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Drumming his fingers on his desk, Wesker frowned at the report in front of him then looked at the man sitting on the other side of his desk.
"Those fools have consistantly failed to make my requests reality, I am counting on you to get me the desired results Adriani." The information was what made him angry, not the scientist in front of him.

"What were they supposed to do?" Adriani asked curiously, eyeing Wesker's drumming fingers. He wasn't surprised that the other scientists failed; they didn't have the same drive and passion he did. He didn't become bothered by the fact that most of the test subjects were live human beings,infact that only made him want to experiment and study them more. And knowin they had displeased his boss displeased him.

"All I wanted was an obedient creature with accelerated strength, healing and minimal mutation." Wesker said flinging the folder down so his slid across the table and Adriani could look at it.
"Most did not survive the change and those that did had no intelligence, one even exploded the first injery it received and none of them could have passed as human." Albert wanted a less contagious strain that could be used in uninfected areas and Umbrella facilities as security. Obedient and retalivly safe.

"So you want a bunch of soldiers, basically." Adriani replied, wondering how to properly mutate the strain. He looked to Albert. "May I have a sample of Uroboros to play with?" He asked, knowing that if he could somehow cross the properties in that which made Albert strong, but non-mutated, with those of the t-virus, then he could easily do what he asked. "I think I know of a way I can do what you're wanting." He said, craving to get to his lab and prove himself worthy.

Smiling Wesker leaned forward a little.
"I was hoping you would offer to help me out.... but they have to be loyal and easily controlled, at least by myself and the other board members." Albert loved that sparkle in the other's eyes, the excitment. "How much Uroboros do you need?" He added.

"I will need one vial. There are thirty seven aspects of the strain that need be tested. And I'll need all live patients. Also, a whole bunch of bullets." Adriani replied, already marking down in his notes what he needed to work with. "And then, I'll just need a clean up crew on standby after each one. I can have this ready for you by midnight if I work diligently." He was glad the other was willing to let him work. "I'll also need 127b serum of the t-virus to counteract the violence in Uroboros..." He smiled at the other, and couldn't wait to please him with his results.

"Done." Albert said in his usual stern voice. "I don't need to remind you to be careful with Uroboros do I?" There was a slight tightening of skin around Wesker's eyes as he spoke, letting Adriani he was reallying him to be careful and not to get ingered. It was hard for the older man to show affection so instead he pushed his dark glasses up on the bridge of his nose. Standing up he went to the wall safe and keyed in the code then lifted his glasses up so his retenas could be scanned. Carefully he removed a vial or Uroboros, he felt his own virus swell as if it knew it was near itself. He haded the vial to Adriani then retrieved two boxes of bullet before he shut the safe again.
"I might drop in on you later to check your progress." Again this was Albert's way of saying I don't think I can wait until midnight to see you again.

Adriani took the things he was handed and smiled. "Of course. And don't worry, I'll be careful." He winked at him as though he understood when he didn't understand in the least bit. He feltthe other simply wanted to check progress. But that was fine, because Mr. Wesker made his heart pound appropriately. "Perhaps when you visit I will have my lunch break." He said, easily flirting with the other as he often did though he had a good idea it probably didn't even seem like flirting to Albert. "Which room shall I take?"

"82" Wesker said not bother to elaberate. Adriani always set him off blance, he had strong feeling for the other, feelings he had never had for any man, or woman for that matter. His stoic manner seemed to get in the way though and he never got the oppertunity to see if the other would be receptive to his advances. Adriani was the best scientist he had, the man was an artist, a master with virus strands. This only added to the attraction and Albert frowned slightly because he had a lot of work to do and he needed to concentrate on that and not wonder what the scientist looked like naked.

Adriani smiled at him. "See you in a few hours then." He was reluctant to walk away, every time he did, something always felt undone. He smiled wider and waved, finally working ability to moveaway. He made his way to the said room and waited for his live tests to arrive and while he did that he set up his equipment and loaded his weapon, and he was just in time. The patients were lined up on the wall, waiting to be tested and he had a guard keep eye on them in case they tried to escape. And then he began disecting the virus and sticking it together, making very nifty little combinations that he considered for further testing due to what mutations they would make. He was having too much fun.

Left alone in his office Wesker grunted in annoyance as he sat back down and looked at the pile of folders in his IN box. He hated paperwork but he hated not knowing everything that was happening more so he took the folder on top and began to read through it. After about an hour Uroboros began to get restless so Albert decided to go for a walk and check on Adriani's progress. If he was lucky he might even get to shoot a failed experiment or two. He stopped at the viewing widow to watch the scientist for a while and noticed the other man was smiling. Adriani looked very handsome when he smiled and that thought served to further frustrate Wesker though you would never have guessed by looking at him, he was his usual stoic self. Swiping his card to unlock the door Albert stepped into the test room.
"Any success?" He asked in his rich deep voice.

Adriani smiled as he looked at him. "Back so soon? I'd think you didn't want to be away. You must be hard pressed for those soldiers, and not just yet. We've got several variations still to test, I'm getting closer and closer to unlocking the key and this one actually mihgt do the trick." He said, scribbling down notes. "Want to see?" He hadtostep close to the other to get around to the experiment onthe table he wasworking on,placing his hands on Albert's hips as he passed by to sort of let him know where he was so he didn't take a step back while he was to walk, but before he passed he blinked and put his hands back on his hips. "Damn,you're very well built,you know.." was all he said, wanting to feel more of his superior but quickly pulled his hands away to not get into trouble and went to the experiment.

He injected the unsuspecting soldier and waited and it cried out, but the cry wasn't that of a monster, it was a normal human cry of pain and Adriani began to feel incredibly proud of himself just at that. "Advancement one, still has a human voice..." He said, prodding it in the side with a sharp stick. When it gave no reaction he grinned more. "Doesn't feel pain." He looked and the only thing that had mustated were that the eyes were brighter. "All right there, soldier, speak!"

"What the fuck do you want me to say? I feel like I'm on fire!" The soldier shouted at Adriani.

"AHA! IT SPEAKS!" Adriani said gleefully. "But do you take orders?" He became serious again at the sudden. "Who is your superior class at Umbrella?"

"My captain, Mr. Wesker, Birkin, Krauser.. the leading commanding forces..."

"And what am I?"

"A stupid ass scientit!"

"Would you take orders from me?"

"Not unless I was told from my uppers to take orders from you."

"Very good! Success!" Adriani grinned and handed a vial of the strain to Albert. "The properties of hte ports in the t-virus counteract those in Uorboros, this one's obviously got great strength, because it broke the restraints holding it down to the streatcher, soooo I'm considering this your dose of what you wanted?" He asked hopefuly.

Destracted by Adriani's hands on his hips Wesker blinked when the scientist finished talking.
"What?.. Er yes, this one does seem to be a success and much sooner then I expected." His voice was firm and commanding as it always was but Albert was far from composed inside. His hips tingled where the other had touched him and his pants were a little to tight as blood rushed to his manhood.
"Soldier, shoot yourself in the temple." Wesker suddenly ordered just to see if the man would obey, he demanded absolute obedience and had no time for those who could not give it. Handing the man his gun, which was unloaded in case the man decided to use it on him or Adriani he pressed his lips together and waited to see what would happen.

Adriani smiled as the soldier frowned but held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, the person evenseemed relieved as the gun gave a 'click' as it was unloaded. "See? They listen to you." He said, proud of himself and proud of the solider for following that order,knowing that gun could certainly hve been loaded. "Let me try." He handed the other a knife. "Stab yourself in the leg!"

The soldier only staredat him and shook his head. "You're not my superior."

Adriani grinned. "See? I did good." He jotted down plenty of notes on their subject and hoped Albert was pleased.

Wesker was very pleased but the only sign he showed outwardly was a curt nod. Studying the scientist, he let his mind wander to the first time he had met Adriani. Even back then the brilliant young man had captivated him.
"How soon do you think we can have an army of 10,000?" It would take at least that many to fill the ranks of all the hives, farms and outposts security.

"As soon as your lab techs can recreate the virus flawlessly.... it'snot that hard.. well to me it's not that hard." Adriani replied,smiling. "So,I believe I mentioned lunch earlier, I had hinted at inviting you to it, so can we go to lunch now? I've been a good evil scientist for the day and I think I deserve it."

Despite himself, Albert laughed at that. Resisting the urge to reach out and gently cup the other man's face in his hand, he headed towards the door.
"Sure." Turning back to the successful experiment he continued.
"Soldure, remain here until you can be processed then collect your things and preset yourself to the head of security for you new posting." Without waiting to see or hear the experiment's reply Wesker swiped his card and stepped through to door. Alert expected obedience and Adriani had made that expectation a reality. He smiled slightly as he held the door open for the scientist.

"I'm wanting some pasta." Adriani said, wishing he had a giant plate of spaghetti and somebread."So, where do you want to eat? Maybe your office? I hear your actual room office has nice chairs. I've been dying to sit in them ever since Birkin started bragging about how he was allowed and I wasn't" It was a fact, he very much was envious of Birkin for having so many priveledges that he didn't get.

Raising an eyebrow, Wesker made a mental note to rectify that situation. Adriani was his favourite and it actually hurt to know Birkin was tormenting him in such a way.
"We could, or we could eat in my private quaters?" That shocked Albert a little, his quaters were off bounds to everyone, they were his oasis and he guarded them fiercly. An invertation to his room would make Birkin green with envy.

"Are you sure you wouldn't mind me in there?" Adriani was a curious man by nature and things often ended up in his hands that weren't supposed to be and often those things were used in lab experiments. "I tend to take things." He said, frowning at the thought. "Not steal them, I eventually give them back, but the condition of them is sometimes questionable." He smiled. "But,if you don't object, then I don't object."

If anyone else had admitted to taking things Wesker would have been furious but it was Adriani's unusal methods that got the desired results and instead the tall man found himself laughing again.
"I have no objections to you being in my rooms but don't take anything." That came off much harsher then he had intened so he quickly added. "If you find something interesting just ask me." Albert frowned the more he wanted to be gentle the sterner he became as if he subconsiously refused to allow the scientist into his heart.

"Don't worry,I'll ask." Adriani said, smiling at Albert. He secretlyknew the way to Albert's rooms andbegan to lead the way."I'mnot a stalker, I just...know where you live." He insisted, feeling shy and slightly nervous which was a first for him. "But don'tworry I haven't seen the inside of it or anything." He laughed a little and worried that he may have been digging a deep, deep hole he wouldn't be able to get out of in that the other would find him completely weird.

Raising an eyebrow Albert was slightly shocked but that soon gave way to amusment. He knew exactly where Adriani lived as well and he had even tapped into the security feed and would often watch the scientist on his computer monitor. Wesker had security camera's every where but the hidden ones in the living quarters of those that interested him were for his eyes only.
"You do seem to be pretty well informed for someone of your rank." Again his words were much harsher sounding then he intended. He swiped his card, and a key pad appeared which he used to enter a long code, repeated a randem word for voice verification and then leaned into a retenal scan. Wesker was rather parinoid about his private quarters but seeing as he had bugged everyone elses he had good reason to be. As the door opened he ushered the scientist in before him.

"I am, and I take pride in that."He immediately jumped onto Albert's bed andstretched languidly. "Wow,I love this bed.It's very very comfortable." He said,wrapping himself up in the bed coverlet and grinning up at the other. "How do you ever get out of this?" He asked, blushing as he envisioned th eother perhaps naked under the sheets,causing him totighten his grip onthe coverlet.

Not knowing weather to be angry at Adriani and order him off the bed or join him on it, Wesker walked over to his phone and keyed in the code for the kitchen.
"Send my usual to my quarters as well as a pasta..." He turned back to the scientist asking. "So you what salad with that and a drink?" Now Albert was really beginning to get aroused and he wanted nothing more then to punish Adriani for being so casual in his presence. Of course punishment meant he would fuck the Scientists brains out and mark him so he knew exactly who his master was. This made his cock swell again and Wesker became impatient as he often did when he was fighting the urge to do something.

"Yeah, that would be reallly delicious actually." He snuggled into Albert's pillow and inhaled."Oh my god, your bed smells really, really good." He smelled the other's cologne and leather and fabric. He closed his eyes in savoring. "Do you smell like this? I bet you do." He laughed."Sorry that was a really, really weird thing to say." He sat up, hugging the largest pillow on the bed to his chest. "So, what are we doing after lunch?"

That was too much for Wesker, seeing the scientist on his bed hugging his pillow unwraveled the last of his self control. In a split second he was on the bed and ripped the pillow from Adriani's arms before he pushed the other man roughly onto his back and kissed him hard. Albert moaned as he slid his tongue inside the other man's mouth and pilled Adriani's wrists above his head.

Adriani moaned interestedly as the other kissed him, his heart beat fast as his mind finally caught up to their kiss as he kissedhim back with a groan of delight. He wrapped his arms arond the other's neck. "Well, if I had known that being in your room got mekissed,I'd of broken in long ago." He said, much liking the other atop of him. He leant up as far as he could from being pressed down and kissed him again of his own initiation.

It was not until the other kissed him back that Wesker realized the implications of what he had done. If the scientist had not been willing things could have turned ugly, but he didn't and Albert intended to make the most of that.
"Less talking more kissing." He purred with a slight smile before he lowered himself onto Adriani's chest. Albert's hand wandered over his subordenate, pulling at the other man's shirt so he could touch bare skin as he continued his passionate kisses. It felt so good, and Adriani's taste and scent added to the dizziness and pleasure. Wesker could have kissed the other man for hours.

Moaning quietly in enjoyment, Adriani returned eachof Albert's kisses,running his hands along his backand up to his shoulders to push that coat off of them. He'd never seen this man without his coat and he wasmore than curious to see what he looked like without that and a few other bits of clothing. He was very pleased with that coat off and looked up, wishing to see his lover's eyes. He frowned that he hadon his glasses. Though they were damn sexy on him, he didn't think they belonged at the moment an he reached up to remove them.

Albert pulled back a little, he was not sure if he was ready to let the scientist see his red tinged eyes just yet.
"Adriani..." He muttered but did not stop the other man. Wesker wanted more, he wanted to claim the other as his but that required a certin amount of trust. "Are you sure you want this?" He asked talking about the fact Adriani would see his true nature.

Adriani smiled softly as he looked at the other's eyes, lightly letting his hands trace over his face. "If I didn't, I don't think I would have been so presistent to go to your rooms with you." He spoke gently, wondering why the other had a problem with this suddenly, he attacked him after all. "Your eyes are quite lovely. Uroboros strain 11 right? It suits you." He said further, wondering if their almost passionately intimate moment would have to wait while they cuddled and had lunch and grew more as a relationship. "But, of course, if you want to wait before we get too involved, it would be completely fine. It's up to you." He said, kissing him soft on the lips.

Hearing Adriani say Uroboros 11 suited him was all the encouragement Wesker needed. He had paniced for a moment, afraid the others would consider him a monster but now that fear had subsided, passion once again took over. With a lustful grin, Albert began to kiss the scientist again, each once filled with need and heat. Wesker wanted to go further, and he tore Adriani's shirt form him not caring that he would ruin the garment.
"From the moment I met you, I have wanted to make you mine..." Albert purred and began to kiss his way down the other man's jaw and neck, then onto his bare chest.

Adriani was about to protest his shirt being torn but his words died away into a fiery blush as the other began to kiss along his jaw and neck. "Well, we have more in common than I thought. I've wanted the same." He whispered, unable to speak without his voice shaking as he knew it would. He let his hands trail up the other's back, grasping it as he felt those kisses,finding it was as though Albert was the only thing he felt safe clinging to.

The other's words made Wesker laugh, a rich, rumbling sound. Instead of answering with words Albert, replied by sticking out his tongue and darting it back and forward across one of Adriani's nipples. He loved the way it grew hard then gently squeezed it between his teeth. Wesker had passed the point of no return, he would make the scientist his and his alone. With a delighted groan, Albert began to undo Adriani's pants.

Adriani helped in the rmeoving of his lower clothing. And then he began to strip albert, siting up even to accomplish this,letting his hands grip and tug at his lover's clothing in theproper ways to finally remove it, which he did with little trouble, blushing as he realized he'd acted like a ravenous beast. "Sorry, love, I've been obsessed with getting you out of these sexy clothes...."

Another velvety laugh rang out as Albert pushed the scientist back down on the bed and leaned forward to catch the other's mouth in a passionate kiss. When he finally came up for air, Wesker muttered.
"You are simply exquisit." He let his hands run over Adriani's toned chest and stomach right down to his hips. Gripping the other tightly he pulled the scientist towards him a little and lowered himself onto Adriani so their lengths pressed against each other and slowly began to move. The friction made Wesker groan and he returned to kissing the scientist.

Adriani kissed him back and shivered at the feeling of being pressed together to the one he desired and admired most. He grabbed onto his buttocks teasingly and gave a firm squeeze, letting out a small groan of delight at the feeling of the firmness in his hands. "No more teasing, Albert, please?" He asked, actually almost pouting at the other as he asked him.

Raising an eyebrow, Albert pulled back to look at Adriani. It was obvious the other wanted this as much as he did so with an evil chuckle, Wesker slid down the scientist's body and pushing his legs apart he spat on Adriani's opening then gently rubbed it with his finger. Once he was sure the other was lubricated enough he pushed in first one finger then another. Wesker was going much faster then he should have but his patience was fast running out and he groaned loudly as the warm, tight muscles wrapped around his fingers. Growling and moving so he could kiss Adriani, Albert frowned.
"Sorry but I just can't hold back any longer." With that breathy apology he positioned himself and slowly began to press into the scientist.

Adriani groaned and tried his best to accept the other's length inside him. He growled and closed his eyes to savor all of the feelings and to better concentrate before he looked at the other, blushing at the sight he saw of Albert hot for him. It gave him the little pushhe needed to accept the other in completely,nedless to say it was a tight fit. "Albert..don't stay still in there..."

A pleased smirk curled Wesker's lips at his lover's begging and he pulled back only to push in again, hard and deep. Adriani was so tight and warm and Albert shivered and moaned as he moved in and out. Leaning forward he kissed the scientist again and suckled at the other's bottom lip, loving how Adriani felt and tasted.
"Grrrr... mine...!" Albert groaned.

"Yours!" Adriani replied,meeting the other's movements, shivering and crying out as he was taken so harshly in the manner he desired. He returned the biting kiss andmoaned when his lower lip was sucked on andmoaned louder as Albert seemed to know exactly where to thrust and at what angles.

Once he found Adriani's sweet spot, Wesker was merciless and thrust into it over and over again, hard and fast. He had longed for this moment for so long and Albert knew he would not last long but he was determined to make his lover finish first. That was just another way he could dominate the other, to have the scientist completely at his mercy.
"Come for me..." He growled, thrusting even faster. Albert didn't take his eyes off Adriani, he wanted to see his lover's face at the moment of climax, knowing he was the cause of such an amazing thing. Wesker loved power and that mixed with his passion was an intoxicating mix. "Come for me Adriani." He ordered again trying despiratly to hold off his own end.

Adriani finished harshly when he was told to,the push over the edge sending him into a lusted shout, making him cling to Albert. "Albert!" He called out, nails scratching along his back while he met his finish completely,it made him groan with delight to know he was finishing at the command of the one he desired and cherished most, the one he admired and craved continuously.

The combination of hearing his name and the tightening around his length bought Wesker undone. He thrust irraticlly a few more times then came with a loud growl, the pain of Adriani's nails digging into him adding to his extacy. When Albert stopped moving he lowered himself down onto the scientist's chest, remaining inside the other and began to suck hard on Adriani's neck. Pulling back again he smiled at the dark red hicky and gently withdrew so he could lay beside his lover and warp the scientist in his arms.
"Now everyone who sees you will know that you belong to me."

Adriani laughed a little "Neat, now the other scientists will think I was attacked." He snorted at the realization that in a sense he was, not that he was complaining, of course. He snuggled right up to the other."When is our lunch going to get here?" He asked,suddenly hungry after their intense love-making.

Just as Albert smiled there was a knock at the door.
"Enter!" Wesker called out but made no attempt to move. The security system had voice recognition and automaticly unlocked his door. It would relock again at his command too. If the man bringing the food was shocked by the sight of two naked man laying in each other's arms on the bed visable through the open door to the sitting room, then he did not show it. After unloading the food and drinks to the table the man left.
"Lock." Albert called out again.
"We should probably bathe but I fear I will savage you again if we do and you will never get to eat." Laughing, Wesker freed Adriani from his grip and climbed off the bed going to his closet. He pulled out two white robes with the umbrella logo on the chest and handed on to his lover.
"Let's eat." He purred, famished.

Adriani began to eat hungrily, not realizing he'd gained so much of an apetite, but then again,lovemaking tended to do that to him and he'd not eaten all day andnight. "Delicious!" He said happily, not hardly even tasting his food, merely wolfing it down in a somehow delicate manner. "I love food." He grinned and took a sip of his drink. "So, we're a couple now right?"

A spark of jealousy bought out Wesker's possessive nature.
"Yes, you are mine.... and mine alone." He added narrowing his eyes and studying Adriani. The mere thought of another even looking at what was his annoyed Albert. "There is not someone else is there?" That question sounded more like at threat but Wesker did not care in the slightest.

"Who else would there be?" Adriani asked,grinning. "If you own me, I own you too." He said, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "So, what are we doing after our bath again? You keepmaking me forget things, my mind keeps filling up with images of you and it's not letting me have any other thoughts." He did feel a little too warm and he felt slightly ill as well though. He hoped he wasn't coming down with a cold.

Laughing a meanecing laugh, Albert was pleased to hear how he effected the other.
"Well after I have you again, we will finish getting cleaned up then there are a few viral strains I wish to test." The need to reaffirm just how very owned Adriani was, very strong and even if he did not last long he was going to make his lover cry out his name once more. Wesker also loved watching the scientist work, the mane was a genius and Godlike in his manipulation of the virus and DNA strains.

Adriani smiled. "Youintend to have me again? I really should work out more.. eventhough I am flawless in my figure, I am noticing I'm having a hard timekeeping up.. but then again." He eyed Albert as he trailed off his sentence and grinned full force. "I might be able tofind the energy to passionately couple with youagain."

Biting into his almost raw stake, Wesker smiled and nodded. Urorobos gave him inhuman strength and he would have to remind himself that his lover might not have as much stamina as him. Swallowing his mouthful, he addressed the scientist.
"You are indeed flawless, I would expect nothing less from you. You are the most perfect human being I have ever met Adriani." To Albert that was the highest complement he could give anyone who was not like him. "If you are tired I can wait until after the experiments." He added thinking his lover might need a few hours to recover properly.

"I just feel slightly ill." Adriani replied, wondering if perhaps Albert's strainof Uroboros hadn't infected him through his semen. "Albert.. your virus, can't be given to anyone through seual contact,can it?" He asked, worried a little how his boyd might react to it if that were the case as he nibbled away on his food.

Frowning Albert looked at his lover, Adriani was a little pale. This worried Wesker greatly, he had been so driven to possess the other man he had not stopped to think about the possible concequences of their coupling.
"It might have..." He answered, slowly standing up and walking round to stand in front of the scientist, Wesker pressed his hand to the other's forehead. Uroboros was viscious, it killed most of its test subjects and Albert would not soon forget the pain of his own mutation.
"If you are infected you will not die." There was an edge to the Umbrella officer's words, as if they were part order and part begging.

"Well no.. I think your own dna diluted the sampling...." He said, grinning. "Anyhow, I'mnot suffering any of the usual signs that I am having mutation.. well. the minor headache is a dead give away but it's starting to calm down a bit." He said,pulling the other for a kiss. "DOn't worry about me, even if I am infected i am sure I have a countervirus I can whip up somewhere before it destroys me too much."

Still very concerned, Wesker retrieved a silver case and set it on the table so he could open it.
"I am not taking any chances." He stated as he pulled out a needle to draw some blood. "I will have this analized as quickly as possible... you can do it if you feel up to it and I will assist you. I want to know exactly what we are dealing with here." The slight elevation of his heart rate told Albert he was very worried and he frowned at how attached he was to Adriani. It was not something he could help and it confused and frightened him but he would never say that.

Adriani was touched by how sweet the other was with him. "Awe, that's sweet of you." He said, holding out his arm to let the other take a sample. He knew so many men not from Umbrella and even inside their company who would die of fright at Albert taking a sample of their blood. Something always bode negative for the person that was on the receiving end of the needle, but he trusted the other, and was eager to let him be tested.

Skilled at both injections and drawing blood it only took Wesker a moment to tie Adriani's arm, find a vein and draw the blood. He even held a little cotton swab to the other's skin as he pulled the needle back out, putting pressure on the small puncture to stop any bleeding.
"Are you symptoms progressing?" The tall man asked removing the glass vile with the blood from the syringe. Albert looked at his watch then jotted down a few notes in a new black note book. He always had a few news one about in case he started a new project or needed to take more notes.

"No,not really they're staying as they were, slight nausea and a mild headache.." He said, confused if it was Uroboros or if he was simply getting ill. He frowned and looked up at him. "So, what do you see?" He asked, knowing some foreign substances from attacks by experiments would be present in his blood,but Albert would know that.

There was a small centrafuge in the case which Albert set the glass vile into and turned it on, setting it for three minuets.
"It is a little thicker than normal." Wesker answered tapping the end of the pencil on the table as he waited. The wirring noise stopped and he removed the vile then took an eyedropper and placed a single drop of the scientist's blood on a glass slide. Taking a second slide he pressed the blood between them so it spread out and he could look at it under the microscope. Again Albert forwned.
"There seems to be an interesting mix of forigen bodies in your blood and I dare say Urorobos disturbed their balance. That could account for the headache and nausea." Thinking out loud Wesker added. "I wonder why you have not suffered adverse side effects from the virus' or visably mutated?" Wesker believed that he had found something very special in Adriani, something that could even be the key to controling Uroboros with more efficency.
"Take a look at tell me what you think." Moving away from the microscope the tall man replaced his dark glasses and tilted his head to the side as he watched his lover.

Adriani peered into the microscope, finding it humorous that he would do so while naked, it was a first time..though he had looked at viral strains under microscope while in the bath once. But then he'd been covered by bubbles, so technically he couldn't be considered naked. Maybe. He frowned. "Well, I do have a problem with the t-virus. I have it, but my body accepts it willingly, the cells are altered a little now though. They used to be just that, t-cells in the shape of said letter, but, now they have little pointy structures raised up all over them and seem more.. grouped together and not as free-flowing as they should be. But, they also seemed to have bonded and aren't going to harm me. Let me have a sample of your blood to compare?"

Slightly relieved to hear that Uroboros had bonded with Adriani's cells and not attacked them, Wesker nodded and retrived a second syringe from the case.
He handed it to the scientist and presented his arm so Adriani could draw a sample of his blood. Albert could not help smiling in pride at his lover, the man was not only a genius, he was calm and in control despite any concerns he might have for his own safety. That kind of strength and power was very seductive to the Umbrella exicutive.

Adriani took a sample of Albert's blood, doing so with great care and processed and analyed it. "Oh look,we have almost the exact same cells. Mine are only a teeny bit different because our t-virus strains are one number off. Not bad really." He said, smiling at the other. "Well,I suppose now we merely record and examine." He said, kissing the other. "I'mnot worried about it, I am miraculously immune to most things I come into contact with in the lab."

"So it would seem." Albert chuckled slightly as he returned the kiss and pressed his naked body closer to his lover's. Reaching up he gently brushed a strand of hair out of the scientist's eye, a very uncharastic thing for him to do. "You are a wonder Adriani." Wesker added before he wrapped the other in his arms and kissed him again frocefuly.

Adriani kissed Albert back with a small moan."You're such a good kisser." He said when hepulled away a moment for breath before kissing him again. "A damn good kisser." He added, clutching the older man to him, smiling happily even though they were both naked and such with a microscope betweenthem. Definately product of Umbrella they both were.

It took all of Wesker's self control to pull away from Adriani, he had duties to attend to and the sooner he got them over and done with the sooner he could be alone with his lover again.
"I wish we could stay like this forever." He said frowning slightly. "You will need to find a restraint that works for your strain of Uroboros, the one I use should be a good starting point and I have a meeting at..." Albert looked at the clock on the wall and growled at it. "In 20 minuets." As much as he loved Umbrella and mutating viral strains he hated having to leave.
"I will come and check on your progress once I am done." There was a slight twinkle in the tall man's eyes, evident even behind his dark glasses. The very thought of being with Adriani pleased him greatly.

Adriani nodded while he kissed the other. "Sure, but I don't think I'm needin any restraints yet,maybe I'll just take a nap and wait for you. How long will your meeting be?" He asked while pulling his boxers on as he felt a little cold and he was already climbing into the other's bed to sleep until he returned. That was the plan anyhow. He was tired.

Not used to having people ignore his orders, Wesker frowned. His first instinct was to grab his lover by the throat and repeat himself but he fought against that. Clearing his throat and keeping his voice as calm as he could, Albert continued.
"After a nap then but I want you to have a restraint by this afternoon. I would hate to have to terminate you if something went wrong and Uroboros claimed you." Keeping his temper was much harder then the Umbrella exutive thought it would be, his hands clenched and unclenched a few times before he turned his back on the bed and his lover and began to get dressed.

Adriani blushed at the other's rise in anger. "Sure,my love,whatever you say." He said, grinning. He sat up on his kneed and pulled Albert close to him by the belt buckle again and kissed his neck. "Oh how I do wish you didn't have to go just yetthough. I amkind of looking forward to another round with you..." He gave his neck a teasing nibble and wondered how the other would react to it.

Caught a little off guard Wesker just grunted. He wanted nothing more than to stay with his lover but he did have things to attend too and wanting such a thing was new to him. Work had been all consuming for so many years that having something replace it as his priority would take a little getting used too. Turning he caught Adriani in a passionate kiss then broke free of the other's grip.
"I have to go but I will return as quickly as possible... I can not stress how important it is to me that you have complete control of Uroboros and restraints if needed." What he really wanted to say was 'I can not stress how important you are to me and I don't want to loose you.' but that meant admitting things to himself that he was not ready to face just then. Albert buttoned up his shirt then pulled his coat on and fumbled with his tie.

Adriani reached out to help Albert with his tie,tugging him closer after a moment to press a kiss to his lips. "Are you sure I can't make you stay?" He asked hotly, a gleam in his eyes that showed he was very determined to make his lover stay with him and skip that silly meeting.

Wesker laughed at that, he had to fight against himself to leave and it was highly possible that the scientist could make him stay but there was no way he would tell the other that.
"Sorry Adriani, duty calls." Thankfully Albert's voice sounded much firmer then he felt and with a soft moan of regret he pulled himself away again.
"I will return as soon as I can." He promised then headed for the door. Every step Wesker took was a battle of wills and he knew if he looked back he would give in to his desires so he strode with purpose and focused on the upcoming meeting.

Adriani pouted at the other leaving and bit his lower lip to stop hismelf from whimpering. He waited for a few moments in hopes the stoic man would randomly turn around and come back to him. He evensprawled out openly on his bed to be even more enticing in case. He'd give it ten minutes if his lover didn't come back then he would decide to take a nap and after that he'd work on Uroboros, not that he was fully infected with it by any means, but he would please his lover.

Sighing Albert looked up at the clock again. He had spent most of his time counting the seconds he had been away form his beloved and tapped his foot impatiently, silently willing the meeting to come to an end. Each minuet that slipped by was torture but his reasearch was improtant and the promising reports he was hearing would give help him move up through the ranks of Umbrella. The higher up he was the more time he could spend with Adriani and the better he could protect his lover. When it was finally over Wesker nodded at the other board members and told them that he had pressing issues to deal with then left before any of them could pull him aside for a personal chat. Almost running in his haste, Albert returned to his room, his shielded eyes darting from side to side as he searched for the scientist.
"Adriani... are you here?"

Adriani had fallen asleep in his wait for the other to hopefully come back. He woke up at his voice and grinned, stretching like a lazy cat. "There you are, about time my love. I've missed you. Your side of the bed is warm though. Sorry Ihaven't started on Uroboros, my cells are fine, they're not having any reactions and will not until Ihave prolonged exposure to your lovely seed over time." He yawned at his strange words and eyed him.

Wesker entered the bedroom and stood there at the end of the bed staring at his lover for a while before he loosened his tie.
"I take it this means you intend to share my bed often?" There was a slight smirk to his lips as he spoke, and a breath of relief in his words. Adriani obviously returned his feelings and need.
"I would still like assurences that everything is under control with you..." Deciding not to think of the possible outcomes if something did go wrong and his superiors ordered the scientist's termination, Albert took off his coat and neatly placed it over the corner of the large, comfortable chair in the corner. "Now where were we before duty called?" Crawling onto the bed until he was directly above Adriani, Wesker lowered himself until their lips pressed together.

Adriani moaned loudly into their kiss, glad to finaly have Albert there to complete the action with. He growled and switched their position until he was straddling his lover, moved toget hisclothing off. "I'm naked, you need to be naked too and yes the virus isn't taking to my cells, it's just bonding with them. I'll be fine. And I intend to stay in your bed until you kick me out of it."

Taking his glasses off and reaching out to set them on the bedside table, Wekser raised and eyebrow. He was not used to feeling love for another but he was definatly not used to being under another. Taking hold of Adriani's hands he flipped over so he was back on top then began to unbutton his shirt. Tugging on his tie, Albert got what he considered a good idea and used the fabric to secure his lover's hands above his head.
"You are mine Adriani, never forget that. And as fare as kicking you out of my bed goes... well I think you should get comfortable, you will be here quite a while." In his hast to finish undressing, Albert almost ripped the last button clean off then he began to fumble with his belt buckle and pants. It was not easy with only one hand but Wesker needed his other one to keep the scientist in his place beneath him.

Never had Adriani felt so warm. He wanted the other dsperately. "I want to ride you though Albert.."He said with passion, that was his only intent of being atop of the other earlier. "But then again, as long as I get to make myself comfortable, there may be time for that in the future.. and yes, I'm yours. You're mine." He added, wanting to lean up and kiss the other.

Having such a willing lover was intoxicating, Albert chuckled slightly, a deep rumbling sound.
"Oh yes there will be time for lots of things my love." He leaned down to give Adriani another passionate kiss but decided to break it off early and hovered just out of reach, keeping the other pinned to the bed.
"I want to hear you beg." He whispered hotly. "Beg me to fill you with my length and I might just let you up onto my lap." The thought of watching his lover move up and down him, watching Adriani moan and writhe upon him was just too tantalizing.

"Please Albert,please love, let me rideyou, let me feel your length inside me, stretching me, owning me, claiming me.. please.. I want you, I need you, I'll die if I don't have you." He begged wantonly, not ashamed at all as he craved for him. He shivered and made only slight struggle against his hands, trying to free himself so he would be allowed his desire.

Closing his red tinged eyes for a moment, Wesker let those words wash over him. Already he was rock hard and his manhood pulsed at the images in his head. With a smirk he opened his eyes again then suddenly rolled until Adriani sat upon him. Albert also freed the scientis's hands from his grip letting them fall, still tied to his stomach.
"Ride me my love... show me how much you need me." Dizzy with lust and power, Wesker looked up at the other man, his eyes heavy lidded and licked his lips.

Adriani blushed at being called his love. He kissed him hard as he eased himself onto his length, tears almost in his eyes at the feeling, it was painful, yes, but the pleasure was far more overwhelming. He growled and bit his lip lightly. "I love you." He whispered hotly, kissing him hard as he didn't waste time in moving.

All of a sudden it was hard to breathe, warm, tightness squeezing him so hard his entire body shivered. That feeling coupled with those three little words almost broke Albert. All he could so was return the deep kiss and growl softly as each movement sent him into new spasms of pleasure. Reaching up he tucked a strand of the scientist's hair behind his ear so he could see his lover better.
"I love you too Adriani... you are so beautiful." In all his life wesker had never meant those words as much as he did then.

He moved aster along Albert, letting his lover's length sink in completely, groaning and stroking himself. "Oh, Albert, you feel so good.." He whispered hotly, gripping the other's short hair as he tightened about him purposely whilst he moved. He then moved harder and faster, leaning down to bite his nipples, wondering if the other would mind.

Arching his back and tilting his pelvis so he could go deeper inside his lover, Wesker groaned loudly. He tangle one hand in Adriani's hair, keeping the other at his tender, erect nipple while his free hand found its way to the scientist's hip.
"Oh.. Adriani...." He breathed, shivering and beginning to thrust his hips as he tried to pull his lover down harder onto his flesh. Everything felt like it was unwraveling and although he was not completely in control, Albert loved the feeling and craved more of it.

While atop his love, Adriani thought of many more plans for Albert. He was going to barge into meetings intent to interrupt them with kisses and climbing onto his lap and he was going to steal him whenever he could wherever the blond would go just to mollest him a little every chance that was granted to him. He groaned and let his love's strong hands help him in his needy, wanton thrusts. "Albert!" He called his name out over and over again.

The thrust of Wesker's hips became erratic as he moaned and cried out Adriani's name. So very near his end, the blonde had to close his eyes and focus on the burning in his center. Sex had never been like this before, it was not just the physical closeness but something deeper, deeper even than a shared virus. It was as if everything that had been missing his entire life was suddenly filled to overflowing. As much as he hated to admit it, his lover was right, he belonged to Adriani as much if not more then Adriani belonged to him.
"Augh... Adri...." His nails dug into the scientist's hip and his grip on the other's hair tightened as Wesker ordered his lover to finish.
"Together... Adriani! We will finish.... together!"

"Albert!" His last cry was a loud one, and he finished harshly, his body tight and tense while he convulsed atop of his lover's hips, Albert's length still burried deep inside of him while he shivered and came down from his powerful climax. He loved it. The release was lovely.Albert was lovely.

It seemed to take a very long time for Wesker to ride the wave of pleasure finishing gave him. He found himself panting heavily trying to catch his breath when the room finally came back into focus. Pulling Adriani down onto his chest and not caring one bit about the other's spilt seed being smeared between them, Wesker had his lover until he softened fully.
"Adriani..." He muttered contently and placed soft kisses on every part of the other's forehead and hair.

"Oh Albert, when's your next meeting by the way? I have plans to interrupt it and mollest you thouroughly.." Adriani said casually, knowing the other might possibly think he was kidding but would tell him the time out of necessity for communication.

Wesker did indeed think his lover was joining.
"In about an hour from now." He answered looking up at the clock on the wall. "We have time to eat something and perhaps catch about half an hour sleep before I have to go again." Not wanting to get out of the bed or leave Asriani at all, Albert sighed.
"Perhaps I should tie you to the bed before I leave, that way you can not interrupt my meeting and I know you will be waiting for me when I return?" He was only half joking liking the thought of his lover all chained and helpless awaiting his return to the room. Those thoughts made him smile and chuckle a little.

Adriani smiled at his lover. "If that's what you wish to do,but mark me,I'll get out and then I'll embarrass you sexually in front of all of Umbrella.. not like it will matter with you being you, but still.." The thouht was a very appetising plit to Adriani, calming down his angry lover would be fun in his book.

Suddenly fear surged through the blonde. He would be alright, there were not many who would question him about the scientist sitting on his lap during a meeting but the same could not be said for Adriani. The higher ups were ruthless and if they saw a use for his lover they would not hesatate to use it, even if it meant hurting the scientist to ensure Albert's obedience. Suddenly rolling, Wesker pinned the other man to the bed.
"You will do no such thing!" The words came out much harsher then Wesker had intended and he realized that he was pushing down hard on his lover's wrists. Horrorfied that he might have hurt Adrinai, the blonde backed off.
"Ad...Adriani... I am so sorry... I..." He released his grip and moved off the scientist. "We must be careful who we flaunt our relationship in front off."

Adriani was definitely bothered by Albert's swift change in personality. "Are you all right Albert? I know they'd be weird about it, but why can't we openly express ourselves?" He asked, rubbing his wrists from the grip they'd suffered. "Just tell me who to not show it to. But you know one person knows and they'll all know." He was about to dispatch those rude Umbrella corporate people for himself so theywouldn't be inthe way of Albert and he's love.

Swallowing hard and taking in a few breaths to calm himself Wesker sighed.
"Some of the board members all ready have it in for me. They are concerned that my enhanced strength and speed might be a danger to them. If they knew how much you meant to me...." Albert let his words trail off. "Lets just say some of my peers think I should be kept under lock and key like the others experiments." If Wesker were not so adapt at producing the results the board members wanted then he would have found himself in a holding cells years ago.

Adriani did his best to understand the predicament. "All right, but.. well.. then show me who to not be sweet to you around, that way I'm aware of the consequences. You know Albert love, you could just kill them and become head of Umbrella...." Adriani said as a sort of afterthought, kissing his cheek and neck as he said this.

Rumbling laughter rang out around the room and Albert smiled in a way that would have given the toughest badass the chills.
"True, I could just do that." He liked the idea a lot. Wesker already had his sights on the top job and protecting his lover was a good a reason as any to stage a coup.

"So, what's keeping you from it?" Adriani asked,grinning at his lover's chill laugh. While it may have frightened others, to him it was arousing and made him want to serve him in every way. "You have a hell of a sexy evil-laugh by the way..."He said, kissing him over and over.

Returning the scientist's kisses and chuckling again, Wesker let his hands run up his lover's back and into his hair.
"I guess not having the right motivation is what held me back, that does not seem to be a problem any more though." Albert was almost violent in his passion, his tongue searching and probing Adriani's mouth. Killing off the exucitives was risky else he would have don it sooner but his lover gave him the strength and confidnenct to finally act.

"If there's also any way I can help, do let me know." Adriani said wishing he could help his lover take over the company. "It wouldn't be too hard you know. We could unleash a virus or two and show thatthey had to be taken out to survive Umbrella...." He grinned at his own thoughts. "And no one would even suspect you."

"I love the way you think." Wesker whispered breathlessly between kisses. He was becoming aroused again and he pressed the growing bulge in his pants into the scientist's hip.
"Oh Adriani... you are pure evil." Once more his wicked laugh rumbled around the room, cut off by another passionate and demading kiss with his lover.

"I know my love, which is why we are perfect together.." He kissed him back with even more passion and pulled him atop of his form. "Love, we should have eachother again." He whispered hotly, groaning and shivering and wishing for more. "You know, you've awakened insatiable lust with me."

Highly amused by his lover's need, Albert decided this time he would take it slow and releash each moan.
"Oh I will have you again my love but this time you are going to have to work for my cock inside you and your finish." Just the thought of hearing Adriani beg for him was enough to set his blood on fire.

"Ohhh how should I do that love? You want me to suck your cock hmn?" He asked seductively, wanting to perform this act, almost craving to. He hadn't done that to anyone and Albert was who he saved himself for. He desperately wanted to. And then he would tease him saying he had him inside him in the end being the inside of his mouth.

Another evil smirk curled Wesker's lips and he opened the draw in his besdide table. Pulling out several long silk scarfs, Albert took one of them and began to wrap it around the scientist's wrist.
"I am going to tie you up so you can not be so demanding and then I am going to tease you until you can't stand it any longer. I may be your lover but you are mine." With that he secured Adriani's first wrist to the bedpost then gave his nipple a quick lick on his way past to secure his lover's second wrist. It was just a tiny lick, enough to promise delight but not enough to give it. "I am going to explore every inch of you so I know esactly how to bring you pleasure. Inch by inch I am going to tease and arouse you then I will write it all down in one of my little black books for future refrence." Wesker knew this would be torture for his lover but if nothing else he was thourough and he had a lot to learn about Adriani's body, his likes and dislikes.

Adriani was more than turned on. "Oh really?I can't touch youat all?" He asked with a small pout. He wrapped his legs around Albert's waist. Come on love, don't tease me too much. You know you want my mouth around you, you know you want me to return your littlle teasing plan."

"This may come as a bit of a shock to you my love but I am a... control freak for lack of a better term." Albert pulled the second scarf tight, securing the scientist's arms then he began to untangle himself from his lover's grip on his waist. Taking a third scarf he tied it around Adriani's ankle. "You can see where this is going." Wesker stated and laughed his evil laugh again. The truth was he was so very horny but his lover needed to learn his place. If Albert was going to kill off the board members so his frisky little lover could sit on his lap in meetings then he would have some fun first.
"I know this is going to be hard for you Adriani but I promise you it will be worth it in the end." After securing both the scientist's ankles to the bottom of the bed, he opened a brand new black book and quickly jotted down some notes.
"Feels the need to touch me as often as possible." He said smirking, reading aloud. "Pouts when restrained and unable to molest me." Yes, this was going to be so much fun. Albert just hoped he could last long enough to finish his reasearch, seeing Adriani all helpless and ready to be taken like that was intoxicating to say the least.

To say Adriani was restless was an understatment,he loved the display of power his lover showed however, and he blushed at his words. So he really was takingnotes. He bit his lower lip to keep from saying anything to get himself further restrained but found it was useless. "Albert... canwe start now, I'm getting cold and you started this so you need to warm me up." He insisted, craving to be taken over by him. "Please?" He wished the other would be atop of him and even tormenting him by now he hated waiting for things. "I'm about as patient as you are..."

"So I have noticed." Wesker laughed again and began to rub his hands over the scientist's chest and arms. Bowing down he kissed his lover, nipping and sucking his way down Adriani's jaw and neck. He also pressed his body close to the other, gently grinding his length againt that of his lover's. "Are you warming up yet my love?" Albert asked with a chuckle.

"Oh yes.. more than warm, I'mtoo hot from it, youneed to cool me down." Adriani said with a begging in his tone, wishing he was more free to touch his lover, to give him the same torment that he was having released onto him. He groaned and writhed beneathe him. "Claim me.. please..."

It was too much for Wesker, having the other beg him like that. Giving in to his desires, Albert retrieved the lubricant from his bedside table and reached own to prepare his lover. He knew this small wait would drive Adriani insane but that was the point. He had really wanted to map out his lover's sensitive areas, to thouroughly investigate the scientist's body so as punishment he left Adriani tied up and took as long as he could preparing him.
"It seems I will have to finish my experiments another time." He muttered before positioning himself at his lover's enterance and pushing in as he caught Adriani's mouth in a deep kiss.

Adriani groaned and adjusted as well as he could, happy for the intrustion. "Oh yes.. that's what I want love.. You're what I want." He was more than happy to get his way he just now wished he could put his arms arounf the other's neck and hold him close. He hated not being able to touch him. "Unbind me..."

"No.." Albert moaned as he started to move inside his lover. "Being restrained is your punishment for being so molestable..." It was hard for Wesker to realize he was not in control of Adriani or even himself for that matter so he despiratly clung to that last shred of the upper hand he had over his lover. The scientist had managed to do what no one else could, he had tamed the monster within Albert and not just Uroboros. "You are free to bed for release as much as you want though." Again that evil laugh of his ran out and Wesker closed his eyes as he thrust in a little deeper.
"Mmmm.... Adriani..."

Adriani arched and writhed more. "You're a horrible,cruel being, and I love it." He said desperately, trying to lean up to get a kiss. "Kiss me...please Albert.." He begged more andmore, frantically trying to get to him, wondering if there was any way at all to break thebonds tht held his hands together.

Kissing his lover, Wesker shifted so his bent knees were under the scientist's backside, giving him a better angle to thrust into the other. He was like a wild animal, unable to get enough of Adriani, kissing him and thrusting him hard and passionatly. All Albert cared about was hitting that sweet spot in his lover, making the other cry out in pleasure and beg for more. Growling softly, Wesker gently began to pinch Adriani's hard erect nipples while he continued to thrust both with his length and tongue.
"Adriani...." He muttered when he stopped for breath, only to attack his lover once more with fiery passion.

Adriani's loud wanton moans were muffled and strained against his lover's lips. He growled and goraned and arched and tried to keepup with the other, finding it difficult being so bound as he was. "Albert!" He was screaming for the other, shivering and doing his best to be the perfect lover to him.

The fact he had reduced the brilliant scientist to such a wanton and willing lover was not lost on Albert, in fact it fed his ego nicely. Watching the other trying to get closer to him, arching his back and pressing as much of his body against him as possible was a wonderful turn on. Suddenly Wesker realized he was much closer to his end then he first throught.
"Adriani, beg for your end... beg me to fill you with my seed..." He demanded, thrusting into that sweet spot so hard and fast it took his lover's breath away. "Beg me for it!" Albert growled again as he tried to hold back his own climax.

"PLEASE!?" Adriani could only shout and beg and lightly move with the toher, overwhelmed with the other's thrusting and pleasuring of him. He growled and groaned and wished to reach out to him. "Please!" He whispered hotly, whimpering and repeating the word and the other's name over and over again.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before his lover's clenching sent him over the edge Albert thrust harder, his movements becoming irratic. Hearing his name called out with such need and lust sent shivers through his entire body. Wesker had never seen anything as beautiful as Adriani flushed with pleasure and begging.
"Adriani... my love..." He whispered, the emphasis on his ownership of the other man. It was obvious that the scientist was his weakness as he pushed his hands under his lover's body so he could press himself harder against his spread eagled partner and create nice friction against Adriani's member. "Come for me!" He growled once again kissing his lover passionatly.

Adriani wasn't able to refuse the other and he came as soon as he was ordered, unable to keep back any longer as it was. He was suprised at how much restraint and passion he held just for Albert alone. He loved him and loved how Albert owned him and yet he still managed to fight for that ownership.

A few more thrusts milked Wesker of every last drop of seed and he kissed Adriani as he gently pulled out.
"You are so very beautiful..." He whispered and nipped at his lover's earlobe before climbing off him. As quickly as he could Albert untied the scientist and wrapped him tightly in his arms ignoring the mess they had made. In a rare show of affection, Albert brushed as strand of hair from the other man's sweaty forehead and kissed him softly. "I love you Adriani... more then I will ever be able to express in words." All Wesker wanted to do now was lay there beside his lover, wrapped in each other's arms, a very sappy and emotional thing to do but he did not care in the least.

Adriani clung to Albert as his hands were finally unbound, as well as his feet. "My gods it seems ages since I've touched you and yes,I love you even more." Adriani kissed him and remembered when he'd first met the stoic man."I remember when Ifirst met you. You were so cold and calculating.. do you know how many times I got off to the thought of you?"

That evil laugh the other liked so much erupted from Albert, the idea of his lover pleasuring himself to the thought of him was amusing to say the least. Amusing but also rather flattering.
"I remember wanting to bite you and wondering what you tasted like." It was not as viscious as it sounded, for Wesker such thoughts were a sign of interest both sexual and emotional and he rarely had them for anyone. Clinging a little to tightly to his lover, Albert continued.
"Turns out you taste absolutly wonderful."

Adriani laughed softly. "Have you ever actually eaten anyone?" He asked suddenly,wondering if Albert's virus turned him cannibalisticat times. He was going to conduct research on the creatures of Umbrella and what drove them to eat what they once were, but he figured that since Albert was infected he'd be a good one to ask.

"Yes but that is not why I wanted to bite you." Again that evil laugh rumbled around the room. "I often get urges to bite those I am sexually attracted too, perhaps the resulting mark is what drives me to it or perhaps how wonderful their skin tastes on my tongue.... speaking of which..." Shifting slightly, Wesker caught Adrinai in a passionate kiss and moaned.
"Delicious..." He purred referring to his lover's taste upon his lips and tongue.

Adriani narrowed his eyes a little. "You're not really going to eat me, are you?" He asked quietly, laughing at the other's kiss and kissing him in turn. "I mean that wouldn't be very nice. I've beena perfectly good lover. What flavor am I though?You've made me curious."

Slightly worried that his lover was being serious about being eaten, Wesker raised an eyebrow.
"Definatly not, the only time I have ever bitten into someone with the intent to eat them was not long after I became infected with Urorobos. I had lost control and I was hungry..." Although he was not exactly disgusted by his actions that day, Albert was not overly proud of them either.
"What flavor are you? Sweet and salty at once." Smirking, he kissed his lover once again.

"Awe." Adriani said, giggling. "As long as you enjoy the way I taste then I have no objections." He said, licking along the other's chek in a playful manner. "And you taste the same, we're a perfect mix." He muttered, holding the other close to him. "I am so happy for this Albert. I thought you'd always remain untouchable.. forever..I'm glad that's not the case."

It was a very good thing the scientist felt the same way, Albert was not above taking what he wanted even if the other person was not willing but the thought of taking Adriani against his will was unsettling.
"It seems we were made for one another..." He muttered softly thinking out loud. Tightening his grip on his lover a little more, Wesker pushed unpleasant thoughts from his mind.
"I will have to get cleaned up soon, the board meeting is in about half an hour and I have people to kill." Dispite his words Albert made no attempt to loosen his grip on his lover. "After that I will take the rest of the afternoon and evening off." Nuzzling into Adriani's neck and nibbling on the skin, Wesker laughed again.
"They say there is no rest for the wicked and I intend to be so very wicked with you this evening." Working his way down to the scientist's chest, Albert squeezed a soft pink nipple between his lips, showing his lover what was to come.

Adriani blushed darkly."Well, I'll look forward to your wicked deeds then." He muttered, grinning in a small manner. "In fact, I'll be waiting for them." He smirked and wondered how he would entice the other. Lay naked in his bed? Dress up a little for him? He wondered what couldbe found in the other's room that he couldplay with to make himself more available for ravishing when his lovely one returned.

With a sigh of regret, Albert rose from the bed and after kissing his lover once more he headed for the shower. Now that he had made up his mind about doing away with the other board members, Wesker was actually excited. He would walk into the confrence room and just shoot each of them, one after another in quick succession without any explination. Then he would simply tell the security and bodyguards that he was now in charge and was not to be disturbed. Of course he would shoot anyone that attempted to argue, fear was an excellent motivator. Stepping out of the shower he smiled a smile of pure evil as he dressed, the only thing he was not looking forward to was having to leave his quarters and Adriani.

As Albert left the room, Adriani found himself deciding that he needed tolook aroundand see what his loverwas made of. They hadn't been together formore than a few hours, and even though they'd coupled,he really didn't knowmuch about him. He begansearching through his drawers,grinning at the monotoneclothing of black only and whenhe found a randomoutfit that didn'tlook like itbelonged there he decided that Albert should see it onhim.

Just outside the confrence room, Albert gave his gun a pat through his jacket, it was ready for him, he had one bullet in the chamber, a full clip and the safety was off. He needed to kill the others as quickly as possible, if any of the men called out to their guards things could get messy quickly. Nodding a the armed men posted outside the door, Wesker walked in as if it were a normal day and a normal meeting, which of course it was not. The huge wooden frosted glass doors had not even swung closed behind him when Albert reached in and pulled his pistol from the holster on the left side of his chest.
"Bang! Bang! bang! Bang, bang! Bang!." Five of them died instantly but the sixth one managed a shocked groan before Wesker finished him with a second bullet to the head. The body guards rushed in too late and Albert turned to face them. Confusion stayed the men's hands and without explination for the dead board members the tall blonde went to leave.
"Oh and I am not to be disturbed until tomorrow morning... everything will continue as normal, you will all report to me from now on." With that he clicked the safety on and re-holstered his weapon. Without looking back, Albert walked down the hall, his echoing footsetps strong and confident, the smell of gunpowder and blood filling his nostrils. That evil laugh of his seemed to ooze from him, rumbling around the hall until it filled the air and made soldiers and scientists in his path part. The other men pressed themselves again the wall as if they were trying to get as fare away from the blonde as possible. None of them knew yet what had happened but all of them knew Wesker and his ever present dark glasses were not to be trifled with.
"Adriani my love..." Albert called out as he went through the security measured to enter his room, his deep voice holding a note of amusement. "My meeting went well." He added, walking through the sitting room, stopping when he spotted his lover.

"Well! That was quick!" Adriani said, smiling brightly, trying to figure out if he was wearing it right."Look,don't takeoffense tothis, but..Ijust thought I'd try iton. And it seemed appropriate. I really don'know,what do you think?" Heasked,posing slightly. "It's different from my usual labcoat, do you mind this?" He pouted,wonderingif he wasn't suddenly goingto get into trouble.

Raising an eyebrow, Wesker looked his lover up and down.
"I looks good on you, however..." Approaching Adriani in a meanesing manner, he began to laugh again. "You look much better naked and begging me." Taking hold of the scientist's wrists, Albert quickly turned the other man around and bought his hands up behind his back, just high enough to immobilize Adriani but not to hurt him.
"It seems killing people makes me very horny..." Wesker whispered in his lover's ear. Gathering both the scientist's wrists in one hand he let his free hand wander down Adriani's chest and stomach then lower to press against his crotch. "Do you want me to ravish you again my love?" He purred, wanting to hear the other beg for him.

Adriani shivered and pressed against him. "Oh yes, Albert my darling. Do you want me, Albert? Do you want to take me after killing all of those people? Do you want to think of me in a room full of something you've killed?" He stripped out of his little outfit and bit his lower lip, moaning."Oh love.. fuck me."

"Oh I have something much better in mind." Remembering how much his lover had wanted to touch him during their lovemaking, Albert decided to have a little fun.
"If you want to feel good, if you want to please me you much obey me and do exactly as you are told." Gently holding the scientist's shoulder so he could direction him over to the bed, Wesker laughed. He sat the other man down and told him to spread his legs and sit on his hands. "I am going to bring you to climax but you are not aloud to touch me or close your legs." Curious to see just how obediant his lover was, Albert kissed him hard before moving his kisses down Adriani's chest and stomach until he was kneeling in from of the other.

Adriani was curious where this was going.The spark of wonderous sort of desire spread through himashis lover trailed downward. Surely Albert wasn't going to pleasurehim alone? "Albert...." He wanted toprotest and say he should beable to at least put his hands in his lover's hair, but he couldn't find thewords as Albert's lips descended on him,makinghim wonder what should happen next.

The phone ringing caused Wesker to pause for a moment but he decided to let it ring out. He continued to molest his lover, but the phone began to ring a second time after ringing out.
"Adriani, I need to answer that." Growling slightly Albert picked up the phone.
"Wesker... yes... I see..." Putting the reciever down, he pressed a button to hold the line and looked at his lover.
"I need to take this, wait here, I will be in the living room. Don't move." Albert repeated with an evil smirk and a wink before he dissappeared into the next room.

Adriani pouted and began to whine but did not move. "That conversation better not take long!" He shouted, trying his best to sit still even though he knew he wouldn't be able to manage such a feat for a while. He looked around, trying to keep focused and keep hard. He wanted the other badly and they were just about to do some fun new things. It wasn't fair to him in the slightest.

Switching on his monitor so he could see those he was video confrencing with, Albert adjusted his camera so the others could only see his face. The fact he was naked did not bother him in the slightest as he told the other hive heads that he had dispatched the board. He explained that he was now in charge and The main priority was now amassing an army of men that were loyal to him. The viral strain Adriani had mutated would help with this and he said the information would be sent to them via encoded data transfer after their conversation. After a warning that he would dispatch anyone who did not obey him he switched the camera and screen off. A quick phone call to his lab and tech staff was all that was needed to get the information he had promised the others sent off and he returned to the bedroom with a proud smile.
"It seems your skills with virus' came in very helpful indeed." Now he wanted to molest his genius lover even more.
"Let me show you my appreciation." It was an order not a question and once more, Wesker knelt down in front of Adriani and began to kiss his way down the other's chest and stomach.

"And here I thought you'd leave me..hanging for a while." Adriani replied with a pout, glad the other was back to torment him with sweetness. "But yes, go ahead and repay me if you'd like, I could enjoy a treat." He wondered if th eother was about to do what he felt like he was about to do. He watched him with lust-smoldered eyes, curious in every sense of the word.

Chuckling, Albert gently pushed his lover's legs further apart as he began to kiss Adriani's inner thigh. He delighted in every little shiver and moan he coaxed out of the other. The power rush was amazing. He nuzzled the scientist's balls, licked them and gently sucked on them before he went lower and began to circle his lover's enterence with the tip of his tongue. The aim of the game was to tease and torment Adriani, to make his buck and beg, such things were delicious to Wesker.

Adriani blushed at the feeling and sight of the older man on his knees before him. He loved the way it looked to see the other before him in such a manner, but he wondered if Albert knew how submissive such an act was. He wasn't about to tell him. A spike of greed told him to enjoy this lovely feeling while he could. "Albert.." He whispered softly, biting his lower lip as he looked at the other with praise.

Wesker just laughed and continued to lick the softening skin around his lover's back passage. Reaching up he began to lightly stroke Adriani's length, slick saliva glistening in the light as the puckered entrence he was tormenting began to flex and relax. When He was sure it was slick enough Albert lifted his head and began to suck on his own fingers, keeping eye contact with his lover the entire time. Very gently he removed them form his mouth and pressed one finger into the scientist. At the same time he licked from the base of Adriani's length to the very tip, letting the tip of his tongue dart back and forward near the slit.
"Do you like that?" Albert growled softly, enjoying the effect he had on his lover.

Adriani reacted by falling backwards onto their bed, moaning loudly. "Albert!!!!" He shouted, shivering and running his fingers through his lover's hair while he was touched and licked and prodded. "Oh gods Albert..." He could only say the other's name, everything else was incoherent and awkward to him. He writhed beneath him, unable to keep his hips still

Suddenly Wesker stopped, he knew it was an evil thing to do but he needed to show his lover exactly who was in charge.
"I told you no touching me my love..." He chuckled. "Do I have to tie you up again or can you keep your hands to yourself?" Just to tease Adriani a little more he wiggled his finger, brushing up against the scientist's prostate. "Well Adriani? Are you going to be a good boy or do I have to bind you?" Albert's eyes were sparkling behind his dark glasses which he somehow managed to keep on while he was molesting his lover.

"I'll be a good boy." Adriani said breahtlessly, fear almost shown in his eyes. "I promise.. please... just dont stop love.." He whimpered and kept his fingers firmly clutched to the bed sheets."Albert.. please.." He was wanton, he begged and begged and begged for th eother to continue, wishing to feel that hot, wet tounge along him again.

Wesker's answer was to engulf the head of his lover's cock and suck gently while he circled his tongue around the ridge of the tip. At the same time he gently pushed in a second finger, pumping them in and out slowly as he took his time sliding his lips down Adriani's length to the base. Lips curling in the corners as he gently sucked and pulled back up, Albert admired the sight of his lover moaning and gripping the bedding. He was definatly the one in control and he loved it, almost as much as being buried inside the scientist.
"Good boy..." He managed to purr before his lips slide down Adriani's shaft again and his free hand reached up to gently pinch a hardened nipple. Expert fingers pushed on the other man's sweet spot, time and time again.

Adriani was too lost and too in love with the other and his touches and sucking upon him. He was so very close to losing it. "Albert. I'm close.. Oh gods my love I can't keep it..." He whimpered and bucked beneath him, begging for release, trying to do everything but touch him, wincing in pleasure as the other hit his spot deep inside. "Albert! Please let me finish!"

Keeping his lover on the very edge for a few moments longer, Albert reveled in the sight before him. Adriani was flushed, breathing heavily and moaning out his name, Wesker thought it did not get any better then that. With an evil smirk he sucked a little harder, using the flat of his tongue to press against the front of the other man's length. His thrusting fingers became quicker but just as deep, hitting the scientist's prostate each time. He wanted to taste his lover's seed, to suck each pearly drop from him. To feel Adriani's hips jerk and his muscles clench. Having such an effect on someone was intoxicating.
"Finnish for me..." He ordered in a mumbled rush of words.

Adriani heeded the other's words and came harshly inside his mouth, hoping to all the gods above that it was all riht to have done so, he couldn't help it and Albert seemed to be edging him on to do just that. He cried out and whimpered and panted, the bed sheets twisted around his fingers. "ALBERT!"

Sucking gently as his lover rode out his orgasm, Albert marveled at how beautiful Adriani looked at climax. Gently, he removed his fingers and let the other Man's softening member fall to his groin. Climbing up onto the bed, Wesker began to kiss the scientist and brushed sweaty strand of hair form his forehead.
"You are so very delectible." Albert whispered softly. "My love." Wrapping Adriani in his arms, Wesker smiled and nuzzled into the other's neck. "If you are good I will treat you more often..."

Adriani grinned at the thought of more delicious treatment. "Oh! That sounds nice. I'll be a good little boy all of the time." He said, clinging to the other in a much un-professional manner. It was amazing, how different their relationship had come in such a short amount of time. "I just hope you'll let me return these lovely feelings and favors for you at one time or another."

Kissing the scientist, Albert playfully bit at the other's bottom lip.
"You will have plenty of oppertunities to pleasure me, besides watching you struggle against you urge to hold me is half the fun." Having such a willing lover wonderful in itself but the shared feelings that went along with this new relationship were better they any power trip.

Adriani laughed a little and kissed him sweetly. "You're such a puzzle, Albert dear." He snuggled against him and thought about their future. How sweet a couple they would be, no one should bother them at all. It was perfect. Or so he thought.


His studies were relentless. It seemed as soon as he and Albert had started their relationship, Adriani had been forced into his work. There were so many new developments and being the chief scientist, he had to supervise them all. "Get through the next hour.. get through the next hour... " He glanced at his watch and sighed dramatically. "Stupid little watch." He sighed and apologized to the watch. "I'm sorry, watch, you've been good to me. It's not your fault time's a bastard. That's right time, I'm cursing you instead. I want to have my lunch with my lover." He was enjoying his slightly insane musings when a crispy clean voice entered the room.

"I don't mean to interrupt your.. alone time, you seemed to be rather involved with your thoughts, but I'm here on business with one Albert Wesker, where can I find him?"

Adriani stiffened and turned abruptly, eyeing the other curiously. "Tri-cell? What the fuck do you want?" He shook his head then. "Never mind, hold on." He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed albert, but received no answer so he sent a text instead and then the phone to the right rang. "Hello dear, yes there's some Tri Cell man-whore in my lab.. they need to talk to you so could you please get them out of here?"

Viktor sent an icy glare at Adriani, his blue eyes like narrow little icicles. He'd be talking to Albert about the rudeness of his employees. He tucked his hair behind his ears and crossed his arms. He was not at all pleased.

Frowning behind his dark glasses, Wesker entered Adriani's lab and seeing Victor he snarled slightly.
"Your early." He barked at his Tri-cell counterpart then walked up to kiss his lover and playfully pat the scientist's ass.
"I will have him out of here as quickly as possible then we will have out usual lunch." Chuckling slightly because he usually had Adriani for lunch as well as a rare stake.

Viktor rolled his eyes and grabbed Albert's hand and pulled him out of the lab. "You two can do your lovey dovey stuff later, right now, you and I have business." He didn't care if he was ruining a perfect moment, he didn't like what he saw. Since when did Albert get involved?

Adriani stared with an open mouth as the other drug his lover out. He ran out into the hall and began to curse. "EXCUSE YOU, ASSHOLE!" He stormed up to them a moment to shout at Viktor. "touch him like that again, I dare you."

Viktor smirked. "Like this?" He grabed Albert's hand again. "I can touch who I want to touch."

Adriani ran at the other scientist only to be stopped by a mutual friend of his and Albert's, litterally restrained by the collar.

"Down boy!" William called out with good nature. "I'll take care of this one, you two go do what you have to do."

Less then impressed with Victor's behaviour, Wesker broke free of his grasp and slapped his Tri-Cell counterpart hard on the cheek. If it had been anyone else dragging him away form Adriani, Albert would have killed them.
"Remember Victor this is my company, my facility and I am not your subordenant." Turning to William, Wesker pushed his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose, but his death glare was obvious even with them on.
"Unhand my love." He ordered, stepping forward to kiss the scientist hard on the lips.
"Please Adriani, stay here with William. I have business with Victor but I will return to you as quickly as possible." With a gentle stroke of his lover's cheek, a sharp contrast to the violent touch he shared with Victor, Wesker turned and headed back down the hall. Very confused by his reaction to the situation, Albert tried to push all his feelings down where he did not have to deal with them. He had always had a thing for Victor, a kind of flirty rivelry but having Adriani and Victor fight over him was very arousing.

Adriani smirked with satisfaction at Viktor's punishment and kissed Albert back. "All right my love! Be well!" He insisted, glad to have some time to spend with William. "My friend! Let's go test that one random strain that makes the victims laugh to death." And off they went to test said virus.

Viktor was more than surprised at the slap he'd received. "Albert! That wasn't very nice!" He chastized, touching his cheek. "You've let the boy get to your head."

Raising an eyebrow high enough to be seen above the rim of his dark glasses, Albert thought for a moment.
"On the contery Victor, I was quite restrained when dealing with you. The last time someone got between Adriani and myself I killed them." He ignored the comment about his lover getting into his head, it was true but he did not want to say as much.
"You did not need to be so rude to him Victor." The strangest images of his Tri-Cell counterpart and his lover both laying naked on his bed danced in Wesker's mind and he growled angrily as he pushed them aside as well.

"I suppose I could have handled him better, but he jumped on my case first. Anyhow, I have things to tell you and such. About my corporation and all of that. I developed a new monster, it's obedient and playful and wondered if you would like one?" Viktor produced a picture of a rather strange looking monster, sitting obediently beside him. "It acts kind of like your lover, in fact, it listens better than said cute but oddly bratty individual." He hooked arms ith Albert while they walkd.

Wesker did not like the fact his friend was comparing his lover to a pet but he managed to keep his mouth shut on that topic.
"Yes you could have handled him much better." Suddenly deciding to make the other man uncomfortable, Albert smirled.
"Why did you react so strongly to him? Or was it the way I react to him that has you all hot and bothered?" Again the idea of two birlliant scientists, at his mercy both business wise and sexually ran away with his imagination.

Tilting his head to the side William watched his friend.
"Much has changed since our last meeting Adriani." He stated, refering to the new dynamic between the scientist and Wesker. "You seem to be happier for it though." Will was very curious to know all the details but as always his devotion to his work came first.
"Do you know why this particular strain makes it's host laugh to death?" The very idea was amusing and highly curious.

"Well, Albert dear, it might just be that I don't like rude people." Viktor replied, brushing off any possible discomfort he had about Albert and himself being too close. It didn't matter, secretly he wanted the head of Umbrella for himself. In his own bed. Not seeing him with some other man.

"That it has! And yes I am much happier and the virus submits a permanent turn on to the laughing chemicals in one's body, they never turn off so all they can do is laugh until they can no longer breathe and eventually die of suffocation." Adriani was rather pleased with himself. "It was an accident of course, the discovery, but it's interestingly effective."

"Well they do say people do not like the traits in others they themselves possess." Wesker replied with another smirk as he shifted his arm so Victor's was no longer linked around his. The usual rivelry between the two returning.
"So tell me again about this new monster of yours, how destructive is it?" Albert was always on the look out for obedient, destructive creatures. "You know if you came to work for me you could reach your potential as a scientist. Not having to deal with all the responcibilities of running a second rate lab would free up a lot of your time." Though Victor never accepted his buy out offer, Wesker always made it. He admired his counterpart but that was not something he would openly admit too.

William gave a slight chuckle.
"How long until asphixiation?" He was eager to see this viral strain in action. Although he wanted to ask his friend a lot of questions about his new relationship with Wesker his intrest in the mutation of viral strains won out at that moment. Perhaps they would have time to discuss more personal matters over lunch?

"Obviously if I was second rate I wouldn't exist, Albert." Viktor said, frowning a moment before he smiled. "Yes, it's very very destructive. It burst through three of our floors upon testing, and it spits this acid stuff that erodes away steel." He was very proud of his creation. "I thought all of this up one day, idly sipping coffee."

"Generally around 3 to 7 minutes. The longest one has lasted was ohhhhh eight and a half." Adriani replied with a grin. "So what are you up to? I want to go talk with my lover, but unfortunately, he's a bit 'occupied'."

Laughing Wesker ran his hand through his slicked back, dark blonde hair.
"Well I guess inspiration strikes at the strangest of times and you flatter yourself, Tri-Cell is second rate." Albert found himself biting his tongue because he wanted to add that Victor was not. If it were not for the birlliant mind of the Tri- Cell top dog the company would have folded long ago. Of course admitting such a fact was something he would never do.

"Oh this and that, I am kept busy, Victor is a slave driver." While that was true, William's boss was not the reason he worked all that time, the man was a workaholic. "I sucessfully managed to help Victor with a new creature and designed an airisol dispursal method for teargas like grenades that will mutate the enemy and have them turn on oneanother." He paused for a moment.
"I must admit I am surprised that you and Albert are together, he always seemed so.... cold." Curiosity got the better of the tall scientist and he broached the personal subject anyway.

"Albert, you keep insulting me, I'd think you were the insecure one." Viktor replied, unphased by Albert's cruelty towards him. "So, that's all I wanted to show you, have you had lunch yet?" He asked, eyeing him suggestively. "I could help you with the menu, if you know what I mean.'

Adriani smiled. "Ah well. While he may be cold to most, he's very sweet to me." He grinned. "He's very passionate actually. Relentless sexual appetite.' He grinned and begn to look at his watch. "Oh! If you want more details I can give them...?" He wouldn't mind gossipping with the other.

A deep rumbling chuckle rang out as Wesker shook his head.
"I was meant to be having lunch with Adriani, I find his menu more than inticing but I guess it would be rude of me to abandon you to lunchen alone. We can eat in my office." Albert had no intention of coupling with another and betraying his lover, well not physically anyway, he could always have Victor in his daydreams.
"He is quite brilliant you know, your equal at the least and oh so willing to please me." Albert's words were a challenge of sorts, daring his Tre-Cell counterpart to submit himself to Wesker's rule in both body and business.

William tilted his head to the side.
"Really? Sweet and relentless? Albert?" It was as if he had suddenly been told snow only fell in the hottest desert. "It must be love then... I would enjoy hearing how you came to tame him." Laughing lightly Will shook his head, he did not even know Wesker had a sweet side.

"My equal? Then what does he have that I dont?" Viktor asked for his own security issues. He felt ugly just then. Why did no one want him exactly? He felt he was handsome enough to gain the attention of somebody, anybody. Why then, was no one ever seeking him? "I don't get it albert. You, cold and ruthless, get a most willing lover. I, sweet and caring, and very sassy, get nothing! Not even the women approach me in either compound."

"Tame? I don't think I tamed him, I think I pushed al of the right buttons. I've been doing rather good work in the viral department lately and then the next thing I know, I developed a virus from his own that makes him able to easily control the soldiers, but the soldiers are vastly powerful and heal quicker. I was very pleased with myself. We had lunch in his room and the next thing I know-oh yeah. We were getting it on like crazy. Ad ever since then he's claimed me as his."

Stopping and turning to face his counterpart Albert frowned though he doubted Victor could see it behind his glasses.
"Yes he is your equal as a scientist, he is a genius. You should take that as a compliment. As as for you not having a lover... " Wesker was not sure what to say next, he was definatly not going to finish his thought. Saying that he had always been attracted to Victor just then was not the best idea. "I am sure you will find someone." Seeing the other so upset unsettled him greatly.

William laughed and nodded.
"True, tamed was a bad choice of wording, no one could ever tame Wesker, he is made of stone and ice that one." He studied his friend a moment longer. "Being claimed as his agrees with you though." It was wonderful to see Adriani so happy.

Viktor sighed and thought a moment. "Ah well, someone will come along as you said, by the way, I want bar-b-q for lunch." He said, deciding to try it after hearing it tasted well. He hoped it was the truth. He was needing different food as far as he was concerned, too many breadsticks wouldn't be good for his midsection and he had one every day.

"Does it? Do I glow brighter and look like angels have fallen upon my shoulders?" Adriani asked, grinning brightly. "Hell, it's done wonders for Albert too, he smiles now, you know. It's very attractive on him. Now we just have to get him to stop wearing those sunglasses once in a while so that you can see his lovely red-orange eyes!"

Nodding Wesker started walking again.
"So what would you like BBQed? Steak, sausages, fish, seafood? Do you want onion and thin potato slices? Sauces? Seeing as we are ordering off menu, you can have anything you like." Proud of the fact he had the resources to provide such a meal he actually smiled. "Would you believe I have several BBQ's around each of my facilities?"

"Well yes." Will replied then laughed at that image. "I think you have a better chance of returning the world to its pre-T-virus state then getting him to abandon his now famous dark glasses." The entire situation was highly amusing.
"I am still having trouble imagining him being affectionate."

"Sausages." Viktor said with a grin. "And yes, that's where I got the idea from. Our facility is becomming up to date so to speak with the new food preferences. We didn't know if it was all contaminated, but we're ordering from the same people you do." He smiled. "You should come over for lunch tomorrow." He stated suggestively, giving the other a wink.

"Well I suppose you could follow me and him around. Hey, you know, I think Viktor's single.. you should go for him." He said, smirking. "Then you could see two normally stoic people react to affection! It could be a new study!"

"Victor...?" Albert was sure he was not getting his signals crossed, the other man was coming on to him. "Are you asking me to have sex with you?" Never being one for suttelties, Wesker just came out and asked.

Laughing William shook his head.
"Firstly I am married with a daughter remember and secondly... I don't think it is me Victor has his eye on." It was only after he had spoken that Will realized he had said the wrong thing.

"How rude, Albert, no, I'm asking you to have lunch. But then again, if you're wanting sex, yo'ure not a bad specimen to have sex with. Well, I wouldn't know, but from what I see it would be much enjoyable." He smiled, and did something to anger the other, kissing his cheek. "Besides, what would you do if I did come onto you? Tell me no?"

"Oh! That's right. Wait, who does he have his eye on? You know something I don't?" Adriani asked, eyes flittering for a seocnd with a flash of comprehension. He wanted the other to say it first before he was angry enough to storm up to Albert's office and seperate the two.

"Come now Victor you were practically seething before when I kissed Adriani." Wesker needed to get this out in the open, he needed to know where he stood with the other. His feelings towards his Tri-Cell counterpart were undeniable  but he doubted his lover was the kind to share. "And I am not sure what I would say... or would have said but now I am with Adi."

"I am sure it is nothing but the way Victor talks about Albert... I thought he had a thing for him but I could be wrong. He has never mentioned liking your lover, it was just an impression I got and I could be way off base." William tried to undo the damage he had done and silently cursed himself for letting that little pearl of wisdom slip.

Viktor frowned suddenly. "Well. Albert, you know, I've known you longer, it's only fair we have something before you tie yourself down with some young thing.." He bit his lower lip for a moment."You can't resist me."

"I'll bet he does. William! Come with me, we'll go to visit them and ask them to join us for lunch!" He grabbed William and drug him down the hallway, intending to go to Albert's rooms, knowing the other would more than likely be in there. He knocked once he got to the room. "ALBERT! YOU SHOULD JOIN US FOR LUNCH!"

Wesker did not have time to reply let alone process what the other had said before there was a knock on his door and he heard his lover calling from the other side.
"We should finish this discussion later." He mumbled then went to open the door hoping that he did not look as flustered as he felt. Albert loved Adriani, that much he knew but he had secretly admired Victor for years and suddenly when faced with the porspect of acting on those feelings he was very confused.

Letting his friend drag him down the halls, Will wished he could turn back time and keep his big mouth shut. When the door opened he gave Wesker an apologetic look then glanced over at Victor. It looked as though they had interupted somthing.

Adriani glared at them both. "Ohhhh feels a little tense in here." He was angry beyond reasoning and clenched his jaw. "Actually, I lied, I want to eat alone. I didn't mean to.. interrupt." He desperately wanted to slap Viktor and crossed his arms.

Viktor eyed Adriani with distaste. "Rude thing." He muttered, rolling his eyes. "You weren't interrupting anything. I have to go for now anyway." He turned to Albert. "Until next time." He waved and walked out, sure to make eye contact with Adriani while he left.

Pleased his dark glasses hid the look in his eyes, Albert just nodded at his Tri-Cell counterpart. This was why he did not like giving in to his emotions, they always caused trouble and distracted him from his goal of world domination. As far as he was concerned, Wesker should have been able to love whom he wanted when he wasted. Besides he had never promised Adriani they would be exclusive, though it was obvious form the younger man's reaction that was what Adriani thought.
"Are you joining me for lunch?" Albert asked keeping his voice as matter-of-face as possible.

More then happy to remove himself from the uncomfortable presence of three of his best friends William quickly wished Wesker and Adriani fair well and hurried off down the hall only stopping to wait for Victor once he reached the elevator.

Adriani sighed and felt hurt suddenly. "I don't know Albert. You're acting weird." He said, wondering why it was Albert would claim him and then flirt around with someone else. "I mean, what am I to you?" He was very uncomfortable suddenly. He didn't feel loved, he felt like a burden.

Viktor scoffed as he was in the elevator with William. "The nerve of that idiot!"

Burying his emotions deep and approaching the issue from a strictly clinical point of view Wesker began to list the facts.
"You mean the same to me as you did this morning Adriani, my feelings for you have not changed. The fact Victor has finally shown me he is interested has no baring on my love and desire for you. I have admired my Tri-Cell counterpart for years and somewhere along the line those feelings developed into something more." He continued as if he were not saying things that might cut like a knife. "As you know expressing my emotions is not exactly my strong point, nor is it Victor's. I believe he took him seeing us together to make him admit he is attracted to me. Frankly the entire thing is very confusing and I don't see why the two of you are behaving so possessivly." That was all true enough but anyone with an ounce of compassion would never has said it out loud or at least the way Wesker had said it.

"Idiot? Are you talking about Albert, Adriani or yourself?" William asked shaking his head. In his opinion they were all idiots.

"Oh, I don't know Albert, it wouldn't be because I thought I belonged to you and that you belonged to me too. It wouldn't possibly be because you've been making me think that no one else would ever come between us, now would it? It's not like you're crushing my heart at all by telling me you want someone else. I thougt when you loved someone you loved them, not everyone else as well." Adriani was angry and sad. He turned away from the other then. "I can't believe you."

"Oh, hahaha, very funny, William." Viktor scoweled. "There has to be a way to get with Albert.. he can't really like that boy!"

Wesker could see his lover's point of view but he was still unsure what he could do to make things better.
"I am not very good at this relationship thing." He stated honestly. "All I know Adriani is that my feelings for you are as strong as ever. I am sorry I have upset you." That was the best he could do.

Suddenly getting very defensive of his friend William folded his arms in front of him .
"And why not? Adriani is a perfectly likable person." True he was still struggling to make sense of the scitentist and Albert as a pair and Albert and Victor did make more sense to him but he did not want to see his friend hurt in any way.

Adriani turned to look at the other again. "Oh? No hug, no kiss, no nothing to show you're sorry? I'm inclined not to believe you, Albert. And how should I react when I come to you to find you in bed with him?" He asked, narrowed eyes. "You better promise me you wont sleep with him. Unless I for some fucked up reason give you my permission."

"Because, William, oh innocent one, I want Albert. Haven't you figured that out? I've always wanted him and now he's got some attractively cute little obedient, pretty thing at his side. I have no place!"Viktor replied, feeling ashamed.

Realizing this was one of those times he needed to be affectionate but not very skilled in said action Wesker walked over to his lover and wrapped his arms around him.
"I love you and I am sorry... And I promise I will not sleep with Victor without your blessing." He whispered in Adriani's ear then began to kiss his way down the scientist's neck and shoulder before he suddenly turned the other man around and sat him down on his large desk. Dropping to his knees he went to undo Adriani's belt buckle.
"Perhaps we should shower before I do this?" Wesker frowned and looked up at his lover. He had not really thought this through. Simple acts of affection were almost always connected to sex with Albert, he was pretty much an all or nothing person, always running hot and cold in their relationship.

"Don't worry I am very aware of the fact you want Albert, I honestly thought you would have made a move on him by now. I guess it is true what they say, you never miss your water until you're dry." William shook his head.
"Just remember that Adriani is a friend of mine." He continued to mutter something about Victor only wanting Wesker now because he can't have him and how typical that was of the Tri-Cell leader.

Adriani blushed a little at the sudden turn of events and let himself be manhandled until the other stopped to question. "Albert, love, I don't think showering is important, unless you'd like to make this up to me while being physically in the shower. That would work, but otherwise, don't you dare stop." He said, deciding to forgive him for now.

"So what if he's a friend of yours? He's cute, I'll have him too eventually." Viktor exclaimed a little loudly, wondering why William was trying to fight him so badly about it. "And what? You don't think Albert will eventually give into me? I know Albert, he doesn't love people. He wouldn't listen to that boy."

An evil grin curled the corners of Wesker's lips.
"Well I have a shower in my private bathroom and I don't fancy sucking on something that is all stinky..." The mood he was in now, Albert knew he would not be able to hold back long enough to pleasure the other orally. He would start that way but had no doubt that he would end up taking Adriani, reminding the scientist of just who he belonged too. Without waiting for a reply he picked the younger man up bridal style and headed for his private bathroom just off his office.

"Because he is a friend I don't want to see him hurt and I think you are wrong about Albert. Didn't you see the way he looked at Adriani? I know he is always so cold but I could have sworn there was real affection in his eyes." William frowned. "You might be overestimating your influence on both men Victor."

"Stinky?" Adriani was completely confused by his lover's choice of words. "I smell great." He wasn't offended by Albert's words, but he was terribly amused by them and he much enjoyed being man handled in such a manner, knowing exactly where they were off to." Lovely shower tme! Oh my favorite!" He grinned and began to kiss the other hungrily. "Mnn I can't wait to get you in there."

Viktor huffed and frowned at William. "Must you be so mean, William? Go ahead, bruise my ego even more than it's already bruised. " He was pouty now, not particularly upset He did wish the other would stop analyzing things the way he did. "You know, either of us may be right, who cares. I will have Albert one day. Mark my words."

Wesker kissed his lover back and gently lowered him to his feet before he hurridly began to strip Adriani, groaning in delight at the sight of bare skin.
"You are so very beautiful..." Kissing the scientist again, Albert began to shed his own clothing and pushed his lover into the shower cubicle.
"Hold that thought." Wesker muttered as he began to adjust the water so it was just right.

Nodding William reached out to touch Victor's shoulder in a comforting manner.
"You are my friend too Victor and I don't want to see you hurt either... Who knows everything might work out and the three of you could all be together." He hoped that would make his friend feel better, Will really did not like seeing the other so flustered and upset.

Adriani was beyond lustful for Albert. He shivered and froaned and tried to tug on his clothing. "Albert I'm so hot for you.. I want to worship your body and service you in the most awkward ways.I hope that doesn't sound weird?" He groaned and began to bite on the other's neck, hoping to distract him.

Viktor smiled a little. "I thank you for the concern, William, my friend. But worry not, I only talk like an insane man. I don't tink I'll actually ever find anyone. I neve thought Alert would be taken, that's why I never showed any interest in him. He and I flirt often and something could have debeloped ut of it long sago but it hasn't.Someone's out there for me. Not sure who but I'll find them or they will find me."

Laughing Albert shook his head.
"Oh no my love, I am going to play with you first. I know how hard it is for you to refrain form touching me and you are just so cute when you try no to." With that he took the soap and pressed Adriani against the shower wall then he reached down and throughly cleaned his lover's length. Kneeling down, Wesker pulled the scientist under the water to rinse him off then took Adriani's cock into his mouth.

Smiling brightly William nodded.
"I am sure you will, your not a bad catch when you think about it. Smart, powerful and good looking." Suddenly the scientist frowned. "I am surprised you are not taken already though you do come off a little hard to approach."

Adriani shivered and blushed at the other's actions. "What it wasn't tasty enough without a hint of soap?" He asked through a shaken voice, teasing his lover as he clutched at the slippery shower wall. "Come on Albert, let me please you too." He begged this of the other, he wanted to taste him for once, to be the initiator and the leader. And that's when he began to plan. He'd just wait until the other was asleep and have his wicked way with him.

Viktor pouted at William's words."I am not a little hard to approach. I am more friendly than Albert. And look at him, all ice and he has a most devoted and rather cute lover." He frowned. "Surely your wife wouldn't mind if I took you once in a while?" He was joking now of course."Hell I am sure she wouldn't mind a good rough housing or two..."

Albert just laughed as he pleasured his lover and once he was sure Adriani was lost in the sensations he stood up and lifted him so he could enter him.
"I want to hear you beg for me..." Wesker purred with an evil smirk. He knew the break in attention was rather cruel.

Laughing so hard he had to double over William shook his head at his boss.
"You are lucky my wife did not hear that, even if you were joking...." Even though he loved his wife he could not help feeling a little flustered as images of Victor claiming him danced inside his mind.

Adriani bit his lower lip and moaned wantonly. "Albert! Please!" He begged as directed. "You know you want me and you know that I want you, so what's keeping you from fucking me until I absolutely scram from just your touch?" He asked huskily.

Viktor grinned. "You'll stop laughing when you realize I wasn't joking." The elevator opened then and he sauntered out,, full blown smirk on his feautres. "Soooo what's on the agenda today?" He looked ove ra clip board and smiled. "Ah, I have nothing to do but train the pet."

Kissing his lover hard, Wesker gently pushed the head of his length in and waited for the scientist to adjust.
"The fact I love watching you in such need..." He purred when he finally came up for breath. Grabbing hold of Adriani's rear he pushed in a little more, watching his lover closely, loving the other's reactions.

Mid laugh Will began to choke, he was not sure if Victor was being honest or not and he blushed bright red for a moment.
"Should I observe?" He finally asked but was too embarassed to meet his boss' gaze.

Adriani's lwer lip bled as he bit it at the feeling. "Albert" He screamed out, managing to let one hand down to stroke himself tight and fast as he leant back to meet the other's thrusts as well as he could, feeling his lover slide in deeper and deeper each time.

Viktor still held a smirk in his eyes. "Yes, that you should." He said, eyeing the other teasingly."You can observe everything." He said this suggestively of course, finding it fun to flirt with the other though he meant nothing by it.

Overcome by a sudden urge Wesker found himself gently suckling his lover's bottom lip. He found the taste of blood very arousing.
"Adriani..." He moaned thrusting deeper and faster. "My Love."

Blushing deeply Will just nodded and tried to ignore the things that bounced around in his mind.
"So did Wesker want one of your new pets?" He asked, that was after all the reason for the visit to Umbrella, or at least the excuse given.

Adriani gasped in pleasure at the light sting he felt when his lip went into his lover's mouth to be sucked on. He moaned about it though and urged his lover to take him harder with a roll of his hips in his direction. "Harder lover please."

Viktor pouted at William's question. "Well I was about to get an answer from him when his bratty lover interrupted. I suppose I could bring it with me next time I see him. Actually he is supposed to be over today soemtime." Viktor grinned at that .

Growling and thrusting harder Wesker became lost in Adriani, at that moment the scientist and their lovemaking was the only thing that existed. He lifted the other a little higher against the wall, pounding into him, brushing that sweet spot deep withing. He loved the way Adriani begged and shifted, loved the fact that he was responsible for his flushed features and that lusting haze in the scientist's eyes.
"I love you." He growled thrusting even faster.

"Oh." For a moment Will wondered if Albert was meeting Victor in private then he frowned, it was highly unlikely Adriani would knowingly let the head of Umbrella anywhere near Victor alone.
"Don't be surprised if that brat as you call him comes along too." For some strange reason William wanted to comfort his friend so he reached out to gently grip the other man's shoulder. That small gesture of affection also made Will blush something that confused the man greatly.

"I love you too." Adriani said with a harsh moan, finding he was a litlte too cloe to finishing. "I wont last, can I finish, please love?" He meant to ask for permission but his body had other ideas and he couldn't control himself as he came hard, tightening around the other and spilling his seed all along the shower wall.

Viktor patted William's hand. "Well that's what you'll be here for, to stop him from running off to us and interrupting our little playtime. However, if Albert and I did gt down and dirty it might be fun to hav the other scientist there to play with as well. He might be open to the idea more than hurt by it."

The tightening sensation speed Wesker to his end as well and he growled as he thrust irraticly a few more times then fill his lover. He loved everything about Adriani, the heavy breathing, the scientist's flushed cheeks, it was all so wonderful. Gently removing his softening length, Albert folded his lover in his arms and kissed his neck.
"I am the luckiest man in the world." He whispered.

Laughing William shook his head.
"Ever the optimist Victor, I hope you are right though." Pushing his confused feelings aside, Will decided to bury himself in his work. "Lets start training your pet so you can show it off to Albert."

'That you are my love." Adriani replied as he rested against theo ther's chest, leaning back on him. "Ohhh my so what are your plans for the rest of the night my dear?" He asked, grabbing the other's hands and bringing them around his front, holding him tight to his back.He loved this man and he'd never let him go.

Viktor grinned and nodded."That we shall!" he lead the other to his holding cell for the creature which bounded up hapily against the container it was in. "Ohh it's soooo cute!" He let it ut and was immediately jumped on andlicked upon by the beast. "What was this crossed with again?"

Frowning because his answer would no doubt spoil the moment Albert debated telling Ariani the truth. Finally deciding he would hurt his lover more with a lie he fessed up.
"Well I have to go to Tri-Cell and see this new pet of Victor's." Hurridly he added. "Would you like to come with me?"

"Doberman." William answered and pulled out his note book and pencil to start taking notes. "He is very obediant."

"Ah well. Am I supposed to be there?I guess it would be neat to see the inside of Tri-Cell. I've never been. Sure I'll go with you." He said, his tone slightly edgy at the thought of being around Viktor. "I warn you,if he starts something though..." He trailed off,knwoing his lover would know he meant business.

"So he is." Viktor said, grinning as he sat up. "And rather cute for a mutated beast." The creature stood by Viktor's side at all time. "Does he attack others? I mean, I want to let him lose int he compound, but I don't want him attacking everyday people that work here."

"I know, I know my love." Wesker nuzzled into Adirani's neck again. "If he starts something you will finish him for him." The other's jealousy was actually rather sweet.
"Come on lets get cleaned up." Taking a washer and some soap Albert began to scrub the other's back.

"Ok there is an attack command, we will need you to work with the beast first though. You have to pick a phrase and then we make an imprint on its brain so that only your voice pattern and phrase will trigger it." Will explained.

Adriani groaned as his back was scrubbed and began to scrub his lover down as well and stepped them both under the spray of the shower to clean them off of the suds. He then kissed his lover enticingly and stepped out, grabbing an overly fluffy towel. "I'm stealing nearly all of your towels." He said, grinning at the other.

Viktor grinned. "Good!" He patted the beast's head and smiled at William. "Teach me how to do it." He may have created it, but he hadn't been there for the initial bringing to life and he was more than curious how William worked with the beast.

Raising an eyebrow Albert reached out and grabbed a towel before his lover could take it. After rapping it around his waist Wesker decided to chase Adrinai into the bedroom and tackled him. It was very out of character for him but Albert was in a happy-go-lucky mood.
"Steal all my towels will you?" He muttered as he began to mercislessly tickle Adriani.

Nodding Will motioned for Victor to get the creature up onto the work bench in the lab. Attacking a few electrodes, William explained how the beast would receive a stimulating electrical pulse to the brain helping create a strong nurological pathway as Victor said the phrase of his choosing. It was important that Master and beast maintain eye contact and lights would flash in the parifiral vision of the creature. All this may have seemed a little excessive but Will assured his friend it was all necessary.
"After this it will only respond to you." William began to set the lights up and programed their flash pattern.

Adriani grinned. "Why steal them though? I was kidding! I could just you know.. move into your room." He suggested,squirming away from his lover's tickling hands, giggling at how they felt, loving this cute, playful side of his lover. "You're definitely in a good mood." He said, trying ti turn the other so he could pin him down.

"But what phrase should I say to make it attack?" Viktor asked, more than confused about how he should command the beast. He tried to think of a million other phrases to come up with. He thought 'attack' was too rediculous as he said the word often and it sounded silly. Perhaps a simple 'sic em' would work? "What suggestions do you have?"

Wrestling with the younger man Albert started laughing.
"You could do that, you hardly ever sleep in your own room as it is." Pinning Adriani to the bed again, Wesker kissed him then brushed a strand of hair out of his eyes.
"I guess that would make this our room then?"

Shrugging William continued to fiddle with his controls.
"Sick 'em Rex... Din, dins... Anything you like."

"That it is, our room. How cute that sounds." Adriani said while kissing the other on the lips. "We should get ready because I really, really want to go and see the inside of tri-cell. " Really he meant he wanted to take notes and figure out what they were doing in there. He wanted to prove Umbrella was superior.

"I like din-dins." Viktor said, so very happy to have found a word, thanks to william, that sounded as insane as they all really were. Well to the normal public eye before they started unleashing viruses, it would have been insane to them. But who cared? It was their creations and they could be as insane to it an everything else as they wanted.

Wesker grinned like an idiot, he thought 'Their Room' sounded cute too.
"You do? Wanting to steal all Victor's secrets?" Albert intended to do exactly that, though he knew his friend would not make it easy for them.

Laughing Will turned to face Victor.
"I thought you might like that one. Ok we are ready. Remember what you have to do?" Everything was set, all William had to do was press enter on his keyboard.

"You mean Victoria's secret?" Adriani said, grinning as he referred to said women's lengerie shop. "But yes! That is my full intention!" He sat up and stretched. "Well, when do we go? I'm eager to go play." He said softly, wanting to go on a drive with his lover.

"Yes, just focus right and sort of connect to it with my thought?" Viktor asked,confused. He may have heard and listened to the other, but whether or not it registered in his mind was a whole different thing to him.

Albert laughed at his lover's joke then suddenly got a rather kinky idea, he wondered how Adriani would look in stockings and a corset. After deciding he would find out the first chance possible Wesker kissed him and climbed off the bed.
"I will have your stuff moved in here while we are away. Which tie?" Albert held up a red tie and a white one with the Umbrella logo on the bottom. The thought of having Adriani near him at all times was a very pleasant one.

Realizing his friend had no idea what to do, Will reached over and ruffles his hair.
"It's alright Victor all you have to do is stand there..." He took his boss by the sholders and moved him round so he was facing the creature on the bench. "And on my mark say 'Din-dins'. We will repeat the process several times to make sure the words trigger the right responce." Muttering more to himself then Victor, William went back to his computer. "I have to make sure we are stimulating the correct part of the brain... Ok... Three, two, one, Mark." Will pointed at his friend as he hit enter on his keyboard.

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