream and I will wake to find myself back with the blacksmith.... This is not just a dream is it?" Those big brown eyes looked up at Nicolas again, so full of hope and fear.

Lucien found his lover's choice of words interesting concidering his son's new pet but was far to lost in Rienne to say anything about it. He kiss the boy back, shifting so he could get closer to his lover. La Corix wanted to possess the other, to claim him is such a way he would beg for more.
"Little one." He whispered in between kisses. "Shall I take you?" The fleeting thought that he was actually asking if Rienne wanted him instead of just taking him as he would have done in the past bought a smirk to his lips.
"Perhaps I am the salve bleoved?"

"It's definitely not a dream. Believe me be eager to sleep so that we may begin tomorrow with one another. I am not going anywhere." Nicolas said while stroking the boy's hair. "I promise."

"Yes, you should take me, and if you are my slave then I am the mot powerful boy in the world, Lucien." He said, moaning and kissing the other hard. "Please, Lucien,I want you."

Realizing he was very tired, Anya yawned. He did not want to let go of his new owner but he did so he could climb into the bed.
"It is all right if I sleep in your bed?" Althought the young man was sure it was all right he still fet the need to ask as he curled up on the soft mattress. The sheets and blankes were so smooth and soft as well, Anya had never had the pleasure of sleeping on such a nice bed before. In fact the entire house was far grander than anything he had ever seen of been in. A small smile curled his lips as he snuggled in and sighed in comfort.

Such loving and flattereing words almost made Lucien blush and he wasted no time reading his lover for his length.
"Indeed you are little one..." He purred to his lover, lost in his lust and need. Positioning himself at Rienne's enterence the immortal gently pushed in and waited for the other to adjust to him. Being so gentle with his lovers was new to Lucien but then everything was new to him where the boy was concerned. "I love you my little Rienne...." La Croix' deep voice caressed his lover's name just as his hands caressed the boy's hips and thighs.

Nicolas nodded and held Anya close as he lay on the bed, trying to make it as comfortable for him as he could. He kissed the other's forehead and ran his fingers through his hair. "Yes, it is all right. You may sleep here when you wish to. You're not a slave, remember? If you want to do something you may do it."

"I love you too Lucien." Rienne stated while kissing hte other on the lips. When he felt the other push inside him he couldn't help but gasp. He arched into his touch, moaning softlyand doing his best to adjust for the other.

It did not seem to matter how many times the other told him he was no longer a slave, Anya could not wrap his head around the idea of freedom. All he knew for sure was that he was safe and happy, yes happy, something he had never really thought possible. Although the boy had not realized just how miserable he was until he had met Nicolas.
"I want to stay with you Master..." He muttered softly, not realizing he had used a title and not the other's name as requested. Years of behaviour could not be changed in a single evening but for the first time in his life, Anya allowed himself to hope things would get much better.

Waiting for the little one to adjust, Lucien let his eyes drink in the sight of his lover. The soft whimpers and reddened cheeks made him swell even more, his breaths bring the scent of swet and excitment as well as the soft tones of soap and shampoo.
"Rienne...." He purred bowing to gently nib at the other's lobe.

"You may stay with me for as long as you wish to." Nicolas replied while kissing the other on the forehead "Now, sleep and enjoy your new life." He said softly, closing his eyes and covering the other with their comforter.

"Lucien." Rienne said in echoing the other's calling of his name, meeting his thrusts and tightening and loosening around him based on movement from the other. "I love you." He wispered hotly over and over again.

Sleep claimed Anya quickly, all the excitment of the day had tired him out and the soft bed felt the way he imagined a cloud would. As if to emphasize how very child like the boy was when it came to the ways of the world, he slept with his thumb resting against his soft lips.

Each word pushed La Croix closer to his end, every thrust adding to the pressure that built inside him. Rienne was so very beautiful, Lucien found himself transfixed by every little thing the boy did. Every movement, sound and smell, the way the other shivered as he thrust deeper and harder.
"Rienne....!" He cried racing towards that blinding pleasure. More than anything Lucien wanted to see the boy cum, he wanted to remember forever the moment, knowing it was he who caused such pleasure.

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