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2005-03-21 23:20:40
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hello folks and welcome to the domain of Red Vs Blue! come and chill and talk of the adventures in Blood Gulch... or go in a broom closet and pretend you have friends, either way we don't care.



wow! you made it to the Red vs Blue fan Wiki! whether you found this Wiki via a lifelong search or stumbled upon it in a drunken stupor congratulations are in order. Some might be asking "what is Red vs Blue?" my response is use that door at the top left of the screen, the door is in the form of the back button. navigate to Red vs Blue [] and you'll probably get the jist of what goes on, failing that dowload one of their videos from their video section. If you still feel perplexed at the goings on, standard procedure dictates you should throw yourself off the highest building you can find, when you land it'll all make sense. Red Vs Blue is given to us free of charge from those wonderful folks at Rooster Teeth who, apart from having time to kill, are charming, generous...(payroll alert) well, ahem, you get the picture. Red Vs Blue is one of the first fully recognized machinima's to be made, and it is great. For that is why you are here, for you share the love. Feel free to discuss comments, quotes, etc (well, don't literally discuss etc, people will think you are a wittering homeless person with to much time on their hands)

hope to see you on


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2006-01-20 [Foxspike]: OOOOWWWWWCHIES you lied to me!

2006-02-04 [-xXCemetery † ThingsXx-]: hahahaha, its good to watch all you guys talk, its fun fun fun

2006-02-05 [Foxspike]: u red vs blue fan as well

2006-02-05 [Foxspike]: Alan u gotta see the 360 red vs blue welcome video funny

2006-02-05 [Foxspike]: tex i bet u aint felt balls big since your morning sratch, he tex when u walking away i can see where u hiding it

2006-02-06 [-xXCemetery † ThingsXx-]: yea i am!!

2006-02-06 [-xXCemetery † ThingsXx-]: you see i have only seen a few episodes!! my fav was that the internet vs real life....or some thing like that! god!, it was funny

2006-02-06 [Mal Reynolds]: amen to that!

2006-02-07 [-xXCemetery † ThingsXx-]: lol

2006-02-08 [Foxspike]: i love the ones in Cabosse's head looking for O'Maly 'Arh i got termits in me leg'

2006-02-10 [-xXCemetery † ThingsXx-]: lol

2006-02-12 [sparda.]: hey tucker u wanna shake his hand agian ... im not doing that anymore

2006-12-05 [deus-misereatur]: EEEEEEEEEE!
Red vs blue!!!!!!
What if Tucker is contagious? I do not want to catch pregnancy.

Hey, no-one is pregnant. And seriously, Caboose, when I get done with this... we gotta have a little talk man. There's a book I've got that we can read together.

...I'd like that.


2006-12-13 [Foxspike]: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

2006-12-13 [Foxspike]: SIMMONS I NEED YOUR OVERIES

2006-12-13 [deus-misereatur]: Hahahaha

"My die."

2007-02-28 [sparda.]: hello

2007-03-03 [Mal Reynolds]: greeetings

2007-04-13 [deus-misereatur]: Ello! :D

2008-01-02 [Xerin Zamaki]: Blarg chika honk honk

2008-11-26 [deus-misereatur]: heehee i bought the fourth season =3

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