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For as long as he could remember, Julian had lived and worked in the same house, for the same man. It was the year of his sixteenth birthday, but it was more or less like every other year, he was just older. He didn't dislike this house, and he didn't dislike the Master of the house either. In fact, he was quite content with his position. It was all he could remember, after all. He didn't have any true recollection of his parents, but he assumed that he had been orphaned. Somehow, he knew that the Master was not a relative of his, but had taken him in for some reason, and he appreciated that. Gratitude was part of what made him devoted to the mysterious man.

Lisier Andion strode through his house, making sure everything was proper. He'd let the chores slide today, it was his young housekeeper's sixteenth birthday and he was willing to do at least that much for him. He would have gone out and bought him something, but even after having the boy for sixteen years he knew hardly anything about him. Well, he pretended he didn't. He didn't want to get attached and chose to ignore what could possibly cheer the boy up. "Little brat is late." He mumbled, sitting down in his chair, reading the paper.

Julian knew he was late, too. He ran down the walk that led to the front door, his breath making little white puffs in the chilly night air, and practically exploded through the front door. He was more energetic than usual, probably because it was his birthday. Forcing himself to calm down, he hung his coat on a hook by the door, but left his scarf wrapped around his neck. He was still a bit cold, and he could hang it in his room. He walked quietly from the foyer to the living room, and his blue eyes rested on Lisier as he came to a stop. "Good evening, Master. I apologize for being late. Is there something that I can do for you?"

"I do not require your services this evening as it is your day of birth." Lissier said, looking up from his paper. "Although, do tell me why you were late? I recieved no notification from your school involving prolonged hours nor had anyone called to tell there was an emergency..." He trailed off to let the other fill in his reasons, eyeing him sternly.

The boy had smiled, and was about to thank him for his dismissal, but his smile disappeared quickly. He didn't like the look he was getting, though he knew he deserved it for having been late. "I was just...walking slower than usual. Before it got dark, I was looking at the dead trees. I like how they look." It wasn't a lie, but it was a silly reason to have been home so late.

Lissier's eyes darkened considerably. "Have I not told you to be home on time? You do not know what lurks out there, that would harm you! And yet you stop to look at a few insignificant trees!" Lissier stopped himself, his brows furrowed in anger and worry , his eyes shut while he pinched the bridge of his nose as if fighting off a headache before he sighed, feeling that he'd been too harsh on him. "You're not late often. Don't make a habit of it. Don't be late again. Ever." He said, afraid of the other beasts that were much like himself out in the woods. "You have the night off. Do as you'd please." He said in dismissal.

Julian chewed on his lower lip and looked at the floor. "Yes, Master. I won't be late again. Thank you for giving me the night off." His voice was small and quiet, obvious that his chastisement had been effective. He turned solemnly and took the stairs up to his bedroom. Once he closed the door behind him, he slipped off his scarf and flopped back onto his bed. He had the night off. Great. Now what was he supposed to do? He sighed. He didn't have any friends from school, really. He mostly kept to himself, and they left him alone. Most of them found his servitude strange, and chose to distance themselves from him. It didn't make him sad, really, but it meant that on nights like these, he was very bored. He turned onto his side and tucked his hands under his head, preparing to simply spend the night sleeping.

The pout the other had given at the scolding had Lissier anguished. He frowned at his own guilt at having seen the other so sad. He knew he was bored. Knew the little one had no friends. Secretly that was a fact he was glad for, no one besides the little one to hide his secret from. Not able to take the expression of the other repeating in his mind anymore he walked upstairs and opened the door silently, peeking in, feeling even worse as he saw the other curled up. He sighed and came in, sitting at the edge of the bed. "Forgive my harshness to you. You may look all you want at the trees when it is daylight. But at night.. there are wolves and.. creatures.." creatures like me he thought to himself bitterly. "They would not spare you a second thought. Not to mention a stranger could come along and kidnap you. I was worried. So, don't be sad." He said, sighing."I am going out, please be careful, and don't forget to crawl into the crawlspace should someone try to break in." He said, rising, looking down at him. "I wont be gone more than an hour. I want to get food. What would you like?"

He had not actually been asleep when Lissier came into his room, but Julian remained on his side as he sat on the edge of his bed. He opened his eyes, however, to let him know that he was listening. The way that his master had said creatures was curious, but he had the feeling that he shouldn't pry into the matter. Julian sat up as his master stood, and smiled slightly. "I'm not sad, I just don't like making you angry with me." He paused. "Thank you, Master, but I'm not hungry. You don't have to get anything for me."

"Not even a cake?" Lissier asked, toying with the end of his servant's incredibly long braid, wondering if the other would like such a thing. He thought he could at least do that considering it was his young one's birthday. "Maybe a book or something?"

Julian's smile widened. "...Are you trying to buy me a birthday gift?" He giggled. "If you really want to...I guess a book is fine. Any book, you pick. I'll read anything you choose for me, Master." He watched as Lissier played with the end of his braid, vaguely fascinated. He didn't normally do this sort of thing, though it wasn't completely unheard of. It was just not very often that he was outwardly affectionate toward the boy. He admitted that he liked it, though.

"You could say that. All right, cake and a book it is. I will be back in a while. Be good." Lissier replied, ruffling the other's hair with a small smile before he left, closing the door. He hated to leave the other, but his hunger was calling to him. He left the house, locking the door and the large gate afront of it securely. He fed on three people, not paying attention to his choices before he went to buy the other his cake and a book about fairies and elves. He thought the other might enjoy it and then he headed back after getting the baker to write the boy's name on the cake in frosting. He was quite pleased with his choices and returned home at once, going up to the other's room. "Here you are."

The boy had been lying on his bed again, but not with the intention of sleeping. He was just thinking and staring at the ceiling, waiting anxiously for Lissier to return. When he did return, Julian sat up excited and ran to him at the doorway. As he looked at the cake, he was actually rather touched. "Master...thank you..." When he saw the book, a smile lit up his face and he commented, "A fantasy book, thank you again! I love stories like this." He felt like hugging his master, but he thought better of something like that. He honestly didn't know if he was allowed to touch him, and he didn't want to upset him at all, especially not after receiving a gift like this.

"You're welcome." Lissier replied, smiling at the other's happiness. He no longer felt near as bad for having hurt his feelings earlier. "Come, let me cut this cake for you and I will let you get back to your own thing." He said, carrying the cake and book in one hand and placing his other hand on the small of the other's back, leading him into the kitchen. He sat the cake down on the table and cut a generous slice for the boy. "You're more than welcome to come down and get more of it as it is your cake." He said, getting a small plate for him. He wanted to sit up with the other and perhaps read the book to him while holding him, but such thoughts were not for ones with a relation such as theirs.

"Thank you," Julian repeated, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. Lissier was definitely showing more affection than he usually did. And touching more too. He picked up his fork to begin eating his cake, but hesitated. "Master...could I...hug you?" His blush grew a little brighter as he said it, and he looked at his cake rather than his master. It sounded like such a silly question, but he really felt the need to ask permission before he did it. They did have a different relationship than most, after all.

It was more than a little curious to Lissier for the other to want an embrace. His answer was to simply open his arms to the other, feeling he at least owed him an embrace, one of the only ones the other had recieved in all of his sixteen years. He wondered what it would be like to embrace the boy. Such a pretty boy at that.

Looking up from his cake, Julian felt his heart flutter a little at his master's open arms. He set his fork on the table and approached the man slowly, as if he was nervous. Then he wrapped his arms around him, and his face was pressed against his chest. He was too short for his face to be any higher. For some reason, this moment made his heart beat faster.

Lissier wrapped his arms about the smaller male, stroking his hair and even going so far as to press a small chaste kiss atop his head. "Happy Birthday." He said quietly, rubbing the other's back as he held him. He figured that as long he was granting the other a hug he may as well make it a good one.

The kiss surprised Julian, and he looked up at his master wonderingly, then slowly smiled. This was undoubtedly the best birthday he had ever had, simply because of a hug. The cake and the book were delightful, but if he had only received the hug, it would have been just as wonderful a birthday.

Realizing he was still holding the other, Lissier made the mistake of making eye contact with him. He was attached now. This little one he'd held so far for so many years was now worth more than just a servant to him. The boy had been growing on him for the lngest time, but this was confirmation that he wouldn't be letting him go, he would be getting closer if anything. "Is there anything else you require?" He asked, trying to break the sort of hold the boy seemed to be presenting over him.

Julian's smile faltered, and he looked away from Lissier. "No, thank you Master," he replied softly, relinquishing his hold around him. He sincerely hoped that he hadn't simply given him a hug because he asked for one. He hoped that Lissier...wanted to hug him. But he didn't know why he should expect something like that. Their relationship was that of a master and servant, was it not?

Lissier slowly let his hold release from the boy, letting his fingers glide across the smooth supple flesh under the clothing the boy wore. "If you need me, I will be in my room." Even though he'd just fed Lissier found himself alarmed, though he hid the emotion, that he was getting hungry again. Very hungry. He was actually becomming a little afraid of himself as he started to slip into a sort of dream-like state, wondering what the boy's life would taste like on his tongue and in his arms.

Feeling slightly hurt, Julian only nodded in acknowledgment of what Lissier had said and turned away from him. He didn't want his cake at the moment, and decided that he would eat it later. He picked up the book instead, standing in the kitchen and looking at the designs on the cover, then opening it and looking at some of the contents of the book, then closed it again. A small smile returned to his face before he left the kitchen and returned to his room with the book.

Lissier clutched the table as the boy returned to his room. He didn't understand the hurt look he'd seen and he was certainly not feeling like himself either. He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate. He was practically starving, even though he'd just eaten. He began to walk to the door to go back out for a second round of feeding when the feeling left. "That was odd." He noticed Julian left his cake and he frowned, bringing it up to the other. "You left your cake... did you want it just now?" He asked, feeling the hunger return.

Julian was sitting on his bed with his pillow behind his back, against the wall. The book was resting on his knees, and he looked up and offered a sort of weak smile as Lissier entered his room. "No, thank you, Master. I think I'll eat it later." It wasn't his place to point it out, but there was something off about his master at the moment. He didn't look well.

"All right. I will set it on your table though.." He placed the cake on the night table, staring down at the other, his head was feeling so cloudy. "Are you enjoying your book?" He asked, taking a seat where he'd sat earlier to steady himself. "I didn't know what you'd think of it, but I know you like fantasy." He said watching the other, trying to catch a hold of himself.

This time, his smile was a bit better. "I am enjoying my book very much. I love it. The story is so interesting. Have you ever read this story before, Master?" The boy marked his page with his finger and closed the book, looking up at Lissier. Yes, he definitely seemed off, but Julian still didn't think it was a good idea to point it out.

"No, I don't read much anymore." Lissier watched the boy's hands and then his eyes travelled up to his face. "Are you absolutely certain you need nothing else?" He asked, absently scooting closer. "I just feel like this is a boring time for you." He said, wincing as his head began to hurt.

Julian noticed his master wince, and decided that he could make himself a pest just once. He set his book next to him, then leaned forward on his knees to look at Lissier's face. "Master, is something wrong? Are you feeling alright?" He reached out as though he was going to touch his face, but stopped just shy of actually doing so.

Lissier reached up, unable to stop himself from taking the othe'rs hand in his own. He pressed a kiss to his wrist, restraining himself with his last ounce of will from biting into him, he looked up at his lips, finding they looked so terribly soft and kissable. He couldn't help it, this feeling inside him took over and he pressed his lips firmly against the other's.

The boy gasped very softly at the kiss to his wrist. It was unexpected, and it sort of tickled. But when Lissier, suddenly kissed him, he would have gasped except that he was unable to. His eyes were wide, but they soon closed, and he was not resisting at all. Was this really what he had wanted before, when he had received a hug? Had he wanted more? Hesitantly, he began to return the kiss.

When Julian began to kiss him back, Lissier snapped. He deepened the kiss, taking the other's other wrist into his hands as well, pinning them as he began to move over the other, breaking the kiss to kiss his cheek and neck, suckling the skin, biting it, hardly even conscious. "I am sorry Julian.." He was able to whisper before biting completely through his skin, drinking longly from the other, pulling him against his form, moaning at the rush of blood given to him. "Mnnnn"

Everything happened so quickly that Julian could not have formed words for what was happening if he had tried. Instead, he only made some little noises. A little whimper, and his heart nearly skipped a beat, as his wrists were pinned. More whimpers for the kisses to his cheek and neck. Then a loud gasp as Lissier's teeth penetrated his soft flesh, followed by a sort of breathless moan.

The pain in his head lesened and reality seemed to come back to Lissier as he fed more and more on his young one. He pulled away as he was full, his head had stopped spinning and he was more and more relaxed. He kissed the other on the lips again. "Thank you darling. And now you know my secret." He whispered, wondering if the other was afraid of him. He didn't want to look up and see those beautiful eyes hurt. He pressed kisses all along his cheek and neck, wanting to find a way to please the younger one, to apologize for not controlling himself. "I.. I am sorry I shouldn't have.. are you hurt?" He asked, hands shaking a little as he looked the boy over.

Julian's lips were parted as he tried to catch his breath. He felt weak, but not bad. How had he never known something like this? He had lived in this house most of his life. And this was kept from him the entire time. He reached out with a hand that was shaking as well, and touched his master's cheek. "I'm not hurt, Master," he answered in a breathless voice. He was still trying to figure out what to make of everything that had just happened, but he knew that he was not injured.

Lissier looked up at him. "You're not afraid.." He stated, surprised by this fact, delighted by this fact. He pressed a kiss to the other's hand. "Why are you not afraid?" It was asked in awe, this question. He pressed another kiss to his lips. "Something's wrong with me, Julian. " He said, resting his head on the boy's chest. "I think I am ill. But that's almost impossible for my kind...if I attack you like that again... I don't know what will happen next time love."

The boy smiled, and mouthed the word 'love' to himself. He was his love...? His heart really did skip a beat that time, for better or for worse, and he replied to Lissier's question. "I'm not afraid...because you are my master. And I trust you. I always have." This news that he was ill, however, was a little disturbing. And he meant that the next time this happened...he might die?

"I shouldn't have done that to you. Kissing you was one thing, but drinking from you is a completely new set of boundaries. Kissing you returned and enjoyed, this other...habit of mine that I have always had, it could hurt you. I don't want to see you hurt." He was surprised at the rush of feelings he suddenly had for the other.

Blushing again, Julian answered, "I...I don't mind..." He looked down at his bed covers beneath him. "It hurt...but I didn't hate it..." His blush intensified a bit at his confession, and he curled his fingers against his palms in a gesture of anxiousness. "Could you...kiss me again?"

Lissier frowned. "No, little one." He said softly. "You may be all right with what I am, but I am not..." He felt himself break at his response. "I .. can not have you be this thing. And I can not keep feeding from you. If I was to kiss you the hunger could return. I don't want to hurt you." He replied further, finding himself leaning down to press a kiss to the other's lips reguardless of his words. He pulled back at the last moment, cupping the other's face in his hands. "I shouldn't have allowed what happened to happen. Forget this that you've seen." He whispered, pressing one small kiss to the others forehead before rising and sweeping out of the room in a saddened and angry rush. Half way down the hallway he stopped and let himself succumb to tears that had been held in for centuries, tears of lonliness and longing that would never be fullfilled unless he had one of his own kind. He didn't want this life for the boy. He loved him, yes dearly, he saw this now, and he didn't want this fate for him. He would notlet the other get attached, even as he feared it was too late for both of their cases. He wished he could indulge in the boy, kiss him, love him, make love to him, but the child was so fragile, so breakable. And the look of hurt he'd seen so many times this night he could not bare.

Julian furrowed his brow and opened his mouth to protest him leaving, but shut it again as soon as he was gone. He wasn't sure there was anything he could have said to convince him anyway. That sadness had returned again. For a few moments, he had felt closer to his master than ever, and now that was going to be gone again. Slowly, he slipped off of his bed and tiptoed to his door, looking out into the hallway. He was about to say something, but suddenly thought better of it, and returned to his bed, curling onto his side once more. And this time, he cried as well.

Lissier sat there in the hallway, having slid down the wall into a position where he held his knees against his chest, resting agains the wall, unsure how to comfort the other as his hearing picked up the sounds of his sobs too. The soft heaves of breath made him sob harder and he hated himself for havin denied the boy. Hated for having denied himself. He couldn't keep on like this. Not this torment. Why was he bound by the unrelenting chains of Immortality? Why was he not selfish and why wouldn't he let the little one in? They could love each other, the boy showed him this much already. And yet.. his stubborn nature refused.

After several minutes, the boy's sobbing subsided. He tried to pick up the book that Lissier had given to him as a gift, but when he tried to read it, that made him sad as well. So he set it down, and once again left his bed, and stood in the doorway to his room, looking down the hall at Lissier. He looked down at the floor for a moment, gathering his resolve, then walked quietly down the hall to wear his master was sitting. He stood in front of him and didn't say a word, but wore a determined expression. After a few seconds of hesitation, he sat himself in his master's lap, facing him. "Master, I want that kiss."

Lissier looked at the boy now seated in his lap. "You don't know what you ask." He stated, wiping his tears in refusal to let the other see them. "You should go to sleep you have your studies tomorrow." He stated, this was his last try to get the boy away, if the boy wanted to torment himself for eternity then it would be up to him, although the forward way of him sitting in his lap, demanding the kiss was quite telling. He couldn't deny that the boy aroused him, made him crave attention and affection, made him crave love.

"I'm asking for you. I want you. I want this..." He retained his determined expression and he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to his master's lips. He was entirely forgetting his place as this man's servant, but he didn't seem as though he was about to reprimand him. He shifted slightly to make himself more comfortable in the other's lap, unintentionally causing friction.

"Remember, this was your choice." He whispered just before the other kissed him, returning the kiss gently. He was still unsure, but his mind was made up for the most part as the other kissed him. He deepened the kiss, more sure of himself, more wanting as the other pressed closer, the delicious closeness had him breathing heavier and pulling the other even closer if possible.

Julian wrapped his arms around Lissier's neck, and moaned very quietly into their kiss. He liked this. This was what he had wanted, to feel love from his master. Instinctively, he rolled his hips a bit where he sat, causing more friction and another quiet moan. He had never realized until now how attracted he was to the tall, beautiful man that was his master.

Hearing the other's moan into the kiss nearly undid Lissier. He slid his hands all along the boy's back and upon feeling the long braid ofhair descending he let his hands follow over that insitead, trailing to the end where he undid the braid, letting his fingers slide into the othe'rs hair, shivering at the feeling of his warmth. He knew also that his little one was virtually untried in these ways and it empassioned him further, one of his hands trailed down to slide under his shirt, the other soon following before removing it in his own bold move.

He liked the feeling of Lissier's fingers in his hair, and it sent a small shiver along his back. He gasped against the kiss - the air in the hallway was colder without a shirt, and he hadn't been expecting to feel it so suddenly. His stomach told him he was nervous, but he was not so young that he did not understand where all of this was leading. He didn't protest or try to stop anything that Lissier did. He ran his hands over his master's clothed chest and stomach.

After running his hands along the warm supple flesh of his younger love, those hands dipped to Julian's pants which he unbuttoned skillfully, moving his kiss to the boy's neck and shoulder, moving further down to suckle lightly on a nipple as he slipped his hand inside the other's clothing, finding the warm hard length there and tugging it till it stood out of its confines where he then gripped it a little tighter and stroked it slowly.

Julian tilted his head to the side and gasped quietly, followed by a moan, this one a little louder than the others. His heart beat faster as Lissier's lips touched his neck again, but this time he could feel the other's restraint. His breath caught for a moment when more of his flesh felt the cool air, but then his voice escaped him in a throaty moan, his hips already trying to follow Lissier's hand as it stroke him. Surely this was a dream. It couldn't really be happening, could it? His hips ground against his master's, as he was still sitting in his lap, and he could feel him hard beneath him.

Lissier felt intoxicated as he stroked the boy faster. Julian's gasps and small moans drove him wild with lust. He took his free hand and undid his own pants, withdrawing his own length in invitation for the other to touch it.

Without hesitation, Julian wrapped his smallish hands, both of them, around Lissier's length, and began stroking him. It aroused him in a completely new way to be able to touch his master this way, and to cause him pleasure. He moaned and bit his lower lip. He wanted to do something else, something that would cause him more pleasure. He let go of Lissier's hard organ and placed a hand on his master's wrist to tell him to stop.

"Mn, what is it little one?" He asked, eyes hazed over in lust, afraid for a moemnt that the other was baout to ask him to stop pleasuring him, and how good Julian's hands had felt on his length, he hoped dearly that their intimacy wasn't about to end.

Julian gave him a slightly shy smile before sliding off of Lissier's lap. He kneeled on the floor in front of his master, and looked up at him with wide blue eyes. He had one hand around the base of his organ, and slowly licked up the underside of it, stopping at the tip to flick the tip of his tongue over the slit.

"I hope they didn't teach you this in school..." Lissier replied, leaning his head back against the wall, his mouth open slightly as he inhaled slowly, the pleasure of the other's tongue on him was more than delightful. He was empassioned by the feeling. He hadn't expected it of the little one, but now that it was happening he was enlightened to just how much fun the two of them could have.

The boy didn't reply, but instead began to suck inch by inch into his mouth, as much as he could take. He felt the tip hit the back of his throat, and pulled away a little bit, but continued to suck enthusiastically. He massaged as well as he could with his tongue, finding it slightly difficult to move with the way his mouth was filled. He was more aroused by this than he had expected, and tentatively wrapped a hand around his own aching length as he kneeled on the floor.

Lissier threaded his fingers into his young lover's hair, tugging gently while refraining from thrusting into his mouth. "I want to take you." He whispered, although he was much enjoying that delightful mouth he wanted to be inside him.

In response to his master's statement, Julian moaned around the length in his mouth, but slowly withdrew, licking his lips and looking up at Lissier from under his eyelashes. He wanted what his master offered, and badly. He gave a small smile, before turning and wantonly presenting himself. "Then take me..." He wasn't sure why he was behaving this way, but maybe it was because he was comfortable with Lissier, and he wanted everything that he could give him.

Lissier grabbed the other around the waist and pulled him onto his lap. "Remind me to return that little favour later." He said, in reference to the other's mouth being on him. He pressed a finger into his lover, thinking it would be best to stretch him at least a little before he took control and made love to him.

Julian bit his lower lip, his eyes closed. The feeling of the digit inside him was different, but he didn't dislike it. He shivered a little, and moved against it, feeling fairly comfortable with this first step to preparation. Lissier's fingers were long and dexterous and beautiful, and the mental image that the boy got was enough to make him shiver as well.

Lissier added one more finger, curling the pair inside the other as he moved them in and out, hoping to locate that little spot to make the boy moan and move passionately on him. He wold then hold him closer and penetrate him, finally connecting with the other in such an intimate manner.

He was successful, and Julian cried out loudly as his fingers brushed that place inside. He pushed his hips against Lissier's hand, and his length twitched every time he touched that place. He was flexible, pliable material now, ready for whatever his master chose to do. "Please...please, take me..." he moaned.

"Of course, my love." Lissier whispered, kissing him hotly as he pulled him closer, pushing instead his length into him. He did so slowly, hoping to not hurt him, his length was quite a bit bigger than his fingers and he didn't want to hut him.

Julian winced slightly as Lissier slid into him. He could feel the difference in size immediately, but it didn't hurt too much. He forced himself to relax, and breathe slowly. The kiss helped to distract him slightly, so that his master could sheath himself completely.

Feeling the tight heat of his lover was almost enough to end Lissier. He pushed down his pending orgasm so that he could save it for his lover, beginning to awkwardly thrust up into the floor, deciding it would be better for both of them if he moved on top. He moved forward, laying the other gently on his back, holding in him, one hand encircling the other's length and stroking it to pleasure him to get his mind off of the possible pain.

The floor was hard beneath his back, but Julian liked this position better. He looked up into Lissier's face, putting his finger into his own mouth, licking and sucking on it. He had nothing to occupy his hands with, really, so he did this, his eyes half-lidded and glazed. He moaned around his finger, past the pain he had felt initially and now quite enjoying it.

Lissier was more than heated by the display of the other sucking on his own fingers. "Oh my... you're a passionate little thing.." He whispered, kissing and biting his neck while he began to thrust harder, but not any faster. He moaned lowly at the way his lover felt around his length.

Julian moaned and removed his fingers from his mouth, wrapping his arms around Lissier's shoulders, dragging his short fingernails down his master's flesh in his passion. Then he suddenly changed his mind and dropped his arms from his shoulders, and instead wrapped his legs around his waist, lifting his hips off the floor.

Lissier was delighted by this deeper reach he was granted by his lover's raising of the hips. He groaned and began to move faster inside him. He felt so complete after not having a lover for so long, especially not one he cared so much about.

The boy's moans grew in volume with his master's increased speed, and he felt sort of as if there was a coil tightening in his stomach. He understood the feeling, but he was sad that it should happen so soon after this had begun. "M-Master...I'm going to...nnn!" He was almost embarrassed to finish his sentence, though he'd had no trouble being a wanton exhibitionist only a few minutes ago.

The change of character was not missed on Lissier and he was amused by it in a most sweet way. He thrust harder and faster into him, delighted by the feeling of clenching around his length while his little lover came closer to finishing. He was close as well, but perhaps not as close as his little lover.

"Ahhnnn~!" Julian whimpered, tipping his head back against the floor. The increased friction and pressure was driving him crazy, and a series of little moans issued from his mouth. He covered his mouth coyly, and cutely, with the back of his hand, and looked at Lissier with half-lidded eyes. He was so very close. He moved his hand and closed his eyes tightly. "Hnn...I'm going to come...nnnahh!"

Lissier decided to not dissapoint his little lover and came with him, shivering and trying to not outright scream at the feeling. "AH! Julian... oh darling.." His voice became lower as he held tight to the little one beneath him.

"Sorry, I...couldn't hold on any longer..." Julian panted, slowly regaining his breath. The floor was beginning to hurt his back a little, but he didn't feel like moving yet. He wasn't ready to stop connecting with Lissier yet. He realized that he had loved his Master for quite some time, but he had never realized in what way, or just how much.

"That is quite fine. I wasn't exactly composed either." He said, stroking his cheeks while kissing his lips here and there. "I don't think the floor was the best place for your first time, I hope that is all right?" He asked, feeling slightly guilty he'd taken the other in such a manner.

Julian giggled. "I don't mind. I'll remember it forever." Though that wouldn't be just because it was on the floor. The the smile that had accompanied his giggle faded and he looked at Lissier seriously. "Master...I...I love you." He hoped his statement wouldn't be taken lightly because of the situation or his age. He really meant what he said, and he felt a weight lifted from his heart as he confessed those three words.

"I know you do, and I am very much for you as well. I think you could safely say I love you too." He stroked the boy's cheek and leaned just enough to kiss him on the lips. "Well, things have certainly made some drastic changes in the last few hours, haven't they?"

The boy laughed and said, "I agree. Can we get off the floor?" His back and shoulders were starting to ache now that he had nothing else to concentrate on, and he felt a desire to lay down in a soft bed and sleep. Preferably with Lissier in it as well, but he didn't know if he would get that wish, exactly. "That was a very eventful birthday."

Lissier helped the boy off of him and stood, yawning, buttoning his pants back up. "Yes, and Happy Birthday again." He said, kissing his lips. He sighed and yawned. "How about you sleep in my room?"

Julian smiled. "I can? I mean, yes! Thank you!" He was more than excited to sleep in Lissier's room. He had only seen it once or twice in his sixteen years. He didn't even clean it. He was happy to be asked to sleep with his master. This turn of events was almost overwhelming. He wouldn't be alone anymore.

"I wouldn't just take away your innocense just to make you sleep in your own room. Lovers sleep in eachother's beds love. Come now." He took his hand and lead him away to his room, pulling back the massive dark red and gold coverlet atop maroon sheets.

Lissier's bed was magnificent. Julian was awed a little just by the decorating, though he tried not to let it show too much. His own room seemed a little drab compared to this one. He crawled eagerly between the sheets, and found that he was uncommonly tired. "I like your bed. It's soft."

Giving the other a smile, Lissier crawled into bed with the younger boy, pulling him close against his chest. "I am glad it suits your taste." He said, pulling the comforter up over them. He granted the other a kiss on the lips and sighed relaxedly.

Julian smiled into the kiss and curled against his lover's hard body, warm and happy under the covers. He closed his eyes, about to let himself drift off to sleep, when a pre-dream thought flitted through his brain. What if something like the unexpected bite from earlier happened again? Would he survive it?

A knock to their door awoke Lissier from his sleep. It wasn't a loud knock. It was barely even a tap. But he'd heard it. He rose sluggishly, looking at his sleeping lover for a moment before he wrapped his robe around himself and straightened his appearance. He opened the door to see two people he'd never thought he'd see again.

"We heard you were having trouble..." The taller of the twins replied, his voice smooth and seductive as he moved past Lissier and into the house.

"What makes you say that?" Lissier countered, letting the pair in.

"Well, you've been very... tense lately. A little trip over and reading into your lovely mind and we found that your feeding has been off. Sounds to me like you need us."

Lissier studied the the pair, their silvery hair hung about them as they both liked to look as much like the other as possible, although Atlos, the one that spoke to him, was a little more masculine than his younger by three minutes brother. Sadly Atlos didn't seem to show any sign of joking or medlesome troublemaking so he had no choice but to believe him for a moment. "I don't need help, but thank you for asking."

Julian woke for a moment without his lover beside him, and he thought he heard voices, but he simply rolled himself tightly in the blankets and went back to sleep.

Aedyn, the smaller twin, chuckled a little at Lissier's denial. His beautiful and mischievous eyes, which matched his brother's, watched him carefully. They narrowed a bit at the tiniest of sounds. "Is he your toy now? I mean, instead of just your housekeeper." His smirk was arrogant.

Lissier felt a flash of annoyance. "He's not my toy. He's my lover, and if either of you touch him I will break your pretty little hands. I don't need help."

Atlos hadn't been listening and had peaked in on the boy, smirking as he saw bite marks. He left the room and looked smugly at Lissier. "If he's not your toy then why didn't you heal away that rather painful bite hmn?

"I hadn't thought to. He's not my toy I was unable to... hold back from my own passion." Lissier said in defense of himself, trying to find a way to not mention just how much he needed someone to feed off of that he wouldn't harm.

"Ah, is that a confession then?" Aedyn taunted, his smirk growing a bit wider as the words left his mouth. "You need someone that you can feed from, no?" He walked in a slow circle around Lissier, like a cat, twirling a strand of his own hair as he did. "You wouldn't want to hurt him, would you?"

"What I need is a cure, not a slut." Lissier said, knowing he wouldn't be able to hide his sickness from them now. They knew. He had no reason to hide it. He also knew the other wouldn't be offended by his choice of words in which to describe the younger of the twins.

Atlos laughed outright at the other. "No? Not even one such as pretty as my brother? Or I for that example? I would love to..." At this time Atlos paused, moving away from the door to Lissier's bedroom and pressed against the other. "Heal you.." He finished his sentence.

Lissier sighed frustratedly. If it was one thing he hated about this particular pair of brothers it was that they were damned impossibly attractive and had him practically whining for either a taste of them or their physical offerings. "I suppose you're more of a slut than he is."

Aedyn chuckled again and stayed teasingly just out of reach. "I do hope that was directed at me. I would think it's obvious that Atlos is more dominant than I." He moved close enough to drag the tip of a slender finger along Lissier's jawline, and then across his lips.

A shiver escped Lissier unwantedly. His hunger surged being around the two. They practically screamed desire and food source. "Just because he's more dominant it doesn't make him any less of a slut than you. Now do stop, I don't need my lover upset."

Atlos flashed a smirk. "He's not exactly awake. I don't think it matters.Besides he can't have you all to himself, he's a mere mortal, it would be too much for him, especially in this current state of health you are in."

Aedyn pulled his finger back and licked it suggestively. "But...if he wakes and catches us...why couldn't he join us?" He raised his eyebrows. "We promise to play nice. No teeth." He smiled, but then it faded suddenly. "Is he aware of your problem?"

"He is aware of it. He doesn't know it's a problem yet. He just knows I was overly hungry tonight and thought he looked tastey, and you two aren't helping in the least."

Atlos grinned. "Aren't we? But help is what we offer, you know it would help dramatically. Think of how happy your little mortal would be, well unless he was turned on by it.. which mortals tend to be. But you wouldn't want to drain him dry either."

"You know you're considering it. You'd like our help. You're only afraid of breaking his fragile mortal heart." Aedyn dragged his fingertips down the front of Lissier's robe. He knew his teasing touches would get to him eventually. "If you explained to him the situation, he would surely come to understand..."

Lissier closed his eyes a moment to regain himself. "Oh yes, but not if he sees you two molesting me."

"Well if we were molesting you then he would understand, but you're not exactly resisting either." Atlos thought it was only right to inform him of this little fact and kissed him on the neck, giving it a teasing nip. "And think of it, you know how good we taste from past experiences. I believe you called us a pair of walking aphrodesiacs... and now you're attempting to lie and say you do not want us?"

Aedyn pressed the length of his body against Lissier's. "You know we want you too..." He toyed with a bit of his dark hair. "You can have me anyway that you please. How can you pass up an offer like that?" He whispered in a seductive, husky voice, his mischievous hands roaming absently over Lissier's body.

"It's.. it.." Lissier attempted to argue with the other, the hands sliding about his skin were inviting and intoxicating. "You're both... horrible.." He muttered, trying to shake himself out of his trance as his hunger rose. "Stop.." 

Atlos bit harder on Lissier's neck. "Mnn but you're so close to giving in. Come now, don't you wish to feel better?" He knew if he pierced his skin then Lissier would be theirs.

One of those hands discovered a gap in Lissier's robe, and Aedyn's hand roamed across his bare skin instead. "We've never disappointed you before. How can we now? Especially when you need us so badly..."

Lissier was drunk on their ministrations. How often was he found out by the two and seduced on the spot where he stood? He would have pushed them away but in their own strange way they were trying to help him. Overcome with lust and intoxication that they were paying so much attention to him he gave in with the feeling of Atlos slipping his fangs beneath his skin and his own driving into the neck of Aedyn whom he'd pulled tight to his body, giving a gratifying whimper at the rush the exchanges gave him.

Atlos was more than happy at the change of events. In his mind he was grinning and locked eyes with a triumphant gleam with his twin.

Aedyn had no chance to suppress the happy combination of sigh and moan that passed his lips as Lissier's teeth sank into him, the corners of his open mouth curling into a smile. The smile only widened as he met Atlos' eyes.

Julian rolled over in the thick blankets on Lissier's bed, but didn't truly wake just yet. He could sleep through most noises, but his dreams were changing just slightly due to their subconscious influences.

Lissier was tired of standing, he wanted to sit with these too infectious beings, wanted them to do their worse to him. He pushed backwards, signalling to Atlos to move back and he pulled Aedyn with him, landing in Atlos now sitting lap and with Aedyn atop of him. He moaned and found himself subconsciously willing his hips up to meet those of the younger while pushing back to meet those of the elder.

Atlos wasn't so unaffected by these actions either. His own lust had a healthy dose of endorphins and he held tight to the one he fed from, tasting his brother's blood mingled in with Lissier's had him groaning in interest and enthusiasm.

Aedyn was happy to oblige him the friction, teasing him with his clothed hips. He didn't bother much to check the volume of his voice, but he wasn't making too much noise yet anyway. "Not just my blood, take my body too..." He rolled his hips in emphasis.

Rationally Lissier would have said no to the other but in this state of mind he was far from rational. There was no such thing as rational. He felt his hands rather than moved them, strip the other of the bottom half of his clothing a jolt of delight swept through him to feel Atlos' hands snake their way to his own pants, unbuttoning them and pulling his length free.

Smirking in satisfaction that he was getting his way, Aedyn rubbed his eager hips against Lissier's arousal. He didn't give much thought or care to preparation. He didn't need it, and he had no desire for it. He enjoyed the pain as well, and if there was blood that was even better.

Lissier was turning into a fiend. He was quite gone from his mind, absorbed in pleasure and hunger. He was guided by Atlos into the behind of Aedyn and the feeling was entirely heat flashed with pleasure. He didn't break hold from the other's neck, too busy feeding and being fed from to do much but moan rather loudly against his skin while he was inside him.

Aedyn didn't try to stop himself from exclaiming his pleasure as Lissier entered him. He had a loud, shameless voice. Though he had been so in need, it seemed that Lissier was not taking as much blood from him as he expected, and Aedyn was just beginning to feel dizzy, a sensation that almost always heightened his pleasure.

Julian woke slowly, his sleepy eyes taking in Lissier's room. He didn't know what had woken him, and at first he didn't register that he had heard anything, but his stomach twisted when he realized what kind of sounds he was hearing. He stayed still in the bed for a few moments, unsure of what to do.

Lissier's thrusts became harder and faster into the younger beneath him. He was finally sated enough to pull away from Aedyn's neck only to kiss the boy hard on the lips, Aedyn's blood was still fresh on his lips and in his mouth, he knew the other would enjoy the kiss.

Atlos was very proud of his own resistance to thrust into the other sensless as wel, for he could if he really wanted to, but he wasn't so much in the mood for doing as watching.

Aedyn looked back at his brother, making a point to trace his upper lip suggestively with his tongue, savoring the taste of his own blood on his lips. It sent a shiver through him. He wanted Atlos to be involved too, even though he was trying to play the voyeur this time.

Julian had tried to close his eyes and shut out their sounds, but they were getting to him anyway. He untangled himself from his sheets, padding across the floor silently, his eyes widening as he reached the open doorway. So that was the source. He was frozen to the spot.

Atlos smirked and leant over Lissier to kiss his brother for a moment before he caught sight of the mortal boy standing in the doorway, sending him a seductive wink.

Lissier saw Julian as well and heat registered in his eyes. Even with as intoxicating the twins were he wanted fresh and warm mortal blood and his little lover was more than adequate for the taste. He whimpered, wishing to be over by the boy, wishing to drain him.

Aedyn caught the thought that ran through Lissier's head, and moaned slightly in protest. He wanted to keep him there. He and his brother were there to help, even if their help was self-satisfying as well, and it would be completely self-serving if they just let him go and drink from the mortal boy.

Julian's heart pounded in his chest. By all rights, he should have been hurt and offended at the sight before him, but the heat rose in his face, and he felt the blood rush elsewhere as well. He didn't know who these twins were, but the sight of them with his master...well, he most definitely appreciated it.

Lissier refastened himself to Aedyn's neck, trying to find reason with himself, upon pending orgasm he recognized Julian and felt a mix of horrible and absolutely satisfied while filling Aedyn with his seed, drinking deeply of him.

Atlos pulled Aedyn closer, trying to get him to drink from him so that he would not pass out from Lissier's finish in which Lissier would take more than normal.

Aedyn panted and attached himself brutally to Atlos' neck, silently thanking him. He moaned against his brother's skin as he climaxed as well, spilling on the wood floor beneath him. He could thank his twin properly later.

The boy's fingers clutched the door frame as he leaned against it, unable to tear his eyes away. He had never had an opportunity to be a voyeur before, and he found it rather curious. He was aroused, but unsure of how to handle it, and part of him wished the ones he was watching wouldn't notice.

Finally Lissier calmed down. He sighed relaxedly, departing slowly from the other's embrace. "Thank you, both of you, I feel much less hungry." He said, sad to know eventually it would come back. He frowned, looking to Julian. "Come here." He said, hoping the boy wasn't too angry with him.

Atlos smiled encouragingly at the young mortal, acing as though he and his brother hadn't just completely defiled Lissier in any way.

Aedyn gave Lissier a smile, and crawled lazily to his brother, clinging to him in the same manner. He was sleepy and sated now, but curious to see what would happen next. "Remind me and I'll give that back to you later..." he whispered, referring to the blood Atlos had given him.

Julian glanced at Atlos, actually a little reassured by his smile, though it seemed that there was something else behind it. Strangely, he wasn't angry with Lissier at all. He approached warily, though, wondering if he would become part of a situation similar to the one he had just witnessed.

"As strange as this may sound, Julian, they were helping me. I have an illness it seems. They are helping me because they are able to sedate me so that I do not have to worry about attacking you like I did earlier this night. These are the two forms in which I could, feeding and sex..."

Atlos smiled at his brother. "I would hope so." He turned his gaze to Julian, tilting his head while surveying him. He felt hte boy was quite cute.

"Oh, um...I see." Julian wasn't sure what to say. He could see that his master seemed more at ease than he had earlier, though. He looked at the twins for several moments, then nodded once and said, "Thank you, then, for helping my master."

Aedyn smiled and rested his head in his hand. "More than happy to help, Julian." He winked. He thought perhaps the boy would wonder for a bit how he had known his name. He was indeed a rather cute boy. It was easy to see why Lissier liked him.

Atlos smiled. "Why don't we give them a moment alone, Aedyn. I am sure it was a rather strange sight to walk in on." He said, rising as Lissier removed himself from his lap. He kissed his brother on the lips and lead him to a the hallway, deciding to look for a guest room.

Lissier smiled "I am sorry Julian. I know what that looked like.." He began, surveying his young lover. "It's not an act of betrayel, I can assure you that."

Laughing, Aedyn followed his brother. "There are too many rooms in this house." He remarked, opening doors to see if there were bedrooms behind them. "Ah, I think I found Julian's room, but that won't work..." The door next to Julian's was a guest room, however, and Aedyn smiled.

Julian smiled genuinely. "I believe you. I don't think you would lie to me." He looked at his master with a rather clear expression. "But who are they? Have you known them for a long time?" He was very curious about these beautiful twins who had such influence over his powerful master.

Atlos grinned. "This one will." He muttered, entering the room backwards, pulling his twin with him, falling back on the bed with the other atop him. "Mn you two taste delicious when entwined. What a nice picture it was as well." He said, kissing his twin involvingly.

"I've known them ever since I was turned. Their names are Atlos and Aedyn. They're seductive at their worst, and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up coming onto you, so be careful around them."

Immediately, Aedyn straddled Atlos' hips, and he giggled into their kiss. "He really is fun. It's always amusing to see him give in. And you know I like putting on shows like that for you..." He purred, his voice unchanged from the seductive tone it had been to coerce Lissier.

"Oh, okay. I'll try." Julian was a little skeptical at his own abilities to resist them if they did decide to try something. It was impossible to deny that they were beautiful. Not more beautiful than his master, but beautiful in a different way. They seemed...more dangerous. "Do they always up?"

"Yes, especially when you know he wants it so badly." Atlos replied to the other, kissing him in turn. "Now, how about that drink love?" He nibbled his brother's neck, requesting permission even as he didn't need it.

"Yes, when they think I need to be cheered up or they think I need to be taken in any way or form possible, they find a way to make themselves sort of appear." He said, rising and moving to his lover whom he kissed. "I am sorry if that offended you."

"Mmmm, just take it. You never have to ask..." Aedyn pulled his long hair out of the way, and tilted his head to offer his white throat to his brother. The younger twin always found this part just as erotic as anything sexual. It was more invasive that anything else.

Julian smiled as Lissier kissed him. " really didn't offend me. I mean, at first, when I woke up and heard you, I was a little hurt. But when I saw..." He trailed off and a light blush appeared on his cheeks.

The grin that spread on Atlos' lips was intoxicating, he lost it quickly as he no longer held himself back, driving his fangs into the neck of the other. "Mnnn" He let out a long and sensuous moan at how nice it felt to have his lovely twin in his embrace in such a mannner.

Lissier tilted his head. "What happened when you actually saw?" He asked, more than certain he probably knew, but he wanted to hear it from his young lover.

Aedyn's moan nearly matched his brother's, but it was just a bit higher. His whole body tensed as Atlos' fangs pierced his skin, and then relaxed in a visible shiver. His fingers gripped the bed covers on either side of him tightly.

The blush on Julian's face darkened a little at being asked. "Well, I, uh..." He hesitated to say what he was thinking. "It was...pretty. And I wasn't hurt anymore when I actually saw you with them. It was, arousing." His blush darkened another shade, and he looked at the floor.

Atlos groaned in enjoyment at how his brother responded to him. He kissed him and stroked his hair and cheek after taking a rather long draft from him. "You're delicious." He mumbled, pulling the other closer to him.

"I see. I am glad it didn't hurt you. I obviously wasn't sane at the time of doing that, I was a completely different being. A monsterous thing really. If they hadn't been there you'd of become my snack and probably died."

"You were too..." Aedyn answered, licking his lips slowly and tasting Atlos' kiss. He walked his fingers lazily and playfully over his brother's skin, watching their progress. He felt a little tired, but knew it would only last a few minutes.

"Then I'm glad they were here." Julian smiled and allowed his blush to fade some. "I sort of feel like I should owe them something for, I guess, helping...but I shouldn't say things like that. I don't know what they might want from me."

"You're tired, brother, should we maybe pick this up tomorrow hmn? I think our long journey here on the drop of a hat has caught us off guard. What do you say to some rest and thus we may resume our activities with much more vigor upon awakening?"

"They would..want probably the same exact things they want from me. Just be kind to them, they don't mean harm even though they can come off rather strange at times. You should be getting ready for bed, you have school tomorrow." Lissier replied to his young lover, kissing his lips.

"I agree completely, brother. As long as Lissier doesn't mind us staying in his guest room for a while. Though I do wonder if we'll become a problem for little Julian? We are next door to him, and we both know how loud our playtime can be sometimes."

Julian nodded and smiled, but then asked, "Am I sleeping with you, or in my room?" Truthfully, with everything that had happened in the past few hours, he had forgotten about school. It was lucky that he hadn't had any homework, and it was almost the weekend, anyway.

"He'll probably be sleeping with Lissier, so I don't think we need worry there love." Atlos responded, carding his fingers through his darling's hair.

"You may sleep where you wish. I would enjoy it if you were beside me, but if you need your space you may have it as well." Lissier hoped secretly his young love would come to bed with him.

Sighing happily, Aedyn leaned into his touch. "Good, then. Are you tired? We should sleep." He curled lazily against his brother and smiled, closing his alluring crimson eyes. Many of his movements made him look like a large humanoid cat.

"No! I mean, of course I want to sleep beside you." Julian blushed a little at his own outburst. "I've had sixteen years of space. I don't need anymore," he added with a small smile.

Atlos smiled and nodded in answer to his brother's question. "Goodnight love." He whispered, closing his eyes as well in hopes to be drug straight into sleep.

The other's frantic correction brought a smile to Lissier's face. He lead the other to bed and covered him up. "I know tonight was a strange night, but try to not let it distract your studies tomorrow."

"Goodnight..." Aedyn whispered in return, falling immediately into sleep.

"I'll try not to. But I can't guarantee I won't think about it at least a little." Julian smiled, his fingers wrapped around the edge of the covers and pulling them all the way up to his face. Really, without friends, there was very little to distract him from his own thoughts when he was at school.

With a protective arm about his lover, Lissier began to think his thoughts. What would happen with this mortal in the future? Would he turn him? Would he simply love him while he grew? Or would he fall to harm like the rest of his life had fallen? He was unsure and the thoughts were he to keep thinking them would plague him into staying awake. He gave his head a small shake and closed his eyes, trying to shut out the worries of his heart.


Julian awoke the following morning, and found Lissier still sleeping beside him. It struck him as odd for a moment, but then he smiled as realization dawned on him. He crawled quietly out of bed and made his way to his room to get dressed, then slipped out the front door and walked to school.

Two of his classes passed without event, and then it was time for lunch. He usually sat alone, as no one really cared to sit with him. It wasn't as though he was very strange, or any of the other reasons children usually avoided their chosen outcasts. It was simply that rumors had made their way through the school and over the years they had stuck.

A head of choppy, multi lengthed dark brown hair peered over Julian's shoulder. "So, I couldn't help but notice that you're terribly smart in this class, you're going to help me with this test." He stole a fry from Julian's plate and then seated himself across from him. "Meaning, since I sit behind you, It wont take but a lean to .. let me view.. if you get what I am saying?"

Julian raised both eyebrows, then quirked one of them, his expression one of confusion. Someone had finally decided to talk to him, and they had broken the ice with threats of cheating? Wonderful. "Okay, fine, I guess. Anything in particular you need help with?" He looked mildly irritated now, and he actually was now that he had realized this random person had stolen one of his fries.

"Weeelll the whole course, I know it. I just wanted to see if you would let me cheat of your test, that shows me if you're a good buddy or not. You seem lonely. I am most definitely lonely. You're interesting. I am interesting, we make a good set of friends, don't you think?" Bright hazel eyes asked with a grin. The other boy was tall and lanky, but atop of that more of the 'cute' kind than anything. He obviously had much energy and was friendly but was avoided because he was simply weird.

"Um, okay. Sure." Julian was still a bit confused. In all of his years at this school, only a few people had talked to him, and none of them in the way that this classmate of his did now. He didn't really see how letting someone cheat off of his test made him a good buddy. It just made him kind of a pushover. He let that go, though. "So, what's your name, anyway?"

"My name is Fritz. What's your name?" The said boy held out his hand in offerings of a hand shake. "Pleased to meet you by the way." He added, looking curiously at the other. He had a question, but he'd wait until the other introduced himself first .

Smiling, he answered, "My name is Julian. I like your name, Fritz." He took the proffered hand and shook it, more than happy that he was...making friends? He was pretty sure that's what this was, and it made his heart feel just as light as it had the night before.

"If you don't mind me asking, what the hell happened to your neck? Did you get a hickey from a secret lover?" Fritz asked, pointing to the rather large red mark that still had mildly visible marks indented in it from Lissier the night before.

Julian's eyes widened and he immediately clasped a hand over where he knew the marks were, but stopped himself from freaking out anymore than that. "I...y-yeah." He cursed himself for not looking in the mirror before he had left, and for not taking measures with his clothing. Great, the new rumors this would start.

"Don't be shy about it. We're teenagers, our libidos are to be satisfied! Good job!" Fritz said,ruffling the other's hair as he went to dump the scraps from his trey. "You wanna hang out after school?"

In spite of what Fritz said, Julian's face colored a little. He had no idea just how Julian's was satisfied, and he hoped he wouldn't find out either. His expression changed to one of pure surprise at the mention of hanging out. "Really? You really want to? Uh, where?"

"I don't know. Let's go to the river or something. Or maybe to eachother's homes. Mom makes good dinner if you want to stay over for supper. Or maybe I could come to your house, it's up to you."

For any of the options, he would have to call Lissier and inform him of his plans. There was no way he could just bring Fritz home with him. And then he remembered the twins. There was no way he could take Fritz home with him. "I don't think I can stay for supper, but thank you anyway. Maybe we could just go to the river?" It seemed the safest option.

"Awe, wy not for supper? But yeah we can go to the river. Want to skip out on the rest of school so we have more time?" Fritz asked, gesturing in the general direction of doors that lead to the outside.

Julian didn't know what to say. He knew Lissier would be more than angry with him if he skipped school, but he didn't want to seem like he was afraid of getting in trouble. Though, he really was a little afraid of getting in trouble with his master. And their relationship had just turned into something wonderful..."I...I don't know..."

"Oh come on! No one will have to know, we'll leave early enough to get back home and stuff. What do you say?" Fritz gave the other a pleading look, starved with the need to have another person to spend time with.

Julian was so torn. He'd never really been exposed to peer pressure before. And he still couldn't allow Fritz to come to his home yet. The only option was to spend time with him now. What if he said no and Fritz decided he wasn't worth the effort. "Okay, fine. I'll go." He knew Lissier would be furious. He only hoped he could be forgiven.

Fritz grinned and grabbed the other boy by the arm, leading him covertly out of the school. "Welll, that was strangely easy." He said, shrugging at the lack of teachers to keep them from their escape. They walked down the long wooded path, Fritz kicking at leaves and stones as they did. "So, what do you like to do?"

"Uh, I like to read, I guess. What about you?" Julian was hesitant to say much about himself for fear that he would reveal something he shouldn't have. He put one hand in his pocket, and put the other on his neck again, covering the mark in a somewhat nervous manner. He was glad it apparently looked like nothing more than a hickey now.

"I like to explore and make forts." Fritz replied matter of factly, picking up a random stick. "You can be my damsel in distress and I can build you a fort to protect you haha." He stated, walking farther ahead until he found a nice clearing right beside the river.

"Haha, hey, why do I have to be the damsel in distress?" Julian asked, following him fairly eagerly. He supposed Fritz looked more boyish and handsome than he did. Since he wore his hair long, Julian tended to look a little girlish at times, but still. And...was he flirting?

"Well because you're the girly one of course. And what do you think of this spot, I think it is a good spot." He grinned teasingly at Julian and began to gather sticks and logs. "First we need a fire so the princess, you, does not freeze to death." He made a small space for the fire, took out a lighter and lit a piece of his school paper on fire, deciding to use a couple more sheets, irritated that the wind kept blowing it out until finally a small fire began to form.

Julian laughed and scratched the back of his head, sitting in the grass near Fritz' little fire. "I'm so not a princess, and it's not even cold out here!" He returned with laughter in his voice. He didn't deny being girly, of course. He'd grown up being seen and not heard, generally, and cleaning house, which were traditionally tasks set for females. was no wonder that he might have been a little girly. It didn't bother him. "So what are you, a prince? A knight?"

"I'm your knight of course. I must protect you until your prince charming comes over to put more hickeys on your neck." Fritz replied, snickering under his breath as he began to compose a rough but secure little shelter out of branches and neighboring trees.

Self-consciously, Julian covered the marks on his neck again. He didn't know if Fritz was just playing, or if he really believed it was a man who had put those marks there in the first place. Not that it should have mattered. "As long as I'm not Lady Guinevere and you're not Sir Lancelot...even though I know she wasn't a princess."

"Lancelot's for whimps." Fritz said, admiring his work of their make-shift fortress. "Well, what time you need to be home by anyhow?" He asked, placing their backpacks as furniture in the fort.

"At a normal time so that my Master doesn't get angry with me." Julian said it before he could think about what he was even about to say, and nearly covered his mouth to prevent more dumb things from coming out. "I mean, I just need to be home soon after school gets out, or I need to let him know where I am...he'll worry."

"What do you mean by master?" Fritz asked, withdrawing marshmallows from his backpack and finding a couple of branches in the woods. "Is that what you call your lover? That's kinda kinky."

Julian blushed a bright red. "Uh, n-no, I call him 'Master' because I work for him and he's the master of the house..." Though they were lovers now, but that wasn't something that Fritz needed to know about him at the moment. They had only just met, after all.

"That's weird. I didn't think anyone held that kind of tradition anymore... so you have to do chores all the time? Doesn't that get boring?" Fritz asked, popping a marshmallow on a stick. "You want a marshmallow?"

" know, I've never really thought about it before. I guess it doesn't really get boring. I'm bored when I don't have chores to do. It's all I really do..." The thought didn't really trouble Julian or anything, he just didn't know what to make of it. He knew what teenagers generally did to entertain themselves, he'd just never participated in any of it before, and didn't know if he cared about participating in it now. "And yes, I do want a marshmallow."

Fritz handed the bag of marshmallows over to him, handing him a stick also. He smiled kindly, nodding. "I guess I can see that." He said, shrugging. "I'd get bored too if that was all I had to do though."

Julian took the bag and the stick happily, and stuck a marshmallow on the end of the stick. He handed the bag back to Fritz before continuing. "I guess now I have more to do than just chores, though." He wondered, for a moment, how exactly he was going to let Lissier know where he was. Even for all his worry, Julian was not in possession of a cell phone.

"What do you mean?" Fritz asked. He ate two marshmallows in a row, delighted by their taste. "Do you randomly have more chores every once in a while?" He was confused by the other's meaning.

Was saying more than necessary a talent of Julian's or something? He mentally cursed himself for saying something like that. "'s nothing. It's not that I have more chores. It's just...before, it was just me and my master at home, but now we have guests. I don't know how long they'll be staying, either." It was a lame and vague cover up, though, and he would probably have to explain more than he wanted to.

"Wait, I thought you lived with your lover? Are you sure your master and your lover aren't the same person? Are the guests cool?" Fritz asked, puzzled and finding Julian to be a strange puzzle.

"Did I say I lived with my lover?" Julian laughed. "I live with my master. And...I don't know much about the guests yet, but they're definitely interesting." He decided to ignore the question about his master and lover being the same person.

"I mean there's nothing wrong with it if your master is your lover, not if you two love one another." Fritz added, trying to make his companion feel better. "How long are the guests staying?" He asked, looking around, surprised just how long they'd been out as the sky was just starting to turn orange for its setting.

Julian looked at the sky as well, and his eyes widened. "I...I don't know, but I'm hoping they can help keep me from getting into too much trouble. I really have to get going. My master will be very angry with me if I'm not back by the time it's dark." He remembered the reprimand he had received for being home late on his birthday, and felt his stomach drop, but then he wondered if Lissier would feel slightly better about it if he had Fritz with him.

"How about you let me walk you home? I will take the blame for everything." Fritz said, rising and gathering their things in a slow pile. " I mean you can't be in too much trouble, right?"

"I...well, okay. I guess." Truthfully, Julian didn't know just how much trouble he would be in. And he hoped nothing too...awkward...would be going on in the event that he and Fritz arrived after dark. The twins would be up as well, and he didn't know what they usually did to entertain themselves. "We have to go as soon as possible, though. If we can make it there before it gets completely dark, that would be best."

"All right, lead the way." Fritz said, gesturing that the other take the lead. "I think you only live like a street away from me, but it would still be best for you to lead."

Julian supposed it was entirely possible that the other boy lived so near him and he never knew. He hardly spent any time outside, and he didn't venture out of his way when traveling to or from home. But he took the lead anyway, and in several minutes, they were outside of a suddenly formiddable door that Julian was a little afraid to open. Though, as long as Lissier was awake on the other side, he would know Julian was there.

As though on cue, Lissier opened the door and peered down at the two. "And just where have you been? You do realize the time of day and you do realize that you didn't arrive from your school bus. Who is this?"

"I'm sorry sir, I am Fritz, I convinced Julian to let me walk him home today. I didn't know what time he had to be back or anything." He said, looking Lissier up and down in awe. So this was the 'master'.

Well, that wasn't exactly a fool-proof excuse. Julian tried to defend himself as well. "I tried to come home as soon as I saw that it was getting dark. I remembered your warning, Master. I'm sorry I didn't make it home before then." He looked at the ground, awaiting further scolding. He would be lucky if the school hadn't called Lissier to report that he wasn't in the last of his classes.

Lissier wasn't impressed by either of the boy's actions. "Go home." He said to Fritz. "As for you, you know better." He ushered Julian inside and slammed the door in Fritz's face.

Fritz was afraid for Julian. The murderous look on the older mans' face had him wonder so instead of going home he went to the side of the massive house and began to peer in the windows.

Julian waited to say anything, choking back tears. He hoped this wouldn't end a friendship that had only just started. However, he hoped that he hadn't also destroyed his newly formed relationship with Lissier. "I made a friend today. The only friend I've made that talked to me for longer than five minutes. I got caught up in spending time with him. I'm sorry." There was nothing else he could say. He knew he was overstepping some boundaries in his words, but they were out, so he couldn't take them back.

Lissier pursed his lips. "Have you forgotten a few things? What I am? What my guests are? What could possibly happen to you staying out after dark?" He questioned. "I understand that you've finally made a friend, but you neglected to even tell me about this friend."

Fritz was more than curious by the words shared between them. "what they are? What the hell does that mean?" He asked himself.

"I couldn't have told you. It happened just today, during my lunch period. He just started talking to me, and he convinced me to hang out with him after school. I've never had any friends before, and I didn't want to lose the opportunity to finally have one...I didn't intend for him to stay here once we were here. He just offered to walk me home."

"You couldn't have called me at the school to let me know?" Lissier countered, arms crossed. "I understand the need to have friends, Julian, but you know better than to bring them here. It could be detrimental to my safety as well as the safety of our guests."

"I..." Julian had nothing to say to that. "I'm sorry," he nearly whispered, staring at the carpet beneath his feet. He had never considered that a single human could cause so much trouble for Lissier or the twins. They seemed beyond harm, somehow. But he supposed there was much that he didn't know still, and so he could only stare at his feet, ashamed.

Lissier sighed and walked to Julian, slipping his fingers under the other's chin, tilting his face up to press a kiss to his lips. "It's all right. You must understand I worry about you. Plus, I got a call from your school wondering where you were the rest of the day after lunch, you've fibbed to me."

Fritz's eyes widened as he saw the kiss placed on Julians' lips. "I knew it.."

"I know. I went about all of this the wrong way..." Julian hoped that he could be forgiven since it was his first real transgression as far as school was concerned. He couldn't look at Lissier's face as the moment, though, ashamed that he had lied to him. "Fritz doesn't know, though. I didn't tell him anything about you. Or Atlos and Aedyn."

"Oh, are we being mentioned in conversation now? It's an honor," Aedyn said playfully from the middle of the staircase. He was leaning over the side of it, his face resting between his hands. He looked a bit like the Cheshire cat, smiling impishly, almost mockingly.

"Don't lie to me again Julian." Lissier said, looking up at Aedyn with a roll of his eyes. "Don't you start."

Atlos grinned. "You may not have told him anything, Julian, but I think he knows more than you think he does. He now knows about yours and Lissier's relation, that's for sure." He said, wondering if anyone else had caught onto the fact that the boy waswatching through the window.

"What do you mean? I didn't tell him about that either..." Julian looked up at the twins, an expression of some confusion on his face. He was sure he had only mentioned that Lissier was his master. He couldn't have let something slip without remembering it, right?

"Well, you may not have, but he knows now." Aedyn's grin actually shrank, and he pointed toward the window with a slim finger. "I mean honestly, you're going to reprimand him about secrecy and danger, and you leave your curtains open?" His grin had appeared once again.

Lissier's stare became blank. He opened the window and pulled the boy inside before he could blink. "What do you think you're doing?" He asked, slamming hte window shut and using his mind to lock the doors and all other exits of the house. "How much have you heard?"

Atlos began to chuckle. "I think he was just worried for the young Julian.."

Fritz was more than afraid. "I.. I.. I was just.. you seemed so mad and I just met Julian, I didn't want him to get hurt or anything." He said, looking from Julian to Lissier to the twins that were frighteninly intimidating.

Julian was completely dumbfounded. He opened his mouth in surprise, but no words came out. He couldn't even defend Fritz at the moment, though the boy probably could have used it. He looked from Lissier, to the twins, and back to Fritz, waiting to see what would happen.

Aedyn couldn't stop himself from giggling at Fritz's words. "I'm sorry, it just seems funny to think that Lissier would harm Julian intentionally. But then, I suppose if I didn't know him, I might be a little afraid of him too." That, of course, was pretty much a lie. There was little that scared Aedyn and shook his haughty attitude. He was just as strong as his brother, though it didn't seem possible by his appearance.

"I asked how much you heard." Lissier said in a hiss of anger, tryng to not get physical with the frightened mortal.

Fritz swalloed hard. "I only heard something about finding something out, that's all. I am sorry I didn't meant to eavesdrop, well I did, but only for Julian's safety. I didn't want him to be hurt or anything."

Atlos snorted. "Lissier would never hurt Julian."

"It's okay, Fritz. They're right," Julian referred to the twins, still standing on the staircase. "He would never hurt me." Even though, he realized, the twins were there so that Lissier would not accidentally kill him.

"Well, you know, brother, that means we'll be staying here for an awfully long time..." Aedyn purred with an air of sarcasm, winding his arms around his brother's waist and peering over his shoulder. At least something interesting was happening around here. "Oh, Lissier darling, don't keep poor Fritz too long. His mother may get worried."

"Speak a word about this to anyone and I will have to kill you." Lissier said seriously. He opened the boy and gestured for him to leave.

"SOrry Julian, I'll see ya tomorrow." Fritz said, wasting not time in leaving as Lissier told him too.

Atlos smirked."Mmm m mm. Poor thing was positively terrified." He said, turning his head to kiss his brother before continuing his decent downstairs. "At least you seem to have a true friend, Julian."

Yeah, probably not anymore... Julian thought sadly. He was afraid that Fritz would never want to speak to him again, despite what he said about seeing him tomorrow. How many brand new friends wouldn't be deterred by a death threat by an imposing master?

Aedyn followed Atlos as if he was his shadow, and rather devilish smirk on his face. "Was it really smart to threaten him like that? Now he'll know something is going on, rather than just what he may have conjured in his imagination."

"Yes. And Julian, I know you are sad that your friend might not be your friend now, but if he stops being your friend he wasn't good enought for you in the first place." Lissier said, taking an aggravated seat in his favourite chair.

Atlos snorted. "Lissier! Look at it from Fritz's point of view. I might not come back after that either."

When one had no friends at all, any friend was good enough. Julian was a little angry, both at himself and at Lissier, and he fought back tears once more. Without asking permission or even announcing his decision, the boy ran up the stairs to his room, and shut the door. He didn't slam it, though.

Aedyn raised his eyebrows as the boy passed, following him with his eyes, then looked at Lissier. "Goodness..." For once, he really had nothing witty or cutting to say.

Lissier stared after Julian and growled, stomping up the steps. "Julian, may I come in?" He asked, knocking lightly on the door.

Atlos smiled and sat on the sofa. "They'll be fine in a moment, just ignore their little spat." He said, patting a seat next to him. "As far as I know they will anyow. They seem like a strong couple. "

Julian sat on his bed, facing the wall, hugging his pillow. He didn't answer, but he assumed Lissier would probably come in anyway. The door didn't lock, and he didn't know if he really wanted his master to stay out anyway.

"Oh, and what makes you such an expert, hmmmm...?" Aedyn taunted, settling onto Atlos' lap and placing his arms around his brother's shoulders. It was really just an empty taunt, though, and both of them knew it. They had seen enough relationships in their wandering - and the methods of their wandering - to know strong and weak and in-between couples.

Lissier took this as his cue to leave and stomped off to his own room. "Little one doesn't understand I am only trying to protect him." He muttered, slamming his door as he plopped himself on his bed.

"Dealing with you everyday makes me an expert." Atlos informed his lover casually. "But of course I love that you make me put forth effort for us. I really do." He said, kissing his lover.

The boy was actually surprised that Lissier had chosen to leave, instead of coming inside. He let his arms drop, and the pillow flopped quietly onto the bed. What was he supposed to do now? Quietly, he slid off the bed and out of his room, but he just stood in the doorway and stared down the hall at Lissier's room for several moments. Finally, he moved down the hall to his master's door, and knocked lightly.

"You make it sound like I'm so difficult..." Aedyn responded, smiling into the kiss. "I love you very much, my brother. You know that." He placed a kiss against his lips as well.

Lissier twitched slightly. "Come in." He said softly, sitting up to receive whichever visitor had come to talk with him. He was rather certain that it was the young boy but he couldn't be certain. He wasn't in the mood to try listening for a heartbeat and such to verify his suspicions.

"You're not difficult, I was teasing you and you knwo it." He said, kissing the other yet again. "I love you." He whispered, slipping a thin-fingered hand through his lover's hair.

With a little guilty weight in his heart, Julian turned the handle and opened the door, then closed it behind him and leaned against it. He hadn't thought of anything to say beforehand, but it came to him as he stood there. "I...I'm sorry. I was being immature, and I wasn't thinking..."

Atlos' fingers in his hair made Aedyn shiver a little. He smiled. No one knew him better than his own twin, and that thought made him happy. He shifted his position so that he was straddling his lover rather than just sitting in his lap, and returned his kisses with more energy.

"You just need to understand what position we are in. If mortals find out we could be on the run. Surely you understand I was only for your safety." Lissier voiced, looking up inquisitvely at the other.

"You're a very energetic thing when it comes to making love, look at you, you're humming with arousal." Atlos said, an amused smile on his face as he kissed the other's lips.

"I...I don't fully understand. You've always hid it so well from me. It just takes some getting used to. But I'll try to understand." Julian moved away from the door and sat on the edge of Lissier's bed.

Aedyn smiled as well. "And that you should know best of all. It is always this way...I'm a perfect little incubus." He punctuated his words with playful taps of his fingers to Atlos' chest. He wasn't exactly sure what drove him, but he generally had an appetite like this.

Lissier nodded. "I know, you just wait until later, then I will tell you more."He wished he could tell the other now, but he was far too irritable to say anything about it.

"Mnn yes you are." Atlos was more than astounded as always by his lover's need and want for him. He nibbled along his lover's neck, aroused by the energies emitting from him. "Perhaps here on Lissier's couch is not the best place for this."

Julian clasped his hands together in his lap, staring at them for a moment, then stood. "Okay, I'll just go back to my room. I don't want to bother you." He walked at an even pace toward the door. He didn't really want to leave, but he didn't want to irritate his master further.

"You know, I was thinking just that, but I think Lissier is staying in his room for a while..." Aedyn suggested mischievously. "Where should we go, then?" He shivered with Atlos' every touch, allowing himself to be lost to sensation for a few moments.

"You don't have to leave." Lissier said, almost angry with his young love. He would only be angry because the other was throwing such a pity-fit and was so sad about being reprimanded when reprimand was needed.

"How about the kitchen hmn? No one ever goes in there." Atlos said, smirking at the thought of taking the other on the table or other hard surface just for their amusement.

Julian might have brightened at being asked to stay, but he felt guilty that he might have guilted Lissier into asking him to stay. He stopped before the door. "Are you sure I shouldn't just go?" He wasn't pitying himself, and he wasn't sad about being reprimanded. He was sad now because he had disappointed his master, and that was about the last thing he wanted to do.

"Well, of course! Why not the kitchen?" Aedyn laughed and removed himself from Atlos' lap, and proceeded to more or less dance to the kitchen, swinging his hips as he looked over his shoulder at his lover.

"Get over here. Would you?" Lissier asked,patting the bed, irritated that his lover looked so sad and pitiful on his account. "I want us to be as we are. Not this fighting mess. I was worried earlier and over-reacted a little."

Atlos practically shivered at the behavior of his lover. He followed after in a predatory stalking of the other, following slowly as though to add anticipation.

Julian did as he was told and sat quietly next to his master. "I don't think you were wrong. I should have been more careful. I'm sorry for running off like I did." He offered a small smile, and sighed. All of this fighting was silly, and it didn't accomplish anything.

Aedyn looked over his shoulder and childishly stuck out his tongue before dashing suddenly to the kitchen, and leaning up against the refrigerator. Its cool surface felt nice, and he posed dramatically for Atlos, putting his arms above his head and looking away. It made him look somewhat helpless, though he was really far from it.

"It wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't outright lied to me love." Lissier informed the younger, stroking his hair. "You have to understand I only get so angry because I worry about you. Anything could happen and take you away from me."

Atlos smirked and appeared before the other, pressing him into the refigerator with his hips, his hands grasped the other's lips. "Mn. Caught you."

"I do understand. I'm sorry. I'll be more careful. Would it be possible for Fritz to come over sometime, if I give you advanced warning?" Julian leaned into Lissier's touch, glad that they were no longer fighting. He didn't want to contemplate what could possibly take him away from his master. He loved him too much, and he didn't know any existence without him.

"Mmm, oh no, I guess I just didn't struggle hard enough..." Aedyn pushed his hips against Atlos', pretending to struggle, but really trying to get more of a reaction out of his brother.

"I am rather certain he knows what we are. I don't think that will be wise until he calms down in terms to accept this and not go telling all mortals about it." Lissier replied, a little shocked he didn't want to add Julian into the 'mortal' category.

Atlos chuckled seductively, kissing his lover's neck, biting it here and there. "Perhaps not. That must mean you want me." He said, moving the kiss to the other's lips.

Julian nodded in understanding. "Would I be able to go to his house, then, if I asked permission first?" He had resolved not to skip anymore class, and he wasn't going to stay out late enough to worry Lissier, but he still wanted to spend time with his new friend.

"What kind of prey would I be if I wanted my predator, hmmm~?" Aedyn giggled, turning his head to the side to allow his lover obvious access to his throat, before meeting his lips with his own as well. "Maybe sometime I'll really make you work to catch me."

"No." Lissier said imediately. "I would have no way to be sure you were not harmed in any manner." He shrugged and kissed his lover. "You understand, surely?"

"Oh but you so do." Atlos informed his lover. "Perhaps you would try, but I know you would give in eventually." He said, kissing his lover passionately, sliding a hand to his hips.

It was all Julian could do to keep from pouting. He had really hoped they would be able to reach some sort of compromise. "Please, Master, when will I be able to spend time with Fritz?" Almost instantly, he regretted even asking. They had just stopped fighting, too.

Aedyn laughed and pushed Atlos away playfully with one of his hands, turning toward the fridge, but looking at his lover over his shoulder. "You know, it's much easier to catch your prey from behind, when it is much less aware..."

"What do you have feelings for him?" Lissier asked, narrowing his eyes. "How can I be certain you will not be killed in his presence hmn? It is bad enough I let you attend school."

"Hmn, that it is." Atlos replied, eyes feasting on the smooth clothed back of his lover. He pushed the form fitting shirt of his darling upwards, stroking the skin smoothly. "Mnn you look tasty.."

"No, I don't have feelings for him. That's not it. I just wanted to spend time with him because he's my friend." Julian was confused. Lissier seemed as though he was being even more protective than usual.

"Mmm...I try. It makes finding meals easier, too. But you know, I save the best for you..." Aedyn rested his forehead against his crossed wrists, bracing him against the fridge. He tried to push his hips back to meet Atlos' as well, inviting more contact.

"Feelings or not, you could be killed while being with him. I will not allow that. I might eventually allow him over here, but not if he is not adequate protection."

Atlos ground his hips into his lover's, slipping his hands down to stroke his thighs innerly, riding them up to carress his length. "That you do.." Atlos replied in a sensual growl.

At that, Julian brightened a little. "Well, he would definitely be willing to protect me. Is that a start?" It seemed a little strange to proclaim something like that, but he had said that Julian was a princess, and Fritz was the knight.

Aedyn shivered, and his hips shook a little as Atlos touched him. He let out a low moan. Facing this way, he couldn't really touch his lover, but he was completely at his mercy, his plaything. He didn't really even need to say anything to tell his lover that he wanted more.

"He is nothing more than a mortal like yourself, the protection he offers is nothing in comparison to what you need." Lissier said, stubborn in his accusation. "It doesn't matter that he's willing to protect you, but the fact that he can't."

Atlos granted his lover the more he wanted. He began to tighten his grip on his lover's length and stroked it faster, he let his free hand come up to undo his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He reached around also to push his brother's pants off of his hips.

"Okay, fine. I'll just go to school tomorrow and tell him we can't be friends anymore." Julian said, a hint of sadness in his voice. However, at the moment, he was more angry with Lissier. It seemed that his master was being stubborn and selfish. He wasn't going to win this, and nothing he could say would satisfy what he was looking for.

For once, Aedyn bit his lower lip to stifle a moan. It seemed out of place that he should suddenly reign in his passion, but it was as though he could feel a little of the growing tension upstairs, and he was slightly worried about the new couple. He didn't let it hamper their activities, however, and as he was freed of his pants, he pushed his hips back against his brother's, grinding teasingly against him.

"I never said you couldn't be friends, just that the two of you can not be in one place alone together." Lissier said, angry with his young lover. "You may not because of what we are."

"Mnnn you're always so smooth.." Atlos whispered as he pushed gently into his lover, his hands carressing his back and down to his rear where he gripped gently. "You feel nice.." He whispered, leaning to press kisses along his spine while he pressed in even more.

"But you're saying things that make it impossible for us to be anywhere together period. I'm not trying to be alone with him. I just want to do things that friends do, but you won't let him come here, and I can't go to his house. The only time I'll see him is during school, and there's no time to do anything during school but school work." This was not good. Julian was losing sight of who he was speaking to.

Aedyn moaned deeply, forcing himself to keep his hips still while Atlos entered, savoring the pressure and the friction. There was no need to hurry, and slow and careful lovemaking was the best. The kisses made him shiver, and he made a small noise along with it as well.

Lissier growled a little. "WOULD YOU RATHER WE BE FOUND OUT, HUNTED DOWN AND MURDERED!?" He shouted for a second before regaining himself. "Don't you get it? At all, even a small little bit!? If I let you go to his home anything could happen, I wouldn't be able to protect you! If he came over here other mortals would surely follow I would have to get to know the parents eventually we would be found out and hunted down like beasts! " He said, voice still raised but no longer at a shout."I may be yours, Julian, but don't you ever talk to me in the way you have again."

A moan escaped Atlos as well, unregistered in the small bit of noise as it was almost a squeak of delight. He pulled out a little and pushed back in, repeating the action until he was sheathed in completely. Then he began to move again inside his lover, moving slow but hard.

Julian glared at the floor. He was frustrated. He couldn't explain what he was thinking, or even express his objections to what Lissier was saying. "Fritz and I will no longer be friends, starting tomorrow. That's the only option," he said in a quiet voice, full of resignation, but really trying to mask his anger and hurt.

A shiver traveled the entire length of Aedyn's spine, and he moaned yet again. "God,'re torturing me..." The intensity of every sensation was going to drive him mad. He would be reduced to a pathetic thing, writhing for Atlos' attention.

"It is NOT the only option. You don't have to spend time outside of your studies to be friends with someone. Perhaps with time, meaning a few years when the boys parents have no say in his actions you two will at least be allowed to spend time together here." Lissier was more than angry with his lover. "I wish I could just get you to understand. You want to see proof of what mortals can do to my kind?" He rose, finding a stashed away photo album. "This is when they JUST came out with cameras. So forgive the exposure. I keep these as a specific reminder what a mortal can bring." He opened to about the middle of the book, pointing to a photo of a badly mangled and burned body. "I had a little one much like you once, and he had made a friend. I didn't think a problem with it. However, my lover couldn't keep his lovely mouth shut. He told that friend of his and his friend felt I was a demon and sent a mob to our home. They killed my little one. A mortal even, just as they were. Thought he'd been tainted, so to speak. I couldn't save him. I tried to over and over again but he was gone. And they did the same and worse to me, managed to kill another immortal I had living with me at the time. She was a very good friend to me. This is all that was left of her," He pointed to a picture that showed only ashes."I retrieved these photos from the detective. I healed enough to take them from him. I was lucky. Do you see now why i can not allow what you ask?" Lissier asked, tears in his eyes at having to think of the past and on that night.

A small smirk flamed to life in Atlos' eyes and he did move faster but only just enough to make the other beg him to begin again. He knew he was going to drive his lover insane, but he loved hearing his sweet voice calling out to him.

Julian covered his mouth. The pictures were simply horrifying. He didn't know what to say. He didn't believe Fritz would bring about something like that. He didn't seem like that kind of person, but he couldn't honestly say anything like that for sure. He had just met him, after all. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry you had to show me this, that you had to think about it...Master...forgive me..." Julian shook his head and closed his eyes, fighting back tears.

" devil..." Aedyn said in response to Atlos' treatment, though his voice was actually quite loving and passionate. He moved his hips in the same agonizing speed, contributing to his own torture. "Please...just a little faster..."

Lissier sighed sadly. "It's why I worry constantly. Why I can't just let you do what you want to do. And your young friend may not have intention of telling, but there's no saying. He could slip up and someone else would send out another mob like the last. There are nicer pictures in this book. Ones that are not filled with horror and sadness. In the beginning of it is where my little one and I were happy with one another."

Hearing the begging he desired, Atlos pushed faster into the other, moaning almost loudly at the feeling of the other enclosed around him. "Mnn you enjoy this torment I give you." He whispered, thrusting harder as he picked up speed.

"You don't have to talk about him, if you don't want to." Julian was curious as to what he had been like, but he didn't want to drudge up memories that would make his master sad. This was one of the first things about his master that he had learned, however.

"Mmmmmm...yess..." Aedyn nearly hissed. It was both in satisfaction that Atlos had finally answered his request, and in answer to what his lover had said. He did enjoy the torment so. He was such a masochist. He moved his arms from in front of his face, and placed his hands on his own hips, moaning with each of his brother's thrusts.

"He was like you and yet he wasn't like you." Lissier stated, going through the old photos slowly. The boy looked almost starkly different from Julian appearance wise, light hair and light eyes rather than the dark hair. He smiled just a little."Your personalities were pretty similar, but you're both so different. He was so sweet and understanding like you are, but he was also much more fiesty and mean when he wanted to be. He didn't listen as well as you do." Lissier sighed sadly, but a small smile remained on his features.

Atlos was losign hismelf in such sweet pleasure, shivering and pounding into the backside of the other. "Mn, Aedyn.. tell me you're feeling it too." He begged of his brother, shivering while moving faster and harder still.

Julian nodded and commented, "I see." He wondered if the boy's disobedience had been part of the reason everything had happened. He looked into his master's face, and his expression made him sad. Then he turned his gaze back toward the book. The boy looked so happy in those old photos. It was a strange contrast to all of the other old photos Julian had ever seen, in which most people looked serious and sometimes even grim.

"God, yes, please...more..." Was all Aedyn could say in response. He was feeling everything keenly, everything. It was wonderful. He hoped they wouldn't break Lissier's refrigerator, though it wasn't as though it got used much. He moved his arms in front of his face again to absorb the impact.

"But that is another time." Lissier said, snapping the book shut and putting it back in its rightful place. He let out a small sigh and joined his lover on the edge of the bed. "That is why I worry so much." He whispered, looking down at the floor.

Atlos obeyed his lover's request, nearly crazy with lust with the need to finish inside his lover, to fill him, to own him just a little in that way. "Mine.." He whispered as he felt the coil in him tighten, just on the verge of the ultimate untying.

"I understand now, Master. Thank you for showing me this, but I'm sorry that you had to." He leaned his head against his master's strong shoulder, glad, at least, that they were no longer fighting. He would still be friends with Fritz, then, but he would not bring him here.

"Ahh, yes...inside...I can feel it, you're close..." Aedyn whispered. Truly, Atlos already owned his heart. He had given his body many over the years, but he had never given his heart to anyone but his brother. He was the only one he trusted with it. His moans grew in volume, as he was also very close to release.

Lissier pulled Julian close, turning a little so he could hold his lover against him. "It's all right love. I was as questioning as you at your age." He said, thinking back over the years. How afar ago that was." He said softly, pressing a kiss to his love's forehead.

Atlos couldn't contain it any longer. He gave in, spilling himself after one last deep thrust inside his brother. The moan he gave was considerably loud and he wondered if it bothered Lissier and Julian.

Julian felt happy again, to be held by Lissier, but as he sat there, he heard a noise from the kitchen and blushed. He didn't say anything, though. He knew it was Atlos and Aedyn, and he tried not to let his mind wander with the idea, but the image popped up anyway, and it made him blush more.

Aedyn moaned nearly as loudly as his brother, and as he felt his release inside himself, he climaxed as well. It was sweet, and his every cell tingled with it. He wanted to turn and embrace Atlos, but he didn't quite feel like moving yet.

"Dear god those two are endless..." Lissier said, rolling his eyes. "Are you finished with your studies for today love?" He asked, wondering if his little one missed much at school. He also realized he hadn't had time to feed and hoped Julian had homework to do to keep him occupied while he went out.

Atlos closed his eyes in savoring, resting his head on his lover's shoulder and back. He sighed relaxedly. "Shall we go to our room now darling?" He asked his tired lover.

Julian nodded happily. "Yes, I finished all of my homework." He wanted to spend more time with Lissier, now that they were finished fighting. It hadn't occurred to him that his master would need to feed.

"Yes. Carry me?" Aedyn smiled impishly, looking over his shoulder at Atlos. He didn't really need carrying, but he was rather impressed with himself for having stood the whole time, his legs never once threatening to give out on him. He just felt like having his most wonderful lover carry him.

Lissier smiled a little worriedly. "Well, let's crawl into bed then shall we?" He stated, his voice husky with what could have been mistaken for lust. He lay back and hoped his little one didn't lay too close to him, he'd be all over him and with Aedyn and Atlos being otherwise involved he didn't think he could stop himself or they would notice he'd lost it.

Atlos grinned. It was the least he could do for his lover. He picked him up after sliding out of him and carried him to their room, finding it odd that his mirror image , though slightly more feminine, looked so well touseled.

"Okay," Julian answered with a little smile. He was happy that they seemed to be back to normal now, and he didn't exactly notice the change in Lissier's voice. He crawled under the covers, and almost immediately snuggled close to him, as he would have normally done.

"What? Stop looking at me like that," Aedyn said and pouted playfully. "I look silly, don't I? Is my hair very messy?" He wrapped his arms around his brother's shoulders. "Let's go to sleep when we get to our room, then. You've worn me out."

Lissier visibly shivered and kissed his lover on the lips. "You're delectable." He said with a sensual growl, kissing his cheek and neck, losing himself all too quickly in the battle he tried so hard to win.

"You're so cute though. You're just like me but prettier." Atlos said, setting his lover on their bed. He kissed his lips over and over, willing to kiss his love into his younger sibling. "I am worn out as well dear."

Julian easily complied with what it seemed at first Lissier wanted, and he never suspected that he was in any danger, really. He tilted his head to the side, exposing more of his neck for his master, sighing contentedly with the attention.

"Good. Then lay with me." Aedyn put his arms around his neck and pulled him down to lay with him. He had already closed his eyes. It wasn't very often that they got to indulge in pleasure that really made him tired.

Lissier was frenzied. He inhaled the scent of his beloved, the smell of the warm blood rushing beneath his vains, turned even more intoxicating by the stirrings of arousal. He groaned and was unable to stop himself from moving atop of the boy, nipping gently at first at his neck before he took that almost harsh but searingly intimate bite and began his drafts, slow but deep.

"As you wish darling." Atlos replied, wrapping his arms aorund the other. He stroked his hair and closed his eyes. "Lissier seems to be making a full recovery, do you think we should watch him more closely?"

Julian gasped, but relaxed easily. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and he grasped Lissier's shirt in his small fingers. He was a little aroused by the small pain he felt, as well as his master being so close to him. It didn't occur to him that it might not have been the same since they hadn't already been embracing in passion.

"If we get much closer, we may begin to interfere with their relationship, don't you think? I know Julian was fine with what we did before, but we should be invasive..." Aedyn answered. Atlos' stroking his hair made him even sleepier, and he cuddled closer to him.

Lissier was on fire. His lover's blood was healing through his vains, curing him of the illness that plagued him. He had to stop, but he needed to drink more, to satisfy the damaged cells inside him. He drank and drank, unable to hear the slowing heartbeat of his mortal darling.

"Yes. I think the little one might become jealous. I mean we could play with him too, but I don't think he'd like it as much as Lissier did." Atlos yawned widely and touched Lissier's mind. "Mnn he's empassioned, I don't sense anger tonight, let us sleep."

The boy was growing ever more weak, and his head was swimming. His grip tightened on Lissier's shirt, and he began to struggle weakly, but he had realized just a little too late. His breathing was shallow, and his grip began to slacken. He felt very...sleepy. His eyelids fluttered and then closed.

"Mmm..." Aedyn agreed with only a noise, though his intuition, and not touching Lissier's mind, gave him the vaguest feeling that something was wrong. He chose to let it go, though, and let sleep claim him in his brother's arms.

None of this was noticed on Lissier. He figured his little one might fall to sleep, but did not calculate just what form of sleep. He drank until he no longer felt life comming from the boy and in confusion he looked down, wondering why there was nothing. "Julian.." He said, comming out of his stupor. "Julian.. are you okay?" He noticed the paleness of the boy, noticed how he was completely limp in his arms. "No.. I didn't do this.. Julian, wake up, and stop playing around." He panicked. He lifted him in his arms, knowing already he could not hear a heartbeat for there was none. He ran to Atlos and Aedyn's room, crying and bursting in. "You were supposed to both protect me from this!" He shouted, setting his little one on their bed. "I fear he's gone. I have killed him!"

Atlos was confused. "But we felt you two were simply being intimate.." He sat up and took hold of Julian's body. "Oh... Lissier.. he's gone.."

Aedyn sat up just as quickly, but he could say nothing. He covered his mouth with one of his slender hands, and he stared at Julian's lifeless body. He could hear no heartbeat and feel no life force coming from within him. He thought he would cry. For Lissier, and for Julian's short life.

Lissier clutched Julian tight to his body, sobbing hard as he stroked the young mortal's hair, hanging to what seemed to be left of his body heat, wishing he could jump start him, wishing the boy would just wake up. He tried something drastic, perhaps he could turn him. He knew it was too late, but just maybe... he bit his wrist and forced open his love's mouth, pouring his blood down his throat, discouraged after several minutes, healing himelf and going back to crying over the limp form in his arms.

"Lissier... come on, we need to bury him. We need to move. That little boy will come looking for him. We need to go.," Atlos said, trying to remove Julian from Lissier's grasp.

"No, just...leave him for a little while..." Aedyn placed his hand over Atlos' wrist, his face filled with pity and sadness. It was not an expression that usually touched his face. "The night has barely begun. We have plenty of time. Let him...let him hold him a little longer..."

Lissier sobbed harder, pressing kisses to the closed eyes of his mortal love. So much he wanted to give the dead boy. So much he wanted to tell him, so much love he had wanted. And now he could have none of it.

Atlos sighed. "Only for a while longer. We will start packing Lissier. You can't stay here."

Aedyn had to turn away, or he knew he would start to cry. He wasn't sure where to begin packing, but he left the room and began to walk toward Lissier's room. Did they need to take anything of Julian's? Should they? He stopped halfway down the hallway, and leaned against the wall, covering his face with his hand.

Atlos found his brother about to sob and held tight to him. "I know love, I know." He said softly."Let me pack. Just Lissier's bedroom." He whispered, issing his lips. "You go comfort Lissier."

Aedyn nodded weakly, and walked back to their room to sit with Lissier. He stood in the doorway for a moment. It was hard to watch his friend so broken up, but he swallowed his own tears and sat on the edge of the bed next to him. He looked down at Julian's body. It didn't seem right that the boy should be gone...just like that. He put his arm over Lissier's shoulder.

Lissier was sick. Mentally destroyed."Aedyn. Please, take this beautiful boy away. Bury him, I can't look at him anymore. Look what I did, Aedyn.. look what I did!" He cried hard on the other's shoulder, clutching to the material he wore.

Closing his eyes, Aedyn wrapped his other arm around Lissier, and held him as close as he could. A couple of tears fell silently down his cheeks, but he nodded and agreed to his request. He gently removed Lissier's hands from his shirt, and slipped his arms around Julian's body instead. He tiptoed out into the hallway, but he knew he couldn't bury him alone. " me."

Atlos was making progress and at the sound of his brother's voice and the sight he was met with when following the sound he sighed. "Of course dear." He said, checking on Lissier who was unable to look up at them.

"I can't go with you. I can't see him be put in the ground." Lissier replied.

Aedyn blinked back more tears and began to walk downstairs and toward the front door. "Where should we..." he began to ask Atlos quietly, but couldn't bring himself to complete his question. He didn't know where would be the best place to put the boy, but he knew they would be unable to mark his grave in a conspicuous way.

Atlos sighed and comforted Lissier softly. He kissed him on the cheek and led Aedyn outside and into the woods, finding a good clearing"Wait here." He said, going back to find a shovel. He found one and went back, digging a deep enough hole to keep the boy burried for a good long while. Long enough for the little one to turn into a skeleton even without discovery. He sighed. "All right love."

For the first and last time, Aedyn hugged Julian close to him. "Ah, Julian, it's a pity we couldn't have known each other for more than a day..." He set the boy's body gingerly into the hole, brushing some loose hair out of his face and sighing. "Requiescat in pacem, Julian." He took a handful of dirt and tossed it into the hole.

Atlos frowned and muttered his own small prayer for the boy they burried. He continued to fill it with dirt, sad about the way things turned out. He sighed and placed a tiny cross of sticks over the grave and took his brother's hand. "Come on, we need to start anew." He whispered, deciding they would take Lissier and leave.

Aedyn nodded, looking down at his hand in his brother's. He was glad that he was not alone in this world. He had someone always by his side. He was sad for Lissier, though, and he knew it was best to take him away from this place, or Julian's memory would haunt him in his every surrounding. "Where will we go? Or does it really matter?"

"How about America.." And ever since Atlos spoke those words that's where they'd been. That is where they remained.

Lissier strode about the streets, sighing in boredome. He'd long gotten over his Julian's death, but things still hurt when they reminded him of him. He took a seat in a local coffee shop, enjoying the smell of the aromatic liquids, writing in his journal. He wrote about how boring things were of late and how empty his life was. He still had Aedyn and Atlos, but they were often involved with one another to notice him. He sighed, allowing himself to take a small sip of the coffee cup beside him, the strange liquid tasting oddly sweet but bitter. He of course couldn't take more than a sip because of what he was, but it was nice to taste. He lay his head back after setting down his pen in irritation, unable to focus on his thoughts any longer. He looked out the window, resting his head against the cold wood panneling, the window was fogged, so he ran his hand over the glass, better to watch the passerbys and cars, finding he was so terribly lonely.

"Is there something wrong with the coffee?" A boy in his late teens, probably roughly nineteen, stood next to the table the man occupied, wearing an apron that marked him as an employee of the coffee shop. He held a plastic tray under one arm, and he was looking at the man inquisitively with brown eyes from under a fringe of fashionable blonde hair.

Lissier's eyes travlled up to the sound of the voice. "Nothing's wrong with it at all. I simply can't have much of it." He said, closing his journal so none of the contents could be read. "Thank you for asking." He didn't know why the boy had bothered to ask, wouldn't a customer who was unsatisfied go to someone about it?

"Oh." He frowned. "Well, I'm glad to hear that there's nothing wrong with it. Have you been coming here long?" He didn't know why he was being so talkative with a random customer, but today had been his first day, and it had been as close to horrible as possible. It made him feel better to talk to the person that looked more miserable than he did, even though he knew nothing about him at all.

"I stop in here once in a while. Why do you ask?" Lissier pondered, wndering why the boy was being so questioning and talkative with him. He could feel stress rolling off the boy. "Come to think, I haven't ever seen you here before. You must be new."

He shook his head. "I am new. I just started today. They don't even have a nametag for me yet. My name is Matthew, by the way." He gave a small smile. Truthfully, he had just clocked out, so he wasn't going to be in any trouble for standing around and talking. "I, um, guess I'll let you get back to writing. Sorry for the random interruption." He gave the same small smile again, and started to move away from the table.

"You weren't interrupting, I was done writing for now." Lissier said, pausing. Should he ask the boy to stay at the table? Perhaps he could make a meal out of him, but then, memories shot out at him. Something about the boy reminded him slightly of his Julian. He sighed sadly.

Matthew frowned slightly, wrinkling his smooth forehead beneath his bangs. "Are you okay?" He took a step toward the table, but then stopped. "Hold on, just a sec, I'll be right back." He held up one finger, then disappeared behind a swinging door behind the counter. He returned a few seconds later without the tray or the apron. "Do you mind if I sit?" He put one hand on the chair opposite from Lissier. His fingernails were painted blue.

Lissier studied the blue nails, wondering if Julin would have wanted to do something of that sort. "Go ahead." He gestured to the seat, looking curiously at the other. This complete stranger who wanted to talk to him. He decided to open up. To let out his held in sorrows. He could always find another place to sit and have his coffee. "The only thing.. that plagues me, is that it's very near the three year anniversary of when I lost someone close to me. Someone, very very close to me. He was about your age. You remind me a bit of him actually."

He pulled out the seat and sat casually. He frowned a little deeper at what Lissier said. No wonder he had found someone that looked more miserable than himself. "I...God, I'm really sorry to hear that..." Matthew smiled sadly. "I remind you of him? Then I'm sorry I showed up today, unless that makes you happier." He was studying this man's face. He looked foreign, somehow, exotic. His hair was long and beautiful, but he looked clean-cut and organized, not like the guys that usually had long hair.

"Don't be sorry about it. It's.. a good reminder I suppose." Lissier said painedly. "I tend to ramble, forgive me. Perhaps I can.. why don't we go for a walk?" Lissier suggested, surprising himself with the question."Ignore that I asked that. I only just met you."

Matthew shook his head, and smiled. "No, it's fine with me. We can go for a walk if you want. What's your name, by the way?" He found the man interesting, and though it wasn't a good idea for a slim boy like himself to go on random walks with strangers, he found he didn't hesitate in the least in agreeing to go with him.

"My name is Lissier." The other replied, tilting his head. He placed his journal in his coat pocket and rose, "Well, shall we?" He asked, motioning the other to follow him outside. He didn't know what the hell he was doing. Leading this boy out into the world. Was he intending to drink fo him? Make love to him? What?

"Just a minute, let me get my coat." Matthew ran to the back again, this time returning with a vintage-looking leather coat with a fringe of grey fur around the collar and a pair of fingerless leather gloves that looked as though they were intended for riding motorcycles. Matthew did not own a motorcycle. "Okay, we can go now." As they moved toward the door, he fished in his pocket and pulled out an earring shaped like a cross, quickly fastening it in his ear. They wouldn't let him wear it at work.

This slight difference made it easier for Lissier to accompany the boy furhter, for part of him wanted to run. Wanted to ignore this possible light in his dark. "I don't know where you might like to walk to." Lissier said, the sadness in his eyes lingering but not filling. He looked around for a possible place that would be suitable and found none, they would just have to walk. "Perhaps I could give you a ride home or something?"

Matthew shrugged. "I don't care where we walk to. But if you have a car, why are we walking?" He laughed. Actually, he hadn't noticed any cars immediately outside of the coffee shop, so he was a little confused. "I guess, if you want to give me a ride, that's fine with me. I live in an apartment building not too far from here." He smiled. It made him sad to see this man sad, even though he knew nothing about him but his name.

"Ithought perhaps we could enjoy the view. But yes, let's get out of the slight frigid hold of winter and let me give you a ride home." Lissier replied, placing his hand on the other's shoulder and steering him to the shaddows where he pressed a button on his key ring, the headlights flashing to the buttons call.

The teenager blinked and raised his eyebrows. "Geez, what are you, Batman or something? That was cool..." It wasn't that the car was super fancy or anything, but the way it seemed to be hiding in the shadows was somehow impressive to Matthew. He walked around the car to the passenger side. "It's nice...and I almost forgot to ask. Lissier, where are you from, anyway?"

"France, but I have spent much time in nearly all European states." Lissier replied, trying to not be amused at the batman comment. He opened the door for the boy out of gentlemanly courtesy and then got in on his own side. "So, tell me which way to go?"

Matthew raised his eyebrows at having the door opened for him. He'd met a pretty old-fashioned person, hadn't he? "Uh, thanks. You just take a right here, and go straight for a few blocks. I'll tell you as we go, if that's alright." The inside of the car was nice, too. "So you're from France? That's really cool, but you don't seem to have much of an accent at all! Otherwise, I might have been able to guess. I was born here, in this city."

"You tend to lose an accent when you' travel often." Lissier offered as explanation, following the boy's instructions and taking a right."This city isn't so bad, a little boring, but rght now that is what I need I fear. Do you like it here?"

Smiling, he replied, "Well, it's like, this is all I really know. It has it's ups and downs, like every place, I guess. I've never lived anywhere else, so I like this place as a matter of course. That isn't to say I never want to go anywhere else, though. I think traveling would be really fun." He raised his arm and pointed out the windshield. "Take another right up here at this light."

Lissier did as instructed. "Travelling can be fun. But of course even that gets out of flavor." He insisted. He wished a moment he could take the boy to travel somewhere, but that was a much silly thought. He also realized that they seemed to live in the same direction, he was beginning to wonder if they didn't live on the same street. He looked the boy over curiously for a second as they stopped at a stop sign and then smiled a little. "You live on my street. About four houses down actually."

Matthew laughed and smiled wide. "Really? How funny. I've never seen you around, but I guess I'm not really very observant most of the time." He waved his hand in the air to emphasize, then quickly dropped it in his lap. "I moved into the apartment building about a year and a half ago, but I'm not really in the habit of getting to know my neighbors or anything. Usually, I just like to keep to myself. I read a lot."

Lissier felt a pang of rememberance as Matthew mentioned reading. It reminded him too much of Julian. He turned down the appropriate street in silence, sighing as he came to a stop in front of the apartments. "How do you get to work, you don't walk surely?"

"Of course I walk. I'm a waiter at a coffee shop. I can't afford a car." Matthew smiled, but then his smile faded a little. "Well, I guess we're here..." He looked out the window at the building, then turned to Lissier. "If you don't have anything else to do...would you like to come in for a little while?" It seemed really forward, but he didn't want to stop talking to him yet.

"I suppose, there's nothing really happening at my residence, why not?" Lissier said, stepping out of the car. He hoped he wouldn' get an earful from Atlos and Aedyn when he finally decided to return home though. He could just imagine what the two would probably tease him with. He stepped out and went to the other's side, opening the door for him.

Matthew laughed as he stepped out of the opened door. "You're such a gentleman! You don't have to do that for me, you know." He walked ahead to the front door of the apartment building, punching in the unlock code for the door. This time he held the door open for Lissier. "Now you're a guest here, so I get to hold doors open for you."

"Why, thank you, kind sir. But you will have to lead the way, I haven't a clue which place is actually yours." Lissier replied, an amused smile on his face. He followed after the boy, glad he had quite afew hours until daylight so as to spend some good time with him. But what did spending time with this person mean? Surely they weren't there to be intimate? Or were they? Perhaps they were there to only talk? He couldn' be sure.

"Haha, I know that. I just wanted to hold a door open for you, instead of you for me." He turned and walked quickly up the stairs. It wasn't a very large apartment building, so there was no elevator, just a strange central staircase. They walked up one level, down a hallway, then up the stairs at the other end of the hallway. Moving into this place was hell. Finally, when they reached the third floor, Matthew led them to a door almost in the middle of the hallway. His apartment was 307. He put the key in the lock and opened the door, once again holding it open as he smiled. "After you..."

Lissier entered the apartment, wondering where the lightswitch was. He had no trouble seeing, but he didn't exactly wish for hisyoung charge to know he was adept to such things for obvious reasons. He smiled, surveying that for a teenager it was a tidy place of living. He reached for the light and flicked it on, feeling he'd waited enough to avoid suspicion. "Well. You're rather tidy for a teenager."

"Thanks. I guess I try, but it's really more to do with the fact that I don't have a lot of stuff." Now that Lissier was in his apartment, Matthew had no idea what he had intended them to do. He hadn't really thought past inviting him up, not considering what there was to do if he said yes. "Would you like something to drink, know, I feel silly. I invited you up here, but there's really nothing to do." He laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously.

Lissier offered the other a small smirk. "Hmn, I am guessing you don't normally invite strange men to your apartment then, I am flattered." He felt flirty all of a sudden. "I try to not drink alcohol if that's what you had intended to offer, or anything else for that matter, there is not much that my stomach can.. handle" He said, eyeing the boy hungrily. He was glad he'd been cured of his ickness when he'd killed Julian, he was less likely to just attack this boy in front of him, but his kind's thirst for blood was something to not be reckoned with. "Perhaps we could just sit?"

Actually, Matthew didn't have any alcohol in his apartment anyway. He was only nineteen, and therefore not old enough to purchase it. "Um, sure, that's fine." He led Lissier to the couch, and sat on one side of it, his hands folded anxiously in his lap. Maybe inviting him up had been a mistake, but he was only thinking that because without anything else to talk about or do, his mind was telling him just how attractive the man in his apartment was. "So...uh...out of all the places you've been in Europe, which was your favorite?"

Lissier made a point to sit very close to the ther. "Hmn I would.. have to say perhaps the woods of Germany. It's very beautiful there." He said, turning a fraction to look the boy in the eyes. "Where do you want to go most in the world?" He asked, figuring if they ran out of questions he would ensnare the boy and create intimacies with him.

" guess I never really thought about it." Lissier's eyes were so deep and beautiful, Matthew was having a hard time looking away. When had the man gotten so close to him? His heart was starting to beat a little faster. "I suppose...I would like to go anywhere that's beautiful, but that doesn't really narrow it down..."

The speed heightened heartbeat made Lissier smile. "You'll get somewhere pretty one day I am sure." Lissier replied, noticing they were quick running out of topics to discuss. "So, any girlfriends.. or boyfriends?" He asked boldly.

Matthew blushed. "Well...I used to have girlfriends, but it never worked. I'm not...interested in girls..." He still couldn't look away from Lissier's face, and he chewed on his lower lip nervously.

"That makes two of us." Lissier replied, looking him curiously. "I lost my last lover. A horrible set of circumstances took him away." He frowned, oping to not give too much of it away. He had enough of talking and feeling like he'd allready told too much of himself he kissed the other on the lips, holding to see if he'd kiss back.

At first, Matthew was surprised and didn't kiss back, though he had felt that this was going to happen when he couldn't look away in the first place. After a few moments, he allowed himself to kiss back. He really had no idea what he was getting into.

Lissier had been worried at first when the other didn't return his kiss. But as he felt the other set of lips move against his he decided things might have been looking up to him and he deepened the kiss, enjoying the way it felt to kiss someone again. He placed his hands on the cheeks of the other, holding him in a sense as their kiss continued.

Matthew furrowed his eyebrows for a moment as Lissier touched his face. His hands seemed so cold, but he brushed it off, assuming that his own face was probably warmer than usual. This man was certainly an expert kisser, and he thought he was going to melt. He didn't know what to do with his hands, or any of the rest of himself, for that matter.

The kiss was more than exciting to Lissier and he dragged it from the other's lips to his cheek to his neck where he suckled gently, debating on whether or not to give into the hunger within him. He could, and he would make the boy love every second of it, but was it wise to open himself so quickly and truly to another? What was the worst that would happen? They'd have to move again? So be it, he was tired of being alone, tired of mourning, tired of not having this missed intimacy.

Though he wouldn't have admitted it, Matthew had never actually had a boyfriend, though his girlfriends had never worked out, and he had never even been intimate with a man before. He didn't mind if the first time was with a stranger, though, as long as it was this stranger. He tilted his head to the side, allowing Lissier more access to his neck. His breathing was already increasing in pace, and it was audible.

Lissier was lusted off the sounds and warmth comming from the other. He slid a hand down the other's chest, crawling between his legs while his hand began to push up his shirt, his suckles an nips becomming harder as he began to lose himself. He decided to taste the other, wanted to know what sort of delicious treat he'd gotten himself this time, and he did, his bite was a bit swift to hide pain, and quickly tuned into what he hoped was an erotic longing feeling.

At the first moment of the bite, Matthew gasped, but as Lissier hoped the feeling soon dissolved into anything but pain. A quiet moan escaped his lips, and his hands found a hold on the fabric covering Lissier's shoulders. It never really occurred to him to panic, or anything of the sort. His brain hadn't yet made the connection, nor had he noticed that his skin had actually been penetrated.

A few swallows and Lissier stopped his drinking. The boy was sweet to his taste and if he continued he'd drink too much for them to continue their fun. He licked the wound until it closed, effectively healed by his own blood when he then began to kiss theo ther again on the mouth, wondering if he could taste their blood mingled together. He let his hand travel further, groping the boy through the front of his pants.

The metallic taste of Lissier's kiss thrilled him, and he kissed back almost enthusiastically. As the hand touched him through his pants, he couldn't help but moan into the kiss. The friction was delicious. He was beginning to feel too hot in his clothes.

"I hope we're not going too far for you." Lissier whispered into the other's ear, unbuttoning the boy's pants slowly so as to give him a chance to stop him should he need it. He began to tug the fabric down, his fingers hooked into the waist band.

Matthew shook his head slightly. "No, no...not too far, it's fine..." The voice in his ear made him shiver. He wasn't sure what to do with himself again. He moved his hands away from Lissier's shoulders, letting them sit uselessly at his sides.

Lissier began to notice just how unrepsonsive his lover was. He blinked several times before softly trickling into his thoughts. "You're a virgin..." He whispered... afraid to hurt the other. "You should have told me." He picked his kisses back up, kissing along the others chest after discarding his shirt. "How far have you gone?" He asked, sucking gently on a nipple.

Matthew blushed brilliantly. How had he figured that out? "I-I didn't want you to...think less of me..." It was funny how he could value the opinion of a stranger, and even moreso about his sexual experiences. "I...haven't gone very far. I've never even had sex with a girl...I..." It was hard to concentrate with Lissier sucking on his nipple. "Only kissing, and some touching..."

"That's all right, let me help alleviate you of that." Lissier replied while kissing the other's chest in a trail further downward, suckling at the skin, nibbling and paying every inch of it the attention he deserved. He continued and continued until he reached almost to the other's hardened length. "Has anyone ever sucked you before hmn?"

He shook his head before answering, "Uh, n-no..." He had looked down at Lissier, but was looking away now because he was embarrassed again. It had never bothered him before, so it seemed kind of silly that he should feel this way about his inexperience now, but he felt almost as though he was hindering their progress with it.

Lissier smiled seductively and ran his tongue along the tip of the other's length. "Let me alleviate you of that too." He said, slowing his lick on the other, taking the tip to lightly suckle it, wondering if he could make the other writhe beneath him before he took more in.

As Lissier's tongue touched him, Matthew fought to suppress a gasp. It had just begun, and already his breathing was shallow, and he closed his eyes for a moment. He couldn't look down at Lissier, or he'd embarrass himself some more. It was different, and better, than anything he'd ever felt before.

A few more licks of the teasing nature and then Lissier moved down the rest of his lover's cock, taking in inch by inch until he'd taken it all, he moved his head slowly along the length of the other, trying to let him feel the full sensation of what he could offer him in the ways of pleasure.

Matthew had thought it difficult to hold on when Lissier was just teasing. Now he looked down at the man as he took it in, and the sight alone made him shiver. "Oh...oh god, Lissier..." It was warm and wet and wonderful. Tentatively, he threaded his fingers into Lissier's hair, trying not to pull it.

Lissier enjoyed the feeling of fingers in his hair. "Mnnn." He voiced simply, enjoying the taste of the mortal. He moved faster along him, wondering if he should take him or take this slowly. Perhaps tonight he would simply relieve him in this way.

Matthew tipped his head back, and a moan left his parted lips. The vibration from Lissier's simple response felt amazing. It was all too much for him, and he as having trouble hanging on. He thought that he was probably close to release. "Mmmm...nnahhh...yes..." He couldn't stop his hips from moving just a little.

Drunk, Lissier was off of the sweet moans from his lover, that and the insistent movement of hips and the hard flesh in his mouth. Part of him felt slightly guilty because he'd only been able to do this to Julian but one time. Another part of him was more than enjoying every bit of it.

"Lissier...I think I'm about to...ahhh..." He warned the man, and just a few seconds later, he came, unable to prevent it. His fingers tightened in Lissier's hair, and his hips thrust up one final time. In a few moments, when he could think again, he would apologize, both for the short notice and for pulling his hair.

Lissier was smiling on the inside. He licked away at the boy's arousal until all evidences of seed were gone from the still hard length. "I see you enjoyed yourself." He said, pressing a kiss to the boy's stomach.

Matthew looked down at Lissier and smiled, then flopped his head back against the couch once more. "That was...amazing. But what about you? Don't you want me to do anything?" He was speaking his words toward the ceiling. Although he didn't really have any experience, he was willing to try to do anything for Lissier that he wanted.

"No dear, not for now.We'll leave this at that for a while. We'll take things further another night. I feel like drawing this out." He said, smiling in his most charming manner. "Perhaps I will snatch away that virginity of yours."

"Oh, okay." Matthew blushed a little again, though his face was still a litte flushed, so it didn't seem as bright as it normally would have. He didn't mind the idea of Lissier taking his virginity, but he agreed with taking it slowly. "So...will you be staying tonight, or are you leaving?"

Lissier hadn't yet thought through how to prepare the other for the upcomming conversation. "Well, that really depends, do you have a room that can be sealed off from the light? I have a bit of a severe sun allergy. And do you even wish me to stay?" He asked, looking seriously at the young one he'd just turned into his lover. 

Matthew's eyes widened a bit at what Lissier had said. "Well, of course I would like you to stay,, I don't have a room that I can seal off from the light. My room has a sliding glass door that opens onto a balcony, so...don't worry about it. I don't want you to be in danger."

"You could possibly stay over at my house as well if you need company and simply wish to spend time with me." Lissier suggested, letting his fingers smooth through Matthew's hair. "I could take you to work as long as it was the evening. "

"Oh, that's okay, I don't have to work tomorrow, but thank you for the offer. You really don't mind me staying with you?" Matthew smiled hopefully. He really wanted to learn more about Lissier, and he assumed spending the night might be an easier way to do that.

"Not at all, you just can not at any point during the day open the curtains." Lissier replied calmly as if it was the most common thing in the world. "Come, let's get you cleaned up and head over to my home. And tell me again, you do at least have a driver's license, yes? "

Matthew nodded, and answered as he was getting up off the couch, "Yeah, I have a license, just not a car. Why do you ask?" He just thought he would run to his room to get clean clothes, then to the bathroom. He didn't want to take forever getting ready just to go a few houses away.

"I was thinking that if you ever get caught at my house and need to go to wrk and I am for some reason unable to take you, that you may take my car, I have two of them." He said, shrugging nonchalantly. He sat up made sure Matthew's couch was righted from any of their activities.

"Wow, two cars? Well, okay, thank you in advance, then." Matthew smiled again, and then disappeared into his room. He appeared a few moments later, carrying a shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of boxers, then disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments. The water could be heard running for a moment, and a bit later, he returned to the living room dressed again. "Okay, we can go now."

After remembering which way was out, Lissier opened the door for the other. "It's going to be exciting having someone over. I have two people that live with me, you'll have to ignore them." He said, wondering if introducing Matthew to Aedyn and Atlos was a good thing.

Matthew laughed a little. "You don't have to keep holding doors for me, though I appreciate it. What are the two people you live with like?" He was excited to meet them as well, even though Lissier said to ignore them. Matthew enjoyed meeting new people, and if they were friends on this man, they were most definitely going to be interesting.

"Well.. they're.... strange, and they're twins." He said, wondering suddenly if letting the other meet Aedyn and Atlos was a good thing. "You'll have to form your own opinion on them." He let the other open the passanger door on his own this time.

"Oh...okay..." Matthew was beginning to think maybe these twins were more interesting than he had anticipated, since Lissier seemed less than thrilled to introduce new people to them. He opened his door, and shut it behind him, following Lissier closely. Well, in any case, he was interested in seeing what the man's house looked like.

Lissier's home was a modest two story victorian place in a dull grey color. He pulled into the attached garage that was of course newly added to the addition and stepped out."Now, like I said, Aedyn and Atlos.. they're.. strange. They may flirt with you, a lot."

Matthew quirked an eyebrow. He didn't think it was so strange that someone might flirt with him, but he knew that wasn't what Lissier had meant, and he decided to just wait and see what he was talking about. "I like their names, even though I've never seen them before. I'm so used to...boring names. Like mine. There are too many Matthews."

"Your name is just fine." Lissier said with a small smile. He went to open the door but found it opening slowly for him with an rather interesting looking Atlos, for he wore a belly-shirt and a pair of rather short shorts, peered arond the edge of the door.

"Lissier, is that very smart?" He asked, pointing to the boy as if he wasn't there. "Certainly is a cutey though."

"Uh, hi," Matthew said quietly. He wasn't sure what to say. He very rarely saw anyone dress that way, let alone anyone as pretty as the person opening the door.

Aedyn walked down the hall behind Atlos, slowly coming into view. He was wearing something like a Chinese silk bathrobe, but it was falling off of one of his shoulders, and his arms were crossed. "Oh, finally!" he sighed quietly, looking between Matthew and Lissier. He was happy that the man had a new companion, it seemed.

Lissier narrowed his eyes at the twins. "Yes, I have a new friend, and the two of you WILL behave." He said, smiling. "Anyhow, Matthew this is Atlos, and that is Aedyn. Aedyn and Atlos, this is Matthew."

Atlos smirked seductively, taking the boy's hand into his own, pressing a lingering kiss to the back of it. "Pleasure." He said, winking.

"Nice to meet you, Atlos, Aedyn." Matthew nodded his head toward both of them in turn, and as Atlos took his hand and kissed it, he blushed a light pink. "Um...thanks..." He wasn't sure how to react to a greeting like that. It had never happened to him before.

Aedyn giggled at Matthew's blushing over the greeting, and simply winked at him from over Atlos' shoulder. It was highly suggestive, though, and he moved his shoulder a bit to cause his robe to fall open more. "It's nice to meet you too, Matthew."

"Would you two quit?" Lissier suggested, irritated that they would act so freely. "If you want some little mortal to go tease do find your own. This one is reserved for me alone." He pushed past them , tugging Matthew with.

Atlos chuckled lowly. "Ah, come now, you know we don't like to get pets of our own. He's beautiful, let us have our fun. Besides, we could all have a foursome."

At first, Matthew had made a sort of funny face at the use of the word 'mortal'. What was that supposed to mean, but then his eyes widened as Atlos mentioned a foursome, and he had to say something. "Whoa, whoa, whoa...we just met..." He blushed, and hugged a little closer to Lissier.

Aedyn's laugh was a little higher and louder than his brother's. "That doesn't matter...we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other." He licked his lower lip seductively. "And besides, what better way to get to know each other is there?"

"Aedyn, for once in your silly life, please do not think about sex nor torment those I bring home!" Lissier ordered in warning. He lead Matthew away from them and to his own rooms. "I told you to watch for them, they're strange as can be."

Atlos smiled as the two walked away. "Well, that was fun. How long do you think the poor boy will last?" He asked his brother, kissing him ont he lips.

Matthew blinked. "I wasn't sure what you meant at first when you said they were strange, but now I understand. I'll try to watch myself when I'm around them. But, I have to confirm, are they brothers?" He had noticed their nearly identical appearances, but had also noticed their intimacy with one another, and it was something he wasn't used to.

Aedyn raised his eyebrow as Lissier walked away. "Goodness, I think I've really irritated him this time." He giggled, and returned his brother's kiss. "I can't say for sure how long he'll last. But it appears that he is not quite as well informed as the little Julian was. He does not know what you, Lissier, and myself are."

"Yes, they are also lovers." Lissier stated, smirking at the thought and how odd it would seem. "They're strange. I've known them since I was a ... boy." He said, not wanting to let in on his immortality even though the other should have guessed by now.

"Which I find odd." Atlos said, laughing. "Speaking of Julian. I saw something quite interesting today that might just frighten our lovely Lissier and ruin that little romance he has going on." Atlos replied, as if it wasn't a hugely big deal.

"Oh, I see. Well, it doesn't bother me, I guess." Matthew shrugged. A thought had occurred to him. He had thought it odd earlier that Lissier had used the word 'mortal', and now the way he hesitated when he said 'boy.' He smiled and narrowed his eyes. "How long has it been since you were a boy...?"

Aedyn raised his eyebrows, but his expression was the usual one of slight boredom. "Oh~? And what might you have seen?" He didn't make a big deal out of it either, even though Atlos had mentioned Julian. What could possibly have had to do with Julian? He had personally laid the boy in the ground three years ago.

"A while." Lissier said, feeling as if he'd been found out. "Why do you ask? Are you afraid I am too old for you? I don't think i have any wrinkles." He said, trying to deter the other form a potentially dangerous subject.

"Well, I went out before you woke tonight to feed early so I could spend more time with you. Upon walking along the graveyard, frightening the silly mortals there, I looked across and saw... well.. I believe it was Julian. I know we both burried him. I know for a fact he was dead. I wonder if Lissier didn't give him enough of his blood to turn him."

Matthew giggled. "Okay, okay. It all makes sense. I think I've got it. So that's what that was..." He tapped a finger to his neck, approximately the place where Lissier had bitten him earlier. He smiled. "I didn't think things like you really existed, but that all makes sense, I guess. I mean, I can't disbelieve in your existence when you're right in front of me. But Atlos and Aedyn are too, aren't they?"

Aedyn's eyes widen, and he was speechless for a moment. "You think you truly saw Julian...? But..." He shook his head. "I suppose it is possible, but what will that do to Lissier? Should we tell him, or wait to see if something happens?"

Lissier nodded. "Yes. It's my drastic secret." He said, smiling at the other. "You weren't complaining earlier, surely that does not change us?" He asked, tracing the outline edge of the boy's cheek.

"I want to wait and see if something actually happens, no need to alert him for a false alarm. The boy will seek us out eventually if that's who it was and we can deal with it from there."

Shaking his head a little, Matthew smiled. "Not at all. You're right, I wasn't complaining. You may have found a hidden fetish of mine." He laughed a little and placed his hand over Lissier's. Now he would have more reason to watch out for Atlos and Aedyn, anyway.

Nodding, Aedyn agreed. There was no need to inform him yet. It might have simply been an illusion, something his imagination conjured up. He was a little afraid that it was the boy, but it would also make him happy if it was. It might mean happiness again for Lissier, if it appeared that he truly had saved the boy.

Lissier smiled. "Mnnn that's going to work for both of our benefits. How about we get out of these daytime clothes, hmn?" He suggested, tired of being so fully dressed. He wanted to simply put on a pair of shorts and lounge about.

"My main concern is that Julian might be a bit angry knowing Lisser's moved on without him allready. Have you fed yet love?" Atlos asked his beloved brother, kissing him on the lips.

Matthew nodded in agreement. "Is it alright with you if I just wear my t-shirt and boxers? That's what I normally wear at night anyway. I just thought maybe I should make sure it would be alright for me to wear so little..." He laughed.

"Oh, that's a very good point..." Aedyn hadn't thought about Julian being angry. He kissed his brother in return before answering, "I have not yet fed. I have been here, waiting for you to return since I awoke." He smiled playfully.

"Dear, I rather just got through with mollesting you earlier, I am rather certain I don't mind you sleeping even nude if you wished it."Lisser said with a smile.

"Well, how about I accompany you, let us see if I can show you what i saw earlier." Atlos said, kissing his brothe'rs lips and then his neck."If that is all right with you. It's better to be safe than sorry.

"Alright, I see your point." Matthew laughed and decided to sleep in just his boxers. The t-shirt would have only been to cover more of him, if he needed to be around the brothers in the other room. "Are we going to sleep now, then?"

Aedyn nodded in agreement. He was feeling much more serious than usual with this new development weighing on his mind. Not even his brother's kisses could distract him. "Do you think you will see him again so soon?" It seemed a little unlikely.

"Yes, if you would like to." Lissier replied, yawning a little. "I am sorry, I am not able to go about as I normally am. You'll forgive me?"

"No, probably not, but maybe we could head off a confrontation just in case something did happen. Besides, I just want to spend time with you." Atlos said, kissing his loving brother on the lips.

Matthew nodded again. "Of course. I mean, I don't know what you're normally able to do, but it's fine with me that you're not able to do whatever. Besides, I'm a little sleepy as it is." He smiled.

Aedyn smiled into the kiss. "Thanks, love. I do hope we can avoid any sort of confrontation then." He hoped, in a small way, that they would see nothing, that what Atlos had seen had been a product of his imagination.

"But then, if you're still.. fiesty we could play a while before faling asleep." Lissier said, kissing the other on the lips."Of course, you don't have to do anything if you would rather sleep."

"Of course love. Confrontation is a rude awakening" Atlos said with a smile. "Drama follows our young lissier. Mn, let's get you fed." He grabbed his brother's hand and lead him to their room to dress in something besides a robe.

Matthew smiled and laughed a little. "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I think I am a little too tired. Maybe my endurance will build up as time goes on, though?" He yawned for emphasis. "If you don't mind going to bed, I would like to."

"Ah~...If you insist..." Aedyn followed his brother dreamily, and dropped his robe on the floor in their room. He was completely naked underneath, which added to his teasing from earlier. He quickly pulled on a pair of small shorts like his brother's, and a tank top. "Oh, hm, is it too cold for this, outside? I didn't think about that."

"Certainly." Lissier replied, feeling a little put off by the non-wanting to be pleasured by the ther. He smiled a little and stripped to his undergarments and climbed into bed. "Then, sleep we shall."

"Yes, it is a little chill, love." He said, eyes roaming over his brother's form. "However, I can always warm you up if you feel you do not wish to dress warmer."

Matthew cuddled closer to Lissier. "You seem sad...but don't worry. I don't work tomorrow, remember? So, as soon as you and I are both awake, we can do whatever you want." He smiled and laid his head against the tall man. It was best to take their playing in steps, anyway. He wasn't ready for more all at once.

"I might take you up on that offer." Aedyn smiled his playful smile and wrapped his arms around his brother's shoulders. He stood so their noses were almost touching, and brought their lips close to touching as well, but teasingly pulled away at the last second. "Come, let's go find me a meal."

Lissier still felt a little put off, but hid his emotion and nodded. "All right." He said, kissing the other on the lips. "Sleep well." He said, closing his eyes to let sleep have at him.

Atlos smiled and nodded in agreement of activity and went with his brother, following after him, finding him evil for teasing him in such a manner. He gave the other a small smack on the behind in a form of 'punishment' and ushdered him out the door. 

Matthew cuddled close to Lissier and closed his eyes. This would be an interesting sleep schedule to get used to, but he thought maybe he could even change his work schedule so he could work in the afternoon and spend time with Lissier at night. That would work...He sighed and let sleep take him as well.

Aedyn made a small noise of surprise at the smack, but then smiled at his brother. He leaned against his brother as they walked. "So...where would be a good place to start?" He meant to place himself purposefully near where Atlos had seen Julian, and he hoped he would find his next meal there, as well.

"Over there, my love." Atlos replied, knowing his lover wished to see as he had thought he had seen, the adorably supposedly dead, Julian. He just hoped what he had seen was true.

Aedyn's eyes widened as he scanned for the boy. He was surprisingly excited, despite his dread that he might actual see Julian. It was impossible to prepare himself for the shock if he might see him. He was hardly concentrating on finding a victim. He just wanted to see the boy's red hair or his blue eyes, something that might be an obvious clue. "Atlos, I really don't know...I don't see..." And then he caught a flash of the biggest clue of all. He could have sworn he had seen Julian's face, looking straight at him. But now that he couldn't see him at all again. He turned swiftly toward his brother, his face full of surprise. "Atlos, I swear I just saw him, but now I can't find him."

"I wonder if he's purposely hiding from us?" Atlos asked, frowning. "But why would he ignore us if e's alive? Wouldn't he want to know about Lissier?" He asked, frowning. "I wonder how he knew to come here." He said, deciding to call out to the boy. "Julian! If that's you we would most certainly like an audience!" Atlos shouted, watching the dark carefully.

"Oh! Perhaps he's angry because we left him buried in the dirt? But he was most certainly dead when we buried him..." Aedyn frowned, also searching the darkness. He walked a bit away from Atlos, closer to the place were he thought he had seen Julian's face. "Julian, please come out. We would love to know that you are well..."

The boy peered around the edge of a building, the corner having hidden him from view before. He didn't come out just yet. It was true, he was a bit angry. Or bitter, at least. The master he had trusted had killed him. By some miracle, though, he had saved him as well. That wasn't the part that bothered him, oddly enough. It was that he had come back to find an empty house, as if no one had even cared enough to watch over his grave. It had only taken him two years to find this place, and he had spent the remaining year in the shadows, waiting to see how long it would take someone to find him there.

"Julian... if you come out we can explain everything to you dear." Atlos beckoned, frowning. "I think you need to hear our explanation. It would clear your troubled little mind." He tried to ift through the difficul boy's thoughts but found he couldn't find anything in them. "Lissier was torn at what happened. He couldn't bear to stay in that house without you.... he knew he'd killed you and he couldn't live with that. He couldn't be reminded of you every day." He said, frowning. "Now come here."

As Julian stepped away from the building, Aedyn moved back toward his brother. He was a little worried at what Julian might do if he was too near him, though he shouldn't have had anything to worry about. He was much older, and though he didn't look it, he was much stronger. Nonetheless, he felt guilty and frightened, and sought refuge near his brother.

Julian's face was cold and drawn, as if he had completely abandoned anything but his bitterness. That facade was also about the crumble, though. He wanted to believe everything that Atlos was saying, and he wanted desperately to see Lissier again. He had spent so little time with him. And as he let his thoughts wrap around what he truly wanted, his mask faded and he looked as though he was about to cry. He ran to Atlos and hugged him around his waist.

Atlos was worried that Julian might try to kill him, but he realized this was a dsperate need for comfort and he granted it to the other, holding him tight against his body. "It's okay, Julian. You should have seen Lissier when he killed you. He almost destroyed himself, saying he was no good to live. He loved you, and I am sure he still does. He ordered us to move with him so that he couldn't look upon the house any longer. He couldn't be reminded of yet something else that happened at the cause of him. He's missing you always. Although.. there is a boy now. A mortal as you were..." Atlos trailed off, looking for help from Aedyn to help explain so Julian wouldn't become enraged at the thought of Lissier with another.

Quickly, Aedyn knelt down beside Julian and put his hands on his shoulders. "Listen, Julian, please do not think ill of Lissier for this. He desperately needed to fill the void where you had been, but he could never replace you. He thought he would never see you again, and I'm sure you can imagine what that would feel like." He smiled sadly. "I am sure he will drop everything and take you back once he finds that you live."

At the mention of a new mortal lover, Julian felt a little dizzy. He was glad for Aedyn's touch, and he still clung to Atlos' waist. He leaned his head against his chest for support. He had little doubt that Lissier would be willing to take him back again, but it also occurred to him that he might not. "What if...what if I'm just a reminder of his sins? What if it pains him to look upon me and know that he killed me? What would have been better if I had stayed dead." He wished he could be the cute and happy boy he had once been.

"The fact that you were alive would make him realize what a treasure he has to have you back again. It would be a reminder that he finally has done something right. To have you back wold brighten him so much." Atlos said, stroking the boy's hair. "Try to not be jealous of this mortal he's with, they only just met. They've not even made love yet." Atlos encouraged the other further.

Julian let his tears flow, not caring if he stained Atlos' shirt or anything of that sort. He was just relieved to know that he could return to his Master, his lover, the only person left in his life. He was happy to know that he had a deeper bond with Lissier than this new mortal did, and he could truly be with Lissier forever now, if he so wished.

Aedyn hugged Julian as well, effectively sandwiching Julian in between himself and his brother. He looked into his brother's face and thought, Should we take him back just now? How do we handle something like this? It was such a delicate situation. Matthew seemed sweet, and it was a shame to take something away from him so quickly, even if by all rights, Lissier still belonged to Julian.

"Let's wait until the boy goes home, Aedyn. I don't think it would be wise to barge on in.. this would be a shock to both of them. Unles.. you want to go and see him now Julian? I just don't want you upset because they're sleeping in the same bed." Atlos said with a frown. "I don't know how either would take it. I am sure Lissier would enjoy that you were there, as I said, this is their first night together even.... it's up to you, little one."

Julian pulled away from Atlos a bit and shook his head. "No, no, I don't want to see that. I'll wait for the right time. Just..." He looked at the ground, letting go of Atlos completely. "Keep me updated. I know this sounds horribly selfish, but I want you to keep them from making love, if you can. I don't...I don't want him to have the same bond with Master as I do." He sighed.

Aedyn moved to give the boy space, and let him leave if he wished. "Of course we can do that for you, Julian." He looked toward his brother for confirmation. "But I do hope you have been staying somewhere safe, child." My the look of him, Julian didn't seem like his hiding place had been too terrible, since he seemed fairly clean and kept, and his clothes looked nice.

"I am sure the boy works tomorrow. You could come over then, we live not far at all from this park. Obviously. And if you need a place to stay we could always organize our own house up for you, we just stay with Lissier even though we have our own place." Atlos frowned. "but yes we will keep them from making love. Worry not, but the sooner you get there, the better."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to stay with you until I can be with Lissier again. The place I've been staying isn't bad, but I shouldn't be there." He had been staying well enough out of the way in a nearly empty room in a warehouse. It had been empty for the entire year that he had been there, but it wasn't the safest place. He would be happier knowing that he could be close to Lissier, even if he wasn't with him yet.

"Certianly." Atlos said, kissing the boy on the forehead. "Come along with us then, we'll take care of you." He said, smiling. "Should we stay at home with you? I shouldn't think Lissier would suspect too much should we spend a night or two at our own place."

Julian shook his head. "You don't have to stay with me unless you want to. I would like to have your company, but I have been without it long enough that I think I could survive a couple more days." He smiled. The horrible mood that he had felt for so long was dissolving into one of excitement and happiness, and he knew it would only get better once he saw Lissier again.

Aedyn smiled as he saw Julian smile. It was such a happy thing to witness. He had missed the boy's face. It had been such a comforting thing, even for the short time he had known him. "We can stay with you. It's so wonderful to have you back, Julian."

Atlos took the boy's hand in his own and with his free arm he wrapped that around Aedyn who he held close. "I understand, Julian. It will give Lissier a moment of peace, but how are we to stop them from making love if we are nt there to intervene?" He asked, curious as to how to solve this dilema.

Julian frowned, but then it transformed into a smile. "Well, I never said you had to stay with me. I said if you wanted to. You two can continue to stay with Lissier for the time being, which makes you able to prevent them from making love. As long as you trust me to be at your house alone, I'll be fine." As he was in his mortal life, he was still well-behaved.

Aedyn shrugged his shoulders. "I don't really see a problem with that, I suppose. Besides, even if it was only for a short time, it might actually arouse Lissier's suspicion if we choose to leave. After all, we've never given him a moment's peace when he had a lover before." He looked at Julian and winked.

"True." Atlos said, ruffling Julian's hair as he lead the two to his and Aedyn's home. "I have no problem with you being there alone, Julian, i think though that you need company. I want to hear about where you've been and such after this time." He kissed the boy on the cheek, hoping that while they made the cross to go to their home that Lissier wouldnot for some reason be up and about and able to spot them as Atlos and Aedyn's residence was only a couple houses down.

"Then Aedyn will be staying, too, won't he? I mean, it would be really suspicious if you two were apart, right?" Julian smiled. He had never seen the twins apart before, but he hadn't had much chance to see that either. He supposed they might not have always spent their time with each other.

Aedyn smiled, though it was a little dry. "I'll stay too, yes." While it was true that the brothers spend a great deal of time together, they were known to take seperate lovers as well, especially Aedyn. When that occurred, they would actually spend quite a bit of time apart, depending on what the lover was like. But it didn't matter because Aedyn currently had no one other than Atlos, and he was interested in hearing the stories too.

Atlos smiled "You'd be correct to assume such." Atlos said, kissing his Aedyn on the lips. "Well, here we are, home sweet home." He said as they came upon their house. He opened the door after checking to be sure Lissier wasn't out and after a positive reflection of that he let the other two in, holding the door open for them.

Julian looked toward the house a couple of doors away, and sighed and smiled to himself. "Thank you both for letting me stay here. And I am glad to know that you have your own place. I would have had to sleep in my empty warehouse room if you hadn't had a place." He laughed it off, but really the warehouse room was exceedingly uncomfortable. He was as ready to tell his stories as the brothers were to listen to them.

"Well, come in and make yourself at home. And tell us all about all of this. The warehouse you were staying in, how you found us, where you were before..." Aedyn pulled the boy by his arm into the living room, inviting him to sit on the couch. "Do you need anything first? A change of clothes, a bath? Anything?" Aedyn was eager to be hospitable.

"You're very welcome, Julian." atlos replied "And we could have snuck you into issier's home, but he would have sensed you straight away and who knows what would have happened. And if you do need us to get you anything let us know, we're more than happy to aid you."

Julian sighed and smiled, and sat on the couch, wondering to himself how often Aedyn and Atlos used it. "Really, thank you so much, but I don't think I need anything at the moment. I'll be happy to tell you what I've been doing, though." He paused. "I've really missed you two." He looked at the floor for a second or two, then looked up and smiled again. "Alright, so, I suppose I should start with how I found you, since that works up to the warehouse I've been staying in."

Aedyn sat himself on the arm of the couch, folding his hands in his lap and turning his attention to Julian. His eyes were wide, and he almost looked childlike, but he had the vague feeling that this would be a sad tale, more than anything else.

"Yes you should!" Atlos stated, sitting back with his brother, wrapping his arm about the slightly smaller male. "I want to hear about how you dug yourself out and everything. Poor thing. We truly did believe you dead." He leaned back and watched the other with interest.

Julian took a deep breath, then exhaled before beginning his story. "Well...I don't honestly know how I came to be conscious under the dirt, I just knew that somehow I was. And...I panicked at first, but then I realized that it didn't matter if I was stuck under there because I was different, and it wouldn't kill me. Not even the lack of oxygen. So, somewhat calmly, I dug my way to the surface. I suppose I should thank you two for not making that grave exceptionally deep." He paused to smile at the twins. "In any case, I had no idea how much time had passed by then, but it would seem that not really very much had. When I discovered you had all gone...I broke down for a little while. I stayed in the empty house, slept in my Master's empty bed." He paused again, but seemed to be reflecting on the things he had said. "How I found out that you were in this city was not too extraordinary, but it took a couple of years to get the necessary information and get here. It was a combination of following the scent that lingered in Master's bed, and actually asking questions in the right, or the wrong, places."

Atlos frowned. "Oh you poor thing!" He wanted to hug the other. "And here you are. Now you shall relcaim your master and the two of you should live happily ever after." Atlos loved happy endings, especially when it came about for their lovely companions. "Well, I definitely say it's been difficult for you. But now all of that waiting has paid off.

"Well, you know, I knew you were here for quite some time. I'd seen you and my Master around the city, but I kept myself hidden. I don't know why exactly. I guess...I was afraid. I didn't know if I was wanted anymore, as you might have guessed a little while ago. But...I am very happy to know that that's not true. I really can't wait to have my Master back." Julian smiled rather widely.

"I can't help but believe if you had heard or seen how heartbroken he was that night you'd of rushed to see him again. He was destroyed. He still hates himself for killing you so to speak. He kept cursing himself so often over and over again." Atlos informed the other of this to show him that Lissier did want him and did miss him.

Smiling somewhat wistfully, Julian answered, "I believe you wholeheartedly. I wish I could have seen. But I'll know when I see him again, won't I? I think it will still show on his face when we meet." He fiddled with his hands in his lap. "But, ah, that's for tomorrow, isn't it? I wish it would come faster, but I think even now we are running out of light."

Aedyn giggled a little, unused to hearing things like a concern for the time of day coming from Julian. This would take some getting used to, certainly. It seemed unjust, though. He knew he felt this way because it had been abrupt, and not exactly his choice, and he was so young...but there was nothing that could be done about it now, anyway. "Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea for us to turn in for the night?" He smiled toward his brother and smiled.

Atlos nodded. "Yes, tomorrow awaits us all with hopefully happy tidings. He stood and yawned. "There is a room next to ours you may take dear." He said to Julian as he took his brother's hand and lead him to their bedroom. "Just try to not get into trouble. Sneaking over there wouldn't be a smart idea."

The boy shook his head and laughed a little. "I had no plans to sneak over there. I don't want to see this new lover of his. I don't want to hate someone that honestly hasn't done anything to me." He rose from the couch and stretched his arms over his head. "Tomorrow evening before I see Lissier, though, I would like to find some different clothes. Could you two help me with that?" He was currently wearing less than wonderfully presentable clothes, and he didn't want to look like a wandering tramp when he saw Lissier again.

Aedyn nodded enthusiastically. "We would love to!" He was particularly excited to help Julian choose his clothing for the following evening. Of course, he wasn't going to put him in some of the things he normally wore. He was planning to help him dress in something lovely that would complement him. He disappeared into the bedroom with his brother, waving goodbye to Julian as he went.

Atlos thought that Julian and Aedyn were close enough in size that they could be within clothes sharing range. He smiled and placed his hand on his lover's lower back and lead him to the bed, stripping naked as it was the way he slept. "Should I dress him in something of yours or should I go ahead and buy him something new?"

Julian sighed as they disappeared from his view, then went to the room that he had been directed toward. He closed the door behind him and flopped onto the bed as if he was exhausted. He laid there for long minutes with his arms folded behind his head, staring at the dark ceiling. He was going to get what he wanted, and he had never felt happier. But he eventually closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep.

Aedyn pursed his lips. "Well...that would depend on whether or not we could find something of mine that I wouldn't feel guilty for dressing him in." He smiled and stripped as well, climbing under the blankets with Atlos. "It may be better if we just buy him something new."

Atlos snorted. "Good point my love." He said surely. "All right then, tomorrow we will go buy him something cute. You are a fashionable one though my love, I think you should be the one to pick it out.My tastes are a little too old fashioned for either of you."

Waving his hand in front of his face, Aedyn laughed a little. "Nonsense! Even if they could be considered 'old fashioned' I think your influence on his outfit would be wonderful, and he would look great in something you helped pick." He kissed Atlos' cheek. "I like your old fashioned tastes. But let's go to sleep. We'll choose something tomorrow."

With a laugh Atlos climbed into bed, pulling the other with him. "Of course love." He said, closing his eyes letting sleep take him. He was happy with his lover and more than excited to see how tomrorow's events would unfold."


The following morning, Matthew awoke at a time that was very close to the time he usually woke up every other morning, despite having been up so late the night before. He sat up and looked at Lissier, and smiled, and slipped out of bed. He would have to be at work in a couple of hours, and he couldn't wait for Lissier to wake up later that evening. He dressed and slipped quietly out of the house, walking the short distance back to his apartment.

Several hours later, Julian was also beginning to wake up. At first he was confused at his surroundings, but then he remembered exactly where he was, and what was supposed to happen that evening. However, he climbed out of bed slowly and sleepily, and made his way out into the living room. He didn't know if Atlos and Aedyn would be up yet, but he thought he would be able to entertain himself until they were.

Lissier felt the other climb out of bed and wondered why he hadn't been informed of his leaving, but he figured he would simply ask him later that evening. He yawned and went to the shower, pleased to bathe.

Atlos woke and shook his lover awake gently. "Come now, waken, we hav a little one to dress and send to their maker. We shold do this before Lissier leaves for the evening. " And to Julian he shouted a little. "Get your bath sweety!"

Julian blinked. "Oh, of course!" He had forgotten about taking a bath, but nearly hopped to the bathroom when he was reminded. He began to run the water, and stripped out of his clothes quickly. He was feeling the excitement for the evening begin to build. He slid into the water, washed his hair, and scrubbed the rest of his body about as quickly as he could. He didn't want to waste any time. He pulled the plug and got out of the tub, wrapping himself in a towel, and stepping out of the bathroom. He had been in there less than ten minutes.

Aedyn popped his head around the doorframe after he got out of bed, giggled, and pulled it back inside his room as he saw Julian. "He's finished already. What do we put on him to go get him a new outfit, though? He can't go in a towel." He quickly covered himself with a robe before opening his large closet and shifting through the outfits he had there.

"You honestly have nothing presentable for public?" Atlos asked, searching through his lover's closet. "Ah, a simple shirt and pants should do fine for now." He said, retracting the said items. "The shirt is a belly shirt, but it will do." He shook his head and patted his lover's rear, presenting the clothing to Julan. "Here you are."

Julian gladly accepted the clothing, and went back into the bathroom to dress and hang up his towel. The shirt and pants were a comfortable fit. He had no idea he and Aedyn were so similar in size. After he was dressed, he went back out into the hallway. "Thank you for this. I'll give these back as soon as I can." He smiled.

Aedyn laughed a little and pulled a less modest outfit out of the closet for himself. "Oh, silly, you're not wearing that to reuinite with Lissier. We're taking you to shop for something nice." He grinned wide and dropped his robe without concern, dressing within the sights of everyone present. What he chose to wear was a pair of ridiculously tight shorts and a tank top stylized to be full of holes. It showed off a lot.

"Oh dear, you most certainly don't wish to be presented to Lissier in this." Atlos said, using Aedyn as an example of what not to wear when meeting your love for the first ime in two years." He smiled and patted his lover's behind. "This is the type of thing you wear after you've been aquainted and maybe have hopes of being ravaged behind a clothing booth."

Julian blinked and blushed slightly. "Well....I don't really want to be ravaged behind a clothing booth..." He didn't exactly object to being ravaged in general, but he prefered that it not be in a public place. "Alright, I'll let you two pick out whatever you think I should wear, then. I'm excited. Are we reading to go?"

Aedyn smiled wide, and looked at his brother. "Is there something wrong with my outfit? Besides the fact that we can't go in that store anymore..." He put his hands together and turned his smile toward Julian. "I'm ready to go, I just need shoes. This is going to be fun!"

"I'm going to take you guys to this little place in the mall. The mall is a place Lissier avoids. We should be safe there." he grinned and lead the two to the car, yawning as he opened the garage door, ushering them inside the automobile. "All right, anyone want to stop anywhere else while were there?"

Julian didn't bother to buckle his seatbelt as he climbed into the back seat, and leaned forward to talk to the two in the front seat as they backed out into the street. "I don't really have anywhere else that I would like to go. I'm just glad you two are willing to help me like this. I really appreciate it. I'm not sure how I'm going to repay you."

As an aside, Aedyn added, "There are several places I would like to go while we are there, but it can wait for another time. Julian has an appointment to keep, after all." He giggled. "Don't worry about paying us back, Julian. It's not really important. But if you insist, I'm sure we can come up with something. That can be for later, though. The important thing at the moment is reuniting you with Lissier."

Atlos smiled and began the drive. "You're not paying us back for this. Our payment comes from seeing you and Lissier reunited and seeing you two happy again." He grinned and sped to the mall, he was so much in a hurry to get the other with Lissier. "All right, we need something proper but cute..."

"Okay, okay, I won't pay you back, then. That's fine, I guess. I think I'll feel indebted to you forever, though." Julian smiled. He was excited to be at the mall. The sooner he got his new clothes, the sooner he would be reunited with Lissier. He almost didn't care if he wore just what he was wearing for it, but he knew the twins would insist on something nicer.

"Hmmm..." Aedyn put his finger to his lips while he thought. He wasn't entirely sure what they should put Julian in. Something cute, definitely. Where could they find something that was both cute and proper, though? "Where do you think we should go first, Atlos?"

"I don't know dears." He said, leading them into the mall as he parked. "Let's try this store hmn?" He picked a random store that had a nice tailored shirt that would fit nicely on Julian. "This would bring out those lovely eyes. It's also short sleeved which would leave room for a jacket or casual ability." He smiled and a little space over spotted a pair of pants he grinned at "Andthese, would exentuate that cute little rear of yours while keeping your legs from looking like twigs."

Julian laughed. He wasn't used to being treated this way. It was entertaining to have someone else want to dress him, especially choosing clothes for fashionability and how they would look on him. He usually just wore things to be covered, and didn't worry about much other than looking decent. "I like those. The shirt is a pretty color."

"Now, we can't just pick one outfit and call it done. Oh! What about this to go with it?" Aedyn held up a nice black jacket with straps on the arms, and zippers down the front. It was not quite goth, and it wouldn't look that way as long as Julian didn't wear it that way. It would go well with the shirt and pants, and would compliment the little bit of growing up Julian had done since he had been by himself.

"How about we get him the one for now and then drop him off with Lissier while we continue shopping for him. All we need are his sizes. We could have fun with it." Atlos suggested, wondering how the other two would partake to the idea.

Though he was slightly worried as to what they might pick out for him, Julian agreed to the idea. He hadn't brought anything with him when he traveled to the city except what he was wearing, so he would need new clothes. And if Atlos and Aedyn were offering, he didn't mind letting them shop for him.

"I like that idea very much!" Aedyn added. Since it appeared that Julian was much the same size as himself, it wouldn't be too difficult to get something in his size. If it fit him, it would probably fit the boy. "Yes, after we pay for this, we'll drive you home, and take you to see Lissier, then we'll come back and shop some more!"

Atlos smiled, purchasing the outfit they'd picked out."Aedyn, you continue to pick things out, I am going to go drop him off real quick okay? I promie I will be right back dear." He kissed the younger on the lips, breaking it off before it could excell past passionate and waited to see if his lovely brother had any objections.

Aedyn pouted, but agreed. "That's fine. I might go pick out something sexy for you for fun, Julian." He winked at the younger boy, and smiled. Lissier might enjoy some of the things he had planned to pick out for Julian as well. "I think your feet are the same size as mine too, aren't they? I'll find you some nice shoes, too."

Julian moved to stand by Atlos, ready to leave with his new outfit. "Should I just change here, then? Or will we stop by your house before I go to see Lissier?" He was actually a little nervous about reuniting with his master alone, but that would probably be best. No one else really needed to be there for that moment.

"Change here. I have allready purchased the items. I want to get back as soon as I can to help Aedyn." Atlos informed the adorable Julian. "Come now! Aren't you excited, change dear!" He ushered the nerve ridden boy into a dressing room, shutting the door.

Julian nearly tripped as he was shut in the dressing room with his new clothes, but he sighed and stripped down as quickly as he could. He was very excited to see Lissier again, but nervous. He pulled on his pants and shirt, and slid into the jacket. They looked quite nice on him. He flipped his hair over his shoulder and smiled at himself in the mirror of the dressing room. Yes, this would do very well. He opened the door and walked back out. "Okay, I'm ready to go."

"Good." Atlos said, kissing Aedyn sweetly before dragging the boyt off. "It wont take me but a few minutes darling." He informed his twin, allready leaving the shop. He wanted to drop him off and get back. As much as he'd liked to have seen their reactions upon seeing one another again, he and Aedyn had work to do.

Aedyn nodded happily and continued to browse the rack he had already been looking at when Julian was made to dress. He was excited, and wished he could have seen the reunion, but he knew he could just see the results of it later, and that would be enough.

Julian followed Atlos a little better this time, keeping up with his pace. He was excited now, and more confident in the impression his appearance would make. He wasn't truly concerned with that, though. He wondered things about Lissier, whether or not he had changed any - in personality and things like that, not physically - how he would react when he saw him...everything like that. His mind would not settle down.

Atlos took the other swiftly to Lissier's home, dropping him off with an added knock to the door, a loud and presistent knock of course, just to annoy Lissier before he headed back to his car. "Be brave, Julian!" He shouted gleefully before retreating back to the store.

Lissier sighed and jumped out of his bath and slipped on his bathrobe. Who the hell could possibly be bothering him? No one knew to actually knock so that meant it was someone to be dealt with. He made sure his robe was secure before he opened the door to reveal something he'd never thought he'd see again. "My gods, my thoughts are playing tricks on me.." He stood stunned, feeling as though his very life had been knocked out of him.

Julian had looked at Atlos somewhat helplessly for a second, embarrassed that he had knocked for him, but he was instantly brought back to reality as the door swung open before him. His mouth went dry and he realized he hadn't prepared anything to say. "Master..." he breathed, staring at the man before him. Tears started to form in his eyes, and he couldn't keep it in any longer. He jumped forward and grabbed the front of his robe, burying his face in it, and sobbed, "Master, master..."

Lissier was more than shocked by this true thing, holding him, crying on him. He held him tight, afraid that if he let go that the illusion would fade. "Julian, how is this possible? I killed you? Your precious soul left my finger tips! How could you be existing?" He cupped the boys cheeks in his hands and looked him in the eyes, seeing he was turned. "Ah that is how. And for once in my life, having turned one I am happy. How did you find me, love? Do you know what I went through? I hated myself for so long.." He felt the words all leave him before he could stop himself.

Despite his crying, Julian looked up at Lissier and smiled, and laughed at his confusion. "I've already told that story. I told it last night. But I can tell it again, if you really want to know. It's not much of a story..." His speaking dissolved into laughing and crying again, and he buried his face once more. "I missed you, I missed you so much..." All of the anger he had felt at finding an empty house, and through all his traveling and searching, all of it was gone. He was so relieved, so happy. He was with his master again, and that was all that he had ever really wanted.

"My sweet Julian." Lissier whispered, kissing the boy on hte lips. "I have missed you as well. Come inside dear, come sit with me, tell me all. I craved for this day and until now I thought it was all in vain." He said, kissing him again and then several more times afterwards. He couldn't stop. "Mn, I need you back my darling."

"You have me, you have me back..." Julian clung to him and laughed and cried still, but he was calming down. He took a deep breath. "I'll come inside, but I'm not letting go of you." He needed Lissier back as well, and he refused to wake up alone in the dark again. He kissed Lissier back as well, and he found that he would become addicted simply because he had missed it so.

"I wont let you let me go." He said, sitting on the nearest place, which happened to be their couch. "My sweet little one, I missed you terribly much!" He said, sighng content for once. "Oh my little one! And just last night I found a moral to dwell with, but worry not. He and I have only been together for an night. How should I break this to the poor thing? I have you back and that is all i need." He said, sighing as this thought processed through him, he would have hid it, but the need to be honest with his lover was always present.

Julian sat in his lap. "I heard that from Atlos and Aedyn. I stayed with them last night. They only just discovered me, and it was decided that a reunion was absolutely necessary. By the way, that was Atlos that knocked, not me." He laughed. "They're shopping at the moment...but that's hardly important. I'm not worried about this mortal lover of yours. If you've only been together one night, it can't be that difficult, can it?" He smiled. "Think about it tomorrow."

"You're right. I am worrying far too much." Lissier said as he ran his fingers through his loved one's ahir. "It's so good to hold you this way again." He inhaled the scent of the other. "I can tell you've spent the night there, you smell of Atlos' shampoo and Aedyn's randomness." He wondered if his words made sense at all and laughed at the sound of them.

Julian laughed too. "I didn't know randomness had a smell. But I could see if I smelled like him. I was wearing his clothes till a little bit ago..." He laid his head on Lissier's chest. "I've missed you so much. When I woke up and the house was empty, I thought I'd never see you again..." Over all, his voice was sad, but there was happiness and relief in it as well. He was so glad he was here. "Kiss me."

"Certainly." Lissier kissed the other slowly, thouroughly, desperate to show him all of the love he had for him. He loved this little one so completely and a part of his soul had seemingly been restored by having him back. "I love you so much." He whispered in a break before picking the kiss back up again.

Holding onto the front of Lissier's shirt, Julian returned the kiss with much enthusiasm. He wanted to tell his master he loved him too, but his only reply was to groan into the kiss. He wanted all of the love his master could give him, and he wanted to return it as well. He broke the kiss himself to breathe for a moment. "I love you, I never want to leave you again!" he said, all in one breath.

Slipping his hands into Julian's hair and pressing their foreheads together, Lissier smiled. "Believe me, I will not let you go again.You're mine. We belong to one another." He sighed softly and began another slow kiss on the other.

Julian sighed contentedly into their kiss, flattening his palms against Lissier's chest, then sliding them upward and wrapping his arms around his neck. He was already sitting in his lap, but he just wasn't close enough. He paused their kiss. "Will your mortal be back tonight? Or are you free to spend time with me the rest of the night?"

"I am unsure if he will or not. But right now I care not. Let him discover us, perhaps it will be easier than having to tell him." He smiled a little and let his hands slide under Julian's shirt, just under the hem. "I would rather be with you tonight. Everynight." He said, pressing soft kisses to his neck.

The boy made a noise of approval, turning his head to the side to receive Lissier's kisses. Three years had seemed like such a long time to go without them, and he was hungry for them. He wanted to absorb all of the affection he could, even though he knew they would be together now. "Take me to your room, then?" He smiled, almost surprised at his own eagerness.

"Sure." Lissier said, grabbing the boy close by the rear, letting his hands fall to his thighs while he lead him back to his bedroom, holding him wrapped around his waist as he did so. He let him drop oto the bed, crawling over him while pressing kisses all up his chest, ending in a passionate kiss on his lips.

Julian giggled at the kisses to his chest, which melted into a moan at the passionate kiss. He wrapped his legs around Lissier's waist for the moment, pushing their hips together, and let his hands slide through his smooth hair. It seemed like the perfect reunion already, the pinnacle of their love and affection for one another.

"Mn. I have missed you. You taste just as you did so long ago." Lissier whispered as he moved back to remove his lover's pants. "I wonder if that goes for all of you." He wondered aloud as he tugged down undergarments. He knew it would, he knew it would be perfect as he tasted the other again.

The boy gasped as he was suddenly rid of his pants, and blushed lightly. He hadn't been expecting it so quickly, but it was good, nonetheless. "Oh, Master..." he sighed. "I want to taste you too..." He closed his eyes and chewed on his lower lip.

"Shall we get into a position that allows such a thing?" Lissier asked, giving the other a teasing lick to his length. "And how about we get you and I both out of our remainder of clothing." He added, already removing his shirt.

Julian nodded in agreement. He shook slightly in anticipation, throwing his jacket across the room, followed by his shirt. He hoped they wouldn't be damaged in any way, since Atlos and Aedyn had bought them for him, but didn't give it a second thought. He was even less shy than the last time; he missed his master dearly, and he wanted him.

Lissier sprawled out on the bed parallel but reverse to Julian, allready coating the othe'rs length with saliva and enjoying his taste. "This is terribly exciting love." He whispered, taking him in fully, having to lean a little to do so, but loving every bit of it.

Julian was considerably shorter than Lissier, so that did make it a little awkward, but he leaned forward and lowered his mouth slowly over his master's length, moaning as he closed his lips over it. His tongue massaged the hardness, and he shivered at the way he was exposed to his master. It was a terribly embarrassing position, but he liked it.

Lissier shivered as the other's mouth enclosed around his length, urging him to present even more pleasure to his sweet Julian. He found that even as the other was like him now that e tasted exactly the same as he ahad when mortal. And that he enjoyed beyond reasoning.

Likewise, Lissier tasted just as Julian had remembered. He thought he would melt. He took more of the length into his mouth, moaning, urged by his own pleasure. He tried to keep his hips still, but already they wanted to move on their own, closer to the heat and warmth. "Nnnng...."

"Mnn perhaps I should just go ahead and take you." Lissier said, comming up for a moemnt to just lick his lover's length."What do you say darling?" He asked, sitting up a little, the sight of Julian attending him was more than erotic.

Julian pulled his mouth away and licked his lips, looking over his shoulder at Lissier. His eyes shone with desire. "Please..." he whispered. He kept his eyes on Lissier as he licked once up his entire length. One of his hands found its way to rest suggestively on his hip.

Lissier smiled and crawled atop of his lover. He kissed him deeply, his passion was beginning to fill even furhter and he bit the other's neck, driving his teeth in deep as he knew that now he needn't worry about killing his lover, in fact his little Julian would more than likely begin to writhe in pleasure.

The boy cried out as Lissier bit into him, and a shiver ran down the entire length of his spine. He arched against his master's taut stomach. He wiggled his hips, trying to rub them against Lissier's. He was behaving so wantonly, but he didn't care. "Nnnn...please...take me, Master..."

Lissier didn't have to be asked more than that one time. He placed his fingersdown the other's thigh before he pushed one and then two fingers into him as a remnant from the times the boy was mortal, he still felt as though he would hurt him.

"No,, please..." Julian pushed back against Lissier's fingers. "You won't hurt me...I want to feel it now..." He would probably still be physically hurt, but he didn't care. It would heal very quickly, in any case, and he was feeling especially impatient. "I need you, Master..."

"Ah I tend to forget love." He whispered, kissing him. "It seems only last eve that you were mortal still." And with that he pushed into the other, understanding that he would heal despite the possible and more than likely tearing.

Julian winced and clenched his teeth together. "Hnnn....ahhh..." He fisted the blankets in his hands. It was painful, but not unbearable. He felt the skin tear, and his eyes watered. They would need new sheets now, since he would be bleeding on them.

Lisser thrusted harder into his lover as he began to pace himself, the slowness was killing him. He moaned loudly and kissed the other hard as he moved faster, stroking his lover, remembering of their time when Julian was mortal still.

Truly, Julian wished that they could have had just a little more time together while he was still mortal, but he didn't feel that much had changed in what they were doing now. He wrapped his arms around Lissier's shoulders and dragged his fingernails up his back, scratching him. Hearing his Master's voice made him shiver, and he moaned in response.

The fingers along his back made Lissier shiver in ecstasy. They made him feel wanted and lusted after. He growled in delight, kissing the other fully on the lips."Mn!Julian.." He whispered, moving faster inside him.

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2010-01-26 [The Vampire Armand]: -nods- Whatever you decide dear.

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2010-01-26 [The Vampire Armand]: Isn't it?

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