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Damn V** F* Day! Just get pissed and hope to survive until 0:00 and then we'll beat all happy couples bloody!
Some lips are bigger than others!
Karl and Adam
The guy who gave me a beer... All over my shirt! He's totally forgiven, but I claim the right to mention it over and over again!
Arno, Alex, Rasmus and Hedda
Johan (?) and Fadri from Switzerland.
Someone took my camera to shoot some leather!
Jindrich, Oskar and Marcus.
Jindrich, Oskar and Marcus again.
Guys and Sebastian [@fb1437266731]
Guys and Alfonso.
If you ever meet an YF, be sure to wear the right shoes afterwards!
Hedda's legs. It's not that cold with loads of hair.
The Ryd's Field.
Linnea's nice flat. Looks like mine, but less furniture and crap, and it's mirrored.
Jandra and Milhause.
Linnea gave us some early morning snack. That "cider" is very good, but a bottle is too much.

/ [Hedda]

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