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Do you like Orcs, or ARE YOU an Orc?
Then help me to write the Legends of the Orcs ("Tynar")
and serve in the Orc-Army , called Wackrömm!
Have you got pictures of an orc, or pictures of yourself (if you are an orc) 
If you are able to draw some orcs or weapons...DRAW THEM!!!


- The Legend of the Orcs


- The Army

Orcs 300

- The Battle (RPG)


- Show us your Orc-Art

Orctown Banners

- Put them in your house!

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2007-09-12 [Kitakaze]: Donau is the name of the river. The whole word in english: Donausteamboatnavigationscaptainswidowsinsurancepolicy 
It's ONE word in german and 5-7 in english :P

2007-09-14 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Ah, got it. Me Grimlock understand! *tries to shove a square through a circle*

2007-09-30 [Wulf Skjaldr]: I should visit more often xD

2007-10-02 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Yes, you should *eyes you over, licks lips* You know, 'ave I ever introduced you to the fire pit? XD

2007-10-02 [Wulf Skjaldr]: *hefts his axe* No, have I ever introduced you to my friend Axe? :D

2007-10-04 [Kitakaze]: No cannibalsim my friends! There are enough elves to eat <img:stuff/hall_gif.gif>

2007-10-05 [Wulf Skjaldr]: *roars* Elves???

2007-10-05 [Kitakaze]: Elftown is full of elves!!!

2007-10-05 [Sauron]: Of course! *snaps finger* So that's why its called ELFtown! *snaps someone else's finger* How could we miss it? :O

2007-10-05 [Wulf Skjaldr]: But we are in Orctown, we need to go on a raid... for... groceries. XD

2007-10-09 [EmeraldGrizzly]: *pets axe* yes we're aquainted *whispers to axe *tonight again... oh don't worry i'll bring protec-Oh, hi *grabs hammer, runs after some squealing elves*

2010-08-30 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Wow I was that last person to comment here so long ago... were are all my Orc brothers?

2010-08-30 [Sauron]: I think we are the last survivers..I think the rest are dead! all dead and fallen to dust!

2010-09-09 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Then Sauron... we shall rebuild, reforge, rearm... reobliviate!

2010-09-23 [Kitakaze]: I'm not dead...but the state is almost the same...i've got a full-time time

2010-11-15 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I've got 2 part-times and I live in a place where I can only get on the net about for 2 hours four times a month... yep!

2010-11-20 [Sauron]: Orcs that WORK for money rather than pillage, loot and destroy...we suck :P

2010-11-24 [EmeraldGrizzly]: *sighs* Yeah, we suck big time.

2011-12-26 [Wulf Skjaldr]: *yawns* I have had a nap.

2014-07-16 [Stephen]: This wikipage has been removed from the Featured Wiki - Wiki Nominations page due to being rather inactive.

If this was done in error, please feel free to leave a comment on the Wiki nominations informing us of our error.

Thanks for your understanding!

- The Featured Wiki Bosses

2014-07-21 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Nope, not many of us are here

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