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A Final Fantasy Fan-fiction/roleplay by [The Vampire Armand] and [kiradraco].

The film that settled over Midgar was gagging if not thick. It spread it's toxic waste among the city, however, no one seemed effected by it. The same to be said to the general Sephiroth that looked over the building from the roof top. He could see new cadets arriving from the tanker cars. Wanna be SOLDIERs. He could almost pick off who would and would not pass from the height he was at. This made him bitter. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as one Zackary Fair made his way to his side.

"Hey Seph. What are you thinking about?" He asked his superior, looking about the railing of the building. "Ohhh! The new cadets!! I am soo happy!" He said gleefully, annoying the general.

Sephiroth sighed. "Fair, shut up. If you are so happy to see them you can most certainly take a trip down and help them get in their bunks."

Zack huffed but nodded, making his way downstairs.

Sephiroth watched Zack leave before turning his attentions back to the entering cadets. Maybe they weren't so bad this year.

Lining up with the others Cloud Strife shifted his weight form one foot to the other. He was excited and nervous and his stomach was twisting in knots. Being form a small village he was not used to the crowds or the smog. The thick air tickled the back of his throat and the almost metallic smell caused him to screw his nose up slightly

"Atten hut!" A voice yelled over the mutterings of the new recruits. Everyone stood at attention and being in the second row Cloud could only see the to of the head of the man who had spoken, "This is going to be your new home men, whe I call out your names you will come foward and I will tell you which barricks you will be assinged to." The man walked up and down the line, allowing Cloud to see him fully through the gap inbetween the men infront of him.

The man was fit, his body obviously toned even under his uniform which looked damned good on him. The blonde found himself smileing at his dark haired commander and blushed as they made eye contanct.Good one Cloud, blush like a little girl infront of your spuerior and your fellow recruits. He told himself as he heart pounded in his ears and he looked away embarassed.

Zack had finally made his way down to the recruits and looked over the list with the other commander. He smiled. "Alright, cadets with the last names L through S come with me." He said, grinning.

Still blushing Cloud moved over to Zack along with the others in his group. He had not expected to see so many good looking men around and he felt a little out of his depth. The sheer size of the buildings was intimadating, he felt so very small compared to them.

Zack had put away almost all the cadets except one. Clous Strife. He looked at the spikey haired blonde and found he liked him much immediately. "Well cadet, we're kind of out of room. So, I could let you bunk with me if you wanted? The name's Zackary Fair, first class and second in command to the general, what's your name?" He asked, holding out his hand with a glittering calm and happy smile and his violet eyes sparkling. His own spikey hair, though it was dark in colour, rivaled Cloud's and the SOLDIER's build was incredibly fit under his uniform. He was incredibly easy going and just all around enjoyed company.

"Clou.." The blonde cleared his throat and tried again hoping this time he would not squeak. "Cloud Strife Sir." He shook the offered hand and went even redder at the other man's touch. "It would be an honour to bunk with you Sir." Cloud's heart was beating so fast and loudly in his ears he was sure Zackary Fair, first class and second in command to the General could hear it too, though he hoped he could not. The blonde could not take his own blue eyes off ther other man's violet ones.

Zack grinned and suddenly grabbed the other into a hug. "YOUR SO CUTE!" He squealed uncharactaristically while ruffling Cloud's hair and leading him to the room. "I name you Chocobo-head! And you have now become my pet!"

When entering the room the cold voice of Sephiroth had him stopping his loving actions.

"Zackary.... harassing cadets is punishable even to you. Did you take my files?"

Zack whistled innocently. "Ohhh which ones?"

"The ones on the access codes to Shinra's alcohol cabinet.."

Zack grinned and sighed. "Here ya go. Sheesh." He handed the needed papers back to Spehiroth and huffed. "Chocobo-head, this guy's a meany...Seph this is Cloud, Cloud this is the general."

Sephiroth eyed Cloud over almost hungrily. "Pleased to meet you, Cadet." He said silkily, his bright mako colored eyes peering at Cloud narrowedly through a sheen of silver hair.

Compleatly shocked by Zack's affection and even more startled by meeting the General himself poor Cloud did not know what to do.

" is an honour to meet you to General Sir." He finally managed. His first impression of Sephiroth was that of a shark, a hungry shark. The man was breathtaking and not just in a scary way, he was incredably attractive. Without meaning to Cloud stepped a little closer to Zack. It was instinct to stay close to the dark haired man whom he already felt safe and comfortable with.

Zack noticed Cloud moved closer to him and he smirked. "Ohhh Cloudy, what's wrong? Sephy doesn't bite. See? Pet him." He grabbed Cloud's hand and made him reach out to touch the general's chest that was somewhat exposed by his uniform.

Sephiroth twitched at Zack. "He lied, Cloud, I do bite." He said sourly, shooting Zack a glare before leaving the room. "Don't let Zack be a bad influence on you." He made his best attempt at a smile which wasn't really much of anything before leaving.

Zack fell to the ground in laughter. "Ohhh Sephy and Cloudy sittin in a tree..."

To overwhelmed to say or do anything the blonde just stood there smileing like an idiot and stareing at his hand. Cloud could still feel the General's chest on his finger tips, that smooth toned chest. He was sure his heart had stopped for a moment as his fingers caressed Sephiroth but the man still scared him. It was a strange mix, fear and attraction. As for Zackary, well how could he not like the man? It was impossible not to laugh as well so Cloud tried to cover his amusement with a pout.
"You are going to be a bad influence on me arn't you Sir?" The blonde pouted and sat down on the floor beside Zack.

Zack nodded. "You better believe I will be." He said, getting off of the floor. "I am soo hooking you two up on a date."

"A date? But...I ... how did you know I like men?" Compleatly embarassed Cloud flopped backwards so he was lying down and covered his face with his hands. "I'd rather go on a date with you." He mumbled half hoping Zack did not hear him.

"Oh please Cloud, the word 'Gay' is practically chiselled across your forehead. And.. why the hell would you rather go out with me than Sephiroth?" Zack asked, sitting next to Cloud, in fact partially laying on him, his head resting on Cloud's stomach.

Having the other man so close caused blood to rush to Cloud's crotch and he turned even redder.

"Well because.... you know." Still hideing behind his hands the blonde hoped that Zack would understand and he would not have to tell him how good looking he was or that he was no where near as scary as the General. Eirler when Zackary had called him cute and claimed him as his pet, Cloud had felt a strange surge of pride. It was very silly, or at least he thought others would think so but it was the truth.

Zack grinned. He understood perfectly. "Awe, come on, Cloudy. Seph isn't that scary after you've been around him a while. Besdies, I already have my mind set on someone else..." He said, his smile brightening as he thought of his obnoxious red head from the turk division of ShinRa.

"Oh.." Was the disapointed reply from under the blonde's hands. Sighing he uncovered his face and sat up, still bright red.
"To be honest he reminds me of a shark, beautiful and dangerous and... hungry." Sitting up was a mistake, it caused Zack's head to move to his lap. Cloud was half hard and the other man was bound to notice it but he was not sure what to do about the situation. The blonde had not had this mach trouble with his body and unwanted arousal since pubity. There were far too many good looking men around the place and if this kept up he would probably pass out from lack of blood to the brain.

"Yeah but.. alright I will make you a deal. If you go out on one date with Seph and still don't like him then I will go out on one with you and forget about my other crush.. dig?" Zack asked, grinning even as his head was in Cloud's lap, he gave the blonde's length a half nip through his pants. "And you should realllly take care of that before we go somewhere like the showers after training.."

Just as he had feared Zack had noticed him and the playful nip through the material of his pants had only encouraged the rush of blood to his cock. Not to mention the half stifled moan that had escaped the blonde's lips before he covered them with his hands again. Flinging himself backwards in embarassment, Cloud bumped his head hard on the floor.
"Ow!" He cried out rubbing it and causing his hair to stick up at odd angles making it appear even more spikey.

Just then the door swung open and a man stood silloetted in the dorway. Clould could not see who it was other than it was not the General.
"Hello Zak, molesting the new recruites already are we?" The redheaded man smirked.

Zack blinked at Cloud. "Aweeeee poor Cloudy..." He looked up at Reno as he was attempting to kiss Cloud's head all better. "Hello sexy.." He said, "New you couldn't keep away from me too long."

Raising an eyebrown Reno looked down at them.
"Who says it is you I have come to see? Besides your the one who can't keep your hand off me spike." The redhead stood there with his hands on his hips and his chin in the air allowing them to admire him. Now that he got a better look at Could he started to laugh. "I see you have finally found someone who has a head that looks more like a pineapple than yours?" The blonde blushed again. "Ah, would you look at that he turns pretty colours too." Offering Cloud a hand up Reno smiled his most dashing smile. "Reno the sex God at your service."

Zack snorted. "Who else would you be comming to see? I am the only that lives in this appartment you know..well not now because I just got Cloud to be my new roomy." Zack was almost drooling of Reno as he posed in front of them. Zack snorted at Reno's comments. "I am a sex god too you know. Oh and you have to help me get Cloud with the General.."

As soon as Cloud was on his feet Reno wrapped his arm around him and squeezed him tight.
"Ah yes the General. I saw him come form this direction and I was sure he had the faintest hint of a smile on his lips. I deciede to come and find out what put him in such a good mood. Now I see it was our little yellow pineapple here." The redhead hugged Cloud again and kissed his spikey hair. "Arn't you just the cuteist little thing?"

Thinking he was supposed to aswer the blonde frowned.
"Well um... I'm not sure."

"Your so sweet I could eat you." Reno laughed and squeezed Cloud tight again. "Roomies hugh?" He asked looking back at Zack.

Zack nodded. "Yep, the normal cadet bunkers were all full so I adopted him because of his cuteness and he's just soo shy!" Zack was on his feet again as well and hugging the blonde too. "We could make his and Seph's date a double date you and you could go one a date with them." He said, hitning that he and Reno really should go out. "Besides, it would make Cloudy feel better."

It wasn't three seconds later that the general walked in looking a bit grumpy. "Fair, I know I retrieved the file from you on ShinRa's alcohol basment, now where did you put the code for the turk dorm rooms.. why the hell would you need them anyways?" The fact that a Cloud Sandwich was happening didn't seem to phase the general at all, but he did shoot a rather lust driven look Cloud's way.

Once again the blonde was all confused, feelings of lust and fear swriled within him. Sephiroth was an extreemly handsome man and there was this kind of electricity about him that made him seem incredably strong. Cloud could not take his eyes from the General.

Zack smiled. "Ohh yeah I was stealng the code to Reno's room for his birthday present.. oh yeah and Seph, we're going on a double date. You and Cloud are going together and me and Reno.."

Sephiroth eyed Cloud before a seductive smirk settled onto his thin lips. "Certainly. Just tell me when and where." He said, leaving after giving Cloud yet another 'I am undressing you with my eyes' look.

Nothing like this had ever happended to Cloud before. He had joined Shinra to become a man and see more of the world but he had not expected to find a haven of attractive men. He had also not expected the General to say yes. Unsure if he was happy with the idea of being mentally undressed by Sephiroth he swallowed hard. The blonde's body however, seemed to be more than happy with the General's implecations. There was no an unmistakable mound in his pants.

Zack's eyes travelled to Cloud's pants where he saw the rather noticeable bulge. "Ohh Cloudy.. you lied when you said you didn't like him." He looked to Reno. "So, where should we all go?" He asked the red head, slipping his arm about his waist and nuzzling his cheek. He knew the other hadnt even said yes, but how could the Turk resist Zack's adorable needy-ness?

For a moment Reno concidered saying no to the double date but it was hard to so no to someone who obviously wanted him so much. Squeezing Zack's ass the redhead laughed.

"Well I guess we should go somewhere nice that has dark corners were the General and the sweet little pineapple here can get to know eachother better." He let his hand slide round to the front of Zack's pants while he playfully patted Coulds head.
"Should I call the General back to help you out with that?" He teased and pointed to the blonde's pants.

Clouds eyes went wide in shock and he shook his head.
"Ah, no Sir. I can deal with it... um Zackary Sir... where is the bathroom?" He looked so cute as he blushed and tried to cover his errection with his hands.

Zack pointed Cloud to the door. "Through that door there." He said, smiling. "Have fun honey." He turned to Reno. "We could just go to a bar. And then if they feel okay with eachother then they should go to the Golden Saucer and have a more cutesy date. So, what made you say yes?" He asked, planting a kiss on the red-head's lips.

"Mmmm.." Reno moaned and grabbed hold of Zack's hips pulling him closer. "How badly do you whant to know sweetheart?" He kissed the dark haired man again demandingly. Zackary tasted so good he could not help himself, the redhead began to walk towards the bed still holding his lover's hips to his own.

Zack made a noise into the kiss that sounded oddly like a moan and he kissed him harder. "Real bad, babe." He said, nibbling Reno's lower lip. "You only avoided my lovely advances until now.. makes me suspicious."

"Lets just say I am courious to see what the General will do with your sweet little roomie." As he spoke he pushed Zack down onto the bed and kissed him hard slipping his tongue into the other man's mouth, letting it slide over Zack's moist mustle. Reno lowered himself down onto his lover and ground his crotch against Zacks.

Zack moaned almost heatedly, practically pouting against the other. "Awe, then.. you don't want to go out with me for me?" He asked, grinding with him.

Laughing Reno grabbed hold of Zack's wrists and pinned them to the bed on either side of his lover's head. With an almost predatory growl he shook his head.
"No, I want to go out with you for your personality and sexy ass." Even though he was agreeing with the dark haired man Reno had to be difficult and word it differently.

From the bathroom they both heard Cloud moaning and whimpering softly. The blonde was obviously enjoying himself.

Zack felt himself blush at hearing Cloud's moaning. And he blushed more at hearing Reno's words. "Ohhhhh that's all fine then..come on baby, make me yours all night."

With an almost evil smile the redhead began to bite and kiss his way down Zack's neck.
"Mmmm you smell so good." Reno whispered inbetween kisses. Letting go of Zackary's wristes he caressed his lover's chest and tight abs with his hands. Closeing his eyes as he did so he could memorize every curve of muscle, once again breathing in the slightly spicy scent of his lover. "Zack... I want you now." Reno growled, opening his eyes again to look demandingly into his lover's.

Zack laughed but moved. "Ohhh guess what, it's your turn to be played with. I'm not ready to go that far in the relation." He said, grinning.

Tilting his head to the side Reno tried to figure out if that was a challange or the truth. Before he could make up his mind the bathroom door opened and Cloud walked out looking happy and relieved; until he saw the sight before him and blushed again.
"Oh! Sorry I did't mean to interupt..." The blonde looked away and played with the hem of his shirt not sure were he could go to give them some pirvacy.

Zack smiled."You weren't interrupting anything spikey.." He squirmed from under Reno and hugged the blonde. "BUt if we were I know where you could go.. to the General's room.. in fact me and Reno do need to talk so..." He paused while he lifted Cloud up over his shoulder and carried him to the General's room, plopping him on the couch. "Delivery!" Zack called, leaving the room swiftly.

Sephiroth looked up from his papers with a scowl. "Zackary.. knock before entering next time."

Too embarassed to say anything Cloud just sat there blushing. He watched the General shyly, Sephiroth was definatly a very attractive man. Not only that, he had a commanding presence which added to the over all effect. An effect that held Cloud spelbound.

[Zack smiled as he made his way back to his room. " still here?"]

Sephiroth let a full fledged smirk grace his devious lips. "Well, what exactly have you been delivered to me for?"

"Ah... well... Zackary and Reno wanted some privacy, Sir." Could coud hear his heart pounding again and his mouth was suddenly dry. For some reason he could not stop thinking what it would be like to be wrapped in the Generals strong arms.

[The redhead had made himself comfrotable on Zack's bunk, lying there with his boots on and reading some files marked confidential. He greeted the dark haired man with a grin.
"Yeh Zack, I'm still here."

Sephiroth nodded. "Well, what should I do for you to keep you from getting bored?"

[Zack smiled. "Hey..that's SOLDIER stuff, Turk." He said teasingly.]

Cloud blinked at Sephiroth.
"I... I don't know Sir." This was all new to the blonde and he was not used to being around someone as powerful as a General. "I guess we could get to know each other better if you want?"

[Laughing Reno snatched the papers out of the way and rolled off the bed waveing them infront of him.
"I am trying to find out what you are doing for my birthday spikey. But if you don't want me to read them then you had better take them off me soldier."

Seohiroth let forth a dark and silky chuckle. He let his hungry eyes drift over the cadet and offered he sit at the chair in front of his desk. "Very well. Have a seat here." His elegant hand stretched out to show him where he spoke of.

[Zack huffed. No can do, then it wouldn't be a surprise..." He lunged forward and tackled Reno to the ground, removing the papers skillfully.]

Cloud stood up and walked to the desk, still mesmerized by Sephiroth. Sitting down he wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.
"So what would you like to know about me Sir?" He could smell the General across the table, it was a slightly spicy, woody scent that made his head spin a little.

[Not one to admit defeat eaisly Reno started to tickle Zackary. He wrapped his legs around the dark haired man's waist holding him tight. Laughing he kissed Zack.
"Do you yeald spike?" He asked and tickled him again.

Sephiroth smiled at him. "How are you enjoying your stay so far here at Shinra?" He asked, trying to keep conversation simple and light. Though other things plagued him..he wanted the boy.

[Zack giggled and squirmed violently. "Never!" He said dramatically, curling into a ball with the files in hand.]

"Well it is different to what I expected. I mean, I like it very much so far. Zackary is... much nicer than I immagined your second would be." Cloud wiped his hands on his pants again nerves and blushing. His heart was hammering in his chest again and for some reason he wanted to get closer to Sephiroth so he could smell him better.

["Then prepare to be tortured fool." Reno yelled and started to kiss and bite Zack still trying to tickle him.]

Sephiroth lookd predatory. "And just how did you expect him to be? And by thinking of him I can only imagine what you must have thought of me." He eyed cloud. "Are you alright?"

[Zack practically squeaked while the other bit and kissed on him. "Never!!!" He shouted in vain as he was slowly falling victim to the effectiveness of the redheaded turk's administrations.]

Cloud nodded.
"I did not expect you to be so handsome." As soon as he said it the blonde blushed furiously and looked down at his hands. He felt like an idiot blurting out his feelings like that. Why should a powerful man like Sephiroth care what a kid from a small village thought of him?

[Rolling around and pressing thier bodies against each other was beginning to turn Reno on. He wanted to fold Zack in his arms and kiss him from head to toe. The redheaded turk tried to think of others things so he did not end up with a bulge in his pants like Cloud.
"You will beg for mercy SOLDIER or I will keep this up all day." He said trying to pretend the physical contact was not driving him wild.

Sephiroth gave his dark chuckle yet again. "Hmm and you thought that president ShinRa would make me general if I were ugly?"

[Zack grinned, trying to not be in the least bit excited. "You're more affected than me.." He said, practically giggling.]

"Well I thought you got the job because you were the best man for it. Being handsome I guess is just a bonus Sir." Again Cloud blushed, he did not have any experience in this sort of thing and Sephiroth scared him slightly. He had never been so attracted to a person and frightened at the same time but it created a potent mix of adrenalin and lust.

[Oh, and what makes you so sure of that Spike?" Reno raised an eyebrow and tried to sound like he was not intrested in the dark haired man.]

Sephiroth nodded. "Yes, I am very very much quallified for the job. I am emotionless when needed, ruthless and uncaring to my victims should they get in my way of the objective. I follow no one but myself."

[Zack grinned and rubbed himself against Reno a bit forcefully. "Tell me that didn't just turn you on."]

Feeling his cock twitch slightly Cloud looked away. Hearing the General talk about his ruthlessness was turning him on. The blonde was not sure why and to be honest his bodies reaction worried him slightly.
"I see Sir." Was all he could muster, to confused to think straight.

["That did not just turn me on, I have been turned on for some time now." Reno answered, once again agreeing with Zack but being difficult about it.]

"In fact..anyone dared get in my way.. I would kill them without hesitation no matter what they were to me." Sephiroth rambled on, eyeing Cloud intensely.

[Zack grinned. "I still win!"]

Swallowing hard the blonde suddenly wanted to be further away from Sephiroth not closer. There was a truth about his words that sent a shiver down the youg man's spine.
"I guess that makes you a very good General then?" Cloud was not sure what he was supposed to say but disagreeing with Sephy was not an option.

[Growling, Reno rolled Zack and pinned his wrists to the ground straddling him.
"Ha ha, very funny, you turn me on. Good for you, but if I am not mistaken you are not entierly un affected by me either." There was a devilish sparkle in the redhead's eyes as he looked down at Zack.

Sephiroth's hungry eyes gazed at Cloud as he stood, walking to just behind the blonde, his hands on the back of the chair. He leant down and whispered into Cloud's ear, his lips touching it just bearly. "Hmn, but.. you don't have to worry about that if you don't get in my way. Cloud.... you're frightened, and it is quite a lovely expression of yours." His whispered was soft but near raspy in it's silky and devilish form. He knew he sounded downright dangerous, but what could he help it? The blonde was so very much at his fingertips.

[Zack gasped and blushed. "Dammit Reno. What's with you turks and your all over sexy-ness?" He asked, using his SOLDIER skills and flipping the tables, sitting atop the red head. He reached into Reno's coat and removed from it cuffs that he knew even the red head wouldn't be able to get out of and he cuffed the turk with them. "I'm going to rape you now.."]

Good bumps appeared on Cloud's skin and his body gave an involentary shiver each time the General's lips burshed against his ear. Even though he was scared senseless by the silver haired man, the cadet could not stop the blood form rushing to his crotch. Close up Sephiroth smelt even better and his head began to swim. He wanted more and less at the same time. Cloud would have given anything to get out of the room and yet he wanted more than just the General's lips on his earlobe. Compleatly confused and aroused the blonde swallowed hard and remained compleatly still.

["I don't think so." Reno made an attempt to resist Zack but they both knew it was futile. The turk was now rock hard and the slightest movement from the dark haired man caused him to leak precum. Reno was so horney his breathing was quick and shallow and his blood pulsed through his vains as if his heart were about to burst.]

Sephiroth smirked and pressed his lips to Cloud's neck. He waited to see what the other's reaction would be.

[Zack wasn't quite in the shape Reno was in, but that didn't stop him from panting.He pushed up the red head's shirt and began putting love nips on his chest, not caring that they were in the hallway.]

Still shaking slightly Cloud let out a small moan as the General's lips toughed his skin. It was such a soft and gentle guesture, not at all the way he imagined the powerful man to be. The moan escaped him before he could think to stop it and the blonde's lips parted slightly as he closed his eyes and breathed in the spicy, woody scent of the other. Cloud felt like a thirsty man who had been given only a taste of water and wanted more but he was to shy to could out with it directly.

[The fact that anyone could come along at any minuet seemed to add to the excitement for Reno. He was not shy in anyway and as always a little self indulged at time.
"Mmm ... you know... there are other parts of me that would enjoy your lips upon them Spike." He tried to sould calm but failed compleatly, a begging tone to his words.

Suddenly the innercom overhead buzzed and Sephiroth sighed, pulling away from his loving to-be victim. "Yes?"

The president of ShinRa demanded the generally to the meeting room for a conference. Sephiroth growled. "I will be there soon." He looked to Cloud as he walked in front of him. "Hmn, now you can either go to my room or back to your friends." He handed him a key card with his room number on it. "This could take a while."

[Zack smirked. "Ohhh turk, are you begging me? I need to get this on tape..." He wanted the other to beg him, to beg him for pleasure and for release.]

Turning the key over in his hands Cloud studied it. He did not thing going to the General's room was a good idea but he did not want to go back to Zack's room either. He doubted Reno and his roommate had finished being intermate so with a sigh he nodded and told himself the General's room it was. Besides the blonde could have a little look around and maybe get a better idea of what Sephiroth was really like as a person.

["No! I am most certinally not begging." Reno answered trying to sound offended and in control. The look of lust and desire in his eyes however gave his true feelings away.]

The general dismissed himself swiftly, kissing Cloud's cheek as he did so.

In the general's room there was three different doors. Behind the first on the right there would be found a neatly made bed of dark green silk sheets beneath a black velvet comforter. The pillow cases matched the sheets and the bed was rather plain except for another pillow. There were thick maroon curtains covering the two windows in his rooms and the floor a bright polished grey tile. A maroon place rug was on each side of the bed that wasn't covered by the wall. Across form the bed set a bamboo entertainment center with a tv atop of it with a dvd player and a bamboo cabinet besides it with movies in it varrying from action to drama to comedy to even a few romance. And connected to this room was a bathroom which held its own shower and in the shower the general's sandal wood body wash and vanilla scented conditioner. On the counter held the general's toothbrush and toothpast as well as mouthwash and floss. And a hair brush. There was a robe hanging on the back of the door and several fluffed towels in the closet of the bathroom.

The room outside of the bedroom just on the other side was a storage room where one could find weapons and old things of the general's child hood, but this door was locked, even with the key card that was given to Cloud. It wouldn't be good to know his most prized posession outside of massamune was a stuffed chocobo given to him by professor Hojo on his seventh birthday.

Down a grey tiled hall there was a living room which held black leather furniture. And more bamboo in a coffee table, and yet again a tv stand. Under the coffee table there was a maroon rug like would be seen in the other room. A remote sat upon a coffee table as well as unused wine glasses and cup placers. A few news articles sat there and a pair of black slippers. In the kitchen there was a small table, maybe four seats at the most. And with that table were more unused wine glasses and a bottle of wine. The kitchen had its own sink and dishwasher and cabinets that held dishes of clear glass. Papertowles and spices lay about the counter and in the refrigerator one would find several potential meals, steak, spaghetti, hamburger, salads, stir fry...and none of it looked bad at all for it to be made at the hands of a feared general. To the side of the refrigerator was a coffee pot that held the time of night. And past this was the last door of the general's appartment. It led to another guest room dressed in blue and silver rather than green and maroon. The guest room also had an attaching bathroom with the same dental but with a more variety of hair products in case one wanted to use them. Towels as well hid in the closet.

[Zack grinned. "Beg." He said deviously, kissing the red head's stomach. "I am not showing you any mercy." ]

After Cloud had finished looking around he got himself a drink of water and sat down on the black leather lounge. Everything seemed to normal to him, not at all what he had expected form the stories he had heard about the General. He just sat there looking at the things spread out on the coffee table. Too shy to help himself to anything other than the water Cloud used the bathroom then yawned. Waiting was making him sleepy so he curled up on the couch and drifted off to sleep making sure his boots were hanging over the edge of the furnature, he did not want to damage the leather.

[Moaning Reno arched his back up towards the dark haired man's lips.
"No... Reno... the sex God... never begs." He whispered inbetween heavy panting. It was obvious that the turk's body was begging even if he was being stubourn and refusing to admit it.

Sephiroth finished his meeting with Rufus ShinRa and went to his room, curious to see if Cloud was there. When he saw him sleeping on the couch a very small smile etched him. He gently touched the cadet's hair, hoping to not wake him. He removed the young SOLDIER's boots and brought from him a blanket of red satin in which he covered him in. He went to the kitchen and cooked some food for them, fries and chicken.

[Reeennooooo just say please?" Zack asked, nipping the turk's thighs. He moved his nips to more intimate areas, not about to give the turk satisfaction, merely teasing.]

Smelling the food caused the blonde's stomach to grumble and he woke up feeling hungry. Sitting up Clous rubbed his eyes and looked down at the blanket then up at Sephiroth in the kitchen.
"Sorry I fell asleep Sir... was there anything I could help you with?" Seeing the General in such a domestic situation had a calming effect on the young cadet.

[" never." Reno moaned but it sounded more like yes please. By now he was rything and quivering at each nip, painfully hard and wanting more so badly he was whimpering slightly. The redhead did not really understand why he had to be so stuborun but for whatever reason he just could not beg, well verbaly at least.]

Sephiroth nodded. "It is fine, cadet. I have made dinner if you wish it." He said, not really giving him a choice, merely comming out with a plate of fries and the baked chicken as well as two glasses."Wine or soda?"

[Zack snorted. "Oh come on.. I'll just keep torturing you then.." he licked the turk's cock through his underwear.]

Cloud was not used to alcohol but concidering the fact he was about to eat a meal cooked by the legenday General of Shinra he thought it might help him relax a little.
"Wine please... just a little." Blushing again he decided to taste the food so he did not have to look at Sephiroth, his mind kept wandering to being held in the silvery haired man's arms.
"This is really good." The blonde said suddenly pleasently surprised. "I mean... it is very good... Sir." He corrected himself still blushing madly.

[Moaning and thrusting upwards with his hips Reno could not have spoken if he had wanted to. He was beginning to see stars already and being painfully engorged his cock twitched and throbbed. "Zack..." Was all he managed to get out inbetween moans of plesure and heavy breathing.]

Sephiroth smiled and poured Cloud about half a glass of wine before setting besides him on the couch. "And just what do you think on my living quarters?" He asked, gently so as he ate.

[Zack continued torturing, his licks becomming more and more feathery in their softness. "Mnn I don't hear begging.." He said in a moan against the other.]

"It is very nice and very big Sir." Sipping the wine Cloud smiled. The food was delisious and he was beginning to feel a lot more relaxed around Sephiroth. "Thank you for the blanket Sir." He gave the General another little smile to let him know he really did appreaciate the gesture.

[Again Reno whimpered.
"Zack... please." The last word was so quiet it was little more than a breath. The redhead blushed deeply not believing how eaisly his lover had broken him. "Please..." He whispered again this time a little louder.

"I would smile back at you but I don't know how unless it is to portray having just killed someone or having a rather dirty thought.." Sephiroth said after a rather confused look came across his features. Though he was civilized he was still the psycho general.

[Zack grinned and left the red head for a minute comnig back with a tape recorder. "Say it again." He ordered]

Cloud's smile slowly faded as Sephiroth spoke. Again fear showed in his eyes and he reached for the wine, drinking deeply. The General was constantly confusing him and althought he was once again very afraid he was also a little aroused. Compleatly confused by his strange attraction to his superior Cloud drained his glass and felt his cheeks burn as the alcohol went straight to his head.

[Looking at the tape recorder as if it was about to trun into a snake and bite him Reno growled.
"You can't be serious Zack..." He managed inbetween heavy breaths. This was the most embarassing thing he had ever experienced and it turned him on greatly.

Sephiroth sighed. "I need your help, Cloud." He said, looking older than he was. "I.. need to learn these things, affection, love, caring." He looked to the cadet. "You I think, are the one who can do this for me, will you help me?" Cloud was the only one he had ever asked for anything. Especially for help. Would Cloud do it? Or would Cloud walk away? He hoped that in any case he wouldn't betray his trust and tell everyone that he had asked for help.

[Zack snorted and went back to his earlier torments, "Beg." He ordered, blowing on the clothing encased errection of his lover.]

That was the very last thing the blonde was expecting from the General but then he had not expected anything that had happened so far. Suddenly wishing he had asked for a full glass of wine, Cloud rolled the glass around in his hands, staring at it intencely.
"I... I will do what I can Sir but... I am not exactly experienced in those things either. I have never even had a propper boyfriend..." It seemed wrong that the General did not know of careing and love, Clould could not imgaine living without those things and for the very first time he felt sorry for Sephiroth.

[Breaking out in a cold sweat and biting his bottom lip Reno tried to stay in control. It was not in his nature to beg but just then he wanted Zack's attention more then he had ever wanted anything in his life.
"This is not fair..." He whined then moaned. "I'll get you for this Zack... I promise..." With a despiration of a drowning man clinging to a piece of driftwood the turk suddenly cried out. "Please... Zack I beg you stop teasing me and fuck me..." Turning as red as his hair Reno arched his back trying to get his crotch closer to his lover.

Sephiroth smiled while leaning over to not only fill Cloud's glass but to kiss his lips as well. "Thank you, cadet."

[Zack blushed and set the tape recorder back in his room before re-climbing atop the red head and biting on him while letting a hand slide to where the red head's clothing was suddenly missing in his lower area.]

Cloud froze for a moment then he touched his fingers to his lips and smiled shyly as he blushed again. Gently licking his lips the blonde could taste Sephiroth on them.
"I... I liked that Sir... would you do it again? Please?" It was not like the young man to be so foward but his lips were tingeling and the General tasted so sweet.

["Why do you have to be so damnd desirable." Reno grumbled as he tried to press as much of his body against Zack's as possible. He was so aroused now he did not care if every single now recruit and the General himself caught them as long as he got relief.]

Sephiroth nodded, leaning forward and capturing Cloud in a gentle but very posessive kiss. Cloud belonged to Sephiroth there was no way out of that.

[Zack grinned. "Ohh I dunno, You make me this way." He said, kissing the other hard before pressing into him without preparation. He couldn't wait and he knew the red head couldn't either.]

Melting into the kiss, Cloud moaned softly. The blonde had never felt such strong feelings for another and he whimpered when the General finally pulled away. Wanting more, Cloud put down his wine glass and getnly rested his hands on Sephiroth's shoulders. Blushing he pulled the General foward slightly, it was just enough pressure to let the other know he wanted him without being demanding.

[Crying out in pain Reno's eyes watered but he forced himself to relax. As his body ajusted to Zack's flesh the redhead moaned for more. He was way past careing about taking it slow and the pain actually excited him.
"More..." He begged, concerntrating on the pleasure he was beginning to feel.

Sephiroth kissed the blonde again, this time with less gentlness. He noticed Cloud had put down his wine glass as suddenly a whole world of possibilities opened up to him. He pulled his cadet onto his lap, kissing him almost lazily with passion.

[Zack set a harder pace for his turk lover, thrusting in deep as well to get the full effect to the other as he gave sucking kisses to his neck. "Oh yeah.. Reno. God I love this."]

Overwhelmed by the feelings and sensations coursing through him, Cloud let the General caress him. All he knew was that he wanted more. Moaning softly and breathing heavily the blonde pressed himself closer to Sephiroth as he felt his superior harden beneath him.

[As each thrust brushed his prostate, Reno cired out in pleausre. He felt almost feverish as if his entire body was on fire as he lifted his hips to meet Zack's movements.
"Ah... ah.. Yes! Zack I'm..." Stars burst infront of his eyes and the hallway disapeared leaving only his spikey haired lover and the pleasure that wracked his body

The general guided Cloud atop of him as he lay back. "Though you much resemble a chocobo, you're beautiful." He whispered softly. "And it makes me feel all the more dangerous.." His tone was gentle as he said this, but one could feel the insanity dripping in his words as he pulled the cadet for a harder and more life-ful kiss, his hands travelling to the cadet's bottom which he gripped firmly, meeting their hips together.

[Zack smirked as he knew his lover was about to finish. "That's it Reno, come for me, baby." He said strained as his own was approaching, but it wouldn't be there as fast as the red head's. He thrust harder and faster into him.]

Again there was that strange mix of lust, attraction and fear. Cloud was beginning to feel like a mouse being watched by an egal but the passion and need comming form the General was flattering to say the least. No one had ever called him beautiful and Sephiroth's forcefullness was arousing him greatly. To have someone desire him like that was a rush and the blonde really did not care if he was bruned up in the passion. Kissing Sephy back, Cloud moaned into him as thier tongues slid across eachother exploring the moist warmth of eachother's mouths.

[Reno was a little embarassed how quickly he was nearing climax but the Soldier's teasing had almost finished him there and then. Zack was mercyless, pounding that most sensitive of areas within him nad with a convolsion that went through his entore body the redhead came. Conitnuing to move with in him his lover coaxed loud moans and crys of plearure from him.
"Zack... Oh ... God... Zack!" Reno cried out compleatly caught up in his own orgasm.

Sephiroth pulled away from his lover. He looked deep and seriously into the blue eyes that the had been fond of of late. "If we.. couple. It might not be a good idea. I am not ready to do that with you. There won't be anything behind it outside of pure posession and need."

[Zack found the red-head's groans turned him on more and more, bringing him close to his own completion as the walls of his lover tightened around him and brought him to orgasm as well. "R-Reno! Ah! Yes!" He clung to the other, face tightened in his release before it eased and he collapsed on the other as he slid out. "Oh man.. that was.. something."]

"Couple?" The blonde had not thought that far ahead, he was enjoying the sensations of being physically close to the other man. Sephiroth's taste, his smell, the feel of his hands on the cadet's body. It was all driving him wild but Cloud had not concedered where it would lead. He assumed that at the most they would dry hump or he would end up running to the bathroom for release. The young man had never had another person touch him in a sexual way before and in his wildist fantasys he immagined someone elses had bringing him over the edge. "I thought... I mean... you want to be inside me?" A little scared by the prospect, Cloud looked down at the General. He wished he could loose himself in those cold silvery, grey eyes.

["Nnnn..." What the only reply Zack got. The redhead was trying to catch his breath and his head was still realing from the intensity of his orgasm. A tingling sensation covered his entire body but even through that he knew he was going to be very sore after it subsided. That was the price for being so impatient, something he would have to remember for next time. As Reno's sensors returned to him he realized they were still in the hallway and he was still bound in the hand cuffs.
"Hay Spike, do you think we could go back into your room and you can get these bloody cuffs off me. It's not exactly pirvate here."

"Yes, but I can't do that with you. Not yet. Not now. We haven't known one another so long. I don't want your first time to mean absolutely nothing. Now these kisses.. I mean them."

[Zack remembered where they were as well as was surprised to not see anyone looking dumbfounded. He removed he cuffs from the red head, kissing each wrist as he uncovered it. "Better?"]

Smileing Cloud leant down kisseing Sephiroth and letting the General wrap him in his arms again.

["Much better." Reno almost pouted as he gathered his pants and stood up on shakey lets. "God I am going to be sore tomorrow." Hobbling into Zacks room the redhead streatched out on the bed for a little while. "I'll get cleaned up in a moment, now I just was to lay here and enjoy the buzz for a while."]

Sephiroth tried to smile back but he couldn't. Instead he held his cadet just a little closer.

[Zack grinned at Reno. "You wanted it rough so I gave it to you." He closed the door to the room and crawled beside the red head to sleep. But before he did he noticed the security cam in the hallway."Well, someone got a show."]

After a while Cloud snuggled into the General, laying there wrapped in Sephiroth's strog arms.
"It is strange Sir... at times you scare me but being here with you like this makes me feel happy and safe." Blushing madly the young cadet hid his face in the Generals long silvery hair.

["Oh shit! I forgot about the security cameras." Reno was really embarassed. "I wonder how much it is going to cost me in bribes to make sure no one else gets to see that footage?" If he was not so tired the turk would have stormed down to the security room and demanded the guard give him the only copy of their little game. He was too tired though and doubted it would be that easy to get what he wanted. Besides making a fuss about it would only alert others to the fact he did't want people to see it.]

Sephiroth gave an eerie chuckle. "I noticed you aren't shrinking back in terror as most do when they see me. It's part of what attracted you to me." He said softly. He kissed the cadet on the cheek and held him closer if possible. "Iknow that Fair adopted you as his room mate, but I wish to steal you to this room for the night."

[Zack smirked. "Yeah well.. if they do show everyone, then they know you belong to me." He said, sure of the shock on everyone's faces when they found out.]

"You want me to stay here with you tonight?" Cloud's blue eyes sparkled excitedly. The prospect of having Sephiroth close by was a pleasent one and the beds looked so very comfortable. "Well I guess you being the General and all at least I won't get in trouble for not being in the barracks." Again he smiled happily and this time Sephy lightly traced his lips with his finger. Blushing the spikey haired cadet softly kissed the General's finger and took his hand in his own before he snuggled into his supperior again.

[Raising an eyebrow the truk kissed Zack's forhead.
"Excuse me, I believe it is the other way round. You belong to me spike, the fact that you could not keep your hands off me proves that. I excite you to much. That is my curse I am far too sexy for my own good." It was a weak argument and Reno knew his heart belonged to Zackary without a doubt but he could not admit it out loud. "You were clearly under my spell."

Sephiroth nodded and stood, motioning the other follow him. "We need to go to your room mate and gather your things then." He said, taking care of their dishes.

[Zack snorted. "Yeah well who was begging me to fuck them?"]

Cloud followed obediently, he still found it strange that Sephiroth did not know how to smile. It seemed so sad to think he had never been happy enough to experience something as simple as a genuin smile. It was also a little scary that the only time he did allow his lips to curl up at the ends it seemed a cold and preditory thing.

["Who could not even wait long enough to streatch me a little?" Reno knew the answer was both of them but he felt like being an ass. "I have to use the bathroom now." The turk sat up and was just about to stand when the door swung open.]

Sephiroth finished his dishes and then grabbed his legendary leather coat to seem all the more commanding. He didn't say a word to Cloud, just leadhim down the hall to Zackary's room. "Fair, I need to gather Cloud's things. I wish him to stay in my rooms. As for you and needing a new room mate, you can have the turk, I had him assigned over. Happy Late birthday. It took me hell to get them to allow a turk in the SOLDIER dorms. "

[Zack beamed up at Sephiroth. "I love you Sephy!!!" He exclaimed before hugging the general. Sephiroth pushed him off abruptly, making Zack pout. "Sorry sir."]

The blonde was more that a little shocked, he had thought his stay in the General's rooms would only be for the night. If Reno was moving in with Zack then it was obviously a more perminant arrangement. The way Sehpiroth pushed his second off him also reminded Cloud that his new roommate was the cold, psycotic General of the Shinra SOLDIERs.

["Well I see you like your cute little spikey haired pet General." Reno said knowing he as playing with fire. "Oh and thanks for letting me have my own spikey haired pet full time." Wrapping his arm around Zack Reno kissed him possessivly.]

Sephiroth glared at Reno. "I suggest you silence yourself before I do it for you." He said darkly. He had his friends, but even they weren't allowed to bager him about his choice in lover. And especially not a turk that was highly obnoxious such as Reno. Sephiroth looked pointedly at Cloud. "Gather your things."

[Zack huffed and wiggled out of the red head's grasp. "Oh what happened to mr 'you didn't even bother to stretch me'?" He was a little hurt by Reno;s words earlier due to the fact that the red head had begged and pleaded with him to just take him there on the floor.]

"Yes Sir." Cloud nodded and gathered his things as quickly as he could. Once again the General scared him slightly but it seemed that fear only added to his attraction.

["Oh come on baby, you know I loved every second of it." Reno stepped closer to Zackary. No matter how hard he tried the redhead could not help being an asshole and he knew just how lucky he was that Zack loved him inspite of that major flaw.]

Sephiroth smiled. "Well I will leave you two to your lover's spat. I am taking the cadet with me now!" He turned rather gaily and led Cloud back to his appartment.

[Zack pouted. "Okay, bye Seph." He turned to Reno. "And if you loved it so much why were you bitching?"]

Trotting along behind the General, Cloud yawned. It had been a long day for him even with his nap on the couch. The blonde's entire life had changed so dramatically in a single day and he knew nothing would ever be the same again. There was a strange feeling of excitement mixed with hope and happiness at finding someone he knew he would love forever. Cloud smiled as he watched the impressive figure of the General infront of him. Sephiroth was damnd sexy as far as he was concerned.

[Wrapping Zackery in his arms the redhead kissed his forhead.
"Because I'm obnoxious and an asshole and you love me anyway." Reno groped his lover's ass as he spoke and gave the SOLDIER a cheeky grin.

Sephiroth opened the door to his room. "Hmn, I am glad that there is a lot of space in this closet. Get yourself situated, I am going for the shower." And with that he dismissed himself from the cadet going to the bathroom where he stripped and turned on the warm water.

[Zack grinned and kissed Reno. "I wouldn't know you any other way." He smiled. "You want me to go help you get your things from your other place?"]

Unpacking his things Cloud realized that he didn't have very much stuf at all. Alls his posessions fitted into a single suitcase. After putting everything away neatly he sat down on the end of the bed to wait for Sephiroth. He allowed his thoughts to wander to the bathroom and the naked General, the immages in his head were sexy as hell and he once again found himself getting hard.

["Yeh, but I need the bathroom first." Kissing Zack, Reno disapeared into the bathroom. The redhead was sore but as far as he was concerned it was well worth the discomfort. As soon as he had finished, the two of them went to his old quarters to gather his belongings.
"I guess this makes us officially a couple now, moving in together and all?" The turk grinned looking like a cat that got into the cream.

Sephiroth came out of the shower, his towel barely wrapped about his wasit, dipping low as his hair hung wet along his back and chest, a few strands clinging to his neck. He sighed. "Mnn that was refreshing." He said sensually. He went to the closet where he searched for a loose t-shirt and black pants to where.

[Zack nodded. "You're damn right." He said, kissing his lover. "I still am worried about that tape." As if on que president shinra was sounded over the innercom: 'I need Sceond General Zackary Fair and Turk Commander Reno Sinclair in my office immediately!" Zack froze and laughed nervously.]

Compleatly mesmerized, Cloud watched as the General picked out his clothing. The sight before him had more of an effect than his imagination had and he blushed slightly folding his hands in his lap to cover his excitment.
"I... I maen ... Is is alright Sir if I have a shower now? which bathroom should I use?" The cadet was a little out of breath and blushind deeply, his eyes still glued to the slick damp hair sticking to Sephiroth's powerful but slender frame.

[Scratching his head and trying to act like he was not scared senceless the redhead grinned back as Zack.
"I guess he will be wanting to complement us on our technique and ask for pointers in the bedroom hugh?" Reno's knees wobbled a little but the way he saw it, if the president of Shinra was pissed he could always talk them out of trouble or at the very least make the president laugh.

Sephiroth slowly turned to look at Cloud, before nodding. "Yes, you may use mine.. we are sharing the same room." He said, almost daring the cadet to use the other one. "You look flush." He said. Though he knew why he wanted to play innocent a moment.

[Zack grinned and drug the other to the president's room.]

[President Shinra stared at them as they entered. "I know I shouldn't have to even mention why you may be here.... I want to know. What posessed the two of you to.. have relations in the middle of the hallway?"]

Blushing even more, Cloud smiled at the General.
"Yeh, I was.... admiring your...." The blonde played tapped his foot nervesly. "Well your body Sir. You are so lean and well muscled.... you must get a lot of exercise to keep it so toned." Suddenly springing up from the bed, Cloud gathered his boxer shorts and shirt he wore to bed and used them to hide his crotch. "Well I won't be long Sir..." With that he made a dash for the bathroom feeling very foolish and embarassed.

[Smileing brightly Reno nodded.
"Ah yes, I would have informed you but that would have defeated the prupose of the exercise. I must say I am pretty disapointed that it took you this long to call us in here. We.... That is SOLDIER Zackary Fair and myself, we were testing the security measures around the complex to make sure the guards were doing thier job. And well, we had to create some kind of commotion so we combined a birthday present with duty and well there you have it. If you don't mind I would like a copy of the tape as part of my gift to Spikey here. I'm sure it was pretty impressive hugh? I let you in on a few of my secrets if you like?" The redhead was such a smug, egocentric bastard but it was hard not to laugh at his shameless remarks and attitude.

Sephiroth let forth a knowing chuckle as the other rushed past him. "Silly boy." He whispered, smirking and deciding to only wear his pants as he climbed into bed. "Well, it should be interesting when he comes back." He grabbed a book and began to read, wondering if he knew that the bathroom walls would allow Sephiroth to hear every little thing he did or said.

[Zack stared at his lover in awe. "Where the hell do you come up with this shit?"]

[President Shinra raised an eyebrow. "Sinclair, if you expect me to believe something as half assed as that story you had best find another profession. No you can't have a copy, and no you can't have sex in the halls anymore! And, furhtermore, your both on suspension for lewd public behavior... I suggest you be a little more discreet in the future. You are dismissed.]

At first Cloud tried to focus on cleaning himself up but he could not get the image of the wet, half naked General out of his head and his cock was so hard it was painfull. Giving in the blonde grabbed hold of his errection and began to pump his hand up and down it's length. He bit his bottom lip to try and keep crys of pleasure and moans form escaping but it did not really help. All Cloud could do was hope the noise of the shower covered his enjoyment. Faster and faster he moved quickly nearing compleation and as his seed exploded form him he muttered "General Sir" and leaned foward pressing his forhead against the shower wall. For a long time he let the warm water run over him as he blushed and caught his breath.

[Reno slapped his lover on the ass when they left. Being a glass half full kind of guy he grinned.
"Well that went better than I expected. I guess being on suspention means we have lots of time to repeat our little exercise in our room. I think pretty quick on my feet don't I?" He looked so proud of himself.

Sephiroth found himself blshing a little as the cadet's moans filled his ears. He ignored the hardness that had grown and supressed the image of the other. "Hmn,very nice.." He mumbled to himself. He casually flipped a page in his book.

[Zack grabbed his ass in attempted hiding of the flesh. "Hmn,yeah but.. suspensions mean we can't go off grounds or anything." He said, pouting because he liked going to the beach which was way off grounds.]

Whe he was finished Cloud dried off and got dressed before he went back out into the bedroom. He was still a little embarassed and ran his fingers through his damp hair causing it to stick out in all directions. He climbed into the bed beside Sephiroth and lay on his back for a moment stareing up at the celing.
"Um ... Sir, do you mind if I move a little closer? I fell more comfortable if I can hear your breathing, it is so quiet here."

["Well then spike we will just have to find a way to pass the time in our room. I for one can think of a few things that might help. Are you up for a round of strip poker?" There was a mischevious glint in the redheads eyes as he spoke. Reno was looking foward to his suspension and his head was spinning with all the possibilities. "We can also make good use of my handcuffs again but this time it is your turn."]

Sephiroth looked to the cadet and decided to give mercy to him. He set down his book and turned out the light. "Certainly." He lay next to the other.

[Zack huffed. "Didn't I pound your ass enough the first time around?" He asked, grinning, "Besides, I always win at strip poker."]

Cloud had not expected the General to stop reading he just wanted permission to move a little closer but when Sephiroth turned the light out he used the opertunity to snuggle in nice and close. The cadence of the silvery haired man's breathing and the spicy soap scent calmed the blonde and lulled him to sleep in no time at all. In his mind Cloud thought how different Sephiroth was to the storys he had heard. Yes the General was a little scary and cold and down right malisous at times but he was also very normal... for lack of a better word. The biggest thing the blonde had trouble reconciling in his mind was the fact that Sephy could not smile happily and he did not know love. Nodding in his sleep the blonde was determined to help the General with those things just as he had promised.

[Laughing Reno squeezed Zack ass as well. He was too much of an exabisionist and enjoyed stripping off to much to try winning strip poker, besides the way Zack hungryly ogled him was a real turn on.
"We can pick up my stuff on the way back to our room, then i think it is shower and bed time." Yawning the redhead stretched slightly. "We can play around more tomorrow but for now I'm beat." Giving Zack and evil grinn he started to whistle.

Sephiroth pressed a kiss to the other's forehead, as he did he felt something unfamiliar and determined it was attraction. He smiled warmly.. his first genuine smile. He closed his eyes and let himself lull to sleep with that thought.

["Alright." Zack said, smiling and practically skipping to his room. "Okay err,,,this isn't as big as your room, but . put your stuff wherever."]

Dreaming pleasent dreams the blonde snuggled in closer in his sleep, comforted by the knoledge that Sephiroth was near him. Cloud had no idea what tomorrow would bring and he was a little nerve about what the other cadets would say when they found out he was bunking with the General.

["Yeh but small or not it is ours. Reno liked saying that, it make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. "I wonder how the sweet little pineapple is going with the bid bad General. Do you think Sephy has actually fallen for Cloud?" He asked as he threw his bag in the cupboard, there would be time to unpack it the next day.]

Sephiroth dreamt of his past deeds, however wrong they were and oddly though he killed the innocent even in his dreams, he smiled brightly as though it were fun.

[Zack shrugged. "I don't know. I seriously think the only person Sephiroth can love without killing the world is himself." He paused. "But.. he did knda smile.."]

Wakeing up Cloud stumbled into the bathroom, he was still half asleep and wiped the side of his face that was damp form drool. As always his hair stuck out everywhere and once he had peed he climbed back under the blankets to dazed to wake up fully. The bed was warm and soft and he burrowed his way under the blankets until only the tips of his blond hair could be seen.

[Streatching the redhead muttered and pulled Zack closer. He kissed the dark haired man a few times then lifted his ass cheek and farted before waveing the blanket and fanning the smell towards his lover.]

Sephiroth woke to the other crawling back into bed and he chuckled. "Hmn." He mumbled, putting a protective arm about the other and dragging him closer.

[Zack's eyes widened as he heard the sound as he saw the red head's movements he growled. "RENO YOU ASSHOLE!" He shouted, pushing the other away and holding his nose. "You fucking dick." At the same time he was also trying to breath from laughter but didn't want to breath in the smell. "You fucking suck royally man." He went to the air conditioning and turned it on high, placing his face in front of it. "God damn.."]

Shifting and resting his head on the General's chest Cloud smiled sleepily.
"You smell nice." He muttered and let his hand slide across Sephiroth's chest in a show of affection. The blonde suddenly froze remembering the way his superior had pushed Zack away when his second tried to hug him and he worried the embrace had gone to far. He remained tence waiting for the General's reaction.

[The redhead laughed and taunted Zackary until the smell hit him. Eyes watering he jumped out of the bed and stood beside his lover.
"Fuck! That realy is ransid..." He whined inhaleing deeply infront of the aircon.

Sephiroth smiled. "And you smell like my shampoo." Sephiroth said indulgingly, enjoying another smelling like he did. He kissed the cadet and closed his eyes. "What time is it?"

[Zack snorted. "Damn, what did you eat man?" He asked, wondering why these last events had to happen to him. He thought he would die of not being able to breath.]

Looking around the room for a clock Cloud found one and squinted at it, still too sleeply to think properly.
"I think it is just before 6am Sir." Pouting as he tried to make his eyes focus properly the blonde gave in and sat up so he could get a better look. "Yeh I am sure it says 5:58 am or it could be a three. 5:53, or is that a 6 and not a 5 at all?" For some reason Cloud was a little nerves.

[Shrugging Reno thought for a moment.
"I don't know, just curry and spicey plumb pork and a sausage with lotsof grilled onion." He grinned at his lover and wrapped his arm around Zackary.
"Well now I know how to get you out of bed in a hurry anyway Spike."

Sephiroth didn't really care. "I dont know cadet. Just go back to sleep, the nw recruits dont start till Monday. It's saturday morn, go back to bed." He said, getting up to go pee as the cadet had done just earlier.

[Zack shook his head. "Your.. insane..." He sniffed n fear but found the room was back to normal. "If you ever doin that again I will make you sleep on the floor.. or in the closet, wherever I can't smell you."]

The blonde curled up and hugged Sephiroth's pillow and was asleep before the General got back from the bathroom. He had a slight grin on his face as he breathed in Sephy's smell, having the pillow in his arms was almost as good as having the General beside him.

[With an evil smerk Reno kissed his lover.
"You might want to use the bathroom first Zack, I don't think you want to follow me in there because there is more where that last one came form."

Sephiroth smiled as he came back out after washing his hands. He lay next to the other. "If you wake up first.. your making breakfast." He muttered, closing his eyes for sleep.

[Zack ran to the bathroom and peed. Upon leaving he showed Zack the air freshener. "See this? You will use it.. the whole damn can ifyou have to." He said, putting it reachable from the toilet.]

As it happened the blonde did wake up first, he kept thinking about Monday would be like and could not get any decent sleep. Quietly crawling out of the bed he found a pair of slippers and headed off into the kitchen looking for a drink. He examined the contence of the fridge and decided to make Sephiroth breakfast in bed.

[Kissing Zack the turk disapeared into the bathroom and shut the door, he was not in there that long because he could not stand his own smell. After giving the room a good dose of air freshener Reno reappeared waveing his hand in front of his nose.
"I think I overdid it ia bit with the curry." He smirked at his lover. "So Spike, what are we going to do today?" He asked a sparkle in his eyes and she pulled the other in for a demanding kiss.

Sephiroth was so tired that he was snoring and had Cloud's pillow posessively between his legs and under his head. He didn't bother waking to the smell of food, merely nuzzled the pillow in his strong grasp, even nibbling on it.

[Zack kissed the other back but stared. "Yeah well.. whatever we do.. it wont be each other cause.. no offense Reno love, but my dick.. is not going in there only to mess it up more." He said, kissing his lover again.]

Finding a tray the blonde hummed to himself as he prepared a breakfast of fruit, juice, toast with an option of three different spreads and coffee. He even found a small jug to put some milk in and headed off into the bedroom. When he saw the General nibbling on his pillow, Cloud could not help giggling . His superior looked so sweet and peaceful he could not wake him, so he headed back to the kitchen. Putting what he could in the fridge so Sephiroth could have it later, Cloud drank the coffee and started on the toast.

["That does not rule out me sticking my dick in you though love" Reno teased as ground his hips against the other. "No seriously Zack what are we going to do? If I get to bored I get to horney, especially around you, sexy thing." Again the redhead kiss Zack passionatly.]

Sephiroth woke and found Cloud, his hair in dissaray. "Hmn, I smell foood cadet.."

[Zack blushed an gave into the red head, kissing him back harshly almost. "Yeah but.. I dominate you.."]

Seeing the General awake Cloud gave him a bright smile and left his own food to prepare Sephiroth's breakfast. The entire time me kept looking at the General's long silvery hair, he looked so sexy with it all messed up like that.
"I was going to make you breakfast in bed Sir but you looked so peaceful I could not wake you." Blushing slightly at the memory of his superior hugging and biteing his pillow Cloud bought the breakfast tray to the table. "You know I could gett all the tangles out of your hair if you like Sir?" The thought of getting his hands on Sephiroth in anyway excited him.

[Growling slightly the turk broke free of the kiss and whispered in Zack's ear.
"I'll wrestle you to see who dominates who." Stepping back a little Reno smiled, wanting to see the reply to his challange on his lover's face.

Sephiroth sighed. "If you want to. Thank you for breakfast." He said, smiling a very small smile. He wouldn't mind if th eother brushed his hair, it kept him from having to for once. He sat at the table, awaiting his growling stomcah's food.

[Zack shook his head. "Why so you can cheat by farting on me?"]

After he set everything out infront of the General, Cloud finished his own coffee and toast then went to retrieve the hairbrush form the bedroom. Starting at the bottom, the recruit gently brushed out the knots of small sections of slivery hair. He was quick, efficent but gentle and had the wild bedhair sorted out in no time. With a sigh he finished. Cloud made a mental note to draw it out longer if he got another chance to brush the General's hair. The blonde had enjoyed the closeness way to much.
"How's your breakfast Sir?" He asked as he sat back down at the table to wait for the empty dishes.

["No." Reno smirked. "So I can pinn you down and hand cuff you for once. Besides what is wrong with wrestleing? It gives me an excuse to grope you all over." Once again the turk's eyes sparkled as naughty thoughts spunn around in his head. Reno was definatly liking sharing a room with Zackary and the suspension was the perfect oppertunity to take full advantage of thier new living arrangements."]

"It's very good, Cloud."Sephiroth said, being honest. Be liked Cloud's cooking. He also liked the feeling of the other's fingers in his hair and had actually purred slightly when the cadet's hands were at work. He sent the blonde a rapturous look. "You're the only one I have ever allowed to touch my hair." He informed him.

[Zack smirked. "You're on, but Turk....I am a SOLDIER. Your weaker than me." He started at the red head, grabbing him by the waist and tossing him to the ground.]

Not sure what to say to such a complement the blonde blushed and simply said 'Thank you'. Once again his heart was pounding in his own ears and he felt a surge of pride that he had pleased the General.

[Reno put up a good fight, he managed to hold the dark haired man off for a short time but finally admited defeat.
"Uncle! I yeald." Giving his lover an evil look he tried one more time to overthrow Zack but failed. "Well now that you have me at your mercy what do you plan to do with me Spike?" As he spoke his cock twitched, the physical contact with his lover exciting him greatly

Sephiroth smiled and rose. "So what do you wish to do this day? I suggest we get to know one another a little better. When Monday comes I wont treat you as kindly when we train. I will be training you."

[Zack shook his head with a sad smile. "Not a thing until tht ass of yours works properly again. Sorry babe." He grinned deviously and sat up on the bed.]

"Do you always train the cadets Sir?" The blonde was a little surprised that the General himself would be training him. He thought Zackary or another SOLDIER would at least run them through the basics.

[With a sigh Reno sat up as well.
"You could still be the bottom you know." He said pouting. The turk was aroused again and silently cursed Zack for being so damned attractive.

Sephiroth smiled. "No, just you." He said, kissing Cloud on the lips. "So, where do you want to see first today?" He asked, his cold veil slipping back.

[Zack pouted. "But.. Reeennnooo I haven't ever been bottom before...." Zack was ashamed of his ass virginity.]

Deciding to freak out about having the General himself train him Cloud thought for a moment.
"I have always been courious how things work so I guess the power plant would be a good place to start Sir."

[Snuggling into his lover and whispering him his ear Reno smiled.
"We can change that love. I promise if you want we can take it slow. I will be very gentle." Kissing and nuzeling Zack's neck the turk waited for an answer.

Sephiroth shook his head. "The nearest is in Nebleheim. I am not taking you off base." He said, looking at the other firmly. "Your not strong enough to face the monsters we may face there."

[With a nod Zack blushed. "Fine, but... if you leave me I will kick your ass. If your not gentle I will kick your ass... am I understood?"]

Feeling a little foolish Cloud blushed.
"What is the view like form the top of the building? You must be able to see a lot from up there?"

[Cradeling Zackery face in his hands and pressing his forhead to his lover's Reno nodded.
"You're understood love." Sighing the readhead leaned back a little. "I don't know what makes you think I would leave you Zack and of couse I will be gentle." Leaning foward the turk began to kiss his lover, softly at first then more deeply. He let his hands slide up under the SOLDIER's shirt and caressed the curvs of Zackary's toned chest.

Sephiroth nodded and thought a moment. "You wish to see it...?" He asked, slipping his arms about the cadet. He craved comfort from his lover.

[Zack kissed him back. His heart beat faster than he wished it would, making him Reno's slave completely."Reno.." He said softly, wondering what it would be like.]

Reassured by the physical contact Cloud smiled and nodded.
"Yes Sir, I would." The cadet breathed deeply, taking in Sephiroth's scent. The thought of seeing such a view with the General was somehow exciting, as if they were sharing something very special and private.

[Giving his lover a reassuring smile Reno whent back to kissing him, working his way down Zack's neck. Lifting the SOLDIER's shirt off over his head, Reno gently pushed him back onto the bed and continued to smother Zack with kisses.
"Just relax baby and enjoy the sensation, I will take it very slowly. We have all day if needed."

Sephiroth kissed Cloud's cheek. "Come then." He dressed in his usual outfit that he was rather famous for. He smiled to himself as he attached massamune to his side and looked to Cloud pointedly for him to get ready.

[Zack looked to Reno. "You promise?" He asked, pulling the redhead's shirt up and away as well.]

Getting dressed in simple dark pants and shirt, Cloud pulled a jumper over his head and hopped to the door pulling his boots on. With a bright smile the blonde nodded at Sephiroth.
"I am ready Sir."

[Kissing Zack, Reno nodded.
"I promise." With gentle caressing hands the redhead removed his lover's pants. He explored the SOLDIER's body, kissing every inch of it while he whispered sweet nothings. Reno wanted to make sure Zack was compleatly relaxed before he went any where near his ass. He wanted this to be something Zackary would rember forever with love. Slowly the turk began to caress his lover through his jocks, lightly rubbing the inside of Zack's thigh and the sensitive tissue between the anus and his balls.

Sephiroth grabbed Cloud's hand in an almost motherly fashion and led him down the halls. A few looked at them with wide eyes. He wondered how Cloud would take all of the attention they were giving him.

[Zack shuddered in his lover's touch. "Ohhh Reno, that's nice." He whispered heatedly, wanting his love to touch more of him. He was 94 percent confident his lover wouldn't cause him harm of any kind.]

The way others were looking at Cloud as Sephiroth lead him towards the roof was a little unnerving. The blonde could not help blushing and staring at his feet to avoid direct eye contact with any of them. He was new to Shinra and had no idea how things usually worked, so he was not aware of how out of character this was for the General. After a while he mustered up the courage to lift his head and stare straight ahead. If Sephiroth was going to be training him personally then he would have to get used to the situation.

[Slowly the redhead moved his fingers and gentle caress to include his lover's entrence. He did not try to press into Zack yet, Reno wanted to take this very slowly so that when he finally did enter his lover it would be ready and begging for more.]

Sephiroth smiled out of sadistic pleasure that Cloud was slightly uncomfortable, but the cadet had to get used to this, he had to know that he belonged to Sephiroth. Of course everyone in Shinra would respect him. None expected him to walk down the hall with anyone hand in hand ever. Finally they reached the roof and Sephiroth lead Cloud to where he normally stoof to get the best view of the city. "Well, there are no stars here, but, he it is."

[Zack found the sensation just a little strange, but it wasn't bad. It wasn't like he hadn't done the very same thing to himself. He kissed Reno and silently raised his hips in begging for more.]

His blue eyes widened as he gazed out at Midgar, the view was impressive and being so high Cloud could almost believe he was flying as the wind russled through his hair.
"It seems so big and small at the same time." He leaned over the rail a little to watch people walking around down below. People going about thier buisness, scurrying around with a sense of pourpouse reminded him of ants.

[The turk kissed Zack and whispered.
"Hang on a minuet love." Rummaging around in a small bag he had beside the bed. Producing some cream to lubricate the SOLDIER, Reno began to gently rub it into him. "When I begin to press into you baby, just relax. It sometimes helps if you push back a little but only a little." Licking and nipping at Zackary's nipple, Reno gently and slowly pressed his finger inside his lover. Paying close attention to Zack's reaction the redhead stopped for a moment allowing the SOLDIER to get used to him then continued some more.

Sephiroth chuckled. "I know. It makes one feel all-empowered." He said, standing behind the cadet. He placed his hands on Cloud's hips and rested his head on the cadet's shoulder.

[Zack winced slightly but accepted the intruding digit before wanting more as the finger brushed over a particularly nice feeling spot inside him. "More..."]

Cloud nodded and relaxed into the General a little. Blushing slightly the blonde gave a soft sigh, he was beginning to become aroused agian. It was a a little embarassing how eaisly the other man effected him, just the slightest touch from him and the cadet's blood rushed to his crotch.

[Smileing Reno nuzzed into his lover, still licking and biting at him. He pressed a second finger inside Zack, making sure it brushed against the SOLDIER's prostate. Slowly moving them within his lover the turk made a sicssor like motion with his fingers streatching the opening.]

Sephiroth smirked against Cloud's ear. "You seem to be having a problem.." He said, kissing him on the neck.

[Zack moaned heatedly. "This.. isn't .. so bad." He said hotly between panting. "God yeah.. come on, let me feel your cock in me.."]

A soft moan escaped the blonde's lips and he nodded.
"I've been having that problem a lot lately Sir." Turning bright red Cloud focused on one of the buildings in the distance so he did not have to face the General.

[With an evil grin Reno pulled his own pants off freeing his rock hard cock.
"I thought you would naver ask." He said excitedly. Going so slowly was killing the turk, he wanted to be inside Zack so badly but he wanted his lover to enjoy his first time as bottom. Quickly smothering himself with the cream to ease his passage the redhead positioned hiself at Zack's enterance and slowly began to push inside letting out an loud moan of pleasure.

Sephiroth smirked and gave a dark chuckle. "Hmn, and why would that be, Cloud?" He asked sensually, purposely letting his hands drop lower on the cadet's hips.

[Zack winced and clutched almost bone crushingly onto the red head. "Ah! Reno!" The red head was much larger than the fingers that had been placed in and he needed longer to adjust.]

Blushing deeply the blonde let out another soft moan and had to take in a deep breath so he could speak.
"Because...I like you Sir... a lot." Cloud could not believe he had actually said that out loud, it was the first time he had admited it to himself but it was true none the less.

[Stoping the turk leaned down and gently kissed Zack.
"Just relax baby, I will wait until you have ajusted but you need to reax." Kissing him and whispering 'I love you' the redhead gently pinched and pulled on the SOLDIER's nipples waiting for Zackary to give him permission to continue.

"Why else do you think I asked you to be the one to show me love?" The general asked, speaking of the topic as though is disgusted him but he really felt a strong curiosity for the topic."

[Zack groaned as his pain was forgotten when the redhead toyed with his nipples. "Oh yeah. Reno.. do it baby.." He rasped, wanting to feel the other. The burning pleasure he felt was beyond anything. He needed the other to thrust him. To break him.]

The tone of the General's voice startled Cloud a little, and he was once again reminded that Sehpiroth had a reputation for being a psycopath. Every time the blonde started to feel comfortable around him, the General would do or say something that reminded him just how dangerous he was. Fear and attraction surged through him at once and the cadet's head spun at the cocktail of hormones it realeased.
"I will not fail you in that mission Sir." Shivering slightly Cloud meant what he said, the more time he spent wiht Sephiroth the more he liked him.

[Recognizing the need in his lover Rneo pulled almost all the way and and plunged into Zack again. He repeated this over and over again mercylessly pounding the dair haired man's prostste. Each thrust was harder and faster then the last and the turk had to focus so he did not cum.
"Oh Baby... fuck... your so tight... so good... Zack, I love you..." Gripping the SOLDIER's hips he lifted them slightly getting a better angle and thrusting deeper inside him.

Sephiroth nodded. "You had better not. I will kill you if you do." He whispered more to himself. "Allow me.. to take care of this." He said mysteriously as though one would have a time guessing what he meant. He undid Cloud's pants and slipped his right hand into them, caressing his cock.

[Zack groaned. "Oh fuck yeah, Reno... harder, please." He begged, his short nails digging into the othe'rs back. He couldnt get enough of this feeling, all of this delightful pained plasure.]

A shudder of pure fear ran down Cloud's spine at the General's whisper but Sephiroth's hand in his pants made him moan in pleasure. His heart felt like it was going to explode as it rached and beat out a fast tattu in his ears. Breathing heavily the cadet stood frosen compleatly paralized by his emotions.

[Lifting Zackary's hips higher, the turk arched away from him allowing thier groins to meet even closer. Letting go of the SOLDIER with his right hand Reno gripped his lover's errecting and began to pound it in time with his thrusts.
"That's it baby... cum for me love...." The red head goraned as he felt himself building to his own release. He was very close but Reno was determined not to cum until Zack did.

Sephiroth chuckled. "Relax.." He whispered. He caressed the younger man's cock again, tightening his fingers about it, moving it slowly.

[Zack moaned. "Oh fuck yeah!" He called out, meeting his lover's thrusts hard. "Oh hell.. Reno!" He yelled out, just on the edge of orgasm.]

Taking in a few deep breaths the blonde forced himself the relax and enjoy the situation. Cloud believed that Sephiroth would do exactly what he said he would if was unable to forfill his promise, and that fact was strangly arousing. Leaning back against the General, Cloud whimpered softly.
"Naagg.... so good..." Blushing bright red the cadet closed his eyes allowing the feelings and smell to take precedent over his other sesnors.

[Hitting his lover's G spot faster and faster with as much force as he could gather, Reno bit his bottom lip and focused on the pain and metalic taste of his own blood so he did not reach own climax first.
"That's it baby... say my name..." Hearing his names on his lover's lips almost bought the turk undone. It sounded so good and of course boosted his already large ego. "Say it again baby...." He groaned, his thrusts becoming irratic as his entire body began to quiver.

Sephiroth pushed Cloud's pants down a little more before he resumed stroking him, kissing his neck as he expertly worked the other.

[Zack couldn't take it anymoe, the pressure had built and he screamed out the other's name as it all released. "Oh RENO!" he mewled, cumming along his chest as he tightened around the red head, clinging to him. "Nnn reno reno reno reno.."]

The blonde had never been touched in such a way before, he was compleatly at Sephiroth's mercy. Being young and inexperienced it did not take Cloud long to reach his breaking point. Leaning back against the General he moaned and whimpered as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him.
"Sir... Oh God! Sir... I'm..." Compleatly embarassed and over stimulated the cadet bit his bottom lip in an attempt to stop the cry of absolute extacy that was rappidly approaching.

[The combination of the tighting muscles of his lover and hearing his name called out with such lust bought the redhead over the edge as well. He thrust three more times as his seed filled Zack. His lover's cum warm on his hand, Reno froze for a moment then gave one last thrust. Very, very gently and slowly the redhead pulled out of the SOLDIER and colappsed beside him on the bed. He was still holding Zackary's now limp manhood in his hand as he nuzzled into the other's neck.
"I love you..." He whispered, trying to catch his breath.

Seohiroth chuckled silkily in Cloud's ear. "Come for me.." He said hotly. He as well was aroused, but he could handle it, he wanted to have this image of the blond so willing, so passioned. He wanted it in his mind for later times when he would need this to keep his mind away.

[Zack groaned and nuzzled Reno as well. "I love you too." He said through panting short breaths. "I do. Oh so much."]

Arching his back and parting his lips in a cry of pure extacy, Cloud came. His young body shook as he released his seed, shuddering even more as Sephiroth stroked him a few more times squeezing every last drop of cum form him. His shirt and pants were covered in the sticky goo but the blonde did not care. He had never felt such pleasure and his heart which was racing before now flet as if it was going to pound right out of his chest.
"I love you..." He muttered then realized what he said, blushing deeply and panting as he tried to get air into his lungs. "Thank you sir..." He said trying to cover up his moment of complete honesty. Having let his guard down the cadet said exactly what he was feeling and that embarassed him because he hardly know the General, the man had even threatened to kill him but somehow he loved him anyway.

[Returning to his usual smug and overconfident self Reno grinned and nibbled on Zack's ear before whispering.
"I know..." He deliberatly left out the fact that he loved his spikey haired partner more than life itself.

Sephiroth tried to but couldn't ignore Cloud's comment. "I don't love you yet, so don't expect me to say it back, but the prosessor.. Hojo, he said I would know what love feels like." He paused to lick the cum off of his hand. "What does it feel like?"

[Zack closed his eyes. "I still am dominant in this relation." He said to ensure his spot. "But while your ass is out of order I have no problem being on the bottom..for now." He said, wondering if the red head was going to slide out of him any time soon.]

Like a dear caught in headlights, Cloud did not know what to say or do. For a moment he just stood there thinking, finally he decided it was not wise to keep Sephiroth waiting so he shrugged.
"Kind of exciting and terrorfying and stronger than anything I have ever felt before but weak and uncertin at the same time." To be honest the blonde did not really know how to describe how he felt. "It is just something you know I guess."

["Yeh, yeh, what ever my love. I know you can't keep your hands off me." Reno muttered sleepely.]

Sephiroth nodded. He thought about how he felt around the blonde. His heart did beat faster at times, but for the most part he felt normal.. but not as ruthless. The blonde brought about a sense of calm in him. He didn't feel terrified except that he mayy finally be experiencing the feeling he so sought after. Weak.. never. Uncertain.. Completely. "Sounds like fun."

[Zack smirked. "Yeah I know, the same could be said to you." He said, nuzzling him. "Your not the only sexy man around here and you know it, that's why you like me so much, because I am as sexy if not more sexy then you."]

Smiling, Cloud nodded.
"Yes, I suppose you could call it fun." That was not exactly how the blonde would describe it but there was definatly an uplifting feeling involved. "And the best part is you can share it with another."

[Laughing the redhead kissed Zackary.
"Well you don't expect me to fall for an ugly bugger do you? I mean you can't blame me for wanting something pretty to look at can you?" With that the turk began to nuzle into the SOLDIER's neck.

Sephiroth looked up at Cloud form a shock of silver hair as it slid in front of his visage. "Well. What do you wish to do now?" He asked, not wanting to share he happy feeling he felt in his chest.

[Zack smiled and kissed the other. "Yeah.. hey Reno.. tell me I am pretty." He said, almost begging."]

The cadet shrugged, he was not really sure what there was to see around Midgar.
"What do you usually do for fun around her Sir? I guess I should at least change before we go anywhere else." Cloud blushed again as he looked down at the mess he made on his shirt and pants.

["You are more than pretty Zack." The turk whispered in his lover's ear. "You're exceptionally beautiful and sexy, but that is only what drew me to you in the first place. You are so damn lovable." He nibbled on the SOLDIER's ear. "And you smell so good." Reno blushed slightly, everything about Zackary Fair captivated him.]

Sephiroth snorted. "Fun? I am the general, Cloud. I never have fun. My source of fun comes from the battlefield where I randomly kill the people around me, most of the time it's the enemy, however, that doesn't stop me should a few of our own get in the way. Fun is something else I do not know of.. and that you will show me." He said, looking out. He didn't sound menacing, just truthful.

[Zack smiled. "Yeah well you know what drew me to you?" He asked. He didn't wait for an answer before continuing. "It was your assholishness and that red hair and your just.. so sexy. I like your turk uniform. Yours is always undone and remember when I stalked you for a month, it was because I couldn't take my eyes off of your ass.Litteraly."]

The blonde could not help wondering if Sephiroth would suddenly turn and kill him for the fun of it. A little shaken by that thought he sighed.
"Could you show me where you will train me Sir?" Cloud felt a little vunerable, there was no one who could stand up to the famous Shinra General but he did not even know the first thing about battle. Being trained by Sephiroth himself meant others would be expecting a lot form him and by now all of Midgar probably knew he was living in the General's quarters. Cloud was determined to make his lover proud. No matter which way he looked at it the cadet loved Sephiroth and there was nothing he could do to change that.

[Laughing the redhead playfully bit Zack's bottom lip then kissed him possessivly.
"You say your the dominant one in this relationship baby but clearly the one in charge is my ass." He gave the SOLDIER one of his assholish smirks even though the truth was he could not stay away from Zack if his life depended on it.

Sephiroth nodded and kissed the cadet out of habbit as he lead him to the said training room. It was a large thing, filled with practice wepons and plenty of padding on the floor. "After this room I will take you to one where padding is absent." He said, smiling.

[Zack snorted. "Yeah well you are only in charge because your ass is out of working order."]

Straightining up a little the blonde took note of everything within the room. He had not doubt that by the time he was ready to move to the next level of training he would know every inch and weapon back to front. There was a look of determination in his eyes as Cloud nodded.

["Oh, so you can resist the urge to make me yours can you?" Reno laughed. He found it flattering that the SOLDIER had stalked him and that fact added to his already large ego. Changeing the subject the turk sighed. "So what do you say to a short nap then a big feed Zack?" Yawning the redhead snuggled into his lover again.]

Sephiroth actually smiled at the thought of training the cadet. "I will make you the best SOLDIER ShinRa has ever had." He said, almost taking on a fatherly tone.

[Zack heard his stomach growl and he blushed. "Well... how about food first and then a nap?" He asked. " I do have a SOLDIER's appetite.."]

Feeling something akin to pride, Cloud nodded.
"I will not disapoint you Sir." Knowing with out a doubt he would either become the best SOLDIER as Sephiroth desired or die trying.

["You have to keep rubbing it in that you are a soldier and I am not, don't you spike?" Reno smiled, he was not offended at all but as always had to be difficult. "Fine then, lets eat first." Nibbling on Zackary's neck again the redhead laughed. "I hope that SOLDIER's appetite extends to the bedroom as well Zacky." He whispered then jumped up and disapeared into the bathroom to pee.]

Sephiroth nodded and stood behind Cloud. "Now, cadet, anything else you would like to do?" He asked, his voice almost insinuating that he would rather something else.

[Well yeah because SOLDIER is better than the turks.." Zackary said with obviousness. "Yeah it does extend to the bedroom, but I'm top and your ass doesn't work and mine doesn't either now because you abused it." Zackary said with the cutest pout he could manage.]

Feeling his cheeks flush again the blonde shrugged.
"I thought perhaps you could suggest something Sir. After all if we are to get to know each other better I should learn what you like and dislike shouldn't I... Sir?" Cloud's confidence wavered a little, if he was to stay alive he had better learn what Sephiroth did not like as quickly as possible and avoid doing it at all costs. It was not that he was afraid exactly but the cadet was not fooled by the General's aparent kindness, there was a reason people spoke of Sephiroth and his actions on the battle field. The silver haired General was like a lion in captivity; very dangerous and the moment you think he is tame and let your guard down he mawls you.

[Comming out of the bathroom Reno grinned and kissed Zack's forhead.
"Awe your so cute when you pout like that spike. So sweet and innocent looking I could just eat you up." Kissing him again the redhead laughed. "Now who's whining about thier ass? Seems you enjoyed yourself to me." Just to be a brat Reno slapped his lover rear and pulled on his pants, his own stomach growling as well.

Sephiroth smiled at Cloud. "Well, the first thing I hate is shyness. I hate weakness, I hate supid people all around. I hate someone without commen sense. I hate it when people think they are the best when they are not.." Sephiroth paused. "I hate fast food really...except pizza, and tacos.." He had a funny look in his eyes suddenly. "I hate not knowing what I am feeling." He gave a pointed look to the other, "But I also hate.... cute little blonde cadets, which makes me wonder why I chose you." He smirked playfully at the last one as it was just teasing.

[Zack tried not to laugh at the turk's comment. "I was whining about my ass be cause.. you took my butt virgiity you meany.. it hurts. But just b ecause I enjoyed myself doesn't mean I want to give my position as top... you felt it, isn't being top the best?" He asked, deciding to only put on his pants and forgoe his shirt. Hell, it would only irk ShinRa, and then it would maybe get them off of their suspension sooner.]

Cloud laughed a little releived that the last was not true.
"I guess you and Reno are not exactly best friends then Sir?" The redhead most likely fell into the thinking he is the best catagory. Cloud actually found the turk funny and had a lot of respect for Zackary. Being a little on the shy side the cadet made a mental note to be more confident around the General, he was also a little worried about his effect on Sephiroth. It was clear the other man had dificulty assessing his feelings around the blonde but even that fact did not change the way Cloud felt. Sepiroth was a beautiful man, strong and powerful, there was a lot to admire and love about him.

[Laughing Reno kissed the SOLDIER.
"On top of being the bottom your still in charge love. Hay do you think if we made big enough asses of ourselfs the president would let us off suspension? I mean I am going to go crazy if I can't get off base. It is clear there is only so much humping a person can do in a day and I have no idea what to do with myself for the rest of thime." There was an evil sparkle in the reshead's eyes as he ran his hand over Zackary's bare chest and kissed him again.

Sephiroth nodded with his eyes widened in terror. "Yes, Reno Sinclair is going to be the death of me. I don't necessarily hate him, but he is aggravating to me.I have an idea." He grabbed a sword form the wall and handed it to Cloud. "Show me what you got."

[Zack blinked and blushed. "Hmmm yup. Well... I thought you liked the suspension, ha ha ha. What's wrong Reno? Sex machine getting an overload on the sex?" He said, grinning mischieviously.]

Looking down at the sword in his hands Cloud took in a deep breath and raised it. He had no delusions about his skill and readied himself for the pain that would no doubt follow. The cadet would be proud of himself if he lasted 5 seconds before he ended up on his ass or with a blade at his thraot.

["Hell no! But seeing as you won't let me at your ass again and you won't come near mine I have to find something else to do." Grinning the redhead slapped Zack's ass again and wrapped his arms around the dark haired man from behind. "So are we humping again or do you have something else in mind?" Reno tired to think of something they could do that was piss Shinra off.]

Sephiroth smiled dangerously before unsheathing massamune. "Well well." He took his stance before motioning Cloud attack. "You're on offensive. Go."

[Zack shrugged. "We could.. send one of the cfeteria workers to his office with the notion that he likes them,,, and then when they try to rape him he only has to say it's a present form us..."]

Swallowing hard the blonde attacked Sephiroth. It was a basic attack, head on and being inexperienced, Cloud left himself slightly off balance as he lunged.

[An evil smirk spread across Reno's lips.
"I like the way you think love." The turk glowed with pirde. "So who should we send to his office?." Rubbing his hands together in excitement the redhead giggled.

Sephiroth dodged the atack with almost unseen ease and slapped Cloud's ass. "Too basic, you will have to use more advanced things, you never know how great of skill your enemy has." He said, motioning Cloud to attack again.

[Zack grinned as he thought. "Hojo..." He said, grinning evily.]

Blushing with embarassmetn the cadet nodded and once again raised this sword. This time he stepped foward keeping his balance and readying to strike down form the left but at the last moment turned his blade and struck in an upwards motion instead.

[Raising an eyebrow, Reno looked at his lover.
"Hojo?" He thought for a moment then laughed out loud. "Hojo it is Spike."

Sephiroth parried the move with ease but a pleased smile etched his features. "Ohhh very nice. Let's step it up a bit.." he said sensually, moving fast to behind the cadet, sword at his throat. "How would you get out of this?"

[Zack laughed. "Alright then, shall we?" He asked, offering his arm to the other so they may go to the cafeteria.]

It took the blonde a moment to think before he elbowed the General with his right arm and reached back with his left hand in an attempt to gouge Sephiroth's eyes. It was pure instinct, a primal, servival thing.

[The two of them walked arm in arm, shirtless and smirking at the strange looks others gave them. When Reno and Zack reached the careteria they spotted thier victem and sat down either side of him. Helping himself to some of the scientist's food the redhead put his arm around Hojo.]

Sephiroth grabbed the hand that attempted to gouge at him and reisisted the pain from the elbowing of the other. "Mnnn that works too.. He released the blonde. "Hmn,do you want to continue?"

[Zack did the same, smiling. "Hiya Prof. How are you? So like.. we kinda know Rufus ShinRa has a crush on you, ya interested?"]

Without hesitation Cloud nodded, it was strange but he felt a lot more comfortable around the General now that they were training. Sehpiroth's speed and strength startled him and he was sure the silver heared man was capable of much more. This fact only proved to strengthen his determination to become a good SOLDIER.

[Pushing his glases up higher on his nose Hojo glared at Zackary.
"I don't have time for this." Dispite his protests there was a slight widening of the professor's eyes causeing Reno to give the scientist an evil smile.
"You are interested arn't you?" The turk chuckled and playfully poled at Hojo's cheek.
"Stop that!" The older man growled.

Sephiroth unleashed a series of relentless attacks upon the other. He wasn't going near what he normally did in times like these, but he didn't want to kill his cadet.

[Zack snorted. "Ohhh come on, think about it. How much better would your life be with some romance? Rufus is sexy.. you and him would be cute together, come on..." He said, begging the other practically with his puppy eyes look.]

Cloud stumbled backwards only just managing to blocke the General's attacks. He had no idea what he was doing, relying on instinct rather than rational thought or knoledge of technique. The cadet was very in experienced but egar to improve so he tried to take note of Sephirot's movements, balance and any patterns to the attacks. Tripping over his own feet, the blonde ended up flat on his back looking up at the General and the blade that was poised ready to strike.

[The scientist did not seem impressed at all.
"The only thing I want form Shinra is materials and money for my research."
"And just think of all the extra money he would be willing to give you in exchange for a little fun every know and then." Reno practically purred and let his other hand rest on Hojo's thigh.

Sephiroth looked at him curiously. "Had enough yet?" He asked, standing over the cadet, blade at his throat.

[Zack grinned. "Yeah, but just think of how much better everything would be... Rufus would totally fund you if you two were intimate. He'd bow to you."]

Shaking his head the blonde made no attemtp to move.
"No Sir, I want to know what I did wrong?" His effort was feeble and he really wanted to make Sephiroth proud of him. Cloud may not be very skilled but he had pleanty of determination.

[Dark eyes sparkling behind his glases, Hojo started to think of all the things he could accomplish if he had Shinra's compleate financial support. His experaments were all that mattered and if he did not do everything he could to see them reach perfection then how could he call himself a scientist?]

Sephiroth smiled. "Well.. you just aren't up to my level. It isn't that you did anything wrong, but try to practice more on your own. Master things a little bit at a time." He said, helping Cloud up and sheathing his blade. He didn't even notice that when he smiled it was genuine. Kindness and not malice or mischiviousness was in the general's eyes, making him look younger and somewhat lovable.

[Zack smiled. "Seeee? It's good for you. Now come on, Rufus is impatient and he was pacing when we left."]

Cloud could not help smileing as well, and he kissed the General on the cheek.
"Thank you Sir." As soon as he did so the blonde blushed deeply. He was unsure if Sehpiroth would allow him to show such affection outside of the Generals sleeping quarters. "Sorry Sir." He muttered embarassed.

[Leaving his lunch tray on the table, Hojo stood up the slight hunch to his back making him seem shorter than he really was. He nodded and allowed the two men to escourt him to the president's office.]

The general blushed as the cadet did this. "It's alright. No one would dare oppose me in my choices. They wont harm either of us for our..relation preferences. Let us hit the showers, I am sure you worked up a bit?" He asked, not noticing he was even capable of blushing, all he knew is heat rose to his face so he felt maybe he was feeling a bit off and a shower would help him.

[Zack laughed. "Damn, you really are obsessed with your work. Well, me and Reno will just go and have lunch now, you go on ahead, he's expecting you." Zack said, grabbing the red head's ass.]

Seeing the Genereal blush made Cloud blush again, he liked the fact he had effected Sephiroth in such a way and thought the silver haired man looked very handsome with red cheeks. It boosted his confidence but also sent blood rushing to his crotch again.
"A shower sounds like a good idea Sir." He answered with a smile but wondered how he was going to cope with seeing Sephiroth naked and soapy.

[Grunting Hojo muttered.
"My work is the only thing that matters." Then he shuffled off in his slightly hunched manner towards Shinra's office. Reno could not help chuckling to himself.
"I would love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation."

Pushing his small round glases up on his nose again the scientist knocked on Shinra's door.

Sephiroth led the cadet to the showers and began stripping, leaving his sword and clothing in his locker. He smiled. "Just put your things with mine." He said, standing in naked glory, silver hair wrapped about him.

[Rufus Shinra opened the door to see Hojo. "Yes?" He asked, an eyebrow raised, wondering what the scientist wanted. Zack was already eating with Reno, both of them checking the surveilance to the presidents room through their phs'.]

"Y-yes Sir." Cloud stammered and stripped of folding his things neatly and placing them in the General's locker. He took his time trying to gain control of his emotions. The blonde was sure the his entire body was blushing and he had trouble looking Sephiroth in the eyes. His gaze kept wandering below the belt and each time it did he would turn redder and have more trouble breathing.

[Thinking of all the extra funding he could get Hojo suddenly lunged foward wrapping his arms around Shinra and kissing him passionatly forcing him backwards toward his desk.
"I came as soon as I heard....." He managed inbetween kisses. "I'll give you what you want now and we can talk funding latter." The scientist was suprisingly strong for an academic and lifted his leg up to wrap it around the president's waist.

[Reno almost fell off his chair as he burst out laughing.
"The look on Shinra's face...." He practically screamed and doubled over.

Sephiroth chuckled somewhat deviously before heading to a shower stall where he turned the water on to hot and stepped under it letting it wet his long hair, the darker color of it bringing out his eyes even more. "What are you waiting for cadet?

[Rufus' eyes widened dramatically and he pushed Hojo off of him onto the floor. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Has the whole damned company gone insane? First I had to suspend SOLDIER Zackary Fair and turk Reno Sinclair because they were having SEX in the middle of the god damn hallway, and now you come up here and just start molesting me! Is everyone on something? Did the lunch attendants put a damned aphrodisiac in the food!?"]

[Zack fell out of his chair in laughter. "Poor pres." He said between laughs, continuin to watch his PHS from his position on the floor.]

"N-nothing Sir." Trying to think of hidious monsters or ineadable food, anything to take his mind of the perfect, lean, toned body of the other man, Cloud entered the stall beside the General. He turned the water on and stepped under it, closeing his eyes tight. It had surprised the cadet how quickly he had fallen for the infamous General. Sephiroth was nothing like he had expected. He was much more handsome and more normal than his reputation of a phscyo suggested. At the same time there were moments when Cloud was almost frozed with fear because of something the General said or did. Instead of putting him off the silver hiared man, the fear only added to the attraction. That was another thing that confused the cadet.

[Hearing those two names Hojo dragged himself to his feet, rage flashing in his eyes as he pushed his glases up higher on his nose.
"Fair and Sinclair?" He growled, realizing he had been made a fool of. "Those assholes told me you were waiting for me. They said I would get more funding if I forfilled your desire for my body." With out waiting to be dismissed the scientist hurridly shuffled his way to the door, muttering about expermints he would like to conduct on the offenders.

["God, they both look so pissed, do you think that is enough to end the suspension or should we get up to more mischife?" Reno was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.]

Sephiroth washed himself almost lazily, wanting to sort of hum to himself as he did so. "Say, Cloud, what's cuddling?" He asked, randomly out of the blue. Truthfully he had heard the term but never really knew much about it.

[Zack snorted. "Let's TP the president's quarters.. no one's in there right now, and I know he wont be, he's probably too embarassed... or at least questioning his sexuality..and maybe we can put... I don't know, some kind of animal in there. Ohhhh! I know! How about we get someone to strip naked and lay on his bed with a bowl of strawberries and choclates?"]

Startled by the sudden question the cadet opened his eyes and looked at Sephiroth to see if the was joking. Deciding the General was not having a go at him he smiled shyly.
"Well cuddling is... when you wrap your arms around another and hold them close. It is a show of affection and comfort." Seeing enought of the silver haired man's naked body to make him blush Cloud turned bright red agian and turned slightly to hide his hardening crotch. Just thinking of cuddling with Sepiroth sent his heart reacing again.

[Wipeing his eyes and trying to catch his breath the redhead nodded.
"But who can we get to lay naked in Shinra's quarters? I don't think Hojo will do it for us..." As he spoke the scientist came storming back into the cafateria, or at least as clost to storming as he could get with his hunched shuffle.
"Speak of the devil, heres the mad scientist himself." Reno scrambled to his feet still half doubled over and giggling.
"Why you! I should use you as a test subject and mutate you into something usefull.... both of you." Even though Hojo was threatening him, the turk just could not make himself take the other seriously and he laughed harder.
"Hay you would not be willing to lay naked on Shinra's bed with a box of chocolates would ya?" That earned Reno a deep growl and a slap across the face from the scientist.

Sephiroth huffed. "Well.. I was going to suggest that after we shower that we go back to the room to cuddle, but seeing as I don't know how to show affection, I wont be doing that." He said, pouting as he wet his hair under the water.

[Zack laughed. "Ah man... see, he suspended us, and well none of this wouldn't of happened if he hadn't suspended us, mayhap you would like to just..ohhh I don't know, mayhap you would like to get him back for making us do this to you?]

"I could... I could cuddle you if you liked? I mean only if you want me to Sir? The best way to learn affection is to experience it." Cloud blushed bright red but he did not want to let the opertunity to be close to Sehpiroth pass him by.

[Not even dignifying the two men with a reply, Hojo shuffled off. Reno sighed as he watched the scientist leave.
"Well my love, it seems we will have to find another sucker to decorate Shinra's bed." The turk gave Zackary an evil grin.

Sephiroth thought a momet as he rinsed his hair of shampoo and conditioner for the last time and turned off the water. "You hold affection for me, cadet?" He asked, rather eager actually to experience this.

[Zack pouted. "Yeah, but who? Tsung? Seph? Cloud? Al three of them? Or maybe we should just let loose a chocobo in his room?"]

Feeling like a complete idiot Cloud blushed. He had not meant to show his true feelings to the General and he feared the other man would think he was weak and childish. Nodding the blonde answered quietly.
"At least I think I do Sir." The blonde hardly even knew Sephiroth but the silver haried man definatly effected him and not just physically.

[Reno's eyes lit up with a devilish gleam.
"Oh I like the sound of a chocobo greeting him. It's a shame we don't know where the sweet little pineapple cadet is, he kind of looks like a chocobo. We could set both of them loose in there. But then Sephy might not want to part with his new pet." The turk was thinking out loud, obviously excited at the prospect of further upsetting Shinra.

Sephiroth smiled. "Then I will allow you to show me what this is. Is there anything you wish to do before going back to the room?"

[Zack laughed. "Nah if it's to bother ShinRa, then Seph would do it. But you're right, Cloud's his bitch, he may not want to part with him. But... he may... let's go find out?"]

Remembering that the General had said he did not like shyness Cloud forced himself to speak instead of just shaking his head.
"No Sir." He answered as confidently as he could. Rincing himself off the blonde blonde turned off his shower as well and reached for a towel.

[The turk was so excited he was practically skipping as they headed off to find Sephiroth.
"This sould definatly get us off suspension. Shinra will realize we are more trouble then he can handle when we have nohting constructive to do." Giving his lover a mischeifevious smile Reno kissed Zack's cheek.

Sephiroth nodded and re-dressed in his attire, waiting otside for the cadet to be finished. "Come then."

[Zack giggled. "Well well.. sooo how much you wanna bet ShinRa lets us off suspension and tries to fuck Cloud?"]

Blushing deeply but with a smile upon his lips the blonde finished dressing and followed Sephiroth. He could not stop thinking of how toned and firm the General's body was and how gracefully the silver heaired man had moved as they sparred. Cloud had never met anyone who mad him feel the way Spehy did and he was egar to explore those new sensations as well.

[Scratching his head as he thought Reno concidered the bet.
"How about you be bottom if he does not try to fuck chocobo by and I'll be bottom if he does?" As fare as the redhead was concerned it was a win, win situation for him. He flashed a toothy grin and waited for Zackary's reply.

Sephiroth linked arms with the young cadet. He felt a strange sense of posessiveness overcome him. They walked in peace until they came to Zack and Reno. "What can I do for the two of you?"

[Zack agreed to Reno's terms and looked at Cloud. "We need him for a prank on ShinRa...." He looked to Reno to tell him what that prank was.]

Cloud was not sure he liked the idea of being part of a prank on the president of the Shinra corperation. The blonde thought for sure he would get into a hell of a lot of trouble, although he got the feeling Sephiroth would protect him form any real harm and that kind of excited him a little.

[With an evil smirk the truk explained.
"See the pres has suspended us for fucking in the hallway witch was all Zacky's fault. Although I thourouly enjoyed it and would definatly do it again we have both got a touch of cabin fever. So to get off the suspension we have decided to show Shinra that it is more trouble that it is worth confineing us to the base. We have already told Hojo, Shinra wanted him and sent him to his office." At this the readhead started to laugh again. "Oh Sephy, you should have seen it. Hojo walked right in and started kissing him...." Wipeing tears from his eyes and taking in another deep breath, Reno continued. "So now we want to lay chocobo boy here out on Shinra's bed with a box of chocolates and a bowl of strawberries. That should be real fun to watch."

Sephiroth twitched and then got a very uncharacteristic pout and his voice became incredibly whiney. "But I was supposed to cuddle with Cloud!!!!!!!!!!"

[Zack was confused and he paled at the other. "Woah Cloudy... what you been poisoning him with?"]

The blonde's eyes went wide and he shook his head.
"I haven't Sir, I swear I..." Cloud was honestly worried, seeing Zack turn pale had really freaked him out.

["Bwahahahahah!!" Reno was almost doubled over he was laughing so hard. "It's alright chocobo boy .... Spike knows you did not poison Spehy, but you sure as hell have done something to him..." Taking in deep breaths the turk tried to calm down.]

Sephiroth smirked. "He didn't do anything, but he's mine and I can cuddle with him. So shush."

[Zack laughed. "Awe come on Seph, we know he's yours, but pleeeeeaaasseeeeee?"]

Cloud was blushing bright red and moved a little closer to the General. He liked hearing Sephiroth say he belonged to him, it made the cadet all warm and fuzzy inside.

["You know you could always cuddle with him on Shinra's bed and ask the pres if he would like to join the two of you? That sould really fuck with his head." The redhead grinned, his mind trying to conjure up the look on Shinra's face at seeing the infamase General cuddling on his bed with the cute little blonde.]

Sephiroth shrugged. "So long as I get to cuddle with him.. so sure. Let's go." He said, picking Cloud up bridal style.

[Zack shook his head. "This is too good!" He said, grinning and clinging to Reno. "I can't wait to see what happens!"]

Cloud let out a surprised yelp at being picked up in such a manner but quickly decided he liked it and snuggled into the General's chest and wrapped his arm around him. Althought the blonde did not realize it he had a soft, content smile upon his lips.

[Kissing his lover Reno whispered in the SOLDIER's ear.
"You know I could almost believe Sephy had a fully functioning heart the way he pouted before. I think the blonde cutie there is going to be good for the General." He was just as excite about the relationship between Sephiroth and Cloud as he was about the reaction the two of them would get from Shinra. Reno felt for sure they would be off suspension after this little trick.

Sephiroth smiled sadistically. He was feeling very warm and fuzzy inside. "This should be fun." He whispered to Cloud as he stealthily snuck into ShinRa's room with Cloud in his arms.

[Zack grinned and held out a bowl of strawberries and heated chocolate. "I still think the strawberries sound good. Cloud, lose the shirt."]

Once again the cadet's eyes went wide in shock but remembering that shyness was on Sephiroth's don't like list he took it off anyway, blushing almost the same colour as the strawberries.

[Helping himself to one of the juicy red berries Reno dipped it in the chocolate, making happy noises as he pit into it.
"Oh God! You have to try this Spike." The turk mumbled around his mouthful and dipped another strawberry in chocolate then handed fed it to his lover.

Sephiroth smiled at Cloud and the thought of Cloud eating one of the fruits. "Hmn, well then you two can leave now."

[Zack tasted the strawberries and decided to steal almost half of them. "Okay! But I'm taking some of these..." He laughed as he and Reno left. "Ohh I can't wait!"]

Looking down at the bowl, Cloud smiled and decided to taste one of the strawberries. Picking the biggest one he could find the blonde dipped it in the chocolate then enjoying the flavour he gently sucked off most of the chocolate. Moaning slightly removed the fruit, his lips sliding gently over it as it reappeared.
"Mmm.." Biting the tip, Cloud maoned again. "So sweet... Here Sir." Finding another large strawberry he dipped it in the chocolate with his free hand and offered it to Sephiroth. As he did the cadet accidently dripped some chocolate down his arm, not wanting it to go to waste he lifted his arm and licked it off himself. Cloud closed his eyes as he flatened his tongue agaist his pale skin, moaning again. "Nnnaaa mmmm That is good chocolate, not the cheep stuff either." Blushing slightly he once again offered to feed the General the chocolate covered strawberry he still held.

[Hurrying back to their room the Turk wrestled a few of the plump red fruit from his lover.
"Dinner and a movie." He grinned. "Quick turn it on, we don't want to miss anything." Reno was impatient so see not only the look on Shinra's face but to find out what was going on between Sephy and the cadet.

Sephiroth found himself blushing as the other cadet did this. He nodded, taking the strawberry sensually into his mouth and very much enjoying the fruit. "Mnn it's delicious.." he said, resting one of his hands on Cloud's legs. He wanted terribly to run his hand up and pleasure the cadet, he felt very tender to him suddenly, pressing kisses to his cheek, and nuzzling him.

[Zack blinked. "Wow.. Cloud and Seph.. seem really intimate, think they're just getting into their roles or that they like.. love eachother or something?"]

[President ShinRa was on his way back to his rooms, sighing from the earlier events that had occoured with Hojo. He rolled his eyes. "Evil pricks.." He muttered to himself as he referred to Zackary and Reno. He turned the handle to his room and stepped on in.]

To caugth up in the moment, Cloud did not notice Shinra's enterence. He was enjoying the General's closeness and his heart was pounding so fast he felt it would burst right out of his chest. The uneaten end of the strawberry fell, forgotten form the cadet's hand as he instinctivly leaned closer to Sephiroth

[Compleatly shocked the red head nodded.
"I don't think they are pretending... I think Sephy really does have feelings for Cloud." The mere possibility that the General was capable of such emotions blew the turk's mind. When Shinra opened the door to quarters, Reno practically squealed with delight as he huddled closer to Zack and the screen.

Sephiroth looked up as Shinra entered. "Ah, Rufus, would you like to join?" He asked with a cheeky smirk.

[Zack huddled to Reno as well, trying to hold in laughter as he heard Sephiroth ask the question.]

[Rufus glared at Sephiroth and Clod before sighin in defeat. "FINE! SINCLAIR! FAIR! YOU ARE OFF YOUR DAMNED SUSPENSIONS!" With that he removed himself from his room, the door slamming shut behind him.]

Relieved that the president did not join them, Cloud giggled.
"It seems Zackary Fair and Reno Sinclair's plan worked after all." It was pretty funny and concidering he had never met Rufus before, the blonde had been a little nerves.

[Flopping back on the bed and howling with laughter the redhead felt like he was dieing. Reno just could not get enough air in his lungs as his entire body spasamed. Tears ran down his cheeks and after a little while he just hissed, no longer able to make any sound but still unable to stop laughing. Finnaly he managed to gasp and calm down slightly.
"You are a genious Spike.... God I love the way... your wicked little mind works..." Sighing the redhead breathed deep and started to laugh again.

Sephiroth chuckled. "Come now Cloud, let us take our cuddling to my rooms which are much more ..uninterrupted.."

[Zack had joined the red-head in his laughter. "Oh my god I thought for a moment he shit himself! BUt hell yeah buddy we are off suspension!!!!"]

Nodding the cadet put his shirt back on and decided to take the strawberries and chocolate with them. He smiled up at Sephiroth and blushed slightly.
"It is alright if I take them with us isn't it?"

[Folding Zack into his arms, the turk kissed him inbetween deep breaths.

love you so much Zacky, my Spikey SOLDIER." Reno was in a good mood and was horney again. "You know watching the General and the cut little blonde was kind of turning me on." He raised an eyebrow in question.

Sephiroth nodded. "Most certainly." He said, as they left he winked at the president who shook his head and tried to not look at them.

[Zack huffed. "You don't have an off button do you?" He asked, climbing atop the other. He kissed him thouroughly while sliding his hand down to undress his lower half.]

When they got to Sephiroth's quaters, Cloud was still smileing. He could not think of the look on Shinra's face without giving a little laugh. He also felt more comfortable in the General's rooms now, maybe no quite at home but definatly more relaxed then yesterday.
"Should I put the strawberries in the fridge for later or do you want to eat them now Sir?" The cadet had been enjoying himself before the president interupted them and was egar to show Sephy more cuddling.

[Moaning and shifting so Zack had better access to his pants the redhead muttered.
"You should concider it a compliment, your so sexy I can't help but get turned on when your around." Reno wrapped his arms around the SOLDIER and pulled him closer.

Sephiroth smiled. "Hmn, put them in the fridge, I want to jump straight into cuddling..." He said, puling the cadet close to himself.

[Zack grinned. "Awe then show me how bad you want me, Reno.." He said,not touching the red head.]

Happy that the General felt the same way, Cloud quickly put the strawberries away and returned, sliding his arm around Sephiroth's waist. He nuzzled into the taller man, sighing contently.

[Pouting the turk squeezed his lover's ass.
"Your going to make me beg again arn't you?" Feeling his heart pounding, Reno's mind began to waneder. He liked Zack's brand of erotic torture, it got him hard just thinking about it. The redhead was the SOLDIER's willing sexslave and it was not just because the spikey hiared man was physically stronger than him. Reno had enjoyed himself way to much in the hallway.

Sephiroth nuzzled the other back, kissing him and lavishing him with comfort and affection. ..Afection, where had he learned this? He smiled. "You ...I am giving you affection."

[Zack grinned and nodded. "Beg for me lover." He said sensually.]

Sephiroth's words startled the blonde a little, at first he thought he was in trouble of some kind but quickly realized it was exactly the opposite. Smileing back a the General, Cloud kissed his cheek.
"You are a very fast learner Sir." There was a hint of pride in his blue eyes as he looked up at Sephiroth.

[Having to be his usual brat self the turk gave his lover an evil smirk.
"Make me." Reno liked being a bad submissive and loved being broken by the SOLDIER. It forced him to be honest with himself about his ture feelings, no matter how hard he tried he would always be Zackary's slave. The redhead just loved him way to much to be anything else.

Sephiroth grinned and kissed the other. He had acrtually grinned.. and not all of it was because he thoght of killing. He blushed. "I.. I need to see the professor about this.." He kissed Cloud on the lips before pausing and kissing him again slower and with this other feeling he had built inside him. He blushed darker because of it and ran to the professor. "Hojo! I need your help!" He said, not caring if the scientist was busy, he knew Hojo would make time for him reguardless.

[Zack pouted. "Reeeeeennnnoooo beeeeeeg for mee!" He pleaded, grabbing onto his lover's shirt and removing it.]

Stopping what he was doing, Hojo turned to face the General frowning. He was not annoyed at being interupted, he was genuinly concerned that some fault had been uncovered in his greatest and most prescious experiment. Sephiroth seemed distressed, yet another sign that something was very wrong.
"What is the problem?" The scientist asked and pussed his glasses back up on his nose.

[With a sparkle in his eyes the turk answered.
"It seems you are the one begging at the moment Spike." Reno tried to sound confident but he was already painfully hard and each touch from the SOLDIER sent bolts of lightening through his entire body to his crotch. It was embarassing how eaisly Zack aroused him.

Sephiroth huffed. "Well I was cuddling with Cloud Strife, a new Shinra cadet, and.. I told him to teach me affection and I think he did. I have this unknown feeling that swells up in my chest when I look at him and.. I don't know. What should I do about it? I don't wanna kill things around him." Sephiroth's tone as lightly pouting as he begged for an answer.

[Zack stuck his tongue out at the other. "Oh come on Ren.... " He nipped the red head's collar and his chest while stripping him completely. He let his hands drift down but never touch]

Nodding Hojo began to hunch back and foward with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be thinking then he stopped and pushed his glasses up on his nose again.
"I am familure with this emotion and it is unsettling. It has no place on the battle field but a perfect being must experience and conqure everything.... This is verry sudden General." He motioned for Sephiroth to sit in one of the chairs in his lab. Sticking a few wires around the silver haired man's shest he took his blood pressure and a recording of his heart beat. The pulse was elevated and once again the scientist began to shuffle around.
"I would like to do some tests, this is the first thing other than the thought of killing to provide such a result." As he spoke he glanced quickly at the softening bulge between Sephiroth's legs. "That is definatly a new symptom." He stated matter of factly.

[Quickly loosing control of his body the redhead whimpered as his hips moved trying to force the SOLDIER to touch him.]

Sephiroth pouted but then thought of killing. A sickened smile came over his face as he thought of killing those in his path when there was a battle. "Nope, my killing is still intact.." But then he saw the face of one Clous Strife and he paled, and as well as he saw his friend Zack. "Well, except when I see Cloud or any of my.. friends in that vision..."

[Zack shook his head. "Nu-uhhh beeeg." He said, sticking his tongue out to lick the red head's neck.]

An evil smile crossed the scientist's lips.
"I would like to observe you and this new Cadet together, to further study these new symptoms." The eirler incident with Shinra had awakened certin things in Hojo that had been dormant for decades. He wanted to act upon those things as well as explore Sephiroth's new emotions. Watching the General and his new pet presented the oppertunity to do both.

["Zack..." The turk's voice held despiration and need as he spoke but his stuborn pride would not let him beg just yet. Reno cringed slightly and the discomfort and hardness of his errection and again tried to move closer to his lover.]

Sephiroth nodded. "When do we begin?" He asked, eager to see what the scientist had to say.

[Zack grinned and teased his lover more."Nuh-uhhh, you have to beg." He said, not touching him all together.]

Giving the General another wicked smile Hojo answered.
"We can start now. I will observe you and the cadet in your quaters from here." Blood was rushing to the scientist's crotch just thinking about it.

[Leaking precum and needing physical contact the redhead whimpered.
"Zack... please..." Reno's breaths were comming short and shallow now and he reached out for his lover, desire bruning in his eyes.

Sephiroth was confused. "Well.. am i just supposed to cuddle with him?" He asked, wondering what to do.

[Zack looked at him before grinning. "Okay!" He said cheerily, pouncing upon his lover and stripping him. "Hmnnn I can't wiat to have you." He said as he touched the redhead's length]

Once again Hojo smiled and pushed his glasses up on his nose.
"That is how these things start Genreal. You cuddle and you kiss and see what happens from there." The scientist would enjoy watching them even if nothing much happened. Besides, intamacy was not something Sephiroth had ever experienced before and it was of scientific interest to see if the General was capable of love or just lust.

[Letting out a lust filled groan, Reno's eyes rolled back in his head and his entire body lifted almost all the way off the bed as his back arched. Zackary's touch was almost more than he could take and more prcum spilled from the head as the SOLDIER's hand moved upwards. The dark haired man litterally had the turk in the palm of his hand.]

Sephiroth nodded and swiftly left, humming to himself as he entered his room again. "Cloud..Hojo wants to observe us.." He said, drawing the young blonde in for an almost crushing lovable hug.

[Zack rached down and licked the cum from the other. "Mnn damn you taste good" He said chuckling at the affect he had on the other. He undid all of his clothing and placed a finger at Reno's entrance.]

The blonde had been shocked and confused when the General had run out on him and was just as surprised by his sudden return and show of affection. There were a thousand questions he wanted to ask but they all melted away as tried to breath.
"Um... Sir...your crushing me.." Cloud said muffled by Sephiroth's chest. He had to admit except for the fact his ribs were about to break, the cadet was enjoying the embrace.

[Feeling Zack's tonuge upon him sent shivers down the turk's spine and all pretences of strength vanished. Reno pushed back against the finger, wanting it inside him.
"Nnaaa... Zack..yes.." Shivering in anticipation and need the redhead begged shamelessly. "Please... take me... Zack!" He opened his legs wider and scrunched the sheet up in his fist as he tried to impale himself on the intruding didget.

Sephiroth pouted before releasing the cadet. "Call me by my name." He insisted, petting his spikey haired blonde. He couldn't understand his own feelings to the other.

[Zack grinned in an Sephiroth'ish way and removed the finger, knowing the red head would only whine for more. He instead replaced the digit with his length in which he pushed into the other. "Ohhh fuck yeah babe.."]

Blushing bright red and smileing slightly the blonde nodded.
"Sephiroth..." The way he said it was soft and loving. "Sephiroth." He said again and streatched up to very gently kiss the General on the lips. Cloud's heart was pounding and he wanted to get closer to the silver haired man but was not sure Sephy was ready for a more affectionate embrace.

[Crying out in pain and pleasure, Reno almost ripped the bedding as his eyes went wide.
"Wait... Oh God Zack...." He forced himself to relax and ajust to his lover's ample girth. Dispite the pain the redhead wanted more, the SOLDIER was like a drug, he could never get enough.

Sephiroth pulled his cadet to the bed, nibbling his neck as he did so. He didn't know why, but something inside him had taken over, and it wasn't the beast that killed people, it was something that wanted to be tender to the boy in his arms.

[Zack knew his lover could handle it, but winced just a little when he heard Reno's pleads. He ignored them but moved slow until he knew the other had adjusted enough and then began moving faster and deeper into him. "Ohh yeah Ren..o. Uhn!"]

Moaning softly Cloud tilted his head back exposing more of his neck to the General. It felt so good to be held in Sephy's strong arms. The cadet closed his eyes and concentrated on the General's warm breath as it tickled the fine hairs of his neck as Sephiroth kissed him. Blood ruched to his crotch and Cloud blushed slightly as he quickly became hard.
"Sephiroth..." He moaned, lust and need dripping from his words.

[The turk's vision went white and tiny stars burst before his eyes each time Zackary hit his prostate.
"Oh God! Yes, Zack!" Arching his back Reno tried to pull his lover closer. "More...Please... Zack..." Each thrust bought him closer to compleation but it was maddening because he wanted his lover deeper indside him. The redhead wanted to melt into the SOLDIER until they were one entity joined in pleasure.

Sephiroth reached his hands down and slipped them between the blonde's legs, stroking him and kissing him. Something inside him was much awakened, something wanted that blonde in a very sexual way. He didn't really know what this feeling he had for the other was, but he needed it gone. "Cloud, help me.. I don't know how.." He whispered heatedly, not ashamed to ask help from the other.

[Zack whimpered and gave in to an almost animalistic pace with his lover, moving as fast and hard into him as he could without causing the other harm. "Reno!"]

Blushing deeply the blonde looked up at Sephy.
"I... I don't know either.... I have never..." Cloud thought for a moment, he had stuck his fingers inside himself before. "I could... I could use my fingers if you want, that feels good or maybe..." It seemed such a foolish thing but the cadet wanted to take things further. "Maybe I could stretch myself and we could try you inside me?" He felt so embarassed, how was he suposed to teach Sephiroth things he did not know himself? On the other hand it could be fun, exploring the other and working out what flet good and what did not.

Back in his lab, Hojo was leaning back in his chair with his hand down his pants. On the screen was the General's quaters and he was ovserving thier interaction. The scientist realized he liked watching a lot and was already hard. Slowly he pumped his hand up and down useing the precum leaking from the head to lubricate his movement.

[Hearing his lover call out his name almost ended the turk right there and then. He was so close to release every muscle was quivering as he cried out again and again in pleasure. Sweat covered his lean body making it glisten as it shifted beneath Zack.]

Sephiroth shivered. "Mnn I don't know what you mean, Cloud. Make me feel good." He demanded, letting the cadet be up to his pleasure. He knew he wanted it.. something anything, but what would the cadet grant him. He kissed the other, filled in that kiss was that unfamiliar emotion.

[Zacl gasped as he neared as well. "Oh fuck.. yeah RENO!" He shouted as his grip tightened on his lover's length while he came hard inside him, filling the other with his seed.]

Looking around for something to use as a lubricant the Cadet frowned. Unable to see anything he decided to use spit. Kissing his way down Sephiroth chest Cloud removed the General's shirt and paid special attention to his nipples. Gently licking and suckling on the errect nubs the blonde smiled to himself at the pleasure he was causing Sephy. He let his hands slide down to undo the silver haired man's pants and began to undo them deliberatly burshing against the General's errection. Cloud knew it felt good when he played with his own nipples and event he slightest brush against an engourged penis flet good. Taking note of each movement and sound Sephiroth made the blonde experemented with presure and gentle biting.

[With an almighty shudder Reno cried out and shot his sticky load all over his own stomach.]

Sephiroth stared mindless at the boy as he gave kisses and touches to him. He groaned and panted at times and others he just thought of doing the blonde on a bloody battlefield, but doing what to him? That is what he didn't know. "Yes.. this is nice.."

[Zack held the other tight to him as he attempted to ride out the waves of pleasure.]

Cloud continued to undress the General and as the man had reciently showered, the blonde bowed down and ran his tongue from the base of Sephiroth's cock to the tip. That got a good reaction so he did it again and as he gently circled Sephy's anus with his finger.

[As his inner muscles continued to constrict, the redhead began to relax. His vision slowly returned and he reached up to in a feeble, exhausted attempt to pull the SOLDIER closer.
"Love... you.." He breathed through a silly grin. Reno felt as if he was high and every inch of his was pins and needles but the nice kind.

Sephiroth gasped as his eyes hazed over and he shuddered. He gripped the bedsheets harder than he normally would have. He hadn't ever had this before. He was a little nervous with the cadet so close to his rear though.

[Zaxk was eaqually exhausted and pulled out of the other slowly. "Love you too babe." He said softly, laying down next to the other. "Ah, that was.. intense.."]

Taking things a little further the blonde began to lick and kiss the General's balls before once again licking his way form the base to the head. Useing the very tip of his tongue to gently rub the sensitive underside of the head repeatedly before suddenly devouring the top half of Sephiroth's cock. Again useing this tongue, Cloud traced circles around the head with the tip of his tongue while sucking gently on the entire thing.

[The turk snuggled into his lover, compleatly satasfied. He smiled happily as he closed his eyes.
"Intense and amazing..." He muttered sleepily and lestened to Zack heart pounding.

Sephiroth groaned, clutching onto the spikes of his blond lover. "God.. this is.. too much." He felt something. He wasn't sure what. "Cloud, I need more.."

[Zack finally caught his breath, kissing the other on the lips while holding him close. "I love you, you know.."]

This time the cadet began to press gently into Sephiroth's enterence with his finger as he lowered his lips on the General's shaft. He also gently raised the silver haired man's balls with the palm of his hand. It was more instinct than anything, Cloud just thought of what he liked when he pleased himself and which parts of him were very sensitive. Useing his mouth and his tongue as he would his own fist the blonde squeezed harder on Sephy's cock. The eaisest way to do that with him mouth was to suck gently as he pressed the flat of his tongue against the underside of the General's penis and moved his lips up and down his length. For a moment he forgot to press against Sephiroth's anus but when he remembered he pushed a little harder.

[Opening his eyes again and giving the SOLDIER an evil smirk, Reno nodded.
"Yeh, I know but who could blame you... I'm sexy as hell." It seemed that whenever his emotions threatened to overwhelm him the redhead would return to his arragant, annoying self.

Sephiroth groaned and found himself terribly close to that feeling. Something was undoing in his stomach. "Uhn! Cloud!" He hissed pleasuredly.

[Zack snorted. "Yeah well we all know you love me because I am sexier than you."]

Hojo was nearing release himself and he pumped his hand up and down his length faster listening to Sephiroth's moans.

The blonde got a shock as warm salty cum hit the back of his throat. Much to his emence embarassment, Cloud made a choaking noise as his gag reflex was triggered. Pulling away form Sephiroth he bought up the cum and his breakfast on the sheets. Still in shock he looked back up at the General mortafied.
"I'm sorry... Sir I'm so sorry... I've never done this before and well... I was not expecting that.." There were unshed tears in his eyes and the cadet started to shake with fear as he looked down at the mess he had made.

[Kissing the SOLDIER demandingly, Reno mumbled.
"Damn right your sexy and you all minde." The redhead rolled on top of Zack and kissed him more passionatly.

Sephiroth blinked and winced. "Cloud...." He felt sadened and sorry. He grabbed the boy close. "Come on, let's get this cleaned up." He said, carrying the cadet to the livingroom couch and kissing his forhead beofre walking back to the room and rather strangely and calmly changing the sheets and putting them in the washer. He smiled as he put new sheets on. "So, thank you, Cloud." He said to the blonde, hugging him.

[Zack kissed him back but blinked. "I don't have energy for another time you know.." He said, eyes wide as he looked up at the other.]

With a soft groan the scientis came and quickly reached for the tissues to clean himself up. He stopped when he saw Cloud vomit and tilted his head to the side when Sephiroth did not lash out at him. The General was a compleatly different person around the cadet, kind, almost loving, not at all the bloodthirstly killer on the battle field. Pushing his glasses up on his nose again he watch in facination as Sephy carried Cloud into the livingroom and gently placed him on the couch.

Snuggling into the warm embrace the blonde sighed in relief.
"Next time I will know what is comming and I promise I won't vomit. Next time I will make you feel even better... Sephiroth." His blue eyes sparkled as he looked up at the General.

["That's alright Spike I just want to kiss you and snuggle for a while. You always taste so damned good." Reno was an all or nothing guy, even when he did not want sex he could not help kissing the SOLDIER passionatly.]

Sephiroth smiled softly and held the other tightly. "Cloud.. I.. lo-really really like you." He said turning crimson as he realized what he said. "Let me.. return the favor hmn?" He asked the other, tracing a line down his chest.

[Zack grinned as his pride was inflated. "AWWWW YOUR SO SWEET." he said to the red head, ruffling his hair.]

Feeling his heart start to pound again the blonde blushed as well.
"I.. really, really like you too Sephiroth... more than I have ever liked anyone else before." Cloud wanted to say he loved the General but was afraid he would scare him off. As Sephy's hand moved lower the cadet moaned slightly as blood rushed to his crotch.

[Reno smiled.
"Not as sweet as you are." It was a rear moment for the turk, he had let down all of his defences and for once he was not being a cheeky asshole but totally honest. "I am so in love with you Zack."

Sephiroth pushed the other back on the nwly cleaned bed and crawled upon him. "I want to do to you what you did to me. But you will have to show me." He said, knowing the main idea of things. He tugged the cadet' pants off and kissed his inner thighs and tip of his length.

[Zack blinked before grinning. "Soo if you love me so much..come with me.." He said, planning something rather weird at the drop of a hat. "Don't worry we can be naked." He said as he dragged the turk to the closet where Zaxk grabbed a box of black velvet which he hid from the other's sight and drug him to the caffeteria where most of the building of ShinRa was lunching, and were now all staring at them. Some had their mouths open and others were laughing. Zack led the other onto a stage where he got on his knees. "Marry me?" He asked, pleading with puppy eyes.]

Cloud's eyes went wide and his entire body began to quiver as each kiss made him moan. The inside of his thighs was very sensitive and the cadet had never felt anything so amazing. In an involentary action he arched his back pressing his hips upwards wanting more than just a kiss upon his errecton, for now he was rock hard. The sudden rush of blood to his crotch left Cloud dizzy but that only added to his pleasure.

[Being a show off by nature the turk had grinned as they entered the caffeteria, even winking at a few men as he strutted naked past them. When Zack knelt down though, he stood still compleatly shocked by his lover's actions. Reno just stood there blinking for a moment trying to process what was happening. Looking down into Zackary's big pleading eyes the redhead swallowed hard and nodded. The ability to speak compleatly illuded him and his heart was pounding so loudly in his ears he could not hear the silence that had decended upon the caffeteria. Working moisture back into his dry mouth, Reno nodded again.
"Ye..yes." The word came out all croaky and strained so he cleared his throat and tried again. "Yes, yes.... a thousand times yes." At that moment there was only the turk and his lover, the rest of the world had melted away and Reno compleatly forgot he was standing naked on a stage infront of most of ShinRa.

Sephiroth smirked at the rush hearing the other gave him, and apparantly he was a natural as he placed the other completely in his mouth. He found himself choking a little, but he found it wasn't so bad as he engulfed the other into his mouth.

[Zack grinned and squealed hyperly as he grabbed his lover. "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" He shouted over and over, while pressing kiss after kiss on his face. Somewhere in the chaos he slipped the ring on the turk's finger.]

Whimpering and shifting slightly the blonde closed his eyes. He could not believe what he was feeling, he thought the attention he had recieved eirler was amazing but this... this was more wonderful then he could ever have immagined.
"Oh... Sephi..roth." He breethed and moaned as once again his errection disapeared inside the General's mouth. "Oh God!" Cloud shook and opened his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Just then Sephiroth could have asked anything of him and he would have agreed to it no matter what it was just so he could continue to feel the pleasure it bought.

[Cheers errupted form the crowd watching and after a moment the redhead realized where he was again. He looked out at his fellow turks and other SOLDIERs and blushed deeply. Taking a slight bow Reno looked down at the ring on his finger then wrapped his arms around Zack again.
"I... I haven't got a ring or anything to give you...." Tears of joy blurred his vision as once again emotion threatened to over come the turk. "Maybe I should cover you in dark red hickies so everyone will know you are mine and not to touch?" A cheeky grin settled on his lips and he slapped Zack on the ass. "Come on, lets return to our room I don't feel like sharing your sexy body with the others anymore." Reno playfully bit the SOLDIER on the neck. He wanted to snuggle into his lover for a while and did not want everyone to see him all emotional, he had his reputation as an asshole and a brat to concider.

Sephiroth decided to tighten his suction on the length in his mouth. He lied doing this, he liked that the other was smooth feeling against his tongue and slightly salty. He was curious what else he could do to him to help bring him to that wonderful feeling that he had experienced earlier. He traced his hands along the sac attached to the body, lightly squeezing and prodding it.

["Hey babe, don't worry about it, you can get me a ring some other time." Zack grinned at the redhead's next comment. "And dark red hickeys sound fun." Zack followed his lover that wanted to leave, he felt the redhead wanted to leave faster and therefore picked him up and carried him off to their room. "Mnn you were about to cry weren't you?"]

More moans of pleasure escaped the cadet and his entire body shuddered with each squeeze and prod. Cloud no longer had any control of his body and he was nearing orgasm at an embarassingly fast rate.
"Sephy... Oh God I'm..." Stars burst in the blonde's vision and a warm tingeling sensation spread through out his body. Cloud was so close he knew that one more touch from the other's lips and tongue he would literally explode.

[Snuggling deep into Zack's chest the turk nodded. Tears of joy fell as he squeezed his eyes shut. Reno had never been so happy and the strong emotions were to much for his cheeky facearde. At that moment he was compleatly and utterly overcome.
"I love you... so much." He muttered and clug tight to the SOLDIER enjoying his smell and the sound of Zack's heartbeat and breathing.

Sephiroth continued his pleasure on the cadet. He liked the other calling him 'Sephy' and he wished to chuckle about it but felt the other finishing firs would be better lest he choke on him. He moaned around the other's length.

[Zack blinked. "Oh my god.. Reno I love you too baby, don't cry!" He said, tearing up too as he hugged the other tight to himself. "I love you too." He repeated, running his fingers through the redhead's hair as he kissed his forehead.]

Cloud cried out as he came, his entire body seemed to spaszm and words could not describe what he flet. Never in his wildist dreams could he have immagined that shareing his body with another could be so enjoyable. Whimpering slightly the cadet felt as if evey move he or Sephiroth made sent bolts of lightening down his spine, the pleasure was so intence it bordered on pain. The sensation was maddening as Cloud could not make up is mind if he wanted more or not. Finally it subsided leaving the blonde feeling as if he had just run a mile in a minuet. He flet spent but in a wonderful satisfyed way beyond anything he had experienced before.
"Oh God... Sephy..." He whispered softly.

[In a voice thick with emotion Reno whined.
"I can't help it I am just so happy... I didn't dare dream you loved me as much as I loved you but.... you do." The last two words were barely audible as the redhead began to cry again. This was not like the turk at all and he felt very silly, not only could he not control his emotions but his heart refused to slow down and the blood rushing in his ears was becoming deafening. Reno was a complete mess and for the first time in his life being a smartass did not hlep him.

Sephiroth didn't know what to do with the liquid in his mouth but he figured swallowing wasn't the best choice of action. He silently excused himself a moment and rinsed his mouth before comming back and smiling at the other. "I am guessing I did just fine?" He asked, tracing the cadet's cheek.

[Zack smiled happily. "Awe, baby baby, let it out love." He said, soothingly running his hands up and down the redhead's back. "Everything is going to be the best! i love you and you love me and we're going to be married! Isn't that great? Of course I have loved you for the while, I thought you didn't love me because you were such a smart ass...all the time. It was hard to tell, but I figured we had good enough fun."]

Smileing, Cloud looked up at the general and nodded.
"You... did very well... Sephiroth." The blonde managed to blush a little. "I have never... that was sooo good." Smileing sleeply the cadet reached up and pulled Septhiroth closer so he could kiss him.

["Well now you know." Reno managed and squeezed the SOLDIER tighter. "I never want to let you go." He said still a little emotional but quickly regaining his smartass demeaner.]

Sephiroth smiled brightly. "Mn, I am glad I did satisfactory, that was my first time with that." He nuzzled the other's cheek. "I want to say things, but I don't know if it's wise yet.. I have never felt this feeling and I want to be sure with my doctor that it is it before telling you. I don't want to cause you any pain."

[Zack smiled. "Awe, you wnt have to, and if you do I will handcuff you to my leg.."]

That made the blonde courious.
"You know you can discuss your feelings with me too if you want?" He blushed again. "But it is eaiser sometimes to talk to a third person about things especially if you think you might hurt the person you care about." Cloud was thinking out loud, at first he felt a little uncomfortable with the idea Sephiroth could not speak with him. "This doctor is he a friend of yours?"

[Never one to back down from a challange the redhead grinned.
"Is that right? I bet you can't handcuff me to your leg." Pushing Zackary down on the bed, Reno began to tickel him.

Sephiroth blinked. "Yes, I would talk to you, but I need a third opinion.. you see..I think I am falling in love with you.. and I need to be sure."

[Zack snorted. "I said if you ever feel unloved I will handcuff you to my leg.]

"Oh...." That was the very last thing Cloud was expecting and he was not sure how to reply to that so he just blushed and was silent for a while. Finally the cadet had gathered himself enought to speak. "Well a third opnion on that might be a good idea, maybe I could talk to this doctor of your's as well?" The blonde had the same problem, he was falling for the Genereal hard.

["Sorry my mistake." Reno smirked and continued to tickle his lover. Anything that took his mind of his feeling was welcome.]

The general smiled. "Come with me." He said softly, finding clothing again to dress in. He didn't want the doctor to see him naked...

[Zack hugged the other who tickled him, also trying to nibble his ears which he knew were sensitive.]

Cloud could not help being a little excited, the thought that Spehiroth might acutally love him was very flatterig to say the least. It also meant he was not alone in his feelings. As they walked towares the scientist's lab the cadet reached out and took Sephy's hand in his own, blushing and smiling at the General.

[The SOLDIER's soft lips sent shivers down Reno's spine with each playful nip and soon the redhead gave up tickeling his lover and snuggled into his arms sighing happily.
"This is the best day of my life Spike. Thank you for being so wonderful."

Sephiroth smiled at his lover and opened the lab door. "Professor!" He called out into the room, wondering where the other was.

["Your welcome!" Zack said, he was overly happy with himself for certain.]

The doctor yelled out.
"I'll be there in a minuet Sephiroth." Hurridly cleaning up Hojo buttoned up his lap coat and opened his door. "Please come in, both of you." The scientist smirked slightly because he knew exactly what the visit was about.

["So should we set a date? We'll have to apply for time off so he can have a proper honeymoon." The turk absent mindedly played with Zack spiky hair.]

Sephiroth hummed to himself stroking the cadet's hair. He knew the scientist knew what they were there for, that is why he didn't press the issue. He merely went in and sat down, pulling Cloud onto his lap.

[Zack grinned. "Well who says about having to apply? I'm sure to avoid trouble president ShinRa will grant it to us happily."]

Hojo smiled again at the seating arangments, this was extreamly out of character for the general. Usually the silver haired man was more likely to gut a person than show any affection.
"So Sephiroth, you have questions for me?" The scientist asked sitting down behind his desk.

[Laughing the redhead nodded.
"Yeh, I think the thought of having to go through another day like today would be to much for the President. I am positive he will have nightmares about it." Reno grinned at the thought of harassing ShinRa again.

Sephiroth twitched. "You know damn well what my question is, am I in love with him or not?"

[Zack grinned. "Sooo how about.. you get a ring and then we marry on the spot, I will make cloud the priest thingy."]

That made the blonde blush deeply but Hojo just nodded.
"From what I have observed I would have to say yes. This is a most unexpected devolepment and I would like to continue studying this cadet's effects on you. I would greatly like to know what it is about this particular youn man that evokes such feelings." The scientist pushed his glasses up on his nose again and thought to himself he would enjoy watching Sephiroth and Cloud being intermate again.

["You can do that?" Reno asked excited at the thought of getting married as quickly as possible. "I guess that means Sephy will be your best man? I could get Rude to be mine. Now about that ring, would you like to come with me so we can pick something you like?" The turk's eyes were glittering as he spoke.]

Sephiroth himself was blushing. "I.. of course you may observe. But I think I could tell you straight up why. He's innocent. I think he's.. beautiful. He also has a etermination about him that will turn him into a great SOLDIER and most of all he isn't afraid of me like most other cadets."

[Zack nodded and grinned. "Yep. But then I have to get another best man too...I know! I will make rufus the priest and instead the best man for me will be Cloud! And Seph can be a witness!"]

Hojo could not help looking very proud of Sephiroth, the general's interlect and problem solving abilities were as always exceptional.
"I concur, those reasons make sense. So Cloud, why is it you are not afraid of our killing machiene here?" While the cadet had been listening he had not expected to have to participate in the conversation which he found very flattering.
"I... ah.... I don't know really. Sephiroth is nothing like I expected him to be and SOLDIER First Class Zackery Fair conciders him a friend and Zack is very nice..." Blushing the blonde refrained form saying Sephy was incredably sexy and made him feel as if his heart wanted to pound right out of his chest.

[The idea of having ShinRa as the celebrate pleased the turk.
"You know I don't think it will be that long before we are best man and whitness for the cute blonde cadet and the general the way they were getting on before. I honestly think hell has frozed over and Sephy has fallen in love." Reno grinned and softly kissed Zack's lips moaning softly at how wonderful his fiance tasted.

Sephiroth smiled to himself as Cloud explained this. "I think he is a little afraid of me at times, but I swear it's a turn on for him."

[Zack smiled. "Do you think they are that close yet though? I don't think Sephy would pop the question.."]

That made the cadet blush even more. Cloud was attracted to the general's power but it was Sephiroth himself that turned him on. The silver haired man made him feel so safe and loved when he held him close, feelings he had not flet so strongly with anyone esle. In Sephy's arms the blonde flet compleatly at peace.

[Reno laughed.
"No I guess not but then I did not think I would ever hear the general say he wanted to cuddle with anyone either. I have never seen this side of Sephy before and did you see the way he smiled? That almost blew me away, I didn't think he knew how to smile other than the cold twisted one he gets when he kills." The turk felt like he and the general had a lot in common, both of them were compleatly defenceless against their partners and the effect the other had on them.

Hojo nodded.
"Yes, yes I see. I recamend you two explore this relationship further. I believe it is important for a perfect being to experience all aspects of life and they do say love is one of the strongest things in the universe."

"So, do you want to tell Zackary and Reno? Or should I? We can stop by on the way back." Sephiroth asked after he gave profuse thanks to Hojo.

[Zack thought a moment and agreed with the redhead. "Yeah but.. what if.. it isn't enough or something?" He asked, blinking. "I mean sure Sephy wanted to cuddle Cloud, but do you think they are in love?"]

Cloud could not help wondering what Sephiroth would have done if the scientits was against thier relationship. The cadet did not understand why Hojo's opinion meant so much to the general.
"Whell Zackery is your good friend so I guess you should tell him." In his mind the blonde doubted the SOLDIER would believe him if he told him. It had all happened so fast he could not really believe it yet himself.

[Shrugging the turk kiss his lover.
"It did not take me long to fall in love with you though it did take me a long time to come to terms with that fact. Love can be a little scary at times..." Reno blushed, it was hard for him to admit when it came to the SOLDIER he could not think straight most of the time.

Sephiroth chuckled. "Yes yes, but it's going to be hard to.. well.. come along." He said, leading his newfound loving cadet to the said people's room. He knocked lightly.

[Zack was distracted from obsessing over his lover by the knock. He huffed and opened the door. "Yeah? Oh Hello.. Seph, Cloud, what brings you here?"]

The blonde blushed deeply at that question and in the background he could hear Reno whineing.
"Who ever it is tell them to come back later and come back to be..." The truk had climbed off the bed and walked up behind Zack as he spoke and when he saw who had ingerupted them he stopped talking and stood there with his mouth open for a while. "Well speak of the devil... it's the general and his sweet little pineapple head. Come in, come in..." Reno ruffled Cloud's hair and smiled at the two men. "Come to congragulate us have you?" Because Zack had asked him to marry him in the caffateria the redhead assumed Sephy and the cadet had heard about their engagement.

Sephiroth blinked. "Uhhh what? I don't know what you're talking about. See I was just comming down here to thank Zackary to introducing me to this lovely wanna be chocobo....I have fallen in love with him Now, what happened with you two?"

[Zack gasped. "Oh my god! Seph are you serious!?!?!?! That's soooo sawesome!" He hugged the general who almost killed him for touching him and then he hugged Cloud "Awe my widdle cadet is all grown up and in love!" He sniffled. "Ah and I asked Reno to marry me... we were naked in front of the cafeteria... and we are going to get Shinra to be the priest thing. You guys totally have to come."]

Sephiroth actually laughed as he heard this. "Most certainly we will be there. Especially to see Shinra doing this." He laughed more at the idea before blinking. He was actually laughing...

["Wow, did I just hear the deadly general laugh?" Reno was astounded. He had thought Sephiroth was in love but the man standing before him was compleatly different to the one he knew. "What have you done to Sephy, Cloud? He is using words like love and smileing and laughing." Giving them both his usual I'm a complete asshole grin the turk squeezed the blonde tight. "Your just full of surprises arn't you Chocobo head? Ooo and your so cute." The redhead could not help himself, he just had to play with fire and looked at Sephiroth to see what reaction the general had to him fussing over his lover. "This is the best day ever..." Letting go of Cloud, Reno slipped his arm around Zack's waist and kissed the SOLDIER's cheek.]

Cloud had no idea what to say to the redhead, all he could do was blush madly. When Reno finally let him go he looked at Zack.
"Thank you and congratulations." He said blushing and grinning. Hearing Sephiroth tell them he was in love him caused the blonde's heart to flutter, the day was getting better and better by the moment.

Sephiroth smirked one of his cold deathly smirks and grabbed the redhead. "Just because I am very devoted to the blonde and in love with him, doesnt mean I am any different. I still love the thrill of the kill and I wouldn't mind you being on the recieving end of that all time fascination of mine. I'm not just some nice guy now..I will still crush you if you ever criticize me again. Now, I'm going to let you go, don't make me regret it." And with that he let Reno drop from the death grip he held him in.

[Zack chuckled nervously. "Ah ha ha ha I don't think he meant anything by it Seph, we know your still insane and will probably smother cloud one night in his sleep...but yes! So, as soon as Reno gets me a ring he and I are getting married."]

For the very first time Cloud was truely afraid of the general. He had not seen this side of Sephiroth before, he had heard about it but not seen it with his own eyes. Despite the fear that his lover's actions had caused it was exciting to see how easily the general had compleatly dominated the turk. The whole, Sephy might smother him in his sleep thing did worry the cadet a little though.

[Clearing his throat and trying to pretend he had not nearly shat himself, Reno moved at little closer to Zack. He had no one to blame but himself for provoking Sephiroth and the truth was he would probably do it again.
"Yeh, it's not like I said you were weak or anything Sephy, I just did not expect you to fall in love....But I am very happy for you and Cloud... honestly..." That was about the closest the redhead had come to an outright appology.

Sephiroth snorted in anger and then was happy again as he hugged Cloud, sort of holding him from behind. He whispered into the cadet's ear. "And no, I have no intentions of something you in your sleep." He said softly, kissing the blonde's cheek.

[Zack held back from laughing at his lover. "Wow.. Reno, say your sorry." He said, giving his lover puppy eyes. "He didn't kill you, you should grovel at his feet.."]

Smiling and leaning back against Sephiroth the blonde let out a soft moan. He felt much better now that the general had put his mind at ease.
"You were both naked infront of the caffeteria?" Cloud could not help laughing a little. "That will give everyone something to talk about for a while." Blushing the cadet was a little disapointed he had missed seeing both rather attractive men naked. Seeing Sephiroth naked in the shower however, was more than worth it.

[Now it was the redhead's turn to give an uneasy laugh.
"Sorry Sephy... well Cloud I am very happy for you. You will come to the wedding as well I hope?" The usual devilish smirk reappeared on Reno's face as he reached down and groped the SOLDIER's ass.

Sephiroth smirked. "They aren't very intelligent Cloud, they probably just forgot to dress."

[Zackary laughed. "Awe, Seph you are so mean! No I just wanted to show I would do anything for him, besides it pissed off ShinRa.]

Giggling at the general's comment Cloud was surprised at how comfortable he felt in his new souroundings. At first he had been worried he would be very homesick but Zack, Sephy and Reno made him fell so welcome.
"You two love to piss ShinRa off don't you? I don't know how you keep getting away with it but I guess it is impossible to stay angry at you for long? You make me laugh too much."

[With a huge grin the redhead nodded.
"Yup and we are both so incredably sexy." Reno posed, flexing his muscles and because of his wiery frame he looked so funny. He struck several body builder poses and Cloud almost fell on the ground laughing.

Sephiroth grinned. "Yes, ShinRa knows better than to punish these two for too long. Mnn you should come tell us when your wedding thing is, and we will be there." After having said that to save his cadet from death of laughter at the redhead's stupidity he carried the blonde out the door towards his rooms.

[Zack snorted. "Reno, my muscles are soooo better than yours."]

Cloud smiled up at the general then snuggled into him as he was carried away.
"I never thought it was possible to fall in love so quickly. I have heard others talk about love at first sight but I thought it was something that only happened in stories. Today I realized just how wrong I was. I am so happy you love me back Sephy." The cadet squeezed the silver haired man, breathing in his now familure scent and sighing happily. "I love you Sephy."

["Better than this?" Reno sturck another pose and gritted his teeth trying to look menesing. Of course it did not work and he ended up looking rediculess. Catching a glimps of himslef in the mirror the redhead burst out laughing and fell on the floor holding his stomach and practically crying with laughter.]

Sephiroth blushed and brought the cadet in his room, sitting on the couch. "I know what you mean." He said a bit overwhelmed. "Your....different."

[Zack's reaction was to fall back with the other, laughing as hard as he had a permanent mental picture.]

Once again the blonde felt his heart race at hearing Sephiroth call him special. Cloud felt the same way about his lover and loved the fact that he could call the general his lover.
"This has been the best day of my life Sephy, I can't believe I am actually in love." The blonde smiled brightly. "I also can't believe that Zack and Reno are engaged. I like Zackary, he is easy to be friends with and well, the redhead makes me laugh even if he is an asshole most of the time. He also makes Zack happy so I guess, he has more good points." Cloud looked up and the general nervesly, he was a little worried that Sephiroth might really kill the obnoxious turk.

[Making the most of the situation, Reno rolled over and pinned the SOLDIER to the ground. He knew his lover could eaisly over power him if he wanted but she leant down and kissed Zack very softly. It was a slow, gentle kiss and the redhead's eyes closed as their lips touched.
"I am the luckiest man in the world to have you Spike." Serious moments were rear for the turk but he was dead serious as he spoke. Unfortuniatly it did not last long as a devilish grin crossed his lips. "Aside form Cloudy that is... If he servives the general then he is definatly the luckiest man in the world."

Sephiroth smiled at his cadet. "Well you haven't been around them long enough. They were made for one another, And Reno, if he keeps it up I will kill him one day. Just because he is marryng Zack doesn't mean a damn thing." He said, eyes bright. "And yes, Zackary is easy to befriend, he has been my best SOLDIER thus far. And hopefully you will be one day as well." He said, kissing the cadet.

[Zack smiled. "I fear though that you won't be. eriously babe, be nice to Sephy, he will kill you. I have seen it happen before to others. Like I was at a meeting once with Seph and this obnoxious person wouldn't stop talking and kept making gestures at the general so Sephiroth stood up all clam like and shoved massamune down the other guy's throat..."]

The blonde blushed slightly.
"I won't disapoint you, I promise." Cloud could not help feeling a sense of pride swell up inside him. Sephiroth seemed to have so much confidence in him there was no way he was going to let his lover down. Snuggling back into the general, he kissed him back tentativly then a little more passionatly. Cloud just could not get enough of the silver haired man, even if there was still a small part of him that was terrorfied of Sephy.

[Eyes widening slightly, Reno sighed.
"Alright Spike I will be more careful around the general." The truth was Sephiroth had scared the shit out of him, no one scared the redhead not even ShinRa but the general was different. Unstable and phycotic was the best way to describe the silver haired man. "For you my love I will try to be less of an asshole around him." With that the turk kissed Zack again.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed his cadet back. "You like kissing.." He stated rather oddly. He liked it as well, but it was almost confusing to him.

[Zack smiled and hugged his lover. "When do you wanna go to ShinRa about him doing our wedding?"]

"Yes... I like kissing you..." Cloud was turning redder by the second. He was a little afraid that he was comming off too needy and clingly. Everything about Sephiroth was new and exciting, the effect the general had on him was beyond amazing and the blonde did not want to lose this feeling he had deep down inside. In the back of his mind the cadet could hear Zack's voice. 'He will most likely smother you in your sleep.' it kept saying. Before it would not have upset him because Sephy had been so pleasent with him but after seeing the way his lover reacted to the redhead, all the stories of the psycotic general were now a little more realistic. The fear seemed to add to the attraction though instead of turning him off the silver haired man.

[With a devilish grin, the turk grunted.
"How long do you think it will find us to track him down? We may as well drop one last surprise on him today. Oh and we should tell him about Sephy and Cloud, he won't believe it. Hell I heard it from the general's own lips and I still don't believe it."

Sephirth smiled genuinely at the other and began to kiss him again, slowly, letting him know he would protect him and never hurt him so long as he was the general of ShinRa.

["Well we could find him if he goes for his usual shower break in about twenty minutes, I walked in on him once, so I know where that room is. It's hidden and I was hiding from Seph...."]

Cloud coud not help moaning softly, he seemed to make a lot of happy noises around Sephiroth. Looking up into the general's mako eyes he felt as if he was falling or drowning but it was not altogether an unpleasent feeling. The blonde's heart was pounding again and each breath made his head spin.

["You were hiding form Sephiroth?" Reno pounced on Zack and started to tickle him. "You will have to tell me about that on the way to ShinRa's shower. I can't wait to see his face when we burst in on him naked."]

Sephiroth kissed the blonde a little harder but pulled away before the same feelings of earlier could re-surface. "I don't know why my body craves you so."

[Zack grinned and fought off the tickling attack. He got dressed in his most formal ShinRa uniform. "Let's go Ren!" He said, hooking his arm with the redhead. "No I was running from Seph because I had wrapped his sword to his car using aran wrap.... that stuff doesn't come off easy, and then I put pink hair dye into his shampoo and I snuck into his apartment and sprinkled little pieces of confetti everywhere..."]

Blinking at the sudden disconnection and question, Cloud frowned.
"I...I don't know either... why my body craves you to, I mean..." Again the blonde blushed, he was having the same problems. The cadet wanted more but he was not exactly sure what it was he wanted more of.

[Laughing so hard he had trouble breathing Reno pulled Zack closer and ruffled his spikey hair.
"How is it exactly that Sephy has not killed you yet?" He asked suprisingly proud of his lover. "That is sheer briliance, pink hair dye in his shampoo...."

Sephiroth smiled at Cloud. "What is it you are wanting, I can read that off of you."

[Zack grinned. "Yeah I am still alive. But seriously, the next time we are all out in daylight, look at Sephy's hair, it has the slightest pink tinge to it."]

"I... I'm not sure. I have never felt like this before and... well... I've never had a boy friend before either." The blonde felt a little silly, he was suposed to be teaching Sephiroth all about relationships and love yet he knew next to nothing about the subject himself.

[Reno could not have been pouder of his Fiance.
"Genious, pure genious." With a big smirk on his lips he reached down and squeezed the SOLDIER's ass again. "I wonder if Sephy would lood good with blue hair at our wedding? Do you think he would fall for the same trick twice?" Now the Turk was trying to think up ways he and Zack could have some fun with the general and ShinRa. Cloud was just so sweet and cute he suddenly grinned. "How do you think the Choboco would look as a bride's maid? I bet he would be adorable in a dress."

Sephiroth gave the other a look. "Well sorry Cloud, but I.. am going to be the only one you will ever be with.. if you are against this I want you to leave and come back when you're ready."

[Zack smirked. "Yeah, well I am pretty sure he checks his shampoo each time now. But Cloud in a dress.. adorable! Seph wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of him."]

Taken back a little by the general's words, Cloud just sat there blinking up at the other for a moment or two. He had not really concidered the fact that Sephiroth would be the only person he had ever or would ever be intermate with, and there was something so confident and sure about the way the general spoke. Instead of feeling as if he was being bossed around or controlled by his new lover, Cloud felt himself blush. Sephy was very sexy when he used his comanding voice.
"I didn't mean I wanted to be with someone else or that I did not want to be with you.... I just meant I have never been in love before and well... I am still a virgin so I am not really sure how to do it or whatever... I mean I have some idea but no experience...." It was a little startling how possessive the silver haired man seemed to get.

["A dress it is then." Reno smirked. "So what colour do you think? Blue would bring out his eyes but I bet he would look so sweet and innocent in pink..." Nuzzeling into Zack neck and kissing it playfully the turk changed the subject. "Have I told you in the last ten minuets how incredably sexy and good looking you are?" The turk really did have a one track mind, everything kept coming back to the thought of the SOLDIER naked.]

"I know Cloud, but the night I claim you will be the night that you will never go to another." He said, looking raptured at the other.

["He could look sweet and innocent in blue too though, besides, I wouldn't look good in pink and we all need to match, but for their wedding, pink would bring out Sephy's hair. You just love thinking of me and you having sex.. all the time don't you?"]

Cloud felt his cheeks burn, the general's passion for him was very flattering and a little frightening. The cadet could not understand what it was about him that captivated Sephiroth so compleatly.
"I can't even immagine wanting to be anyone other than you Sephy." He said softly.

[Shrugging the redhead smiled.
"Well it's only because you are so very, very sexy. All you need to do is look in the mirror and you'll know exactly what I am talking about. Besides I don't want to jump you all the time, sometimes just being near you is enough to make my deleriously happy."

Sephiroth smiled. "You are sure? Because you will never see another unless it is in death." He said solemnly, seriously.

[Zack grinned. "Awe Reno, you're making me blush babe!"]

Once again the cadet was reminded that the general was a dangerous and violent man. Sephiroth's words scared him but Cloud had spoken the truth, his feelings for his seperior stronger than anything he had ever immagined, so he just nodded. Swallowing hard and trying to convince himself that Sephy was not about to run him through the blonde managed a soft mumble.
"I'm sure Sephy.

["And you make me weak at the knees." Reno kissed the SOLDIER again. "Come on, lets find ShinRa and inform him he is going to be the celebrate at our wedding."]

Sephirtoh smiled and kissed him. "I love you.. Cloud." He said, testing the sentence as he said it. He liked it.

[Zack smiled. "You're damn right, someone's got to bring you down to your rightful place."]

The cadet liked the way it sounded as well.
"I love you too." He whispered and snuggled into the general.

[And would my rightful place happen to be under you on the bed?" Reno asked with an evil grin upon his lips.]

Sephiroth smiled. "I think tomorrow I want to try making love.."

["Mayyybe." Zack said mysteriously. "Or maybe it's just below me in every way."]

That idea excited and scared Cloud, his body and mind seemed to want to take things further but he did not know how or what to expect. The blonde did not want to let Sephiroth down, he had promised he would teach him about love and he intended to keep that promise no matter what.

[Shrugging the redhead grabbed Zack's ass again.
"Well I can't complain about the view form down here, it is exceptional. Besides I am sure you like me right where I am and would most likely die of a broken heat without me." That asshole nature of his was shining through again and the turk poked his tonge out at his lover.

Sephiroth smiled. "I love you. he whispered softly. "Mn I like saying this." He kissed his cadet. "I want to take a nap."

[Zack smiled. "Reno, you're being a brat.. a tempting brat, but a brat. we're here." He said, referring to the shower which as suspected was occupied by ShinRa.]

Cloud nodded and snuggled into Sephiroth, quickly falling asleep on his now found love.

[Knocking loudly on the door Reno yelled out.
"Hay pres, get out here... we have something we need to tell you." The turn really could not help being obnoxious.

Sephiroth as well went to sleep, holding the other close to him.

Shinra came out of his shower, dressed neatly. "What?" He asked dangerously.

[Zack grinned. "You're going to be our priest"]

Drifting in and out of sleep Cloud could not help smiling to himself as he listened to the steady breathing of the general beside him. For the first time in his life the cadet felt truely at peace.

["Yup, Spehy and Cloud have already said they will be there and you won't want to miss the opertunity to see that little blonde choboco in a dress.... he's just soooo cute." Clapping his hands together and practically jumping up and down with excitment the turk grinned, he really was very happy.]

Rufus raised an eyebrow. "You two.. the most unholy little duo in all of ShinRa have decided to marry? What the hell is the world comming to. And what makes you think I would do this?" Rufus looked at their happiness for a moment and shook his head. "Well, could you stop having sex in public?"

[Zack snorted. "Ha no, but if we do we will do it in a little more secluded place."]

Rufus twitched and finally decided he may as well. "I will, but I want better behavior from you two."

[Trying very hard to behave and not say something stupid like I promise not to get caught miss behaving as much, Reno just nodded and slapped Zack on the ass. He was really making an effort for his lover, infact for Zackary the turk was willing to do pretty much anything.]

Rufus sighed. "When is this?"

[Zack grinned. "Whenever Reno buys me a ring.."]

[Smileing at the SOLDIER, the redhead looked back at ShinRa.
"So how soon can we go ring shopping Pres? Can we get the day off tomorrow to buy a ring and organize a dress for the cute spikey haired cadet." Reno was so excited he wanted to get married as quickly as possible, he would get married right there and then if he could. The way the turk looked at it was he loved Zack and that was not about to change so the sooner the better.

Rufus sighed. "The sooner the better." He said, shrugging and sighing miserably. "You have leave to do what you need to, summon me when you are ready."

[Zack smirked. "I knew you'd see it our way! Thank you Prez!" And with that he took hold of his lover, leading him away. "Okay, we need to get Cloud's dress sizes so he has to come with us, which might be an issue if Sephy has him.."]

[Nodding Reno let out an uneasy chuckle.
"Yeh, I'd say a big problem. The General is more than a little protective of him. Not that I can blame him the cadet is just so adorable I can't help petting him on the head like a pet or something. We might have to bring Sephy with us." A shiver ran down the redhead's spine at that thought, he would have to be on his best behaviour or Sephiroth was just as likley to run him through, and being on his best behaviour was such an effort. "It will be worth it though...." Reno kissed the SOLDIER's cheek. "To marry you I would fight every monster by my self it I had to." Once again the turks eyes sparlked.

[Zack blushed. "Awe Reno, you're so sweet." He said, hugging his friend while he dragged him towards Sephiroth's room. "Now, I have a key card here...sooo.." He swiped the card through the lock and stepped inside. He saw into the general's bedroom to see Sephiroth cuddled up with Cloud. "Shhhh." He said to Reno, beginning to tip toe to the general and the cadet.]

Sephiroth was alredy awake as soon as they had stepped into his room, and with a flash he stood up, massamune in hand. When he saw it was Zackary and Reno he lowered it and sighed. "What the hell do you want?"

["Well we need to borrow Cloud.." Zack said nervously.]

Sephiroth at once grew eerily still and glared the other down, inching closer to his cadet. "What for?"

Hearing voices, Cloud stirred and rubbed his eyes as he yawned and sat up. He was startled by the fact Sephy was stand up with his famous massamune in his hand and both Zack and Reno were satnding in the bedroom looking nerves.
"What the..." Cloud muttered and looked form the general to the lovers and back again.

[Seeing the blonde as a why to calm Sephiroth down the redhead grinned brightly at him.
"Well, we want to borrow you Cloud so we can get your dress size."

Blinking the blonde tilted his head to the side.
"My dress size?" He asked a little confused.

Sephiroth twitched. "Cloud? In a dress...perhaps I could live with this.. how long are you taking him? Better yet, I am going."

[Zack sighed. "Wow Seph.. you are way protective."]

"I love him, so shut up Zackary."

[Seeing the way the General spoke to his lover, Reno bit his tongue to stop himself from commenting. This was definatly not the time for one of his smartass replies, besides he understood Sephy for the first time in his life. If he could, the turk would protect Zack not matter what he had to face.]

The blonde cadet blushed deeply at both the thought of wearing a dress and hearing Sephiroth say he loved him again. Cloud loved the way it made him feel and if the General wanted to see him in a dress than so be it. Cross deressing was not something he had ever concidered before but the cadet was beginning to understand there was nothing he would not do for his lover. If it made Sephy happy then it made him happy.

Sephiroth dressed quickl even with the other two in the room. "Well, what color? I would hope blue of some sort, besides Zack you can't exactly whear white, you are not a virgin by any means." He said with a smirk.

[Zack blushed a little. "Exactly, besides since Reno's eyes are green, mine are violet and cloud's are blue, then blue would be the best colour anyways. Unless you want to put him in yellow.. then he'll be even more like a chocobo."]

A little embarassed about dressing with Zack and Reno in the room Cloud turned his back to them as he pulled his pants on. He could not believe he was actually going dress shopping with a bunch of guys but concidering who those guys were he doubted anyone would give him a hard time about it.
"I would prefer blue.... if that is alright with you Sephy?" The cadet said blushing agian, he was not keen on looking even more like a chocobo.

[Unable to help himself Reno burst out laughing. The mental image of Cloud dressed in frilly yellow was way to funny.
"Maybe we should have a fancy dress party for our engagement so we can see chocobo boy in all his yellow glory? You would look soooo very cute Cloud." That devilish sparkle was back in the turks green eyes.

Sephiroth nodded. "I think it would do lovely, however, do not expect me to be in said color." He smiled. "I would rather be traditional black."

[Zack grinned. "It would be awesome, but Seph says blue.. besides, there are blue chocobos..."]

Because the redhead was laughing at him and muttering 'blue chocobo' and 'adorable' Cloud pouted. That just set Reno off again but the cadet had to admit he kind of liked the attention especially from the General. Blushing and still pouting, Cloud slid his hand inside Sephy's and squeezed it tight. He even managed a smile for his lover.

[Calming down a little, Reno took hold of Zack's hand as well.
"So lets go dress shopping." He smirked.

Sephiroth yawned- "Zack, you are driving." He said sternly, not wanting to be in hthe car if the redhead was behind the wheel.

[Zack grinned. "Sir, yes sir!" He said, producing car keys.]

The cadet hummed softly to himself, he was excited to be going into town. He was also filled with a deep sense of pride that Sephiroth would want to be seen in public with him.

[Reno managed to behave for the trip, several times he bit his tongue so he did not upset the General. Being in such a confined space with the madman was dangerous to his health, especially if he was being himself. It actually surprised the turk how much self control he did have when it came to behaving for his lover's sake as well as his own.]

Sephiroth smiled as they came upon a formals shope. "Cloud, you stay attached to me." he ordered, not wanting any one to hit on his lover, which they surely would have.

[Zack smiled at his lover. "Awe Reno, I am soo proud of you, not one smart ass comment." He said, parking and stepping out.]

With a bid smile the blonde nodded and took hold of Sepiroth's hand again. Cloud thought is was sweet that his lover wanted to make sure everyone knew they were together.

["You can make it up to me later." Reno gave Zack an evil grin and made a rude gesture carful not to let Sephy see him. In truth the turk was not sure he could behave for the entire outing but for Zackary he would try.]

Sephiroth smiled and kissed his lover on the cheek before leading the group to the clothing store, knowin well of it due to many formal dinners he had to attend. "Well, this might be fun. "

[Zckary smiled at his lover and gave him a wink."You better believe it. God your going to be hot un blue."]

As soon as they stepped inside an attendant came up to them and asked what she could do for them. She addressed the General with a wide smile and seemed to ignore the fact that the blonde was holding his hand.

Cloud looked around at the suits and dresses hanging on racks and the walls. He blushed as he looked at a section of wall with blue dresses in every shade and size. The suits were fairly standard colour wise but the dresses came is every colour immaginable. There were several racks of ties and vests in alsmot as many colours as the dresses so partners could dress alike.

[Wisteling Reno walked up to the blue dresses and began to flick through them.
"This is going to be fun, come here Cloudy. Lets see which shade best suits your eyes." The turk held up a sleek blue dress with a plunging neck line and held it in front of him eyeing his reflection with a wide smirk. "Dam I could make anything look good." He purred.

Sephiroth twitched. "If you molest my cadet I will kill you." Sephiroth said, not even liking the other's hands on him.

[Zack laughed and went to the suits, picking out his and Reno's easily, knowing their size and shade. "Hey Ren, try to get a dress that will match this blue.." He showed one of the tux to his lover before holding one up to Sephiroth. "Damn Seph, you are built. It's going to be interesting to find the right size.."]

With a nerves laugh Cloud took four dresses the turk had picked out.
"Would you like to try them on Sir?" The assistant asked with the same smile she had used to greet them. If having a man buy a dress was strange then the woman did a great job at hiding her shock or amusement. The cadet just nodded so she took the dresses off him, changed the size of one of them then lead him to the dressing room. After she hung the dresses on a hook inside the small room she pulled the curtin closed and stepped back. "Just call out if you need help Sir."

[Smirking Reno added.
"And don't forget to show us each one little chocobo."

Sephiroth went and tried on his own suit quickly, comming out. "Well it fits, I just hope we can find a matching and equally gorgeous dress."

[Zack grinned. "Lookin Sharp Seph...." He peered in on Cloud. "Ohhh hell yeah.." He grinned and waited for Cloud to come out. "Seph, you're going to cream yourself."]

Blushing bright red and fidgeting slightly the cadet pulled back the curtin. He had never been in a dress before and felt very selfconsious.
"Well what do you think of this one Sephy?" He asked looking at the other three men half expecting them to laugh at him.

[Rneo had been looking through the dresses to see what else Cloud would look good in and when the blonde stepped out of the dressing room he dropped the dress he was holding and almost started to drool.
"Damn boy... that's hot." In the redhead's mind he imediatly began to immagine Zack in the same dress. The mental picture of him lifting up the skirt and taking his lover form behind made his cheeks almost as read and his hair. "You have got to buy one of those for yourself Spike." He said winking at the SOLDIER.

Sephiroth gave a ravenous stare to his lover. "God.....that's perfect." He said, traing his fingers along Cloud's form. "Mnnn..." He took the price tag off the dress and put it on the counter, kissing his lover and paying for the dress with only one hand, the other holding his cadet tight to him. He looked to Reno and Zack. "Give us a moment." He locked he and cloud in one of the dressing rooms.

[Zack blinked."Yeah..we did good,... Reno you're matching your hair, are you okay babe?"]

Liking the way the General was looking down at him, Cloud blushed ever more as he pressed his body up against Sephy's in the dressing room.
"Do you really think I look alright in this?" He asked streatching up to kiss the silver haired man.

["Hugh...?" The turk came back to reality hearing his lover's voice. "Oh, yeh Spike... I was just imagining what you would look like in that dress." Reno's green eyes sparkled as he stepped up beside Zackary and took hold of his hand again.]

Sephiroth groaned and sat down on the dressing room stall, drawing Cloud onto his lap. "You look lovely, I want you.." He said in desire, kissing the blonde hard.

[Zack grinned. "Awe Reno, you're sweet, but babe, didn't we decide no suits?"]

"Here? Now?" Cloud flet adrenalin coursing through his veins at the thought of fooling around in public. He was still a little nerves about the whole dress thing but if this was the kind of reaction it would get form Sepy then he was more than happy to wear it. As the General kissed him the blonde almost melted into him, wanting more. Breath quickening and becoming hard, the cadet kissed Sephiroth back moaning soflty.

[Giving the SOLDIER a toothy grin, Reno laughed.
"I can dream can't I? Besides you look sexy no matter with you wear even when it is nothing..... especially when it is notheing." The redhead kissed Zack demandingly and reached down to squeeze his ass.

"Yes, they wont dare stop me.." He said, glad for once of his title of General. He groaned and lifted the fabric of the dress, knowing only that he wanted his arousal inside the other.

[Zack laughed. "Well babe, let's get fitted. I don't know how long Seph and Cloud are going to be.." He said, grabbing matching suits.]

The cadet was excited and nerves. Cloud could not deny how turned on he was at the thought of losing his vaginity in a dressing room of a formal dress shop but he was more than a little afraid. He was not sure exactly what to expect and he had been told that it was often very painful the firs titme especially if you did not relax.
"Do you... I mean... you will be gentle won't you Sephy?" He asked a little breathless and now so hard he was leaking slightly.

["Are you sure that's a good idea spike? I mean you will look very sexy in that and I am not sure I can hold myself back..... Rrrrow!" Reno made a slight clawing motion and clicked his teeth together biting the air.]

The cadet's plea made itself known in the general's heart.." I am sorry Cloud. I forget..and we can do this when it is romantic to do so." He said, holding his lover.

[Zack tried to not laugh at his lover and kissed him. "Yeah babe, come on."]

Blushing and feeling as if he had done something wrong the cadet bit his bottom lip for a moment.
"It is romantic now... I want to be with you... it's just..." He turned even redder embarassed by his fear and inexperience. "I am always going to feel like this Sephy until we are together... here... in your rooms... it does not matter where I am as long as my first time is with you..." Teneativly the blonde reached up and kissed the General. It was soft and unsure at first but as his confidence grew, Cloud kissed him more passionatly.

[Eyes sparkling the turk playfully slapped Zack on the ass.
"Should we share a dressing room my love?"

Sephiroth groaned and decided to continue on with Cloud, stroking his length under the dress, breaking their kiss to bite on his lover's neck. He didn't know exactly what he was doing, but he was going to find out. He unzipped his own pants, tugging them down a little. "I..don't have anything to prepare you with Cloud." He said hotly as he removed his hand from the cadet's length to his opening, pressing a finger tentatively in.

[Zack grinned. "If you can behave.. we came here for clothing, they came here.. to..." He paused and listened in "Uhh I think they're trying to have sex.."]

Reminding himself to relax the blonde pushed against Sephiroth's finger slightly but nodded for his lover to continue. Cloud's heart was pounding so fast and a strange feeling swirled inside his stomach. As awekward and scary as his situation was, all the cadet could do was moan softly for more. His body seemed to know what it wanted even if he did not.

["Ah come on Spike, can't we have sex in the dressing room too?" Despite the whineing tone in his voice the turk winked then promised to behave at least until they got back to thier rooms. Suddenly he pressed his finger to Zackary's lips and nodded his head in the direction of the other occupied dressing room. He had to try really hard not to laugh and contain his excitement. "Things are definatly heating up in there." He whispered.]

Sephiroth kissed the blonde hard, adding another finger with the first. He shuddered as he wanted something so interesting to happen.He wanted to bury his length inside the cadet. "Cloud, please, forgive me if I hurt you." He said, removing the fingers, doing his best to coat his length with spit before pushing into him slowly, groaning heatedly at how hot it was. "Oh gaia! Cloud!"

[Zack pressed his ear to the door and covered his mouth. "Oh my god....I didn't think.. are they doing it or are they just doing things to each other? We can have sex in Rufus's office, so stop complaining. I wana see what these two look like when they finish whatever it is they are doing in there."]

Whimpering and grabbing hold of Sephy the cadet squeezed his eyes shut.
"Wait...please... it hurts..." He felt as if he was going to rip apart and instinctivly he chenched his muscles making the pain worse. After a few deep breaths he managed to calm down a little and began to relax so he could ajust to the General's size. Trembling Cloud looked up at Sephiroth and nodded.
"I'm ready now, keep going..." The slighest movement sent pleasure and pain through his entire body and he wanted more.

["Sex in ShinRa's office?" An evil smirk raised the corners of Reno's lips and his eyes sparlked at the thought of pissing off the president. "I'll hold you to that promise Spike." Kissing Zack he began to strip off so he could try on his suit.]

Sephiroth gasped in pleasure. When the cadet had clenched around him he felt almost that it was too tight and it took him what he could to not pull out of him which would have hurt them both even more. He kissed the other passionately, moaning almosy loudly as he began a deeply slow pace inside the other.

[Zack grinned. He had stripped too and was just beginning to try on the clothing before he heard Cloud's protests and order to move again. "Yeah..damn they really are going at it." He blinked before returning to dressing, looking at himself in the mirror.]

Slowly the pain was giving way to complete pleasure and after a little while the cadet began begging Sephiroth to move faster and press deeper within him. No longer aware that they were in a dressing room or that others might hear him, Cloud moaned loudly as starts appeared in his vision. There was only him and Sephy, the rest of the world had disapeared and he did not care if it never came back.

[Still only half dressed Reno stopped and listened to the blonde before he draped himself around the SOLDIER's neck.
"Do you really think I can listen to that and wait until we gat back to barricks?" The redhead was playfully bighting Zack's neck. "Besides, you look totally shaggable wearing that." He grinned and began thrusting from behind to emphasize his point.

Sephiroth could practically sense what he needed to do to his lover and he moved a little more within him, faster, harder, deeper, combining them deliciously while he stroked his cadet at the same time and pace as these thrsusts. He moaned lowly,his voice sensually echoing through the stall, trying to keep a little quieter than Cloud.

[Zack blushed as he felt the redhead. "Reno...who is seme in this relation?" He asked, not really caring just checking with the other.]

Something was building deep down inside him, something he had never flet before but he knew he wanted it more than anything else. Cloud cried out as he neared orgasm, his entire body shivering and convolsing with each thrust. Feeling as if he could not keep the pleasure inside his body any longer he bit his bottom lip trying to quiet the scream of extacy that wanted to escape. One last thrust form Sephiroth send him over the edge and he came squirting his seed all over the General's hand. The spasms that coursed through his body squeezed the flesh inside him sending bolts of sensation through him even now.

["Don't you know it is the submissive that really has all the power?" Reno smirked and gently bit his lover's earlobe. Hearing Cloud climax he stopped and listened for a moment. "Well our cute little cadet is no longer a virgin, should I take your's again?"]

Sephiroth growled to fight back the moan that forced itself from his lips..the tight heat of his lover clenched around him, all he needed to shoot his seed inside the other and he did so when he was deepest inside, groaning and clutching his cadet tightly, kissing him hard to quiet them."Mmmm!"

[Zack blushed and groaned. "Reeennnooooo you're so mean.." He decided to let his lover have at him. "Fiiiiiine." He said, turning about to kiss him.]

Exhausted but immesurably happy the blonde clung to Sephy like a drowning man to a piece of driftwood. So many thoughts and emotions were spinning around inside him that Cloud felt as if he were going mad. The only thing he knew for sure was he could never be close enought to the General.
"I wish... I could melt inside you... so we... would never... have to part...I love you... so much." His eyes were squeezed shut and the cadet focused on the raceing heart pounding away inside Sephiroth. It made him feel so good to know it was beating for him just as his heart raced for the General.

[Dispite all his claims of being in control, the redhead went weak at the knees as Zackary kissed him. The truth was he was a fool for the SOLDIER and would do anything for him. Wrapping his arms around his lover, Reno moaned softly into the kiss as his manhood began to twitch with excitment]

Sephiroth smiled lovingly, which was new to him, but he soaked in the emotion with lust. He wanted always to love this boy, feeling he understood him for once. He kissed him on the lips and looked him in the eyes. "I love you too Cloud, and you are mine always." He said in his posessive nature, knowing it wouldn't frighten the cadet. "So, I think this is the right dress." He said, running his fingers through the cadet's spikey hair. He sighed heavily, content for one time in his life, and he would remember this always. And no one could call him a virgin anymore...He chuckled at that.

[Zack groaned with the turk and wrapped around him. "Well, if you want to top this will probably be the only other time in your life that I am going to let get to it." He said, actually wanting to feel the other as he remembered his tine with the redhead from when he let him take him the first time. He was actually wanting it again, and he knew this time there wouldn't be much pain at all and there would instead be more pleasure.]

Now that he had caught his breath the blonde blushed.
"I... I made a bit of a mess." He whispered and reached out to surch his pants that were hanging on a hook for a hanky. It amused Cloud that his hand shook, the General had a very unique effect on him but he loved it. Still a little sore but buzzing with pleasure, the cadet took hold of Sephy's hand and carefully wiped the cum off it before he started to clean himself up. A tear rolled down his cheek, Cloud's body had a mind of it's own as waves of pleasure continued to wash over him even now. "Thank you." He said a little more in control of himself now.

[Not needing to be told twice Reno began undressing the SOLDIER. As before he was gentle but this time he moved a little more quickly. Sucking on his finger he gently pressed it inside Zack while he continued to kiss his lover's lips and neck. Once he started moving in and out of the SOLDIER, the redhead added a second finger then a thrid using a sissoring motion to streatch the other. He never wanted to hurt Zackary so as horney as he was he took the time to prepare his lover before he withdres his fingers and spat in his palm. Saliva mixed with precum slicked his errection as he positioned it at Zack entrence.
"Tell me you want me inside you baby..." He whispered but did not wait for an answer before he gently pressed inside. Reno was not very good at teasing because he was far to selfish to deny himself pleasure for any real length of time.

Sephiroth smiled and pulled his blonde lover into a tight hug."You are more than welcome. I love you." He said softly, kissing his neck and then the tear that fell fown his face. He got up and righted their clothing, switching out of the formals for their usual attire, him being with his long coat and ShinRa uniform.

[Zack had just about finished just by the other's fingers alone. "I want you so bad Reno.. words can't describe." he said huskily, shivering and practically needing to be touched by the other.When the other pushed inside him he groaned and pushed back against the other.. yes for certain the pain he had been worried about was far less.]

Cloud was feeling sore but happy and he wanted to be as close to the General as he could be without making love. He smiled up at Sephy and held the silver haired man's hand, squeezing it gently. I love you did not seem to describe exactly how he was feeling, so the cadet just smiled happily and gently nuzled Sephiroth's shoulder.

[It took all Reno's concentration not to cum as he thrust into the SOLDIER again. Between the noises Cloud and the General were making and the tight warmth of his lover the redhead was so close to climax.
"Nnnnaag Zack..." He moaned as he trust again, his entire body shuddering. "So good...."

Sephiroth smiled. "Let us wait for the others outside of this stall." He said, sighing. He was very content and felt more at ease than he ever had, this would be something interesting to tell Hojo about.

["Don't you finish yet... if you finsih this earlier, you're sucking me off.." He said, heatedly meeting the other's movements.]

Nodding Cloud opened the door then stopped still for a moment and turned red again.
"Do you here that?" He whispered and pointed to the next dressingroom. Unable to help himself the cadet got the giggles as he heard Zackary telling the turk not to finish yet. Carrying the dress he looked around to see if anyone had been listening to them. Now that he was no longer in the heat of the moment, embarassment was starting to set in. Cloud could not believe he had lost his virtinity in a dressingroom of a formal dress shop to the infamous General of ShinRa. Lost, was not exactly the right word to describe what had happened, it was more like he threw it at Sephiroth and would not change that fact for the wrold. Again he reached out and took the General's hand, smiling and still blushing. The cadet was also walking a little funny worried that cum was going to dripple down the inside of his pant legs so he was clenching as hard as he could dispite the fact he was sore.

[Continuing to thrust Reno muttered breathlessly.
"It's not my fault.... you are so warm and tight... and so damned sexy...." He began grunting as he thrust harder and deeper. The turk also took hold of Zack's errection and began to stroke it's length in time with his thrusts. At first it was difficult to find a rythm becasue he was enjoying himself way to much but the redhead concentrated on his hand and squeezed gently as he pumped his lover cock. "Soooo Goood..." He muttered again.

Sephiroth smiled. "Well we can leave them here or wait, which do you want to do?" He asked, wrapping an arm about the blonde.

[Zack called out, groaning and shuffling under the other. "Ohhh fuck!! Reno!" He called out his lover's name as he bagen to spill over his hand.]

Wanting to snuggle up with Sephy in the car the blonde decided to wait.
"Sounds like they are finnished anyway so we might as well wait...." He looked up into the General's mako eyes, his own blue ones sparkling. Cloud could not believe he was standing there holding the silver haired man's hand haveing just been with him in the most intermate way possible. He felt so colplete and unafraid of Sephiroth, as if he had found something he had been missing his entire life. "I love you..." The cadet whispered again and snuggled into the taller man's chest.

[Hearing his name form his lover's lips at the moment of climax sent the redhead over the the edge as he came as well.
"Za...Zaaak..." He moaned as the SOLDIER's muscles tightened around him, squeezing every last drop of semen from him.

"I love you too." He said, getting in the back seat with his lover and laying back so they could cuddle together. He hadn't ever felt so complete in his life.

[Zack grinned and sank against the other, causeing the redhead to slip out of his body. "I..Reno that"]

Snuggling into the General, Cloud laughed.
"My ass is burning a little, if feels so strange. The thought of having another inside me always scared me but with you... it felt so right. I definatly want to do that again." Sighing happily the blonde closed his eyes, the physical excursion as well and the emotional stress and anticapation had left him feeling very sleepy.

["Well any time you want my cock all you have to do is ask, or order me if that is what the dominant one does." Reno was grinning like a fool. "If you are so worried about putting me in my place then there is no reason you can't tie me up and ride me. I promise I will be a bad slave so you will need to punish me a lot." He whispered in Zack's ear. The turk had liked the hallway incident and while he loved to strugle and disobey the SOLDIER he got really hot and bothered when Zack literally whiped him into submission. Having such a storng partner was such a turn on for him.]

Sephiroth blushed just slightly. "Mn, yes, I didn't know exactly what I was doing either, but I must say I enjoyed it.Well.. we can stop by Hojo's when we get back. I have to report this and then he will be able to give you something to help with your discomfort.." Sephiroth said, running his fingers through cloud's hair. "I will never let any harm come to you." He said softly, as though to sooth the other.. he wasn't sure against what.

["Maybe I will... you'd yell a lot of I made you not able to move..." Zack said, smirking mischieviously. He grinned and kissed his lover as they dressed. "Don't worry babe, I might just have to order you around every few seconds."]

For the first time in his life the blonde felt compleatly safe and content. Even though he was not afraid of Sephiroth the General's words seemed did sooth him. To Cloud, they were promises of love.

["I am sure you will Spike." Reno kissed the SOLDIER again. Today was simply the best day of his life.]

Sephiroth smiled and closed his eyes, running his hands through the blonde's hair. "Mn, Cloud, I think I am going to take a nap."

[Zack grinned. "I love you Reno." He said, leading the way to the register where they bought their attire and went out to the car. At seeing Sephiroth and Cloud Zackary let out an almost girlish squeal ."OH MY GODDDDD!!! THEY ARE SOO FUCKING CUTE."]

[The sight before him almost caused the turk to go weak in the knees. He could not believe what he was seeing, Sephy looked so peaceful snuggled into the cadet. Reno had never seen the General look so at ease.
"What the hell did Cloud do to him? Well I guess love really does change a person."

Sephiroth's eyes shot open at hearing the other's voice. "Excuse me? I will still decapitate you where you stand if you don't be silent." He closed his eyes again, but didn't fall asleep.

[Zack laughed and got into the driver's seat. "Mnnnnn time to go! Who wants to stop at some food or something?"]

["Food sounds like a good idea, I worked up quite an appatite in there." Reno winked at the SOLDIER again and remembering his promise to behave he sighed insetad of comment on how Sephy must have worked up an appatite as well.
"What about you blondie, are you hunger?" Truning his head so he could see Cloud in the back seat the redhead grinned.

Still half asleep the cadet muttered.
"Hugh... what?" Half opening his eyes, Cloud lifted his head to looke around.

Sephiroth sat up, dragging his lover with him as he did. "We are getting food, Cloud, are you hungry?"

[Zack grinned. "Mnn let's see here..which resturant do you guys wanna go to?" He asked, driving well but fast. His stomach wouldn't quit growling at him.]

The blonde nodded and smiled up at Sephy with a dreamy, content look in his blue eyes.
"I am a little hungry." Now that he was a little more awake the cadet blushed. "Where ever we go I am going to need to use the bathroom."

[Streatching out in his chair and sighing happily the turk answered Zack.
"Where ever you choose is fine with me Spike."

Sephiroth pointed. "There's a place with burgers right there." He said, humming.

[Zack grinned. "Right-o!" He drove to said random burger resturant and parked so they could all go in, that way Cloud could use the restroom. "Alright-y. Cloud go relieve yourself, the rest of us will be sitting at a table.. what do you want for us to order?"]

The cadet thought for a moment.
"I like cheeze burgers and do they have milkshakes here? If so I like strawberry milkshakes." Cloud was in such a good mood he started to hum the same tune Sephy had been humming as he headed for the toilets.

["Strawberry milkshakes, sound good to me." Smiling at the cadet Reno squeezed Zack's ass and leaned close to whisper in his lover's ear. "Do you need to use the bathroom to my love? I can order for you if you want?" The redhead nibbled on the SOLDIER's earlobe. "Like a good little slave bringing food to his master." He finished. For some reason the turk really liked the idea of serving his lover in such a way.]

Sephiroth smiled at his blonde as he made his way to the rest rooms. "Mnn cheese burger and milk shakes it is." He got a server over.

[Zack smiled and ran off to the restroom. "Fine then, order something good, you know what I love baby."]

Uesing the bathroom was a little uncomfortable but Cloud was still on such a warm fuzzy high that he did not care. It was strange how now, even thought the General was only meters away form him the cadet felt as if part of himself was missing.

["The truk orderes for his lover then shifted in his seat. Reno had not thought things through very well, here he was sitting across form Sephiroth with no one else at the table. Suddenly he was very uncomfortable and afraid he would open his big mouth and say something to piss the General off. Because holding his tongue was almost a physical imposibiltiy and because tended to talk more when he was nerves the redhead smiled at Sephy.
"I am very happy for you and Cloud. If you two love eachother even half as much as Spike and I love eachother then you will be very happy together." He smiled but inside the turk was chastizing himself. "You just can't keep your big mouth shut can you." He growled at himself.

Sephiroth gave a kind smile to the other. "Thank you.. I am sure we will be fine.. and best wishes to you and Zackary." Sephiroth said, wondering when his lover would be out.

[Zack smiled and checked in Cloud's stall. "You doin okay?" He wanted to be there because he knew how the pain could be.]

A little embarassed the cadet answered his superior.
"Yeh, it burs a little and I'm pretty sore but it was worth it." Cloud cringed as he emptied his bowel. The concistency and cum shocked him but then he was not sure exactly what he had expected. "I hear the pain goes away as your body gets used to it." The blonde was more thinking out loud than actually talking to Zack. "I never felt anything so ... amazing. I just wanted to melt into Sephy and never seperate from him."

[Reno smiled, no matter what he thought about Sephiroth he was genuinly happy for the man. He was also impressed with himself for not saying the wrong thing and ending up at the tip of massume. For once in his life the turk managed to keep his mouth sut and not say anything else until his lover returned.]

Sephiroth smiled to himself, humming as their food arrived. "Mnn food..sounds good I haven't eaten for a while."

[Zack grinned. "yeah it hurts..and yeah it gets better after a while. I have only had it done twice.. reno's a bottom really.. I wonder if Sephy would ever let you top him?"]

The cadet was pleased he was sitting down on the loo, the mere thought of Sephy letting him top made him weak in the knees.
"I....he... it... somehow I can't see Sephy being a bottom." Part of the attraction for the blonde was the Sephiroth's comanding personality.

[Reno nodded and started drinking his milkshake.
"I worked up quite an appatite in the dressing room, Zack is such a bossy bottom."

Sephiroth snorted. "Mnn I think i did the same.. I don't see Zackary as the bottom.. did you force him?"

[Zack grinned. "Well buddy.. you never know I didn't think i was bottom either, but I like it.. well anyhow.. come on out soon, Sephy will be you need me to cast a heal?"]

"You can do that?" As soon as he said it the cadet felt like an idiot. Of course Zack could cast a heal, he was a SOLDIER after all and a first class one at that. "I mean, thank you Zackary. It is not really that bad more... uncomfortable and strange than any real damage." Cloud was bright red again but Zack was right, if he did not hurry back to Sephiroth the General would start worrying. He did not want to worry his lover incase Sephy decided not to fuck him again. Despite the pain he really, really wanted to have the silver haired man inside him again.

[Almost choaking on his milkshake the redhead burst out laughing.
"No.... I doubt I could force Spike to do anything, he could kill me just as eaisly as you could if he wanted....." Calming down a little the turk continued with a sparkle in his eyes. "I ate some really stinky stuff and he refused to go anywhere near my ass until I got rid of all the gas. I may have been top but he was still telling me what to do. Not that I am complaining mind you, part of what I love about him is his ability to compleatly dominate me."

Sephiroth twitched. "I wouldn't have gone near you either. Reno.. to be frank you just don't seem like a top.. I think you're meant to be a bottom, I will have to ask Zackary what kind of drug he was on to let you do i wonder what's taking them. He better not be molesting my cadet."

[Zack grinned. "Yeah but.. it's going to get a little worse later before it goes away so..." He used his healing materia, focousing on cloud through the stall. "Zackary to the rescue." You wont feel a change for a second, but you'll be good to go in about ...ohhh a minute.. I didn't cast it strong because that would have left you either battle hungry or sleepy. You never know. Anyhow! Hurry hurry I am sure our lovers are worried."]

The SOLDIER was right, Cloud started to feel better. He was also a little sleeply but he sorted himself out and washed his hands.
"Thank you....." Blushing again the cadet followed Zack back out into the dinning room.

[For a moment Rneo was furious, he may be an asshole and a practical joker but he was very compentent when he wanted to be. Granted he was not in the same league as Sephy but he was not a complete idiot either.
"I did not drug him. If you must know he liked it... a lot." While the turk did not raise his voice it was obvious Sephiroth had hurt his feelings. "When you truely love someone you will do anything for them."

Sephiroth glared at Reno. "Something you want to say to me?" He asked. "Your normally the one joking around, figured you could take some of your own medicine." he said dangerously.

[Zack blinked. "Oh no.. you two aren't arguing, are you?" He asked, looking nervous for his lover.]

Sitting down beside the General and resting his hand on his lover's leg the cadet smiled up at Sephy.
"Did you miss me?" He asked hopeing to calm the other man down.

[With a toothy grin Reno shook his head.
"No, the General was just asking me what I drugged you with to get you to bottom for me." When Sephiroth had mentioned jokeing the readhead realized he had over reacted. When it came to Zack, the turk was overly sensitive. "I thought he was being serious for a moment... Is it really that obvious that you are the dominant one in our relationship?" Still smileing Reno hoped the General would forgive him for being a little short with him eirler.

Sephiroth smirked and nodded. "I missed you a lot." He said, kissing the other. "Too much." He insisted, kissing him again.

Zack thought a moment. "Yup.. I bet a bum on the street could tell us.." He said, laughing. "Why you think you could be?"

Hearing the General's words Cloud blushed again, it was such a joy to know his affections were not one sided. Concidering they had only just met the cadet's head was still spinning at how quickly he had fallen for Sephiroth. Never in his life had he felt so strongly for another and most definatly not so early on in the relationship. Usually it took the blonde a few weeks to get used to a person before he started opening up to them but Sephy was different. Cloud wanted to please the General, to make him proud by being the best SOLDIER he could possibly be not just satasfy him in bed. This was not some foolish crush or pure lust, for the cadet it was love, the kind of love that is all consuming.
"I missed you to Sephy..." He whispered back inbetween kisses.

[Smileing at Cloud and the General Reno sighed.
"Well I did not think I was so obviously submissive, I thought I could pass as the dominant if I wanted or at least as your equal." Reno was pouting slightly, while there was nothing wrong with being Zackary's bitch it hurt his pride that it was so very clearly what he was. Infact the mere thought of being forced to submit to his lover's whims excited him, he just thought he had built up a badass reputation.

Sephiroth smiled and began nibbling on his food. "Well I don't like fast food but it is fast and therefore it is alright I suppose.. all four of us, even you Turk, are going to train this off when we get back."

Zack grinned at his lover. "Babe, I bet anyone when I am not there looks at you like you're the dominant.. don't worry hun. Just when I am around they see that I like to be posessive over you." He said, kissing his lover. "It isn't a bad thing." Zack nodded to Sephiroth before digging into his hamburger.

The blonde's eyes sparkled at that, he really wanted to train hard and become someone his lover could be proud of. Biting into his cheese burger Cloud smiled at how upset the redhead was, it was so cute. He had not doubt that in his realatioship he was the submissive one but that did not worry the cadet at all. Compared to Sephiroth he doubted anyone would seem dominant even Zackary.

[Still pouting a little, Reno nodded and ate his food. The SOLDIER's comment that he came off as dominant when they were not together had boosted his bruised ego a little.]

Sephiroth looked out over Midgar. "These Mako reactors... as good as they are they are slowly chocking this earth.."

[Zack nodded. "I know, Hojo's trying to work on a more clean way for them to exist, but it's getting difficult because you'ds basically have to burn materia to do it...and we really can't afford to find enough materia..."]

Cloud sat there and listened to the ohters. He did not know much about the Mako reactors but Sephiroth had a point. The air around Midgar was thick and heavy not like the fresh, mainly pollutiant free air of his home village.

[Nodding Reno sighed.
"Sometimes I think this world would be better off without us and sometimes I think the earth knows that." The redhead was in one of his rare deep thought moods. It was not very often he showed his more interlectual side.

Sephiroth shrugged. "Well without them I wouldn't be a general either." He said thoughtfully. "I hope Hojo does come with a breakthrough..."

[Zack was confused slightly. "Well wait.. I think they are developing this air cleansing materia.. but it's not telling how long it will last..maybe we four should come up with something?"]

"We four? What could I possibly do?" The blonde was a little surprised by that. He diddn't know very much about materia or science for that matter.

["Awe, come on Cloudly I am sure you are a quick study, it would not take you long to learn." Reno smiled at the cadet, he was sure if Sephy was so interested in the boy he had to show great promise.]

Sephiroth smiled. "I have faith in you Cloud, if anything comes bad you can just.. write our report or something on it. Reno's specialiaties aren't even in materia either, so you may have to work with him on it, but Zackary and I can do a lot of the work."

[Zack grinned and nodded. "Yeah, besides, think of it, if we can do it then we can still use mako reactors, but the world wont hate us!"]

The cadet was blushing but his eyes were sparkling. Sephiroth had faith in him and at that moment he was extaticly happy.
"I will do anything you need me to do Sephy." Cloud smiled at the General then leaned foward and kissed his cheek.

[Reno grinned at the both of them, they really did look adorable together.
"Don't sweat it kid, I'll look after you.... in a strictly friend type of way... there will be absolutly no molesting of any sort." Dispite the wide grin on his face the readhead was deadly serious and wanted the General to know he would never bee foolish enough to even think of molesting Cloud. He liked his life way to much and besides, the only person he really wanted to molest was Zackary.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed his cadet on the lips. He gave a very chilling but sarcastic look to Reno. "Well that's because you don't want any limbs missing..or an eye or two.. or your lips.. and especially not that tongue of yours.. we all know you couldn't live without saying the most senseless things on the earth.." In all of his seriousness he was teasing the other.

[Zack grinned. "Poor Reno.. you just can't live without being threatened. Soo I want some desert..."]

Finishing off his cheese burger Cloud grinned at the SOLDIER.
"Desert sounds wonderful." He said happily then kissed Sephiroth. In a strange way he liked the General threatening Reno because it meant Sephy really did love him.

[Swallowing hard the redhead relaxed a little, even if Sephy was jokeing the thought of looseing his tongue botherd him but not because he wouldn't be able to talk. The turk was more worried about not being able to kiss Zack or run his tongue up and down his lover's shaft.
"Are you offering me your ass again sweetheart?" Reno smirked and licked his lips.

Sephiroth thought a moment. "Mn, what do we all want exactly? Ice cream? Pie? I don't even know of what to get, Cloud, what would you like?"

[Zack snorted. "All you think about is sex.. and no I am not offering.. yet." He grinned and kissed his lover.]

"Mmm pie sounds good, I wonder what flavours they have?" The blonde was in the mood for something very sweet.

[The turk's eyes sparkled as he kissed Zack back.
"It's your fault I think of sex all the time, you are just so damned good looking." He wasn't serious about fucking again but he could not resist suggesting that his lover was sweet. Truth was Reno was tired but he was never to tired to joke around. "Should I find out what pies they have or do some of you want ice-cream?"

Sephiroth grabbed a menu. "Well, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi something or other, you chose love." He said, letting his lover look it over and then flushed slightly because he called the other 'love'

[Zack thought a moment. "Well either sounds good to me babe, I'll get what you're getting." He said, shrugging.]

Lickinghis lips Cloud chose blueberry. He did not even notice that Sephiroth had called him 'love' because it sounded so natural, the General had meant it.

["Do you like kiwi?" The redhead asked, he wanted to make sure Zack would like what he chose. Despite the fact that he enjoyed making a decision for the other, Reno was actually a careing and unselfish person at heart.]

Sephiroth smiled and decided that bluberry would be good for him too. "Blueberry for both of us." He said, pulling his cadet into his lap.

[Zack decided that kiwi would be good. "Well I like tropical things, so that sounds really good... we should all go to costa del sol...."]

Blushing because he felt so happy sitting on the General's lap Cloud shuggled in against Sephy's chest while they waited for their pie. He felt so warm and safe in Sephiroth's arms, it felt almost like home.

["Maybe I should wear a hawian shirt and nothing else, or even just an lai for you hugh? Would that be tropical enough for you?" Reno could not help himself and he bagan to wave his hands as if he was doing a hula.]

As their pie got there Sephroth took his fork and began feeding his lover. "Is it good?"

[Zack grinned. "Reno, babe, with hair as bright as yours, just wear a lei and I will feel reallly tropical, and smell like coconuts.."]

"Yes... very good." Cloud was deleriously happy and he smiled at Sephiroth as he ate. He was compleatly oblivious to the conversation happening on the other side of the table, there was only him and the General.

[Reno's eyes sparkled.
"That's a deal Spike, I am sure I have something that smels like coconuts somewhere." He wrapped his arm around the SOLDIER's sholders and tried to feed Zack a piece of kiwi pie.

Sephiroth took his own bite now, admiring the taste. "Mn, this is good. Oh Cloud dear, we should make my room yours too.. I know you have your things there, but would you like to go grocery shopping? To maybe bring some food into the fridge? I only eat when I feel it is necessary, but you make me want to have treats...."

[Zack looked at his lover funny but decided to humor him, eating the piece of pie gingerly. "Mnnn it's good!"]

Cloud giggled.
"That sounds good Sephy." The cadet finished the rest of his pie, still in a very good mood. He was looking foward to training with the Genereal, the blonde was dertermined to do his best to please Sephiroth is every way. Even the slightest smile from the silver haired man set his heart raceing in a good way.

["Well I guess we will have to have a really good workout to get rid of all this pie." The truk patted his stomace and grinned happily. Reno was egar to see what kind of moves Cloud had, concidering both Zack and Sephiroth had singled the boy out the redhead knew he had to have something sepcial bescides being incredably adorable.]

Sephiroth smiled. "Well let's go back to base, there we can train Cloud. Zack I want you to go up against him first, test him out." He rose, letting cloud safely fall from his grasp.

[Zack grinned at Reno. "Well let's go train, then after we hit the showers we can.. burn more calories a mroe pleasurfull way.."]

["Hell yeh!" Reno kissed his lover and smiled thinking of all the things they could get up to after training. The turk was such a horndog at times.]

As they piled back into the car Cloud stuck close to the General, he could not stop smileing. The decidion to come to Midgar and become a SOLDIER was obviously a good one.

[Zack grinned at Reno and hopped in the driver's seat. "You're such a horn dog." He said, snorting. He looked to Sephiroth and Cloud, finding himself smilng lightly. They made a cute couple.]

Sephiroth wrapped his arm around Cloud's waist as they got into the car, he opened the door for his lover even, pressing a kiss to his cheek, ignoring the rather large group of people staring. "Reno, are you participating in Cloud's training?"

["Well that is entierly up to you Sephiroth." The redhead replied. There was no hint of sarcasm or disrespect, Reno knew he had no business with the boy other than double dates and the fact Cloud and Zack were friends. The training of a SOLDIER was SOLDIER business but he was more than willing to help out in any way he could. Reno was very fond of the cadet and not just because the other men were.]

Cloud's heart raced again, he thought it was so sweet and romantic of Sephy to open the door for him and the cadet had to admit he could get used to being treated like that.

Sephiroth snorted. "Good, I am going to need you to go up against cloud first, I wont put him up against Zackary until I know he can at least beat your pathetic turk ass. And you are would test his skills in every area outside of sheer power. I could squish you with my finger, Cloud I am not sure about."

[Zack smiled. "Awe, Sephy gave you a compliment!"]

The cadet blushed a little but he was determined to do his best against Reno, he despriatly wanted to please the General.

[Zackary was right, Sephy's words were a complement now matter how back handed they seemed and the redhead could not help feeling a little excited about that. "What ever you say General."]

Sephiroth noticed his lover seemed a little tense. "And don't worry love, if you do not beat him the first time, there is always another time. Practice, learn. Don't worry. You wont dissapoint me."

[Zack grinned. "We're here!!" He called as they pulled into base. He parked his car and offered everyone out, rushing up to get his training items.]

The General's worlds calmed him and Cloud smiled at his lover, there was something about Sephiroth that captovated him. The blonde could not help loving the silver haired man.

["Well lets get going to the training rooms shall we?" Reno asked smileing nervesly at the other two.]

Sephiroth smiled and once in the training room he grabbed a wooden sword, handing it to Cloud. He removed also his outer coat, leaving him in just his pants and straps across his chest, making him look strangely like a bdsm model. He smirked predatorily, watching. "Reno, spar with me until Zackary gets here."

[Zack gathered his things, skipping practically as he went to see what training room they went to.]

Cloud watched carefully as the other two men engaged in some light sparing, he was watching each one's technique hopeing to learn how best to approach them himself. Most of what he did was instinct but from a young age he had learnt to trust those instincts combined with analizing his opponents the blonde was usually able to hold his own.

[Knowing he was well out of his league with the General the redhead moved around lunging every now and then testing the water so to sepak. He was getting a feel for just how outclassed he was before he commited himself to any real attacks. Reno was light on his feet and fast but he lacked the strength and force Sephiroth could generate in his attacks.]

Sephiroth would go easy on Reno, but that was for a moment, then he decided to go full force, twirling him into a spin of attacks, pushing him around like a mere rag doll, but not using enough force to actually hurt him, his last attack sent him flying into the air and into Zack's arms who had walked through the door way. "Good catch."

[Zack grimaced. "Sephy, are you being mean?" He asked, kissing his lover before setting him down. "Okay! So, Cloud, Reno, get your fight on!" He said, ushering the blonde and the red-head into mats that lined the floor.]

Cloud walked around Reno trying to find an opening. He was nerves as hell because he doubted he was much of a challange for the redhead and after seeing how eaisly Sephiroth dispatched him the cadet felt very weak and useless. They eyed eachother off for a while before the turk finally attacked. Cloud managed to block him and they moved apart again. They continued to circle each other before Reno attacked again but this time the cadet managed to block and mount a strike of his own. Of course the turk blocked it eaisly but he waved the blonde foward. Attacking Reno the cadet showed speed and as they continued to sapr his strikes gained strength as he learnt to use his entire body to power each strike. It was obvious that the truk was going easy on Cloud but even if he had not been afraid that Sephy would run him through if he actually hurt the blonde, it was not about embarassing the boy it was about trianing him. Cloud was a quick study and it was actually quite impressive.
"Ok, now attack me any way you want." As the cadet attacked, Reno actually had to use some fancy footwork to evade the blonde's blade. "Good, good that was much better." They circled eachother for a moment before the redhead waved him foward again.

Sephiroth smiled pleasedly as he watched the blonde. He was fairing well against the turk and learning fast. He watched more on, wondering what was going to happen next and whether or not the blonde was going to be able to surpass the turk.

[Watching from the sidelines Zack was cheering them both on. "Ohh! Cloudy! Good right swing! Reno!!! I like that night stick babe.."]

Berathing heavily the blonde blocked again and managed to get a kick to the chest in on the turk and Reno staggered backwards a few steps before he regained his balance.

[With a broard smile the redhead attacked again.
"Must admit kid... I'm impressed..." They were both short of breath and it was obvious Reno was no longer holding back.

Sephiroth smiled. "Take a brake for water if you need to, if not, do continue, I want you both to use full force, but do NOT harm one another. If that happens I can simply heal you, but try." With that he went back to studying them curiously.

[Zack grinned. "Ohhh this is soooo exciting!!!" He said, happy he wasn't the one being tested for once. He was noticing as well that his lover was no longer holding back and it was that which made him notice just why Sephiroth had gotten so attached to the boy... he was only a cadet!]

Cloud and Reno stopped for a drink. The blonde felt as if his arms were lead weights and he was shaking slightly from the strian but he was actually enjoying himself. Not only had he surpassed his own expectations, Cloud could tell Sephy was impressed and that gave him the strength he needed to continue. He was pushing himself to the very edge of his limits, no doubt he would regret it tomorrow when his muscles all decided to ache as payback.

[While they were having a drink Reno went and stood near his lover.
"I tell you what Spike... our little... chocobo... he is a lot tougher than he looks..." It had been a long time since anyone besides Zack had given him so much trouble druing sparing. "No matter... how hard I push him... he just keeps meeting the challange..."

Sephiroth smiled to himself. He sat and watched the trio as Cloud and Reno got their drinks and Zack stood to greet his lover. He was eager to see what the next round had in store.

[Zack smiled. "That's my boy!" He said, grinning as he slpped his cadet playfully on the shoulder. "That's why me and Sephy chose him, now get on out there and go again!"]

It turned out Cloud was a little uncomfortable going full force. He was afraid of hurting the redhead and a the last moment he would hesitate slightly causing his attacks to lose momentum, greatly reducing the force behind them. Even so he was still keeping up with the turk's speed and showing quite a bit of agility.

[Reno could not help being proud of the cadet, several times the blonde had used one of his own attackes againt him. It seemed all the redhead had to do was attack Clous with a certin move twice and he could not only defend against it but he could copy it flawlessly.
"Come on Cloudy, don't hold back. I am a big boy I can handle it, don't hesatate when you strike. Besides the General there said he could heal us if you manage to do some real damage." Reno smiled but inside he was amazed with the cadet's abilities.

Sephiroth decided to step it up. "Use full force, both of you." He commanded, his general tone slipping very firmly into his voice.

[Zack blinked. Cloud was doing perhaps too well. And he was just a cadet! "Woooo! Go Cloud and Reno!"]

The General's tone left no room for debate and while he was still uncomfortable with the idea of going full force against a friend, the blonde was more afraid of disapointing his lover. Swallowing hard Cloud attacked the turk, he squeezed his eyes shut as he struck not wanting to see it if he hurt the other. Reno evaeded it eaisly and because he was not watching the blonde did not ajust the angle of his blow.

[Reno was glad his apponant had closed his eyes, as he doged he felt the breese from the attack and was startled at the power behind it. While he was still no match for Sephiroth the cadet had instinctivly rotated slightly as he attacked the force and momentum beginning in his feet and traveling through his body intensafying until it was released. This was something that usually took months of trianing to get right as it involved expert timing and fluid movement.]

Sephiroth smirked. "Good good! Reno, take a break, Zackary, you're up."

[Zack grinned and hugged his lover as he went up to Cloud. "Alrighty, Cloudy-boy, you are gonna get it handed to you this time." He was quite the few times stronger than the red-head, maybe a nano-second slower, but just as fast. He smiled and took off to the blond, using a well aimed kick to the stomach, wondering if it was going to be blocked.]

Cloud only had time to deflect it and it was a lot harder than he had anticipated. He staggared backwards but quickly regained his balance and nodded at the SOLDIER, indicating he was alright and ready to continue. Zackary had the cadet on the defencive for a while, the blonde trying to work out the other's rythm and style. Slowly Cloud began to gain confidence and dispite the fact he was obviously exhausted he continued to fight. The blonde was a stuborne little bugger and somehow managed to push himself on. Cloud had always been like that, he could ignore the aches and pains and warnings his body gave him until he was either too exhausted to continue or he defeated his apponent. Even if the only reason he won was sheer determination and staminer. The draw back to this was the fact that afterwards he would collaps and often lose consiousness.

Sephiroth smiled at his lover. A true smile of worth and confidence. He was right, this boy would not only be his lover, but his prodigy. "Mn mn mn..."

[Zack grinned and used full strength, relentless on his attacks on the other, landing several blows, but he did his best to pull the punches and well aimed kicks. He smiled as he felt he actually had a challange of sorts with the other, moving faster, hitting harder. He wondered how much more the blonde could take.]

Muscles acheing, heart racing the cadet could not seem to get enough air in each breath. Cloud's vision was begining to fail but still he pushed himself. He could not understand why but the blonde felt that giving in now would undo all his effort. Zack was now compleatly in control, the only thing Cloud could do was block the SOLDIER's attacks. He was one the verge of collapse but still the blonde refused to give in. Huddled in a ball, all Cloud could do was protect himself.

[Reno watched his lover and the cadet, he still could not believe what he was seeing and just when he was going to suggest Zack declair himself the winner soemthing strange happened. Cloud moved quickly, he raised his right leg blocking a kick with his shin. Then as he stepped foward, all his weight falling on his right foot he used the momentum to strike out with the palm of his left hand. He hit Zackary square in the sturnum then dropping into a low crouch the cadet swept the SOLDIER's legs out form underneath him. The rehdead could not believe what he was seeing, only moments before he was sure it was all over and he had no idea where the boy got that final burst of energy form. The turk watced as Cloud fell on his ass then flopped backwards onto the trianing mats closing his eyes in complete exhaustion.]

"I'm... sorry... I can't... go on..." The blonde croked his throat dry as he faught for air.

Sephiroth quirked an eyebrow and casted a heal over the two. "Mn, very well done, both of you. Cloud we can try this again tomorrow, after you have rested up. You are almost to soldier level, 2nd class as it is. I am promoting you to such. So, SOLDIER, 2nd class, Cloud Strife, I wonder when you will reach first."He said this more to himself than to anyone else as he knelt by his lover.

[Zack grimaced, and then grinned. "Damn he packs a hell of a hit." He said, huffing. "Ugh, my chest felt broken.." He laughed and stood. "Don't you go promoting him too fast there Sephy, he got lucky. Tomorrow though.. I'm not going to be easy on him at all.."]

Letting out an involentary moan Cloud blushed deeply. The healing cast made him feel a lot better but he was not looking foward to Zackary attacking him again if what he just experienced was the SOLDIER going easy on him. There was also a great feeling of pride welling up inside him, the look on Sephy's made him feel all warm and fuzzy. Deciding it was a profesional situation and there for millitary protocol should be ovserved he smiled at his lover.
"Thank you Sir."

["Well I'll be damned if you arn't just full of surprises Chocobo boy." Reno grinned as he walked over to Zack offering him a hand up.]

Sephiroth smiled. "Yes, but he still did well. Come, all of us need to hit the showers." He said, nodding approvingly at Reno to help the now 2nd class SOLDIER up.

[Zack grinned. "Ya did go today Spikey.. and that was your first sparrin match too... can't wait to see what you have in you tomorrow.. eat a good breakfast, it will help." He said, starting to strip to jump in the showers.]

Feeling a little sleepy but proud of his effort the blonde stripped off as well. He watched Sephiroth undress, allowing his eyes to caress the General's slender toned form. Cloud was getting hard again and he was a little surprised that his body reacted so strongly even after shuch a rigirous sparing matech.

[Reno was practally drooling over the naked Soldier and oculd not help slapping his lover's bare ass.
"Looking good sexy." He said with a devilish smirk.

Sephiroth stripped readily, wanting badly to feel the hot water. He hadn't even done anything, but watching his lover, he just wanted to be in the shower room with him.

[Zack grinned at the slap. "Well thank ya babe. How about you strip right along there with me?"]

A little distracted by his naked lover, Cloud spent most of his time watching the General. The warm water felt great but the cadet was beginning to notice a pattern, his thoughts always seemed to return to Sephy and the way it felt having him inside him.

["Way ahead of you spike." The turk said smiling and disguarded his clothes in a matter of second before jumping into the same shower stall as Zack.]

Sephiroth smiled and pressed Cloud into the shower wall."I think that.. maybe we should. use this time to our advantage, don't you?"

[Zack grinned. "Ohh damn that water feels nice."]

Smiling the cadet nodded. Hew as flattered to think that Sephy wanted him as much as he himself desired the General. Reaching up to kiss his lover, Cloud closed his eyes. The shower was similar to the dressing room space wise and his fingers caressed Sephiroth trailing the small riverlets of water that ran down the taller man's perfect, creamy skin.

[Giving the SOLDIER a bit of a massarge, Reno lathered up the soap and washed his lover's back making sure to work out any notted muscles.
"I can wash your hair for you as well if you like?" Instead of his usual horney passionate self the turk was being slow and gentle, enjoying the oppertunity to caress his lover.

Sephiroth smiled into the kiss, trailing his hand down to stroke the cadet to arousal. "You will be great one day Cloud. And I will be glad to have you at my side." He whispered, kissing the SOLDIER'S ear.

[Zack nodded, in heaven by the feelign of his love's fingers. "Oh man.. you should totally give me massages more often..."]

Hearing the General's words caused the blonde to go weak at the knees. Cloud liked the idea of being at Sephy's side both in bed and in battle. Moaning softly he reached down and began to stroke Sephiroth's cock as well.

[Leaning foward the redhead playfully bit Zack's ear.
"On one condition Spike, you keep this out little secret. If the other turks find out I have a soft side there will be hell to pay. They would tease me and I would have to kick thier asses to remind them your the only one I am gentle with." Reno chuckled to himself and continued to rub his thumbs in a circular motion at the base of the SOLDIER's neck.

Sephiroth moaned. "Odd, we have only ever done this once, and we all ready know what the other likes. " With that he bit onto the other's neck, suckilng at the skin as he lifted him up.

[Zack grinned and moaned under the hands. "Don't worry, your secet's safe with me, babe." He said, "Besides, I wouldn;t wanna share you. If I tell someone they will all want a back rub."]

Cloud whimpered and willfully relaxed his body.
"Harder..." He whispered. The blonde seemed to like the slight pain, it added to the sensation. Sephiroth had been right, thier bodys seemed to have a mind of thier own as if their muscles and skin remembered the other's touch. Cloud knew to calm himself and soften all his muscles around his back passage. He remembered that pushing against what his lover inserted into him slightly, would make things much eaiser and more enjoyable. Tilting his head back the blonde pulled the Genereal closer and spread his legs wider tilting his pelvis slightly.

["Sounds like their at it again." Reno whispered but continued to massarge his lover. The turk was hard but he liked simply rubbing his hands all over Zack. It was not just sex for him it was ture love, sometimes just being near the SOLDIER 1st calss was enough to make him happy.]

Sephiroth groaned as he pushed forcefully, but gently into the other. "I don't want to hurt you." He whispered in protest to his lover's request.

[Zack shivered. "hey can you massage my butt too?"]

Squeezing his eyes shut the blonde hissed slightly, he had forgotten how large Sephiroth was and it burned a little. Again Cloud reminded himself to relax and thankfully the General gave him time to ajust to his cock. Wave after wave of pleasure soon washed away any trace of pain as the other began to move inside him. The SOLDIER clawed at the silver haired man's back trying to pull him closer and force him deeper. Cloud whimpered and moaned begging Sephy to go faster and thrust harder. He wished he could melt into his lover's skin and become part of him so they would naver have to part.

[Reno nodded and moved further down Zackary's back, gently kneeding the spikey haired man's butt.
"It is so round and firm and fuzzy, just like a peach Spike." Laughing the redhead contined. "Zacky's got a peach butt and it looks good enough to eat."

Sephiroth heeded to his lover's plea, thrusting hard and fast while holding him up. He groaned and clutched tightly to his hips, amazed at how deep he could slide into his lover from this angle. "Oh gaia, Cloud.."

[Zack blushed. "It's not fuzzy!!!!! not a lot anyways!!! gooodddsss rennooo they're making sexy noises and its making me feel sexy.. and you're sexy hands are touching all over me.. and its makin me even more sexy." He gave a cute little pout.]

The blonde's head was spinning, he was crying out with each thrust. Never before had he felt such pleasure, it seemed that this time was even better than his first. Calling out Sephy's name as tears of extacy ran down his cheeks the newly promoted SOLDIER's vision went white with silver explosions dancing across his vision.

[Unable to reisist his lover's adorable pout Reno took hold of him firmly and kissed him deeply.
"That is why it is fuzzy like a peach Spike. It has the cutiest fine fuzz on it." Giving Zack a cheeky grin the turk tilted his head to the side. "So do you want my ass or my dick lover?"

Sephiroth couldn't hold back and he emptied inside the other. "Oh gaia!"

[Zackary grinned. "Mnn how about your dick.." He begged, rubbing his lower half back against the red-head's hips.]

Throwing his head back Cloud cried out louder than before and came all over his own stomach. Shaking the blonde tried to catch his breath as he pulled Sephy closer.
"I... love you...." Cloud whispered as he buried his head in the General's silver hair.

[Wtih an evil smile Reno bit and nibbled at his lover's neck.
"Your desire is my command." He said then reached down to finger the SOLDIER's enterance.

Sephiroth smiled as he kissed the other. "I love you too." He said, holding him close, letting them drift under the water spray. "Mn. Let us try to actually get clean now."

[Zack shuddered and inched closer to the red head. "Gaia, please Reno! I don't care about preparing, just fuck me.."]

Cloud hated it when Sephy pulled out, there was always a feeling of great loss. With a sad sigh the blonde nodded and started to clean himself up.
"When we get back to our quarers can we snuggle up on the couch for a while?" He asked still wanting to be close to the General.

[Giving his lover a startled look the redhead raised and eyebrow.
"Are you sure Spike I don't want to hurt you?" Reno was actually a romantic at heart and while he liked it rough he was a little heasatant to manhandle his lover in such a way.

Sephiroth nodded. "I think that would be nice. I haven't just snuggled really. The little you and I have will be nice." He smiled and kissed the other. "Fair! Sinclair! Don't take forever, the other troops use this bathroom too."

[Zack smiled and shrugged. "I don't care which way babe, I just want you.. too badly it seems.."]

Cloud could not help giggling, he knew exactly what the other were about to do.

[Gently Reno pushed a finger inside Zack then got an idea.
"Maybe if I use some conditioner to smooth the ride a little?" He said thinking aloud. Slathering conditioner all around his lover's enterence and his cock the redhead slowly pushed inside the SOLDIER 1st Class and waited for more insturctions. Zackary was still incontrol of the situation.

Sephiroth smiled devilishly. "Well now.." He picked Cloud up bridal style and carried him to their rooms.

[Zack practically screamed. "Ah fuck! It stings!!! motherfuck!!!" And he tried to move away from the other. "Conditioner? Reeeennooo it stings!!!!" and he began heavily panting, hoping the conditioner chemicals would go away or something.]

Snuggling into Sephy the blonde sighed happily and closed his eyes listening to his lover's heartbeat.

[Reno pouted.
"It did not sting me the other day when I used it.... " The redhead let his words trail off as he began to cleand his lover up. He was a little too embarassed and way too worried to mention he had been playing with his night stick in the shower. Zack must have had more sensitive skin them him. "I am so sorry Spike I did not think that it would hurt you. Fuck! I'm so sorry babe..." As best he could Reno gently cleaned away the conditioner still begging forgiveness and a lot more worried that he had hurt Zack then he wanted to admit.

Sephiroth hugged the other closely. "Cloud, you'll always be protected in my arms."

[Zack cringed but he calmed down. "It's okay babe,,,, it just.. yeah I am better now hun." He hugged the other tight. "Let's ... do something a little different."]

Opening his eyes the SOLDIER looked up at Sephiroth. Hearing his lover say that felt so good and his eyes sparkled with love and admiration.
"I will always do my best to protect you too. While I may not be a match for you in a fight Sephy, I will hold your heart dear and make sure it never comes to any harm. This I promise you."

[For the frist time ever the redhead burried his head against Zackary's neck and began to sob. His entire body shook as made loud noises and short sniffles. The turk's knees felt as if they would not hold him up and he clung to the SOLDIER as if he was drowning.
"I...I'm... sorry... so sorry... Zack..." The only thing that really frightened Reno was the thought of hurting or looseing Zackary and just then he thought he had done both.

Sephiroth smiled. "And that, my dear Cloud, is why I chose you." He closed his eyes as he snuggled up to the other, kissing his cheek and neck.

[Zack blinked and crushed the other against him. "Hun... it's fine. I love you." He said, kissing his lips. "Don't cry babe. Neither of us knew." He held him a little tighter, looking him in the eyes. "I promise, it's fine and we're still getting married. You're not going to lose me because of our silly-ness." He said, almost able to read the other's mind while running a comforting hand up his back.]

Moaning softly the blonde concentrated on Sephiroth's heartbeat again. For some reason the constant hammering conforted him greatly.

[Pulling himself together Reno stuck his head under his shower and rubbed his face. The turk was a little imbarassed, his emotions were swinging form one extreem to the other.
"Thaks love, I just... I never want to hurt you."

Sephiroth snuggled happily against the other.

[Hey.. it's fine." Zack assured again, "Come on babe, let's go to our room and lay there a while?"]

"I still can't believe that I have fallen for the infamous ShinRa General. You are nothing like I expected you to be. For starters you are much better looking than I imagined you, much better looking. And you have the most beautiful smile." Cloud looked up at Sephy, his eyes still sparkling. The blonde reached out and gently brushed the backs of his fingers down Sephiroth's face. "Each time I look at you I feel as if my heart will explode it beats so fast." Letting out a lazy sigh Cloud closed his eyes again feeling the need to sleep safe in the General's arms. "I have never loved anyone the way I love you..." He muttered softly.

[By the time they got back to thier rooms Reno was back to his usual cheeky self. The day had been so full of surprises and strong emotions he felt as if he had been training all day.
"I must admit the little chocobo boy is a natural born killer at sparing. The kid handed me my ass and it was only his first time. Do you think that is what Sephy saw in him? Oh, and Sephy surprised me more than anything. Who would have known the General was capable of love?" With a devilish grin the redhead flopped down on the bed and patted the matress beside him. "Here Spike, how about we have a little nap before dinner?" Yawning Reno streatched out on the bed and motioned again for his lover to join him.

Sephiroth felt a blush slowly find its way onto his cheeks. "And I never thought that a normal cadet would find his way into ShinRa.. and change my whole lifestyle and most of my personality. You have a great impact of those around you, one I am very fond of. You're going to be great as my SOLDIER of ShinRa. You will be great by my side as my lover. I love you too Cloud. And I really mean that."

[Zack grinned. "Yeah I know right? Cloud almost kicked my ass. Let's see how he does against me tomorrow! And yeah, Sephy is like.. head over heals for him which is soooo.. weird. He's always so grumpy and now he actually smiles. I thought the world was going to end when he smiled the first time out of love.." He laid down next to his lover. "A nap sounds pretty damn good right now."]

Sephiroth's words made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside again.
"I will not let you down Sephy, my love." Cloud whispered again as he drifted off to sleep. He was dead tired and felt compleatly safe for the first time in his life. The new SOLDIER's last thoughts were of trying his hardest to live up to the General's expectations.

[Snuggling into his lover Reno smiled.
"I know how the General feels, just being near you is enough to screw up my thinking and turn my knees to jelly. I never cared about things the way other do and never feared anything but now.... I have something to lose and something to protect. I am so happy and so scared all at once ...Please Spike understand I am not saying you are a burden or weakness, it's just.... I was always such a selfish asshole and now I care more about you than I do myself. It is going to take a little getting used to on my behalf." Reno smiled again and planted kisses all over Zackary's face.

Sephiroth smiled and curled protectively around the other, kissing him gently and hugging him tight. He too drifted off to sleep.

[Zack laughed happily. "Reno babe, I know. I am much the same way. I only ever cared about myself, and a few friends, but mainly myself., and now that I have you.. it's like being in a dream.."]

Hunger finally woke the blonde. Cloud opened his eyes and smiled as he realized Sephy was asleep as well. Kissing the General he gently lifting his arms and crawled out form under them. Very carefully so he did not wake his lover, Cloud went out into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Taking out a few things the SOLDIER started to prepare dinner. Cutting some meat into strips he lightly seared them in a frypan and bagan to steam some rice. Cutting up some vegatables he threw them into the deep frypan. He poured in some red wine and began to hum to himself as he cooked up a feast for the General.

["A good dream I hope?" Reno said and kissed his lover again. Gently stroking his hands through Zackary's hair he smiled happily. "Mmm you semll so good, what shampoo did you use?"]

Sephiroth managed to sleep until the smell assaulted him. It made his stomach growl. He got out of bed, forgetting for a moment that Cloud was the one who was most likely cooking. He grabbed massamune and snuck into the living room. Upon seeing the other he smiled and put his sword down. "Mn, what are you making?" He asked, comming up behind the other, wrapping his arms about his waist.

[Zack smiled. "Yes, it's the best dream I ever have and if I wake up from it I will off myself. And shampoo? I dunno, whatever was around.. I might have stolen it fom Sephy's room......"]

Leaning back against his lover the blonde smiled.
"It is stir fried beef and vegetables on a bed of steamed rice. I hope you like it? I woke up hungry and well... I hope you don't mind me cooking this?" Cloud blushed a little, he still felt a little nerves about helping himself to the contence of the fridge even if they were now officially living together.

[Reno burst out laughing.
"I think you are the only person I know, other than blondie of course, who could steal the General's shampoo and not end up like a pig on a spit on the end of massamune. It smells good anyway.... or that could just be you." Again the turk laughed and kissed his fiance.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed his cheek. "I don't mind at all.. it smells lovely." he said, kissing him again."What would you like to drink?" I will set the table.

[Zack smiled. "Yeah Sephy's my buddy whether he admits it or not! He trusts me because otehrwise he wouldn't have made me his second in command! I have high connections even to good shampoo!"]

Thniking for a momnet the blonde smiled.
"A nice wine maybe? I am in the mood to celebrate." Cloud's blue eyes sparkled as he spoke, today have been a wonderful day for him .

[Laughing Reno nodded.
"Yes, I know. That is why I love you, your sexy, a kick ass warrior and you have access to good shampoos." He kissed the SOLDIER demandingly, wanting to taste Zack's sweet lips. He did not want sex, just to be close to his lover.

Sephiroth smiled. "Wine, I have that." He said, placing plates and cutlery on the table and then pouring them each a glass of wine. "Mn, yes, you were not only promoted, but you did well... and what else are you celebrating this day?"

[Zack kissed the other back smiling into the kiss. "I love kissing you." He said as the thought hit him, and he really did."Hey babe, what do you want for supper?"]

Without the slightest hesatation Cloud answered, still smileing.
"Being with you Sephy. Today I have given you my virginity and my heart and the fact that you have accepted both is definatly worth celebrating." The newly promoted SOLDIER looked at the General, his eyes sparkling with joy. He was being honest.

["Mmm something meaty and warm, I am starving." Reno's stomach growled but he kissed Zackary again, enjoying being able to kiss his lover so aften.]

Sephiroth let out a chuckle. "I am glad I have been such a good influence on you." He said, miffed a little. "The table is set." He added, sitting down boredly.

["Meaty and Warm? I know of something..." He grinned. "Just kidding.'He kissed him again. "Hot dogs? Pizza? Come on babe, work with me."]

That was not the reaction the blonde was expecting and he felt doubt creeping up his spine. Sephy looked tired and disinterested to him, something that worried Cloud. Forcing a smile and pretending he was not afraid the General would decide he no longer liked him, the young man served up the dinner and turned the stove off. Carrying both plates to the table Cloud set a plate infront of Sephiroth.
"I hope it is to your likeing Sephy." Nerves, he sat down at his own setting.

["How about a hot dog?" Reno raised his eyebrow and gave Zack an evil smirk with meant he was not just talking about food. "I could go a big fat sausage right now." He finished off and licked his lips.]

Sephiroth felt the nervousness radiating from the other. "Are you all right Cloud?" He asked, taking a bite of his food, enjoying much the flavours. "Mnn this is very good." He said, taking another bite, closing his eyes in liking of the food.

[Zack blinked and smiled mischiviously. "Hot dogs are fattening, what else do you want?"]

Seeing how much the General was enjoying his meal Cloud nodded and smiled.
"Yeh, I'm fine." The blonde could not understand why Sephiroth suddenly seamed board and a little miffed, he wondered if he had said something wrong.

["Pasta, how about pasta? Then you could always supply the sausage and I could supply the bun for desert. We could also work off a few of the carbs." Again Reno's eyes were sparkling.]

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow and leaned over, kissing cloud. "You're lying, love."

[Zack grinned. "That sounds good actually..I don't have any meat though.." He said, going through his fridge and cupboards."]

That took Cloud by surprise and he blinked at the General before realizing telling the truth was the only option.
"I... I thought I must have said or done something wrong,"

["Well I guess we could order in." Reno grinned and looked for the phone. "Do you know any Italian restraunts that deliver?"]

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "Dear, what on earth made you think that?" He asked, kissing Cloud's forehead while getting some rolls from a bread box for them.

[Ummmnn I don't know...I don't think they actually deliver, and no one delivers anything to Shinra..." Zack said thinking. "However, if we go bother Seph he can make the best spaghetti and pasta dishes ever..."]

Feeling a little silly now the blonde blushed.
"You just seemed a little miffed before." He shrugged. "I thought I must have done something wrong." Smileing again, Cloud leaned over and kissed the General back. "I am glad you like it Sephy." There was a glimmer of pride in the new SOLDIER's eyes.

[Reno's stomach growled loudly and he glared down at it.
"Well it seems my hunger pains agree with you but honestly I am afraid he will run me through for disturbing him and his chocobo."

Sephiroth smield. "No.. I am just not used to waking up to a cooked meal and a beautiful lover at my side..."

["Sephy wont kill us Reno.." Zack said, grinning. "Only if we interrupt him during sex, but if we hurry..."]

Being called the General's beautiful lover made Cloud go all gooy inside. He smiled but felt choaked up at the same time, over come by joy.
"Thank you..." He managed before his throat tightened. "... love you..." Leaning over the blonde kissed Sephiroth gently on the lips, lingering, enjoying the taste.

["Your on!" Reno yelled excitidly. "I am kind of courious to see what they are like to each other in private anyway. I bet Sephy is all warm and fuzzy having blondie around. Not that I can blame him there is something about Cloud that makes him easy to be frinds with." Grinning the redhead kissed Zack again. "And when I say friends I mean in a strictly plutonic way, he is such a little cutie." Allowing his hand to slide down his lover's back, Reno squeezed the SOLDIER's ass. "You on the other hand are the sexiest man to ever exist."]

Sephiroth smiled, kissing the other back. "I love you too."

["I know right? Well they had sex in a bathroom....Maybe they aren'"]

The blonde could not help moaning slightly, it was a happy, content noise he made when he felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Everytime the General smiled it made Cloud's knees a little weak. He would do anything to make Sephiroth smile and proud of him. Tomorrow Cloud would push himself even harder during practice, his only desire was to please his lover. It was a little alarming how in such a small period or time Sephy had become his entire world, but the blonde would not change it for anything.

[Giggling, Reno gave the SOLDIER another grope then playfully slapped his ass.
"Come on lover, lets go see Sephy before my stomach decides to complain even more loudly."

Sephiroth twitched. He was about to say some more romantic and cute things but the door was loudly banged on. "Oh who the hell.." He sighed, excusing himself. When he saw Zack and Reno his first reaction would have normally been to slam the door immediately shut again, but he sighed "Yes?"

[Zack grinned. "Seph.. I know you're busy and all but we who have no cooking skills are starving our asses offf... could you make us some supper? Is cloud home? I wanna cuddle him.." Zack said, pushing into the general's apartment. When he saw cloud he squealed and hugged the boy. "Awe cloudy... your sooo cute.. hey who made the food?" He asked, taking a bite of the soldier's food.]

"I guess I could make some more..." The blonde muttered and blushed deeply. He was not really sure how to react to being cuddled a lot and called cute but he had to admit he liked Zackary Fair. "I decided to cook for Sepy to celebreate becoming a SOLDIER... among other things." The last was a whisper and Cloud could not help smileing happily as he thought about his lover.

[Reno stood at the door for a moment watching his fiance. He honestly expected the General to tell them to bugger off but the smell of food was far to good to ignore. Excuseing himself he also stepped inside and walked past Sephiroth to inspect the food.
"You made this Cloudy? Mmm it smells devine, how's it taste?" The turnk helped himself to a mouthful and imediatly let out a deep moan. "Gaia that's good. Do you have more?" The redhead's eyes sparkled as he helped himself to antoher mouthful.

Sephiroth twitched. "Zackary, remove yourself from my lover. He belongs to me." He said, sitting back down to his own meal. "And if Cloud feels like it then yes you two can stay and eat." He said, sighing miserably. "This was supposed to be a quiet romantic evening, thank you two for ruining it."

[Zack pouted. "We're sorry seph! We don't have this little chocobo to help us though! We're two college students in a way! Please don't kill us."]

The General's reaction to being interupted made Cloud blush again. It was very sweet of him to be angry with the others and wanting to have the blonde all to himself. Deciding that the best way to get rid of the men was to feed them the newely promoted SOLDIER excused himself from the table and began to cook more stirfry.
"Zackery Sir, if I cook you dinner will you and Reno take it back to your own room and eat it there?" He was trying not to be rude but Cloud really did want to be alone with Sephy.

[The redhead looked to his lover for an answer, he was more than a little afraid the General would change his mind and run them through for interupting. The fact that the food was delisious was the only reason he had not left already and the thought of having more made his stomach growl loudly. Not only was Cloud cute as a button and a kick ass fighter but the boy could cook, Sehpiroth had hit the jackpot with this one. It amazed the turk how quickly the blonde seemed to change the coldest, cruelest man he had ever incounted.]

Sephiroth sighed and leaned against the refrigerator with his arms crossed. "I ought to suspend the two of you for harassment."

[Zack noded. "Sure chocobo head. I know you and Sephy want to have your sex-time and so do we. Like I said we were originally going to have Seph cook cause he can make some damn good food, but you're a pretty damn good cook too."]

The complements on his cooking made Cloud blush and the mention of sex time made his heart skip a beat. Even though he had only ever done it twice and that very morning he was still a virgin the blonde liked the idea of being with Sephiroth again.
"Maybe I should try and teach you how to cook Zackary Sir?"

["You could try blondie but I don't know how successful you would be. I am more of a lover and a fighter than a cook, I tried to boil an egg once and ended up with a blackened saucepan base and a very burnt crispy thing with a cracked shell in the bottom of it." Reno grinned remembering his disasterous effort.]

Sephiroth agreed right away with Cloud. "That way you two won't bother us because even as the SOLDIER and Turk you are you couldn't survive by basic cooking."

[Zack huffed. "Damn seph, be nice. Yes chocobo head, please, teach us your great powers!"]

Giggling at the story of Reno's boiled egg Cloud shook his head.
"So you two would starve if you had to rely on yourselves for food? That or probably die of food poisoning by the sounds of it." He started to explain what he was using and how he was cutting it up to lightly fry it after the meat was cooked.
"Zackary Sir, can you please help me steam the rice?" Cloud was more than happy to teach the others how to cook, the more alone time he got with Sephy the better.

[Reno watched the blonde, he was impressed by the smell and started picking at the food before it was ready only to get his hand slapped away by Cloud.
"I can't help it, it smells so good and I am starving." The redhead pouted.

Sephiroth just stood and watched the trio thinking of them as this weird little friend group. He missed having Cloud to himself and actually pouted when he realized they were hogging his blonde lover.

[Zack smiled. "Okayyyyy...umm how?"]

Smiling, Cloud took a large saucepan and what looked like another saucepan but it had holes in the botton.
"You put water in this bit and then put the rice in the one with the holes then you put this one on top of that one and put the lid on like this."

[Reno watched as well and suddenly hugged the blonde squeezing him so tight Cloud could hardly breathe.
"Your a genious, I always wondered what that was for. I thought it was for draining the water out of things."

Startled by the sudden embrace the blonde spoke in a somewhat strangled voice.
"It is, you can use it for many things."

Sephiroth twitched. "Reno.. remove yourself.. now." He said darkly.

[Zack blinked. "Uhh Seph calm down.." He payed his attention back to Cloud. "Uh-huh.. then what?"]

"Well that is it for the rice for now. You just let the steam from the boiling water underneath cook it." The blonde went back to the meat and vegies. Explaining how with a little oil he lightly cooked the thin strips of meat then added the chopped vegtables to lightly cook them as well.
"You can use what ever you want. Snowpeas, carrot, brocoli, capsicum, coliflower, beans... anything really."

[Keeping his distance form Cloud and watching the General out of the corner of his eye, Reno moved closer to Zack.
Gaia help anyone who hurts Cloudly. He thought to himself.

Sephiroth carefully surveilanced the actions that were all taking place. He hoped the two were learning something.

[Zack smiled. "Hey Cloud, you should be a teacher home ec or something.." He said, tasting a cooked vegetable. "Seriously, like all of us could use your expertise."]

The blonde frowned at that, he was not sure he wanted to take on such a large project. Things were moving so quickly for him and it was a little embarassing but Cloud wanted to spend more time with Sephiroth.
"Are the rest of the SOLDIERS and turks as bad at cooking as you two?" The thought of these well trained men unable to feed themselves was a little unbelievable.

[Running his hand through his hair Reno let out an embarassed laugh.
"If it was not for the cafateria I would starve."

Sephiroth thought a moment. "All right then, Cloud the days you are not training you will be teaching men to cook." He said, disappointed.

[Zack grinned. "Yay! Cloudy's going to be teachig us!"]

Cloud blushed at the other SOLDIER's excitement.
"I just hope I don't fail as a teacher, I have never done this kind of thing before."

["Are you kidding? You seem to be doing an exceptional job to me." Reno flashed a toothy grin at the blonde that was meant to be encouraging but turned out more mischevious than anything.]

Sephiroth slapped reno upside the head. "If you hit on my lover one more time you will be out of here .. if I don't kill you first."

[Zack huffed. "Seeeephhhh be nice!"]

The General's reaction startled Cloud. Sephy was very protective of him and it was both flattering and scary.

[Rubing his head Reno looked at Zack.
"I was only trying to encourage the kid." He muttered defencivly but was far to afraid to tell Sephy he was not trying to hit on the blonde.

Sephiroth glared. "Watch it." He said, the other shouldn't be arguing with him. "Your tone underlined that maybe you were hinting at wanting to have my lover for supper rather than his teaching skills to create your own. All I am saying is to watch your words."

[Zack hugged his lover. "Babe, he's just being obnoxious. Seph... say you're sorry."]

Sephiroth growled. "Zackary you're about to beg for your life if you ever say that again. And don't you dare ever talk to me like that again." But rather than following through with the threat Sephiroth stormed out of the room, glaring venemously at both Zack and Reno.

[Letting out a bereath he did not even know he had been holding the redhead pulled Zack closer. He had been sure they were both about to meet thier end.]

"I am so sorry... I did not mean to get you both in trouble." Cloud just stood there looking at the doorway Sephy has stormed out of. He had seen the monster that everyone talked of and it scared him slightly but it was not his own life he was in fear of. Nodding to himself he told Zack to take the meal when it was done then went after his lover.

Sephiroth was atop of Shinra. He sighed as he leaned on the rail, looking over what he could see of the large city. "Mn.. litle brats." He said, referring to Zack an the redhead. He didn't like the redhead, and his cocky attitude was going to be his end one day. He would make that known... but then if he did his lover would never forgive him. He thought against the idea. Cloiud had changed much about him. He didn't want to make him unhappy.

[Zack smiled a little. "Don't worry Cloud. Seph is.. very touchy." He kissed his redhead on the lips. "Reno, Seph wont kill us." He said in knowing.]

Leaving the others to themselves Cloud went to find Sephiroth. He asked anyone he found in the halls if they had seen the General and one of them said Sephiroth liked the view form the roof. As he opened the door at the top of the staris the blonde saw his lover lookin out over ShinRa.
"Sephy?" He called out, not knowing if the other wanted to be desturbed or not.

[Reno kissed Zack then disapeared back to thier room to get plates and things for the dinner and set the table for the both of them. The redhead then returned to the General's room hopeing Zack had finished the cooking. He wanted to get back to the privacy of thier own quaters and enjoy an candlelit dinner with his fiance.]

Sephiroth had heard the other come up. He turned and looked at him. "Yes?" He asked, sighing miserably.

[By the time Reno returned Zack had finished. And when he did he washed the dishes that were used before smiling. "Okay babe! Ready?"]

"I missed you... and I wanted to make sure you were alright." As soon as the General had left Cloud felt as if there was a big hole inside him. "Turns out I feel incomplete without you." The blonde blushed deeply and walked over to the rail to look at the view. "This is where you touched me for the first time." Again Cloud blushed but smiled and looked up into Sephy's mako eyes.

["Yep. The table is set all I have to do is light the candles." The redhead gave Zack a big toothy grin and kissed his cheek. He did not want to think about the General just then, Reno was convinced he would be dead now if it were not for Cloud.]

Sephiroth thought of that time and he smiled. "So it is." He said, tracing Cloud's cheek. "You've changed me, Cloud."

[Zack grinned. "Awe you are sooo romantic."]

That caused Cloud to blush again.
"Hopefully not for the worse...?" The blonde frowed then suddenly kissed the General softly on the lips. "You have changed me too... I want to please you becuase when you are happy I am happy and... I have already exceeded my own expectations and it is all because of you."

["Awe, it is easly to be romantic when I have you as my muse." Reno groped Zack's ass and winked at him in his usual cheeky way.]

Sephiroth gave a soft smile to the blonde before kissing him. "It's a good thing for your sake that I changed for you...however, I will kill that redhead on day." Suddenly they were interrupted by a rather loud siren. Sephiroth felt his eyes widen. Who could be attacking them? He looked into the city, he saw nothing unusual. He thought a moment. "Cloud, come, we need to get back to my rooms, quickly." He grabbed the cadet's hand and lead him at full speed to his room where he grabbed his sword. "Suit up Cloud."

[Zack was about to take a bite when this alarm so obnoxiously went off in his ears. "What the fuck.." He took a second before it registered. "Oh shit.." He grabbed his sword and kissed Reno. "Come on babe, we need to find Seph and report."]

The whole commotion was centered around in the science department, one of Hojo's experiments had escaped out. It was large, strong, and mutated. The innercom was speaking instructions to them all "All shinra personel in the SOLDIER and Turk programs need to report to your commanding officer, be on guard and weaponed. I epeat, all SOLDIER and Turk prgrams must be armed and ready and then report to their commanders.".

Nodding the blonde did as he was told. He was more than a little nerves but was determined to prove himself in battle to Sephiroth. Cloud followed the General, reminding himself not to touch of kiss his lover but instead treat him as his commanding officer.

[Grumbling about his empty stomach the readhead readied himself, pouting the entire time. He blew the candles out and put saucepan lids over the food then sighed again and swore to gut whomever or whatever was responcible for the interuption to his evening. As he did so the turk cringed.
"Fuck, I bet the General feels the same about me."

The grotesque creature made its way along the halls of Shinra. Tearing at people, ripping most to shreds should they come in its path. It was unstoppable, it hated these people, these men who experimented on it. It was going to kill everything.

Sephiroth waited for the small portion of troops, seeing the commander of the turks there as well, Tseng. "Tseng, where's it's location?"

Tseng saluted Sephiroth before sighing. "East, just broke out of the science labs, it's destroying everything. I have sent three of mine to find Hojo and make sure he is all right. I need you and all first class to go to it."

Sephiroth nodded. A sick gleam slipped into his eyes. The blood loving killer in him was quite ready for it. He drew Massamune as Zackary arrived with Reno.

["SOLDIER first class, Zackary Fair, reporting." Zack said, saluting. ]

Sephiroth nodded. "You come with me, Strife, you follow behind me and do everything I tell you to. Sinclair, see your commanding officer." And with that Sephiroth led both Zack and Cloud to the loud sounds of walls being broken.

[Zack drew his buster sword. "Are you nervous?" He asked Cloud, paling as he heard the sound of someone screaming and what sounded like a few limbs being torn off sickeningly.]

Tseng thought a moment. "Flank the general, be sure he and Fair and Strife have everything they need. Bring potions and anything else they might need." The reason Tseng did this was because he knew Reno wanted to be with his lover probably, and that was his way of letting him.

Blue eyes widening in fear, Cloud swallowed hard and nodded. He could not speak just then afraid that if any sound came out it would be a cry of fear. Whatever it was the sounds got louder and the blonde could not believe he was actually going towards the experement gone wrong. Telling himself that Sephy would not let anything bad happen to him, Cloud held his sword ready and was pleased to see his hands were not shakeing.

[Reno did not need to be told twice he nodded and gathered the things his lover and the others might need and hurried off to follow them. Being with the General was probably the safest place to be because the redhead doublted the abomination would get past Seph and massamue, and he could watch Zack's back.]

Sephiroth caught sight of it at last as they followed a trail of debris. It was a large thing, grotesquely imaged in his mind. Skin looked as thogh it had been eaten away, its eyes looked as though they were acid. It's whole build was gangly and yet the creature was huge. Long claws adorned its hands. He was sure it had to of been human at one point as he noticed the skeletal structure.It's mouth as well was highly deformed, stretched and widened rows of sharp teeth glistened at them, glinting from the lights. "Cloud, stay." He ordered, motioning Zack to move at the monster.

[Zack charged at it, using his favorite octaslash. When he hit it the attack seemed to not do too much, but it did a little damage, making a rather deep cut in several places, what bothered him is that it didn't seem to slow the monster down. Instead the beast rounded on him, slashing wildly, making Zack really put his soldier skills to the test.]

Watching the thing slashing at his friend, Cloud growled and tightened his grip on his sword. He was not going to let the creature kill his friend.
"Sir?" He called looking at his lover. He wanted to do something, he needed to do something. If he could attack it from behind while it's attention was on Zackary then mabe he would have time to do some more damage before it turned on him, then Zack could do the same thing while he drew it's attention. It might not have been the fanciest or quickest plan but wearing it down little by little was better than letting it kill them.

[Reno knew exactly how Cloud felt, he did not like seeing his fiance in danger and feeling helpless was not something he was used to.
"Tell me what you need General?" The turk was ready to back Sephy what ever his plan was.

Sephiroth was unchanging as Zack got a pretty good couple of blows to the chest from the creature. "Both of you, stand there until I say otherwise." He said, daring either of them to defy him.

[Zack had sustained a lot of damage from the monster but after a quick heal spell he wa sback in business and slashing away. He had it almost beat but the monster mimicked Zak after stealing a stray potion. ]

Sephiroth stepped in this time, going into a frenzy to kill the thing, iritated that a few of his slices were blocked. "Fair, guard the other two." He said calml, not letting his irritation show or get the better of him.

Cloud watched the General. It was like watching a ballet, Sephy's movements were fluid and fast. Each blow hitting it's target with lightening speed and force. The blonde had to admit seeing his lover at work as getting him a little horney. The creature's blood sprayed up the walls and splashed onto the floor as it swung it's arms, lashing out with those deadly claws. Cloud felt his heart pounding in his chest, the blonde felt more alive than he ever had. There was something in him that stirred, a violent primitave side that wanted to get in on the fun. That was when he realized he was no longer afraid of the grotesque thing before him and he wanted Sephy's strong arms rapped around him. It seemed strange that they could be so gentle and yet so dangerous.

[Reno swallowed hard and stood beside Zack ready to produce anything the General might request.
"You scared the fuck out of me when it got your chest." He muttered and winked at his lover.

Sephiroth grinned as he pinned the monster down, sword at it's chest. "Cloud, come, finish it." He said, beckoning his lover to get in on the battle. He recognized the look in his eyes, it was one he was very familiar with.

Zack grinned. "Yeah babe I know, But look man, I am all that!"

Without so much as a second thought the blonde walked over to the creature and tilted his head to the side as he figured where it's heart would be. Gripping the hilt with his left hand, Cloud used the palm of his right hand on the but of the sword and his weight to push the blade through the monster's chest. He impaled the heart and watched as the life faded form the already dead looking eyes. One last death rattle and some asperated blood and the experament was no more.

["Yeh you are sexy." There was pride shining in the turk's eyes as he drank in the sight of his bloodied lover. "Your all that and a hell of a lot more."]

Just then three turks appeared with Hojo. The scientist was shuffeling along behind them and on seeing his latest project dead he cursed under his breath.
"Shame, it's strength was greatly improved. I could have made more use of it alive now I have to start again from scratch." The scientist shook his head as he inspected the courpse.
"Tell me Sephiroth, what was it like to fight and what was it's weakness?" Hojo was very matter of fact and still looked annoyed that his toy was broken.

Sephiroth smiled. "It's weakness is that it can't defeat me. You should keep a better eye on your toys."

Zack grinned. "Yeah babe? Well let's get back and you can show me how sexy I am."]

The scientist then looked at Cloud, studieing him for a moment then he returned his attention to Sephiroth.
"I want a report on the battle, did it show any signs of inteligence? Speed, strength, how it moved, did it learn any moves... the usual stuff. I would also like an update on this other situation." For the briefist of moments the scientist smiled. He was happy to see Sephiroth with Cloud, it seemed the boy was teaching his faveourite toy things he could not. Sephy was approaching perfection and that excited Hojo greatly.
"Take it back to the lab so I can autopsy it." He motioned to the turks that were with him then turned and shuffled off down the hall with his hands clasped behind his back.

Somehow the blonde could not get past the fact that people had died and Hojo was more concerned about how well the monster faught. He was also courious as to the relationship between the scientist and his lover. The General seemed to want to tell Hojo about every new feeling he was having but they did not seem like close friends. Shrugging, Cloud pulled his sword out of the creature and stepped away from it.

[Reno grinned and took hold of Zack's hand practically running back to thier rooms.]

Sephiroth thought a moment. "Well... I suppose I have a report to write then." He sighed and kissed Cloud in front of their small audience. "You did well." He whispered. "I need to talk with Hojo about this, I will be back as soon as I can, in the mean time you go relax and shower." He said, smiling at him.

[Zack grinned at Reno. "I was soo in the zone! That damn thing was sooo strong!!"]

Kissing Sephy back the blonde nodded and left. He wanted to distance himself from Hojo anyway, the scientist seem such a cold imhuman person. It was amusing that many had said the same about Sephiroth yet he knew the General could be very sweet and tender at times. Perhaps with the right person Hojo could be kind as well?

[Smiling proudly at his lover the redhead opened their door.
"But you were amazing, I was really worried when it got you across the chest but you were awesome sexy. Really, really awesome and so fucking good looking."

Heading back to his lab the scientist stopped muttering and looked at the General.
"So how are things going with your new recruit? You must have some confidence in his abilities if you bought him with you, either that or you were courious how he would react. Which is it?" The answer would tell the scientist a lot about Sephy and whatever feelings he might have for the cute blonde. It was a matter of great interest for Hojo, he wanted to know if the development of feelins of affection and love helped or hindered his most sucessful experment.

Sephiroth smiled. "My new recruit is very talented, he is all ready been promoted to second class. I feel in him what there is in me which is why I let him out on the field wih such a strong beast. I have found in cloud what seems so far to be the perfect companion."

[Zack grinned. "Well let's eat this fuckign awesome food and then we can jump in the shower, don't really want to get it on when I am covered in blood."]

Hojo did not even look at the General he just continued to shuffle in his slightly hunched manner with his hands clasped behind his back.
"That is interesting and I believe this is a good thing. How are you going with the new feelings this boy evokes in you? Many find affection, love and careing a weakness while others believe they make them stronger..." Suddenly the scientist looked up and smiled brightly. "So how did my experament do, was it stronger and faster than a man? Did it retain some intelegance or has the process reduced it to basice rage and instinct? I need to find a way to allow the mind to remain partially intact so the creatures can be reasoned with and will follow orders." Sephiroth was still his proudest accomplishment, not only was he stronger and faster than most SOLDIERS he had a sharp mind. It displeased him that he was not able to repeat the process that yealded the General but he was making do with whoever he could get his hands on for his experiments. The problem was human DNA seemed to reject the Jenovah cells and mutate the subject in unstable and unpredictable ways.

["Wait! We can't eat just yet, here some mood lighting." Reno grinned as his stomach growled and relit the candles, Zack may be covered in blood but the turk did not care just then. He was way too hungry and happy to have the SOLDIER in one piece.]

Sephiroth nodded. "It had little intelligence, it knew something of strategy. Other than that, no it wouldn't have taken orders. Cloud's effect on my is positive, he makes me strive harder to please him, I like it. Your monster almost took out my top first class...that angered me."

[Zack smiled. "Awe baby, you're so fucking sweet. So uhhh which day shoudl the wedding day be?"]

"Yes, yes. I will have to work on making them more controlable but it is difficult. I will need more test subjects and perhaps if I use less cels and restrict the devision...." Hojo continued to mutter to himself but wandered back to his computer forgetting Sephiroth was there. He obviously thought of something he had not tried before and was following it up.

[Shrugging Reno looked at his lover.
"I don't know, the sooner the better I say. I'll buy you a ring and next day off whe can get hitched hugh? Cant wait untill your Mrs Reno Sinclair." He winked at Zack waiting for the backlash. In all honesty the redhead would happily take Zack's name but he could not help being an ass about it for apearence sake. How would it look it he just gave in without a fight?

Flopping down on the couch Cloud sighed, fidgeted a little then decided to go and have a shower. He felt so lost without the General.

Sephiroth was annoyed by the doctor. "Am I dismissed?" He asked, taping his foot impatiently.

[Zack snorted. "Hun my last name is Fair. It sounds wayyy close to yours so.. get over it. Reno Fair.. not too bad sounding. " He said, grinning. ]

Hojo had forgotten about the General and was a little startled by Sephy's voice.
"Hugh? Oh yes, yes, your dismissed." He just waved his hand and continued to look at the computer screen. His work was all that mattered to the scientist.

[First the redhead pouted, pretending to be upset because Zack wanted him to take his name not the other way round but it did not last long. Reno Fair sounded wonderful and he could not help smiling at the sound of it.
"Ok, Reno Fair it is but only because I love you so much you sexy beast of a man." Kissing the SOLDIER, the redhead moaned softly.

Sephiroth growled and made his way back to his room, smiling. "Did you miss me?" He asked his blonde lover, kissing him fondly on the lips.

[Zack returned the kiss, blushing at the other's small moan, he tried to desperately not be turned on by it.]

Cloud had been paceing around the living room having showered and dressed. He nodded at the General.
"Yes, I missed you badly." Blushing the blonde gave a little laugh. "These rooms are so empty without you Sephy." It still amazed Cloud how much he had come to enjoy and Sephiroth's presence. He had missed everything about the other man, his smell the sound of his breathing and of course looking at him.

[Sliping his arms around Zackary's waist Reno smiled at him.
"So lover, what kind of ring do you want? They have gold, rose gold, white gold or a band with a gemstone, onix maybe?" The redhead did not really care that much but he was trying not to beg Zack for sex again. For reasons he could not quite understand he felt he could never get close enough to the SOLDIER lately.

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