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Point Pleasant, WVA

Please Note: These images are FREE to use stock for art reference, photo manipulation etc. You may use them without restriction unless otherwise noted.  You do not have to credit me each time you use them, however a link back would be appreciated. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me

Thanks and enjoy!
Please see also Reference Pictures

This alley reminded me of Jack the Ripper...not exactly sure why.
Pucker up Mothman!!
The inside of the Mothman museum
Memorial to the Silver Bridge Collapse. The original bridge would have run paralelle to the railroad bridge in the background.
Interesting find. This park was dedicated to the first battle in the War of 1812.
This is/was reportedly one of the oldest trees known in Kentucky. It was damaged heavily by a storm last year. Missed it by a year!! Darn!! I think the plague said it was a Silver Maple.
A memorial to those from WVA who died in the War of 1812
The beautiful town of Point Pleasant West Virginia. It's like stepping back in time. This place is amazingly rich in history and mystery. I would love to live there!
The infamous Mothman Museum.
The Lowe Inn has been in constant use as the local Inn for almost 200 years! The inside of this place is gorgeous! Again, it's like stepping back into time! I can't wait to go back this Fall and stay there! I will have tons of pics then!
Dunn, dunn dunn!! Mr. Mothman himself!
I'm ready for my close up!
the Mothman must work out!

/ [Lothuriel]

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Point Pleasant, WVA

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2008-09-11 [Skydancer]: Very nice shots, and that statue is quite a piece of work. :)

2008-09-11 [Lothuriel]: Thank you!

The statue is amazingly well crafted.

2008-09-14 [Thistlewood]: Wow cool!

2008-09-14 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol Buns of steel?

2008-09-14 [Thistlewood]: lol literally!! Man the mothman is buff.

2008-09-14 [Lothuriel]: I know...he's so hawt!!

2008-09-14 [Calico Tiger]: LOL! I was about to say the same thing about buns of steel x)

2008-09-15 [Kyrinn]: lol only you would go behind Mothman and take a picture of his ass, loth!! XDD

2008-09-15 [Lothuriel]: <img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2008-09-15 [Kyrinn]: took me a minute to figure out where it was taken. I was staring at it thinking "What the hell is that? What muscles? Why does she say he is working ou - ohhhhhhhh I see. *giggles* "

2008-09-16 [Ariandra]: Wow! There's actually a museum for the mothman? Cool!

2008-09-16 [Lothuriel]: Yes! It has a lot of movie props from The Mothman Prophecies and some debris from the Silver Bridge Collapse. Tons of original hand-written letters and original newspaper articles and so forth. It was very interesting!

2008-09-17 [Perplexity]: Sweet! I thought the movie was really intriguing. How cool to have actually been to the location!

2008-10-14 [Lothuriel]: I have a ton of pics from some of the Historical Sites but, I've been too lazy to upload them, lol!

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