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2009-07-26 19:03:51
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my loverly friends!! Alphebetical Order!

[the forgotten's shadows]
[Alexi Ice
[~Crimson Angel~]
[Angel Of Lost Souls]
[Bella HeartAttack
[Black knight007]
[Guitar guy]
[Line Viper
[Darkness Wrath]
[doc snov]
[Evolution X
[Fear the Reaper]
[golden sun]
[Guitar Addicted]
[High Paladin]
[Hill Nation 1
[mataro keba
[Michael Asher
[Mooncows Shadow
[Mr. Wonka]
[Nike Laos]
[odd ball nineteen
[Omega Zeon
[One Song Glory
[Paranormal Princess]
[prisoner of my past
[the mad hatter2]
[Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice
[sk8er dude333
[Synthetic Roses]
[Kiss My Sass]
[Teh phyre
[The "Problem" Child]
[the darkest soul
[The End of Heartache
[The Purity of Brutality
[Triple 6 Joker]
[Vampire Princess Twilight]
[Vampire's Vanity]
[Willst du meine Liebe seien?]
[The Chrono Trigger
[wu di doo]
[Xerin Zamaki
[obnoxiouscantde leteacounts]
[embracethebeast _Gangrel
[Zain Darkar]
[~*Crimson Rose*~]
[Ookami Ouji
[Ŧhe Jøker

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2009-07-25 [Dezmond]: whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! I-I'm not on this list...*sniffle*...

2009-07-26 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: this was made a LONGGGGG time ago...before u n i became friends.

2009-07-26 [Dezmond]: oh lol well..ok then

2009-07-27 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *points* now ur up there

2009-07-27 [Dezmond]: i saw *giggles* yaaay!

2009-07-28 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: soon enough ill have pics up and little things to say about each one. i just copy and pasted my relations list....i need to cut a few off this list tho.

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