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2005-08-09 20:08:55
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HEY HEY here's shay's art

Hey these pics may not be very good but go ahead and leave comments :) if you dont like them tell me. if you tell me. I appreciate all comments. THANKX

ALL ART in the Dragon Adoption Agency is made by shay! (NO NOT THE ANIMATIONS OR GIFS..)

Just a random idea for armor i had. i only really like the head.

A were wolf's head side view. the eye is messed up and in the wrong place so lets pretend its not there lol okey?

A demon i drew like a month before the movie "constantine" came out. I love this pic because of the kind of style. I messed up a little on the shading...and legs

there's actually a story that goes with this pic.. well #1- first time at coloring with colored pencils, and #2- yes the eyes are supposed to not have pupils.. its in the story. If you want the story then message me. its not long.

BUNNY! okey i was in a cutesy mood and decided to draw this...for my little cousins *pokes it* BUNNY!

MEH its a pic of a graveyard obviously..with a spirit..meh i kinda like his pic {DONE IN PHOTOSHOP 7.0}

a VERY old pic i draw probably 2 years ago.

I LIKEY the eye!!..took me a while to shade...{DONE IN GRAPHIT PENCIL AND touched up in photo shop 7.0}

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