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He stared at the naked body on his bed. Said body was there because his maker had felt it a good and safe place for him to place it. The very much alive and healing clothing-less body. The outward injuries were healed. The Internal were still healing and in turn the fellow immortal on his bed was quite asleep. He frowned at this dilemma. He wasn’t about to sleep on the floor. And there was no other room he could sleep in. His maker’s room was probably taken already by his younger brother in turning. The other three rooms were filled with the stripped man’s companions. It was in the nature of his kind to share beds, but not so much with nature-ful bed-mates unless the other half was a lover.

And this man was certainly not his lover. Although, the more he looked at him, the more he felt it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, this situation. He approached the trim form and found himself magnetically attracted to this flawless creature. He frowned and decided that to save the man from his own inappropriate attentions he would need to dress him. He grabbed a pair of his own boxers and climbed on his bed, one foot, then a second in them, then up the legs and then he realized he should have paid closer attention. The other was a larger size than he was in the hips and there was no way he was going to be able to actually let the other wear them. Now leaning over the man he blushed, realizing he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. He panicked, fearing his lustful thoughts and went to remove the garments when a chilling voice filled his ear,

“Might I offer some help, mister Rostielle? “

Rostielle shivered and froze as he realized what it might look like, him atop of this helpless person, straddling him, hands on his thighs while he rest between his legs. More frightening and embarrassing was that the man who spoke was, by signature of power, this lust-statue’s maker. “Oh! I promise I am not fondling him. My hips are more narrow than his…I mean..” Rostielle trailed off as strong hands grasped his own hips from behind and that voice continued.

“Yes, narrower indeed. These are his undergarments, I brought from his apartment. And if you do decide to ‘fondle’ him as you put it, he’ll never know. Have fun.”

When he heard the door shut and the other man leave, Rostielle sighed in relief and then locked the door. He couldn’t risk being caught again. But then, would he? He set the clothing down on the floor and researched his bare charge again. He’d have to behave for now. A nap was in order anyhow.
Or so he thought. As he lay beside the strong, toned form, he felt himself shiver in delight. He wrapped around him and pulled him close, inhaling a delightful scent of cologne. He groaned and his eyes fixed to the other’s chest. He wanted to taste him. It wasn’t like the other was going to waken after all. Rostielle licked the man’s skin, just around his nipple; soft and mildly salty. He groaned quietly and couldn’t stop. He sucked on the nipple, well aware that the bud hardened beneath his lips as the sleeping face twitched slightly in recognition of feeling. The thought the other would possible waken had left him. It was exciting to know he was able to elicit such a sexual response. He decided to see how much he could get away with. He climbed on top of the other, straddling his hips. He felt passion awaken inside of him. Lust gripped his heart and groin, and he couldn’t deny himself. He looked at those firm lips, what a dangerous thing for him to do. He had to kiss them. Had to give in. He let his eyes torment his brain a moment longer. He leant down then, pressing his lips to the other’s, once, then twice and then a third time, where he lingered and let his tongue trace over the lower lip, savoring it as his handsome bed-mate’s mouth opened in a light gasp, eyebrows knotted together.

“Who are you?” The red haired man asked, not in the least bit awake, but slightly coherent.

“Just someone who admires your beauty. Someone who wants to kiss you.” Rostielle said, his mouth close to the other’s.

“Kiss?” The other asked, leaning up as though to return the affection.

“Yes, kiss.” Rostielle said, kissing him. “Like this. Over and over.” His next kiss was returned and shockwaves filtered through him. “Gods you feel so electrical.” He whispered hotly, kissing ht eother harder, aware that everything was getting out of hand, but he didn’t care. Not as he felt that hardening cock press against his own. He moaned hungrily, their kiss getting hotter and more passionate. The other’s arms wrapped around him, hands gripping his hair. “Oh, I want you.” Rostielle whispered as he nibbled the other’s neck, and their hips began to grind. He was almost whimpering with need. He had to have him inside. Oh yes, he wished to ride him. Taste him. “Please, beautiful man, please have me.” Rostielle plead, his hand slipping around that rigid organ that was as hard as his own. He stroked him tight and fast for a few moments, loving the moans the other began to make. He stripped himself and the other before he continued, marveling as the other’s hand began to stroke him as well. “Please, my love, may I put you inside me?” Rostielle asked, desperately in the other’s ear.

“Yes, please, I want to take you.”

The words made Rostielle shudder and he didn’t bother to prepare, he simply pushed himself down, taking the other’s length inside him. After a long pause to adjust he began move slow but hard along the other, moving faster as he saw him waken at last, light green eyes searching his wonderously.

“Who are you?”

“Someone who’s in love with you and this pleasure you give me.” Rostielle replied, leaning down to kiss him, met with a hard lust-driven, deeply given kiss and a loud moan. He was pulled tight against his lover, and flipped about, his love taking control with hard, fast thrusts.

It didn’t last so long, they both were close when they shared a bite to the neck that sent them spiraling over their edge of pending orgasm., causing them both to shout out loudly to the other.

“My love! Oh sweet love!” Rostielle said tiredly as the other collapsed atop of him.

“You’ve yet to tell me your name.” Rostielle’s beloved said.

“Rostielle, and who are you?”

“You’ll never know.”

And then he woke, looking up horrified at the amused glances of all of those in his household, realizing he’d just had a very naughty dream in front of them all. He blushed darkly and quickly ran to his room, ignoring the jests and jeers sent his way as he ran, slamming his door shut . He took a second to catch his breath and when he turned around, what did he see on his bed but a very naked man.. and the dream began again.

Alex sat at the kitchen table, staring into space and smoking a cigarette. He wasn't really sure what to do anymore, and it bothered him that he couldn't help Rostielle. Talking to him didn't work. He didn't seem to all. It was like he wasn't really there anymore. He ran his slim fingers through his dark, straight hair, and sighed, rubbing his cigarette out in an ash tray on the table. 

"Will you put that damn cigarette out!? You know I don't like smoking in my house, young man." Sattienne shouted as he made his way into the kitchen, waving his hand in front of his face, waving the fumes away. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of nose with his index finger and glowered at the younger man. "Really, Alex, you'll kill yourself with those things."

He was there again. In his room. He always was. Nothing was ever different about it. He knew as soon as he turned around that he would see that luscious, muscled body on his bed, bare and ready for him. Ready for him to caress and nip, ready for him to taste and be taken by. He closed his eyes and savored past sensation, and then turned, slowly opening his eyes and drinking in that lovely sight. It was so beautiful he wanted to sob helplessly at the lovely form. He openly groaned at the pale skin, that platinum blonde hair, those eyes were closed at the moment, but he knew them to be ice blue. His lover was always asleep. And he relished each moment he would waken him, to hear that agreement to make love. He walked slowly over to the bed and immediately stradled those sexy hips, the hips that his stuck to. And then he let his hands slide up, the silky, firm, supple flesh making him whimper with need. "Oh love....I want you."

"That's kind of what I was going for, Sattienne." Alex sighed sadly and rubbed the bridge of his nose, but he didn't light another cigarette. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. He was a thin young man anyway, but the smoking added to his stretched and worn appearance. "I don't know what to do about Rostielle anymore. I can't talk to him, he doesn't listen. Does he listen to you?"

Reflexively, the blonde man's toes curled in response to the caresses applied to his bare flesh, but he was not yet awake, and hadn't registered the weight on his hips yet. His sleeping face wore an expression of confusion, his pale eyebrows knitted together. When he heard the sweet voice associated with the weight on his hips, his blonde eyelashes fluttered, and his ice blue eyes rested on the beautiful boy atop him. He could see the hunger in Rostielle's golden-green eyes, and reached up to touch the shining black curls that framed his face. "Well, good morning, beautiful." He smiled playfully.

Sattienne sighed sadly and walked behind the tormented youth. He placed his hands on his shoulders and massaged lightly. "No, he doesn't listen to me either." He said quietly, "But that doesn't mean you should think so glumly. When he's ready to, he'll come around." He hated it. He didn't like that his object of affection was so passionate over this sleep entrapped boy who most certainly didn't even return his feelings when awake, and yet his love tormented himself by fawning over the coma-driven youth. "Why don't we go out somewhere hmn? Just you and I, let the boy have some peace."

Rostielle shivered through feeling that sweet accented voice. He leant down and kissed him. "Good morning, my love. Yet again I can't get enough of you, why does being around you drive me so?" He asked against his lips, and then kissed his neck. "I want you always when I see you. You turn me to fire." He said hotly, biting the other's chest."I can't stop wanting you. To touch every inch of you." He moaned while his hips moved more with the other's, his hands brushing through short hair.

Alex let the ghost of a smile tug at one corner of his mouth. "I'll go out, but only if you let me smoke. At least one." He couldn't guarantee he would be any fun, anyway. He thought almost constantly about Rostielle, and he knew Sattienne was only trying to get his mind off of him, but it usually didn't work. "I want to change clothes before we go anywhere, though. I was washing my car in this earlier."

Konstantin closed his eyes and let his lips part, showing his pleasure at Rostielle's teasing. "My love, the way you wake me each's such sweet torment." Gently, he wrapped his arms around Rostielle's waist, and sat up without causing him to stop any of his ministrations. He slid his large hands down his lover's smooth back, memorizing the texture of his skin, and rested his hands on his hips. "I enjoy your kisses, and your sweet, soft lips. Let me taste them?" He whispered against the shell of Rostielle's ear.

Sattienne nodded and leant, pressing a kiss atop of Alex's head. "Yes, go get dressed. I'll take you out for food, and whatever you wish to do after that is up to you as long as it doesn't involve sitting about that boy's bedside." He grabbed his cigarettes and took all but one. "That's your one. I'll keep the others so you're not tempted."

Rostielle visibily shivered at the other's words and kissed him hungrily. "You may always taste them." He whispered, glad his lover was naked as always. He reached between them and began to stroke him favoringly. "Oh my love..." He trailed his words, beginning to bite hard along his neck. "mnnn" He whimpered and stroked his lover harder. "Please love, have me."

Alex stuck his tongue out at Sattienne as he left the kitchen to change his clothes, then stuck the unlit cigarette between his lips. When he was out of sight of his friend, his shoulders slumped again into their familiar defeated posture, his hands in his pockets. He had no idea where they were going for the evening, but he decided to try and focus on that. He owed Sattienne as much, he thought he should at least try not to focus on Rostielle. He dug through his closet, and settled on a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt, then shuffled back to the kitchen.

The blonde kissed him back just as hungrily, releasing his throaty groan against those angel soft lips. He loved the playful way Rostielle teased him, and the way he asked for what he wanted in such a straightforward manner. He couldn't help but oblige him. His hands squeezed Rostielle's hips, and then gently lifted him off of his lap. "Then have you I shall..." He laid his smaller lover on his back and leaned over him, then slowly, agonizingly impaled him on his length.

Sattienne was ready for him, keys in hand when his young desire came back "Much better, come now, it wont be anything fancy, but it will be nice enough." He said softly, placing his arms about the other's shoulder and ushering him out of the house. "Depends on what food you're in the mood for right now."

Rostielle gave into the other's impaling of him, his body adjusting eagerly to accept that thick length into his body. "Oh my love! I love the way you fill me." He whispered hotly, thankful and both remorseful that the other moved so slow. He wanted him to claim him as he's done so many times, whoever this other was. He wrapped his legs tight about his waist and held tight, reaching between to stroke himself. "Love!"

Alex pulled a lighter out of his pocket and pointedly looked at Sattienne as he lit the cigarette he still held between his lips, took a rather long drag from it, and finally answered. "I'm sort of thinking Indian food. Curry sounds good. Does that sound alright to you?" For a moment, as he looked at Sattienne, he imagined how the cigarette might look suspended from his lips instead. The image was actually rather attractive, but he knew his friend would probably never smoke one, and especially not to humor him for his random vision. He shook the thought from his head as they got into the car.

Konstantin relished Rostielle's legs around him, pulling them so close together, and forcing him deeper inside. No matter how many times they were together, his little lover always remained deliciously tight, and it was almost more than he could stand sometimes. "Oh love, you drive me to the very brink of ecstasy...!" His thrusts became more insistent as he drew nearer and nearer to his climax.

"Sure, whatever you wish for." Sattienne knew of the one Indian place in town and decided he would go there instead of driving a city over for more choices. "Don't complain to me later when your stomach aches." He said, getting in the driver's seat. He waited for the other before he would start the car so he could make sure he buckled his seat belt.

"And you drive me over it." Rostielle replied with a caught breath which he let out after a moment and inhaled, and exhaled quickly, finding he couldn't get enough of this breathlessness. "I wish to call your name, but I know not what it is!" Rostielle added with a whimper. His moans increased in volume as he moved faster with his lover, tighter about him.

Alex only laughed and buckled his seat belt, rolling down the window so as not to offend Sattienne with his smoke. While it was true that curry sometimes bothered his stomach, he couldn't help but eating it. It was one of his favorite types of food. As he blew his smoke out the window, and stared blandly at the passing scenery, a thought began to nag at him. "Sattienne, can I ask you something?"

Groaning in response to Rostielle's tightening about him, Konstantin simply ignored the question of his name. He brushed Rostielle's mane of black curls away from his neck, and sank his blunted teeth into the soft flesh of the base of his neck, near his pulse. He was getting closer and closer with each passing pulse of the blood through the muscles around him.

"Sure. You know you can ask me anything." Sattienne replied, making a glance at his sad friend. He frowned and looked back to the front. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway, making a right towards their destination. He wondered what the other would ask, normally he didn't ask a question before a question, merely asked what was on his mind. To comfort the other he placed a hand on his knee. "Are you all right?"

Rostielle was flush and vividly bright with his lover. He continued to meet the thrusts, over and over, harder and harder until finally the thread of resistance he had inside of him snapped and he began to cry out in complete devotion and ecstasy. "Love!" He could only shout that word or others like it, never his lover's name, he needed to know it, but at this moment in bliss he didn't even think it.

The brunette flicked his half-finished cigarette out the window and glanced down at the hand on his knee, then up at Sattienne. He knew his hesitation to ask his question was bothering his friend, but he couldn't think of a way to word it that wasn't offensive. "Why...why do you try so hard for me? Why do you try so hard to cheer me up, and get me away from Rostielle, and my slow self-destruction?"

With Rostielle's climax, Konstantin was unable to hold back any longer, the tightness around him unbearable. "Rostielle!" he called as he spilled inside his small lover, tormenting him with the knowledge that he knew his lover's name, but Rostielle did not know his.

Sattienne's eyes grew steely at the question and his lips pursed. "I am not allowed to care for you? You lock yourself away in that room and stare at him for hours." The hand on the other's knee gripped a little tighter, frustrated he couldn't tell him exactly why. Couldn't tell him how much he desired Alex, how much he wanted to love him always. He merely couldn't fathom such a confession. The other would turn him away, he was consumed with Rostielle. "I should be able to care for my friends." He said, eyes firm on the road, looking anywhere but Alex.

Rostielle was happy. Peaceful he was. He lay back and looked up tiredly at his love. "What's your name? Why will you not tell me?" He asked, eyes locked to his lover's icy-blue. "Surely it's a beautiful name? Are you ashamed of it? We've made love often...I should know it."

After a few tense, silent moments, Alex whispered, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that way. I knew it was going to piss you off." He would have killed for a cigarette at that point, but he knew Sattienne would never give him one. "I meant...I'm glad you care so much. I just don't understand why I deserve it. I've never done anything for you." He looked out the window again.

Konstantin only smiled and looked tiredly back at Rostielle. "I am not ashamed of my name. I simply cannot tell you." He kissed his lover's forehead and left the bed, still completely naked. He was leaving the room for some reason, but paused at the door to speak again. "You already know my name, Rostielle, you just haven't remembered yet." There was an air of sadness to his voice. And then he left the bedroom to give his lover time to think.

"You deserve it because you're my friend." Sattienne replied stubbornly, giving the leg a caress before he placed his hand back on the steering wheel. He sighed and frowned, knowing the other was probably craving another cancer giving stick of rolled tobacco. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. As much as he knew it calmed the other he wouldn't give in to that. When they reached their destination he studied the other a moment. He leant over and kissed him on the cheek. "We've both lost Rostielle to some form of silence, don't let me loose you too." He kissed him once, chaste on the lips and stepped out of the car, leading the way inside, hoping the other didn't get too embarrassed by his kiss.

Rostielle was utterly surprised. He raced to the door to stop him. "What? What do you mean I already know it?!" He shouted in question, not seeing his lover anywhere, and then it happened again, he was waking, waking up again. He looked around and realized he was in his room. He sat up, began to rise from his bed, realizing his naked man wasn't there for the moment.. and then he fell right back asleep again, and there he was.. gloriously naked all for him again. "My my.. how strange I always wake and then yet I don't waken at all..."

Alex looked first at his leg where Sattienne had touched it, then pursed his lips together after he had kissed him. It wasn't a common occurrence that Sattienne would do something like that. Actually, he couldn't remember a time when his friend had kissed him anywhere but his cheek or his forehead. It confused him for a moment. Then he got out of the car and followed him inside, his head full of new thoughts and questions for the moment. It seemed that there was more to Sattienne's concern than he was letting on.

Konstantin dreamed peacefully, as he always did, naked atop the sheets of the bed. Whenever Rostielle arrived, he was in the same place, and usually the same position. After all, he was merely a conjuration of the little lover's grief-torn mind, though he wasn't necessarily aware of that himself. He didn't even technically have his own consciousness. Everything he did was determined by Rostielle's dreams. He stirred momentarily in his sleep, and rolled quietly onto his side, never waking.

Sattienne had retrieved a table by the time his younger companion had joined him and he'd been given menus. He scrunched his nose up at the items on the list. "I'll have what you're having, so don't make it incredibly spicy please." He looked around for a waiter or waitress, frowning that most seemed to be busy, but when signaled that one would be over shortly he turned his attention to Alex.

Rostielle saw the other turn over and smiled at those rippling back muscles. He walked over to the bed and began to kiss his neck and shoulder. "Love.. wake for me, you're here again, and I need you." How many times would Rostielle last with this beloved love? How much more would they have one another? He let his eyes rake the other over and he shivered, wishing this wasn't just a dream as he knew it to be.

Alex offered him a small smile that he hoped didn't look sad - because he wasn't sad at all at the moment - and nodded, then picked up a menu and started scanning through the entrees. When the waiter came to their table, he ordered chicken curry and rice, and made sure to specify that it should be about medium heat. As they waited, he tried to start their conversation again. "I'm sorry about earlier in the car. That was...incredibly insensitive of me."

Konstantin opened his eyes and smiled at Rostielle. "I'm always here, love. I never truly leave." He wrapped his arms around his lover's waist and nuzzled his hip with his cheek. "Come to bed with me?" He kissed him invitingly, teasingly, and leaned back on the bed.

"You merely asked a question, what was insensitive about it?" Sattienne asked, eyeing the other curiously. It wasn't often that Alex apologized, what would make him do so now? Not that he was complaining, but just what did he do to deserve such an honorable thing from him?

"Yes.. and I never know who you are." Rostielle added blushing as the other kissed him in such ways. He groaned and nodded, unable to resist, yet again. He crawled atop of the other. "I'm often atop you, it makes me feel powerful and wanted.." He whispered.

"I upset you, and I didn't mean to upset you." Alex looked at the tabletop in front of him for a moment, and folded his hands in his lap before looking up at Sattienne again. "Besides, I..." He sighed. "I think I realized why you care about me and my obsession with Rostielle so much." Though most of the time, Alex was unintuitive and selfish, his friend was sending some pretty obvious signals.

"I told you, you do know who I am..." Konstantin whispered. "And though you're atop me, in the end, you let me dominate you." He ran his fingertips down the middle of Rostielle's body, then turned left after his navel and caressed his thigh, gently teasing him. It didn't hurt him that Rostielle didn't know his name. He couldn't be hurt, he was a dream being. Eventually, he would remember the name he had forgotten. Something would end their dream playing, and Konstantin would disappear from Rostielle's dreams. That thought brought a rather perplexed look to his features.

Sattienne narrowed his eyes slightly and took a sip from his soda that had been brought to him. "Oh? And why is that?" He asked, setting the cold glass down, waiting for the answer. Surely the other hadn't figured it out? He hoped and yet hoped not.

"Yes, but even underneath you I feel only loved for and like I rule this world." Rostielle said in reply, frowning that the other still would not tell him his name. "Where have I heard your name before?" He asked further, knowing the other probably wouldn't answer him. Rostielle shivered at the feeling of the other's hands on him, loving how much he craved him.

Alex didn't drink his soda. He sat with his arms crossed across his chest again. This was nerve-wracking, and he really wanted a cigarette. "I'm not trying to upset you again, but I think part of it is because you're jealous of my feelings for Rostielle..." He paused for a moment. "But I think that's only because you have feelings for me."

Once again, Konstantin ignored the question. To reveal that detail would be to reveal too much, and then this constant dream world would end, and all too quickly. "You do rule this world, Rostielle. It's all yours, everything in it, including me." He smiled a little sadly, then his ice blue eyes clouded with lust for the beautiful one sitting astride his hips. "I want you, Rostielle. Can I love you?"

Sattienne shrugged. "So what if that was the case hmn? It's not like it would change anything. You'd still be by his bedside every night and day, waiting for him to waken." He said tersely, sipping more of his drink. "You're an intuitive boy when you pay attention." He said quietly, staring at the table top, immersed in meaningless carvings done by bratty teenagers.

"Oh yes, love me as I love you." Rostielle said, bending forward to kiss him passionately, wanting to build that fire they shared even more. He felt alive every time his lover spoke or touched him or any time he laid eyes on him. He felt absolutely exquisite beneath those hands, that gaze and that body. That sexy, well built, body. He'd never give it up, not this perfection, not with as good as he felt.

Shifting nervously in his chair, Alex gripped the leg of his jeans. He'd upset him again. Wonderful. Was there anything he could say that wouldn't piss him off? "Well, what if Rostielle doesn't wake up? What if he just keeps dreaming forever? I've been thinking...I know he doesn't care about me, and...there's nothing I can do for him. There never really was. So I..." He shook his head. "I'll be back. I'm going to the bathroom." He was tripping over his words and making the situation more awkward, so he felt like he had to escape it momentarily.

"Stay there, on top of me. I like when you're on top of me." Konstantin ground his powerful hips against Rostielle's most sensitive places, enjoying the shiver that accompanied the pleasant friction. It was so much easier to see everything from that angle beneath his lover, and Rostielle always made the most beautiful of pictures.

Sattienne twitched irritably as the other left. He didn't appreciate being a rebound and he'd have to let the other know. He waited patiently for the other to return, glad when their food arrived so he had something to occupy himself with and he ate slowly, using small bites, not liking the spice in their food a bit, but not minding it greatly either.

"You do?" Rostielle asked, staring heatedly down at the other while his hips ground harshly with him. "Show me how much you like it?" He asked, his hands gripping his chest as though to caress it. "Have me?"

After a few frustrated minutes of being able to sort out none of his twisted and confused thoughts, Alex returned to the table. He could practically feel Sattienne's irritation, and he wasn't looking at him. His appetite had unfortunately left him, and he didn't bother picking up his fork. Instead, he sat quietly, concentrating on his hands knotted in his lap, looking for all the world like an ashamed child waiting for the scolding he knew was coming.

"Always," Konstantin answered, thrusting upwards with his hips to punctuate his words. He needed little motivation himself. He was always ready to satisfy his lover, who always seemed to be in need of satisfaction. To tease him, he rubbed himself against Rostielle. Then, with no warning, his gripped Rostielle's hips, and brought him up and then down upon his waiting length.

"Here's my problem, Alex. You know of my feelings, obviously, as you've stated them. And yet you mean to insult me by using me and coming to me only when Rostielle is out of your reach. You are using me as a re-bound and I don't appreciate it." He said, eyeing the other, chewing slowly. "And another thing, you're not a child, so stop acting like one, you wanted to talk about this, so we're talking about it, you should make eye contact and reply as necessary." Sattienne said to the silence that was Alex.

Rostielle gasped at the thoroughly dominating pain, he grasped the other's skin tight, trying to wait through it before it slowly, very very slowly returned to being a pleasureful experience. He whimpered highly and rose up a little before sinking back down, closing his eyes as he repeated this action a couple of times and then he found a slow rhythm.

Alex sighed and ran a hand through his hair, and looked to the side for a moment before he turned his gaze to Sattienne. "Look, I wasn't trying to insult you, and I didn't mean to use you as a rebound. I'm head is a mess right now. I don't know what to think or feel. I want to..." He chewed on his lower lip nervously for a moment before continuing. "I want to return your feelings genuinely, not just because you're offering me something when I've been rejected. I'll never have Rostielle, and I want to move on. I just...I need help doing that."

Konstantin frowned a little at Rostielle's obvious pain. "Too much? Have I hurt you?" The heat and tightness of his lover was driving him mad, and his voice shook, but he hesitated to move until he was sure Rostielle was not hurt. It was the most abruptly he had ever taken him, and he hated to think he had crossed the line. Was that even really possible?

Sattienne calmed a little at these words from the other. "And what happens if he wakens hmn? And finds out that maybe he does like you after all? Sometime after we've established a very nice relationship, intimate and sweet, you would go to him, no?" The thought of having this young man and then having him leave left a very bitter taste in Sattienne's mouth.

"No no, love, it just stung a bit, I'm fine now, please, have me as you always do." Rostielle said through a hazed breath. He groaned and began to move faster on the other, to prove he was fine. "Please love, worry not about me." He said, shivering as chills slipped all over his body at having the other care so much about him.

Alex thought for a moment about Sattienne's words, and frowned. "I think he'll wake eventually...but I don't think he'll ever feel that way about me. I'm just his friend. I don't want to spend the rest of my life pining for someone who doesn't care about me in the least." He sighed. "I've sat by his bedside for long enough to know that he isn't dreaming about me." He looked at Sattienne timidly. "Do you ever dream about me?"

The blonde smiled and coordinated his thrusts to meet Rostielle's movements. "Good, I don't ever want to hurt you, my beautiful love." Konstantin watched his lover with rapt attention, entranced in the image Rostielle presented, and pleased with the leverage this angle provided. He thrust upward easily and rhythmically, caressing Rostielle's smooth thighs lovingly.

Sattienne looked closely at the other a moment and gave a small nod. "Yes. I have dreamt of you before. Nothing too perverted, but I have dreamt of spending an evening with you, kissing you gently, and merely holding you. Once or twice the dreams have turned to a sexual nature and we've made love." He said quietly, wondering why everything was suddenly turning to his favor.

Rostielle kissed his lover hard, pouring all of his lust in that kiss , and his love he gave the other through his touches and caresses on the other's chest while he rode him. He loved it. He loved this man. And only a small vision came to him of his home. He was in the sitting room and caught a glimpse of the man he loved. Clothed. Where did that come from? He frowned only a moment as a rather nicely angled thrust brought him back to his pleasureful moment with his lover and he brought himself down harder and faster on his love's length.

"I see," Alex responded, somehow feeling more relaxed than he did before. He took another sip of the soda he had been ignoring, then leveled a curious smile at Sattienne. "So is this...really sort of like a date then? I'm not trying to make you mad. I'm just curious. Do you want today to be a date?" He had found his appetite again, and picked up his fork to begin picking at his chicken curry.

Konstantin, watching every detail of Rostielle as he rode him, saw the small frown cross his face, and wondered what it had been that had caused it. Briefly, he thought, it was probably too soon for him to have figured out the answer. He changed the pace of his thrusts to match the movement of his lover, and the quick pace was driving him closer and closer to his end.

Sattienne wasn't sure if he believed the other wanted it to be a date, but never one to lie he nodded. "A date it is then. And what shall we do after this obnoxious meal of spices?" He asked, sipping his drink while he looked at the other. He found his companion to be very beautiful and he wondered if he was lucky now or if this would turn tragedy as many other things in his life tended to do.

Another fantastic release gripped Rostielle and he clung to his lover. "Ohh.." He'd almost said it, the name.. it was on the tip of his tongue, but even now he cursed as he couldn't remember what it was. "Oh love, I just almost said it..." He frowned, clutching to the other while he tried desperately to even recall the name he'd lost.

"Let's go somewhere for dessert. I was thinking that cake sounded good. Would you like cake?" Alex ate some of his rice, since he didn't want to waste the food that they had ordered, and that Sattienne was most likely paying for. As an afterthought, he added, "I'll even buy dessert, since I've really done nothing but piss you off today, and you were just trying to be nice to me."

Konstantin petted Rostielle's hair, his other arm holding him close. "You do know it, love. You'll remember it eventually." He didn't add that once his lover did remember it, the dreams would most likely end. And if they didn't end, they would definitely change in some way. Perhaps their lovemaking would end? He didn't know. "Perhaps if you sleep, it will come to you more quickly."

Sattienne leant over and kissed the other. "Cake sounds wonderful. Maybe we can get a couple of pieces.. better yet, how about we get mix and make one at home together?" He asked, feeling very amorous and romantic suddenly. He watched his love closely, wondering if all of his lovely day dreams would come true.

"You're right, sleep sounds lovely right now.." Rostielle closed his eyes and submitted to the patting of his head and slowly let himself drift. And when he woke no one was home he noticed.. if it was even home that he was. His naked love wasn't around so he assumed he'd somehow gotten a hold on sanity. He frowned and walked shakily to the bathroom. He looked around, in nothing but a haze before stumbling into the bathtub, turning on the faucet, only to waken back in his dream world, still sleeping beside his lover.

Alex smiled. "Sure, let's do that. What kind of cake should we get?" He was rather fond of chocolate cake himself, but he didn't know what kind Sattienne would like. He had actually become involved enough in this new turn in their relationship that he had forgotten how much he wanted a cigarette. He thought he might ask for one when they got in the car, though.

Konstantin was once again asleep, as he always was when Rostielle entered his dream world. He was comfortable on his back, his lover tucked securely next to him. He held him close with one arm still, though it was rather slack with his sleep, and his chest rose rhythmically with his breathing. He wouldn't wake until Rostielle woke him in some way.

"Chocolate?" Sattienne asked, having a bit of a sweet tooth. He called a tab over so that they may be getting ready as he finished the last few bites of his meal. He pushed his plate up and eyed the other, wondering if they would have a lasting relationship like he so craved.

Rostielle stirred and began to run his fingers along his lover's chest, merely loving the feel of his skin. Somehow he knew it was all a dream but it was oh so real and his lover.. he knew him. But from where? When did he come into reality? Where was he then if he was indeed real? So many things he needed to know.

"That sounds great. Chocolate is my favorite." Alex's smile widened - he actually showed teeth - and he pushed his plate away from him. "I didn't tell you that and forget, did I? And you're just picking it because I like it?" He hadn't been this excited in a while. He actually felt happy. But then a sudden pang of guilt hit him, guilt that he had been distracted so easily from the object of his obsession. It would take him quite a while to get over this, and it would require a conscious effort on his part.

In his sleep, Konstantin felt his lovers fingers on him, but hadn't yet begun to stir. He had been having a dream of his own, but it was gone now, and he couldn't remember what it was about. It seemed like it was sad, at least, he felt a lingering sadness that felt like it had come from his dream. He opened his eyes slowly and sleepily, and looked at his lover, who seemed to be deep in thought. "Did you sleep well, love?"

"It's a possibility." Sattiene said with a smirk, watching the other as he seemed changed from happy to sad. "Are you all right? One second your alight with happiness and the next you look positively worn." Sattienne placed proper bills on the table to pay for their meal and then stood, offering his arm to the other.

"I don't know.. I woke to a whole new world when I slept.." Rostielle replied, more than confused with his dream and real life situation. He couldn't tell what was what until he was in the opposite and he probably had that wrong."It's very confusing, when I dream."

Alex shook his head. "I'm fine. I'm always kind of worn out. It's probably the cigarettes. Speaking of which, can I have one in the car?" He plastered on a goofy grin, trying to convince Sattienne with his expression that he should let him have one. If he said no, he was formulating another way to get his cancer sticks back. He took the arm that Sattienne was offering as they left the restaurant.

Konstantin looked perplexed. "What do you mean? What do you see when you dream?" Somehow, he knew that Rostielle had it backwards. Somewhere, in his impossible consciousness as a figment of someone's dream, he knew that all of this was what was not real, and that his lover had it all wrong. But he would figure that out in time, too.

"No, you may not." Sattienne said with a snort. "You know full well you're not supposed to have any. You already smoked the one I told you that you could have." He ruffled the other's hair and led him to the car, ushering him to get in. "So, just the super market? Do we have eggs and oil and such for the cake? Frosting?"

"When I dream there are two other people..but I know them, they're my family, they're here, but they shouldn't be there... should they?" Rostielle was more than lost and his stroking of the other's chest stopped a little. "Wait.. wow I can't even think straight.."

Alex pouted as he got in the car. "I think we have everything but frosting. We should have everything else, anyway. I don't cook much." As he buckled his seat belt, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Sattienne. "I think I know why you don't want me to smoke. You just don't want me to taste like my cigarettes later." He smirked devilishly, and turned to look out the window.

"If they're your family, then it seems that they should be there. But are you sure it's a dream?" Konstantin wondered if he was giving away too much information. He was a part of Rostielle's subconscious, and therefore knew and remembered things that Rostielle did not. However, he was unable to be straightforward with any of the information that he knew.

"Is that a crime?" Sattienne asked, unphased that the other mentioned this very nice fact. "I also don't want you dying of lung or any other various type of cancer." He said, starting the car and moving towards the grocery store. "Hell, I don't want to die of it by breathing in your smoke."

Rostielle was indeed not sure at all. "Well.. I.. no, I am not sure about that." He said quietly. "Maybe this is a dream?" He asked, frowning."No, it can't be, I know you and you're my love. Whom I still don't know the name to." He frowned more and kissed the other's chest.

"Your health is more persuasive than my own. My lungs are probably already black anyway. I've been smoking since I was thirteen. But I'll try to stop...for you." Alex pouted a little. "Can I at least have one before bed? It's still less than I usually smoke, and I'll even smoke on the porch so you don't have to breathe my cancer."

Konstantin smiled gently and caressed Rostielle's cheek. "I am your love, but that doesn't necessarily mean this is real. Most things in dreams have a basis in reality, after all." His hand moved from Rostielle's cheek to his back, still caressing lightly. "You do know my name, and you'll remember it, but I can't tell you what it is. I can only help you to remember in small, indirect ways."

"I'll give you something to suck and puff on, but it wont be a cigarette." Sattienne said, smirking, debating on whether or not to give the other his smokes. He found the grocery store they wanted and managed to get lucky and find a parking spot close to the front.

Rostielle nuzzled into the hand that caressed his cheek. "Tell me more ways then?" He asked, letting his tongue taste the dry saltiness of the other's skin. He hummed at the taste, his eyes closed in obvious savor. He loved the other's taste almost more than he loved touching him.

Alex snorted and raised an eyebrow at Sattienne's forwardness. "If you say so. I guess we'll see what the evening holds." He chuckled and got out of the car, waiting patiently for Sattienne to exit the car as well. He had to admit, his friend was doing a rather impressive job of distracting him and keeping his spirits up. But he had to remind himself that distracting him wasn't really Sattienne's intent at all. He was being genuine, and wanted Alex to return his feelings.

The blonde shivered at the other's tongue on his skin, but smiled. "All of this has been my way of trying to tell you who I am. I am your lover, and you are mine, Rostielle. You will remember me when you are ready to." He nuzzled the hollow of his lover's throat and nipped teasingly at his skin.

Sattienne followed after the other and planted a kiss on his cheek before he took the lead to the store. He didn't expect him to hold hands, or embrace him in any form, but he did allow himself that much before he entered the place. He grabbed a small hand basket and waited patiently for his younger half to catch up.

"I have a feeling though that in that other world I don't know you as much as you lead me to believe." Rostielle stated, huskily as he was nipped. He loved such things, his love's sweetness and intimacy. He couldn't keep himself from kissing him, and he did so gently, warmly.

Alex was beginning to appreciate the small forms of affection that Sattienne was showing him, and thought he might not mind if the next kiss was one that he was actually able to return, rather than just a pleasant surprise. He caught up to Sattienne easily enough, and walked next to him through the store. "So...what should we do after we make our cake?"

"Then maybe that's true. Maybe you don't know me that well. But you still know my name, and that is enough." Konstantin increased the intensity of his nips, biting a little harder, and now along Rostielle's collarbone. "Perhaps you should investigate that other world a little more, the next time you're in it."

"What should we do? Eat our cake, of course." Sattienne said, smirking as he evilly dismissed the other's question, knowing he'd have him irritable at least. He smiled at him. "It's up to you." He added as an afterthought, feeling that he'd suggested lunch and cake, the other could come up with their activities after.

"I can't..every time I'm there.... I fall asleep.." Rostielle whispered, the other's sharp nips and biting finally catching for a moment to render him speechless and then he almost remembered again.. almost.. that name.. such a strong name, but what was it? "I'm so close to remembering...."

Frowning, Alex crossed his arms over his chest as he usually did. He had no idea what they should do. With the way they had been teasing each other only a few moments ago, he wasn't thinking about much other than sex, and now cake. "I don't know. Maybe we should watch a movie or something?" It was sort of a lazy suggestion, and he hoped Sattienne wouldn't make him choose the movie as well. He didn't watch a lot of movies other than foreign films and horror movies.

"That's good. You'll remember Rostielle, I have faith in you." Konstantin moved his biting downward to Rostielle's chest, biting at smooth flesh, and finally his teeth found and grazed a small, pink nipple. He continued his gentle assault with his teeth on his lover's body, encouraging him to remember.

"A movie it is then." Sattienne said. "It would be much romantic." He added, smirking a little as he grabbed his love's behind a moment before he walked down the isle of powdered cake mixes. "Chocolate.. chocolate frosting as well?" He asked, wondering if he would be able to restrain himself from touching the other inappropriately the rest of the evening unless Alex asked specifically for such a touch.

"But what if I remember and you disappear?" Rostielle asked, shivering and almost faltering under the other's lips and teeth. He moaned and meshed hips with the other. "I mean.. I don't want you to leave... I feel that if I do wake up I'll never have you."

Alex jumped a little as Sattienne grabbed his behind, not used to being touched in such a way, but answered, "Um, yeah, chocolate frosting sounds good. Wait! I also like the kind with rainbow chips in it. Do you think that would be good with chocolate cake?" He grabbed a box of chocolate cake mix from the shelf as they passed.

"That could happen." Konstantin didn't stop his biting and touching. "I honestly don't know what will happen when you remember my name...but I know that somehow I am a part of your reality. If you wake up, somehow..." He trailed off, and his hand slipped between Rostielle's legs to stroke and fondle him slowly and lovingly.

"Sure." Sattienne looked closely and finally found rainbow chipped frosting and put it in their basket. He made sure they had all they needed and then proceeded to lead the other to the checkout counter. "Anything else you need?" He asked, smirking as he eyed a rack of condoms, wondering if the other would notice if he slipped a box into the basket. Not that they'd technically need them, but it would be nice to see the look on his face.

"But how did I know you at least?" Rostielle asked before succumbing to a moan, loving how the other stroked and fondled him. He grasped onto the other's arms, and arched into his touch. "I mean, could you tell me how I at least met you?"

Alex followed Sattienne's line of sight, catching him before he could even hope to sneak a box into the basket. He grinned, and answered, "Nope, I don't think there's anything else we need." Though he didn't know if Sattienne had been active at all, he knew that he had only been obsessing over Rostielle and had therefore spent a lot of time with himself. That saved him at least half the worry, but he really doubted Sattienne was promiscuous enough to have contracted something.

"I can't tell you that. You already know the answer." Konstantin smiled again. "I look the same here, in your dreams, as I do in reality. You only have to place my face with my name, and you'll remember all of it." He left out information once again, though, because he knew that as soon as Rostielle remembered, he would be intensely sad. His sadness was the reason for this dream world in the first place. Konstantin didn't know if renewing the sadness would cause his dreams to end, or if he would never wake from them again.

"Well then." He paid for their things and carried their one bag out to the car. He was kind of glad the other didn't need such a thing, neither did he. He hadn't had sex in over three months, and even then he'd been tested several times just in case. He didn't have anything. "So, what do we do when our movie is over?"

"But if you're alive there, why would I have fallen asleep?" Rostielle asked skeptically, watching him closely "I mean, if I knew you, did I not know you well or something? Why would I have just fallen to sleep" He was more than confused, and more than aroused. He couldn't focus in the least.

Fighting the smile that threatened to betray his thoughts, Alex answered, "I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait till our movie is over. I'm sure we can find something to do." Smirking to himself, he climbed into the car and buckled his seatbelt, waiting for Sattienne to get in and start the car. He was actually quite excited for them to get home and make their cake.

"Alive? I don't know. But you'll know all of the answers to those things once you remember." Konstantin gripped Rostielle a little tighter, and whispered into his ear. "Shall I help you remember, my lovely Rostielle?" His other hand held Rostielle's thigh, and gently began coaxing his legs apart.

Sattienne laughed and started their car, not sure if he dared think the other was thinking sweetly to him or no. He was ninety percent sure that the other meant he wanted to participate with him sexually. He kissed his lips once before he began to lead the way back to their home. He found that maybe their relationship wasn't too bad. Maybe it was truly both sided, maybe it wasn't going to be bad at all. Maybe the other did like him for him and not as a rebound.

"Yes, please help me remember, love..." Rostielle whimpered, moaning and arching to him. "Please please please, Kon-" He blinked several times as he had almost said the name, but as soon as he realized what he was saying he'd forgotten it. "Oh!! Love! Have me, please have me, and help me remember."

The ride home was mostly silent, while Alex looked out the window and tried to sort out his thoughts some more, and Sattienne drove. Once in a while, Alex looked at his friend, who was most likely going to be his boyfriend soon, and the thought made him smile. Once they got home and the car stopped, he leapt out in a rather excited manner. "So this is going to be the second half of our date. Are you excited?"

For a moment, Konstantin's eyes widened in surprise. "Yes, love, you were so close! You said part of it!" Rather than take him the rough and abrupt way he usually did, he chose to take some time to prepare Rostielle, as he most likely would have in reality, had they ever had a chance to make love. He kissed him deeply, as the hand that had been on his lover's thigh moved to his behind, and he began probing gently.

"You know full well I am." Sattienne said, grinning as he pulled into their driveway. He leant over and couldn't resist kissing the other. "I'm sure you're excited as well." And with that he went right up to and into their house, noticing oddly that the bath water was running with the door open as he could see from the hall way. He looked back out the door and frowned. "Alex, did you leave the bath running?"

Rostielle's eyes closed as he tried his hardest to remember, the feeling of his lover stretching him and moving his fingers inside him tranced him and made him arch and think and whine a little. "Oh love.. what's the next part? I know it's longer than that...your name. There's three syllables, aren't there?"

"No, I didn't." Alex frowned as he came into the house behind Sattienne. "It has to have been Rostielle..." The implications of their friend sleeping in a bath tub full of running water made Alex's heart stop for a second. What if he had drowned? It didn't seem like it had been running for too long, since the house wasn't flooded, but that didn't mean it wasn't dangerous. "Rostielle?" he called worriedly, taking a hesitant step toward the bathroom door. He knew he wouldn't answer, but he called to him anyway.

Konstantin continued to thrust and stretch with his fingers, placing kisses along Rostielle's neck and shoulders and chest as he did so. "Yes, love, there are three syllables. You'll remember, I know you will." As Rostielle continued to think, he removed his fingers, and positioned himself at his entrance. Then, slowly, he pushed inside.

Sattienne followed after him and looked into the room and snorted at seeing the water run but their friend laying in the tub without the plug, which was good considering it meant he wouldn't drown. "Well.. what a strange thing he can be." He lifted the soaked boy out of the water and laid him on the floor before getting towels and picking him back up again, wrapping him up to dry him off. "Silly boy. " He mumbled, checking his pulse, finding it beating strongly. He shut off the water and carried him back to his room. "Well, that's interesting, we'll have to keep a closer eye on him."

Rostielle almost fell apart at how great he felt as his lover pushed inside him. That beautiful lover of his. "Oh, love!" He could yet again feel the other's name on the tip of his tongue and he struggled to remember it, feeling only pleasure as he fought his mind. "Kons.. uh!" He gave up again for a second to remember it, meeting the other with slow thrusts of his own.

Alex allowed himself a small smile, relieved that nothing terrible had befallen their sleep-ridden friend while they were out. He wasn't sure he would have been able to forgive himself if Rostielle had died while he was out having fun and starting a new relationship. He followed Sattienne to Rostielle's room, his hands in his pockets. "We should probably change his clothes. It's probably not good for him to stay in wet ones."

"Yes, love, you're getting it. You'll have it." Konstantin started a steady rhythm, just slow enough to try to drive Rostielle crazy. He knew the longer he could draw out their love making, the more time his lover would have to remember his name. He was so close already. He kissed him again, letting his tongue explore every part of Rostielle's mouth.

"Probably not." Sattienne said, carefully peeling the laundry off of the younger. "Would you put this in the washer?" He asked, "Or at least the drier?" He grabbed new, comfortable clothing for Rostielle and stroked his hair after he put on the over sized grey shirt and fluffy sleeping pants. "You poor thing..." He said quietly, sighing. "I hope you waken soon." He tucked him right back into bed and merely looked at him a minute, sad at his inability to waken and see the world.

Rostielle urged his lover to move faster, continuing to repeat that first part of his name, meeting his thrusts, shivering, groaning, moaning, whimpering. "Love! Konstan.. oh gods love.. It's.. almost there.. I'm almost.. oh!"

Alex obediently took the pile of laundry in his arms and carried it to the drier, then dumped it in and started it. For a little bit, he stood against the shaking machine with his arms crossed, thinking about Rostielle. Then he sighed and shook his head, and went back into the kitchen. Sattienne would be back in a moment. He began removing the necessary pans and utensils from their places around the kitchen, placing them on the counter.

"Oh, Rostielle, you've only got one syllable left...!" Somewhere in his mind, Konstantin wondered if this would end very abruptly once Rostielle remembered. Would he just disappear, become nothing more than air in his love's arms? He increased the pace of his thrusts, bringing them both closer to the edge.

Sattienne made his way out to the kitchen to find his love and smiled a little as he saw he had the things for their cake set out already. "Well, I suppose it's a sign that he'll be waking up sooner or later." He said, grabbing a very large mixing bowl and opening the packages. "I could be wrong of course. I don't exactly want you to leave me however if he wakens." He said quietly, hoping to get the point to the other that they were very involved now and to lose him would be a horrible down turn.

"Konstantin!" Rostielle shouted as he reached completion, feeling incredible and pleasured completely as he held tight to the other, glad for a moment as he wasn't immediately sucked back into reality. He probably wouldn't until he fell asleep again, and he was okay with that, the more time he would spend with his beloved, the more he was happy... but now that he knew him, he remembered him and frowned. What had separated them?

Alex gave Sattienne a somewhat sad smile and set down the whisk he had just taken out of a drawer. "I'm not going to leave you. Rostielle doesn't want me, that much is obvious, and I'm not totally sure now why I was wasting my time to begin with." He sighed and then smiled again, this time with less sadness. "He'll still be important to me as a friend, though, and I do hope he comes out of this soon. It would help if we knew what had caused it in the first place."

As Rostielle squeezed him tightly, and finally remembered his name, Konstantin also reached his climax, calling out his lover's name as well. "Rostielle!" He wrapped his arms around his lover once he had ridden out the waves of his orgasm, and smiled a little sadly. "You remembered," he whispered, and kissed him on the cheek.

Sattienne nodded his agreement. "I wish I knew as well. It's caused us all a great deal of turmoil, knowing the brat, it's something absolutely silly." He said, putting their cake ingredients in a bowl. He then added the water and oil and let his lover do the eggs and stirring.

Rostielle smiled and kissed his lips. "Yes, but I am still here, my love, my Konstantin. Still.. maybe I won't waken after all, I am not sad by this, we can spend eternity together in this dream."

Alex smiled as he stirred the contents of the bowl, blending it as smoothly as possible with the whisk. "I just think it would have been a lot easier to solve in the first place if he had told us what was bothering him. I mean, I don't think it's anything physical. He doesn't seem sick or anything. So it must be psychological. I'd say we should take him to a doctor or something, but he wouldn't stay awake long enough for them to examine him." He poured the cake batter into the pan, and scraped the sides of the bowl with a spatula. "Want to lick the cake batter?" He offered the spatula to Sattienne.

Konstantin petted Rostielle's hair lovingly, but not in a way that was meant to soothe him to sleep. "I'm glad you remembered, Rostielle. But you will wake eventually. You'll wake as soon as you fall asleep here. But I am somewhere in your reality, though I can't tell you where. You'll have to find me."

"I wonder if he even knows." Sattienne said, licking the batter in small, but encompassing licks along the spatula's surface beore he set the oven and sprayed their cake pan down. "Well, if he doesn't waken in another week we'll take him to the doctor, I am wondering when he is eating. He must be, he hasn't lost any mass, and yet he's not any fatter.." He sighed and smiled at his lover, waiting for him to pour the batter into the pan.

Rostielle kissed Konstantin on the lips. "It's always a mystery with you." He held tight to him and sighed content, kissing where he could on the other's chest, yawning a little as he was definitely growing tired. "I'll have you on the outside eventually, right?" He asked, knowing that he'd have to leave here to have him there.

Alex raised an eyebrow as he watched Sattienne lick the spatula, then turned back to the conversation at hand. "I've actually been wondering that myself. I never see him eat anything. In fact, I don't really ever see him leave his bed. I'm surprised we found him in the bathtub earlier." He poured the cake batter into the pan, and put the pan in the oven. "Do we have a timer somewhere, or should we just set the microwave timer?"

"Of course you will, love. But it may be more difficult than finding me in your dreams." Konstantin smiled and kissed Rostielle in turn, then petted his head some more as he waited for him to fall asleep. He didn't know if he would actually be in Rostielle's dreams the next time he slept, or not.

"Just set the microwave timer." Sattienne said, doing it for him. He held the other from behind then and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "And now or the movie... how about something romantic hmn?" He asked, not sure what they had for romance, but any random movie would do, he wasn't about to pay attention to it anyhow. Not with this intoxicating young man in his arms.

"Nothing will be more difficult than remembering your name at least." Rostielle was sure of that. He kissed the other again and enjoyed the petting he was given, it slowly took him away and set him to sleep. And when he woke, he was aware of two things, one, he had to find his love, and two... something smelled absolutely delicious and he was starving.

"If it's something romantic, then you get to pick it. I don't usually watch romantic movies." Alex smiled and leaned back against Sattienne. He wasn't likely to be watching whatever movie it was that they would choose, either. That was especially true since he knew how they both wanted this evening to end.

Konstantin wasn't sure that was true, but he didn't voice his concerns. He also fell asleep as he petted his lover's hair, and disappeared into the blackness of oblivion.

Sattienne wrapped his arms around the other's waist and held him close while the other leaned back against him. "I'll just put in a random film." He said, kissing the othe'rs lips. "Come now, let's take this cuddling to the couch." He lead the other to said chair and sat down, pulling him into his lap.

Rostielle stretched and made his way out to the livingroom. Upon seeing his two friends cuddling he blushed. "I.. don't mean to interrupt, but whatever you are making smells wonderful... and where could I find a man named Konstantin?"

At Rostielle's voice, Alex jumped and nearly fell off of Sattienne's lap. "Rostielle! You're awake! I mean, really awake. You're hungry then?" He stopped himself when he realized he was babbling. "I don't know if I've ever heard of anyone named Konstantin." He looked at Sattienne. "Have you?"

Sattienne raised an eyebrow. "Konstantin is an old friend, I didn't know you two knew eachother." As he said this, Rostielle blushed darkly and he was more intrigued. "Apparently you know each other well?"

Rostielle sighed a little. "I knew him before he went off to war. I am remembering things slowly. I thought him dead, we were going to be together after he returned from the war. Sattienne.. where is he? I need my love.." He said pleadingly, his eyes haunted.

Quietly, Alex slid off of Sattienne's lap and onto the couch next to him. He folded his hands in his lap and looked between the two of them. He really didn't have much of a grasp of what was going on. " that why you've been asleep all this time?" Alex tried to keep his voice from betraying some of his hurt, but he wasn't able to hide all of it.

Sattienne's sharp gaze shot to Alex in a look that could only be described as warning and it was slipped with his own bit of hurt as well. How dare Alex get upset over Rostielle liking another after pledging himself in relation with him? He sighed and returned his gaze to Rostielle. "He's been back, little one. I don't know what made you think him dead, but he's much alive. I haven't seen him for well.. about the same time you went to sleep."

Rostielle visibly brightened as the other mentioned he was alive. "Oh, Sattienne, that's great, you should take me to him." He frowned as he heard Alex's tone in the back of his mind and he glared at the other boy. "Yes, it's why I have been asleep. He was in my dreams. I couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't, and even now I'm having an incredibly difficult time knowing my dreams to be false." He said, suddenly looking away from the other. "Alex, why do you seem upset? Have I hurt you by being asleep my friend?" He turned abruptly befre he turned back to Sattienne. "Please take me to him, Sattienne? I'll get ready.. I must see him. I haven't in so long and I miss him. My dreams gave me him as my lover, always, but it's not the same. I need him." And at Sattienne's nod he ran back to his room to be ready.

Sattienne sighed and stood up, looking down at Alex.He slid to his knees and embraced him. "Stop. You should be happy he's awake." He said, kissing him on the lips then. "Surely you won't be hurt over this? He's got someone, love, and I was supposed to be having you. Don't love him still. I should be with you whether he's awake or not.." He looked searchingly into his eyes, wondering how he'd react.

Alex sighed and smiled, a little sadness showing in his eyes, but he was doing an admittedly good job at swallowing his feelings. "I am happy he's awake, and I won't let myself be hurt over this. I was just a little surprised at the reason he's been asleep so long. I guess..." He shook his head. "I am happy, and I'm still working on ridding myself of the feelings I have for him. I won't be like this for long. You'll have me, and I'm working on giving myself to you." As an afterthought, he added, "Maybe it would help me get over him to see him reunited with Konstantin? I'll go with you."

Sattienne felt that it would be a good idea to have this happen and he gently leant up and caught the other in a sweet kiss, his lips firm against his younger love's. He wanted a real kiss from his other, to seal the deal so to speak. He closed his eyes and waited in anticipation.

At first, Alex was surprised, but then he was keen to the anticipation in Sattienne's kiss, and returned it. It made fire blossom in his face and his chest, and he timidly wrapped placed his hands on Sattienne's hips. His kiss, however, was hungry and insistent, and he hoped his elder and more responsible lover would push him away in time to keep him from getting carried away. He had missed kissing, and feeling the love and electricity from another's lips.

Rostielle came out just as Sattienne was sliding his hands along his lover's thighs and his lower back. "Oh, I'm, sorry guys..." He said, blushing at the sight before him. "I'll uhh.. wait in the kitchen.." He went to the kitchen and realized their cake would burn if he didn't remove it from the oven and he did so, setting it out on the stove top to cool, coverng it with a towel.

Sattienne chuckled softly. "Yes, love, come with me to see him to Konstantin. I'm sure it will aid you in forgetting him, though I am confident that with a few more of these sorts of kisses between us that will not be near as difficult."

A soft blush was on Alex's cheeks from having been caught, and he chewed on his lower lip as Sattienne talked. He wanted another kiss, but that would have to wait until they got home again. He smiled a little sheepishly. "Sorry, I haven't had a kiss like that in quite a long time. Should we, uh, go get him from the kitchen?"

Sattienne nodded and kissed the other again, this time much more chaste as he walked out to the kitchen. He saw the cake being put on the stove and frowned. "Oh, we would have forgotten all about that, thank you, Rostielle." He said, grabbing his keys. "Come now, you two, let's get in the car."

Rostielle nodded and shook his head with rolled eyes at the two, happy for them as he smiled, and then followed out after Sattienne. "I'm happy you two have eachother, you're nice together."

Rostielle's comment brought a small smile to Alex's face, almost feeling like grabbing Sattienne's hand. He refrained, however, since they were about to get in the car. He got into the front passenger seat and buckled his seat belt. "So, Rostielle, are you excited to see Konstantin?" It seemed like a dumb question, but he wanted to make some conversation to make up for his tone earlier.

Sattienne kissed his lover as he sat in the driver's seat and started the car, glad that Alex wasn't being too obsessive and was simply asking questions about Rostielle and Konstantin and not being rude about the obvious pair.

Rostielle grinned brightly. "Yes, I am, I am more than excited to see him. I've missed him so and I can't wait to tell him about all of the dreams I've been having."

Alex smiled and nodded. "Good. I don't know if I've ever met Konstantin before. He must be a pretty cool guy for you to dream about him so much." This time there was no sadness or bitterness in his voice, just the casual tone of conversation.

Sattienne knew that the ride to Konstantin's was long at thirty minutes, he hoped the two could wait so long. He wondered when it was that Konstatntin and Rostielle had actually met one another, he never remembered the man going to his house at all.

"You may have, Alex." Rostielle stated, a small smile on his lips. "He's tall, short blonde hair, icy blue eyes, very strongly built." He said, blushing a little. "And, he's very passionate according to my dreams. Anyway, I love him and I missed him and I just don't know why he hasn't retrieved me."

It did seem rather odd that Konstantin hadn't tried to call on Rostielle, Alex thought, since it seemed that his friend was rather in love with the man. Was Konstantin not also in love with Rostielle? He hoped that wasn't the case. It would be very hard to watch if that was true. For the rest of the car ride, he could think of little else to say, and stared out the window, longing again for one of his cigarettes.

The house they arrived in seemed right to Rostielle who barely knew Konstantin, but to Sattienne he found it to be a poor representation of his old friend. It was too kept, too sterile, and too cold feeling. He frowned and pulled into park into a driveway occupied by only one other vehice, an large dark green jeep, and smiled to Rostielle who looked just as excited and nervous as he could.

"My Konstantin is here!" Rostielle said as he envisioned the parked car. He stepped out and rushed to the door, knocking readily, waiting with a pounding heart and heavy breath.

Alex gave Sattienne a worried look, and hesitated to get out of the car. "Something seems kind I don't know the guy, but you do. Is this okay?" He laid his hand on top of Sattienne's.

Konstantin had heard the car pull into his driveway, but had thought little of it, until he heard the knock on the door. He frowned, confused as to who could be calling on him like this. When he answered the door, his expression of confusion only deepened. "Rostielle?"

Sattienne shrugged at Alex. "I don't know, everything's a little too tidy.." He said as he put an arm about Alex's waist. "We'll see." He said, watching the two at the door carefully.

Rostielle smiled brightly and clung tightly to the other. "Oh love! i missed you so much!" He shouted, wanting to sob, but at the sametime he was able to control himself from doing such. He began to kiss him in earnest, wondering why it was his love never found him after his war. "You never came to me. You told me you'd call when the war was over and you were returned.."

Konstantin frowned and stopped Rostielle's emotional onslaught, holding him at arm's length for a moment. "What do you mean I never came to you? I did call, but you never returned them. I thought you had changed your mind." He looked past Rostielle at Sattienne and Alex. "Sattienne said there was something wrong with you the last time I tried to call. Are you alright?"

Rostielle frowned and felt instantly scorned at the lack of intimacy the other gave him. "I fell to sleep love. I thought you dead. Someone told me you'd died in war.." He couldn't remember who had told him this, it was possible it was a nightmare. "I think I actually dreamt it and from that point I wasn't able to waken.." He frowned sadly, feeling small and unwanted.

Sattienne sighed. "I couldn't wake him, Konstantin. He woke up one night screaming about something or another, but when he finally went back to sleep.. he's been sleeping since a week or so before you came back. I meant to tell you. I sent you a letter to tell you,did you never receive it?"

Konstantin shook his head. "I don't think I did. I don't remember reading it. It was probably lost in the mail." His expression softened as he looked at Rostielle. He put his hands on his love's smaller shoulders. "I do still love you, Rostielle. I thought you didn't love me anymore. But it appears I thought wrong. I am happy you waited for me to return." He pulled him closer and hugged him.

Rostielle wrapped his arms tight around his officer, holding him tight as he could. "Oh love, my Konstantin. I missed you too much." He whispered, kissing him over and over again, not wanting to be stopped this time, why should he be? The other had accepted him yes?

Sattienne smiled and at the same time he could tell something wasn't quite right between the couple. Where Konstantin should have been more than happy, but he could tell something was vaguely amiss.

"Uh oh..." Alex looked through the open door behind Konstantin and poked Sattienne's shoulder to get his attention, and pointed discreetly to the door. There was a girl coming into view behind the blonde.

"Konstantin, who is this?" A girl with dark hair cut in a bob came out of the house to stand next to Konstantin. She placed a hand intimately on his shoulder, and looked between him and Rostielle in confusion. It seemed odd that her boyfriend would be hugging this feminine boy, who she thought she had heard professing his love to him.

Konstantin's embrace on Rostielle slackened a little, and on his face was a strange expression. "Oh, Marie. Uh, this is Rostielle. We were...going to be together once I came home from the war." There was no reason that he shouldn't tell her the truth.

Sattienne felt his whole form tense and his thoughts spoke pretty much as Konstantin had said. This wouldn't be well, this was obviously some lover of Konstantin's.

Rostielle felt his heart litterally stop for a moment. "Who are you?" Rostielle asked, his eyes narrowed. Peraps it was a sibling or family member.. he wouldn't do this to him, would he? He wouldn't have just found his lover again only to have him ripped from his grasp. He wanted to lunge at this girl, to rip her to bits. How dare she touch his love in such a knowing manner?

Before Konstantin could answer Rostielle's question, Marie spoke, her voice holding a note of irritation. "I'm his girlfriend. It sounds like you missed your chance." She tightened her grip on Konstantin's shoulder, and frowned in a way that she intended to be menacing.

Alex gripped Sattienne's hand tighter, looking on at the tense situation. "This isn't good..." he whispered. The girl's face held every intent to be malicious and horrible to poor Rostielle, who had been so happy to reunite with his love only moments ago.

Konstantin longed to be out from between the two, fighting for his affection. He had met Marie soon after he had returned from the war, and very quickly she had decided that she wanted to move in with him. It seemed very abrupt, but she was insistent, and soon all of her things were in his house. A thought nagged at him, though. " you remember me receiving a letter in the mail from Sattienne?"

Marie faltered for a moment. "Um, a letter? I, uh, I don't think so..."

"Don't lie to me, Marie. Did you get the letter and hide it from me?" Konstantin couldn't help the anger that started creeping into his voice.

Rostielle could already feel tears welling in his eyes. "Who cares about the stupid letter. Konstantin.. I thought you loved me. You never came by to see if I was even there.. did you?" He asked, looking furiously at the girl who held tight to the man he was supposed to have. "Why would you pair up with an obvious SHREW when yet you promised yourself to me!?" He demanded, glaring at the girl with such distaste that he hoped she felt how much he hated her in the instant.

Sattienne placed a hand on Rostielle's shoulder, pulling the boy away. "Come now, you've tried as you can. He's with someone, let's go home. It's obvious he was never meant to keep his word." He hoped his words bit into Konstantin's subconscious and made the other feel a great amount of guilt, Rostielle had a point. "The one time you came over, the boy was sleeping, but yet you did not have me waken him, it's obvious you didn't care then and don't now." He said to Konstantin, eyeing his girlfriend with distaste.

Konstantin rubbed his face in frustration, and ran a hand through his short hair. He didn't really love Marie as he had loved Rostielle, and still did, but he couldn't say that with her standing right behind him. Or could he? It would cause more fighting, he was sure, but it would most likely make Marie leave for good. He shrugged her off of his shoulder. "Please, don't leave." He was annoyed at how pathetic his voice sounded.

Marie gaped at his near rejection of her. He should have been satisfied that the boy was leaving, and he would have her in peace. "Konstantin, what about me? Let him leave, you have me!" She crossed her arms in front of her chest, and glared at him.

Konstantin turned on her instantly. "Look, Marie, I'm sorry, but I don't love you the same way that I love Rostielle." He made sure to use the present tense when he mentioned Rostielle. "And frankly, I'm appalled that you hid that letter from me. It might have solved everything if I had been able to read it. Is that why you wanted to move in so quickly?"

Rostielle stared unsure of what to do, but he only knew of how sickly a sense of winning was inside him. It was a violent and prideful thing, and he was almost drunk on his lover's words as he heard this. "Konstantin.. you'll still be with me?" He asked softly, wanting him so badly to leave this mean woman and be with him.

Sattienne frowned, wondering if this was a trick of some sort or if Konstantin was really going to give this girl up for Rostielle. He could see he loved Rostielle, that was apparent, but would he truly?

"Of course I'll still be with you. I thought only of you while I was away. If you'll still have me, I still want to be with you." Konstantin no longer cared that Marie was there.

Marie's jaw dropped and she punched him in the shoulder, but it was a weak attempt at trying to hurt him, and instead she ran back into the house, crying.

Konstantin looked over his shoulder as Marie slammed the front door, then looked back at Sattienne and Rostielle. "For now, I think you should go home. I don't know what she'll do, and I don't want her to do anything violent to you. I'm going to get her and all of her stuff out of my house, then I'll come to call on you." He smiled and turned toward the house, where muffled crashing noises could be heard.

Rostielle didn't let his love leave right away. He embraced the other from behind and pressed a kiss to his back. "I love you, and please.. come back to me." He whispered, sighing and holding him a bit tighter before he too turned but to go to the car rather than the house where the violent tirade was taking place.

Sattienne took his Alex by the hand and smiled faintly. "Come you two, get in the car, Konstantin will be over later. Let's go home and cook a meal then." He said, thinking he could put on a roast or something of that nature.

"I will," Konstantin answered over his shoulder, then entered the house as a couple of shiny object flew past the open door. He quickly shut it behind him to keep the violence from escaping onto the porch.

Alex smiled and got into the car, again taking the front passenger seat. He noted happily in his head that seeing Rostielle and Konstantin reuinted, even though it had been a shaky reunion, had done a good thing for him. He cared for Rostielle still as a friend, but no longer as a lover. He had Sattienne, and he was happy with that.

Sattienne drove them home as quickly as the speed limits would allow them and upon reaching said home he sighed. "Well, finally we're back and things are less stressful. Alex, you and I have a date to resume, Rostielle, how about you think of something inventive for your love when he returns to you."

Rostielle grinned at the thought and knew Sattienne needed some time alone with Alex. "Sure. Thank you for taking me to see him." And with that he moved to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of their cake. He figured if he saved it from burning, they could offer him a piece and then he went straight to his room and shut the door.

As he heard Rostielle's door shut, Alex turned to Sattienne. " that there has been an interruption in our date, should we just skip the movie, or...?" He left the rest open to suggestion, just in case there was something Sattienne wanted to do that wasn't so intimate. He didn't think, though, that Sattienne would pass up his offer. Alex wanted more kisses anyway.

"Well, perhaps we could get a little more acquainted in our relation, no?" He asked, tracing along the other's cheek. He pressed his lips gently to Alex's. "We may wish to go to my room perhaps, I have a feeling that we'll be walked in on often if we take matters out here." He said, kissing him again and pulling his body tight against his own.

Alex smiled at the suggestion, but melted into the kiss, pressing his body eagerly against Sattienne's. "I agree, and in that case, you shouldn't start something like this out here. This kissing can only lead to other things." He broke away from Sattienne's embrace and ran to his room, losing his t-shirt somewhere between the living room and the bedroom.

"It's supposed to lead to other things, love." Sattienne replied huskily as he pulled the other into his room and then pushed him down on the bed, covering him with himself, kissing his neck and chest through his clothing. "Let's get a little cooler, no?" He asked as he began to strip the other.

While he was being stripped, Alex decided to rid Sattienne of some of his coverings as well. He tugged on the bottom of his shirt, and hastily unzipped his pants. But he decided to save the glasses for last. He wasn't completely positive that his new lover could see without them, and he liked the look of them anyway.

"You're such a beautiful thing. I'd always wondered what you looked like nude." He said as he finally managed to rid the other of all of his clothing. He removed the last of his own and began to passionately kiss the other again, pulling his hips flush against his body as he did.

Alex gasped and tried to move his hips a bit to create friction, delighting in Sattienne's beautiful and perfect body before him. He didn't think he had ever seen someone as pretty as Sattienne, except perhaps Rostielle, but he couldn't think about him now. He groaned quietly into their kiss, wondering how it was he had so easily submitted to his lover.

Sattienne was more than pleased with the way things were working out at this moment. Those beautiful eyes held only attraction for him and that made him feel confident and absolutely wonderful. He kissed him over and over again, reaching between to stroke his lover instead, wanting to feel what he was about to pleasure by hand and his other hand slipped to penetrate the other for preparation.

At the slight intrusion, Alex gasped once again, but tried to relax. He had neglected to mention something to Sattienne earlier, however, and he thought maybe he should. Blushing horribly, he confessed. "Um, Sattienne...I've...I've never done this before." It was incredibly embarrassing, admitting that, but it was probably important that his lover know now before things got more intense. He didn't want to stop, though.

Satienne froze a moment and blushed at the other's confession. "Oh... do you want to stop then?" He would of course be incredibly gentle with his lover. "I wouldn't hurt you if you wish to go further still.." He whispered, holding all of his movements. "It's up to you love."

Shaking his head, Alex answered, "No, I don't want to stop. I just thought you should know." He blushed some more and looked away for a moment, then looked back and kissed Sattienne's lips for encouragement. So far, he wasn't even uncomfortable, though he knew there was going to be pain, but he didn't care. He wanted to have this moment with Sattienne.

Sattienne kissed the other back, regaining his courage to continue with the mollestation of his lover. He eased two fingers inside of him, pushing them in and out to help prepare him further. He was more than happy that the other wished to partake in this with him, it made him feel loved and wanted. It made him know the other wasn't merely toying with him. That they were really going to make love. He moved his kiss to the other's neck and nibbled the skin, moaning at the taste and the feel of his lover, waiting for a sign to take things even further.

Alex grimaced a little, as with two fingers he was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but he still didn't want Sattienne to stop. He forced the look from his face, and tried to concentrate on all of the pleasurable feelings Sattienne was giving him as well. He gave him a reassuring groan, and pushed against his fingers a little.

Sattienne knew that it would be even more uncomfortable for his love, but he would try to not make it so. He slipped in a third finger and moved them harder inside his love, hoping to make him feel good. "Mnn tell me when love, I want to be inside you." He said softly, biting his neck a little harder and stroking him tighter.

Alex groaned again. "Go ahead, it's fine." With Sattienne's continued stroking, he wasn't sure how much longer he would last, and he wanted his lover to be inside him before he came. For emphasis, he pushed against Sattienne's fingers once again, and spread his legs slightly farther apart.

Sattienne had no choice but to grant the other his request, removing his fingers and instead replacing them with his length, very gently pushing inside him, groaning at the tight feeling that encased him. "Gods, Alex, you feel exquisite." He mumbled, taking deep, slow breaths at the tightness.

Alex had never felt anything like this, the fullness and the pressure. It wasn't quite as painful as he had expected it to be, but he still concentrated on staying relaxed. He had the feeling that, in a few moments time, this feeling would become pleasurable, rather than alien and uncomfortable. "Mnn...Sattienne..."

Sattienne kissed the other in response to his name being uttered, moaning as he began to move slowly, but hard as he thrust, trying to get the other used to him quickly without causing too much discomfort or pain. "Alex love.. " He whimpered, shivering. It had been so long since he'd coupled and to do so again, especailly with this young man was all he needed.

Alex quickly got used to Sattienne's more insistent thrusting, now rather enjoying the feeling, and he even began to move his hips in time with Sattienne's. He began to moan quietly, letting his voice gradually increase in volume. He was nearing his climax, though he wished not so soon.

Sattienne moved with him, setting their pace to be a faster one, moving just a little harder inside him as he did with the effort of staying at that pace. He moaned as ecstasy ripped through him, making him stroke the other tighter and faster as he kissed the other deeper, harder, moaning loud as their lips met.

Alex moaned just as loudly in response, then broke their kiss almost abruptly. "Ahn, Sattienne, I'm--" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he came, spilling on his stomach and chest, and gripping Sattienne tightly inside him. It was probably the most intense orgasm he had ever had.

Sattienne could have lasted much longer, but to hear his name on that strained, but beautiful voice and to feel that tight grip around his length sent him undone. He shivered and called out loudly his lover's name as he too finished inside of him. "Alex!" He panted heavily as he finally stopped thrusting, holding him close. "Not so bad, was it?"

Alex leaned into Sattienne's embrace, tired, and smiled. "No, it really wasn't. In fact, I'd like to do that again sometime." He kissed his lover's cheek. "I wonder what time it is. Do you think Konstantin will be by soon?" Then another thought occurred to him, and he realized he must have been fighting sleep. "We never frosted the cake." He frowned.

"Oh, we didn't, did we?" He asked, grinning. "Well, why don't we do that and wait for Konstantin so that he may be properly introduced into the house, and he will visit Rostielle and we may eat our delicious dessert." Sattienne replied, rather feeling ingenious.

"Okay, that sounds good." Alex wriggled out of Sattienne's embrace, after kissing him once more, and tried to stand on his shaking legs. He collected his clothes and replaced them on himself, then found Sattienne's clothes, and tossed them to him.

Sattienne dressed and gathered the other for a loving kiss. "I love you." He mumbled before he went out to the kitchen, tugging the other behind him. He had hoped they didn't disturb Rostielle with their loud lovemaking, but it was much needed and couldn't be helped. "If there's enough frosting left over, we might be able to use that for.. activities later."

The suggestion made Alex smile at the same time that he blushed. He had heard Sattienne say that he loved him as well, but he wasn't sure he could answer just yet, and he hoped it wouldn't hurt his lover too much. He looked around and didn't see Rostielle anywhere, so he assumed he was still in his room, doing whatever it was that he was doing to get ready for Konstantin's arrival.

Sattienne smiled, not expecting the other to say it, but as long as he wasn't rejected from saying it himself, he was fine with that. He leant and kissed the other on the lips. "Well, if you want that is." He said when he noted the others blush at his comment on the uses of frosting.

Alex, annoyed with himself for blushing so much when he wasn't prone to it in the past, shook his head. "It's fine. I think it's a great idea." He smiled and returned Sattienne's kiss himself, then started suddenly when there was a knock at the front door. "I would guess that means Konstantin is here? If you answer the door, I'll go get Rostielle."

Sattienne nodded and went to the door, opening it with a flourish. "Well, hello there Konstantin. Rostielle will be out in a moment." He said, stepping aside to let the stoic-looking man inside. "Have a seat, make yourself comfortable." He added, removing himself to the kitchen to get a drink. "Are you thirsty or anything?"

Konstantin sat quietly on the couch, and gave Sattienne sort of a half-hearted smile. He was so tired from the events of earlier that day. It had been hell getting Marie out of the house. She had put up such a fight. "I'm fine, thank you. Maybe a little later. I want to see Rostielle first."

Alex knocked on Rostielle's closed door, and announced through it that Konstantin had arrived, and was waiting in the living room. He didn't wait around to see if Rostielle was coming out or not, and went back to the kitchen to see if Sattienne needed help with anything. "Maybe we should frost the cake quickly and see if Konstantin or Rostielle wants any?" He suggested as he entered the kitchen.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, that, or perhaps we should take it in our room and keep it to ourself. We'll save them a piece, I have feeling they'll be wanting time alone." He said, kissing his lips.

Rostielle hurried out of his room and upon seeing his lover on the couch he felt his breathing stop a moment before he rushed to him, crawling into his lap and clinging tightly to his clothing. "Oh love, I have you now finally, yes?" He asked, hopeful.

Alex agreed, and opened the can of frosting to begin spreading it over the cake. He made sure to leave some in the can, though, so they would have it for later. He smiled, "But do we really need to take a whole cake to our room? We could just take a few pieces, and leave the rest in the fridge...I mean, we do already have the frosting."

"Yes, I am yours, and only yours, Rostielle." Konstantin kissed his forehead. "I want you to know that Marie still has some of her things at my house, so she'll be making appearances only to pick those things up. If you're ever there and I'm not, and she shows up and gives you trouble, call me immediately." He petted Rostielle's hair. "So, now then, you've been sleeping this whole time?" He offered a gentle smile, to let him know he just wanted to hear the story, and he wasn't making fun of him.

"Or perhaps we could merely take the frosting... but yes, take a couple of pieces, love." He said softly, kissing his lips. "Perhaps we should turn my television up real loud as well.." He mentioned, half hoping the two out in the livingroom wouldn't make love on his couch.

"Yes, I slept so much,Konstantin. When I heard you'd died.. I don't even remember from who.. I believe it may actually have been a letter now that I think about it.. I couldn't take it. I fell to sleep and I made love to you in dream form every time I saw you.. but I could never remember your name and finally I did and I remembered and something sort of made me think to seek for you and now I have you again."

Alex cut a couple of pieces of cake and put them on plates, then handed one to Sattienne, and grabbed the can of frosting. "Let's go do that, then." He was actually wondering the same thing about the two that were on the couch, but he supposed Rostielle had a room of his own, and Konstantin had a whole house, so they were unlikely to do anything of that sort on the couch.

Konstantin frowned a moment as he thought about what Rostielle said, then a soft smile spread over his face. "That's right, we never got a chance to do anything like that before I left. So you dreamt about that every time you slept? How exhausting for your mind." He kissed Rostielle's cheek. "I wish I had received Sattienne's letter, then I would have come for you. Incidentally, I still have no idea what the letter said. Marie got rid of it before I could read it. It seems she knew about us the whole time." He kissed his lover again.

Sattienne lounged on his large bed as he entered his room first, winking at Alex. "I am happy they have one another now.. and happy Rostielle's awake at last." He said, patting beside him for his lover to lay beside him so they may share sweet, simple intimacy.

"It wasn't so much exhausting as invigorating. And how could she be so heartless?" Rostielle asked, confused why a person would destroy such a sweet thing as love. "I don't get it.." He layed a hand on his lover's cheek and kissed his lips. "I'm so much more than happy right now.."

Alex joined Sattienne on the bed, carefully balancing his cake, and setting the frosting down on the nightstand. "You know, I'm happy they have one another, too. It's good to finally know the cause of Rostielle's sleep, and that he's finally awake. I hope Konstantin is good for him." It seemed to Alex that Konstantin was a good man, and that was enough for him. He only needed to know that his friend would be treated lovingly. He took a small bite of cake. "That turned out really well, even though we nearly burned it."

Konstantin shook his head. "I have no idea. I don't think I ever loved Marie, though. She was just a distraction, and I think she knew it. She was jealous, and hurt, and it's my fault, but we are going our separate ways. It's better that way." He returned Rostielle's kiss. "I'm glad you're more than happy. I'm so glad to be with you once again, and I never want to be apart from you again." He wrapped his arms around Rostielle's smaller body and held him close.

Sattienne kissed Alex on the cheek and nodded, turning on a random t/v station. "Mn, yes, he's a very good man. I have known him for years and still know hardly anything about him." He said, laughing at the fact.

"I'm glad she was only that." Rostielle stated, kissing his lover sweetly again. "I love you so much." He whispered. He was so lost in what to do now that he had his love with him. He began to feel that passionate stirring in him again. "Oh love, may we go to my room please? I want to recreate my dreams.."

Alex laughed as well, and set his cake aside. "That's good enough, then." He kissed Sattienne's lips, and moved a little closer to him. "So...about using that frosting...I was wondering if maybe you would let me do something with it?"

"I love you too." Konstantin chuckled, and nodded. "If that's what you want to do, then absolutely." He stood from the couch, and waited for Rostielle to lead him to his bedroom. He wondered what exactly went on in Rostielle's dreams, and he was rather excited to find out.

"Oh, what did you have in mind?" Sattiene asked, absolutely thrilled by the lusted look in his lover's eyes. He adored that look, craved to see it more often, and if he had his way, he would by far see it as often as he merely wished it.

Rostielle smiled shyly, wondering why in his dreams, seducing his lover was so very easy, but in reality it was a whole other item that excited and frightened him at the same time. He kissed the other passionately, trying to find his courage as he lead the way to his room. "Now, lay on the bed." He said quietly, lacking authority, but hoping his love would play along.

"Well, you kind of have to be naked, to start." Alex slid off the bed and stood at the end of it, his hands on his hips, waiting for Sattienne to strip. In the meantime, he removed his shirt, but left his jeans on, and walked around the side of the bed to get the frosting that he had set down earlier.

Konstantin smiled a bit at Rostielle's transparent attempt at giving him orders, but laid down on the bed nonetheless. "Did you want me to take anything off...?" He offered hesitantly, his arms folded beneath his head, on top of the pillows.

Sattienne wondered what the other had in mind for him. He lazily stripped and eyed the other, letting his eyes drink in his chest. "Naked hmn? Should be interesting." He muttered, naked in front of the other finally. He saw the thing of frosting in his hand and he wondered just what treatment he'd be getting.

"Oh yes, everything. And you should pretend to sleep at first." Rostielle said, beginning to take his love's clothing off. "That's how all of my dreams started, you were naked and sleeping." He said, making quick work of the other's pants and shirt.

"Good, now lay on your back." Alex smirked and crawled onto the end of the bed, can of frosting in hand. He set it next to him, and kneeled between Sattienne's legs. "Have you figured out what I'm going to do yet?" With his hands, he worked Sattienne to hardness, and leaned forward and took the tip of his length between his lips.

It was hard for Konstantin not to smile at his lover's roleplaying, but he complied anyway, helping Rostielle to strip him, and laid on the bed with his eyes closed. He hoped it was a convincing enough position for sleep, and waited in the darkness behind his eyelids for Rostielle's next move.

Sattienne's eyes instantly became lust-hazed and he nodded eagerly. "Oh yes, love, I've figured it out.... very sweet of you." He said, watching and moaning while the tip of his length dissapeared beneath the other's lips.

Rostielle smiled as his dream seemed to re-connect itself in front of his eyes. He climbed atop of his love and already began his kisses and nibbles along his stomach and chest. "And then you'd wake up slowly.. " He said softly, stopping to pay extra attention to his nipples.

"Good." Alex remarked as he removed his lips from Sattienne's length. "Now for the part with the frosting." He dipped a finger into the frosting, and began coating his lover's length with it, slowly and carefully. Once it was finished, he eyed his masterpiece for a moment, then began cleaning the frosting off with his tongue.

Konstantin shivered, his eyes still closed for a moment, and he tried to open them in a sleepy way. It was difficult to do, with such a distracting partner. He smiled slowly, and watched Rostielle tease and kiss him. "...And then what...?" he asked playfully.

Sattienne found his new favorite food as his lover licked along his length, collecting long licks of frosting from him. He quivered and groaned quietly, watching him rapturously. "I like this part.." He said soft, lost in the delicious pleasure of it.

"Then I ride you after we can both take no more of my teasing." He said matter of factly. He kissed up and kissed his lover's lips while stroking him as he straddled his hips. "And we generally both end up switching, but I love riding you and having you.. it's exactly as I remember, my love."

Alex smiled just before he enveloped nearly Sattienne's entire length in his mouth, and sucked up a good portion of the frosting. It was actually quite difficult to get the frosting without covering himself in it in the process, since it would have been ill-advised to use his teeth. He licked off some of the remaining frosting teasingly.

Konstantin raised his eyebrows at Rostielle's matter of fact tone, but appreciated the treatment he was receiving based on his lover's dreams. These must have been wonderful dreams. He shivered as his lover straddled him, and he waited anxiously to see if he would act out his dreams exactly.

Sattienne wanted his lover, so very much. "Oh my lovely Alex, I do want you.. or shall I return the favor before I take you?" He asked, heatedly while he neared his own completion under the other's licks and carresses.

Rostielle couldn't wait any longer. He placed himself just above the other's length and gently pushed himself down along it, moaning a little tense as it was a little more fulfilling than what his dream had allowed him to experience.

Alex stopped what he was doing to answer, smiling up at his lover. "I think it would be fine if you just took me." He looked down at his handiwork first, then added, "But maybe we should make sure the frosting is all gone before you do?"

Konstantin clenched his jaw and groaned at the tightness of it, then looked up at Rostielle. "Are you alright?" he inquired a little breathlessly. He wondered if Rostielle had ever actually done anything like this in real life, or only in his dreams.

Sattienne nodded in agreement. "That we should." He said, pushing the other back, putting a sizable amount on the other's length after he had him pinned and immediately began lapping it up. He moaned as he sucked and licked along him.

"Yes, I am more than fine." Rostielle said, face flushed as he began to move up and down the other. "It's just like my dream my love, you're my first, my love, my everything. I love it." He mentioned, shivering and moving a little faster.

Alex moaned deeply at the abruptness of the action, and threaded his fingers into Sattienne's multicolored hair. "Oh,'re wonderful..." He wasn't guiding him with his hands, he just needed something to hold onto. "You had better not do that too much...I won't last too long..."

Konstantin didn't answer verbally. He placed his hands on Rostielle's hips, feeling his movement more fully. It was a wonderful sensation, and he gasped and groaned at Rostielle's tight heat. It was amazing that just his dreams almost made him seem more experienced, and at the moment, he had little desire to take control, but he wanted to follow Rostielle's dreams.

"I'm not so far away myself." Sattienne replied before descending upon his lover again, taking him in far, sucking long and slow along him. He licked up all of the frosting he could and when it was gone he put on even more of it, beginning his assualt again, being sure his suction was tight and enveloping.

Rostielle continued to ride the other, continued to feel the pleasure and passion he felt when he was with him in his dream. He began to ride him faster feeling most happy doing so. "I love you, Konstantin..." It was so good to finally have his lover and know his name and also know he wouldn't waken from him.

Alex took his hands off of Sattienne's hair and fisted them in the sheets beneath him instead. He threw his head back against the pillows, so skilled was his lover with his mouth. "Ahh, yeeess..." He nearly hissed with pleasure. He hoped they would run out of frosting soon, it was such torment, but then he hoped that they wouldn't, and knew that even if they did it wouldn't stop anything. " close..."

"Mmm, Rostielle...I love you too..." Konstantin's eyes followed his love as he moved up and down, drinking in the beautiful image. The loose, wavy curls in his hair bounced when he moved down, and he was making the most amazing expression of ecstasy.

Sattienne finally set down his can of frosting and continued to suck the other in this manner. "Shall I take you or you take me?" He asked, watching the other lustedly. He kept licking along him as he asked this question, his hands helping to work him along in pleasure.

Rostielle began to stroke himself as he rode his lover, clenched about him tighter. "Oh love.." He whispered, bending down to kiss him hard while he pushed down harder each time now. "Konstantin!"

Alex could barely think to answer the question, but he was vaguely surprised that he had been asked. If he took Sattienne, there was no way he could last, so he quickly blurted out, "Ahh, just take me...!" It really didn't occur to him that it might not be a good idea to do it twice in one day, especially since that day had also been his first time. But he couldn't have cared less.

Konstantin groaned more deeply as Rostielle tightened yet further around him, though he hadn't previously known that to be possible. He began to thrust upward, meeting Rostielle as he moved downward, thrust for thrust. It was a hard pace, and the friction was amazing. He was getting closer every moment.

Sattienne nodded, hot by his lover's words. He pulled him close, pushing himself in with one thrust and holding so the other would be able to adjust before he moved again.

Rostielle shivered as he fought to keep his composure, but his thrusts began to become erratic and his moans louder as he continued their hard and fast pace and continued to receive pleasure and give it in this manner, stroking himself tighter and faster, shivering as he neared end. "Oh Konstantin!"

It was much easier to adjust, Alex noticed, as compared to the first time. After only a few moments, he wiggled his hips anxiously and begged Sattienne. "Move, please..." He could hardly stand it anymore.

It seemed that Rostielle only grew tighter around him, his wonderful little love. Konstantin thrust hard and fast, nearly losing his rhythm. "Rostielle..." He moaned his name in his deep, authoritative voice, made rougher by lust and heavy breathing. He was just at the edge...

Sattienne was more than willing to grant the other his movements and he began to move hard and slow within him. He thrust and thrust and quickly lost himself in a very intimate rhythm with his lover, shivering and moaning loudly as he claimed his love. "Alex!"

Konstantin's voice is what finally drove him to the edge, it finally made him realize who he coupled with for good. His dreams literally came true as he came and called out to his love, the one he was meant to be with, even in his dreams and waking moments. He came hard at that thought, gasping in pleasure. "Konstantin!"

The pleasure came on much more quickly this time, and Alex found himself moaning and sighing Sattienne's name, and meeting his thrusts with his hips. It was a fantastic feeling, and it was causing him to be unfortunately near his climax.

As Rostielle tightened impossibly around him, nearly to the point of pain, Konstantin came hard as well. The next several moments were stars and beautiful bliss, and then he pulled Rostielle down for a kiss. "I love you, Rostielle. I'm so happy we could finally be together."

Sattienne was fast to keep claiming his lover in such a manner, fast and sweetly, he kissed him passionately as he continued to near his end, thrusting harder and harder, pleased that he was able to tell his love was so very close as well.

"I love you too, Konstantin, and I'm happy to finally have you also." He collapsed on the other's chest and sighed content. "So good to finally truly be held by you this way." He said, kissing him softly as he held tight to the other.

"Oh god, ahh...Sattienne!" Alex cried in ecstasy, throwing his head back against the pillows once more. He climaxed just as hard as he had the first time, tightening around Sattienne. And unlike the first time, he was exhausted, and wanted - no, needed - sleep.

Konstantin petted Rostielle's hair, as he seemed to do quite often, and smiled. "Do you know what the best part is, love?" He kissed his lover's forehead. "I'll be here when you wake up." He smiled once more, content for the first time since he had returned from war.

Sattienne shivered as he finished just after his lover. "Alex, I love you." He said while he pulled the other to his chest. They could bathe when they woke, right now exhaustion needed him to sleep and he closed his eyes, holding to him tight.

Rostielle blushed and nodded. "I know, and I can't wait, for it will be our life we may start together when I waken again." He whispered back, kissing his love as he closed his eyes to let himself sleep with ease for his love would be there and he had nothing to fear.

Alex sighed contentedly and snuggled closer to Sattienne. "I think I love you too, Sattienne." He whispered the reply, and closed his eyes, letting sleep claim him quickly.

Konstantin didn't reply, but he agreed silently, and continued petting Rostielle's hair until his hand fell limp at his side with sleep.

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2010-08-16 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- But is it? I'm not so sure it was. I am thinking on continuing it, but then again, I may not.

2010-08-16 [kiradraco]: I like this one as it is. If you want to contiue it that is fine too. It is definatly a bitter sweet dream from the emotion in it, a glimps of something beautiful that is then snatched away from the dreamer. Well that is what I get from it.

2010-08-16 [The Vampire Armand]: It was a spur of the moment idea. I'll probably leave it like this.

2010-08-16 [kiradraco]: Well ArmiMoo it is almost my bed time and Dee wants to spend a little time with me , I should have been devoting my time to him about two haours ago. -hugs you and kisses your forehead-
Sweet dreams Armand and I will try to get on tomorrow during the day to check up on you -hugs you again-

2010-08-16 [The Vampire Armand]: We've decided to continue it.. -laughs-

2010-08-17 [kiradraco]: -smiles- So I see. I like the way you left the first part to stand alone. I have to say your writing is improving greatly. The images you paint are clear and full of emotion. Most would tell you that sawpping too and fro like that is confusing but honestly if the reader has even the slightest bit of intellegence that is not an issue. I am intruged my this story but I can not help thinking you are Rostielle and his pale lover is your maker. Perhaps a manifestation of your longing and desire?
I am looking forward to reading more of it. -hugs you-

2010-08-17 [The Vampire Armand]: -frowns- I don't think so, I would never so strongly come onto my maker unless he warranted it, and this man is always asleep. I do not have the gall to come onto him without him questioning me about it. -grins- With him, I am rather shy. I used to be a wicked thing with him, tormenting and demanding him with my touches, but I couldn't bring myself that way now.

2010-08-18 [kiradraco]: -smiles- The story is progressing nicely. I like the little mannerisms that make everything more real. Looking forward to the next instalment :)

2010-08-18 [The Vampire Armand]: -smiles- Good.

2010-08-23 [kiradraco]: -smiles and hugs you- WOW that is very interesting. I hope he finds his blonde lover and I hope things work out fore Sattinne and Alex. It had me guessing right to the end. I must admit the idea of him sleeping like that and not having seen a doctor is a little odd but then again so is a continous loop of erotic dreams with a stranger. Very passionate and sexy though. :)

2010-08-23 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- We'll assume he's been seen by doctors.. that they told them to let him sleep?

2010-08-24 [kiradraco]: I wonder what Konstantin is going to think of Rostielle and his rather passionate dreams? LOL

2010-08-25 [kiradraco]: After reading that last bit I am a little ashamed to be a woman. >.<
Marie sounds like a real bitch.

2010-08-25 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- She is, not all women are this way, merely the vast majority.. and they all pout when I tell them my interest in men...

2010-08-25 [kiradraco]: -laughs- Well that is because you are such an attractive little thing and most women would love the chance to make love to you. -shakes head-

2010-08-25 [The Vampire Armand]: Not really....I'm five foot seven.. and am very feminie for a boy. They merely amuse themselves with the thought because they think I'm harmless and that they can overpower me.

2010-08-26 [kiradraco]: -laughs- How wrong they are :)
Seriously I have a thing for feminine looking Asian boys, I always have and it is not because I want to overpower them. I find them beautiful and being just over five foot myself (Between five foot and five one.) The fact that they are short does not bother me at all. It is strange my taste in men varies greatly for the rugged, bearded, hairy type to the little Japanese boys with long dark hair and fine featured. LOL

2010-08-26 [The Vampire Armand]: Don't we all? -laughs- I understand what you mean, there are some very very beautiful ones.

2010-08-26 [kiradraco]: Oh yes and it seems the older I get the more of a pervert I become. I guess in some small way I would like to currupt the pretty ones but I have to admit, I prefer a strong demanding mand who takes what he wants in bed. LOL

2010-08-26 [The Vampire Armand]: That's all right, I'm perverted myself. And I highly agree with you.

2010-08-26 [kiradraco]: -laughs- Thought you might :)

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