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Welcome! ^-^; uhh, my house got a lil too crowded, and i wanted to put more stuff there--so from now on, my poems will be posted here!

Random Poems by Me:


pouring rain-
Alone in the mids of the pouring rain
I hear constant voices, calling out to me
I dont answer, Im afraid.
I turn to you, but you turn away
The rain soaks your hair
Your hair hides your face
I take a step forward, only to be engulfed into eternal darkness...
Never to be, were we ever, it seems
Yet i try so hard to make it...
I love show no signs of returning my affection.
So again i walk...
hoping you would return, with all my heart...
I am hesitant...
I walk more...
Alone in the mids of the pouring rain...


Safe, at last-
I see light again
I feel hope...
I reach out for your hand
You actually smile to me
I feel warmth...
You pull me close
And hold my hand...
I wonder if it's real...
But then you wrap your arms about me
And i am safe at last...


Quietly, I watch her
Hoping not to disturb her.
She's so far pff in dream land
I just cant wake her up.

Her face is like an angel's
A comfy smile upon her face.
Slowly, I begin to lift my hand
and gently caress her silky skin.

Slowly her eyes open,
the gentle smile quickly fades
She reaches up to hold me
whispering soft promises in my ear.

"Hush my little darling,
everything will be alright
so walk with me in dreamland
and your hand I will forever hold tight."

"let us cross the river together,
holding hands, we'll stay forever
so rest you weary eyes darling,
my love for you will never die"

She's my loving angel
She's the one I owe my life
slowly, together, we drift off
into dreamland

into dreamland..

Quietly I watch her,
hoping not to wake her up.

[This was originally written back in my 10th grade for Rachel..]



Seasons come and go, but they dont last.
Before you know it, the future is the past.
Please help me remove this curse from within my skin.
That light of life around me, it grows so dim.

I've been wishing on a broken star.
Hoping soon to hold you in my arms.
Watching as those city lights slowly die.
Slowly, I am losing my ability to fly.

With you I could do anything
I wish you could stay with me, and see everything.
I could touch the stars hung up high at night.
You gave me that beautiful gift of flight.

Without your love, I fear I will fall.
I cant even stand, so I have to crawl.
As the darkness surrounds me, I slowly grow weak.
I open my mouth, but I fear I can no longer speak.

I've been wishing on a broken star.
Hoping soon to hold you in my arms.
Watching as those city lights slowly die.
Slowly, I am losing my ability to fly.



I reach my hand out
but I cant reach that far
the darkness surrounds me
sucking me in.

My heart aches and longs for it,
My body cannot handle this stress
the darkness feeds on my feelings.
My emotions are draining.

Here I sit, alone in the darkness
my body refuses to move
I can only look
Into darkness with these eyes.

A single tear escapes
it's form is broken as it collides with the solid ground
I speak a name
but no words can escape my lip.

I manage to lift a hand
i hold it out
waiting for someone to take it
but no one ever does.

I am stranded in this dark abyss
wordlessly, I call out for them
there is no reply.
am I really going to die?

Im all alone,
why didnt they come to rescue me?
why was I left alone?
Alone to suffer in the Darkness

Love wont ever find me again, they say
and I fear they are right
for the love I hold, for a certain someone
can never be returned.



When I close my eyes to sleep at night will you be in my dreams?
be there to wish me sweet dreams?
If I came to you, with tears in my eyes would you be there for me?
To let me cry, and comfort me?
If I were wounded would you come to my rescue?
When demons of despair come to consume me, will you defend me?
When my heart shatters, will you be the one to pick up the pieces?
Would you hold my hand, just for the sake of holding it?
Would you tell me, if something were bothering you?
If I told you I loved you, would you smile, and hold me close?
Would you do any of these things for me?
Because I would do them for you...always...


I think of you-

I only think of you...

After the sun sets,
and as i lay my head down,
dreams taunting,
I think of you...

While im out...
On vulterous city streets,
dangers loom...
I think of you

When someone asks,
'does love really exist?'
though we all question it one day,
I think of you

As the days pass by...
im all alone...
but I smile...
and I think of you...

I think of only you...
And I still do.


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2007-07-03 [Amiantos Khronos]: Nice! <3

2007-07-08 [Shishiru]: -o_o-; thanks alot Hyru-san!

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