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Poem Total: 160

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Artist for sure...
  Some words in rhyme...
This pen can make...
  It storytime!!!
© 2005 ...Sharon Donnelly

[ *** ] means a poem of mine chosen by the Daily Poem or won in a poetry competition!
Disclaimer: All of the poetry posted on these pages is copyrighted (©) to [Artsie_ladie],
aka Sharon Donnelly. ALL rights reserved to me, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED!!!


*Artsie_ladie's* Birthday Greeting Poetry

<img7*0:> "My Dear Friend...[ username ]!"
<img7*0:> "Birthday Greetings!"
<img7*0:> "A Splendid, Happy Birthday!"
<img7*0:> "Happy Birthday, Mom!"
<img7*0:> "Darling..."
<img7*0:> "Birthday Candle Lighter!"
<img7*0:> "Special Words For A Special Friend!"
<img7*0:> "Happy Seventeenth Birthday!"
<img7*0:> "Happy 'New Mommy' Birthday!"

Poem Total: 09

*Artsie_ladie's* Christian Poems

<img7*0:> "Have I Told You, Jesus, That I Love You?"
    - Song Lyrics.
    - Image with, for the Christian Art Contest!
<img7*0:> "A Blessed Christmas To All"
<img7*0:> "Virtue Versus Sin. Which Will Win?"
    - For The Seven Deadly Sins Competition!
    - TSDSC, Poetry Entries, 2007.
<img7*0:> "A New Flower Added To The Master's Bouquet"
    - In memory of [Kileaiya].
<img7*0:> "God, Are You Listening?"
<img7*0:> "My Silver Wings!"

Poem Total: 06


*Artsie_ladie's* Christmas Poems

<img7*0:> "Christmas Is A Time Of Magic!"
<img7*0:> "Christmas Magic!"
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry 05, page 2, 2005.
<img7*0:> "Snow"
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
<img7*0:> "Precious Jesus!"
<img7*0:> "My Christmas Wish For You!"
<img7*0:> "An Elftown Christmas!"
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry Competition - 2007, Page 1!
    - Plus 4 versions for other sites!

Poem Total: 10

*Artsie_ladie's* Easter Poems

<img7*0:> "A Blessed Easter!"
<img7*0:> "Happy Easter!" [ *** ]
    - For the Easter Poetry Contest 2008!

Yay! It won!

Poem Total: 02


*Artsie_ladie's* Fantasy Poems

<img7*0:> "A Place Called Shady Hollow!"
    - I wrote this for Shady Hollow, 2006!
<img7*0:> "An Orc's Meal"
    - For the Official Orc Poetry Contest!
    - Orc Poetry 06, Page 2, 2006.
<img7*0:> "Orcs"
    - For the Official Orc Poetry Contest!
    - Orc Poetry 06, Page 2, 2006.
<img7*0:> "The Dragon - A Silly Poem!"
<img7*0:> "O, Hail The Mighty Dragon!"
    - For Dragon!
    - ECM Dragon Poetry, 2007-2008.
<img7*0:> "The Great Winged One!"
    - For Pegasus!
    - Pegasus Poetry, 2006-2007.
<img7*0:> "Cursed Are The Undead!"
    - For Vampire!
    - Vampire Poetry, 2007
    - --> Walking Dead (ECM Mods), 2007.

Poem Total: 07

*Artsie_ladie's* Halloween Poetry

<img7*0:> "Time To Fright and Shine!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 05, page 3, 2005.
<img7*0:> "A Spirit Summons!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
<img7*0:> "Nightly Demons!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
<img7*0:> "Three Halloween Guests" [ *** ]
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 07, page 1, 2007.
    - Yay! It won!
<img7*0:> "Birth Of A Jack O' Lantern"
<img7*0:> "It's Halloween!"

Poem Total: 06


*Artsie_ladie's* Patriotic Poetry

<img7*0:> "Salute to America's Protectors!"

Poem Total: 01

*Artsie_ladie's* Pet Poetry

<img7*0:> "Royal Sterling Silver!"
<img7*0:> "Samantha's Wings!" [ *** ]
<img7*0:> ...more.

Poem Total: 15


*Artsie_ladie's* St. Patrick's Day Poems

<img7*0:> "The Luck of the Irish!"
<img7*0:> "Everyone Is Irish On St. Patrick's Day!" [ *** ]
    - For the St. Patrick's Day Festival!
    - SPD Poetry Contest 2008.
    - Yay! It won second!

Poem Total: 02


*Artsie_ladie's* Valentine Poetry

<img7*0:> "Love Ship!"
<img7*0:> "Haunted!"
<img7*0:> "Loose Lips, Sink Ships!"
<img7*0:> "Listening To Your Heart"
<img7*0:> "My Last Letter..."
<img7*0:> "Photographs..."
<img7*0:> "I Would Shout My Love ...From The Mountains High!"
<img7*0:> "♥ The Flower Of Love ♥!"
<img7*0:> "♥ Secret L♥ve! ♥"
<img7*0:> "One More Wish!"
<img7*0:> "Friendship Efflorescence, a Chrysalis de L’amour"
<img7*0:> "Love Till Death"

<img7*0:> "A Beautiful Dream..."
<img7*0:> "A Million Tears"
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 09, Page 1, 2009.
<img7*0:> "Twisted Love: Untwist It, My Love"
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 09, Page 1, 2009.
    - © 10:42 AM 2009/01/31
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
<img7*0:>"My Beautiful Mother! My Beautiful Valentine!"
    - In the Blessed Memory of my dear, sweet Mother!
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition
    - Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1, 2007.
<img7*0:> "L♥ving..." [ *** ]
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1, 2008.
    - Yay! It won!
<img7*0:> "The Beauty Of Passion, The Art Of Love!"
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1, 2008.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
<img7*0:> "My Valentine Forever!" [ *** ]
    - For my best friends when her husband was killed.
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 06, Page 3, 2006.
    - Yay! It won!

Poem Total: 17</center>


My Rhymetymes:

*Artsie's* Poetry - Rhymetyme

<img7*0:> - More of my poetry; more pages of.

<img7*0:> - Poem Total: 61


More poetry of mine can be found:

"Welcome...Eye Love Elftown"

                      My Poem/Story:
<img7*0:> *Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy
     ...continued on...
<img7*0:> *Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy pg 2
<img7*0:> *Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy pg 3
<img7*0:> *Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy pg 4

Poem Total: 01

*Artsie's* Family & Friends

<img7*0:> - For my Mom, Daughter, Sisters & Brother!
<img7*0:> - Includes poems chosen by the Daily Poem
<img7*0:> - For my Mom [ *** ]
<img7*0:> - For my Daughter, [bluefarie] [ *** ]
<img7*0:> - For a few of my many Friends on Elftown!

Poem Total: 22


*Artsie's* Pet Rescue

<img7*0:> - Includes the "Rescue Poems" I wrote for pets
      that have needed homes!

Poem Total: Counted in my 'Pet Poetry', above.

A Teddy Bear's Revelation

<img7*0:> - Imagine! A talking Teddybear!

Poem Total: 01


Check out [Artsie_ladie]'s other pages:

<img7*0:> Birthdays On Elftown
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<img7*0:> Promotional Campaign For Elftown
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[Artsie_ladie]'s Index Page:
 - *Artsie's* Priv' Wikis' Index
[Artsie_ladie]'s Record of all that she did for this site...:
...and then was ROYALLY humiliated, defiled, and character assassinated for!
 - For The L♥ve Of A Community - Elftown!


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<img7*0:> -
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<img7*0:> - [Artsie_ladie]


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2010-06-29 [Nioniel]: *watches*

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: Hello, Melissa. It's nice to see you here. :)

2010-09-26 [Nioniel]: :)Hello. This page is great, your poetry is wonderful.

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: Aw, thank you! It's always nice to hear when someone gets some enjoyment from what I pull from these damp and musty chasms within me. ;) 

I started to give my poetry wiki a new make-over a while ago, but I always get distracted with one thing or another somehow. I have many more poems I've written, but never get around to adding them.

But I'm working now on my poetry site atm, so hopefully I'll correlate the two, to get both up to snuff together. I'm thinking about moving my current poetry site though, to my new domain, and have the .net be just for my poetry.

2010-09-26 [Nioniel]: Ohmygosh, I know what you mean! :) There is always some work to be done here; I never seem to be able to accomplish all that I'd like to.

I'll have to check out your net page. :)

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: hehe Don't rush over there, because I just activated it and that's about it right now. My other domain I have yet to start,, is going to be for my art, me thinks. I have a total of 8 domains at present, one being, which I bought to use as a promotion thing for, but apparently this was a bad idea, so now I'm not sure what I'll do with it. But... I'll think of something. It may just be just the domain to host my Cyberstalking site in. ;)

2010-09-26 [Nioniel]: Why was it a bad idea?

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: Well, straight to the point? Because if I'm not liked by the very top here, the owner, then I see no likelihood of anything I would do to promote his site as possibly being a positive move either. Sorry, to be a bit blunt, but there's little point in beating around the bush, either. :/

2010-09-27 [Nioniel]: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. :(

2010-09-27 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, me too.. kinda', sorta', but *shrugs* Machs nichs! Whatever he thinks or feels about me? ...Well, then I think the very same about him. I don't really much care any longer, because he has done more damage to me and my life than I've ever anticipated him doing, and I most certainly did not deserve. But every doggie has its day! With this said, this is about all the time I will ever waste on him.

I'm trying to focus on more pleasant and positive things now in my life. A fellow that recently wrote a children's story, has asked me to make 18 illustrations for it. It's to be in a large part, a picture book. My problem is, I don't know what to charge him. I don't want to over charge, but I don't want to do it for next to nothing either. I'm never very good at knowing what to charge someone.

Speaking of pleasant topics, how are you and your hubby doing? Are you dreading or looking forward to another New York winter? It's just around the corner! ;)

2010-09-27 [Nioniel]: Oh,New York winters aren't much different than Michigan winters, which I'm used to. We will be house hunting soon, may not stay in the area or even the state. Things are generally going well with us though. Illustrating sounds fun!

2010-09-27 [Artsieladie]: Hmm.. If I had a choice to move out of New York, I wouldn't even think twice for I'd be gone. In fact, if I had a choice to move out of this country, I'd be gone in a flash. I'm fed up with the way this state is being run AND I'm fed up with the way this country is being run; run by greedy, self serving, pocket-lining crooks. Enough said.

That's always good news.. doing well. :) Yes, illustrating or any form of creativity to me is just the way I like to spend my time. :) The main character is a dog that was born without legs, but rather just stubs. Mr. Ponce (pon-say) is already working on a second story, sequel, with a third also being in his mind. So, I could find myself rather busy, happily busy. :)

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