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2007-03-22 01:21:38
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this page is for utlization mainly to save space and so i can remember what went where ^_^

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garra fans

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2008-01-15 [shadow frost wolf]: MYAAA! ^^ you have fun?

2008-01-15 [Aki Neko]: YES!!! I saw [chiyo] ther!

2008-01-15 [shadow frost wolf]: cool ^^

2008-01-16 [Aki Neko]: ^ ^

2008-01-16 [shadow frost wolf]: you get all the fun ^^

2008-01-19 [Aki Neko]: This weekend Im going to the Harlem Globe trotters, and next weekend Im going to Morgan's birthday.XDDD Im busy this month.

2008-01-19 [shadow frost wolf]: i love that team...... ;-;

2008-01-19 [Aki Neko]: XDD

2008-01-20 [shadow frost wolf]: i want pictures!!!!

2008-01-20 [Aki Neko]: ....Ask [spongezim invaderpants], hes got the camera.

2008-01-23 [shadow frost wolf]: Paul ^^

2008-01-23 [Aki Neko]: Ja.

2008-01-23 [shadow frost wolf]: whys his name so long?? OO

2008-01-23 [Aki Neko]: Dunno. Thats Paul for you. XD

2008-01-26 [shadow frost wolf]: I think we should just call him that then ^^

2008-02-16 [Aki Neko]: Ja.XD

2008-02-19 [shadow frost wolf]: GYAAAH!! i miss you!!! ;____;

2008-02-21 [Aki Neko]: *huggles* ^^

2008-02-21 [shadow frost wolf]: *huggles back* ^_^

2008-02-21 [Aki Neko]: ??

2008-02-22 [shadow frost wolf]: ???

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