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2012-05-07 15:42:59
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Sneak Previews

The past year I've been working on a very personal art project, exploring identity and eternity. It's a highly formulated project: there are 15 drawings (5 full body, 5 half/bust, 5 head), all done in the same style, with the same materials and at the same time (I've been working in stages, so all drawings were first sketched before any were coloured etc...) and the figure is always the same blonde woman (essentially me, even though likeness is not even attempted as such). Each drawing focuses on a body part, and the body part in question will not be visible in the image (it'll either be out of frame or obstructed in some way). In addition to the drawings, the project involves research into art history (every image references master paintings) as well as a reflective practice-based research into the themes of femininity, religion, perfection, perception, art history, etc...

I've been not showing much of the work out of two reasons, firstly because it's a hassle. All the drawings are too large for a scanner and they do not photograph well because the coloured pencils warps the paper and the paper isn't white so the camera has a hard time getting the colours right. And secondly because it's a very personal scary project, it's not like my usual work (usually I hide behind the machines and no one reads it right and understands what I'm talking about in the work, and therefore I'm safe, but this project is much easier to read since it's human figures instead of machines, and therefore it is much more revealing and leaves me much more vulnerable and frightened. Also the work is very pretty, it's like I'm drawing pretty pictures of myself, so I constantly have these weird complexes over the work, since it's not what I mean and I really hope people could see beyond the pretty :/ )

But nonetheless, here's a sneak preview with five of the fifteen, in crummy photos that didn't get the colours right and the waves on the papers created by the intense colouring are making weird shiny and shadowy spots where they aren't supposed to be. But it's something to stop Silvie from thinking I'm not doing anything :P


Some Magritte, Goya, Chagall, Vermeer and little bits of Van Gogh and Murillo went into these five, as well as a variety of visual references provided by Google's image search and life around me.

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2012-05-07 [SilverFire]: neck is win. :3

2012-05-08 [iippo]: I think so too :3 It's the best one out of all of them. It almost makes me sad how it outshines all the rest of them >_> Though the others that are just head are also among the better things, so maybe it's just that it's easier to work in that kind of lifesize scale.

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