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R e d A d d i c t i o n

Rienne and Farrel from Capere are the stars of this rp.
Brought to you by [The Vampire Armand] and [Vou].
There's going to be M-rated scenes in here.
Do not read if underage or offended.

Rienne climbed into the carriage aside his lover. He loved just simply being near him. He looked up gently into the other's eyes, trying to do so without being seen persay. He leant up and kissed his lips once, a small signal of affection that he held greatly for him. "Farrel... thank you." He said, thanking him for everything he had been given by the other.

Farrel glanced towards the mortal boy who was going to be his soon. The ghost of a smile formed on lips as the black-cherry haired one bestowed him a very simple, yet lovely kiss. At hearing the word of thanks, the vampire shook his head. Pulling Rienne onto his lap, he nuzzled his neck gently. "No, Little One, I have you to thank. You have made my loneliness dissipate. . . something that has not been done for decades." 

Temperature in Rienne rose as he was nuzzled and pulled onto his lover's lap. The kiss he was given was breathtaking and he wanted more of those kisses. He'd never been kissed so sweetly before, and this one was so very food at it. "Oh Farrel.. you make me want things."

Enjoying the baritone his pet's voice spoke in, a mischievous glint sparkled in his pinkish-red eyes. And so letting his bangs shadow his face, somewhat, Farrel studied the other's expression a moment before replying. "And just what kind of things does my Little One want?" He murmured softly, nuzzling the soft flesh of the boy's throat again before allowing his fangs lightly graze over the pulse point. If he had been any younger, he would not have been able to exercise such control as he was now. The years have taught him how to control the desire to feast on blood. Besides, he'd already eaten. His hands trailed down Rienne's sides, before reaching underneath the fabric of his shirts, threatening to touch the virgin skin beneath.

Fire sparked in Rienne. He leant up and kissed the other again, willing those hands to slip under his shirt. "I.. I don't know. I really don't, I know it involves your touch." He whispered, wishing he wasn't so virginal to the other. He whimpered a little as his breathing sped up at the thoughts going through his mind. The feeling of the other's fangs on his throat heated him even further, causing him to grip the other's hair tightly.

"Gods. . ." Farrel hissed under breathe at the feel of his hair being pulled. It was a turn-on and it was what usually made him break control. A small growl escaped him as he pressed the teen closer to himself. "Haven't you ever pleasured yourself? You know nothing of the adult world. . ?" He needed to know. The knowledge of what his little one has done was essential to what could be deemed as going to fast for them. But, there was no doubt, if he could push it, they would become true lovers this evening.

"I have pleasured myself, but I've not ever felt this." Rienne informed him, shivering and pressing his forehead against the other's. "Oh Farrel.. make this fire stop.. it's comsuming me." He whispered, his cheeks flushed and his lips parted, red from their kissing.

"Are you sure of this. . . Little One?" He murmured, eyes opening and staring questioningly into opposite's. "If. . if you are unsure, then voice it now. I may not be able to stop myself. . ." Farrel wrapped his arms around the boy's waist tighter, his need pressing tightly against Rienne's thigh. "It has been years since I've been with another intimately."

"Yes, yes I am sure, please. I want this. I want you." He groaned and kissed the other."Please Farrel." He whimpered in pleading, biting his lower lip to keep from being to loud so the passerby did not hear him.

All of Farrel's control and dissolve melted away when Rienne pressed a kiss to his own lips. "As you wish." He replied, before crashing his lips against Rienne's once more to silence his whimpers. Left Hand trailed upwards underneath the material of the shirts, tracing over ribcage, side and up to the nipple to tweak and tug them gently. Right hand moved to the small of Rienne's back, digging lightly into the skin there. It was only enough to encourage his beloved to arch.

Rienne did arch, pressing himself to his lover's chest. He was lost with sensation as the other touched him, his skin felt almost massaged in a sense. He groaned and tugged on the other's hair while he opened his mouth to breath better, it seemed he was panting for the other, begging for more and more,.

When the encouragement was followed through, Farrel took the opportunity to end the kiss and to trail his fangs and lips down the boy's jawline to his ear, where he took the lobe in between his lips and sucked gently. Their midsections pressing together was favorable. And he felt that his pants were becoming suffocating to his need. But, he ignored it for the moment and continued to focus on pleasuring his pet.

Rienne felt like he was being teased. He whimpered and writhed, his hips moving in a rythm against the other. "Farrelll.. you're teasing me." He insisted, taking the other's hand in his and leading it to his length so he could at least be stimulated in that way.

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2010-02-19 [The Vampire Armand]: But should we start from where theystarted when in the carriage together? If that is the case I am just going to copy and paste and then add more.

2010-02-19 [Vou]: I have no problems with beginning from that point.

2010-02-19 [The Vampire Armand]: Hold on, let me add more than just this.

2010-02-19 [Vou]: Okay. :3

2010-02-19 [The Vampire Armand]: we,of course, need to probably elaborate on this..

2010-02-19 [Vou]: Agreed. Do you just want to restart? o_O;

2010-02-19 [The Vampire Armand]: -sighs and laughs- Sure, why not. They will be in the carriage though... unless you mean from beginning of the story? The carriage scene was hottest to me.. it could have been so much.. hotter

2010-02-19 [Vou]: we'll redo the carriage scene. you start. xD

2010-02-19 [Vou]: I'm gonna go to bed. My head hurts, again, and I'm sad that Alex isn't replying to my messages. I am just going to sleep everything off. . . g'night. I shall post again in the morning hours. <3

2010-02-19 [The Vampire Armand]: All right.

2010-02-20 [Vou]: I am posting when I can; right now I'm in between two jobs, so I'll be able to post until 5:30 my time. I work 6 to 10 and then I'm off until Monday morning. I am also trying to prevent a cold from taking place.

2010-02-20 [The Vampire Armand]: I understand.

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