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First just for interest, please note the number: "119747". If you take the first two numbers, which are
"1 and 1", then take the last two numbers, which are: "4 and 7", now omit the middle two: "9 and 7",
which leaves you with "1, 1, 4, 7" remaining or "1147". But... left at 1147 and then used would be: too
obvious AND also a smaller number. So, to throw everyone off to keep it from being too obvious, the
numbers were then reversed to: "4711". Hence, trivia... who's "favourite number"?

This wiki-page isn't much good for the purpose that [Hedda] intended, as far as for yours truly, for a
few reasons, but I still commend him for the concept and I'm sure most members here will get good re-
sults with it:
<img:> ~ First: I have very few photos taken of myself. I hate having my picture taken and hate it even more
       to display it. Since the photo slot can now ONLY be used for one's self image, don't expect it to be
       used very much by yours truly.
<img:> ~ Second: I have more issues and problems with the new uploading feature to one's photo slot than
       I care to go into. Basically, it's more trouble than it's worth 'for me', especially since I have no real
       interest in displaying photos of myself.

About for the "drawing slot": The upload to the drawing slot I cannot get to work AT ALL! I continually get
a bloody error message from Opera and hence, I CAN'T use it. Grrr! Then add the fact the art uploaded is made
automatically from a PNG into a yukky JPG, makes it more irritating. However, I'm thinking about a way so I
can work around it or at least, somewhat. I'm not one to just let something get the better of me, without
looking into other angles to try and work around a glitch or wrinkle.

More interesting or not information coming... maybe.


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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

By [Artsieladie]</center>
Missing: </center>

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