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Everyone Is a little crazy.....
Its just who gets caught.
[woundedsoul] has Finally opened



Many thanx to [dendrite.] for these images!!!!
This Is one of the most laid back 'Institutions' around, Visitors are actually incouraged at all weird hours of the night.

This is a place for all the

People who survived Abortion
Depressed people
Insecure People
Crazy Nutcases
Fluent Gibberish speaking people
Students who are pissed at unfair government taxes and low benefits(Had to add that one)
Lonely people
Suicidal people
Spiritually enlightened people
Broken hearted people
People who can't decide which of their own ears they want to chew off first
Freaks (Especially you!!!)
People who just wanna chat about stuff

you get the clue right?

"An Institution for Nutcases - Run By Nutcases!!!!"

If you feel the need to throw yourself in for whatever reason,send [woundedsoul] or [dendrite.] a message with your username and title (occupation in the asylum- Either pick an empty one on the page or any suitably twisted one you can think up yourself) and I'll officially stick you up on the page as an *Majestic music can be heard in the background* OFFICIAL NUTCASE!!! Yay.

If you have any suggestions please let us know


(People openly displaying a desire for the downfall of humanity or other anti-social behaviour)

GENERAL MANAGER: [woundedsoul]
Administrator *coughWithAHugeNosecough*:[imsdal]
The person near the window all day:[angelofdarkness]
The Bondage freak:[tyger]
The "slow" person:[Ocean Soul]
Has an invisible friend named Bosko:[DillySamma]
Weird person who lingers in doorways for too long:[blackrosesfall]
The person who Believes They are the Devil:[The Black Widow]
The Rocking back and foward in the corner Person:[there's a bluebird in my heart]
The Person Who can see dead people:[i dont use this account nemore]
Office Manager:[rebelfairy04]
The person with an odd need to lick everything:[*Tári Silmarwen Cúthalion*]
The sleepless porn psycho:[not on here anymore]
The person who spends too much time in dark places:[NightKat]
The one who talks to themselves:[Hallow's Eve]
The Crazy Depressed Suicidal Freak that stares at the floor to much: [Love me. Hate Me. I'm still on UR mind.]
The Necrophilliac:[kjhhfyuuuf]
The Arsonist Postman (letterbombs are fun hehe):[DyingInside4]
The lonely Pyromaniac:[urbanbabe69]
The Nymphomaniac:[*// Candy Coated Bullets//*]
The Necromancer:[TheWrongGirl]
The Pyromaniac:[DarkAngel3]
The Friendly Homocidal Maniac:[-elv-]
Tasty exorcism conducting grave digger:[PettyDeath]
The person who somehow got a gun and strokes it affectionately:[loll]
The guy who was Raping Himself after going to war in his head then seeing an invisible little furball creature called "Mogeesh": [Treelo]
Silly little man that sits in the corner playing the bugle:[M.A.C]
The Pyrokinetic (Really hot coffee can be a lethal weapon): [pitbull74]
The person who was wrongly admitted: [Sweet 6 6 6--H.I.M.]
The visitor who won't leave:[Kitten Leath Feral]
The grave digger:[Distilled~Angel]
Fart flamer:[count flatula]
The person who is paranoid of everything "The dolls must NOT make eye contact! Stop talking about me! The cloak will get me! NOOOO!":[firefaerie333]
unctuous hypocrite prating of benevolence: [schmoo]
Slightly Nuts Phantom:[dominoe]
the girl who is parinoid that people are out to get her and won't go to bed beacuse the bad doggy werewolf monsters will chew on her toes!:[Hefru_Maru]
The guy who loves films:[Jurassicparkfan2]
The evil lady that throws cheese at old people:[arabellarose]
Pyromaniac:[Night Phoenix]
The Bearded Lady:[EmJ Taylor]
Hyperactive Pyro and Suicidal Cutter:[_xxxPirate cnt]
The Person sitting in the back yelling at their pencil:[vampalette]
Person who spends all day trying to bite their own elbow:[icy blue cherry]
that guy that always wears black and sits in the corner watching everyone and waiting for someone to get just close enough before slitting their throats and screaming about evil food as he laughs maniacally and beats the dead body and anyone else that gets too close into a bloody pulp.:[Llevon]
schizophrenic with severe paranoia with homicidal tendencies towards other women:[RaineDrop]

Room Guard:
Room Guard:
The Drool wiper uperer:
The person obsessed with climbing everthing:
The person who TRULY BELIEVES they are superman:
The Pyromaniac:
The Cleptomaniac:
The Paedophile:
The Janitor with a strange Sentiment towards his mop:
The Creepy porno obsessed person:
Person who actually can bite their own elbow:
The Stinky person:
The person who Believes They are God:
Person with fetish for Baked beans:
The person who married *Insert inanimate object here*:

*These are just Titles and shouldn't hinder your actions in the Nuthouse.... Stand In a doorway for too long and I will slap you!*

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-05 [DarkAngel3]: *blinks* Are we?

2006-03-05 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Um.....*She looks around* I do believe that we are....*Looks up at the rafters, pouncing up into them* Yes, we are. I remember these rafters....though they were a little bit less dusty if I recall correctly.

2006-03-10 [Distilled~Angel]: *pinches self* how come everyone here is dead except me?

2006-03-11 [woundedsoul]: I am still alive ... just :)

2006-03-13 [Kitten Leath Feral]: are still alive?

2006-03-15 [woundedsoul]: yup *nods* Thats exactly the reason... *Eats a chair*

2006-03-15 [Distilled~Angel]: but....but...but....i wanna be dead tooo

2006-03-16 [DarkAngel3]: *dies Distilled* Better?

2006-03-16 [Distilled~Angel]: yes thanky....but how did i died?

2006-03-19 [DarkAngel3]: .....*points at a random person* They killed you....

2006-03-19 [woundedsoul]: yup, I saw them do it...

2006-03-25 [DarkAngel3]: *nods*

2006-03-29 [woundedsoul]: *picks nose*

2006-04-02 [DarkAngel3]: Apple?

2006-04-15 [woundedsoul]: yessir!

2006-04-15 [DarkAngel3]: greedy....

2007-06-12 [Kitten Leath Feral]: I miss hanging from the rafters!

2007-08-09 [DarkAngel3]: Then go hang from some rafters...I'm gonna go over here and eat that childs nose for a few minutes...

2008-03-24 [Kitten Leath Feral]: *Raises my arms up, my hands gripping a low beam of the rafters as I pull myself up into them, crouching on a crossbeam* Ahhh, lovely.

2008-03-25 [DarkAngel3]: uh...yes...rafters....>>

2008-04-10 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Hehe. ^_^

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